List of Women Speakers [PUBLIC - PLEASE ADD YOUR INFO!] from FB post on 5.9.2016: Future of science/tech/work
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TopicsJob TitleCompanyWebsiteEmail
AartiManwani- Building Tech companies and Products
'- Digital Healthcare products
'- Women in Technology
'- Building Marketplaces
'- Women in Stem
'- Product Management
'- Building and managing offshore teams
' - AI driven products
'- Consumer focused Products
' - Build with empathy
Founder/ Head of Product Good Luck Ventures, Former E*TRADE Financial, Page,
AbiRamananSocial enterprise, sustainable food systems and food technology, women in technology, gender equality, hyperspectral imaging Entrepreneur / co founder
Amanda MakulecData visualization for social good, data use, applying design thinking to training and capacity buildingData Visualization LeadExcella;
CeciliaAragondata science, computer science, social media, mathematics, human centered data science; flying, aviation, overcoming fearProfessorUniversity of Washington
CaterinaRindiblockchain tech, bitcoin & cryptocurrencies, p2p, peer-to-peer economies, sharing, collaborative economy; SXSW 2016; TEDx 2017
Consultant, Educator, Public Speaker
Rindi Consulting
ChristieLindorCareer Success as a Woman/POC in Management Consulting,
Mentorship, Sponsorship, Diversity/Equity/Inclusiveness
Project/Program Management, Organizational Change mgmt, Org Culture
Career Reinvention, Personal, Professional, and Organizational - Disruption/Transformation Life Reinvention, Living your Best Life, Lifelong Learning
Being Authentic, Embracing Disruption, Taking Risks/Not staying comfortable
Management Consultant, Expert Mentor & Reinventionst, Podcast Host @ The MECE Muse Unplugged, Speaker, AuthorErnst & Young
From $15 to $2 million: How We Bootstrapped our Business; The Empowered Introvert: How Embracing Introversion Made Me a Better BusinesswomanOwnerBobo Strategy,
StephanieItimiWomen in tech, tech inclusion, disability inclusion, millennial, female founder, social entrepreneurship, personal branding, diversity & inclusionCyber Intelligence Analyst (Gov) | Founder (Uttr.) | Co-Founder (CodeStory) | Author (The Informal Sector and its Impact on Development)UK Government | Uttr. | CodeStory
EllenChisaDevelper Tools, Product Management, Learning, STEM/STEAM education, Product/ArtCo-founder/
HeatherWildeLeadership and Women's Leadership
Strategy and Positioning
Growth Hacking
Thought Leadership
Career and Professional Development
Impact and Innovation
Management and Company Boards
CTO, Founder, Angel Investor, Speaker, Coach
EmilyAnhalt- The Emotionally Fit Leader
- Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
- Empathetic Communication
- Conflict Management
- Managing Stress and Prioritizing Self-Care
- How to Deal with Difficult People
- Team Bonding & Trust Building
- ADHD & Success Without the Use of Medication
Psychologist and Emotional Fitness
MariekeChristmann- Women in Tech and VC (venture capital)
- Venture capital and growth investments
- Building tech companies
- Management and board composition for high growth tech business
- Female founders and entrepreneurs
- Scaling a business
- Growth management
- Women on the buyside
PrincipalOctopus Ventures
NelaDunatoThe Human-Centered Brand
Branding advice for corporations and startups doesn’t work for service-oriented businesses such as freelancers, agencies and artists. Human centered branding excels where corporate and personal branding both fall short: growing a relationship-focused business with an authentic brand that you not only put on during the working hours, but are able to live by 24/7.

