2020-04-21AfricaNationalImmigrationMozambiqueMozambique supports returning migrantsMozambique has contacted and delivered key information to returning migrants in order to stop the spread of Covid-19. The government has proactively provided testing and phone-screening for migrants and the families of migrants.
2020-04-07AfricaNationalImmigrationTunisiaTunisia extends visas and offers aid to migrantsTunisia has extended visas, granted financial and in-kind aid, and asked landlords to postone rent payments for foreigners residing in Tunisia.
2020-04-13AfricaNationalHealthcareTunisiaTunisian labour union advocates for migrantsThe Tunisian General Labor Union (UGGT), along with MPs and other public figures, has urged the government to allow migrants and refugees access to healthcare. The group has also been supporting migrant workers by collecting and distributing donations.
2020-03-18Asia & OceaniaNationalHealthcareAustraliaAustralia lifts working restrictions for international nursing students In Australia, 20,000 student nurses have had restrictions on their working hours lifted in a bid to help the crisis in aged care caused by Covid-19.
2020-04-04Asia & OceaniaNationalFood & AgricultureAustraliaAustralia extends visas for seasonal migrant workersAustralia has extended the visas of migrant workers on their Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific Labour Scheme to ensure that the agricultural sector will ‘get the labour force it needs’.
2020-04-09Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationBahrainBahrain announces temporary amnesty for irregular migrants Bahrain has promised irregular migrants the ability to regularise their residency status until the end of 2020 without being fined.
2020-03-18Asia & OceaniaInternationalHealthcareChinaChina sends doctors and medical supplies to ItalyChina has sent 300 intensive-care doctors, Covid-19 test kits, and protective equipment to Italy, responding to an Italian plea for masks in March. China has also sent aid to Spain, Poland, Greece, and the Balkans in a show of ‘coronavirus diplomacy’.
2020-04-19Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationKuwaitKuwait offers amnesty to undocumented workersKuwait has offered amnesty to undocumented workers in the country. Workers are entitled to free airfare, food, and accommodation during a fine-free repatriation and will be eligible to re-enter the Gulf through legal channels in the future.
2020-04-02Asia & OceaniaNationalFood & AgricultureNew ZealandNew Zealand classifies seasonal agricultural employees as ‘essential workers’ New Zealand has classified seasonal agricultural employees as essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. All recognised seasonal employees have had their visas renewed for a further three months.
2020-04-01Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationQatarQatar commits to paying salaries for migrant workers affected by Covid-19Qatar has announced that quarantined migrant workers, or those undergoing treatment for Covid-19, must receive full salaries. Anyone unable to return home has been given assurances of medical treatment, food, and lodging.
2020-04-14Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationSouth KoreaSouth Korea extends visas and halts deportationsSouth Korea has extended visas for workers by 50 days, providing they reached the country under the Employment Permit System. Nearly 18,500 migrants are benefiting from the decision and have retained the right to residency.
2020-03-31Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationVietnamVietnam explores relaxing entry for high-skilled migrantsVietnamese government officials have proposed lifting a ban on over 8,400 highly-skilled migrant workers, arguing that it had been ‘difficult to find replacements for them’ internally.
2020-03-18Asia & OceaniaRegionalHygieneWanning, ChinaWanning, China supports unemployed migrant workers In Wanning, the Chinese government has created temporary roles for migrants to ensure rural poverty reduction targets are met. Public sector jobs including disinfecting and guarding have been created, with transport, health checks, and food provided.
2020-03-28EuropeInternationalHealthcareAlbaniaAlbania sends doctors and nurses to ItalyAlbania has sent 30 doctors and nurses to Italy’s Lombardy region to assist the response to Covid-19. Lombardy is the worst-hit Italian region in the crisis.
2020-04-11EuropeNationalImmigrationBelgiumBelgium allows asylum seekers to work Belgium has allowed people who have applied for asylum to work throughout their application process and any appeal.
