Child Lifting Rumours: Mob Violence in India
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Incident No.DateTitle and DescriptionCauseStateDistrictVillage/Town/CityNo. of VictimsNames of VictimsGenderDeathsMajor AssaultsMinor InjuriesCause (Attackers)Action TakenState Party (at the Time)Local Party (at the Time)Sources
2019-10-19A 37-year old man was killed by villagers in Bhagalpur, Bihar on suspicion of being a child lifter. The victim was attacked by villagers when they confromted him when they saw him talking to a child, according to the district senior superintndent of police SuspicionBiharBhagalpurManmodhachak1Mohammed Afsar AnsariMale1Local MobNot knownBJP+JDU
2019-10-09Three police officers from Gujarat and a civilian were mistaken for child lifters and beaten by a mob in RajasthanSuspicionRajasthanBanswaraKushalgarh4Not knownMale13Local MobFIR filed against unknown personsCongress
2019-10-08Two youths were tied to an electric pole and beaten by a mob on the suspicion of being child liftersSuspicionRajasthanBhilwaraAsind2Udairam Bhil, Not knownMale2Local MobFive people arrestedCongress
2019-10-08An unidentified elderly man who offered biscuits to a group of kids was thrashed by local villagers who accused him of being a child lifterSuspicionChattisgarhKawardhaPaadi1Not knownMale1Local MobNot knownBJP
2019-10-06Mohammed Asif Hanif Multani, a 24-years-old cloth salesman was chased and beaten by a mob in KK Nagar area of Ghatlodia in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, who accused him of being a child lifterSuspicionGujaratAhmedabadGhatlodia1Mohammed Asif Hanif MultaniMale1Local MobMain accused named Dashrath Prajapati (54) was arrested but later released on bailBJP
2019-10-06Sunil Yadav, a 32-year-old daily wage labourer from Hazaribagh was locked in a room and beaten by a mob who accused him of being a child lifter in Koderma in Jharkhand. The mob left Yadav by the road, who reached a clinic from where he was transferred to the Sadar hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries a day later.Yadav named his attackers in his complaint. The police, however, deny that there were any child lifting rumours and claim that Yadav was caught stealing by the mob, who proceeded to beat himSuspicionJharkhandKoderma1Sunil YadavMale1Local MobNot knownBJP
2019-10-02A woman in her twenties was thrashed by a mob in Charan Singh colony in Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad after two female relatives of a man with whom she was in a relationship spread rumours about her being a child lifter. Police have detained the accused women and registered an FIRSuspicionUttar PradeshGhaziabadVijay Nagar1Not knownFemale1Local Mob2 people have been detained and an FIR has been registeredBJP
2019-10-01A mentally-challenged man was beaten by a mob at Kuarmunda panchayat under the Biramitrapur police station in Sundargarh district on suspicion of being a child-lifter. The man hailing from Jharkhand had gone to Chataktola village, where rumours of child-lifting had surfaced earlier.SuspicionOdishaSundargarhKuarmunda1Not knownMale1Local MobNot knownBJD
2019-09-26Local mob in Menmena panchayat beat a two men on suspicion of child lifting, and handed to the police. The second suspect has been admitted to Hatibari Community health center.SuspiconOdishaSundargarhMenmena2Not knownMale2Local MobNot knownBJD
2019-09-25Mentally unstable youth from Jharkhand’s Parba village was beaten up by few locals at Kokerama bazaar. The locals suspected the youth of abducting children.SuspicionOdishaSundargarhKokerama1Not knownMale1Local MobNot knownBJD
2019-09-27Two men were beaten by a mob in Purulia, West Bengal based on child-lifting rumors. The mob torched the victims’ car and attacked police officers when they rushed to the spot to rescue them.SuspicionWest BengalPuruliaNot known2Not knownMale1Local Mob10 peple have been arrested TMC
2019-09-25A mentally unstable woman was tied to an electric pole and beaten by a mob on suspicon of being a child lifter. Few girls mistook her for a child lifter and raised an alarm whne she ran behind them. She was resuced by poice and handed to her family. She was under treatment for her mental condition in Agra and had managed to escape, according to her family. SuspicionUttar PradeshAuraiyaSarai Mahajanan1Asha DeviFemale1Local MobNot knownBJP
