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Policy (e.g., classes online only for x weeks, etc.)Is there a university policy available online?Is the library open?Have you reduced hours or taken other measures?Are staff required to report to campus?If staff are permitted to work remotely, is there a remote work policy you can link to?What core services is your library offering during period of remote teaching/learning/working?Links to any library guides/websites about remote access/servicesFall 2020 Hours (includes 24/7 info)Fall 2020 Course Reserves (Y/N)Fall 2020 Study RoomsFall 2020 Reopening (e.g., hybrid, online only, dates)Fall 2020 PrintingWhat resources is your school using to provide remote instruction (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, etc.)Spring 2020 Grading changes? (i.e. pass/fail or other grading options established for this semester)Summer classes online?Graduation I = in-person
R = remote via Zoom, Skype, etc.
C = cancelled
P = postponed
Plans for reopening (please provide links to websites or document you can share). Quarantine for Books (Days)Anything else to share?
Albany Law SchoolAlbanyNYOnline classes for the remainer of the semester (starting March 23 - after an extended Spring Break) March 21, 2020 at 5:00 omAll working at home, Canvas, TWEN3
3/11/2020 11:35:10American University WashingtonDCAll classes will all be held online until the end of the semester. NoAs of 10 pm, March 16 we will physically close. We are having remote reference and will do our best with ILL services delivered digitally.No. will no longer be available, hours to be “shortened” 8-12, 1 hr close for clean, 1-5, 1 hour close for cleaning, 6-10.Zoom, and MediaSiteMandatory P/FYes
Remote via Zoom Planning to reopen in a hybrid model
Each library department is working on contingency plans to work from home.
Appalachian School of LawGrundyVACurrently still open at this timeYesinformation as of 3/12/20 at 11:30am
3/11/2020 12:06:16Arizona StatePhoenixAZonline the rest of the semester and summerNoEverything is remoteNo - we are not allowed on campusAll traditional services are being offered remotely.
ZoomOptional P/FYesThere will be a remote graduation in May, with an in-person graduation schedued for AugustThe University has announced that we will reopen in the Fall. I don't know yet what that will look like
3/15/2020 14:18:48Ave Maria School of LawNaplesFLclasses online only indefinitely all in-person classes on campus will be suspended beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. Online classes will commence Wednesday, March 18, 2020. There will be no class on Monday, March 16, 2020 and Tuesday March 17, 2020 in order to prepare for the online class instruction. These two classes will be made-up on Holy Thursday (April 9, 2020) and Easter Monday (April 13, 2020). The staff will work with the faculty and students in order to make the transition to online classes as seamless as possible.YesContinuity support, trainings, troubleshooting, adjusting and improving systems. Research & Reference, Teaching online and training the trainers., Canvas, Blackboard, TWEN, Microsoft Teams, GSuite,, etcOptional P/FYesPJeremiah’s 17:14
3/11/2020 20:19:23Belmont UniversityNashvilleTNExtended Spring Break by one week and online classes until April are open with no evening and weekend hoursBlackboard Collaborate and Panopto
Berkeley LawBerkeleyCAInstruction, office hours, etc., moved to online as of Mar. 10 (with 2-day "grace period" for transition), through April 7. Campus closed is physically closed. Virtual services only.No. All staff are remoteReference, research and document delivery - if electronic. No physical materials. No ILLCredit/No Credit
3/18/2020 16:19:14Boston College Law SchoolNewtonMASchool closed on March 12 2020; online classes to begin March 19, 2020 reduced hours to "summer hours" upon closing announcement; as of March 17, 2020, the law library is closed and we are staffing the law library and IT services both remotely and an occasional onsite skeleton staff. NoNo, we were required to create a continuing work plan that was submitted to HR for approval. All traditional services are being offered remotely, via Zoom, virtual chat, phone, etc. We are also scanning more for course reserve. Conference, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. Mandatory Pass/Fail
Postponed until fall
Please check out our Instagram account bclawlibrary
3/12/2020 13:40:52Boston UniversityBostonMAAll classes to be delivered remotely from March 16-April 13, decision to be made by April 1 about the rest of the semester. All events between that time cancelled, and will not be rescheduled. All University-sponsored travel suspended. are still determining what hours we will be open, but it is likely they will be reduced. No support, reference services and research support (primarily via LibAnswers and LibChat), continuing to teach our own classes via Zoom, providing electronic access to course reserves, holds and retrievals, electronic resource troubleshooting and systems support, faculty purchasing with a strong preference for electronic materials, ILL borrowing and non-returnable lending, still determining what support will be necessary for journals. Zoom, Blackboard
3/12/2020 8:47:23Brooklyn Law SchoolBrooklynNYClasses to resume after Spring Break (Mar. 16-20) online through the end of the semester on March 20.Library closed. Providing online reference service M-F 9-5.NoNo detailed policyLibrary is closed, so no circulation or ILL of physical materials.
Hybrid for 1L class; online only for all others. Normal calendar.
3/12/2020 11:05:01Buffalo School of LawBuffaloNYonline classes through the end of the semesternot open to public (but law student only floors open 24/7 with printer/scanner access, study aids library, and lots of seating)only essential staff (i.e. IT and AV)Business as usual for now., Zoom, PanoptoRbuilding is open. all employees can work from home. some staff are on-site (IT, AV, facilities)
BYU LawProvoUTOnline classes until the end of the semesterYes, to law students and employees only.Reduced hours. Subject to change depending on student staff availablity.NoOnline reference, remote research instruction and research support, some ILL and document delivery.Zoom Pass/FailYesR
3/11/2020 19:24:20California WesternSan DiegoCAOnline only classes through end of Spring Trimesters Cwsl.eduYesNot yetYesFull service, adding Zoom reference. Zoom, panopto, canvas 4
3/12/2020 10:50:08Capital University Law SchoolColumbusOHClasses cancelled Week of March 9
Spring Break Week of March 16
Online classes through the end of the semester. staff available via email M-F 9am - 6pm, Sat. 9am-noon.NoLibrarians are working remotely. No policy document.All services being offeredNot yetEcho 360 and ZoomPass/FailYesP
3/19/20Cardozo School of LawNYNYClasses online until at least April 20th. Considering holding all exams as take home exams. Considering "virtual" graduation (June 3rd). Also considering postponing start of May class.Library closed as of Sunday, March 15th at 2pmLibrary staff are not reporting. Some essential staff are coming in periodically. This will be revisited in April.Remote work is approved as long as departments can create a plan.Virtual reference, scholarly and faculty services, teaching and instructional support (via Zoom), e-resources (old and new). Additional LibGuides are being created to collect instructions for Zoom, student research paper support, and services to students.In progress.Panopto and Zoom ( Stay safe and sane! We are working on ways to help staff focus and create things to help the library and law school. We are celebrating small victories and having daily meetings in small groups.
