List of Female Speakers [PUBLIC - PLEASE ADD YOUR INFO!] from FB post on 5.9.2016: Future of media, future of work, neuroscience of mindfulness + happiness, biotech, robotics, electric cars/ connected cars, VR, and human augmentation (and other related topics...)
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TopicsJob TitleCompanyWebsite
JessicaAboHow to be a Changemaker, Affluence is Not a Requirement for Influence, Social Entrpreneurship, How my TV Career Helped me Become a CEOTV Journalist, CEO, Empowerment StrategistJessica Abo
NahidAlamInternet-of-Things, Wireless Technologies, Hardware Startups, Experience of an Asian tech founder, Founder/Head of Engineering
MaritzaAlarconTransforming happiness to happiest!Creator,
EmilyAnhaltADHD & Success Without the Use of Medication, Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Vulnerability's Role in the Workplace, Managing Stress and Prioritizing Self-Care, How to Deal with Difficult People, Team Bonding & Trust BuildingPsychoanalytic Psychotherapist
MarieApplegateIntersection of Public Spaces (Real Estate), Public Engagement, Big Art + Culture; Interactive Public Art Installations + Experiences as the Vehicle for a more Compassionate CultureCurator, ArtistStanford CCARE + San Francisco Civic Center Commons Initiative
HayleyArdFuture of work, connected cars, wearables, human augmentation, future consumer insightsHead of Consumer LifestyleStylus
BieAwehWhy I decided to rock my natural hair in my professional headshot,navigating the tech as a Black womanFounder, creatorUC Berkeley
AnnBadilloBeyond Storytelling, Why Narrative Matters. Narrative Generation; Why narrative is your most strategic asset over the next 5 years. Assembling Complexity through ecosystem building and narrative. Future of work--practices and methodsCo-founder, the Narrative project, Strategist & AdvisorStanford GSB
Sarena BahadBuilding communities, The power of having a beginner's mindset, Hackathons, Coding Schools / Non-traditional entry-ways into the technology space, Diversity in Tech, Engineering EmpathyPartnerships ManagerDev Bootcamp
Adelyn ZhouMarketing and Growth; Leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & bots; writer for Forbes and VentureBeat. Formerly Amazon, Eventbrite, NextdoorCMOTOPBOTS
MariyaYaoBackground in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) from technical and design perspectivesHead of Research & DesignTOPBOTS
BristolBaughanUpdating the human operating system, experiencing work as play, authentic fulfillment - separating self-worth from workAuthor & Executive Coach (Oscar-Nom, Emmy Winning Filmmaker)Inner Astronauts
WhitneyBeltránMythology, psychology and play, the link between active imagination and self understanding. Diversity and inclusion in tech and gaming. Representation of minority stories in media, and why it's so important. Game design. Tech industry, customer success. Narrative design and writng for video games, analogue, features, and other transmedia
NicoleBergGender diversity, The Future of Leadership - Leadership for AllCEO & FounderCharis
AlisonBermanTopic: How technology can evolve to solve the world's biggest problems, and how famous stories give us a lesson in how to encourage this. Topic: The Future of Work: Shifts in the work force and the false dream of the "gig economy"Staff Writer & Multidisciplinary Thinker, Singularity UniversitySingularity University
Monika BielskyteAR/VR, future of media, world buildingcreative director, strategistAFE MEDIA
KatharineBierceTechnology and social good, corporate social responsibility, how to get started with your marketing - taking it from zero to sixtyEmail Marketing ManagerPentaho
MiaBirdsongThe future of family: Family structure/the evolution of family
Race, gender, and ecomomic injustice
"The story we tell about poverty isn't true" TED talk:
America’s way forward: Black women leading, shine theory, and love
Action into being: Be a better ally
Bravery and generosity: Crossing borders and creating community
Co-DirectorFamily Story
AveryBlank- Leadership and Women's Leadership
- Strategy and Positioning
- Millennials
- Policy and Politics
- Advocacy
- Thought Leadership (including Influence and Exposure)
- Career and Professional Development
- Opportunity Identification
- Impact and Innovation
- Management and Company Boards
Impact StrategistAvery Blank Consulting
Julia Bossmann * You're needed for the post-work world can be involved in creating a positive future
* What the rise of AI means for work and society
* Why the future will be different from what we imagine
* Artificial Intelligence for scientific breakthrough
* The heavy startup: bringing hard technology into the world
* Future of society & civilization
* Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
Upcoming talk "What's in store for us" at TEDx:
President Foresight Institute
NerushkaBowanEmerging Technology Law Topics including: - A.I.: the robots are coming; - Breaking down blockchain; - Hackers gonna hack; - Every business is a digital business. LegalTech topics including: - The Future of LawEmerging Technology Law Specialist | LegalTech
NicholBradfordTransformative Technologies are science-based hardware and software that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience.