2019-09-20A 70-year old unidentified man was beaten to death by a mob on suspicion of being a child lifter in Sahibganj of JharkhandSuspicionJharkhandSahibganjKachi Pahari1Not knownMale1Local MobNot knownBJP
2019-09-16Two men attacked by a mob of 40 people in Vazakkad, Kerala on suspicion of child-lifting. The incident occurred after the duo was summoned to the Vazhakkad police station on suspicion of being involved in a kidnapping case. When they were travelling to the police station, a mob blocked their car at Omanoor, forced them out of the vehicle and assaulted the duo.SuspicionKeralaMalappuramVazhakkad2Rahmathali Cheeroth(32) and Safarulla CM (29)Male2Local Mob3 persons (Faisal PP, 43, Muhthas Khan, 23, and Dulfakar Ali M T, 23.) arrested and case against 37 others. Cases under attempt to murder, hindering the duty of policemen, and spreading fake message on social mediaCPM
2019-09-11A youth was chased by a mob on suspicion of being a child lifter. He was rescued by a resident and policeSuspicionWest BengalBarddhamanKulti1Not knownMale1Local MobNot knownTMC
2019-09-11A 1000-strong mob chased a man in Kalyaneswari, in West Bardhhaman based on child lifting suspicion. He hid beind a bush till the police rescued himSuspicionWest BengalBarddhamanKalyaneswari1Not knownMale1Local MobNot knownTMC
2019-09-11A middle-aged man was lynched in Dendua village in West Barddhaman on suspicion of being a child-lifter. He was tied to a lamp post and beaten up severely by several people. Police rescued him and admitted him to Asansol district hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

SuspicionWest BengalBarddhamanDendua1Not knownMale1Local MobOne person has been arrestedTMC ,
2019-08-30A man was beaten in Satna district on suspicion of being a child lifter. He was first beaten, then tied to a tree where his head was tonsured. The attackers rubbed chilli and salt on his injuries.Suspicion
Madhya Pradesh
SatnaKolgawan1Not knownMale1Local Residents6 persons were booked Congress
2019-07-24A 30-year-old mentally challenged man was beaten by a mob in Indore district on suspicion of child lifting. The man was reported to have been roaming semi naked. He was rescused by the police.Suspicion
Madhya Pradesh
IndoreNiranjanpur1Not knownMale1Local MobCase against unknown persons was registered. Congress
2019-07-2943-year-old mentally challenged woman was beaten on suspicion of being a child-lifter in Sagar district. She had to be rescued by the police. The woman was train hopping after running away from her home in Ratlam.
Madhya Pradesh
SagarBhagwanganj1Not knownFemale1Local MobCase against unknown personsCongress
2019-08-04A 47-year-old man was beaten at Harpalpur railway station in Madhya Pradesh. He was disguised as a sadhu (monk). He was travelling on a train to Jhansi from Banda and was rescued by the police.Suspicion
Madhya Pradesh
ChhatarpurHarpalpur1Rakesh Khatik (47)Male1
Train Passengers
Not knownCongress
2019-08-02A speech and hearing impaired man was beaten by a mob in Chhatarpur on suspicon of being a child lifter. The man suffered injuries to his face and chest. He was referred to the Gwalior district hospital after intial treatment. Suspicion
Madhya Pradesh
ChhatarpurGaroli1Not knownMale1Local MobA case has been registered against 7 persons under under IPC sections 147 and 323Congress
2019-08-01A mentally challenged woman was beaten in Naugaon on suspicion of child lifting. The woman was admitted to Gwalior district hospital with injuries to her upper body Supicion
Madhya Pradesh
ChhatarpurNaugaon1Not knownFemale1Local MobCase registered under under IPC sections 147 and 323Congress
2019-08-26Hirakund Express was halted for an hour in Damoh district after nearly a dozen passengers caught a person on suspicion of being a child-lifter. The victim was the father of child. Suspicion
Madhya Pradesh
Damoh1Narendra Singh Male1
Train Passengers
No case registered after identificationCongress
2019-08-29Three migrant labourers from Uttar Pradesh were beaten in Gurh by the locals on suspicion of child lifting. They were were beaten till the police came to their resuce and admitted them to a local hospital. Suspicion
Madhya Pradesh
