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TimestampSTATUSWho are you?How are you doing? How is your work/life balance?How is school going?How are your on-campus commitments going?How are things going on staff?Any physical building concerns?How have you supported another RA recently?What was the most challenging issue or situation you've had to handle during this past week?Do you feel both supported & challenged by Grace?Do you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts about REH plans?Is there anything you want to specifically talk about in your one-on-one?Please describe any resident concerns that occurred this past week.What positive interactions have you had with your residents this past week?What do you have planned for your Community Development Initiative this week?How have you used your Top 5 Strengths as an RA this past week?
3/24/2013 21:04:36Maggie Hall - 3WestGreat! I feel really good :)Not really... I start finding out my midterm grades and such though soon.Good!Colleen Hoffman and I had a nice heart to heart the other day and that was really nice. Also Michelle and I being on duty together this past weekend was refreshing because we have been so busy recently. It was nice to catch up!NoneMichelle and I vented to each other a lot about housing for next year. It was nice being able to bounce ideas off of each other.My resident, Paige, is going through a tough time right now because recently her friends have been excluding her. This has caused us to hang out more and she's really great! :)YepNoNopePaige and her roommate have been hanging out less and less which has caused her to be upset, but I explained sometimes you don't have to be best friends with your roommate.I gave a resident candy once this week because she was stressed and she loved it. She thanked me so much for it!A few of my residents and I have been working out together recently. Maybe I will make it a bigger program and get others active too!For instance, with Paige I was positive and developer for her. I told her the positives and what could come of her meeting new friends. But at the same time I was also empathetic towards her because I understand it can be hard to feel excluded.
3/24/2013 21:37:06Colleen Smith - 1WestI am doing well, a little stressful week, but everything got done, so it's all good.I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep on Thursday night doing my paper for my Church class :) it got finished though...

Classes are going well though, in the final stretches
Things are going well, the retreat this weekend was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so nice to get off campus and refocus my life.Staff is going well, I feel like I didn't really see anyone, but I know I was super busy and sometimes was gone from the building for 14 hours a day, so I barely even saw my own room.Everything that I have seen is doing well, no problems.Well, it is not this week per say..., but Michelle and I decided to switch duty nights, she took my Monday night last week and I will be taking April 1st for her.Motivation is kind of not happening for me. I really need some warm days to play outside, run, and just soak in some vitamin D to regain my energy to do things, this winter is lasting forever and I do not like it.I do feel supported by Grace, she's awesome and I am so glad she is my first hall directorI do not really have any questionsOn Thursday, I have class until 5pm, so I am not sure when to pick up the phone, I start class at 1pm.It feels like people are getting louder as the semester goes on, so just need to remind them to respect everyone's ears and space.It was really cool on Sunday night to receive an e-mail from Amber asking me to write a recommendation to be a summer RA. She was super nice and said that I inspired her and it just reaffirms to me that I like being a RA and also that my residents actually remember that I exist and can come to me for things ;)For Cru meeting this week, we are talking about Easter and having an Easter egg hunt afterwards, so I thought that it would be cool to invite them to do that and bring back their childhood memories a little.I used input a lot because there were a lot of things going on with me and my mind and I just needed to organize things and make sure they are getting done in the correct order.
3/24/2013 21:55:41Brittany Mazemke - 3EastI am doing great! I had a really fun weekend! Work/life balance is good!ONLY ONE MORE WEEK AT MY SCHOOL! So bittersweet! I can't believe it! I am so sad because I am going to miss the kiddos so much! At the same time I am really excited to see another school and have another experience.GoodGood! Our St. Patrick's Day program went well and was fun to put on together. N/aMichelle took my Sunday March 17, and then I took her Monday night this past week because she needed to meet with a group for a project for one of her classes.I helped some of my residents talk through a challenge that has arose involving housing. Yeppery! Nopenope!Trina, Kelsey, Lauren and Kendall-minor situation involving rooming next year. Lauren and Kendall still haven't paid their housing deposit and Kendall doesn't want to live with Lauren so there are some big conversations that need to take place.Sunday night: St. Patrick's Day Program
Thursday night: Dale's Date, Dale's had trivia so it was fun! We learned lots!
Friday night: Mystery Tour Bus, Brittney came it was really fun!
Sunday night (tonight): Kendall, Trina, Brittney and Kelsey hung out in my room with me.
Easter egg decorating program and Dale's Date Wednesday!Adaptability: With Easter break I talked with my residents to see if we could reschedule Dale's date since we will not be on campus Thursday night.
Arranger: I rearranged my room again today for the 100th time, not actually, but I am always changing it up. I've lost track of how many times I have changed it around now. My residents loved it when they saw it tonight.
Learner: At the trivia at Dale's date we had fun learning lots together.
3/25/2013 6:25:24Rachel Maala - 2EastLife is crazy busy but I am doing well. I am so excited that we have 4 weeks of 4 day weeks. AND most of the days we miss are my busy days! My residents have become less needy, so I don't feel as stressed about RA life.Classes are going well. I feel like I'm spending tons and tons of time on my math classes, but that is expected. I have three exams coming up the week after Easter, but I think they will be fine.RHA is busy, as we are preparing for several programs in the next couple weeks, as well as elections for next year.Things on staff are going well. I have no concerns.I put in a work order for my emergency light, but that is fixed already! My showers seem to be working better now too.Michelle and I were able to rant about our group projects for Management together. It felt better to be able to talk to somebody who understands the class, and I feel like she felt the same. I don't think I had a difficult situation this past week. I was on a high after the free time of spring break!I feel both supported and challenged by Grace.None at this time.Nothing specific for my one-on-one.