Other topics: Design, branding, personal development, creative business, self-employment, healing power of creativity
Brand Designer & Digital StrategistNela Dunato Art & Design
Jenn LimCulture as a Competitive Advantage , The Story of CEO Tony Hsieh and Zappos , Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture , Living with Passion and Purpose , Happiness as a Business Model , Science of Happiness Applied to Work

CEO, Co-FounderDelivering Happiness
JamieLeeSelf-advocacy, Negotiation, Salary Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, LeadershipLeadership and negotiation coachJamie Lee,
Jen MillerCreating Your Company Voice, Local SEO - Developing Regional Branding, Orchestrating a Company Content Strategy, Blogging Trends for 2017, Fitting in the Pieces - Managing Full-Time Business with a Full-Time Family, You Wite Your Blog, Now What? PresidentNeed Someone To, LLC
JennyGottsteinPlay, Game Design for brains and bodies, Experience/Future DesignDirector Of Games & InnovationThe Go
KatiRyan• Sexual Harassement, Diversity & Inclusion
• Women in Business
• The Power of Positivity
• Kindness Movements to Shape Your Life
• Launching a Women's Forum
• Learning & Development Programs
• How to be a Strong Presenter
• New Hire Training Programs
• Make Learning Fun & Stick
Founder & CEOA Positive Adventure
KathyCopicData Science, Data Engineering, AI, Health Data, Digital Health, Data Product Management, DevOps, Changing Careers, Data Careers, Academic to Industry transition, Future of EducationVP GrowthInsight Data Science
KenyaMosesEntrepreneurship, Women in Wellness, Self-Care & Mindfulness, Single MothersFounder & CEOBe A Fit Mama,
AmyPeterson Find your purpose and rock it! Harness mindfulness meditation and flow to focus on the deeper why. Compassion. Generosity. Investing in nonprofits and social entrepreneurship. How to apply rapid prototyping and the arts to entreprepeurial ventures. Mental health in the workplace/community (lived experience for mental health and other conferences/seminars). Effortless flow. Mastery as taught by Robert Greene. Fearlessness.
Journalist/playwright/speaker/activist --Creator of Fierce Good Causes
Fierce Good Causes
LisaPertosoLeadership, communications, creativity, Improv mindset, future of work, collaboration, women’s leadership, women’s communication, storytelling, facilitation, learning design, dating, relationships, comedyFounder Follow the Fear, 100 First Dates,
Mayra CejaBlockchain, ICOs, Venture Capital, Equity Crowdfunding, Fundraising
Director of ICOs and Equity Investments
Indiegogo (ICOs/Equity)
Meagan CrawfordOuter space, "NewSpace", entrepreneurial space movement, venture capital, investing in space, women in finance, women in tech, women in aerospace, humanity's future off-earth, space mining, space colony development, international space policy, what's next for NASA, the SpaceX ecosystem, future of the space industry, etc. Managing PartnerStar Century Partners
MichelleKimDiversity and inclusion
Social justice
Youth empowerment and activism
LGBTQ issues
Bisexuality & Queerness
Career coaching for women of color
MonicaKangcreativity, mindfulness, curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurs, creative businessFounder &
PatriciaEcheverriadesign thinking x spiritual psychology, changing the world from the inside-out. how do we prepare ourselves for the new creative economy? mindfulness. positive psychology, battling the inner critic, overcoming inner blocks, the power of breath + movement for creative flow.
NisaAmoils Blockchain, crypto, venture capital, tech, diversity, entrepreneur, fundraising
Sally ThorntonFuture of Work (what will remain true & important on the human side, not forecasting technology), Science of Work / Life Blend, Design Thinking Applied to Making Work Better, Diversity & Inclusion- What WorksCEO &
SamanthaRadocchiaBlockchain, IoT, Additive Manufacturing - Blockchain for Supply Chain, Blockchain for Social
SayaIwasakiDapp Usablity, Blockchain inclusivity and accessibility, empowerment design, UI/
Sheila (Esi)KasasaTech Inclusion, Breaking Into African Entrepnurship Market, Accidental Entrepreneur, Youth Entrepnurship & Tech, Morning Routines, Mental Health & Entrepnurship, Inclusive Entrepnurship, Prototyping for
Kristen PowersMillennial activist, film maker, genetics, Southern politics, social/racial equity in businessAdvocacy CoordinatorSouthern Coalition for Social JusticeTEDxTalk
UchechiKaluTech Inclusion, Global UX. Bringing Our Whole Selves To Our Tech Work // See more topics here:
CEO, UX Designer, EntrepreneurLinking Arts Web Design & Development, LLC
VaneetaSandhuMillennial Women
Mental Health In the Workplace
Diversity and Inclusion
Cross-generational dynamics
Imposter Syndrome
Facilitator, EntrepreneurLifeLabs Learning and The Millennial AND
Crystal-MarieSealy"Pricing for Your Lifestyle" (Business/Entrepreneurship).
