NameContact InfoAffiliationWhat struck you about what you heard?What do you commit to doing to support elements of The Youth Agenda?What questions are on your mind that you’d like to explore further together in the future?Theme
Abby Wwuab@bxscience.eduYoung Governorsenvironmental crisis is a multifaceted issue that involves economy, politics, immigration, racial, foodstay more up to date with political progress that centers around topics displayed tonight and so much more
•watch news channels more
•research issues
what deters people from participating or being active in movementsenvironmental, general
Amallia NYCDOEWhoa! You all are so informed and so generous w your knowledge. I was struck by the power of your activation stations--they were so experiential and creativeI am new at the DOE--the Student Voice Manager. I commit to partnering. In what ways? Do you want to meet with policy makers? Create more youth events? Carry out the youth agenda citywide? Let's talk!Can you help me plan a "General Assembly" and facilitate some Activation Stations again?
Andrea Gonzalesandrea@youthovergunsny.orgYouth Over GunsI loved the criminal justice workshop. It was a great conversation.I will continue to mobilize and organizeI would love to explore homelessness. It's a topic people don't often talk aboutcriminal
Anna Center for Supportive Schools/Morris Academy for Collaborative Studiesthe amount of knowledge/power these young people possess-not surprised but truly impressedBeing school based, bring all of this back to my students so that they too can organize, mobilize, and act*How can I connect my students to YVote?
*What can educators DO to support students/youth?
Audrey Tannentannen@nysenate.govState Senator Liz Kruegerinformed activists! Sincere and focused*Our office will followup w YVote on your suggestions for legislation
•Senator Krueger is commited to informing and registering 16/17 year olds for prereg AND bringing Automatic Voter Registration to NYC
Ben Citizens UnionHow knowledgeable they were on specific policies and legislation on their issueI wasn't at the first part of the evening (sorry!)Amazing workgeneral
Beth Kelleykelleybeth@mac.comLeague of Women Votes NYCI am impressed most by the energy and poise of the studentsI will try more to not use plastic in the first place, since "recycle" often doesn't happen, as I learned from the studentsWe at the league look forward to seeing many of the students in the fall working on voter registration and other eventsenvironmental, general
Bida Chenbida.chen1997@gmail.comJohn Jay College, Bx Community Board 6the process during the arrival to the U.S, to entering the country. I knew the long process it took but not about the specifics of it.*spread knowledge about the topics that are often hidden from the general population
* attend Town Hall meetings that discuss these issues
*do more personal research
*spread the info on the immigration action group
*the pros and cons of every issue discussed to learn information that are one-sided but to understand both sides and to ask the question of why. I need to always be questioning everything bc who truly knows anything.immigration, general
Cal Hastingschastings@nycoutwardbound.orgNYC Outward Bound SchoolsI was struck by the depth and range of the youth agendaI can commit to connect YVote to student reps in our network NYC Outward Bound SchoolHave YVote reps interested in closing the pupil to prison pipeline connected to CEJ?criminal
Caleb Schwartzcalebdschwartz@gmail.comFossil Fuel/Divest Harvard*Clarity of understanding about what is right and what is wrong; passion for creating better future and not leaving anyone behind
*Youth pointing to the connection btw environmental and social justice issues
• As Greta Thunberg has noted, the house is on fire. Even if you can't vote, you can hold electeds accountable.
Providing toolkits, training, and connecting to youth interested in turning voice--> action (
check out the 350 trainings website: For students interested in climate activism, I'd recommend looking at their Climate Resistance Handbook at
Relaying info about upcoming actions and legislation youth can advocate for
How can youth who can and cannot vote make meaningful change in the climate crisis?environmental, general
Catherine Graypresident@lwvnyc.orgLeague of Women Voters of the city of nythe energy and knowledge of the presenters at the stationshelp with voter registration of 17-18 year olds and 16 year olds next Jan. Train youth to do their own Voter Registration Drivehousing, public school disparities
CHristine CHungyengcrystal@gmail.comYoung Governorsthat nonbinaries and transgenders are mostly excluded in abortion debateminimize my carbon footprint through small actions, ex turn off lights and use a reusable water bottle environmental
Daniel Youngddyoung@buffalo.eduBronx Community Board #6I was educated on the impact of criminal justice on black and latino communities and how they have affected us socially and politically, and what I can do to change the number to impact these communitiesForm a club at my university to find people passionate about keeping their environment cleanEnvironmental Justice! With Bronx Community Board 6, there is a lot of trash and people who don't know about being energy efficient. What exactly can we do to educate the people about it?environmental
Daniela Wellesley College/Next Gen Politicsvote--on a national, state, and local level
#NYCEDU (collective impact non-profit)
In the climate justice group, I was particularly struck by how young people are the best to lead this work because they are the ones who are inheriting our one and precious world.I commit to reading every YVote newsletter so I'm informed of your priorities and actively connecting resources to you.How do we weave intergenerational, cross-race, cross-class, and intentionally equitable communities? I'd love to learn from your experiences and collaborate to embed these processes in our city's larger system. Also, what's the status of youth led collective impact in the city? What's been going well and what will it take to take it to the next level?