Sorry this came in this morning. I guess I was really exhausted last night as I planned to write it when I got back, but I sat down with my computer and fell asleep. SORRY!
No resident concerns this week.My residents are wonderful. I was able to talk to a large group of them in the hallway about life. I also was able to talk to Jasmyn and Tanyssa and they are interested in being my suitemates in MMM next year!This week I am going to try to do a nails night so that residents can have their nails done for Easter!I was able to use my strengths to work with residents as they returned from spring break. Each of the residents that I had deep conversations with, needed something different from me for these difficult weeks between spring break and Easter.
3/25/2013 9:08:33Colleen Hoffman - 1EastI need to get back to work on class stuff. I have been doing too much lazing around and reading for fun rather than reading the chapters I need to read for classes. School is going okay, minus my lack of motivation to do the work for each of my classes but I am hoping to get over that this week. Everything on-campus is going well. This week has been winding down with NME events, which means when I come back from Easter Break I can finally breath again. Everything is going very well on staff. I talked to Maggie this week about her decision, No physical building concerns. I was able to talk to Maggie about her choice to not be an RA again next year and why she decided that. Today, Eden came and told me that the room next to her's which is Sarah's is very loud and that she has been asking them to keep quiet but the previous night they were not listening. I suggested that we could have a mediation with Amanda, Eden, and Sarah talking about the noise complaints but Eden said she would just talk to her next time. I am going to ask Sarah how they have requested her to be quiet before because I know that both Amanda and Eden can lose their patience and they are not very civil when they do. If I find out that they have not been respectful when asking the girls to quiet down I am going to make them have a mandatory mediation before this issue becomes a divider on the floor. Everything is great. NoI want to talk about Party in the Sac because RA Council has no budget which means that the responsibility for that event falls on Burke and Sensenbrenner for planning. My only concern is the issue with Eden, Amanda, and Sarah and having this become a larger problem that divides the floor. I talked to Nicole and Jo about how there semesters had been going which was nice to catch up with both of those girls. I want to have a low key floor dinner this week. I have no big initiatives planned until April when I want to work hard to plan larger programs when I am on duty during the weekend. I have used empathy and communication when talking to girls who are having issues with each other on the floor.
3/26/2013 18:58:29Michelle Sickinger - 2WestEverything is good. I am excited for break, I leave already tomorrow! Work and life balance is great right now.Yeah, I have a busy few weeks after Easter, but I don't have to worry about that just yet. So far, no homework over break :)All my commitments are going well. Enactus has regionals tomorrow! DI is going well not really anything new. Intramural volleyball starts the week we get back! WHOOOO. And, we got second in the basketball tournament playoffs.Everything is going good. This last weekend, I had to call in house keeping for puke on the toilet. I sent an e-mail to the girls being chill about it, but telling them that I was a little disapointed in them this last weekend and they need to step it up and be respectful to their floormates.I have tried to be supportive I can't think of a specific example within the past few days.I would say having to deal with the puke and the complaints of the girls.Yes, I do!No, I do not have any.No, I don't have anything.I have no resident concerns.Maggie and I had a movie night this last weekend and a few of my girls came to the Keith Edwards presentation on male's tonight.Floor meetingI have used competition in playing basketball against my residents. I have used harmony keeping everyone happy with this last weekend's situation. I have used focus and discipline in getting my work and homework done one time. I have used futuristic in planning out my events for next week.
3/29/2013 11:12:58Brittany Mazemke - 3EastI woke up Monday and my throat hurt so bad. I went to health and wellness Tuesday after my building block review and they checked if it was strep and it wasn't so that is good. I have been trying to get lots of sleep so that it will get better. I am thankful to have off next week so I can rest up! My last day at school was FABULOUS. They had a teacher shower for me!!! Like a wedding or baby shower, but for a teacher to be. It was amazing! Tons of treats and presents for my future classroom. My car was so packed full when I left school Thursday!not much!Good. I saw Maggie at the Easter program. It was really fun! no problems! The building looks great now that Mary Kay is back!I went to Maggie's Easter program.

Ways I've been supported by others:
Colleen Smith switched duty nights with me.
Its been a good week, nothing too hard or difficult really. I was really tired with being sick. That was challenging, but now I can sleep! :)yesnoKatie/Brittney situationKatie's concern with Brittney. (e-mailed you about it)Sunday night a handful of my residents were hanging out in my room with me. Lauren, Kelsey, Trina, Kendall, Brittney

Wednesday night 6 of my girls came to Dale's Date. Julie, Brittney, Trina, Kendall, Kelsey, Lauren

Wished more than half of my residents a great Easter in the mornings this week because I didn't go to school until a little later (than my usually 2 hours before it starts lol) because I was trying to get more sleep so I saw many of them in the bathroom getting ready for their day!
A walk to the thrift store next Thursday afternoon and Dale's Date.

