ISI Errata Prelim Ed
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Chapter and page
Paragraph or NumberProblemSolution
Date submitted
487Expl 5.2, #15aIt currently reads 14 blue cards with 10 in the yawners group.It should be 11 in the yawners group.7/25/2014Todd Swansonjlv
1046Section 10.5 summarythat is an "and, ,and" Also the validity condition is incomplete.Get rid of an "and" add the linearity portion of the validity condition7/30/2014Todd Swansonts
705near end of FAQ 7.1.1,microsope should be microscopets
iiiCobb paragraphmissing "is" in next-to-last sentence"He is a Fellow of the ASA . . ."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
iiiRoy paragraph"co-lead" doesn't go with "She"Change "co-lead" to "co-led" or "co-leads."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
vfootnoteShould there be a number 1 associated with the footnote at the bottom?Add the number 1 to footnote at bottom if appropriate.8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
ix1st paragraphneed comma after "e.g.""(e.g., listening to lectures)"8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
ixlast paragraph"matters" doesn't match "data" since "data" is plural"should use real data that matter"8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
xiiiintro to reviewersmissing colon before list of reviewersAdd colon after "We also benefited greatly from reviewers of the text."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
xiv1st paragraphprobably need comma after "Quisenberry" to be consistent with other uses of comma elsewhere; need period at end of sentenceAdd comma after "Quisenberry" and period after "Topliff."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Preliminaries 1last paragraphmissing "to" in last sentenceAdd "to" between "section and "introduce."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Preliminaries 6Estimation paragraphNeed question mark at endChange period at end to question mark.8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Preliminaries 131st paragraphNot sure whether to mention formatting issues, but top paragraph is right justifiedChange right justification to left justification8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Unit 1 introlast paragraphMight need hyphen in "competent looking" Hyphenate "competent-looking" before "politician" in last sentence.8/27/2014Lisa Kaydid not chg jlv
Ch. 1 pg. 12nd paragraph"trumps" doesn't match "data"Change "trumps" after "data" to "trump."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 31st paragraphLooks like there needs to be a space between "(See Figure 1.1.)" and "Doris"Add space between 2nd and 3rd sentences if needed.8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 52nd paragraphLooks like there needs to be a space between "(P.3)" and "to"Add space between "(P.3)" and "to" if needed.8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 91st paragraphDashes in next-to-last sentence don't look the same (dashes also look different on page 13)Make dashes consistent.8/27/2014Lisa Kay???
Ch. 1 pg. 9
1st paragraph under Another Doris and Buzz study
Looks like there needs to be a space between "plausible" and "(believable)"; technically need possessive before "being that lucky" in last sentence, I thinkAdd space between "plausible" and "(believable)" if needed; change "him being that lucky" to "his being that lucky."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1headingSection 1.1 heading seems to run throughout entire chapterMake headings match sections.8/27/2014Lisa Kayalready chgd
Ch. 1 pg. 9
bullets under Strength of evidence
Sub-bullets appear to be shaded?Remove shading/highlighting on bullets.8/27/2014Lisa Kay
sub-bullets in section 1.1 summary are not filed in (pg 1-18)
Ch. 1 pg. 241st paragraph under Ex. 1.2Looks like there needs to be a space between 1st two sentencesAdd space between 1st two sentences if needed.8/27/2014Lisa Kayalready chgd
Ch. 1 pg. 26last paragraph"inequality" in last sentence should be one wordRemove space between "in" and "equality."8/27/2014Lisa Kayalready chgd
Ch. 1 pg. 28last paragraphLooks like there needs to be a space between ≈ and 0.167.Add space between ≈ and 0.167 if needed.8/27/2014Lisa Kayis one there
Ch. 1 pg. 302nd paragraphLooks like there needs to be a space between 0.173 and "in."Add space between 0.173 and "in" if needed.8/27/2014Lisa Kayis one there
Ch. 1 pg. 31last paragraphIn last sentence, "section" should be capitalized.Change "section 1.4" to "Section 1.4."8/27/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 32Figure 1.9 titleLooks like there needs to be a space between the colon and "The."Add space between colon and "The" if needed.8/27/2014Lisa Kayis one there
1152answer to #1.2.13dThe 3, 7, and 0.03 are wrong.It should read, Since 23 of the 100 simulated outcomes gave a result of 0.6 or more, the p-value is 0.23.9/3/2014Todd Swansonjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 46