2020-04-01EuropeLocalFood & AgricultureCampagnano di Roma, ItalyCampagnano di Roma, Italy receives support from migrant cooperative In Campagnano di Roma, a cooperative of young African migrants called Barikama has been growing, packing, and delivering boxes of fresh food to the local community during the Covid-19 outbreak.
2020-04-09EuropeInternationalImmigrationEuropeIOM calls for inclusive, shared approaches for protecting migrantsThe International Organisation for Migration has urged all states to uphold their obligation to assist anyone crossing the Mediterranean during the Covid-19 crisis.
2020-04-14EuropeInternationalHealthcareEuropeInternational organisations call for EU member states to include refugee health workers in national Covid-19 responsesThe Council of Europe and UNHCR are calling for governments to include refugee health professionals in national responses and are recommending the use of the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees.
2020-03-26EuropeNationalHealthcareFranceFrance allows refugees with non-EU medical certifications to practiceFrance has allowed refugees with non-EU medical qualifications to practice during the Covid-19 response. Refugees whose diplomas have not yet been recognised can practice as an associate, under the responsibility of another doctor.
2020-03-20EuropeNationalFood & AgricultureGermanyGermany explores putting asylum seekers to work in agricultureGermany has explored relaxing employment bans for asylum seekers as a means to fill agricultural shortages. MPs supporting the measure cite government data showing almost 160,000 refugees ready and willing to work.
2020-03-17EuropeNationalHealthcareIrelandIreland calls for retired doctors living abroad to return On St Patrick’s Day, Ireland launched a call for retired doctors living abroad to return to aid the Covid-19 response. The country’s ‘Be on call for Ireland’ campaign has received more than 70,000 responses.
2020-03-20EuropeNationalHealthcareIrelandIreland aims to allow refugees and asylum seekers to register as doctorsThe Irish Medical Council has suggested that refugees could provide ‘essential support; to its health service during the Covid-19 crisis and argued that registering foreign nationals was the current priority’.
2020-04-04EuropeNationalHealthcareIrelandIreland offers financial and healthcare support for migrantsIreland has moved to provide Covid-19-related healthcare to all, regardless of immigration status, including testing for Covid-19. The Pandemic Unemployment Payment provides financial assistance for all workers in Ireland, including regular and irregular migrants.
2020-04-07EuropeNationalImmigrationItalyItaly supports childcare for ‘essential workers’Italy has offered babysitting vouchers for families with parents in essential work. The subsidy of up to 600 EUR ($689 USD) is available to working asylum seekers and refugees and can be redeemed on care for children under the age of 12.
2020-03-31EuropeNationalImmigrationLithuaniaLithuania suspends deportations Lithuania has suspended deportations of foreigners with expired leave to stay during quarantine. The country has also released migrants from administrative liability for illegal stay.
2020-04-05EuropeInternationalHealthcareNorwayNorway sends healthcare staff to ItalyNorway has sent a team of 25 doctors, nurses, and logistical staff, to aid Italy’s Covid-19 response. The team is based in Lombardy, Italy’s worst-hit region.
2020-03-17EuropeRegionalFood & AgricultureOdemira, PortugalOdemira, Portugal creates quarantine housing for migrant agricultural workersOdemira, a municipality in Portugal with a large number of migrant agricultural workers, has set up housing for migrant workers. Large buildings such as sports halls and pavilions have been adapted to accommodate up to 500 workers in order to prevent Covid-19 transmission.
2020-03-31EuropeNationalImmigrationPolandPoland relaxes visa renewal requirements Poland has relaxed visa renewal requirements for foreigners during Covid-19. Under new legislation, foreigners are not required to submit any applications to extend their stay, with permits renewed automatically.
2020-03-27EuropeNationalImmigrationPortugalPortugal regularises all migrants and asylum seekersPortugal has regularised all migrants and asylum seekers, following a government announcement that all migrants with pending residence permit applications have been regularised.
2020-03-17EuropeRegional HealthcareSaxony, GermanySaxony, Germany calls for foreign doctors to help during Covid-19 pandemic The Saxony State Medical Association has published a call on Facebook for German-speaking foreign-qualified doctors who do not yet have licenses. Saxony is known as the heartland of the far-right nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.