Catholic University of AmericaWashingtonDCOnline through the end of the Spring semesterPatrons by appointment only.Staff is available online 10 a.m. -6 p.m., M-F. By appt outside of those hours.Yes, but liberal WFH policy Reference, Computer and Class technology. not offer 24/7, recommend at least some period of closure for cleaning. Closing group study rooms.Officially: Google Meet, Panopto, TWEN. Many using Zoom.
Chapman UniversityOrangeCA All classes online as of 3/12/20 for remainder of semesterClosed as of 3/19/20NoFacuty services, research assistance via email & phoneZoom, CanvasNo
3/11/2020 12:20:09Charleston School of LawCharlestonSCclasses restart online Mar18 online reassessing April 1 reavaluting April 1 for now only teaching librarians have the option to got to the library and teach from their office.noNo- departments are deciding how to handleremote instruction, email reference7:30-10:00pm M-F Closed Saturday Sunday 12-10 yyHybrid Yzoom, twen,Pass/Fail or grade - Students choice all or nothingYes - Maymester and Summer SessionR on the day; I October Open 8/17
3 days until sanitizer arrives
Purchased book sanitizer it is stuck in customs
Chicago-Kent College of LawChicagoILSpring break 3/16-3/20. Classes online for duration of semester. library is closed. Offering services remotely. No. No. Created work-from-home plans for individual staff. Univeristy following IL governor's executive order to stay home. Reference/research requests via email. ILL closed down. Building engineers pull books from library for faculty requests and then shipped. Library Resources During Covid-19Law school using Panopto and Zoom Pass/Fail or grade - Students choice all or nothingYes.R on the day Planning for onsite instruction for most classes; on a task force to determine reopening policies. Library developing plans for diffferent scenarios for future.
Cleveland-MarshallClevelandOHRemote classes through remainder of Spring semester services available 7 days for regular spring library hours.nonoAnything we can provide remotely, Panopto, Zoom
3/15/2020 18:28:02ColumbiaNew YorkNYClasses online for the remainder of the semester. reference service during the evenings.YesZoom
3/13/2020 11:17:01ConcordiaBoiseIDClasses online beginning March 16 thru April 9. Law School will be closed. Faculty and Staff encouraged to work remotely. Students may be granted limited access on an as-need basis.No virtual reference/email/zoom; extended checkouts, Blackboard, Zoom
3/21CornellIthacaNYLast in-person instructional day was 13 March. One week instructional pause began 16 March. Online-only classes begin March 23. (Cornell Tech began online-only 16 March. Student access to building ended 5 pm 18 March. Until we hear otherwise, faculty may teach from office, classroom, or home. Circulation services closed 5 pm March 15. Law student ID card access to the space ended 5 pm March 18. Building and library closed to people outside Cornell Law School community 5 pm March 13. Apart from essential services and services essential to instruction that cannot be done remotely, 100% work from home per NY State EO 202.8 and CU admin statement: Remote reference consultation March 15 onward; email or Zoom, with 24 hour response window.No. Unit supervisors use judgment, but staff are strongly encouraged to work remotely. Staff work priority week of March 16 is making course reserves digitally available. circulation at present; we're working with CUL system to arrange diistance loans. ILL lending and borrowing continue for now. Reference and research consultation services remote only (email, Zoom, Zoom by appointment). LibGuides prep continues, guides for remote learning and teaching resources in particular at the moment.Law Library Services FAQsNot going back to 24/7. Hours will mirror law school hours. Study room policy to be determined, student need for online classes a main factor.

ZoomS/U grading this semester: Faculty Zoom training March 11; twelve follow-ups in March 16, March 23 weeks. Two new guides available: Remote Pedagogy for Law Faculty is at and Online Study Aids and Casebooks Cornell Law COVID-19 FAQ page is at Progression of Cornell U statements is here:
3/11/2020 12:22:18CUNY School of Law New YorkNYRemote as of March 19. Spring Break March 23 - 29. Told to prepare for remote learning for rest of semester reference serviceNo one in Library. Only essential staff (public safety / physical plant) moving online. Limited ILL, if electronic. planning for appointment/reservation only accessLimited basis. Likely will have students request material ahead of time. Have always been on first come/first serve basis Public Safety is arranging signage for use for all floors Waiting to hear from Central Office. Need to wait to see what Governor says. Orientation will be online. Zoom, SLACK, for those of us who use it. Pass / Fail for semester and for summer as well. Yes. Building is "open," but only essential staff.
DePaul UniversityChicago ILAll classes moved on line as of 3/16 were open 3/16 & 17; but closed as 3/18 through 3/29On 3/16-17, we closed to the public and reduced hours, but had little to no student traffic. Closed entirely as of 3/18. No reference, faculty support, instruction, working on itDidn’t have 24/7 in law building, some in other buildings during exams. Not expecting to need for fall. Will be closing earlier @ 9:30 for cleaners. Trying to develop study room policy.D2lL, Zoom, Panopto
Drake UniversityDes MoinesIAMoving to remote classes spring and summer Library is closed and staff are working remotely.NoNot yet necessary.No change7:00am to 11:00pm M-F, 7-8 weekends. Staff hours TBD.Blackboard Collaborate
Drexel UniversityPhiladelphiaPALaw classes online as of Monday, March 23rd; Undergrad classes as of Monday, March 30. Classes online through the end of the Spring quarter (June) library is open limited hours with limited staffing through Friday for undergrad finals. Law library is closed.We've moved online.No. Almost all staff campus-wide are working from home.; scholarship and instructional support
Blackboard Collaborate for most; Zoom for Trial Advocacy and oral argumentsOptional Pass/Fail after grades are given. Students must choose either all pass/fail or all grades. Details are being ironed out re: full year classes and clinics/experiential classes.