"Defy Obscurity so Clients Find You" (Social Media).
"The Disruption of Authenticity" (Motivational).
"Rethink Project Management" (Feasible Schedule).
Thread: Business for Your Lifestyle. Earn more. Work less. Serve better clients, better.
President, Founder, Speaker, MBA, Strategy & Social Media Consultant:
to premium service professionals and entrepreneurial executives
NathalieLussierDigital strategy in the online marketing space for online education, membership sites, and gamification. With a focus on list building, launching online courses, and women in tech.Founder &
MeganGoeringPrototype Thinking, Future of Work, Managing Innovation (in orgs big or small). Also managing and deploying creativity in business, reengaging yourself in your team / company / role / commitments as a leader, defining metrics that matter, strategic operations: how to build or regear your operation to meet a deeper goal or need, intensifying purpose/value of your business as you grow, designing for sustainability (including new regs), recentering bureaucratic/big business process (or government!) around humans & human centered design, addressing complex problems or wicked problems in business / through innovation, planning cycles in business & how those can become wildly fun and meaningful instead of boring and dry, nonviolent communication in business & partnerships, emotionally attuned leadership, cultivating & managing great relationships in companies or among teams, compassionate management, employee / team engagementGamechanger
Creating Gender Balance in Business []
20-first works with progressive global companies interested in gender balancing their leadership teams and optimising 100% of the talent pool and 100% of the market. She helps CEOs, Executive Committees and managers build ‘gender bilingual’ organisations. The firm’s renowned leadership debates and advisory services assist leaders in understanding and unlocking the opportunities that more gender balance can bring to their bottom line(s).
Monika BielskyteAR/VR, future of media, world buildingcreative director, strategistAFE MEDIA
ChristineVan Loo"How to Create a Larger Vision of Yourself" - Expand your sense of identity and transcend your limitations.
Experience more pleasure and success.
Increase your sense of what is possible.
Improve the quality of your relationships, health, finances, and every area of your life.
Fast track your personal and professional goals and dreams.
Rewrite your life scripts and fulfill your own greater purpose.​
Aerialist, Acrobat, Keynote SpeakerAirborne
TatyanaMamutProduct innovation
Cultures of Innovation
Culture Risk and the Culture Advantage
VP of ProductAmazon (previous Salesforce and IDEO)
EricaLeeAR, VR, sensors and robotics for consumer applications in education and health/weallnessCEO/FounderAstrX
RebekahMuellerProduct management, emerging technologies, entertainment, film, TV, IoT, mobile, app & platform ecosystems
Senior Director, Product Management
Audible, a division of
AveryBlank- Leadership and Women's Leadership
- Strategy and Positioning
- Millennials
- Policy and Politics
- Advocacy
- Thought Leadership (including Influence and Exposure)
- Career and Professional Development
- Opportunity Identification
- Impact and Innovation
- Management and Company Boards
Impact StrategistAvery Blank Consulting
AlinaTrigubenkoMindfulness, Nueroscience, Technology, Consciousness Hacking, International knowledge and practice of mindfulness,
Co-founder, chief mindfulness officer, speaker, author
LaylaTabatabaieChatbot Marketing; Law and Technology; Virtual Worlds Law; Video Game Law; How to get your first 100 users in a marketplace using $0; Do not quit your job and accept angel funds until you're post-revenue & other startup mistakes; Writing a compelling mobile-phone story.
