TimestampYour Name:Your Area of Expertise:Describe Yourself, Your Business, and Anything Else You'd Like to Share In More Detail:How To Connect with You (email, website, Voxer username, etc.):
1/4/2019 6:00:58Dallin NeadMessaging and Video Branding, voxer: @dallinnead
1/4/2019 6:01:00Stephanie BlakeTechno-Geek & FB ROI SpecialistI'm just a FB Ad Strategizing, Funnel loving, Lead Generating, ROI Driven, People Loving, GEEK that wants to help you live your passions!

I run a digital ads agency, Social Sparrow, where we serve our clients by creating strategy driven FB Campaigns combined with high-converting funnels to generate raving fans/leads/sales.

We're a small agency with a BIG heart to help our clients and make an IMPACT on our world. We do that through supporting entrepreneurs and in turn giving our time & money to families fighting cancer, the poor and those who are laboring overseas to help others.

I also do 1-on-1 coaching on the following:
- Facebook Ad Strategy
- Running an Agency
- Messenger Bots
- All things TECH
- Dreaming BIGGER

Enjoy the Journey and if you need help along way, I'm your girl!

If you want to become a BotBoss, join us inside of the BotBoss Community on Facebook:

Or get started with bots via my FREE mini-course here:
1/4/2019 6:01:05Tatiana BelimOptimizing Business Systems and ProcessesI've worked in IT consulting and software development industry for past 20 years and since 2005 operated as an independent consultant for medium to large sized corporations and organizations. While I enjoyed many aspects of this position, I missed the more personal interaction with people. That’s when I decided to bring my knowledge and experience to small business owners.

The well-defined systems are invisible structures that support business growth and scalability. They provide a strong backbone for the effective organization by integrating different aspects of operations and by increasing productivity. I found passion in figuring out processes and automation possibilities. I use that passion to help small business owners discover the right technology for the right application. Along the way, I provide all the tips and tricks I have learned during my career in IT consulting. I use my extensive experience and knowledge to not only simplify your tech tool selection but also your business entire business process.
Tatiana Belim
m: 267-577-0705
w: e:
1/4/2019 6:01:13Cathy OlsonBrand + Web DesignMy official Bio:

Cathy Olson has been beautifying brands and designing experiences of digital delight for over 17 years, working with multi-million dollar brands like Costco, Best Buy and Disney. Now the founder of Love Inspired <>, an international branding and web design studio with a boutique approach, she helps flourishing creatives package their expertise in a way that excites eyes, hugs hearts, and cues cha-chings.

When Cathy’s not innovating for talented clients, she shares her multifaceted expertise through Digital Summits, Webinars, e-Courses or on her YouTube Channel <>. She has a passion for putting the fun in functional, the purpose in pretty, and the meaning in details. Her heart’s mission: To help talented creatives feel proud to share their ideas and passions with others, and inspired to stretch their businesses to new heights.
1/4/2019 6:01:17Kristin and Jeff IngramTaxes, business strategy, and bookkeeper trainingKristin is a Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years of experience working with small business owners in all aspects of business building. In 2006, she obtained her MS in Accounting and Taxation and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma two months later. Instead of focusing on the fear and anger, Kristin started her accounting and consulting firm.In the last 10 years, she has worked with clients all over the country and now sees her diagnosis as an opportunity that opened doors to a fulfilling life.

In 2019, we launched Bookkeeper Training School, training moms how to create a full-time income while their kids are napping.
Jeffery is a fantasy writer and an IT wizard. He's also an Army veteran. Jeff specializes in helping small businesses makes smart IT decisions by helping them visualize how the technologies of their company can work together and for you, so you can stop working on your technology.

Jeff has worked as a project and product manager in information technology and logistics for over 18 years with businesses from fortune 50 companies down to mom and pop shops., Kristin Voxer: klingram,
1/4/2019 6:01:25Julia TaylorWordPress Developer & Digital StrategistJulia is a self-taught WordPress developer and digital marketing enthusiast! The client side of her business is going great, but always seems to take time away from her passion project, which is encouraging and supporting women to learn to code.

Julia's goals for 2018 (and beyond) are to reduce client work down to 50% of her time and dedicate the rest of the time to growing the passion project.

Also in 2018, Julia and her husband (retiring from 21 years with the British military), are embarking on a nomadic adventure around the US and Canada.

Needless to say, 2018 is going to be EPIC!
1/4/2019 6:01:29Allie BjerkBusiness Consultant and Digital StrategistAllie Bjerk is a business consultant specializing in client attraction through relevancy, Facebook ads and sales funnel strategy.

Her formal education include a Bachelor degree in graphic design and business marketing, but admittedly, she mostly enjoyed the "social aspect" of college.

Allie has settled back into the Minnesota lake country with her husband and three kids after traveling throughout Europe in college. Adventures included studying art and culture in the Czech Republic and interning at a marketing agency in Dublin, Ireland.