RewaGurh3Mohsin Shahnawaz, Saddam Husain and Dhami HusainMale3Local MobA case of public ruckus was registeredCongress
2019-08-23A Haryana youth who sold herbal medicines for living was brutally assaulted by a mob in Meerut's Kithore area which suspected him to be child lifter.SuspicionUttar PradeshMeerutKithore1Not knownMale1Local MobNot knownBJP
2019-08-28In Bareilly, a man with mental health issues was beaten for over an hour by a mob after he snatched Rs 10 from a child to buy food. The mob also attacked police personnel when they tried to intervene.SuspicionUttar PradeshBareillyBhojipura1Not knownMale1Local MobFour persons -- Rakesh, Chote,Kalua, Bablu-- have been arrested under IPC sections 147, 307, 323, 504, 505, 506BJP
2019-08-24A woman was beaten by a mob on suspicion of child-lifting in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh.SuspicionUttar PradeshHapurRaghunathpur1Not knownFemale1Local MobFIR registered against six named and 22 unnamed personsBJP
2019-08-20A man with mental disorders, suspected to be a child-lifter, was beaten up in BulandshahrSuspicionUttar PradeshBulandshahrAndhel1Not knownMale1Local MobSeven persons arrested BJP
2019-08-28A 14-year-old mentally challenged boy was thrashed by a mob in Deoria district in eastern Uttar Pradesh on the suspicion of child-lifting. He was unable to tell anything about himself. The police is trying to get information about his family.SuspicionUttar PradeshDeoriaPeedri1Not knownMale1Local MobFIR has been registered under IPC sections 147 and 323 against five unnamed persons. Since the victim is mentally challenged and a resident of Nepal, police is facing problem in identifying the culprits.BJP
2019-08-28A middle-aged woman was allegedly beaten by a mob on suspicion that she was a child-lifter. In a video that went viral, she was seen crying and requesting the attackers to spare her. She had gone shopping with her grandson when she was attacked by the mob.SuspicionUttar PradeshGhaziabadLoni1Not knownFemale1Local MobComplaint has been withdrawn by the victimBJP
2019-08-30A mentally challenged man was mistaken to be a child-lifter and beaten by a mob until some locals intervened. He was admitted to a hospital by a Dial 100 team (police emergency response team).SuspicionUttar PradeshGorakhpurKhajni1Not knownMale1Local MobFIR registered against two named and two unnamed persons under IPC sections 174, 323, and 504BJP
2019-08-23Four men were arrested for allegedly attacking five women from Gujarat over suspected child-lifting. SuspectedUttar PradeshMuzaffarnagarKairana5Not knownFemale5Local ResidentsFour men have been arrested under IPC sections 147 and 323BJP
2019-08-29A specially-abled woman was beaten by a mob, stripped, and paraded in Jaunpur district. The mob suspected her to be a child-lifter. A video of the incident went viral on social media after the incident.SuspicionUttar PradeshJaunpurKopa1Not knownFemale1Local MobFour arrested under under IPC sections 147, 307, 323, 504, 505, 506BJP
2019-08-27Two men were beaten with iron rods, sticks and stones by a mob on suspicion of being child-lifters resulting in the death of one (Raju) and injury to the other (Ramavtar) in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. Six persons have been arrested by the district police. Ramavtar also reported that the mob robbed them of Rs 15,000 and their mobile phone.SuspicionUttar PradeshSambhalAsalatpur Jarai2Raju (40) and Ramavtar (42)Male11Local MobFour accused Rajesh, Bantu, Chotu and Ajay Pal have been arrested. The FIR was registered under sections 147, 148, 149, 302 and 307BJP
2019-08-25Five persons, including an eight-year-old boy, were attacked by a mob Bihar’s Gaya district, initially on suspicion of being child-lifters. After the victims identified themselves, which gave away their religious affiliation, the mob shouted communal slogans. The Tankuppa police station has lodged an FIR against 19 named and 100 to 150 unnamed suspects.SuspicionBiharGayaMaher5Rahman alias 'Goldy' (35), Mohammed Kaisar (43), Liyaqat Ali (24), Mohammed Ayaan (8), Abu Sheeh (27)Male5Local Mob FIR against 19 named and 100 to 150 unnamed suspectsBJP + JDU
2019-08-19A man named Rohit Kumar was beaten to death at Choudhary Bihga village in Aurangabad district on August 19 over child lifting rumours.