Transformative Technology seeks to improve the quality of our lives by moving beyond productivity, entertainment, and communication. Its using technology to sustain us, to help us access and develop our mental and emotional wellbeing so that we can experience our best-selves day-to-day.
Entrepreneur (Willow Group), Exec Director & Co-Founder, Transformative Techology Lab @ Sofia University
HeatherBradleyOvercoming adversity + Being the best that you can be + Listen to you, not themInternational Speaker, author & Coach/Mentor Oniontalks
LorettaBradyPsychologist, Professor, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Coach,Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Social Class, Poverty, and intersectional communities. Fulbright fellow, TEDx Speaker, McNair fellow, Columnist, Consultant, and non-profit board member. Small City tech booms, family business transition, Human development and media and technology impacts. Survivor, advocate, mother of five and wife of start-up veteran. "And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.
Rainer Maria Rilke, 1903"
President; ProfessorBDS Insight
AnahiBrownHolistic Nourishment for Mothers and its key role in changing and healing our world, one momma and one child at a time.Holistic Wellness Coach, Nourishment Advisor, Joy Seeker - Wellness NinjaWellness By Anahi
Snow WhiteBuiWhat I learned from collecting life lessons from thousands of ordinary individuals.
StacieCanandrug discovery process, chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, tackling global health and neglected diseases, academic-industry partnerships, international relations in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, big pharma working on low profit diseases like malaria, improving public perception of big pharmaexecutive director at Celgene (Global Health division)Celgene
NicoleCardozaWomen of color in tech, people of color in tech, education equality, health equity, yoga in schools, yoga, millennial, women in tech, women entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs, female founders of color,Founder, CEOYoga Foster
KarenCatlinWomen in tech, public speakingAdvocate and coach for women in tech, former VP at AdobeKaren Catlin Consulting
MyleaCharvat*Humans: The Ultimate Touch Technology. How the human brain has evolved over millions of years to require interaction with other humans - what happens in our brain when we touch a person versus when we touch a device. *The Future of work: Why true human like AI is further away than many think- where we are understnding the most complext aspects of the brain such as the language instinct and how far we really are from true artificial human like intelligence given our miniscule understanding of the object of inspiration: the human brain. *The Promise and Perils of the digital health revolution - how do we maintain gold standards for care and incresae access and wellness through technology? Neuroscientist, CEO & Founder at SavonixSavonix
EllenChisaProduct Management, Learning, STEM/STEAM education, Product/ArtVP ProductLola
BregmanChloëAuthentic Leadership, Design for ROI and Velocity, Optimizing for Values not just metrics, Agile Design, The Essence of the Modern Brand, Integrity, Women in Technology, Compassion in Action, Dharma in the Workplace, Mentorship, Growth Mindset, Designing Creative Teams, Holistic Adaptice Marketing
Creative Juggernaut Dancing in Infinity - Leadership // Design // Product Management // Marketing
Becky CurranBullying, Diversity & Inclusion, Disability In Media, Disability Advocacy, Networking
International Motivational Speaker & Advocate for Inclusion on a Global Scale
Becky Motivates
The Convers(at)ion Method® - Going from online stranger to brand's best friend, Finding the balance between online & offline marketing, UX and online relationships, Building an online reputationFounder & Online Convers(at)ion StrategistRoom 1188
CarlaDiana- Making Meaningful Design with the Internet of Things
- How Our Robots Will Charm Us (And Why We Want Them To)
- Tangible Storytelling Through 3D Printing and Communities
- The Rise of the Design Lab: Hacking and Making in a Professional Environment
Designer, maker, educatorUpenn, Smart Design Innovation Lab
ReneeDiRestaSocial networks + conspiracy theorists, Future of logistics & supply chain, Hardware startups, Data-driven grassroots public policy activism + momsFounder/Director of MarketingHaven
HilaryDoePower of networks, organizing. Nonprofit leadership. Social entrepreneurship. VP of Strategy,
DaraDotz3D printing for Human Centered Design (from disaster relief to outerspace) Industrial Designer & Humanitarian
JessEkstromThe Future of Work: Making a Living and Making a Difference. It's always been a choice (do good or make money) but it shouldn't have to be. "For-purpose" businesses are on the rise and have incorporated social good into a profitable business model. However, there's also controversy regarding businesses (like mine) that profit from social issues. But the reality is that companies can do more good by incorporating a social component into a business model rather than asking for donations.CEO at Headabands of HopeHeadbands of Hope