3/21/20Duke LawDurhamNCOnline classes until the end of the semesterNo but faculty/staff have 24/7 card swipe accessNoYes, see and research support returning to 24/7, hours to be determined.Zoom and PanoptoMandatory Credit/No Credit except 1L LARW
3/11/2020 11:21:09Elon UniversityGreensboroNCGuilford County in NC issued a stay at home order on 3/25 effective 3/27 at 5:00 pm. All law school personnel are working remotely. Building is locked until Stay at Home order is lifted. All classed through at least 4/29 are remote. All classes will be offered online through end of trimester 6/15
NoYes. Building closed per Stay at Home Order. Staff supporting online instruction and virtual reference through Chat.NoBeing revised.Library staff is assisting with online courses as tech support during sychronous WebEx courses. Reference via Chat., Camtasia and KalturaNo changes to Winter Trimester grades. Spring trimester begins 3/30 no changes have been approved. Courses are under the same grading as origin. Residencies p/F other courses graded. We are not bound by main university policies on grades. YesStudent attendance at the school is low. Approximately 50% of 2L are in offsite residency placements for the Spring trimester. No 3Ls since they graduated in December.
3/18/2020 4:57:32Emory UniversityAtlantaGAExtend spring break to two weeks; classes resume online through the end of the semester; students told not to return to campus (but the vast majority of our students do not live in campus housing).NoAll remote services, no staff in the buildingNoReference, instruction, faculty services, remote course reserve support, all online. No ILL, scanning, printing, or other services involving our physical collection
ZoomPass / Fail for all spring semester classes.Remote, but planning something in person when circumstances
3/11/2020 10:41:54Florida InternationalMiamiFLClasses online through end of Spring semester; all libraries are closed, operating remotely and research support remotely; ILL eletronic; continually updating online sources and FAQ, CanvasCollege of Law students will be able to select an alternative grade of “No Credit Earned” for failed courses or “Pass” for others, after posting; grading curve relaxed, e.g. foundation courses, min % at C- or lower changed to 0%, for upper div min % for grades >B eliminated.YesMay the odds be ever in your favor.
3/11/2020 11:09:43Florida State University TallahasseeFLClasses online through end of June is closed and most staff working remotely. NoAlmost all services currently available remotely., Canvas Mandatory pass/fail
3/11/2020 11:30:55Fordham UniversityNew YorkNYClasses online hours, minimal staffNoYesMinimal service short of complete service interruption. Remote reference and liaison.
Zoom, Blackbord CollaborateMandatory pass/failYesRTaskforce to study reopening options formed. First meeting 4/24
3/11/2020 15:28:15George MasonArlingtonVAClasses online through the end of the school year is closed through the end of the school yearNo that we can via phone, email, Webex and in person Circulation (primarily); faculty may use Skype or other platforms if they preferYesP
3/11/2020 12:24:39George Washington UniversityWashingtonDCAll classes being taught through Kaltura Capture or Google Meet through remainder of semester reference service; providing scans to studentssomeAs of this moment, all services Capture + Google Meet
3/11/2020 15:01:08Georgetown UniveristyWashingtonDCClasses online until further notice (We're rotating telework, so the answer to the previous question is really "It depends". Site for telework is not accurate for all departments)All core services will be provided, though we'll provide notice that these could change at any time. (teaching); Panopto (class recordings)Mandatory Pass/Faill (as of 4/3), which is a change from optional pass/fail.PFrom 3/16-3/23, the library building is open on Mondays and Thursdays but unstaffed onsite. Staffing desks virtually through Zoom 8a-8p M-F, noon-6 Sa-Su.; The library building closes on Tuesday, March 24.
Georgia State UniversityAtlantaGASpring Break + one week break (two weeks total) of no classes; online classes until end of semester starting March 30 are providing virtual services.Library Closed: Virtual Reference Service via Chat, email, phone M-Th: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm; F: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm; Sat-Sun:1:00 - 6:00 pm NoYes, they can work remotely. All information is at virtual reference, faculty support, instruction, Guide being updated frequently at
M-Th 8:30am-10pm; Fri 8:30am-6pm; Sat & Sun 10am-6pm (we have an evening program)
NThey will be locked and not usedHybrid across the school - more focus placed on 1L classes being F2F or partially F2F. Some classes all F2F, some classes hybrid with some online and fewer F2F meetings, some classes entirely online. Same schedule as normal. Starting Orientation 8/10 and classes start 8/17. We have no classes the week of Thanksgiving and then are supposed to come back for 1 more day of Monday classes and makeup classes. Based on what I've heard from other directors I have suggested that we only hold post-Thanksgiving classes online. That is being considered.Same as normal.iCollege, Kaltura, Panopto, WebEx, faculty can use other things as desiredYes. Mandatory mean of 3.7-3.9. No grade lower than C- without permission of Assoc. DeanYesPNot open to students until Orientation starts, reduced hours, taping off chairs, closed study rooms, virtual reference, law students only (exceptions will be by appointment), plexiglass barriers at desks, moving 2nd circulation station to be more distant from the other.
GonzagaSpokaneWAAll classes online until end of semester. Same with main university. Library closed until further notice.
No, we are providing virtual services. We were on Spring Break March 9-13, that was extended through the week of March 16-20 to get everything together for online classes. Library was kept open until March 24 when governor of Washington issued a shelter-in-place order. Reduced hours for the time we were open. Staff now ordered home and working from home.No. Not since March 24.Yes, they can work remotedly. Not for public consumption yet.Virtual reference, faculty support, instruction.
Zoom, Blackboard, TWEN, Kaltura, faculty can use other things as desiredThis is currently being discussed. Nothing has been approved as of March 27.This too shall pass.
3/11/2020 12:31:48HarvardCambridgeMAremote classes to remote serviceas of 3/24 shelter in place order in effect in MASee all reference services via chat, email and zoom; delivery of digital resources to faculty; acadrmic course support . remote only, no access to on-campus buildings at all.Nonoonline onlynonezoomcr/f (spring 2020 only)n/aR/P
3/16/2020 12:47:50Hastings San FranciscoCACampus closure through at least May 6 are offering virtual Reference Desk services via email, chat, and Microsoft Teams Teams
Hofstra Law SchoolHempsteadNYAs of March 10 all Law School classes are being taught remotely via Zoom until the end of the semester. The Law School (including the library) is closed to all. open hours . No.No.Zoom reference, email support for faculty including electronic document delivery, where possible, ILL for electronic deliverables. Will order print and scan on very limited basis.