Arranger-I love arranging programs and opportunities for my residents to get together. I enjoy using our facebook page to advertise. I was sad that no one came to the Easter program, but many of my residents had tests the last day before break.
3/30/2013 11:23:49Colleen Hoffman - 1EastEverything is going well between work and life. I have several projects and lesson planning for my classes to wrap up my semester that will take up much of my weekend time until the end of the semester. NME is almost finished, which will free up some of my commitment time from my sorority into focusing more schoolwork and RA duties for the last month of the semester. I haven't needed any support this week. NoNo one has asked me for support. One of my residents, Geni Tosatto, had an emotional breakdown during floor dinner in the cafeteria. She began to cry and then I got her out of the building and back to my room so she would be able to fill me in on what has been happening. She doesn't feel like she has found where she fits yet at this school and she feels like her roommate and friends on the floor don't respect her. I told he that I could have a low-key mediation between the two of them or she could talk to her roommate about how she was feeling. Geni said she wanted to try talking to her first before asking me to intervene. Geni is supposed to let me know how the talk went when we get back from break. I would like support in organizing the Party in the Sac for the end of the semester. I wasn't sure what place we called to get the cotton candy and snow cone machine. Or where we got the dunk tank last year. NoNoI am concerned about Geni this week because she seems to be having a stressful and rough time. Also, I am concerned about Eden and Amanda's ability to handle their noise complaints against Sarah. All three girls are having a hard time seeing the other person's perspective and instead of asking Sarah to be quiet Amanda and Eden have jumped to instantly becoming annoyed instead of first politely asking her to quiet down. I am concerned because Eden and Amanda have gotten Katie, Alyssa, Kate, and Allison involved by asking them their opinions before first coming to me. So now more girls on the floor are involved than is necessary. I had a great floor dinner this week. More girls than the usual four came to dinner which was nice. I had a total of nine girls attend the dinner, with seven being from my floor. It was nice to see the residents get to a chance to interact with each other. Also, I saw that is was helpful me being their to mediate some of the statements made that not all of the girls agreed with. I wanted to have a floor meeting this upcoming week but I am not sure yet what I would like to do for the meeting. Also, over the weekend I was thinking of asking Paige if I could borrow her Just Dance video game to have a dancing program this weekend for residents. I have used empathy a lot to understand both sides of several disagreements I have been hearing happening. Also, I used context to recognize that for some girls their behavior is a pattern and the conflicts are similar to earlier complaints I have heard in the past.
3/31/2013 21:39:31Colleen Smith - 1WestThings are going well, getting excited for the semester to be over!!I got good grades on my philosophy and math tests; I'm happy!!Commitments are going well, getting a little frustrated with people and how things are being run in orgs, but holding strong so that I can be heard.I do feel supported by everyone and I am happy that everyone is doing well in life too!The building looks nice and clean, excited for spring to come in the building!Brittany and I switched buddy duty nights for the end of April so that she can go to a senior event that was conflicting.Well, yesterday I had to deal with my first drunk person and let me say for a drunk person, he was very kind. I heard him screaming and told him that it was past visiting hours and he took this well, he understood and I was worried that he was going to be mad or something, but he understood the rules and left within 10 minutes of this event occuring. I just kept my cool during all this and just kind of went with the flow with this and everything turned out fine, he left with no arguments. This was bound to happen sometime, I'm just glad it went so smoothly.I do feel very supported by Grace and I hope that she watched the new episode of Doctor Who this weekend :)I have no concerns about REH.I would like to talk about the event that I had this weekend with the drunk person, I am sure that I did what was right at the time, but I have a couple of questions.No concerns occured, old or new.Last week, I got an e-mail from a resident asking me to write a recommendation for the summer RA position. It was a super nice e-mail and I was surprised to get it and was excited to fill it out for her. I do feel a little bad because I was a little unsure of what to write, but I tried as hard as I could.I am pretty sure for my wing meeting that I am going to do it on finals and relieving stress during this time of stress, such as by exercising or studying with groups to work off of other people's ideas, etc.I used my strengths in my interview to be a summer RA. I described what my strengths were and related them to how I would use them during the summer to better the community.
4/1/2013 21:04:51Maggie Hall - 3WestWonderful!! I love the warm(ish) weather!Not really... My Birthday is April 8th :)Good!Even though we didn't see each other half of the week/weekend, I still chatted with a few of them. I am glad even we aren't with each other I still feel supported.No problems with physical concernsNothing specific, but I hope they all feel that I would be there for them if they needed help.Paige and Katie have been having increasing roommate arguments. It has got to the point where Katie doesn't want to sleep in her room any more. Maybe we can talk soon about alternate living situations. I tried to mediate today but the tension was very hard to break through.NopeNopeI'd like to talk about Katie and PaigeNothing except for Paige and Katie's roommate problems. Just some arguments between the twoI just enjoy hanging out with my residents a lot. They're like my good friendsI haven't thought of anything yet, but I will figure something outI say this often, but I use them all the time. I don't have a specific time though
4/4/2013 16:35:30Michelle Sickinger - 2WestWork/life balance is great! Right now, I feel that everything is going really smoothly. I think it is because of a great Easter break. I am recharged and ready to attack anything that comes my way for the rest of the year.School is going good. I have nothing but the usual coming up. A few tests here and there. I have a busy weekend of studying ahead of me, but that is minor. All my on-campus commitments are going well! Volleyball intramurals are going great! I am playing on soccer intramurals team this weekend for the championship..don't ask how I got talked into soccer, but whatever, it's fun! DI is going good, Enactus is GOING TO NATIONALS! I have felts supported by receiving positive feedback on my staff development.So far so good this week.I am going to Lambeau Leap tomorrow-partly because it will be fun but also to support Rachel!It was a little uncomfortable to attack the issues my floor has been having at our floor meeting. It went well though, and the girls were really easy-going about it.Yes, I feel supported and challenged by Grace!NoneNot as of now!No concerns! Except that Abby hurt her foot again and is in a boot.This past week, I had a floor meeting with my girls. It went really well. Also, I have been playing a lot of volleyball with and against my residents!I am thinking about doing something related to volleyball, since that is the funk I am in and seems to be the same for my girls.I have used competition in playing volleyball against my residents. I have used harmony in always making sure nobody is excluded and everyone is getting along on the floor. I have used focus and discipline to always get my work done on time. I have used futuristic in planning for the future in staff development.
4/6/2013 21:22:11Colleen Hoffman - 1EastI am doing better. Lots of good news this week that has improved my overall mood and outlook on the semester. School is going well. I have a very large paper due on April 20th and a paper to write for class next week but I am breaking down the larger paper into pieces and it should not be too difficult to complete everything. I am nervous about my classroom management box that is due at the end of the semester because it involves lots of crafties but I will take it one step at a time. My on-campus commitments are going very well. My job for the sorority is done right now, which frees up a lot of my time during the week. I haven't.The building has remained relatively clean. The only complaint I can notice from my floor is that the girls just leave paper towels laying around on the bathroom floor over the weekend. They aren't very good about making sure their paper towels get into the garbage. I held the phone for Maggie on Wednesday and I planned the weekend program for Colleen S. and I this weekend. The most challenging issue I dealt with this weekend was checking in on the situation between Hannah and Geni but they both seem to be doing a lot better this weekend. I would like more support in ideas for the weekend. I don't understand the necessity of weekend programming because I don't notice many residents who utilize it. NoNopeNo explicit concerns from any residents this week. The coloring program gave me a chance to hang out with three of my residents. Also, I was really pleased with my floor's turn out at the meeting this week. There was at least 3/4 of my floor showed up for the stress management program and all of the girls who asked questions and participated were from my floor. I was thinking about doing the paint activity this weekend where I fill balloons with paint and attach the balloons to a canvas for residents to take turns shooting darts at the balloons. However, I am not sure whether I can successfully implement this program or not. Also, I was going to invite my residents to the Asian Pacific Islander dinner on Thursday. I have used communication when involving residents in the program on Thursday night. I was the first one to ask a question and that led to all of the rest of the girls to raise their hands and ask.
4/7/2013 19:20:06Maggie Hall - 3WestVery wonderful!I have a powerpoint and test coming up this week, but I am not worried!Good!Really good! Everything is good. Michelle helped my sister plan a surprise birthday party! It was soooo sweet:)Katie Lacroix's window handle came off and just needs to be screwed back in so we put in a weekly report. Besides that, everything is good!I recently took one of Brittany's duty nights for her. It was not a big deal, but I hope it helps her!It was difficult handling roommate issues between Paige and Katie, but once we all had better communication things became much easier!Everything is good!NopeMy talk with Katie LacroixPaige and Katie's situation with moving out and the tension with that. However, it is all settled!Recently Alex Kohnle and her friend from burke have been stopping in a lot more. That is nice because Im glad they feel comfortable to stop and chit chat!I was thinking a dale's dinner because some of my girls have been saying they havent been there yet.Well especially with Paige and Katie I had to use my skills. I needed to stay positive for both of them that what ever happened would work out best. I needed to empathize with both of them and help them get through the issue. All in all that was probably where I used my strengths the most this week!
4/7/2013 20:56:22Colleen Smith - 1WestI am doing amazing!! Life is really good right now and even though I have lots of hw, but that is life and will soon be over!Classes are going well, hw in everything, but what else is new? ;)Had a worship night for Cru tonight and it was amazing!!! About 30 people showed up and some were new faces, so that was good and it was just soooooo peaceful to sing awesome songs! Things are going well.I hope that the women's center will possibly be cleaned (the couches I mean) because of what happened on Sunday at 2am.