2nd and 3rd paragraphs under Think about it box
There are several instances in which single quotation marks are used in appropriately.'patient
did not survive for 30 days post-operation' is called a “success' in this case
Replace single quotation marks with double quotation marks.9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 46
3rd paragraph under Think about it box
A comma is in the wrong place.Remove comma after "outcome" and add comma after "observed statistic" in first sentence.9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 491st paragraphPhrase "a statistic as or more extreme than the one observed" needs to be reworded.Replace phrase with "a statistic as extreme as or more extreme than the one observed" or "a statistic at least as extreme as the one observed."9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 52paragraph under #5There are single quotation marks around "success."Replace single quotation marks with double quotation marks.9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Section 1.4throughout Section 1.4Sometimes "competent face" before "method" is in quotation marks, and sometimes it isn't.Make instances of "competent face method" consistently written.9/4/2014Lisa Kay
jlv (removed quotes)
Ch. 1 pg. 60last paragraph512 doesn't match the number on the following page.I think 512 needs to be changed to 256 (and the phrase in parentheses would need to be adjusted accordingly if that is correct).9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 611st paragraphSentence beginning with "With 32 races" probably needs some semicolons in place of some commas, as well as more commas (or fewer commas) for the sake of consistency."With 32 races the variability of the distribution, as measured by the standard deviation, is 0.088; with 128 races, it is 0.043; and with 256 races, it is only 0.031."9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 611st paragraph"sample to sample" in last sentence needs to be hyphenatedReplace "sample to sample" with "sample-to-sample."9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1. pg. 66
3rd paragraph (2nd answer on that page)
The penultimate sentence needs to be two sentences.Replace comma after "better than just guessing" with a period, and capitalize "It" (or use a semicolon).9/4/2014Lisa Kayjlv
1155answer to #1.3.11the 2.86 is wrongthe stand stat should be 3.5 We should also show an equation of how we get 3.5.9/5/2014Todd Swansonjlv
1152answer to #1.2.13dTodd is right that the numbers are wrong for this problem, but the answer in the back doesn't actually address the question at all; the question asked whether we had strong evidence that Hope understands pointing.It should say something like, "No, the approximate p-value is 0.23, which provides little to no evidence that Hope understands pointing."9/10/2014Lisa Kayjlv
1173answer to 2.3.3answer wrong to parts b, c, db) Reject, c) Fail to reject d) Reject9/18/2014Todd Swansonjlv
1165answer to 1.5.24dshould not be little to no evidenceit should be moderate, but not strong evidence9/19/2014Todd Swansonjlv
1163answer to 1.5.15athe null and alt are written in wordsthey should be written in symbols9/20/2014Todd Swansonjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 71Section 1.5 titleSome words in section title should be capitalizedCapitalize appropriate words in title9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 71
2nd paragraph in Section 1.5
The letter "s" should be at the end of "proportion" instead of at the beginning of "that."Change "proportion sthat" to "proportions that."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 721st paragraphThe sample size for the competent face method is given in parentheses after "St. George's."Move "(n = 279)" to between "competent face method" and "and." Maybe add sample size after "St. George's"?9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 722nd pragraphThe word "the" is missing, and "theory-based" is capitalized.Change "one example of Theory-based approach" to "one example of a theory-based approach."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 74
Paragraph below validity conditions box
I think a word is missing?Maybe add "in" between "135" and "the."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 75
Sentence that follows calculation of z
Since 0.77 < 1, I think we want "standard deviation" instead of "standard deviations."Change "standard deviations" to "standard deviation."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 76Last paragraph"One" doesn't need to be capitalizedChange "One proportion z test" to "one proportion z test."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 77Think about it box"z-test" is hyphenated here but not other placesMake "z test" consistent in terms of hyphenation.9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 77
Paragraph below Think about it box