7/13/2020 at 1:28pm
HowardWashingtonDCQuick pivot from fully operational to full physical shutdown in the last 24 hours. All services that can be maintained remotely will be. A handful of essential staff can return to campus as needed but any contact with others is strongly discouraged. Deep cleaning is underway during our spring break (3/14-3/22).

Email from Provost:

"For the safety of our community, and to reduce the potential risk of the transmission or spread of COVID-19, we must significantly de-densify, meaning, decrease the number of people on campus over the next several weeks.
In a previous communication, we announced the transition to online and remote instruction following spring break from March 23, 2020 at least through April 6, 2020. Given the local, national and international developments that have occurred since that communication, we must anticipate that online and remote instruction will need to continue for the duration of the academic semester, and we should plan accordingly." is physically closed for the remainder of the semester. We are closed/offline during spring break (3/14-3/23). Reference and research services will be available remotely beginning Monday, March 23. Our hours will likely be 9-5pm, though we may expand depending on demand.NoNoAll public facing services will remain operational in a remote capacity (e.g., teaching, reference, research). We're manging requests for print materials on an ad hoc basis.The university has a strict messaging conformity requirement. We have added a banner/link to our website that links to the univeristy website with relevant information. Changes in access and hours will be updated on our website as needed.M-F 9-5pmNoClosed - considering an exception for bar takersAll instruction is online/virtual beginning August 17. Classes end November 24 and all exams will be administered remotely. Students will not be permitted to return to campus after Thanksgiving break.
IT oversees printing for the law school. Students will submit print jobs and IT will coordinate the retrieval of print jobs on an ad hoc basis.Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, TWEN, Skype, BlackboardAlmost all spring 2020 courses will be mandatory C/NC. Yearlong courses had the option to propose alternative models. All yearlong courses elected to retain C/NC for both the fall and spring -- except for yearlong clinics/externships (as of 3:48PM 4/6/20)Yes. We are mandatory C/NC for the spring 2020, but will return to standard grading in the summer.R/P -- they're still working out the details, but a remote celebration will take place and an opportuity to gather in person later potentially tied to an event that also has a substantial turnout (e.g., Homecoming)Our Dean has elected for all law school instruction to take place online for Fall 2020. The campus will be open on a restricted basis. (The entire campus is relying on the LibCal/Seats system to manage capacity and use.)5This snapshot is current as of 8/13/20 at 3:12PM

DC and MD have both declared all public schools closed for the next two weeks.
3/11/2020 15:04:52Indiana University - MauerBloomingtonINSpring break extended a second week, then online classes only for the rest of the semester Law Library is reducing our hours to 10-3, Monday-Friday, and closed on weekends during this period, to support the idea of "social distancing" and discourage students from congregating on campus.NoThe University is trying to be as flexible as possible about working remotely for staff. All staff were asked to make plans about what they could do from home, and we assessed whether anything they could not do from home would be deemed 'essential' work, such that they'd have to come in. Our HR website has a coronavirus FAQ that covers this working remotely policy. reduced hours, we can still do some circulation and ILL. Librarians are available to do guest lectures via Zoom, create content for Canvas sites, custom LibGuides, as well as regular reference service via email or appointments over ZoomOur brief LibGuide: The University's remote teaching guidelines: Zoom, Kaltura, and Canvas
3/11/2020 13:57:49Indiana University - McKinneyIndianapolisINClasses online only through semester end, Campus is not closed. until further notice. We have purchased pre-paid envelopes we can mail to out of state students to return library materials. No core services to continue other than circulation and ILLMon - Thu 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-6pm, Sat Closed, Sun 1pm-5pmHybridZoomyesRCampus plans to reopen with some combination of in person classes and online
3/16/2020 17:02:54Lewis & Clark Law SchoolPortlandORAll courses delivered remotely through end of spring semester.Open to students, faculty, staff only, beginning Aug. 17Faculty/staff/student access only until 3/20, then closed to all. ILL lending ended 3/16, all ILL services end 3/20.NoReference now 'virtual' only with expanded hours (chat, Zoom appointments, email, phone); all ILL ends 3/20; access and services constantly being reconsidered; staff have mastered Slack. 7am-10pm, F 8am-8pm, Sa 10am-7pm, Su 10am-10pmYY (1 person per)HybridContinue as beforeZoom, Panopto, Google HangoutsDefault grade of Credit/No Credit (with certain exceptions for externships, etc.), student option to elect to receive a letter grade no later than 24-hours after taking an exam or turning in a final paper.June yes, July TBDP
Campus plans to reopen with some combination of in person classes and online
4 days (none for reserve)Reference staff remaining working from home; technical services will have limited on-campus time
3/19Lincoln Memorial UniversityHarrogateTNOnline classes through the end Spring semesternoVirtual reference: We are using Mosio with text messaging to our librarianswork from home but can come invirtual reference, teachingBB CollaborateNo grading changeAll classes online for the summer
3/11/2020 21:46:36Louisiana StateBaton RougeLAClasses canceled for the week of 3/16-3/20. Classes will be online beginning on 3/23. closed indefinitely as of 5:00pm on Monday, March 16.No services via email, electronic doc delivery, online research instruction, online teaching support. had 24/7. Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 8:00pm

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am to 6:00pm
TBDSome online, some in person; no change to datesPrinting will continue to be available in the library, which is the only location in the law school for student printing. Signs and other markings will be used to indicate that only one student at a time may pick up printouts. Students waiting in line will need to be on the other side of a counter located in front of the printers.Zoom and PanoptoMandatory pass/failAll classes online for the summerPNot yet available
3/11/2020 23:06:56Loyola Law - MarymountLos AngelesCAonline through March 31st (at least) until further notice. No core services
3/11/2020 15:25:45Loyola University - NOLANew OrleansLAclasses online for the remainder of the Spring semester reduced hours, now entire campus closedNono policyAssisting faculty going online, continuing reference servicesprimarily Zoom, some are using Blackboard CollaborateStudents may opt for grading or P/FP4