Everything else is looking good though.
Umm, not really, just in general of always being here for everyone, but nothing specific.Well, what happened on Sunday at 2am was very surprising, definitely did not ever expect that I was going to have to deal with that. Extremely grossed out by it though, but I am glad that Colleen and I encountered it together because I am not sure how it would have gone if I was alone and saw that.I do feel quite supported and I finally watched Doctor Who on Friday; it was good!!I have no concerns about plans.No not really, everything is going well.No problems occured with or between residents this week.Walking to class, I was talking to one of my resident about random stuff and that was nice because I like talking to people and I enjoy when my residents talk to me.I am either going to take residents to the Mad/Lor Birthday Party or to the hypnotist on Friday night.I definitely learned a lot this week of time management and responsibility and I cared about what I learned more than how it turned out in the end, but I feel bad saying this because I do care about the end result, but I love to learn new things also.
4/7/2013 21:31:17Brittany Mazemke - 3EastGood! I start my kindergarten TOMORROW! So exciting!! First day of my second placement tomorrow so I am super excited! Good! I feel like the next few weeks are going to be extremely busy with banquets and end of the year senior things and such. There are so many things being crammed into the next three weeks! One thing is the Academic Award banquet that I get to go to because of my academic excellence during my time at SNC. It is only for seniors with a 3.75 overall GPA or higher. It is on a Tuesday night though! Tuesday April 23 at 5pm. Is it ok if I go to it? We can talk about it at my one-on-one but I wanted to put it in here so I don't forget to ask you!
Good! Maggie is switching with me so this Saturday I can go to Alyssa's wedding shower! :) I am so excited and thankful!Nope! Last week I helped Rachel because she had 3 exams and lambeau leap in the same week. I did 10:30 rounds for her one night when she had people over from her class studying with her so she didn't have to stop studying with them. I also helped with shopping for the raffle prizes for lambeau leap and putting them together and I ran some other errands for her. Helping a resident that was hurting a lot. Just by being a support system, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. Yes!
I am curious to find out what inservice on is on this coming Thursday! Academic Award Banquet :) Tuesday, April 23
Lauren-monitoring situationalked with Lizzy, Kendall, Kaitlin, Abby, Trina, Kelsey, Lauren, Julie, Brittney, Grace, Melissa and Becky about their Easter break.

Played volleyball for fun in the campus center with Becky and Grace for about an hour.

Played intramural volleyball at 7:30 with Grace and Becky

For mandatory floor meeting I told my residents it is mandatory relaxation (they had a choice to come to dale's date 8-9:30pm Wednesday night or the women's center 3-5pm Thursday)

9:45 played intramural volleyball with Grace, Becky, Julie and Brittney
Dale's Date there were 15 girls that came and we played Apples to Apples it was so fun and a few of the girls even sang Karaoke.

Coloring and painting nails and making links for our countdown to summer chain.

Thursday night-Chatted with Lauren for a couple hours and listened to all that she is going through right now.

Friday-Lambeau Leap
Kendall, Kelsey, Trina, Brittney, Amy, Becky, Grace, Melissa, Alexis, Lauren
Dale's Date-Thursday Quesadillas (we have gone on Wednesdays the last couple weeks and everyone misses the Thursday quesadilla special)
Achiever-I had a mile long to do list for spring break so I was achieving lots all week. I got the most important things done! Still lots of other things to finish up this week and others that will be put on the back burner until summer probably.

Learner-I read for fun a little bit (not quite as much as I wanted to) over spring break! I went to the thrift store and got more books that I added to my "To read this summer" list.

Adaptability-Schedules are constantly changing. I reorganized my schedule tonight for the next four weeks until I graduate. There is SO MUCH going on in the next four weeks. I can't believe it! The busy-ness will make it go fast that is for sure!
4/8/2013 6:55:45Rachel Maala - 2EastThis week was really good. It was a little stressful with three exams, but after being home for Easter, it took a little bit of the stress off of being back at school.Classes are going alright. My math classes are getting much harder, but I'm doing well in my other two classes.RHA was really busy with Lambeau Leap this week, but we got through it and I was grateful for all of the help from everybody.Staff is going well. I have no physical building concerns.This week Brittany really supported me. She was helping me prep for Lambeau Leap, and I couldn't have done it without her.I think the conversation with Hailey Davis was the most challenging. She was very upset about Stephanie using her shampoo, but I told her that she needed to talk to Steph about how she felt about her using her stuff.I feel supported and challenged by Grace.Not at this time.No.I don't have any concerns about my residents.I loved hanging out with my residents this week. Several of them came to the Stress meeting, while others joined me at Lambeau Leap.This week, I think we will be having another Nail Night. Some of my residents got really excited about it, so I think this is a good program for them.This week I really used my arranger skills because I had to know how to arrange my schedule to fit everything that I needed to get done into the week.
4/11/2013 16:07:36Michelle Sickinger - 2WestEverything is good! Work and life are both going smoothly, been very busy lately, but that is typical with this time of year. I could go for some warm weather though. I want to longboard and get some ice creammmmm! This cold weather can go away.School has been SO busy. I had 3 tests in the last week, a group work, and a philosophy paper due Monday. CRAZY! But, all of that is done now, besides the paper. What a relief. On-campus commitments are going well. Normal! For Enactus, I have to design a banner for a cupcake company that is opening. If you ahve any ideas, let me know! Volleyball is going really well.Everything is going well, I felt supported by Rachel when she held the phone for me to play volleyball :)NoneI helped plan a surprise birthday party for Maggie.One of my residents came to me about some boy problems. It was hard to see her hurt and vulnerable, but we had some really good conversation and she is definitely doing better now!Yes, I feel supported and challenged!NoneNot yet :)No issues, besides worrying about housing. This past week I played volleyball against my residents which was fun. Also, I had a movie day on advisement and we watched "She's the Man" it was really nice!This next week I want to do something fun outside if the weather warms up! probably frisbee.Competition I have used in volleyball with and against my residents. Focus and discipline I have used in getting all of my homework done even though it was a tremendous amount and still alloting time for my residents. Futuristic I haven't really used. Harmony I have used in trying to calm fears and conflicts of the girls' housing situations for next year.
4/14/2013 14:29:06Maggie Hall - 3WestVery good!! I can't believe it's almost summer though.I'm not looking forward to Friday because I have two BIG assignments due.GoodThings are great on staff! I don't have a specific time when I felt supported, but I always feel pretty good with staff.NoneMichelle was feeling stressed so I helped her reason it out and calm downI feel like things are beginning to get busy and stressful for a lot of people so I have been talking to a few residents about how things work and not to feel overwhelmed. It was not really difficult because I know these girls well and I know what they need to hear to calm down.NopeNoneNoNothing to report. My floor is all healthy and good!We have been having a lot of nail polish parties recently which is always fun:)I was thinking maybe we could bake cookies and have milk!Well I use them all the time but especially with my residents feeling stressed I have been using positivity and empathy to let them know things will be okay.
4/14/2013 17:40:39Brittany Mazemke - 3EastI'm great! Work/life balance is good. My work is my life. I love School is great. I am loving kindergarten more and more each day. It was a hard first couple days because I couldn't help, but miss my old school. I missed my kids and the whole staff and the fact that I knew everyone and felt so welcome there. I reminded myself to just give it time and already it is getting easier and better and better by the day. I am quickly falling in love with my kindergarteners. They are so full of energy and they say the cutest things and are so loving and wonderful!Good mostly just NRHH which we have the OTM banquet this week and the induction ceremony the following week! Exciting! I am also doing intramural volleybal with my residents. Looking forward to our games this week! We had such a blast last week!Good!
I am thankful that Maggie took my duty night Saturday. We had such a blast for Alyssa's shower and bachelorette party. We hung out in Burke until 11pm! It was so much fun!
No problems.I am taking the phone early for Colleen Smith tonight.The transition to my new placement. It felt like starting over at square one and it is kind of. It was sad to leave my other school. I know that this will be a very different, but equally as wonderful experience!Yes
noBudget (how much I have yet?)