A full overview of the future of medicine and the convergence of exponential technology: Robotics, AI, sensors, 3D printing, drones, tissue engineering, etc. I also talk on patient empowerment and am a best selling author - "The Patient as CEO". Also, I was President of the Innovation for Jobs conference under Vint Cerf, and can talk to the Future of WorkProfessional Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur - 12 start ups, 3 as a founderINVICTA Medical, Arc Fusion, Organ Preservation Alliance
SarahFathallahHuman centered design, service design, design for social impactSenior Design StrategistSAP
Kira FedererThe Future of the Gender Pay Gap + Negotiation Skills to Overcome ItNegotiation Coach, Product Marketing Manager Glassdoor
JennyFeinbergFuture of work, Social entrepreneurship, Finding and building creative community, Work culture, Community organizing, Overcoming creative blocks, Finding your voice/developing a Body of Work, Women and ambition, Women and leadership, Confidence questions/challenges, Preventing burnout, Pursuing (and sustaining) side projects/hustles, The root of creative discoveries/innovation, Empowering your employees, Building engaging offsite experiences, Creativity seminars, workshops, and exercises, Political strategy overview (tech elements, grassroots field organizing, public speaking, fundraising), Vulnerability in the workplace (appropriate opportunities versus oversharing), Spirituality in the workplace, Mind:Body relationship, Coworking
Natalie Foster Future of Work, Sharing Economy, Universal Basic Income, Portable Benefits, Social Movements and TechnologyFellow, Institute for the Future Instiute for the Future, The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative
AviFoxWoman led business, Ethical Fashion, Social Entrepreneurship, Self-Empowerment, Photograhy, Crowdfunding, Made-In-USAFounder & CEO of Wild MantleWild
Shirley GiraldoSocial justice; Diversity and Inclusion; Coaching; Educational Coaching; College Access; Career planning; Health & well-being
Society Changer and Leadership Advisor to Graduate Students at UC Berkeley
CristalGlangchaiEntrepreneurship education for kids, Girls in STEM/EntrepreneurshipCEO/Founder (previously an engineer)VentureLab
MichelleGlauserUnderrepresented groups in the software industry, diversity and inclusion, #ILookLikeAnEngineer, non-traditional pathways to software engineering, bias and micro-aggressions, women in tech, mentoring junior developers, tech educationSoftware Engineer (Python) and FounderTechtonica
AlexGlowEEG hacking, DIY electronics, robotics, wearable tech, music/audio electronics, and all of those thrown together. The maker movement. Hardware startups and engineering their relationship to the public. Tech artist residencies.Hardware
MeganGoeringPrototype Thinking, Future of Work, Managing Innovation (in orgs big or small). Also managing and deploying creativity in business, reengaging yourself in your team / company / role / commitments as a leader, defining metrics that matter, strategic operations: how to build or regear your operation to meet a deeper goal or need, intensifying purpose/value of your business as you grow, designing for sustainability (including new regs), recentering bureaucratic/big business process (or government!) around humans & human centered design, addressing complex problems or wicked problems in business / through innovation, planning cycles in business & how those can become wildly fun and meaningful instead of boring and dry, nonviolent communication in business & partnerships, emotionally attuned leadership, cultivating & managing great relationships in companies or among teams, compassionate management, employee / team engagementGamechanger
Sunny GrossoCulture as a Competitive Advantage , The Story of CEO Tony Hsieh and Zappos , Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture , Living with Passion and Purpose , Happiness as a Business Model , Science of Happiness Applied to Work

Coaching and Culture ChiefDelivering Happiness
BethanyHalbreichWireing yourself for creative/innovative thinking, Creative process in art and other fields, Jungian theory on the creative process, The future of the mind
Founder, Paint the World
Entrepreneur in Residence, TED
Innovation Consultant, PepsiCo
LaneHalleyDesign founders, Startup validation, Design thinking, Sketching, Storyboarding, Running teams, Team organization, Balanced TeamFounderBrooklyn Copper Cookware
MindaHartsCareer Development, Wage Gap/Equal Pay, Salary Negotiation, Career Transitioning, Networking, Entrepreneurship, Diveristy and InclusionFounderThe Memo LLC
CourtneyHemphillAlgorithms for animations, Startup validation, Business development, Cross-functional teams, Healthy work environmentsPartner, Tech LeadCarbon Five