Rumours But Not Social Media
BiharAurangabadChoudhary Bigha village1Rohit KumarMale1Local MobNot knownBJP + JDU
2019-08-19Two geologists of Manipur and Kolkata were attacked on the suspicion of being child-lifters. According to police sources, R L Rotang from Manipur Geological survey of India and Manish Kumar of same department from Kolkata were conducting a survey in the boondock village. “The duo shared some fruits they had carried with themselves with the children nearby. However, when one of the children went back to his village, rumours started that child-lifters attempted to lure the children by fruits,” the police said. Consequently, the villagers rushed to the site with weapons in their hands and caught hold of the two geologists and started beating them. SuspicionBiharKaimurChafla village, Nauhatta2R L Rotang from Manipur, Manish Kumar from KolkataMale2Local Mob
An FIR has been lodged against 100 unknown people from the village.
2019-08-22A mob on Thursday lynched a mentally ill woman after branding her a child abductor at Shahpur Toli in Bihar’s Vaishali district. Police said the woman, who is in her 20s, was thrashed after she had entered a house on Thursday morning. “She was caught and declared a child lifter. A crowd of around 50 to 70 people assembled at the spot and started raining blows and punches on her. Men, women and children, stripped her and mercilessly thrashed her till she to unconscious,” police said. Station house officer Izaz Ahmad said the woman’s body has been sent for post-mortem.SuspicionBiharVaishaliShahpur Toli1Not known (In her 20s)Female1Local MobBJP + JDU
2019-08-10A man, who was thrashed by a mob on suspicion of being a child lifter died in a hospital during treatment, police said. Soon after receiving the information of the incident, the police rushed to the spot near Mohammedpur village immediately and arrested 22 people in connection with the case. The identity of the victim is yet to be ascertained by the police.SuspicionBiharPatnaNaubatpur1Not known (About 45 years)Male1Local Mob
A case has been registered. Further investigation into the matter is underway. 22 persons arrested
2019-08-03Residents of Sabri Nagar Musahari in Patna district's Rupaspur attacked three persons with bamboo sticks and heavy tree logs alleging that they were child lifters. "The mob also attacked them with rocks picked up from nearby railway tracks. Police reached the spot and rushed the three to Patna Medical College and Hospital, but one of them died on the way," Rupaspur SHO Chandra Bhanu said. Four policemen were also injured while rescuing the victims.Social media rumoursBiharPatnaRupaspur3Killed: Not known (late 40s). Injured: Chandan Kumar (35) of Gardanibagh, Shubham Kumar (30) of Mashrakh in Saran districtMale12Local MobFIR filed against 38 named and at least 300 unidentified persons. 32 people, including six women, arrestedBJP + JDU
2019-08-03Two persons--one from Karnal and another from Delhi--were beaten at Gandhi Nagar colony, based on the rumour that they were child lifters. Police managed to rescue the victims.
Rumours But Not Social Media
BiharPatnaDigha2Not known2Local MobFour persons were arrestedBJP + JDU
2019-08-02A mob beat a mentally challenged man on allegation of attempting to lift a child in Rahimpur Gunti in Patna district's Parsa Bazaar. The mob also attacked the police who reached the spot to save him. An SHO and two constables were injured. Police rushed the victim to Patna Medical College & Hopsital for treatment.SuspicionBiharPatnaParsa Bazaar1Ram Varat Rathore of Babhna village in Jehanabad districtMale1Local MobAn FIR was lodged against localsBJP + JDU
2019-08-03The body of a "mentally unstable beggar" was found outside Kalichak village in Patna district's Dhanarua. The victim was said to be living in the village for several years, and was lynched on rumours of lifting a child. A video that was circulated on social media saw people saying the victim was a child lifter. "Some shouted that he had killed several children in a distant village," Dhanarua SHO Suman Kumar said.