The last sentence is a run-on sentence.Put semicolon between "failures" and "we" instead of comma (or change to period and capitalize "we").9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 77
2nd paragraph below Think about it box
"Theory based" in second sentence should be hyphenated.Change "The theory based approach" to "The theory-based approach."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 84Last paragraph"one-proportion z-test" is hyphenated here but not in all other places; it is also hyphenated in the glossaryMake hyphenation consistent.9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 84Last paragraphPeriod at end of last sentence is missing.Add period at end of last sentence.9/22/2014Lisa Kaycouldn't find jlv
Ch. 1 pg. 87
Theory-based approach and Validity conditions entries
"Theory-based" and "Validity" are capitalizedChange to "theory-based approach" and "validity conditions."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Ch. 1 pg. 98A and B at top of pageNeed "at least" before "as extreme"Insert "at least" between "result" and "as."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
section 1.2 pg 1-78
1493rd paragraphThree hyphens after "trial)" should be a dashReplace hyphens after "trial)" with em dash.9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
1501st paragraph"Too large" is relative because a population could be relatively small, but units could be inaccessible or collection of data could be expensive.Consider elaborating or adjusting "too large."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
We rely on the sample to tell us about the population when the population is too large for us to gather data on each and every individual, or individuals are inaccessible, or it is too expensive to gather data on every individual.
153Definition boxPhrase "when using that sampling method" makes it sound as though "statistics" are "using that sampling method."Maybe change "when using that sampling method" to something like "under that sampling method."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Paragraph under Definition box
Need hyphen after "over"Change "over or under-sample" to "over- or under-sample."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
156Paragraph under Figure 2.2Three hyphens after "trial)" should be a dashReplace hyphens after "3.285" with "which is".9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
157Last paragraphApostrophe on "weeks'" should come before letter "s"Change "last weeks' worth of games" to "last week's worth of games."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
158Last paragraph"sample to sample" needs to be hyphenatedHyphenate "sample-to-sample."9/22/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Wiley siteLearning goal is smaller ...should be ...p-value is larger...9/23/2014Todd Swanson
Wiley sitelearning goals for 1.4the numbering doesn't seem rightshould be 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3, ...9/23/2014Todd Swanson
indexall pages (1270-1297)all page references in index appear to be incorrect9/25/2014Brian Gill
Some of the equations in the text are printed very badly and are almost unreadable9/30/2014Scott Rifkin
will be fixed in 1 e
309formulamissing a +/-9/30/2014Scott Rifkinalready chgd jlv
309paragraph after formula" ": quotes with nothing in themshould this be +/- too? I wonder if these problems on 309 are caused by the same problem of the formulas - were some math terms/formulas not printing and so low-res ones were pasted in?9/30/2014Scott Rifkinalready chgd jlv
Chapter 1running headerson the left page it says Section 1.1 for the whole chapter10/14/2014Scott Rifkin
looks like has been taken care of
130-131Exercise 1.5.9It says in the problem that you are spinning a penny 10 times, but the sample size given in the screenshot on page 131 is 12.Make sample size consistent.10/17/2014Lisa Kayjlv
1st sentence in last paragraph
"sample to sample" should be hyphenated"In the last chapter you focused on the sample-to-sample variability . . ."10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
1851st paragraphThere should not be an apostrophe at the end of "students."Hyphenate "six-step" in last sentence of first paragraph; hyphenate "ten-second" in second sentence of Step 2 paragraph; change three hyphens to a regular dash in penultimate sentence of Step 2 paragraph; and move hyphen in null hypothesis from between "second" and "song" to between "10" and "second."10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
185various places on pageIssues with hyphens and dashes10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
Strength of evidence paragraph
1st sentence is confusing--"sample means as large as 13.71 . . . rarely occur in either direction."Replace "as large as" with "as extreme as" if appropriate.10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlvpg 33
2nd paragraph under Theory-based approach