Cassie and Julie-roommate issue has arose
Lauren-continuing to monitor
Sunday, April 7
Watched the Country Music awards in the rec. room with residents as my office hours

Tuesday, April 9
Volleyball 8pm and 9:30 with Grace, Brittney, Becky

Thursday, April 11
Alive Team Program and Dale's Date and Homework in my room with residents

Friday, April 12
Pinterest Craft Night in the rec. room from 9pm-2am
(Rachel and my residents)

Cooking night SaturdayAchiever-I have been slacking with this. After my spring break it has been hard to get back on track with lesson plans and such. I have been procrastinating and doing everything, but work for school.

Arranger-Constantly arranging and organizing my room. I have been doing that a lot today because Friday night Rachel and I dragged all of our craft stuff out and brought it down to the rec. room to craft with our residents. We also told residents about it while we were on rounds.

4/14/2013 21:16:45Rachel Maala - 2EastLife is pretty good. School is getting crazy and homework is being piled on, but Matt came up to visit this weekend, so I am a happy camper for the time being.Classes are going okay. Math is a handful and I can't wait to be finished with it.RHA is going well. I am just trying to figure out how to get by without Baker in the next couple weeks. Baker leaving is going to be really difficult.Staff things are going well. The bathrooms in the building are a little messy over the weekends, but other than that I have no building concerns.Colleen Smith and I really supported each other this weekend, while dealing with our incident. I also supported Colleen Hoffman by allowing her to go home this weekend.I think the most challenging part of my week was watching our poor resident be so violently sick during the incident this weekend. I tried to get her as much help as I could.I am feeling both supported and challenged by Grace.None at this timeDebriefing staff member to staff member after the incident - should I check in with Colleen after the incident, or is a check in with you for her enough?No resident concernsMy residents are wonderful. They stop by just to say hi and do ridiculous things to make me laugh. I can't even write all the positive interactions I have had this week.This week I will be inviting my residents to the KnightOwl event, as well as giving them an opportunity to reflect with me about the year.My responsibility strength really kicked in this weekend while dealing with the incident, as I needed to make sure we were doing everything possible to help the resident as well as keep detailed notes.
4/14/2013 21:49:36Colleen Smith - 1WestThings are going well, so glad that there are advisement days last week and this week, they're like a mini-vacation!I have study abroad orientation on Saturday that I am super excited for, but not for the fact that it is 5 or 6 hours long.Things are getting down to the wire, planning our last events for the year. It all is making me kind of sad that I won't be here for an entire semester of organizations, but am still excited for orgs in Ireland that I want to join!Staff is going well, only 4 more weeks with them though :( I feel like I haven't even been here for that long, which I kind of haven't, but still.The building seems in good shape to me, nothing that I have seen.Maggie and I switched duty nights for Saturday night because she had something come up, so I took that night and she took my May 10th night.Not really challenging, but a good learning experience was dealing with the incident on Sunday. Definitely had not had to deal with exactly that situation before, but it helped me to understand what to do when that occurs. Hopefully it won't happen again, but now I know how to deal with it.Grace is AWESOME!!! I feel very supported by her!I do not have any concerns with REH.I am pretty good on everything going on, so no :)No concerns have come up this past week, besides for Lindsay coming to me on Tuesday, nothing further has happened since then with that situation though.I got to spend some time with a couple of my residents on Saturday at the Marian House for a service project. This was a lot of fun and we got to hold babies!!!...and we learned about the women too...but babies!!!This week the show A Little Night Music is opening in the Webb Theatre, so I think that I will take people to see that one of the nights this week.I definitely learned a lot this week, from the service project at the Marian House on Saturday to the incident on Sunday. This was a weekend of learning and improving the knowledge that I have of other people and different things that plague society.
4/18/2013 10:18:08Michelle Sickinger - 2WestI am doing well. School is going great right now! Looking forward to my last duty weekend this weekend. I got a lot of stuff to catch up during that time. My residents have been great this last week. So, all in all everything is wonderful.School is going well. Not much coming up in the next week, but I am already looking to the week before finals in preparation. That week is ALWAYS the worst for me. Commitments are going well. Volleyball is awesome. Di is the normal. Enactus, they liked the banner I designed!Everything on staff is going well. Brittney held the phone for me last night for awhile!There is a leak under the sink, a work order has been placed.I have been very supportive to Maggie this last week.The most challenging issue was something my resident brought to my attention. I will tell you all about it tomorrow in our 1:1.I feel both supported and challenged by Grace!I have noneNothing specifically.One roommate issue, it was quickly resolved though.This past week: I had some LOVELY chats with Liz, Kyla, Dayna, Bri, and Abby. Some really good conversations! Also, we had a volleyball night on Tuesday due to their request. It was a lot of fun! Staying active reduces stress levels immensely.I want to do a Pizza night. Can I just order the pizza, pay for it, than get a refund? Or, what do you suggest?I have used competition in playing volleyball with my residents. Harmony in making sure everyone is content with each other. I have used focus and discipline in always getting my work done on time. I have used futuristic in planning out what I want to do with my residents for the end of the year.
4/18/2013 20:20:46Colleen Hoffman - 1EastLife and work balance has been fine. I manage to still find some fledgling amounts of motivation which is good for me. I wrote two papers from scratch this week, I am very proud of this accomplishment. Everything is going well. I am done with all of my sorority duties for my job but I get a new job for next semester next week. Everything is going well on staffNopeI agreed to switch weekend days with Colleen the last weekend of classes because she wanted to attend an event that night. I saw that Bridget Vos didn't have a balloon. So I got very concerned that I forgot her but I made sure to ask her about it and she said she took hers down because she didn't like what someone wrote. I am going to inquire more about this when I see her next. I am fine. NopeNopeNo concerns brought to my attentionI saw them and said hi to quite a few of them this week. That was very positive. I am still unsure but I would like to do Pie an RA. I still need to send out that email. I haven't really.
4/21/2013 19:31:48Rachel Maala - 2EastLife is crazy. The semester has both flown by and dragged on. My work/life balance is good, but I just want the semester to be over.School is going fine. I have one exam this week and two exams next week, and then four finals the following week. I am not real excited about all those exams.RHA is almost done. I feel like I'm counting down the days.Staff is going well. I'm excited to bond more over finals week and building closing.Some of my residents have been ripping down posters, but other than that, no other physical concerns.Brittany and I have been supporting each other as we finish out the semester. We have been working together on bulletin boards and door decs along with collaborating on programs in the last couple weeks.Today, I was in my room and heard a weird jingle in the hallway. I opened my door and saw some ladies walking through the hall with a small dog. I then asked the residents to leave the building with the dog immediately because of allergies. I did not get their names or see who they were because I only had my glasses on, but they complied.I feel both supported and challenged.N/AMy moveable dry erase board.No resident concerns this week.My residents are fantastic. Several of them joined me for Craft Night on Friday night. We had so much fun and many of them expressed that they hoped that I would be their RA next year.Either this week or next week, I would like to do this ( --- It's the bottom one, not the speed-dating one). I would like to find a moveable dry erase board to do this with my residents. Would you be able to help me find one?I feel like I have learned a lot about my residents this week. I learned more about their friendships, and who they are close to, as we talked more about who they are living with next year.
4/21/2013 20:42:15Maggie Hall - 3WestWork and life balance are good... I am kind of having a hard time with change right now, but it'll be okay!Nothing in particularGoodMichelle hung out with my mom through out the weekend which was great!I had to call campus safety for a clogged toilet again. Maybe we should get a plunger for our bathroom so the person causing it can take care of itMichelle and I had a fun program this weekend so we both supported each other then!The situation involving Molly this week; I handled it well by planning a meeting time and talking things out. She really seemed to appreciate my company!nononoMolly's situation and Maddy's stress. However, besides those nothing else of concern.Maddy Kaat has been coming to talk to me often this week about further consequences from the event that occurred last weekend. I have really enjoyed chatting with her so much about life. Although it was a negative circumstance it was good talking more.I was thinking a baking party!I have used my positivity and development in the situation with Molly. I need to stay positive and be there for her to help her be the best she can be.
4/21/2013 23:46:29Brittany Mazemke - 3EastGood! Extremely busy. This coming week is going to be even busier too. Never thought it was possible to get busier but it is and this week will be the worst of my busy weeks. But a good busy because lots of fun things! :)This week we are doing lots of Earth Day activities I am really excited!!!! :)This week I have a ton of things on campus, something going on every evening.
Monday-My one-on-one, NRHH/RHA, intramural volleyball with my residents
Tuesday-Academic Award Banquet
Wednesday-Cap and Gown
Thursday-NRHH Induction 4pm, REH banquet can't wait! :)
Friday-Off, did you get my time off request? (I can't remember if you approved it or not?)
Michelle held the phone for me this afternoon until 6pm so I didn't have to rush back to campus, because my family came and we went shopping together. It was really fun and nice to not have to be back to pick up the phone by 4:30pm. There was an incident Friday night and Michelle was a great help writing the incident report and proofing it/perfecting it as I wrote it and afterwards reading through it too! :)The drain of my showers is still plugged!
I submitted another service request too! Hope they fix it tomorrow!