3/12/2020 11:13:07Marquette UniversityMilwaukeeWIIn-person classes are suspended the week of March 16, with instruction continuing and shifting to full remote learning beginning March 23. (Online through end of semester.) closed, with remote services available during reduced hours.NoStaff are working remotely, with research and reference services available ("normal" hours for reference services).Microsoft Teams, TWEN, D2LPass/No Pass with an Honors designation availableYesP
3/11/2020 10:33:05Mercer UniversityMaconGACurrently still opened Will be via email/websiteYesNothing at this timeYesNot at this timeCurrently operating as normal; offer remote access to databases and chat/email for referenceReturned to 24/7 when reopened in May. Provides hand sanitizers, masks, wipes, limit of 125.Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory - Fall return to regular grading
Michigan StateEast LansingMIMSU is suspending face-to-face instruction in lectures, seminars and classroom settings and moving coursework to virtual instruction. This suspension of in-person classes will last through the end of the semester. are closed by executive order. No, staff are encouraged to work from home. Reference services; research and document delivery for faculty; scanning materials for faculty; law college ILL is suspended, but we are providing materials for ILL through main library; online electronic resources. The librarians are teaching Advanced Legal Reserch online this summer and planning to offer it online in the fall. We also plan to transition our 1L research module to an online format. Not yet. Zoom, D2L, TWEN; CALICredit/no credit, students have time after grade is posted to opt for credit/no credit.Yes - all classes will be online. P
3/19/2020 7:23:47MississippiJacksonMSclasses online remainder of semesterNoYes, most staff working remotelyNoTeaching research remotely through Zoom; Director is considered essential at this point so I am providing some reference services when resources are needed from the libraryZoom
3/12/2020 15:58:01Mitchell HamlineSt PaulMNOn spring break through 3/13; classes cancelled 3/16 & 17; online only 3/18 through rest of Spring semester (mid May) any more - we closed Fri 3/27 @ 9 pm, remaining closed through the end of the semesterOne tech services staff member coming in 2-3 times per week to get mail, water plants and process essential items such as invoices. Other staff coming in occasionally to get materials for reference or needded for working remotely.No; can come to campus for essential activitiesNo formal policy - managers are implementing by departmentAll services are being offered. Prepared to offer more Zoom reference than we have in the past., Zoom, PanoptoBy faculty vote, optional pass/fail after grade. Students will have the option to convert any or all of their spring semester 2020 grades to a ‘pass,’ as long as they earn at least a C- in the course, and can make the conversion after they see their final grade for the course.As of 4/6/2020, MHSL's current plan is to hold some classes on campus but will convert to an entirely remote format if needed.Current as of 4/24/20
New England LawBostonMAClasses online from 3/18 through end of semester. Classes canceled on 3/11.Online through the end of exams.No. We closed 3/18 @ 6:00pm. Doing reference remotely via chat and email.Our hours are the same in terms of service but we are all working remotely.No. Staff can come to campus if necessary, but it is not encouraged.There is not a remote policy. It is handled individually by department heads.We are still doing answering reference questions, providing some research instruction as requested, supporting TWEN, managing electronic resources, helping faculty with distance learning, and some limited interlibrary loan, .This information is posted on the intranet so not a public facing site.Zoom, TWEN, MediasitePass/fail by faculty vote.
3/18/2020 16:08:54New York Law SchoolNew YorkNYOnline classes for the rest of the semester reference service only Mon-Thur 12:00 - 8:00; Fri- Sun: 12:00 -6:00NoNo formal law school policy. But, we are required to work from home. Library staff check email and converse MWF 11:00-1:00, More as necessary by dept.; Wed. staff meeting zoom: 2:15. Remote reference, Zoom workshops and assistanceLibrary homepage: Zoom, Teams
New York Law SchoolNew YorkNYSpring break to 3/16. Classes online 3/16 to 4/5 YesReduced hours. Sun-Thur 12- 8 Fri-Sat 12-6. Reduced, rotating staff coverage. Remote reference. Open to NYLS community members. Staff rotating --working from home at other times. Remote reference.
3/16/2020 12:50:17North Carolina Central DurhamNCOnline classes for foreseeable future reference service only.No access for most services right now T. Th. F.: 8-9:30 , W: 8 - 8; F: 8-8 S&Sun. 10-6 by appointment TBDSingle Student by reservation Online Printers moved for social distancingZoom, TWENBoth Summer Sessions Online
2020-07-13Northern Illinois UniversityDeKalbILCurrently talking with University Administration about moving courses to online-only, but no final decision has been made yet about closure(s). Update: closed as of 3/14. All classes are online for the remainder of the term. - closed as of 3/14.No - we are in spring break, so we're on reduced schedule (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). We anticipate some announcement of altered schedule by the end of the day on Friday when spring break ends. N/A - as of 3/14, everyone is working remotely.No - discouraged from coming to campus and buildings are all locked up at NIU., virtual reference, circulation, virtual student and faculty research assistance, online course development assistance, and e-reserves Mon-Thurs. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. - to align with cleaning staff and classes.Study rooms will not be open for Fall 2020.Hybrid (=mostly 1L classes in-person during even and odd weeks to stagger sections.Printers will be moved outside the law library into a central location (if students need them) and will be socially-distanced.Blackboard Collaborate, Vidgrid, Kaltura, and ZoomBy faculty vote, credit/no-credit for this term. Academic probation/standing issues will be addressed after the fall 2020 term.No--thanks so much for aggregating the library closure data for us!
3/12/2020 6:57:57Northern Kentucky UniversityHighland HeightsKYRemote classes beginning March 23 (Spring Break extended 1 week)Remote classes through the summer session.Closing at 5pm Wed. 3/25; no 24/7 Access afterNo, but they have work they can do at home w/TWEN, Canvas, remote accesss to online materialsYes
Hybrid - @40% of classes face-to-face. Not all classes are in our building.
As usualZoomCredit/Non-Credit for this semester. Academic standing issues postponed for this semester. Decision still to be made about a small number of students who are taking courses for a second time this semester.Yes. Regular grades will be given.December, in person; Zoom 5/8/20. Planning other activities.Reopening August 3. No on campus classes after Thanksgiving. Exams online.