Evonne (Evo)HeyningParticipation, Engagement, Social Media, Challenge Design, Social Action Games, Cross-Sector Collaboration, Future of Learning, Interactivity and Immersion, Global Partnerships for Media, Social Impact Campaign Design, Blockchain Applications in Action, Designing Communities, VR + AR + Live = Mixed Reality, Producing Live Events with Virtual Experiences, Interactive & Immersive Art Curation, LoveMaps, Cultivating Insight and Inspiration, Participatory Program Design (Crowdsourcing for Creativity), Future of Innovation Culture & Future of PlayProducer, Advisor, Angel,,,
Rania HoteitFuture of Robotics and 3D Printing Co-founder and CEOID4A Technologies
Tina HuiMedia, Future of Work, Mindfulness, Monetization of Media, Health, Social Impact, Tech, VRCEO & FounderFollow The Coin
Leah HunterTopic: The Intersection of Humans and Technology - emerging tech, how data is shaping culture, new ways of storytelling-AR, VR etc.)

Talks: How To See (And Create) The Future. Fashion and Tech. Feminism 4.0. I've been playing deeply in IoT, machine learning, and hardware - I still dig them. AND I am shifting. I'm enjoying art and tech more lately.
Writer, Artist, Speaker, Connector, Creator--startups/projectsMe
HeraHussainSocial innovation, open data, open source, open management, fighting corruption with data, women's rights, humanitarian crisesFounderCHAYN
KoImPassion & purpose, Love, Writing, Lifestyle, Reviews, Collaboration, MindfulnessContent EditorCBS Interactive
SarahJonesfuture of media; news; impact of social media on geopolitics and news; under reported news; remembering fallen journalists (; geopolitics; ethical fashion;
RebeccaJonesIntraprenership and enteprise mindset and development Managing Director Red Shoe Biz Academy
MonicaKangcreativity, mindfulness, curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurs, creative businessFounder & CEOInnovatorsBox
Kim KaupeEntrepreneurship, Business, Start-ups, How to land your dream internship/job, How to prep for/leverage PR, How to relate to millenials in the
Meghan Kellybehavior change; social marketing; effective ways to encourage environmentally responsible behaviors
Kate Klaire Mindfulness, Nueroscience, Education Student Life Coordinator/Conference Speaker Theberkeleyschool
Alanna Krause
Priya KuberFuture of Fashion Retail, Mindfulness, hardware hackingFounderMetrices
AmélieLamontDesign / User Experience / Design Anthropology / Product Design / Product / Inclusion (and diversity) in tech / Women of color in tech / People of color in tech / Black women in tech / Building safe spaces and communities for people of color / Accessibility in tech and design (a11y) / Starting out or new in tech or design / Visual design / Interaction designProduct Designer / Co-FounderI work for The New York Times but run a company focused on inclusion in STEAM called Good for PoC
EricaLeeAR, VR, sensors and robotics for consumer applications in education and health/weallnessCEO/FounderAstrX
ChristineLeeRediscovering lost things, the construction of personal and community identity, reconstructing and rememebring ancient lives.Bioarchaeologist, professor, writerCalifornia State University, Los Angeles
LisaLewisBalancing work and life, creating your career vision, career pathing, making career pivots, self-care, nonviolent communicationFounder, CEO and Lead CoachSo Much More: Career Strategy and Coaching
Jenn LimCulture as a Competitive Advantage , The Story of CEO Tony Hsieh and Zappos , Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture , Living with Passion and Purpose , Happiness as a Business Model , Science of Happiness Applied to Work

CEO, Co-FounderDelivering Happiness
Megan LipsettThe Science of Mindset (Neuroscience + Mindfulness), Integrative Health, Sustainable Health, Conscious EntrereneurshipProfessor // Founder at COPIA Health // Integrative Health and Wellness Educator
California Institute of Integral Studies // COPIA Health
YingzhaoLiuInternational design director, Linkedin
JohannaLogreiraCreActivity: How our life and wellbeing can improve if we use a lot of creativity every day. How if we are conscious of being creative, our life can transform problems into goals, learn in the process and reach a very disruptive solution. My speech gives people tools to begin a creative life style so they can change and evolve things around; and like this create new ideas that can make the difference. Also is a fun speech, which is good for the brain and mental health,as they share a strong relation. Creativity can change the way you assume your life and can strength your mind to avoid future mental illnesses. I suffer a long and deep depression, and creativity change it all.Industrial Designer and creativity speaker. Passionate about creativity and innovation.Independent at CreActividad
MaribelLopezMobility, cloud, tech analysisFounder and principal analystLopez Research
FogelsonMackenzieOrganizations and purpose, Purpose-driven strategy, Growth, Competitive advantage, Customer experience, Community, Conversion, Authenticity, PurposeCEO/FounderGenuinely
Amanda MakulecData visualization for social good, data use, applying design thinking to training and capacity buildingVisual Analytics AdvisorJohn Snow Inc.