2020-03-30EuropeRegionalFood & AgricultureSeine-et-Marne, FranceSeine-et-Marne, France recruits refugees as seasonal workersSeine-et-Marne, France, has recruited refugees to fill gaps created by a halt in seasonal worker migration due to Covid-19. Refugees from local migrant and asylum shelters have been recruited to pick ripe strawberries and asparagus, and plant produce to harvest later in the year.
2020-03-27EuropeNationalHealthcareSpainSpain recruits migrant doctors and health workersThe Spanish government has hired nearly 200 migrant health professionals living in Spain to join the national health system (SNS) to help combat Covid-19.
2020-04-08EuropeNationalFood & AgricultureSpainSpain authorises temporary hiring of new farm workersSpain has authorised temporarily hiring thousands of migrants and jobless people to address agricultural labour shortages. The unemployed will receive state benefits as well as their wages.
2020-04-01EuropeLocalHospitalityTer Apel, NetherlandsTer Apel, Netherlands sees asylum seekers volunteering to disinfect grocery cartsIn Ter Apel, a village in the Netherlands, asylum seekers have volunteered to disinfect grocery carts, walkers, and keys to protect fellow residents from Covid-19 at a local supermarket.
2020-03-28EuropeLocalFood & AgricultureUKUK farms call to bring migrant agricultural workers to work150 fruit and vegetable pickers from Romania have arrived at Stansted Airport in April to work on UK farms. Large farms have warned that fruit and vegetables would ‘run out’ if the UK government failed to provide seasonal migrants in the agricultural sector as the country had entered ‘an unprecedented time’.
2020-03-31EuropeNationalHealthcareUKUK automatically renews visas for all foreign NHS workers UK NHS migrant doctors, nurses, paramedics and their families ( whose visas were due to expire before 1 October 2020) have had their visas automatically extended for a year free of charge. Restrictions on the amount of hours student nurses and doctors are allowed to work have also been lifted.
2020-04-07EuropeNationalHealthcareUKUK MPs campaign for indefinite leave to remain for foreign nationals in the NHSIn the UK, several MPs have been campaigning for foreign nationals working in the NHS to gain the right to remain indefinitely.
2020-04-07EuropeNationalImmigrationUKUK suspends reporting, registration restrictions, and resettlement for asylum seekers The UK government has suspended and cancelled all registration, reporting, and resettlement requirements for asylum seekers, and put all voluntary returns, evictions, and statelessness applications on hold. 350 people in detention have also been released during the pandemic, with an urgent call for all detention cases to be reviewed.
2020-04-15EuropeNationalHealthcareUKUK public calls to fast-track registration of migrant doctorsThe UK government has been pressured by the public and MPs to fast-track the registration of qualified doctors from overseas into the NHS.
2020-03-20EuropeRegionalImmigrationWallonia, BelgiumWallonia, Belgium translates Covid-19 information for migrants SetisW, a social interpretation initiative of the Wallonia region, is translating essential information on Covid-19 into 14 languages. This service helps migrant key workers and newcomers to Belgium to access and understand official safety advice on Covid-19.
2020-03-18Latin AmericaLocalHealthcareBuenos Aires, ArgentinaBuenos Aires, Argentina allows migrant doctors to practiceIn Buenos Aires, Argentina, Venezuelan doctors have had their requalification licenses fast-tracked to work in local hospitals to allow over 1,000 already-qualified doctors to begin practicing.
2020-04-11Latin AmericaNationalHealthcareChileChile suspends requalification requirement for migrant doctors Chile has suspended their requirement for migrant doctors to requalify in an effort to equip their healthcare system for ‘caseloads on a European scale’.
2020-04-01Latin AmericaLocalHealthcareColombiaColombian NGO provides mental health support for migrantsIn Colombia, a non-profit run by Venezuelan migrants has begun providing support and advice to migrants affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, recognising the emotional and physical strain placed on many people and communities.