3/12/2020 7:41:32Northwestern ChicagoILRomote teaching effective immediately, through end of semester in mid-April. Likely followed by remote exams. Library will be closed as of noon on Thursday 3/19 and will remain closed for the foreseeable future.No. All staff will be working from home as of 3/20 for the foreseeable future.All staff are working remotely. Law library, law school, university library, and university HR are developing training and other tasks that staff can work on from home.Reference and research requests via e-mail, phone and chat. Online instruction support. ILL is suspended, including scan and deliver. to be determined, likely to be less than 24/7.Canvas, Zoom, PanoptoCredit/No-creditPlanning remote event in May. Additional in-person event to be determined, possibly during Alumni weekend in the fall.Still evolving
3/13/2020 8:43:38NSU-FloridaFort LauderdaleFLAll classes suspended effective Thursday, 19 March, at 11:59 until Monday, 23 March. On Monday, 23 March, all classes in the University will go online. This class delivery change does NOT apply to clinical rotations and research. on March 20.Reduced hours until March 20, operating 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday, closed Saturdays and Sunday.Not after March 20 faculty with distance teaching. Teaching librarians delivery their courses remotely. Setting up remote exams for faculty on TWEN and Canvas.Zoom, Go to Meeting.By faculty vote: Grades between A and B- reported, C+ to D- = Pass, F = Fail.YesPostponed to December, in person
3/16/2020 9:38:42Oklahoma City UniversityOklahoma CityOKOnline classes until the end of the spring semester are allowed in the building only by appointment and then only through 3/20. From 3/21 - 4/3 no students are allowed in the building and students may not meet on or off campus with faculty or staff. NoYes - remote working allowed with supervisor and dean approval are planning to open in the fall for in-person classes but we are planning for various scenarios
Pace UniveristyWhite PlainsNYClasses moved online as of March 11 and will remain so for the rest of the spring semester have closed the library entirely. We have moved operations online and are offering virtual reference services. Originally yes, but not as of 3/19noWe will maintain email and chat reference. We are offering to set-up zoom reference appoitments with students who request one. We will also answer questions through the circulation email. All fines will be waived this semester. The plan is to also offer some scanning services once a week when someone goes in to check mail and pay invoices. as the spring before we closed. However, our 24 hour spaces may be reduced due to the need for cleaning.Yes if necessary, but with quarantine of materialsLimit to 2 people at a time.Hybrid. Classes are either online only or hyflex, which has in person classes plus students attending online through zoom at the same time.Still available. Printers are being moved apart from each other to ensure social distancing.Zoom, panopto, kalturaStudents will be offered the option of whether to take a letter grade or pass/fail for each class. Elections will need to be made before taking the exam. Professors will grade all exams as if they are all taking letter grades, meaning the curve still applies. The registrar will make the adjustments.YespWe are opening on Saturday August 22, which is the first day of any classes.3Information as of 8/17/2020
Pacific McGeorgeSacramento CAAll classes on line as of 3/23Library is closed and staff working remotely.Library is closed.Staff expected to work remotely. Only defined "essential services" staff permitted on campus.Reference, instructional support to facultyZoom mostlyRegular letter grades with C/NC an option for students for each course after they see their letter grades.Yes.P - remote ceremony was soundly rejected by students in an online survey.
Penn State Dickinson LawState CollegePAAll Penn State classes and exams will be delivered remotely through the end of the Spring semester. Graduation ceremonies are postponed. Law Library is closed to entire public and law school community, except for essential personnel. No access permitted for faculty, staff, students or visitors.We will have one library staff member onsite M-F 8:00-4:30 to open mail and process materials. Our Access Services manager will be onsite a few days a week to process and deliver ILL materials. No in person services will be available. No staff, except for essential personnel who have been designated to come to campus and work their normal shifts.Instruction via Zoom, virtual reference, eliminated "curbside" ILL/materials pickup - will now mail materials urgently needed, eReserves, eTextbook support. Student Guide to Remote Learning and Faculty Guide to Remote Teaching credit/no credit for all Spring 2020 grades. Faculty may still designate CALI award winners.
Pepperdine UniversityMalibu CAOnline classes through the end of the semester reference and public services available 8:00-5:00, Monday-Friday. Closed weekends.NoYes - staff are working remotely.Remote reference service via phone and email. Electronic course reserves. Technology services via phone and email.
ZoomMandatory Pass/Fail for spring 2020.YesPPlanning to open in the fall for in-person classes, but planning for various scenarios. Awaiting further guidance from county health and state guidelines.
3/18/2020 9:25:03Quinnipiac University North HavenCTClasses will remain online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. staff will continue to provide services to students and faculty. Virtual services will be provided Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. NoYes, staff is permitted to work remotely.Reference and research services; Circulation of e-books for required course text books, scan /email of reserve materials not available electronically; ILL for book chapters and journal articles.Remote Services - COVID 19 -, Zoom, Techsmith, and Office 365Mandatory Pass/Fail for spring 2020.YesP
3/11/2020 17:20:51Roger Williams University BristolRISpring Break extended through March 22. Classes resume online starting March 23 is closed and will remain closed as long as students remain off campus.We have a skeleton crew most days, with at least 1 librarian every day.The remote work policy that only permitted salaried staff to work from home has been suspended. IT put together a resource guide on remote work.Research and reference service via phone, chat, email; Recorded research instruction for 1Ls, others via web conference. (Faculty); (Students)Synchronous classes using Big Blue Button (via our LMS) and Zoom; Panopto for recordings; other tools available in our Sakai LMSMandatory Pass/Fail for spring 2020.Yes. Summer semester begins May 18 R (mini ceremony) & P (full commencement)More to come as plans develop.
3/11/2020 13:06:51Rutgers LawCamden & NewarkNJclasses online only for 3 weeks of 3/20, it was announced that all university libraries must close. No staff are allowed in except to pick up mail on occasion, etc. All print circulation and ILL suspended indefinitely.No.Yes. No policy link just yet.Remote reference using WebEx, e-mail.
WebEx, Big Blue Button, Canvas, Recording and screencasting software.We are debating this now.
3/11/2020 11:00:21Saint Louis UniversitySt. LouisMOAll classes and exams online through end of semester are no in-person service hours. Faculty, staff, and students can access the physical space and print materials as long as the University remains open via card swipe access. No public services are available.NoOnly essential, emergency personnel (as determined by each unit's leadership) are allowed to report to work in person. All library faculty and staff are working remotely. Remote reference, research instruction, and liaison services are available via email, phone, and Zoom. Zoom and PanoptoMandatory Pass/No Pass for all classes. D and above counts for Pass.P with eventual format TBD
3/11/2020 15:13:43Santa Clara UniversitySanta ClaraCAOnline classes only from March 16 to April 13, 2020, but this will probably be extended to the end of the semester. NoThe library is currently closed until April 7, 2020. We have remote reference; library staff are home due to a Shelter In Place Order imposed by the Santa Clara County Health Department.NoThe university HR department drafted a special work from home agreement for this situation: reference is the only service being offered while we are closed. One librarian is teaching a law technology class online.The campus uses Zoom. Faculty also have the option to record classes (either from the classroom or from home) and make them available to their students.