Q2Lblack kids are much more likely to get suspended multiple times unlike white bodiesenvironmental, general
Delia Kim Sortoyounggovernors@gmail.comYoung Governorsthe difference btw organizing vs mobilizing. I'd never heard this distinction beforeAdvocating for more social workers/guidance counselors than guards/school officers
Emily Myersemily@witness.orgWITNESSreflections on how the punishment systems in schools (disproportionately schools with more students of color) of suspensions connects so strongly to the school-prison pipelineI'm committeing to educate myself about local policies affecting the climate crisis/consumerismMore on how restorative justice looks when applied in school systemscriminal, environmental
Gabriele Issroff Family FoundationFactsBe supportive!How do continue to keep youth engaged
Gale Borough President•did homework on issues
•immigration group--well organized
•Commit to work on specifics that implement the policies, i.e. crime--social workers in schools; quiet reflective space in schools; stop suspensions; i.e. gender--research has to include all genders and nonconforming; i.e. climate--stop fossil fuels and HOW to do that in NYC; ie immigration--eliminating the Public Charge*How to be specfic to make policies real
•Have to read more than what you agree with
Garrett Shorgshor@genvote.orgGen Votetheir depth of knowledge of their issues* support youth voter registration
*help train/connect youth activists
How do we engage as wide a community of young people as possible?general
Gregory Urenamagiciangre@gmail.comFrancis Lewis HSwhat struck me the most was the fact that the US has the highest incarceration vote in the world (more than tough on crime countries like China!)I will speak out against the egregious immigratio system our country is currently utilizing to prevent immigrants from achieving a better life via social media as well as spread awareness of the school to prison pipeline bill currently in the NY AssemblyHow do we create an influential enough program to reach more teens?criminal, immigration
Guiemnatou OuidharoseCommunity International High SchoolI learned that immigrants are very important in the societyI commit to support the immigration programwhat advantage can you get from doing that?immigration
Iris Kleinirissklein@gmail.comLeague of Women Voters@Greater New Brunswick areaWonderful creativity and preparedness in each breakout session. I personally learned a lotI am committed to increased civic education at the high school level. We are working on a variety of programs to bring more attention to this issues. We have some programs we can shareI was most impressed with Student to Prison pipeline issue presented in Criminal Justice session. Students helped me understand how they feel "watched rather than safe" with school policies today. I will bring this issue back to LWVGNBAcriminal, general
Jade Lozadathejadelozada@gmail.comHS of American Studies @Lehman CollegeThat a solution to climate change is voting local. Everyone wants to talk nationally or globally forgetting that some of the most impactful work begins at homeI will resarch local politicians environmental policy and follow local electionsHow exactly are transgender men and nonbinary Americans affected by abortion laws?environmental, gender
Jaden Fabrojadenfavro582@gmail.comYoung Governorswhat struck me most was how little time we have to save our earth from the amount of carbon emission we produce. Apparently it's bc of most people's environmental ignorance that our environment is getting a lot worse and that it is one of the causes of hurricanes in our areaI will commit to paying more attention to how i throw out my trash as in putting recyclable material in the recycling bin and organizing it by metals and plastic and the likeenvironmental
Jane Chenchenj19@bxscience.eduBronx HS for Science*Learned a lot about the gay rights movement and the abortion crisis (realized how much I didn't know)
*surprised about the conditions of these movementa and fascinated by the stats and impact these movements have made
I commit to using less plastic in my daily life. I also plan on consuming less meat, conserving energ, and taking greater strides to fight the issues of climate change todayHow do specific areas of farming (conventional, organic, or factory farming) fit into the issue of climate change and environmental justice?environmental, gender
John Sanchezbronxcb6@bronxcb6.orgBronx CB6the threat of a country like Bangladesh being buried under water due to rising sea levels. Those with felonies being penalized from food stamps, subsidized housing, etc.1) advocate for removal of metal detectors in Bronx DOE schools 2) organize Bronx Career Fairs for those recently released from prison 3) organize civic workshops in the Bronx, esp around environment and criminal justicecriminal, environmental
Kaitlyn Velasquezkaitlynvelazqueznyc@gmail.comMiddlebury CollegeThe atmosphere tonight was incredible. It moved me to the edge of my seat and beyond whenever my peers spoke about their part in the youth agenda. For the first time it was seems like forever, there’s hope within me. I feel like I have the power to start doing and commit myself to begin the work.