She loves to travel, exercise, paint and reading about business and personal development.
Allie Bjerk

Digital Marketing and Funnel Strategist

*View my Site:* <>

[image: fb.png] <>

[image: twitter.png] <>

[image: linkedin.png] <>
1/4/2019 6:01:33Renee HribarTeaching women to Sell Like a Mutha'My name is Renee Hribar
<>, I love teaching sales but was fed up with the high ticket pricing models of online programs that most newbie entrepreneurs just can’t afford, left them stuck, and feeling like they needed a shower after some of the tactics introduced. So I created affordable online programs packed with tangible action steps, swipe files and videos that teach new or pivoting entrepreneurs how to get their expertise packaged up and into the hands of the people who are willing to pay for it, all in just 21 days using no-cost strategies and a 10-minute-a-day system (clients included).

Find me LIVE every week on my Facebook Business page for my weekly show The "S" Word LIVE where I talk the audience through action steps to get new paying clients NOW.

My website was designed by our own Rose Guthrie: You'll find sales training videos, articles, and interviews on everything from How to sell in Facebook groups to getting killer testimonials and never running out of new clients to make offers to.

Don't like the banter and conversation of the LIVE show experience? Check out my YOUTUBE channel where it's all the meaty goodness, stripped down to actionable steps. No Fluff.
Start HERE:
1/4/2019 6:01:36Esther InmanMonetize Your ExpertiseHI! I am a credentialed teacher with experience in corporate and start up software product management and training.

I've been working exclusively developing eCourses and workshop curriculum for the personal development and coaching industry since 2013 under The Content Bank. I also created and launched my own online courses under Virtual Assistant Internship. I have a team of about 10 virtual workers and we create a variety of digital products for clients together.

I'm a Momma to a hilarious and beautiful 7-year-old little dude and a full-time digital nomad. We currently live in Canggu, Bali and use it as a base to explore Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Would love to connect, add me on Facebook!
<> Do You Want to Build an eCourse?Book Complimentary Consultation <>
1/4/2019 16:31:48Jennifer GrayebSystems, Operations, Human ResourcesI've owned multiple online businesses over the year and sold my last one last year. I still have a corporate job in Human Resources. I currently run 'Simplified Biz' where I help online business owners build, grow, or scale their online businesses through operations and strategic planning.
voxer @jenniferGrayeb, simplifiedbiz,com,, text 203-747-2224
1/24/2019 9:58:42Amisha ShrimankerCopywritingI write conversion copy for time starved and incredibly smart entrepreneurs who want to spend less (or zero) time tinkering with words on a blank page and more time playing CEOs of their companies….because that’s what they do best.

WTH is Conversion Copywriting?
Where market research (a LOT of it) meets persuasion hacks to write words that your clients are actually saying out loud or to themselves. Or stuff they aren't thinking but ought to you - thanks to your copy!

If you hate writing:

- Long form sales pages (5k words+) - and yes they do convert
- Sales & Closing emails (they're not the same thing)
- Launch emails
- Facebook Ads
- Website copy

I'm your gal :) or you can just PM me on FB :)
4/12/2019 6:35:56Ashley Buffa
Influencer Marketing, Chatbots, Solo Ads, all things parenting/household management
I currently have two large clients and am super happy with that number. I'm working on becoming an influencer in the household management/systems space. I have 9 children :), Voxer: abuffa366,
5/6/2019 14:58:25Yael Bendahan
Marketing Strategy & Visibility, Funnels and Launches, Copywriting, Consulting
I'm a marketing strategist and coach and I help online business owners (particularly women):

Get clarity on their niche, signature system and offers
Launch their programs (ALL THE LAUNCHING)
Create their marketing plans based on THEIR personalities, businesses, lifestyle etc.

I specialize in launches and content marketing with PURPOSE.

I also do copywriting, because I often can't help myself - so I write sales pages and launch emails :) But I'm moving into more of a coaching and consulting role with limited DFY clients as we anticipate baby #5.
Email: Website: Voxer: yaelbendahan
8/7/2019 21:58:21Matthew Berry
Custom membership sites and WordPress development
Building custom membership sites for business owners. We also migrate people from other platforms like ClickFunnels to Wordpress. Wordpress
8/26/2019 17:43:51Ausi and Ronald KimmonsFacebook Ads/Copy/FunnelsWe run a Digital Marketing agency and we focus on building ad campaigns and the the backend that generally connects to the ads. Unlike organic traffic or warm traffic, Fb Ads require very specific things in place in order to work and generate results. This is why, our focus is not only on the ads, but in building the entire follow-up process, from the moment the lead lands on your page to the time you ask for the sale. Voxer is @AusiKimmons
8/28/2019 14:52:18Laura Jackson
Online Course creation, women's health and fitness, motivational speaking
(My Official Bio) Laura Jackson is Founder of FIT CHICKS®, Canada's largest women's only fitness company and FIT CHICKS® Academy. Starting in 2008 with only 7 chicks and many companies in the industry failing to grow, Laura's goal of "fierce fitness made fun" that’s accessible to ALL women expanded their award winning women’s only boot camp from over 20 locations to include health retreats, fitness DVD’s programs, nutrition challenges and launching the #1 online fitness & nutrition certifications for women with FIT CHICKS® Academy. To date she has helped over 10000 women transform and reach their goals.