Rumours But Not Social Media
BiharPatnaDhanarua1Not known (late 40s)Male1Local MobFIR lodged against unknown persons. Sanjay Bind and Dinesh Bind of Kalichak village were arrested, police were interrogating three others.BJP + JDU
12019-02-21A mob attacked a woman in West Bengal’s Tikiapara area, early Thursday morning. The mob, influenced by fake messages spread via WhatsApp groups, suspected the woman to be a kidnapper as she was a the neighbourhood.Determined to ‘teach the child kidnapper’ a lesson’ the mob surrounded the woman and disbanded only after the police resorted to lathi charge. The local police also resorted to using tear gas and combat force to disperse the mob.WhatsApp RumoursWest BengalHowrahTikiapara1Not knownFemale1Local MobNot knownTMC
22018-07-28A mentally unstable man has allegedly been lynched in Madhya Pradesh’s tribal-dominated Dindori district. The mob suspected him to be a child-lifter or a kidney thief. So far, 10 men have been arrested and booked for murder and destruction of evidence.
Rumours But Not Social Media
Madhya Pradesh
DindoriSamanpur1Not knownMale1Local Mob10 people arrested so farBJP
32018-07-234 Women, Suspected Of Child Kidnapping, Assaulted By Mob In West Bengal. The incident took place at Dawkimari village in Dhupguri block and is the fourth one this month so far in the district in which people were attacked following suspicion of being child-lifters. The incident happened possibly on July 28 at a village in Samanpur (470 km from Bhopal) when the unidentified man’s body which was slowly decomposing was spotted floating in a well on August 1. SuspicionWest BengalJalpaiguriDawkimari village in Dhupguri block4Not KnownFemale4Local MobNo arrests yet, several people charged in previous incidentTMC
42018-07-21Driven to frenzy by a WhatsApp rumour on child lifters, a mob in Singrauli's Morwa region lynched a young woman on Saturday.The woman, believed to be about 25 years old, is yet to be identified WhatsApp Rumours
Madhya Pradesh
SingrauliMorwa1Not KnownFemale1Local MobA dozen suspects have been booked for the lynching.BJP
52018-07-13Techie killed half-an-hour after WhatsApp message about ‘child-lifters in red car’. Police have traced the WhatsApp message to one of the villagers - one Manoj Patil, who has been found to be the administrator of a dozen WhatsApp groups, and therefore was able to relay the message everywhere. 1 of the 4 victims was killed, while the other 3 were seriously injured.WhatsApp RumoursKarnatakaBidarMurki4Mohammed Azam Ahmed (32), Noor Mohammed (30) Mohammed Salman (20), Salham Eidal Kubaisi (38).Male13Villagers30 have been arrested so far.INC + JDS
62018-07-13Suspected Child Lifter Beaten By Mob; Message Delcaring her To Be One announced on LoudspeakerWhatsApp RumoursTamil NaduMadurai1Not KnownFemale1Local MobNothing So FarAIADMK
Army, cops rescue three from lynching by 100-strong mob in Assam after rumours of child lifting
Social Media RumoursAssamDima hasaoMahur railway station3Three SadhusThree Males3Local MobNoneBJP
Mangaluru man travelling with own kid attacked as mob thought he was a kidnapper
Social Media RumoursKarnatakaMangaluruBelthangady1Kaleed (30)Male1Local MobNo Complaint Registered.Congress
92018-07-04Bihar youth attacked in Tiruvallur on suspicion being Child-Lifter
Rumours But Not Social Media
Tamil NaduMelnalathur.Periyar Nagar 1Not KnownMale1No Complaint Registered.AIADMK
102018-07-03Two thrashed in Manipur on suspicion of being child-liftersWhatsApp RumoursManipurKangpokpiChamphai and Saikul2Not KnownTwo Males2Local MobNone so farBJP
112018-07-02Driver thrashed on child-lift suspicionSocial Media RumoursWest BengalBirbhumBolpur1Sukdeb Majhi (40)Male1Local MobCase filed against Sukhdeb for child liftingTMC