2020-04-03Latin AmericaNationalHealthcareColombiaColombia allows Venezuelan migrant workers to access healthcare Colombia has allowed Venezuelan migrants to access healthcare during the Covid-19 crisis. The country vowed to continue its attention to the vulnerable migrant population and ensure they were prioritised for access to essential services and can fulfill their basic needs.
2020-03-22Latin AmericaInternationalHealthcareCubaCuba sends doctors to Italy Cuban doctors have been sent to Italy to help fight Covid-19 in one of the worst affected areas of the country, Lombardy.
2020-04-14Latin AmericaNationalHealthcarePeruPeru recruits foreign health professionalsThe Peruvian government has called for foreign-trained doctors and nurses to help their country in the fight against Covid-19.
2020-04-15North AmericaRegionalHealthcareBritish Columbia, CanadaBritish Columbia, Canada registers international medical graduates as associate physiciansThe British Columbian College of Physicians and Surgeons has licensed thousands of international medical graduates as associate physicians in efforts to combat Covid-19.
2020-04-15North AmericaRegionalImmigrationCalifornia, USACalifornia, USA announces financial support for irregular migrants California is the first US state to give cash stimulus payments to irregular migrants, offering $500 USD to 150,000 adults left out of the $2.2 trillion USD stimulus package approved by Congress., New York Times
2020-03-19North AmericaNationalHealthcareCanadaCanadian healthcare sector calls for access to healthcare for new migrantsCanadian doctors, nurses and activists have called on provincial governments to give immediate access to free healthcare for all newcomers during the Covid-19 pandemic.Typically, new arrivals in Canada have to wait at least three months to access provincial health coverage.
2020-03-23North AmericaNationalFood & AgricultureCanadaCanada exempts temporary migrant workers from travel restrictionsCanada has put in place an exemption to the international travel ban by enabling temporary migrant workers to travel to Canada to work in the seafood and agri-food sectors.
2020-04-13North AmericaNationalFood & AgricultureCanadaCanada supports employers’ quarantine measures for workersCanada has given employers $1,500 CAD ($1,100 USD) per worker to help with quarantine measures, acknowledging that the labour shortage depends on foreign temporary workers.
2020-04-09North AmericaRegionalHealthcareMassachusetts, USAMassachusetts, USA allows foreign doctors to practice medicineMassachusetts has allowed doctors, nurses, and students qualified abroad to practice medicine in an effort to staff two 1,250-bed convention field hospitals.
2020-04-04North AmericaRegionalHealthcareNevada, USANevada, USA waives licensing requirements for foreign medical workers Nevada has waived all licensing requirements for healthcare professionals and administrators qualified abroad. The state has called on those currently unable to practice due to restrictions to join the statewide battle against Covid-19.
2020-04-01North AmericaRegionalHealthcareNew Jersey, USANew Jersey, USA waives licensing requirements for foreign doctorsIn New Jersey restrictions on healthcare professionals have been lifted, enabling recently retired physicians to help with the Covid-19 response and granting temporary licenses to those who have qualified in other countries.
2020-03-23North AmericaRegionalHealthcareNew York, USANew York, USA waives licensing requirements for migrant healthcare workers In New York restrictions on healthcare professionals have been lifted, granting temporary licenses to those who have qualified in other countries.
2020-03-19North AmericaNationalFood & AgricultureUSAUS classifies agricultural and healthcare workers as ‘essential workers’The US Department of Homeland Security has officially categorised ‘essential workers’, including those in the agriculture, medical and healthcare, and construction industries. Government advice emphasises that these industries are needed to ensure infrastructure resilience and should be considered when implementing state-level Covid-19 restrictions.
2020-03-26North AmericaNationalHealthcareUSAUS recruits medical professionals on work or exchange visasThe USA has continued to provide emergency visas to medical professionals on a work or exchange visa programme. All migrant medics already residents in the US have had their programmes and visa conditions extended to help the country-wide Covid-19 response.
2020-04-03North AmericaRegionalHealthcareUSAUS states petition to allow migrants access to healthcare The states of New York, Connecticut, and Vermont have petitioned the US Supreme Court to allow migrants access to healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic. The petition calls to block a regulation penalising migrants for seeking access to healthcare and social assistance.