Founder; AttorneyBarterSugar - more at laylatabatabaie.com
LorettaBradyPsychologist, Professor, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Coach,Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Social Class, Poverty, and intersectional communities. Fulbright fellow, TEDx Speaker, McNair fellow, Columnist, Consultant, and non-profit board member. Small City tech booms, family business transition, Human development and media and technology impacts. Survivor, advocate, mother of five and wife of start-up veteran. "And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.
Rainer Maria Rilke, 1903"
President; ProfessorBDS Insight
Becky CurranBullying, Diversity & Inclusion, Disability In Media, Disability Advocacy, Networking
International Motivational Speaker & Advocate for Inclusion on a Global Scale
Becky Motivates
AudreyChaingBlockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Tech, Finance, Founding Startups, Developers, Freelance
LaneHalleyDesign founders, Startup validation, Design thinking, Sketching, Storyboarding, Running teams, Team organization, Balanced TeamFounderBrooklyn Copper Cookware
Megan LipsettThe Science of Mindset (Neuroscience + Mindfulness), Integrative Health, Sustainable Health, Conscious EntrereneurshipProfessor // Founder at COPIA Health // Integrative Health and Wellness Educator
California Institute of Integral Studies // COPIA Health
ChristineLeeRediscovering lost things, the construction of personal and community identity, reconstructing and rememebring ancient lives.Bioarchaeologist, professor, writerCalifornia State University, Los Angeles
AlexaRomanDesign for early stage founders, Metrics strategy, User acquisition, Storytelling, Designing for ConversionProduct DesignerCarbon Five
CourtneyHemphillAlgorithms for animations, Microservices, Engineering leadership, Managing engineers, Business development, Cross-functional teams, Healthy work environmentsPartner, Tech LeadCarbon Five
RosannaMyersRobotics, AI, Advanced Manufacturing, Old School Manufacturing, Developer PlatformsCEO & CofounderCarbon Robotics
KoImPassion & purpose, Love, Writing, Lifestyle, Reviews, Collaboration, MindfulnessContent EditorCBS Interactive
StacieCanandrug discovery process, chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, tackling global health and neglected diseases, academic-industry partnerships, international relations in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, big pharma working on low profit diseases like malaria, improving public perception of big pharmaexecutive director at Celgene (Global Health division)Celgene
Jennifer Turliuk- Raising kids as innovators
- MakerKids
- Future of careers
- Concepts relating to Singularity University
CEO of MakerKids; Graduate of Global Studies Program at Singularity University (based at NASA)CEO of MakerKids
NicoleBergGender diversity, The Future of Leadership - Leadership for AllCEO & FounderCharis
HeraHussainSocial innovation, open data, open source, open management, fighting corruption with data, women's rights, humanitarian crisesFounderCHAYN
JaneMahatdejkulDual career, work/life balance (or not so balance), how to build support structure for working mom, why I'm not so keen on STEM (although I have two engineering degrees), passion in sign language, I've been a Toastmasters for 10+ years. I had taught communications to 5th graders and to the people with disability. IT ProfessionalChevron
CiciWooStorytelling, storytelling in Virtual Reality, Imposter Syndrome, Creativity, Science of storytelling, Startup sustainability, Landscape of Failure, Mental health, Biotech, Innovation across disciplines Scientist/Storyteller/Startup Advisor and
BailyHancock"Growing Community with Collaboration" &
"Figuring Out What to do When You Want to do it All"
Collaboration Consultant & Career Experiment Founder
Collaboration Consulting & The Career Experiment
KateTalbotSocial Media/Millennial Marketing/Content Marketing/Instagram and SnapchatFounder and AuthorConsutling Agency (B2B, B2C startups/Venture firms) Author of Oh Snap! You Can Use Snapchat for Business