122018-07-01Now, group of 5 saved from being lynched in Malegaon
Rumours But Not Social Media
MaharashtraNashikMalegaon5Gajanan Hiray (30), his wife Sindhu (28), their two-year-old son, Yogesh Wani (30) and Ansuya Wani (30)
Three males, two females
23Local Mob250 people booked for attempt to murderBJP
132018-07-01Chennai: Two Migrant Workers Thrashed Over Suspicion of Being Child AbductorsWhatsApp RumoursTamil NaduChennai2Not KnownTwo Males2Local MobOne arrestedAIADMK
142018-07-015 Men Suspected To Be Child Kidnappers Killed By Maharashtra VillagersWhatsApp RumoursMaharashtraDhuleRainpada5Not KnownFive males5Local MobTwelve arrestedBJP;
152018-07-01Schizophrenic taken to be child-lifter, thrashedSocial Media RumoursAssamDarrangDaipam1Not known (17)Male1Local MobNone so farBJP
162018-06-28Tripura lynching: Hawker from Uttar Pradesh killed, three others injured over suspicion of ‘child-lifting’Social Media RumoursTripuraAgartalaSidhai Mohanpur4Zahir Khan (30), Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Khurshid Khan and Swapan MiyaFour males13Local MobInternet and mobile network suspendedBJP
172018-06-28Man Hired by Tripura Govt to Spread Awareness on Lynching Gets LynchedSocial Media RumoursTripuraSouth TripuraKalachhara1Sukanta Chakrabarty (33)Male1Local MobInternet and mobile network suspendedBJP
182018-06-28An unidentified woman was lynched and another injured when she along with four men was moving in a vehicle at Bishalgarh in Sipahijala district on ThursdaySocial Media RumoursTripuraBishalgarhSipahijala1Not KnownFemale11Local MobNoneBJP
192018-06-28Migrant labourer from Uttar Pradesh lynched by young men in Onnalvadi, on suspicion of being ‘potential child kidnapper’.Suspicion
Tamil NaduHosurOnnalvadi1Not KnowmMale1Local MobSeven arrestedAIADMK
202018-06-27Four held in Trichy for attacking man on suspicion of being child lifterWhatsApp RumoursTamil NaduTiruchirappalli1V Ramesh (30)Male1Local MobFour arrestedAIADMK
212018-06-26Another Thrashed In Madhya Pradesh Over Child-Lifting RumoursSocial Media Rumours
Madhya Pradesh
Singrauli1Rambharose (38)Male1Local MobNone so farBJP
222018-06-26Woman Killed In Gujarat By Mob On Suspicion Of Child LiftingSocial Media RumoursGujaratAhmedabad1Shanti MarwadiFemale1Local MobNone so farBJP
232018-06-25Four from Maharashtra thrashed over child-lifting rumour
Rumours But Not Social Media
GujaratRajkotBhayavadar4Puja Vithalbhai, Puja Patil, Rekha Angle, and Narsinh
Three females, One male
4Local MobNoneBJP
242018-06-2432 year-old man killed over child-lifting rumours. WhatsApp RumoursTelanganaNalgondaJiyapally1Nimmala BalakrishnaMale1Local MobSix arrestedTRS
252018-06-22Man Suspected To Be Child Lifter Lynched In Chattisgarh
Rumours But Not Social Media
ChattisgarhSarguja districtMendrakla village1Not Known (around 40)Male 1Local Mob10 arrestedBJP
262018-06-21Duo suspected to be child lifters thrashed in OkhaWhatsApp RumoursGujarat
Devbhoomi Dwarka
Okha2Not KnownTwo Males2Local MobSixteen booked for attempt to murder, rioting and assaultBJP
272018-06-16Mob lynching: Man beaten to death in West BengalWhatsApp RumoursWest BengalEast MidnaporeTamluk1Sanjay Chandra (36)Male1Local MobFour arrestedTMC
282018-06-14Woman killed on suspicion of being a child-lifter in Dima HasaoSuspicionAssamDima hasaoHaflong1Not knownFemale11Local MobSeven arrestedBJP
292018-06-13An unidentified man suspected of being a child-lifter was allegedly tied to an electricity post and beaten to death by a mob in Bengal’s Malda district on WednesdayRumours but not Social MediaWest BengalMaldaBulbulchandi-Dubapara1Not KnownMale1Local MobThree arrestedTMC
302018-06-13Three accosted on suspicion of Xupadhora (Child Abductors) in LakhimpurSuspicionAssamLakhimpurBolsola3Zarir Uddin, Abdul Aziz and Abdul HoqueThree males3Local MobNone so far.BJP