I helped Rachel with her bulletin boards today and I have to finish mine up tomorrow evening! She said she would help me because I helped her today.Lack of motivation. I have major senioritis. I am doing everything, but my work. I am procrastinating to the max. it is horrible. I need to get more on top of my lesson plans and job applications...and I plan to this week and the week after. yes! Thanks for getting the supplies! It was great and we are doing it again next Saturday because there are multiple girls that wanted to come this past Saturday but were home. We also have extra supplies and there are only a couple things I need more of so I am going to get it from Phil's. We just need more cheese. I also got veggie toppings from there.noBudget
Took multiple left over desserts from the NRHH OTM banquet Thursday April 18 and handed them out to my residents Thursday afternoon.
Intramural Volleyball, Thursday
Craft Night-Friday
Pinterst Dinner-Satruday
Sunday-Office Hours, a could residents stopped in
I want to go for a walk with my residents...possible to the thrift store.
Dale's Date -We didn't do it this past week-Intramural volleyball was during the normal time and then I went after intramural volleyball was done and no one was there :(
I haven't used my achiever strength that is for sure. I haven't been getting much done. Like I am doing all my end of the week RA stuff just now finally and it is way too late! I am also not completely done with my bulletin boards yet.
I used my includer strength this week with the Cooking night Saturday, some of Rachel's residents wanted to come so I told them to join us and they came and it was great. I also told everyone about it on my floor. I feel like some of my residents were getting sick of me reminding the to come to it.
4/22/2013 18:59:45Colleen Smith - 1WestThings are going well, just winding down and getting the last things planned and done for the semester.Oh my goodness, I have soooooo much stuff due these next 2 weeks, probably will be the most stuff that I will have had due my college career so far :(All meetings are still in full swing, kind of glad though that I won't have htese committments during the summer, I just want to chill and relax.I feel very supported, everyone is awesome and are amazing people!!No concerns that I have or any that have been brought to my attention.I hope that The Pie Your PA will actually happen, so I am willing to do something to help that happen.Honestly, I did not really have any struggles this past week, except for completing this by the time I am supposed to ;) Things are just draining, so I need to work on actually sleeping every night.I feel quite supported by Grace, especially in the running aspect, you make me confident about my running and I just get more and more excited instead of nervous when I talk to you about it!!I do not have any concerns.No not really :)Everyone has been getting along this past week, so hopefully it will stay this way until the end of the year.Ever since I invited Celeste to go to the Keith Edwards talk, it seems like we interact a lot more, even if it's just a hello, I think that helped.There is a Faith in Film movie showing on Friday night, I am planning on taking ladies there.I feel like I have been slacking in the responsibility area this past week because I am starting to freak out about getting everything done before the semester, so I feel like I am responsible to do everything, but I just need to step back and prioritize.
4/25/2013 11:23:56Michelle Sickinger - 2WestI am doing fine. Life is crazy right now. I am just holding my breath until summer. I have to remember to enjoy it though at the same time, because this is some of the last times I get to spend with my friends until for a long time. Work and life balance is good right now. I am feeling a littler overwhelmed with the amount of closing information, but that will all be clear once I do a few check outs and what not.School is going alright. Busy. Test like non other, but that's college.DI is going well. Enactus is just about wrapped up for the semester. Intramurals are coming to an end. Playoffs start next week! Things on staff are going well. I cannot think of anything in particular, but I have not felt unsupported :) oh yeah! Britt held the phone for me one night.One of the sinks is closed off. They are working on repairing a leak. Everything else is good.I have supported Brittany this last week. When she was a little stressed out with end of the year, I told her to take a break and go to iLife and she thanked me for helping her!The most challenging was writing up my own residents this last weekend. I followed up with them, and they were not hostile at all which I thought they would be. They thanked me for coming and talking to them, and everything ended up working out fine!!I have felt both supported and challenged by Grace!I do not have any.No, I cannot think of anything specificallyI do not have any concerns.I had a movie/pizza night with a few of my residents on Saturday night. Last night Maggie had a cookie program which a few of my residents went to. I played volleyball with some of my residents! I also had a heart-to-heart with 2 of my residents Friday night which was nice!This week we are having a closing meeting. Also, we have the Pie your RA event.I have used competition in playing volleyball with my residents. I have used harmony in making sure that everyone is getting along and staying happy in these last few stressful weeks of school. I have also used focus and discipline in getting my work done in a timely manner. I have used futuristic in planning out what my last few weeks of school will be like and trying to disperse work load so I do not have extremely busy days where I cannot help my residents.
4/27/2013 22:44:26Maggie Hall - 3WestI am doing well!School is good right now... not too heavy of a work load.GoodThis week not so much- Colleen H. was great about the duty confusion on Saturday. Although I didn't have much interaction with the other Ras in this building, the one time I really needed support and help I didn't receive it. It is frustrating sometimes when I don't feel supported or like I'm getting anything back.No physical concerns or work orders submittedI feel was so appreciative of Kyle holding the phone for me Saturday night so I brought him M&M's. That was just such a generous thing for him to do to help out the Sensenbrenner staff.I have not really had an issue with my residents this week that pushed what I could handle. I was very stressed about returning/find someone for duty on Saturday, but that was nothing that couldn't be easily resolved.NopeNoneSaturday night's confusion- just to talk everything throughNo concerns necessarily-- Maddy Kaat has been talking to me about her citations and consequences for the incident she was involved with, but besides her I havent had any concerns.When I was walking around giving the residents cookies, they were being so generous! They really appreciate when I go out of my way and bake them treats like that.I am going to strongly promote the Pie an RA event because it will be pretty funny! And along with that I will probably try to have some kind of get together in my room. Maybe a nail polish/movie nightWell I really used my positivity this weekend (on Saturday). I also have used my strengths when talking things out with Maddy. She is worried about all her consequences and how she can pay for everything. I am trying to empathize with her and keep up the energy so she doesn't become too discouraged.
4/28/2013 11:57:03Colleen Hoffman - 1EastEverything is going well. School is going all right. I have a lot of work to finish up this week that I didn't get to this weekend but the stuff that I needed to have done for tomorrow is already finished. Everything is going great. I think things of staff are going a little down the drain slightly. I felt extremely bad that Maggie had to come back last night and no one else willing on campus was willing to switch with her from this weekend to the next weekend. NopeI held the phone yesterday until almost 7:00, I didn't mind but that's one way I was supportive. Figuring out who was primary on Saturday. First I texted Maggie and then I tried to get a hold of Brittany and Colleen S. When I couldn't reach anyone and I was getting really confused I called Grace to figure it all out. YesNoNoNoneI had a really nice talk with Nicole and her boyfriend this weekend. I also talked to Hannah, Geni, and Sarah throughout the week. This week is Party in the Sac. I don't need any help with it. Communication to figure out everything that was happening yesterday with the duty phone.
4/28/2013 20:51:16Colleen Smith - 1WestI am doing well, just trudging through making sure I get everything done that needs to be complete.I had a wonderful time with my family today and I am so glad that I got to see them and take a break from the campus.Everything is going fine, don't really have any meetings this week since there is no need to plan for events that will not be happening next week because of finals.Things are going fine, just confused of the mix-up this weekend and why it occured in the first place.There are no concerns that I have for the building.On Saturday, Colleen wanted to go to an event in the morning, so I held the phone for her after 2am rounds until noon, when she got back.Just juggling RA duties and school work and thinking about what all needs to be done by the end of the semester. I have it all figured out now, but I was a little bit overwhelmed by thinking about it all last week.You are doing wonderfully.No questions at all.NopeI do not have any concerns about these things, everyone is doing well and happy it's warm.Well I got a bloody nose on Friday night and I was dealing with it in the bathroom and trying to stop the blood and one of my residents came in and made sure I was okay. I thought it was sweet that she was concerned and it made it less awkward for me to deal with that.I am having my floor meeting on Monday night and I am planning on doing something in the building/ hallway for fun with my residents.I have had to prioritize what I will be doing this week, so that I make sure that I am here enough for my residents, but not so much that I am taking time away from myself and studying.
4/28/2013 21:42:51Rachel Maala - 2EastLife is crazy. I'm working on applying for new internships, but it's quite a task to balance school and work and applying for jobs.Two exams this week followed by 4 finals next week. I might as well hole up in my room.RHA is almost done. I will be done by Tuesday night....I can't wait!Life on staff is good. I can't wait to go to Zesty's together.None at this time.I think I have been supporting Brittany just by checking in and offering her anything that may make her feel better.I don't think this week was challenging. Yes. You could support me by being available for Kohler to call and ask about hiring me! :)N/Ano.N/ASo many positive interactions. My residents just love to stop by and talk to me!I am going to try to take my residents to the end of the year picnic! :)Arranger and responsibility were necessities this week. I needed to arrange my schedule to fulfill all of my responsibilities in the past week. I think I completed them all!
4/28/2013 22:00:58Brittany Mazemke - 3EastI am still sick! :(
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am so happy that nicer weather is here! I hope it is hear to stay. I see it is supposed to rain a lot this week hopefully it is nice for the party in the sac and the end of the year party Friday.
We have space week this week! :)