2020-04-21Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationIndiaIndia considers portable benefits for migrantsIndia considers portable benefits to migrants, irrespective of their state of residence, by making use of World Bank funding.
2020-04-16Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationJapanJapan makes all residents eligible for cash assistanceJapan has announced that its cash assistance in response to Covid-19 will be distributed irrespective of nationality. Everyone who has resided in Japan for at least three months and is registered as a basic resident as of the end of April 2020, is eligible for this assistance.
2020-04-18Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationRussiaRussia eases migrant registration requirementsRussia has exempted migrant workers from the requirement to buy work permits to legally work and live in Russia from 15 March - 15 June.
2020-04-22Asia & OceaniaRegionalImmigrationTasmania, AustraliaTasmania, Australia extends aid to temporary workersThe Australian region of Tasmania has announced that temporary visa holders who are able to demonstrate immediate financial hardship will be eligible for $250 AUD ($175 USD) for individuals, and $1,000 AUD ($700 USD) for families
2020-03-16EuropeNationalHealthcareSpainSpain allows migrant doctors to practiceThe Spanish government has allowed more than 2,000 Venezuelan doctors awaiting their credential evaluation to practice medicine.
2020-04-16North AmericaRegionalHealthcareColorado, USAColorado, USA waives licensing requirements for foreign medical workers The Colorado state governor has waived licensing requirements for medical workers licensed in other states and other countries.
2020-03-18North AmericaNationalImmigrationCanadaCanada halts deportations in face of Covid-19The Canadian Border Security Agency has halted deportations and the Immigration and Refugee Board has cancelled and postponed all in-person hearings.
2020-04-07North AmericaRegionalHealthcareOntario, CanadaOntario, Canada creates portal to match non-active healthcare professionals with employersThe province of Ontario has launched the Health Workforce Matching Portal to match non-active health care professionals, including those internationally-educated, with employers. However, licensing requirements have not been eased for internationally-educated healthcare professionals.
2020-03-18North AmericaNationalImmigrationCanadaCanada provides aid to all residents, including migrants and international studentsCanada has announced $27 billion CAD ($20 billion USD) in state aid, including $450 CAD ($350 USD) per week for people that have lost their jobs or facing reduced hours due to Covid-19. Migrants and international students are eligible for this payout.
2020-04-13North AmericaNationalImmigrationUSAUS politicians lobby to extend employment authorisation for migrants during Covid-19US congress members have sent a letter urging the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to automatically extend employment authorisation for all migrants whose employment authorisation documents (EADs) are about to expire.
2020-04-16North AmericaNationalImmigrationCanadaCanadian advocacy group calls to include undocumented migrants in Canadian government benefitsCanada's Migrant Rights Network has called to include undocumented migrant workers and those with expired social insurance numbers in government benefit schemes.
2020-04-02North AmericaNationalImmigrationCanadaCanadian NGOs call for a reopening of the Canadian borderThe Canadian Council for Refugees, Amnesty International Canada, Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, and BC Civil Liberties Association have argued that the closure of the border to refugees is unnecessary and unjustified. They argue that it endangers both refugees and public health.
2020-04-29Asia & OceaniaLocalHealthcareTurkeyTurkish refugees make masks for key workersRefugee volunteers in Turkish Red Crescent community centres across the country have produced protective masks for health workers and people in need. The community centres have been traditionally used for vocational training for refugees and host communities, but are now being used to produce more than 500,000 sterilised masks a month.
2020-04-17EuropeRegionalHealthcareEngland, UKEngland, UK allows international medical graduates to practice as medical support workersAn NHS England scheme has allowed international medical graduates and doctors to fast-track their accreditation and become medical support workers.
2020-05-03EuropeNationalHealthcareUKUK healthcare professionals push the government to eliminate 'hostile environment' healthcare surchargeUK Doctors, nurses, and carers have pressured the government to remove the £625 ($800) NHS surcharge that migrants must pay for themselves and each family member. This surcharge was introduced with "hostile environment" legislation meant to discourage illegal migration and health tourism.