I was struck by Congress Member Yvette Clarke's words about being a beneficiary. It made me imagine how all of us are beneficiaries of one movement or another and I am committed to creating a new generation of beneficiaries.
Commit to disseminating the Youth Agenda and ensuring this isn't kept to just me. I commit to actively informing myself and others about the issues we spoke about. I commit to starting at the local level and to stop talking about issues and to start signing myself to movements. I commit to dedicate my time and to believe that the youth can lead us.What are ways we can highlight bills in the state/federal/local level to masses? I'm wondering if it is really social mediageneral
Karin'm thrilled and impressed by the youth leaders here tonight. As Ella Baker said, they have the courage where we failDOE is taking youth voice very seriously--we recently hired a Student Voice manager who was here tonight. We are improving school discipline policies and adding social emotional learning. We are increasing school integration. We are engaging students in school design. And we want you to be involved
Kathryn Joneskathryn@collective.agencyCollective AgencyI was shocked to hear that children btw K-3 can be suspended, the number of days a student can be suspended, and the lack of resources for students facing or experiencing suspension (and I was super impressed by the youth that shared this information)I'd love to hep get the Judge Kaye bill be brought to the Senate next session
Laura Jankstromljankstrom@cccnewyork.orgCitizens Committee for ChildrenThis is not a surprise to me, but I never fail to be inspired by the energy, passion, sophistication and diversity of strengths and perspectives youth bring to bear on the work.*Supporting criminal justice reform legislation
•Becoming better committed to reducing my carbon footprint
•Fighting for my immigrant brothers and sisters
How do we make this youth agenda more visible and involve more youth?criminal, environmental, immigration
Laura Pattersonlep331@nyu.eduTPTI am inspired by all the tremendous work that the students put into this eventI commit to supporting youth voicesEducation!general
Lauren McGrailexecutivedirector@emlfound.orgEugene Lang FoundationI was struck by how deeply they are engaging specific social issues and so clearly connecting them to legislation and voting will look into the school legislation supported by the YVoters and support it, and will commit to supporting man of the issues of deep concern to the YVoters through my workI would like to hear more about how the YVoters are going to amplify their message and inspire peers to votecriminal, general
Lindsay Bressmanlindsay@civicspirit.orgCivic Spiritthe conviction of informed and invested young people!learning more about new sound immigration proposals and my role in advocating for themHow can we ensure youth civic engagement work is bipartisan?immigration, general
Mandy Leungleungm@bxscience.eduBronx ScienceI learned multiple ways to get involved as a member of the youthI want to be part of the voter registration team and promote it through the panel I am hosting at my school. I will continue to attend the Global Climate Strike/walkout planning meetingWhen is the next Town Hall???environmental, general
Mary Jenkinsmljenkins50@gmail.comLeague of Women Voters/NYCstudent presenters were well informed about the issues in the Activation Stations part of the rogram. They also created activities for participants making it more interesting. Maybe they could present a specific action plan as wellHelp students register to vote and encourage them to vote in each election and to learn more about the issues they care about
Work to increase civics education in our schools. These wonderful students deserve better!
I would like to see better preparation for some of the stuent speakers in the first part of the program.
There were many people gathered around each table. What about putting chairs in front so some can sit while others stand behind?
Melanie Kruvelismelanie.kruvelis@younginvincibles.orgYoung InvinciblesThe knowledge, passion, and wide reach of the Youth Agenda*speaking against penalizing, dehumanizing, racist, classist immigration policy
•building a bridge btw high school activists and college/young adult activists
How can millennials and Gen Z build political power jointly?general
Michele Gugerlimgugerli10@gmail.comNYCDOEYoung leaders were so informed on the law and government processes. So many facts!I will serve as a liaison for the young leaders at DOE w/Amallia on civics, immigration, and other issues.Whatever feels right!How can we bring Young Leaders from YVote into DOE decision-making in a more powerful way?
N/Asomething that has movivated me today was climate change that is affecting all of us. Talk more about the issues that are going on around us and encourage more young leaders like meWhat can we do next, now that we have all the issues being talked about?environmental, general
N/AI was so impressed with how articulate and insightful the students are. The topics coversed and the depth in which they were covered were so sophisticated and thoroughusing a reusable water bottlehow will you get your peers to register to votegeneral
N/AThey're conscious, awareness, and how informed they areAs Founder of Cover Girls for Change, I will advocate for these issues on my platformNot sure right now
N/ALGBTQ hate crimes have increased in recent yearspre-registrationthe patriarchy
N/Ahow much plastic is in the oceanvotewhy don't people speak out?