Earth Day week last week was so much fun! I loved it! We have this awesome Can It! Save the Planet, song on one of Mrs. Fay's CDs that the kids fell in love with!
Last week I had so much going on. I am looking forward to having less this week...kind of...because on second thought there is a decent amount going on. Wednesday-Party in the Sac, Thursday-Closing meeting and the pig out hopefully we are going to have ice cream sundaes :) and Friday-end of the year party Great! Pie your RA was REALLY, REALLY fun! I talked to both Rachel and Colleen Smith on 10:30pm rounds. Their doors were open! They both had good, relaxing weekends.Nope, but Marissa Kleckner did write on my 3rd East Facebook page asking how to pick a lock with a bobby pin. I wrote back saying that she better not be asking because she is trying to get into a Sensenbrenner room. I then saw her when we got back from our walk and asked her about it and let her know it was inappropriate and that if anything happens to a door the money they play is going to be a lot to recore the door. She explained that it was a friend on first floor. I was feel generous and kind. I gave them a lecture about being smarter and not putting those kind of things on facebook (and told her to take it down) and I let the girl into her room. I also had a nice conversation with her about needing better communication with her roommate to avoid being locked out and needing to take her keys with her everywhere she goes.I am holding the phone for Colleen Smith this coming Saturday.Being so sick. I have had no energy and am so behind with everything! Ahhh! too much to do! And the weekend weather was so nice so I relaxed and slept in hopes of getting better, but now I have too much too do! :pyes
nonopeMelissa KurthI was extremely busy this week with things every night. I saw them in passing this week, but nothing to

Kendall needed to talk Wednesday night so I chatted with her about some friend things.