3/11/2020 10:41:51Seattle University SeattleWAClasses Online until May 1. are closed. Remote work implemented.NoStaff are required to work offered remotely; physical ILL of books suspended
7am-midnight M-Sun; staffed 8amto 6:30pm M-Satprefer online; print via hold system; reserve stacks closedlimit 1 per roomOpen 8/24 to 11/25; Hyflex modelSelf-serve with physical distancing; students expected to wipe down areasZoomPass/Fail mandatory spring; graded for summerall summer classes onlinein person; postponed to fallPlanning for in person for some classes and remote for others; and for the possibility that we may have to go all online if there is another outbreak
Seton HallNewarkNJRemote classes through remainder of Spring semester services are operating remotely.NoNothing publicly available all services currently available remotely Blackboard Collaborate Ultra; ZoomFaculty has voted for a mandatory pass/D/F system. information as of 3/30/2020
3/11/2020 17:35:18South Texas College - HoustonHoustonTXOnline classes only starting on March 12th through the end of the semester. Online exams for a distance No. For 4 hours twice a week, we have access to the library. We are printing materials for students and faculty. They can pick them up at curb-side. NoWe are all working remotely. There is no policy. We are all be paid normally regardless of the the type or amount of work that can be done. normal services, but added ability to use zoom for reference questions. We are offering remote printing with curb-side pick up for a couple of hours twice a week until the end of exam far: M-Friday, 8a.m.–10p.m.
& Weekends 10a.m.–6p.m.
Yesopen to be reserved for entire dayHybrid for first year courses. Onle whole section will be online. A handful of 2L and 3L classes will also be hybrid.Student printer are avaialbe with warnings and sanatizing wipes next to them.Zoomcredit/no credit. There are exeptions for upper level classes that were 2/3 complete by March 12th.Still planning. We will likely to have in person with a remote optionR and in-person with no reception in October
3/17/2020 15:27:50Southern Methodist University DallasTXClasses online but scheduled to resume on campus on April 6., as of March 17, the university is moving a reduced operating plan with essential staff only reporting to campus. To the outside, the library is closed.Essential staff only, reference assistance, limited ILL approved mandatory Credit/No credit grading on March 27.
Yes, but will be graded.
PSee also:
3/18/2020Southwestern Law SchoolLos AngelesCAOnline Classes through April 10, so farClosing March 20Reduced hours this week, closing March 20Remote reference and as much document delivery as we can manage.Zoommeeting March 20Yes, regular gradingP
St. John's UniversityQueensNYEffective Tuesday, March 10th, face-to-face instruction is suspended. All classes will be offered via WebEx or recorded lecture through the end of the semester. Employees are all working remotely unless they are "essential." The library is physically closed and all services are virtual. We do not have any information about reopening the building. of Friday, March 13th, the library will offer virtual services during reduced hours. M-F 9-5, S&S 10-6.nonoreduced, but as yet unspecifiedpriority use for individual students who are physically in the building but need to attend synchronous distance classes. About 1/3 of our classes and will be remote based on the current plan.Our 1L students have 4 classes in the first semester. 2 large section classes will be in-person co-located in 3 separate rooms in the building (like a live event with two overflow rooms). Faculty will teach live in a different room each time on a rotating basis so all students have some in-person class time. 1 large section class will be fully online, and legal writing will be about 90% online. For upper level classes, 2/3 of the classes will be offered in person in large rooms for social distancing. The other 1/3 will be offered fully online.WebExcredit/no creditundecidedP
St. Mary's UniversitySan AntonioTXAll classes moved on line as of 3/16lawlib.stmarytx.eduWe are open with reduced hoursMonday to Friday, 8-5yes, unless given permission to work from homeStaff has to fill out a tele-work form to be approved by VP.Reference, mail service, pick-up M-F 8-8; closed weekendYclosedhybridstudents allowed to printZoom and CanvasYesP
3/20/2020 14:47:22St. Thomas University Miami GardensFLClasses and services onlineNoLibrary closedNoZoom and Canvas
3/11/2020 14:42:00Stanford Law SchoolStanfordCAClasses online until further notice until further notice NoStaff are working remotely or being paid to stay home. Remote reference & Canvas/online teaching support, & anything else that can be done remotely. We have a skeleton team on-site.
TBDTBDNoTBDTBDWe're using Zoom and Panopto, via Canvas All Winter quarter exams changed to MP; Spring classes will all be graded MP/R/FSLS does not offer summer coursesPThanks for putting this together!
3/12/2020 6:37:35StetsonGulfportFLSpring break next week, then classes online until the end of the semester have closed to the public, otherwise open to the Stetson community with swipe card accessYesBlackboard Collaborate, TWEN, WebEx, Microsoft TeamsThe situation is being evaluated regularly and I'll update as I can
3/11/2020 13:54:43Suffolk University BostonMAOnline classes starting 3-18 (after an extended spring break) through the end of the semester. closed as of 3/19/2020. Virtual/remote services onlyNoRemote allowed; no policy.reference, research for faculty, Zoom training/assistance for facultyZoom, PanoptoOptional pass/fail Yes (at least Summer I)P
Syracuse University SyracuseNYAll Syracuse classes and exams will be online through the end of the semester. No decision about graduation No students permitted in the law school building. Essential personnel only admitted to building. We have a skeleton staff onsite to take in mail, to process our dwindling number of ILL requests, and to fulfill requests from the print collection. Staff working mostly remotely with rotation of staff to on-site duties. Reference; scholarship and instructional support via email, phone, or Zoom.
6 to midnightstudy rooms by assignment only.Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Syracuse University announced on March 24 that summer classes through June 26 will be online. That encompasses the College of Law's single summer session.