Ada PinkstonUsing collaborative art and technology as a tool for dialog, social transformation, and community healing, building and scaling products, Minimal Viable Products, Future of Heathtech, Fintech, Women and Finances, Fintech, Educator, Mixed Media Artist, Performance Art Curator, and OrganizerCooper
KelseyWongCulture as a Competitive Advantage ; Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture ; Happiness as a Business Model ; Science of Happiness Applied to Work; Pursuing Meaningful Work, Career Crafting, Creating Your Own Opportunities, Launching Coworking and Community Hubs, People & Culture Development Community and Culture Coach-sultantDelivering Happiness
Sunny GrossoCulture as a Competitive Advantage , The Story of CEO Tony Hsieh and Zappos , Starting, Scaling and Sustaining Culture , Living with Passion and Purpose , Happiness as a Business Model , Science of Happiness Applied to Work

Coaching and Culture ChiefDelivering Happiness
Sarena BahadBuilding communities, The power of having a beginner's mindset, Hackathons, Coding Schools / Non-traditional entry-ways into the technology space, Diversity in Tech, Engineering EmpathyPartnerships ManagerDev Bootcamp
DominiqueSimmonsArtificial Intelligene, Multisensory perception, diversity & inclusion, STEM, graduate school, life at a startup, women in tech, cognitive psychologyApplied Research ScientistDimensionalMechanics
TiffanyYuWomen in tech, tech inclusion, disability inclusion, millennial, female founder, social entrepreneurship, personal branding, diversity & inclusionFounderDiversability
AmberRae"Choosing Wonder over Worry" a.k.a. navigating fear and the inner critic as we bring our ideas to life; Creativity; The neuroscience of mindfulness/happiness; A curiosity-driven life; The art of livingArtist, Writer, Speaker. Creator of...Dose of Wonder
MiaBirdsongThe future of family: Family structure/the evolution of family
Race, gender, and ecomomic injustice
"The story we tell about poverty isn't true" TED talk:
America’s way forward: Black women leading, shine theory, and love
Action into being: Be a better ally
Bravery and generosity: Crossing borders and creating community
Co-DirectorFamily Story
SarahPotts AshtonElectric vehicles, sustainable citiesAssociate Director, Government AffairsFaraday Future
Product development, public speakingFounder of Femgineer, an education startup focused on helping tech professionals level-up in their careers, and tech entrepreneurs build products and companies. Formerly, founding engineer at Mint.comFemgineer
Tina HuiMedia, Future of Work, Mindfulness, Monetization of Media, Health, Social Impact, Tech, VRCEO & FounderFollow The Coin
Christine Peterson The promise of nanotechnology Co-Founder Foresight Institute
Julia Bossmann * You're needed for the post-work world can be involved in creating a positive future
* What the rise of AI means for work and society
* Why the future will be different from what we imagine
* Artificial Intelligence for scientific breakthrough
* The heavy startup: bringing hard technology into the world
* Future of society & civilization
* Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
Upcoming talk "What's in store for us" at TEDx:
President Foresight Institute
MaryBetsyDIY video training, how to build a brand on video, lessons from interviewing female foundersPartner at Forward Films + host of the #Sheleader show ( Films
Founder / Co-founder / Contributor at Enspiral
Future Farm Lab, #OurField, 225 Academy, Enspiral
NicoleSharpFluid dynamics, physics, aerospace engineering, science communication, women in STEM, STEM outreach, informal science education
Science communicator and aerospace engineer, Founder and Editor of FYFD
FogelsonMackenzieOrganizations and purpose, Purpose-driven strategy, Growth, Competitive advantage, Customer experience, Community, Conversion, Authenticity, PurposeCEO/FounderGenuinely
MaryShindlerWomen in Leadership + Social Change; Building Relationship Capital: The Power of Mentorship and Sponsorship; Clarify Your Purpose, Amplify Your Impact, and others Program Manager // Facilitator +
Kira FedererThe Future of the Gender Pay Gap + Negotiation Skills to Overcome It