ChristineMasonNon-Violence, Conscious Work, Conscious Life3x Venture Backed CEO, AdvisorNow Labs
VanessaMasonThe intersection of digital health/health tech with public health; health disparities; diversity in tech and entrepreneurship; self care and wellness driven by tech, building health and wealth through entrepreneurship
Co-Founder and Managing Director. Speaker/Writer/Advisor/Coach/All Around Badass
KaylaMatheusBehavior change, social robotics, habit formation, hardware/IOTFounder, CEO of www.moti.ioOwn Startup
Erin MazurskyMovement-building, supporting activists around the world, nonviolent social movements -- how they succeed and fail, proven strategies for successful movements, community organizing, digital campaigning, international development, human rights, intersection of technology and activism, authoritarianism & closing civic space around the world, social entrepreneurship, fighting the non-profit industrial complex, decentralized leadership networks and models, Founder & Executive
AlexandraMcArthur In addition to being named a White House Champion of Change in 2015, Alex is a trusted member of the neuromuscular and disability community, often being asked to serve as a subject matter expert and speaker on employment, asset-building, volunteerism, disability inclusion, and leadership.
National Director, Young Adult and Community Engagement
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Women in clean tech across borders, building multi-national social enterprise movements, Tech for Equality; Role of imagination, Poetry of building personal and social change/ Life of beauty as a verb
Social Entrepreneur. Poet. Contemporary Folks Artist// Co-Founder & Chief Collaboration Officer - Solar Sister
Solar Sister
MariaMolfinoFuture of work: women in tech/design, feminism, millennials and creative confidencePodcast host ( and women's leadership coachMaria Molfino
Amanda MorkFuture of Health Technology and the IoT apocalypseFounder
Julia Mossbridge
RebekahMuellerProduct management, emerging technologies, entertainment, film, TV, IoT, mobile, app & platform ecosystemsSenior Director, Product Management
Audible, a division of Amazon
AlaaMurabitAlaa Murabit is a medical doctor, a UN High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment & Economic Growth, one of 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals Advocates, and a MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow. An Ashoka fellow, Alaa is the youngest recipient of the Marisa Bellisario International Humanitarian Award by the Italian Government, was named the “International Trust Women Hero 2014” by The New York Times, “One of 25 women under 25 to watch” by Newsweek, a “100 Top Woman” by the BBC and the SAFE Global Hero.
RosannaMyersRobotics, AI, Advanced Manufacturing, Old School Manufacturing, Developer PlatformsCEO & CofounderCarbon Robotics
MargueriteNyhanBig Data, Sensor Networks, the Future of CitiesScientist at Harvard University - Formerly at MIT Harvard University
MaryamPashaImposter Syndrome, Giving you ideas life, public speaking, cruationDirectorX Equals Productions
LucyPearsonThe effects of teechnology on human connection, love, doing business with love, how compaines are striving to be more authentic in their connection with consumers despite improved tech/ automisation, how technology is changing the way we interact with ourselves and others, the benefits of getting unplugged.Start up founder, life loverMyself!
AlainaPercival The Future of Tech & Work: Women leadersCEO & Board Chair
Christine Peterson The promise of nanotechnology Co-Founder Foresight Institute
Ada PinkstonUsing collaborative art and technology as a tool for dialog, social transformation, and community healingEducator, Mixed Media Artist, Performance Art Curator, and OrganizerCooper