312018-06-12Mentally Challenged Man Chased, Thrashed On Child Theft SuspicionSuspicionOdishaDhenkanalKantapal1Not KnownMale1Local MobNoneBJD
322018-06-10A man sustained serious injuries after he had been thrashed by angry locals on suspicion of being a child lifter at Lingaraj Munda slum near Koliari area, Chattisgarh, on late Sunday night, the 10th of June.SuspicionChattisgarhAngulKoliari1Not KnownMale1Local MobNone so far.BJP
332018-06-082 Men, Abhijeet Nath (28) and Nilotpal Das (29) were lynched by a 100-strong mob, in Panjuri Kachhari Village in Assam, on the suspicion that they were child abductors.WhatsApp RumoursAssamDokmokaPanjuri Kachhari2Abhijeet Nath (28) Nilotpal Das (29)Male, Male2Local Mob18 people arrested so farBJP;
Another attack in TN due to fake WhatsApp texts: Duo mistaken for child abductors, thrashed
WhatsApp RumoursTamil NaduSalemGangavalli2Not Known Male, Female2Local MobFour arrestedAIADMK
352018-06-01A North-Indian man, part of a 3-strong group, was reportedly assaulted and killed by locals in Tamil Nadu on the 1st of June, 2018 on the suspicion that they were Child Abductors. At a time when the rumours of such child lifters were in strong circulation across the state, the people in the area noticed that there were three men roaming around in their locality, who did not appear to be from around the area. Their suspicions gathered more traction, when the group refused to answer their question, as they were unable to communicate in Tamil. Only one of the three men was held, as the rest managed to escape. WhatsApp RumoursTamil NaduKrishnagiriOnnalvadi1Not known (Age is suspected to be around 35)Male1Local MobNone so far.AIADMK
362018-05-289 Migrant Workers attacked at Mathur in Villupuram district, Tamil nadu, on the pretext that they're Child Abductors.WhatsApp RumoursTamil NaduVillupuram Mathur9Not knownNot Known9Local MobThe Kachirapalayam police have registered a case against 50 unidentified youths of Mathur village.AIADMK
372018-05-28A non-Odia youth was thrashed by the locals after they judged him to be a Child Lifter. He was later handed over to the Police, who found him to be 'mentally sick'. The victim told the Police that he hgailed from Raipur, Chattisgarh.SuspicionOdishaNuapadaJharahi1Mahesh SahuMale1Local MobNone so far.BJD
382018-05-28A bunch of Nomads, belonging to a larger group residing in the premises of the Sambunath Government High School, Odisha, were beaten up by locals from the area who suspected them to be Child-lifters. When some of them had set out to extract honey, they were noticed by the locals, who saw a group of 3, with one of them holding a knife and the rest being minors. Thinking it was reasonable suspicion, locals decided they had to correct the situation themselves, and beat the nomads up.Social Media RumoursOdishaBalasore21.486934Not KnownNot KnownNot KnownNot KnownNot Known (local residents)None so far.BJD
392018-05-27Watch: Mentally challenged man thrashed by mob on suspicion of being child kidnapper
Rumours But Not Social Media
TelanganaHyderabadKachiguda1Not knownMale1Local MobNone so farTDP
402018-05-26The Police rescued three women from a mob targeting them on account of suspicion about them being Child Lifters, at Whitefield in Bangalore.WhatsApp RumoursKarnatakaBangaloreWhitefield3Not Knownthree females3Local MobNothing so far Congress
412018-05-26A mob comprising nearly 200 people stoned 4 transgenders, over the fear that they might be Child Lifters. Two of them were grievously injured in the attack, and one of them died subsequently. WhatsApp RumoursTelanganaHyderabadChandrayanagutta4Chandriah (one who died), the rest not known.