2020-03-13Asia & OceaniaRegionalImmigrationWuhan, ChinaWuhan, China gives cash assistance to migrantsThe Chinese province of Wuhan has provided temporary assistance to the quarantined migrant population, with each individual given 3,000 CNY ($430 USD). As of 13 March, the measure had supported almost 6,000 people, with a total cost of around 16.1 million CNY ($2.25 million USD).
2020-03-30Latin AmericaNationalImmigrationBrazilBrazil provides monthly emergency fund to informal workersBrazil has provided monthly emergency aid of 600 BRL ($116 USD) to informal workers, this measure extended over the course of three months. In order to identify and reach informal workers, Brazil is using existing platforms, and introducing new mechanisms for registration.
2020-04-25Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationMyanmarMyanmar repatriates migrant workers from abroadMyanmar has organised relief flights for Myanmar migrants stranded in Thailand. Once in their home countries, returned migrant workers were transported to their communities of origin where stayed in community-based facility quarantine centres.
2020-03-19Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationUzbekistanUzbekistan provides training for migrant workersUzbekistan has made migrant workers eligible for language and vocational training paid for by the Covid-19 anti-crisis fund.
2020-03-25Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationPhilippinesThe Philippines sends cash assistance to Filipinos working abroadThe Philippine's Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has provided 10,000 PHP ($200 USD) in cash assistance per Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) whose work has been affected by Covid-19.
2020-04-17AfricaNationalImmigrationSouth AfricaSouth Africa extends visas for migrant workersSouth Africa has automatically extended temporary residence visas expiring 15 February or later. Migrants with expired visas will not be declared 'undocumented,' and will not be penalised if they return in the future.
2020-04-02EuropeNationalFood & AgricultureGermanyGermany allows seasonal farm workers to enter the countryThe German government has exempted Eastern European seasonal farm workers from border restrictions. This measure allows up to 40,000 seasonal farm workers to enter Germany in April, and another 40,000 workers to enter in May. Among other requirements, seasonal workers will undergo a medical check upon entering the country.
2020-05-05AfricaNationalHealthcareThe GambiaThe Gambia creates a cash-for-work programme for returning migrants creating PPEIn The Gambia the IOM has supported the reintegration of returning migrants, mainstreaming COVID-related activities into existing initiatives. As part of reintegration assistance migrants are participating in a cash-for-work initiative producing personal protective equipment (PPE).
2022-01-13North AmericaRegionalHealthcareChihuahua, MexicoChihuahua, Mexico enlists migrant medical professionals to support the Covid-19 responseThe State of Chihuahua, Mexico, has invited Central American health professionals to work. These migrants are stuck in Juarez due to the Migrant Protection Protocols programme, which requires would-be American migrants to await their asylum decision in Mexico.
2020-05-11North AmericaNationalImmigrationCanadaCanada requires employers to pay migrant workers during their mandatory 14-day quarantineCanada has announced that, under the new International Mobility Program, employers must allow workers to complete 14 days of quarantine upon arriving in Canada. This new rule requires employers to pay migrant workers during this period, even if they are unable to work.
2020-04-23Latin AmericaNationalImmigrationPeruPeru regularises migrants during Covid-19 pandemic Peru has classified all migrants awaiting regularisation as regular during the Covid-19 pandemic. Temporary Stay Permits will also be automatically renewed.
2020-05-12Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationBahrainBahrain mandates a higher standard of accommodation for migrant workers Bahrain has made private sector employers responsible for raising the standard of accommodations for migrant workers. This included reducing the number of workers per room, increased sanitation facilities, building isolation facilities, and regular inspections.
2020-05-13Europe National Food & AgricultureItaly Italy temporarily regularises undocumented migrants in the agriculture, domestic work and social care sectorsItaly has announced that thousands of undocumented migrants will be allowed to apply to temporarily stay and work under an amnesty announced as part of a major stimulus package, agreed after weeks of government negotiations. New residency permits will be valid for six months, with a focus on agriculture, domestic work and social care.