Nina Zhengnzheng8118@townsendharris.orgTownsend Harris/Young GovernorsThe metal detectors installed in schools and the security gauards placed around the schools and the fact that students are treated like prisoners rather than studentsTo work with my local organizations to try to invoke change in the community or at least inform people of the issuesHow the comunity separates into their own groups and are isolated despite how diverse NYC iscriminal
Otto MoranBrooklyn Friendsthe number of YVote attendeesPressure representatives to pass climate change legislationhealthcareenvironmental, general
Rachel Lee
This is zero hourthere are climate strikes every Friday in front of the UN. THere will be a huge global Climate strike on Sept 20. The coordinating committee meets every Wed from 6-8 at Ethical Culture. Join us!
Rebecca Remerthat most rape victims are likel to be raped againvoting!How to pre-register
Samer Hassansh3866@columbia.eduYoung Invinciblesthe amount of knowledge the individuals had. They were open and committed to changing this world for the betterPartnering with NYC Votes and YVote and helping with registering new votersWhat pushback did NYC activists receive when pushing for the Equal Pay act and CHild Victims Act?general
Samiu Chengchengs2@bxscience.eduBronx Science HS/Young Governors AssociationThe leadership the youth displayed while they presented the essays and the issues that they passionately had organized for us. I learned so much about the issues I had not previously known such in depth about as well as observed characteristics of youth leadership. The environmental presenters were amazing on balancing the questions/comments and in conveying their information. Thank you!I commit t shopping at sustainable stores
i commit to moving forward to a dietary plan where I contribute little to none towards CAFOs
I commit to being open to the communties of diversity
•What ways can youth be involved in changing our communities further?
•How to bring greater communities of youth forward to be educated on these issues at a depth of understanding as well as to override the scary stigma of voting as a young member of the human population
Sandy Muisandymui1134@gmail.comWITNESSyouth leaders were particularly well spoken and informed about subjects they presented, which wasnt necessarily surprising but still impressivestudent engagement has always been on my mind since joining the workplace so Im even more encouraged to work with youth and support the Youth Agenda!How can we encourage Americans--who are relatively more "comfortable" than others--to not be complacentgeneral
Sheldafrancois.shelda@gmail.comTeens Take Chargethe laws and facts about gender restrictions (ex. heartbeat bill)passing on the knowledge bc that is the first thing needed before action
Sherry Hakimisherry@genequality.orgGenEqualityhow much knowledge is in this room, and knowledge is power. You. Are. Powerful. You have turned facts into stories that move people.
Steven PinedaSteven.Porfirio@gmail.comBrooklyn College"do not dare to dream, dare to do." This struck me because I love dreaming but doing is the hardest part. It gave me the motivation to stop and evaluate my actions, the steps I'll be taking from here on out.I plan on attending more YVote events and recommending YVote events to friends and family. I plan on becoming more politically involved with current events bc its easy to brush over what doesn't affect you . I want to know that my future will be ok and that the next generation won't have to go through the same.How can I be a leader?
Tate Shafertateshafer@gmail.comTrade InformaticsLots of student interest and engagementHappy to help with setup, programming, designClimate change solutions, criminal justice activism
Thierryson Francoisthierrysonfrancois20@gmail.comhow long the immigration process took and how crazy long the lines aretry to do more to decrease climae change and make better choices that not only affect our generation but the future ones alsowhen is your next event?
Umera Khanumerakhan2013@gmail.comHunter College/Bronx Community Board 6It was so refreshing to hear the youth leaders speak about these important topics. These things are happening right now and to see them speak about it was so insightful. They are the leaders of tomorrow. You guys have inspired me!*attend more city council meetings
• speak to representatives about the ongoing issues in NYC, the US, and the world
• research, research, research
* supporting youth orgs that focus on social justice
• teach others about the injustices occurring in the world
*How can we COLLECTIVELY speak about the ongoing issues throughout the world?
*How can we educate future and older generations about these issues?
Willa Hahnwillahahn@gmail.comMiss America Organizationthe idea that various actions we can take to combat climate change aren't as accesssible for everyoen bc of the resources available to them, but everyone can at least take small stepscontinue my work educating young people about why their voices are needed in the political arena so we can get more young people to support and vote for the youth agenda and continue to lend their voices to what the youth agenda means to themHow do we get more young people to vote and get involved in the youth agenda?general
Yadira Gonzalezyadiragon48@cpe-hs.orgFrancis Lewis HS/Young Governorstranspeople's struggle with mental health in prison
students in elementary school get suspended
I commit to supporting act that was presented in criminal justice and encouraging other youth to email the Assembly person in charge of this act.
Support climate change rally
Which communities are kept in the dark about youth leadership, immigration and school to prison pipeline and how can we inform them?
How are you shrinking the number of people in prison?