Four Transgenders
112Local Mob25 people have been taken into custodyTDP
422018-05-26A woman suspected of being a ‘child-lifter’ was thrashed black and blue at Balang Square on Soro-Anandapur Road in Balasore district. A video of the woman being thrashed and stripped went viral on Whatsapp.Social Media RumoursOdishaBalasoreBalang Square1Not KnownFemale1Local MobNone so far.BJD
432018-05-25In the early hours of Sunday, residents of Kusadhipa village in Ganjam district thrashed a member of a gang of thieves suspecting him to be a child-lifter. Five of his accomplices managed to escape. The police rescued the injured youth and admitted him to Khallikote hospital.Social Media RumoursOdishaGanjamKusadhipa1Not KnownMale1Local MobNone so far.BJD
442018-05-25Youth from Andhra Pradesh was manhandled after he was suspected of being a child-lifter at Vijaynagar village under the Gania police station limits in Nayagarh district.Social Media RumoursOdishaNayagarhVijayanagar1Not KnownMale1Local MobNone so far.BJD
452018-05-25woman attacked by a mob on suspicion that she was a child trafficker at Rapalle Railway Station.Suspicion
Andhra Pradesh
GunturRepalle1Not KnownFemale1Local MobNone so far.Telugu Desam Party
462018-05-25Three persons (all homeless, two mentally-challenged) were thrashed by locals on suspicion of them being Childlifters. Social Media Rumours
Andhra Pradesh
GunturBapatla1Rajesh SimonMale1Local MobFire arrestedTelugu Desam Party
Mentally challenged and homeless person beaten by a mob, police suspect Childlifting rumours at play.
Social Media Rumours
Andhra Pradesh
1Gautam SahooMale1Local MobNone so far.Telugu Desam Party
482018-05-24Villagers of Mathaput mistook a youth, who was roaming on the streets in Damanjodi area, as a child abductor and thrashed him. Later, the mob handed over the youth, who hails from West Bengal, to the police. Police said the youth, who is undergoing treatment in a hospital now, had come to Damanjodi to work in a hotel.Social Media RumoursOdishaJeyporeMahaput1Not KnownMale 1Local MobNone so far.BJD
492018-05-24Three persons hailing from Bihar sustained minor injuries after they were assaulted by locals of Nandapur. All of them are hawkers selling stationery items in the villages. On being informed, police rushed to the village and rescued themSocial Media RumoursOdishaJeyporeNandapur3Not KnownNot Known3Local MobNone so far.BJD
502018-05-24A man from Andhra Pradesh was assaulted by locals at Koraput town as a result of the locals suspecting him to be a child kidnapper.
Social Media RumoursOdishaJeyporeKoraput1Not KnownNot Known1Local MobNone so far.BJD
512018-05-24Seven youths from Tamil Nadu were beaten up near Gate Bazar in Berhampur on Saturday night by a mob which suspected them of being child-lifters. The attackers became suspicious after the youths could not answer questions related to their identity. The police came to their rescue and admitted them to a hospital.Social Media RumoursTamil NaduBerhampurGate Bazaar7Not Known7Local MobNone so far.AIADMK
522018-05-23Two men are seen dragging a man through the streets of Chamrajpet in Bengaluru while mercilessly beating him up. The victim, Kaluram Bin Bachanram, 26, was covered in blood and had his hands tied by a rope. He was dragged on the road, followed by a mob of local residents who are seen beating him with cricket bats and rods.WhatsApp RumoursKarnatakaBangaloreChamrajpet1Kaluram Bin Bachanram, 26Male1Local MobSo far, 14locals have been arrested.Names: Anbu (26), Vasanth Kumar (32), Gopi (18), Balan (30), Nanda (20), Thirumalesh (28), Rajesh (18) , four women: women: Anusha, 30, Susheela, 37, Indira, 37, and Vani, 41, and 2 minors have been arrested. Congress
532018-05-23The two victims, Majunath (32) and Khemraj Gyawali (30), were out on Wednesday evening, for a movie at a local theatre. Without any alleged provocation, locals started shouting 'child lifters'. The duo escaped with minor injuries after the Police came to their timely rescue.Social Media RumoursKarnatakaBengaluruSiddhartha nagar2Manjunath (32), Khemraj Gyawali (30)Males2Local Mob "No Police Complaint has been registered."Congress
542018-05-22A supermarket clerk was thrashed brutally by mob in the city after people found him to be moving around suspiciously and not a Telugu speaker.Social Media Rumours
Andhra Pradesh
1Not KnownMale1Local MobThree arrestedTelugu Desam Party
552018-05-22Lady thrashed after people suspected her of being a child lifter; Rs 1.75 lakh cash found in her bag raising suspicion.Social Media Rumours
Andhra Pradesh
Kancharapalem3Bewati Begum (30), Jakir Mani, Nani
Female, Male, Female
3Local MobNone so far.Telugu Desam Party