Award winning Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Health Educator and Leading Transformation Coach, Laura is also the host of the top 100 rated Fitness & Nutrition Podcast on Itunes named "FIT CHICKS Chat" as well as the TV Host of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. She is also a fitness and nutrition contributor to national publications and TV Shows such as Canadian Living Magazine, The National Post, Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live and has appeared on CBC's "Dragon's Den" and The Shopping Channel

Laura's commitment to women's health earned her the title of Top Fitness Professional of 2019 by Can Fit Pro & Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.

She will continue her of helping women create the life, health & career of their dreams and build healthier communities around the world with the internationally recognized FIT CHICKS® Academy Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program, Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Certification and Online Biz Builders Lab
9/1/2019 6:50:17Ashley Gainer LankfordContent creation and copywritingFreelance writing since 2010; teaching freelance writers since 2015. Now focusing on ghostwriting books and on Stephen Larsen’s funnel team.
Voxer ashley.gainer
10/2/2019 13:29:55Behrens Artistry -Lindsey and Camille
Service Based Beauty Business-Systems and Procedures
We are professional makeup artists ! We have a service based business and a growing team of artists. We are expanding into multiple states and growing teams there. We also have a grown a social media following organically.
Brittany BayleyEmail CopywritingI write email copy for personal brands with a strong message. Focusing on both nurturing and promo, abandoned cart, soap opera sequences, I use a unique method of mastering your voice so your copy always sounds like you. I also teach creative service providers and entrepreneurs how to uplevel their email copy skills through my course, Email Copy School.Voxer: @BrittanyBayley
03/02/20Marianne SchwabI Get My Clients Guaranteed TV InterviewsI'm a former national network TV Talk Show Producer and I guaranteed I can get you and your clients TV interviews on talk shows throughout the country. TV Interviews elevate an expert to an authority and 10x the trust and credibility factor. Email: Voxer: @MarianneSchwab
3/3/2020Adrienne RichardsonI help business owners get more leads and sales using Facebook and IG adsI specialize in getting the RIGHT people into your marketing funnel, using my advanced targeting modalities and scaling is also my jam.. most people come to me when they have not had success scaling their campaigns, they are frustrated by the low quality, expensive leads they are getting and they don't know how to get MORE: more leads, more quality and more volumeemail:, new website coming soon:
Briena Sash / Wellness Stock ShopI create beautiful, natural stock photosMy stock photo source provides non-stocky stock photos with simple usage terms so you can beautify your website, social media, Facebook ads, eBooks, courses, webinars, marketing materials and more! Although I specialize in a "holistic wellness" theme, there is an incredible diversity of photos from desk flatlays and business mockups to nature, people, food, crystals, tropical plants and beyond!Email: Website:
Nick PavlidisAll things books and articles: writing, ghostwriting, monetizing, publishing....I have a wife and two awesome kids. I have been podcasting with my two kids since they were 2 and 4 years old. They're now 8 and just-turned-11. Until we started our podcast, I was a lawyer at a large NYC law firm dying to get out. So I took a huge paycut to get a "steady" 55-hour-per-week job that freed up late nights to build a side hustle. After 18 months of searching, I discovered ghostwriting. And eight months after getting my first client, I retired from the practice of law and have been ghostwriting full-time ever since. I also train other writers through Ghostwriter School.

If you need help writing a book that you can monetize even before you started writing it, hit me up and I'll give you some tips from helping dozens of authors use books to transition careers, vault to the top of their industry, create hundreds of thousands of dollars in new income, hit national bestsellers, and more. :) (Can you tell I love this stuff, haha...)
email is easiest:
Jody MilwardFacebook Ad Manager TrainingAfter scaling an ad Agency to 12 people, I decided Agency life was not for me and so I shiftted to a 'boutique' agency working with a small number of clients, but focussing more of my attention on training and equipping aspiring Ad Managers to become epic marketers in the coaching, consulting and digital course niche. Whether they are already working in house for a 7 figure business, or just starting out in their ad manager journey, my step by step approach teaching strategies that I have developed while helping my clients generate 7 figures in
Will HahnClinical Burnout + Leadership DevelopmentI'm married to a wonderful woman (and surgeon) with two kids (an 8 yo boy and 5 yo girl). Having experienced burnout as a management consultant and business executive, I switched jobs and refocused my life when my wife started struggling with burnout in her practice. Over the past 8 years, I've been helping doctors rebalance their lives and resolve the overwhelm and burnout that often builds up in medicine. I founded Balanced MD Leaders focusing on doctors (and recently started The Balanced Leaders to help business owners and executives).

While I continue to work as a healthcare executive, my goal is to become a fulltime entrepreneur. I feel deeply honored and called to serve others. When I have those inevitable moments of doubt, it helps to remember that a few doctors have shared that I helped save their life and they've jokingly nicknamed me a "healer of healers".

I have a long way to go in getting my online coaching business off the ground, which is precisely why I joined Digital Insiders.

While I come across as rather serious, I am committed to others, quite open and honest, and fun loving at heart. If you're interested, I'm an ENTJ/ESTJ and an Enneagram 3 (wing 4).
Email: Voxer: @whahn3524