Have run-on sentence before standardized statisticReplace comma between "directly" and "instead" with semicolon or period.10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
2191st full paragraphIn the 2nd sentence, there does not need to be an "s" on "provide."Replace "data provides" with "data provide."10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
220last paragraphIn 4th sentence, it says "data does not."Replace "data does not" with "data do not."10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
222Key idea boxI think "if null hypothesis is true" is redundant since a Type I error implies that the null hypothesis is true.Remove "if null hypothesis is true" unless wanted for emphasis?10/20/2014Lisa Kay
did not change jlv
2731st paragraphThe phrase in parentheses says, "95% confident that the 'true' effect of . . . increases the long-run probability of people agreeing . . ."I think it needs to say something like, "95% confident that the 'true' effect of . . . is to increase the long-run probability of a person agreeing . . ." In other words, the effect is the increase, rather than the cause of the increase.10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
2741st paragraphIt looks like there are only two dots after "what is the probability that."Need three dots for ellipsis.10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
281Step 6 paragraphI think most examples with the six-step process don't capitalize "back" or "ahead" in Step 6.Change to "Look back and ahead" if that matches other uses in text.10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
281Step 6 paragraph2nd sentence says, "between 0.761 to 0.974."Change "between 0.761 to 0.974" to "between 0.761 and 0.974."10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
3022nd bullet in IntroductionNeed period at the end of sentence to match other bullets.Add period at end of 2nd bullet.10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
304Think about it boxDid you want a comma in x-bar = $13292?Add comma to get "$13,292" if desired.10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
3051st Key Idea boxNeed hyphens in "sample to sample" and "car to car."Change to "less sample-to-sample variability in the sample mean than car-to-car variability."10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
2nd paragraph under Validity Conditions box
"civic" is not capitalized.Change "Honda civic" to "Honda Civic."10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
307last paragraphThere are typos in the last sentence.It looks like we need to remove the space between "interval" and the comma and then take out the word "common," but I'm not completely sure what the intent was.10/20/2014Lisa Kay
couldn't find this
It says, "The multiplier, and therefore the width of the confidence interval ,common will increase if the confidence level increases."
paragraph between the Key Idea boxes
It says, "And when we didn't know σ, (the population standard deviation) we could approximate the standard deviation σ with the standard error s/sqrt(n)."I think we don't need the comma after the first sigma, and I'm guessing the last part is supposed to indicate that we want to approximate sigma/sqrt(n) with s/sqrt(n).10/20/2014Lisa Kayjlv
videosChap 7 LO videosThe videos for chap 7 are mislabeled. There aren't any listed for 7.3, but the three listed for 7.2 should be for 7.3.10/22/2014Todd Swanson
problems 3.1.18 & 3.1.19
(a) answersThese look like 90% confidence intervals instead of 95%10/25/2014Scott Rifkin
2562.3.5"Than suppose that..."Then suppose that10/27/2014Scott Rifkinjlv
2562.3.5(c) AnswerThe answer is given as "fail to reject" but we don't know the p-value so it should be "don't have enough info"10/27/2014Scott Rifkin
page 154quotes around xbarquotes are not the same kind (straight vs. curved)11/1/2014Scott Rifkin
317Exploration headingShould this be labeled "Exploration 3.4A" instead of just "Exploration 3.4"?Add "A" after "3.4" if that is what was intended.11/3/2014Lisa Kayjlv
324#6cI think technically we need "as large" instead of "larger." (To some, four times larger means five times as large.)"Now consider making the sample size four times as large: 400 candies. . ."11/3/2014Lisa Kayjlv
3281st full paragraphThe last sentence reads, "If the Bradley effect is at play, the value of our parameter will be larger than 0.3645, people are more likely to say they will vote for Obama than they actual are."I'm not sure what was intended here. I think we probably need a period or semicolon after 0.3645. Then even if we change "actual" to "actually," I don't know how to interpret "people are more likely to say they will vote for Obama than they actually are." 11/3/2014Lisa Kayjlv
329Assumption #4Need apostrophe after "Respondents""Respondents' answers . . ."11/3/2014Lisa Kayjlv
338Figure 3.16 labelShould it say pi = 0.33?Change 0.30 to 0.33 if appropriate.11/3/2014Lisa Kayjlv
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