Friday afternoon 8 or 9 of us walked to Big Apple bagels. 5 girls from my floor went and 4 from Colleen H's floor.
Tuesday-Zesty's (if it doesn't rain)
Thursday-Pig Out reward from Almuni House
Thursday-Hall Closing Meeting
Thursday-Dale's Date

Wed.-Party in the Sac
Fri.-End of the Year party
I have used my achiever one today! I was using the tasks to do list and was checking things off all day today, but still have so much to do. As I work I keep thinking of more and more things too.
5/2/2013 17:11:35Michelle Sickinger - 2WestI am doing well. Currently, I am going on 4 hours of sleep and 4 cups of coffee. Life is kicking my butt right now. Things will slow down next week with school, but things for closing will pick up. I am definitely counting down the days until summer~School is hectic. I had a test today, one tomorrow, 2 finals Monday, 8 page take home test due Monday, 2 two pages papers due Friday. Ew. I can do this! hahaNot much is going on for on-campus commitments right now. Everything really slows down the last two weeks of school when school work picks up. We lost in the semi-finals of intramurals last night though!Everything on staff is going well. I really enjoyed Zesty's the other night!NoneI have supported another RA by holding the phone for Maggie last week.I did not have anything challenging.Yes, I feel both supported and challenged by Grace!No, I do not have any.No more one on ones :(I have not had any concerns.I had the floor meetings with the girls on Monday. The majority of my girls came or told me they were going to another meeting!I do not have anything planned for finals week.I have used focus and discipline especially this last week. The amount of effort in my school duties has been overwhelming, but I have stayed on track. I have used harmony in leading an affective floor meeting. I have used futuristic in planning finals week, and how I can be available for my residents checkout needs. I have used competition in playing against my residents in the intermural playoffs!
5/5/2013 15:00:38Colleen Smith - 1WestLife is going well, got everything done last week and now I am just looking forward to going home!FINALS!!!! Other than that school is almost over too.Kind of glad that all I have to worry about this week is RA stuff and finals, no meetings or anything like that.Things are going well. Sad that this semester is over and this staff is, but happy that I have been a part of it also.No problems that I have seen.I held the phone for Colleen last week so that she could participate in an event in Appleton. Probably sleepiness, not really a challenge, but it did make my week not go the way that I planned on, but I conquered it and got all my homeowrk done, including writing a 5 page paper in 2 hours!!Just by listening to me, you have been helpful!! I do not have any questions.Nope.I do not have any concerns.The floor meeting went sooo well, that was really nice that all the residents that went were so cooperative and all my residents feel comfortable coming to me and asking questions, so that's awesome!!One of these nights I think I will do Flush Your Frustrations, where residents can write down what is frustrating them and flush it down the toilet, just letting it go. I did this with my RA last year and it was fun.I have had to make sure that I use my responsibility properly, making sure that I balance all the duties that I have, but I think I have it handled, just need to get eveyrhting in order and planned out.
5/5/2013 23:55:44Brittany Mazemke - 3EastReally good. Finally feeling better! :)GRADUATION! Can't believe it is next weekend!Looking forward to a little bit less busy week this week, but I am sure it will still go fast because they always do!Colleen Smith and I were on duty together this weekend.
Rachel made yummy sweets for her residents and shared one with me tonight! SO AMAZING! Brownie cheesecake bars! YUM!
Blew a fuse in my bathroom so I submitted a work order for that, but other than that nothing.I held the phone 4:30-8ish on Saturday for Colleen Smith. :)
I talked with Maggie this evening. We can talk about this during my one on one.
Being sick and having WAY too much to do so I wasn't able to get enough sleep.
Also having a difficult conversation with a fellow staff member, but not shying away from it and instead just talking with her about it.
yepI can't remember if I talked to you about this or not yet, but do I get to stay in my room or do I have to move?-Conversation I had with a fellow staff member
-Additionally I need to add Rachel Benson room 323 to the quiet hours tracker she is the only one I gave a verbal warning to this weekend. I went down to the office and gave Jane her finals package and meant to write Rachel down, but totally forgot.
-Technology rentals/borrowing of TV cables and such back when residents moved in
Julie's eye is really pink and it looks like pink eye. I talked to her Sunday evening about it and told her to go to health and wellness tomorrow morning for sure because it is extremely red.

Melissa-continuing to monitor it. Everyone on our floor has been wonderful about it. They have taken every opportunity to include her and get her out of her room and doing things. She came to Zesty's Tuesday and then the girls had her go to dinner with them at the cafe when they got back and she came to Zesty's Friday night (along with Amy, Brittney, Trina, Kelsey). Today I had her put her hand print up on the bulletin board and had Rachel's residents hand out some of the finals treats to her and Grace. Saturday night I also had the opportunity to chat with Grace her roommate about the whole situation because it hasn't been easy for her either because she was gone a weekend with her dad and came back to all of it and she received calls from campus safety and the counselors and she was quite overwhelmed by it. She told her roommate she was there for her if she wanted to talk about it, but Grace didn't want to bring it up and make Melissa talk about it with her if Melissa didn't want to. Grace wasn't sure what to do, but I assured her she did the right thing and it was probably better that she didn't bring it up because then she didn't have to relive it again because she seems to be doing much better now.
Tuesday-Walked to Zesty's with 3 residents (Brittney, Megan Meiers and Melissa) and 3 residents met us there because they wanted to drive and Trina has something wrong with her legs so she can't walk that far (Lauren, Trina, Kelsey).

Pig Out 6pm-12 residents came (Melissa being one)
Hall Closing Meeting 8pm
After the hall closing meeting I gave 5 more residents ice cream for the pig out.
Dale's Date-8:30-9:30pm 4 residents

Saturday Night-
Grace and Becky wanted more ice cream (leftover from the pig out and I had the toppings) so I chatted with them (and one of Rachel's residents) in the women's center from 11pm-12am.
Sunday-Last Sunday I got everyone to put their hands on the bulletin board but about 5 people. I got a couple throughout the week, but today I realized I was still missing three so I figured out who the three were and got 2 of the 3, Melissa and Megan Meiers, to put their hand prints on the bulletin board outside my door (now the only one we still need is Kate otherwise everyone has). I didn't even realized that two that I needed were Melissa and Megan otherwise Tuesday night when we got back from Zesty's I could have had them do it.
No programing this week because of finals! :( We got everything in last week, the pig out and last dale's date.Achiever-I have had so much to do, but I have been pounding away at the to do list.

Adaptability-life is unexpected, there are always more things coming up and curve balls such as the one last weekend that are always putting a spin on things and requiring me to be adaptable and able to meet the needs of my residents.
Michelle Sickinger
Colleen Smith
Maggie Hall
Rachel Maala
Brittany Mazemke
Colleen Hoffman
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