2020-05-11EuropeRegionalHealthcareBavaria, GermanyBavaria, Germany calls for foreign doctors to help during Covid-19 pandemic The state of Bavaria has called for aid from foreign doctors who do not yet have licenses, these doctors would be allowed to practice under the supervision of German-licensed physicians.
2020-05-11EuropeRegionalHealthcareNorth Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia, Germany calls for foreign doctors to help during Covid-19 pandemic The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has called for aid from foreign doctors who do not yet have licenses, these doctors would be allowed to practice under the supervision of German-licensed physicians.
2020-04-30Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationQatarQatar requires employers to provide for migrant employeesQatar has put in place several measures to protect migrant workers. Measures include requiring both worker and employer consent for changes to salary and unpaid leave, and employer responsibility for housing and feeding employees after ended contracts, until workers can be repatriated, at the employer's expense.
2020-04-27Asia & OceaniaLocalHealthcareCox's Bazar, BangladeshCox's Bazar sees refugee volunteers distribute healthcare packages in refugee camp in Bangladesh Rohingya refugee volunteers in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar camp, the world's largest refugee camp, have put together and delivered packages of medical supplies, including masks, gloves, soaps, and medicines.
2020-05-18North AmericaRegionalHealthcareQuebec, CanadaQuebec, Canada sees asylum seekers volunteer to help in social careIn Montreal, asylum seekers are among those who have volunteered to work at long-term care homes. The majority of asylum seekers living in Montreal North work in food production, healthcare, and security.
2020-05-18EuropeLocalFood & AgricultureBavaria, GermanyGerman farmers fly in seasonal agricultural workers German farmers have chartered flights to bring in seasonal farm workers from Romania and Bulgaria. Farmers must register workers with local authorities, develope a hygiene plan, and house workers in a socially-distanced manner.
2020-05-15North AmericaNationalFood & AgricultureCanadaCanada launches agri-food immigration pilotCanada has announced its new Agri-Food Immigration Pilot, a three-year pilot targeting labor shortages exacerbated by Covid-19, in the meat processing, mushroom, greenhouse crop, and livestock raising industries. The AFIP primarily provides a pathway to permanent residence for temporary foreign workers already in Canada. Under the AFIP, 2,750 applications will be accepted annually.
2020-04-09North AmericaLocalHospitalityWashington, DC, USAWashington, DC events group provides relief funding for irregular migrantsA Washington, DC, USA company, Events D.C., has developed a $18 million USD hospitality and tourism relief fund. $5 million USD is dedicated to aid undocumented migrants, who have been especially impacted by lockdown measures.
2020-05-21EuropeNationalHealthcareUKUK scraps National Health Service surcharge for migrant healthcare workersThe UK has committed to exempting migrant National Health Service and care workers from the current healthcare surcharge of £400 GBP ($500 USD) (set to increase to £624 GBP ($800 USD) in October 2020). This surcharge is applied to migrants moving to the UK from outside the European Economic Area.
2020-05-26Asia & OceaniaNationalImmigrationUzbekistanUzbekistan provides resources and support to returning migrantsUzbekistan has implemented the Safe Migration in Central Asia project (in-part funded by USAID) to aid returning migrants through informational resources; referrals to essential services; alternative livelihood support; and skills training.
2020-05-06EuropeNationalFood & AgricultureFinlandFinland welcomes non-EU agricultural workers and allows asylum seekers to workFinland has increased the quota of agricultural workers admitted to the country from outside the European Union (EU) from 1,500 to 3,000. The government also announced plans to amend the Aliens Act (until 31 October 2020) to allow asylum seekers to take up agricultural work without administrative delays.
2020-05-12Asia & OceaniaLocalImmigrationKuwaitKuwaiti organisations coordinate to provide support to migrant workersThe ILO, the International Domestic Workers' Federation, and local civil society organisation, Sandigan Kuwait, have supported migrant workers in the country. Through bi-weekly virtual meetings with migrant worker community representatives, the organisations ensure that food, information, and health care (including mental health) are reaching migrant communities.