Negotiation Coach, Product Marketing Manager
Nicole SilverEntrepreneurship, personal development, social impact, company culture, finding your passion, networking, leadership, nonprofits, envisioning your ideal future life, and woman executive tips and tricksFounder and Executive
AlexGlowEEG hacking, DIY electronics, robotics, wearable tech, music/audio electronics, and all of those thrown together. The maker movement. Hardware startups and engineering their relationship to the public. Tech artist residencies.Hardware
MargueriteNyhanBig Data, Sensor Networks, the Future of Cities
Scientist at Harvard University - Formerly at MIT
Harvard University
ReneeDiRestaSocial networks + conspiracy theorists, Future of logistics & supply chain, Hardware startups, Data-driven grassroots public policy activism + momsFounder/Director of MarketingHaven
JessEkstromThe Future of Work: Making a Living and Making a Difference. It's always been a choice (do good or make money) but it shouldn't have to be. "For-purpose" businesses are on the rise and have incorporated social good into a profitable business model. However, there's also controversy regarding businesses (like mine) that profit from social issues. But the reality is that companies can do more good by incorporating a social component into a business model rather than asking for donations.CEO at Headabands of HopeHeadbands of Hope
KellyKeefeM.O.V.E : Moving Obstacles Very Easily - The Movement of Movement ; Spirituality, Personal Development, and Mindfulness Leader working with individuals to tune in and improve their energy fields, developing a meditation and/or spirituality practice, and empowering them to create the life they dream of that is theirs for the taking
Speaker, Reiki Healer, Coach, & Writer
StephanieUsryFuture of work
Founder and Behavior Change Program ManagerHereNow LLC
AlainaPercival The Future of Tech & Work: Women leadersCEO & Board Chair
VanessaShawDesign Thinking for HR
Design Thinking for Non-Profit
Human Centered Design
Company culture
Culture Risk
How to talk to Executives about Culture
The culture advantage
Founder, Human Side of Tech and The Workplace Lab
Human Side of
AmélieLamontDesign / User Experience / Design Anthropology / Product Design / Product / Inclusion (and diversity) in tech / Women of color in tech / People of color in tech / Black women in tech / Building safe spaces and communities for people of color / Accessibility in tech and design (a11y) / Starting out or new in tech or design / Visual design / Interaction designProduct Designer / Co-FounderI work for The New York Times but run a company focused on inclusion in STEAM called Good for PoC
CarolineSindersUX and UI to stymy online harassment, “designing consent” into infrastructural systems, communication design for social networking sites, how design impacts and shapes conversations happening online, the role of human decision-making in developing robotics softwareInteraction Designer (IBM's Watson), User Researcher, Artist, Digital Anthropologist IBM
Rania HoteitFuture of Robotics and 3D Printing Co-founder and CEOID4A
JohannaLogreiraCreActivity: How our life and wellbeing can improve if we use a lot of creativity every day. How if we are conscious of being creative, our life can transform problems into goals, learn in the process and reach a very disruptive solution. My speech gives people tools to begin a creative life style so they can change and evolve things around; and like this create new ideas that can make the difference. Also is a fun speech, which is good for the brain and mental health,as they share a strong relation. Creativity can change the way you assume your life and can strength your mind to avoid future mental illnesses. I suffer a long and deep depression, and creativity change it all.Industrial Designer and creativity speaker. Passionate about creativity and innovation.Independent at CreActividad
BristolBaughanUpdating the human operating system, experiencing work as play, authentic fulfillment - separating self-worth from workAuthor & Executive Coach (Oscar-Nom, Emmy Winning Filmmaker)Inner Astronauts
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