3/11/2020 10:38:24Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaPAOnline through remainder of semester library closed beginning 3/20. Virtual services offered M-R 8-6, F 8-5Yes, virtual services M-FNoReference through email or a Zoom Meeting. closed. Email me if you need something
3/11/2020 15:19:47Texas A&M Fort WorthTXClasses are cancelled for March 16-17. Beginning March 18, classes will move to all online through the end of the semester. to students, faculty, alums, for self-study only. No in-person services. Remote services available.Library is open for self-study during regular hours. No in-person services. Remote services offered durin regular hours.No. Everyone is working remotely.Reference services are offered entirely remotely by email or via Zoom. Collaborate, Zoom, Google ClassroomMandatory pass/failYesP
3/19Texas Southern UniversityHoustonTXOnline classes through the end of Spring semesterRestricted use, student and faculty only Reduced hours 9-5, M-F until Libraians are working a rotating shift . Option to work from homeRemote reference and facuty services, research assistance via email, phone, virtual reference. TWEN, Canvas
3/11/2020 14:22:02Texas TechLubbockTXSpring break starting Monday, March 16. Classes cancelled during week of March 23. Classes going online starting March 30 for the rest of the semester (ending April 30). in-person services. All remote work. Providing remote reference and circulation. Yes. 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday for remote reference and circulation. Circulation will continue on the weekend. Remote staff. Building on keycard access only. No Not checking out print materials. Relying on email/phone/virtual interactions and electronic resources. Mail going to once-per-week delivery with one staff coming in once-per-week to deliver. Law Library has taken over Blackboard support for students and faculty. and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra/Zoom/Skype for BusinessElect credit/no credit after seeing final grades.Yes. One session from June 2-July8.R on May 23 / I was P until later dateUniversity announced fall in-person classes leaving individual units to come up with logistics. Law School task force is tenatively discussing bringing 1Ls to building for face-to-face instruction while social distancing and other building safety protocols. Trying to comply with ABA Standard 306. Upper level classes will be online with a "remote in residence" that asks students to have housing secured for a delayed face-to-face start if and when it is safe to do so. Training faculty on online course creation beyond "emergency online teaching." Currently considering ways to have 3Ls return print materials and carrel keys. All other students will have checkout period extended until they return.
3/11/2020 20:11:57The Ohio State UniversityColumbusOHOnline classes (except for clinics and externships) for the rest of the semster; university remains open but in a state of emergency We are now closed to everyone (as of 3/18) NoYesReference and research remotely.
Zoom, MediasiteS/U for all classes, faculty have the option to give CALI award(s); message to students University WideR- University P-College5
The University of TexasAustinTXSpring break extended for one week (now 3/16 to 3/27). The university is essentially closed, although staff and faculty can access their offices. We are all working remotely. anticipate being open very limited hours the week of March 23 to allow students and faculty to find needed print resources, scan/photocopy, and check out books. Studying in the library will not be allowed. Hours likely will be Wed-Fri, 1-4 p.m., with 2-3 staff members on-site.noThe existing telework policy has essentially been waived. Individual desktop computers may be taken home with reference, online faculty liaison services, document delivery (if electronic), student technology support; circulation, reference, tech desk phones are monitored; Canvasall classes are pass/fail for spring 2020yes. we are offering an enahnced set of classes over the summer. University has announced all summer classes will be graded.R/P
3/11/2020 15:33:14Thomas JeffersonSan DiegoCASpring Break 3/16-3/20; classes online for at least two weeks beginning 3/23. to the public and students. Student assistants allowed in one at a time to work on specific library projects.YesNoReference; requested course reservesZoomNo change yet.
3/19Touro LawCentral IslipNYOnline classes thru Passover so farnoVirtual reference 9-6:30 M-T; 9-2:30 Fridays, and 12-5 on Sundayall working at homevirtual reference, teachingZoomBe well. Stay safe.
Tulane University New OrleansLAClasses canceled March 16-20. Classes online beginning March 23 until end of semester.'s libraries closed 5:00 p.m. March 16, and will remain closed until further notice. Staff working remotely.In development by University.Services offered remotely. Pass/Pass/Fail instituted for Spring semester 2020.YesP
UC DavisDavisCAUniversity has not yet made any changes. at this timeYesNot yetZoom, Canvas
3/12/2020 8:36:02UCIIrvineCATransitioning to remote courses this week, fully remote next week for the rest of the semesternothe library closed 3/18.YesUntil there is a campus closure, it is business as usual. If we close, we will work on remote reference and will try to maintain all services possible (we won’t be able to deliver physical materials, etc.)Will not have 24/7, hours TBDZoom is the main resourcecredit/no credit
3/11/2020 10:31:38UCLALos AngelesCAClasses online through June beginning March 20Remote reference services, increasing digital reservesNot if telecommuting arragements have been madeRemote reference (Zoom), Zoom teaching, digital reservesAiming for 7 am to 10 pm, M-F.Only for individual use for accessing remote classes.HybridZoomMandatory credit/no credit but with a set of exceptions.Yes, for campusRStill discussing the various models. There will be at least some remote option for all students.
University of AkronAkronOHClasses are cancelled until March 30th at which time classes will go online. All student events are canceled through May 17th. There is no return date to live classes that has been announced. are closed.NoYes, all staff and faculty are working remotelyAll services currently available, Panopto, D2LFaculty are currently discussing moving to pass/fail or a hybrid model where students choose which grading system to keep
3/19/2020 13:40University of AlabamaTuscaloosaALExtended Spring Break (3/16-3/30), remote classes through remainder of the semester, campus libraries closed. Minimal/limited staff in buidling at one time to the public on 3/16. Closed to everyone on 3/18 at 5pmNo, critial staff only (only securutiy personnel have this designation in the law school)ForthcomingVirtual/remote reference starting on 3/23. Evaluating ILL/doc delivery and scan on demand options
3/12/2020 14:57:35University of AR - Little RockLittle RockARall classes moved online until further notice, no out of state travel through April 30, all on-campus events canceled through April 30. For now, offices remain open. Effective 3/19/2020, access is limited to the first floor. Facilities is enacting hospital-grade cleaning in areas still being used. Offices still open, library still open to public. and YesNot yet, but I am urging my dean to restrict access to our students, faculty, and staff.NoWe are encouraging those who can to work remotely, but have no formal policy.For everyone -- Reference via phone or email; for law school constituents, remote access to most databases. So far, we are still circulating materials.Zoom, Echo360, Blackboard