Please contact if you would like to:
-offer your company services to other entities for COVID-related projects to this sheet
-add your company’s immediate need(s) to this sheet, to be viewed by industry
-respond to a specific need listed here
-follow up with an offer listed here
1Offering QCExpertise - regulatory consulting In these crisis times, we would like to offer our efficient expertise and experience to companies that are developing Health Products that could possibly support and alleviate the Covid-19 sanitary crisis.Our team is fully functional from a safe and secure home set-up.
2NeedQCCRO servicesWe develop a solution to rescue lungs from acute injury and have accumulated a lot of efficacy data in a large animal model. We believe there is a chance that our solution can be adapted to the COVID-19 situation as an adjunct treatment to current management strategies. In order to see if our solution would work in the case of viral infection induced pulmonary complications, we need to formulate our product to be administered through inhalation. Are there any resources that can support this project? Any BIOTECanada member companies or CROs that can help?
3Offering ONLab services - GeneticsThe genotyping platform that we employ, the Agena MassARRAY, is known for accuracy and is frequently used in clinical diagnostic settings. As mentioned, Inagene is accredited with CLIA (CLIA ID #99D2164194), who require a number of measures to ensure continued test accuracy and precision. In addition, Inagene goes beyond CLIA requirements to ensure continued accuracy.
4Offering QCGMP services & suppliesWe provide customized GMP services for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, aimed at solving our customers’ technical, production, stability and regulatory issues. We offer highly personalized GMP services for all of our products (excipients, buffers, process solutions and select number of APIs), including custom formulations of products and tailored solutions for GMP packaging. All customers, whether current or new, can count on us for their regular needs and to assist with their development of products to help with the fight against COVID-19.
5NeedQCReagentsCompany is setting up GLP & CLIA certified lab to be able to process in excess of 1500 COVID-19 tests per day to help support the Quebec ministry of Health. With a few additional pieces of instruments we could possibly scale up further. Our ability to secure sustainable access to critical reagents will be key.
6Offering ONLab servicesHealth Canada Establishment licensed for Sterile and non-sterile dosage forms as well as API manufacture and testing.
GMP sterile filling of drugs, both aseptic and non-sterile into vials.
Liquid and powder filling capabilities.
Custom drug API manufacture.
Capsule filling capabilities: Filling machines with capacity to fill up to 15,000-25,000 units (2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 ml) per batch. Vials also available.
Custom clinical trial drug substance manufacture, formulation and filling or capsule manufacture.
Clinical trial kit assembly.
Drug analog/medicinal chemistry research services.
Past experience in reagent preparation.
Formulation development for liquids, semi-solids and dosage forms. Have experience in provision of sterile vials to be attached to nebulizers for inhalation.
Autoclave, Dry Heat and VHP (Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide) sterilization services.
Sterilization by sterilizing filtration.
Aseptic processing capability.
GMP and non-GMP chemical/ API synthesis.
Extensive QC and microbiology capabilities.
Disinfectant qualification capabilities.
7Offering QCLab services Offering process and analytical development services of various biological compounds including vaccines.
8Offering ONProtein, Antibody, Antigen production We provide expression of proteins and antibodies in a rapid plant based system. We can produce materials from a sequence in 6-8 weeks. Applications include the rapid production of molecules for initial evaluation; process development and production of antigens and antibodies for diagnostic kits; process development and partnered production of proteins and antibodies as pyrophytic and therapeutic drugs. We can produce material at the laboratory scale at 100s mg level and in the GLP pilot plant at multi g scale. Larger scale and GMP production can be provided with partners.
9Offering ONLab services - vaccine development Company would like to collaborate with developers of virus-based coronavirus vaccines who are looking to increase yields for their vaccines. We will provide evaluation quantities of our VSe compounds free of charge in order to facilitate the testing and use of our technology. We will work closely with these partners to develop VSe formulations for their manufacturing processes and support regulatory submissions, where necessary, in order to expedite access to life-saving coronavirus vaccines.
***Note: Montreal Invivo is using their LinkedIn Group for a similar matchmaking bulletin board for service/supply needs and offers with respect to projects specific to COVID-19. Their posts will be duplicated here when possible. Please visit their page as well if you are looking for something specific.
10OfferingQCLab services - processing & storageBrooks Life Sciences/BioSpeciMan is open and ready to help during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our customers continue to send us samples for lab processing and storage. Some are still requesting outbound shipments.
To date, we have not experienced any service interruptions or delays with respect to sample logistics – and all inbound and outbound shipments as well as sample discard activities are operating as normal.
-In our biorepositories, liquid nitrogen and dry ice supplies are robust as we work with our suppliers to ensure no disruption in supply.
-We are working closely with our carriers to understand potential risks and their plans to ensure services are maintained.
*pulled from Montreal Invivo page
11NeedEquipment - masks and protective gearThere seems to be a great need for masks at the level of local businesses to ensure the safety of employees. If you are or know a supplier that can provide them, come forward!*pulled from Montreal Invivo page
12Offering (soon)QCEquipment - masks and protective gearA message from PSCC Medical, a distributor of medical equipment and equipment. They will soon receive their stock of protective products such as: Masks 3 ply; KN95 masks; Protective blouses; Protective uniforms; Protective goggles, Protective visor masks; Protects shoes; Protective boots; Hair caps; Swabs; Etc... In order to adjust their quantities, PSCC Medical wants to know your needs for these products. They can be contacted by email at or by phone at 450-659-2220/514-777-8266.*pulled from Montreal Invivo page
13NeedNSLab services - aerosolized testingA team in Atlantic Canada is coordinating projects responding to COVID equipment requests and one of the potential projects is focusing on N95 face masks. In particular it is looking at the material used in the mask and an alternative material/coating combo. The team has developed a prototype, but needs to test it to N95 standards – aerosolized testing, likely including:
Filter testing to NIOSH standards
NaCl aerosol challenge
Dioctyl Phtalate test to standard 43 CFR part 84
NIOSH Procedure No. RCT-APR-STP-0051-0056, 2005
NIOSH Procedure No. RC-APR-STP-0057, 0058 and 0059
The ideal testing chamber is a 8130a TSI machine.
They are trying to find out if there are any labs in Atlantic Canada with the ability to do this testing, and would need a team with the expertise to run the tests
14OfferingCANLab suppliesVWR is open for business! For members who are clients, there is a special portal to check on product availability. For non-clients and/or non-members, please connect with for additional information.
15Need BC, ONMasks Mask A Hero BC and Mask A Hero Ontario are public resources to connect businesses and private citizens looking to donate excess unused PPE supplies with the appropriate contact accepting PPE donations at local hospitals across British Columbia and Ontario, given the current PPE shortages across the country. While the federal government has set up initiatives to retool existing domestic manufacturing supply chains in an effort to address the PPE shortages, this can take weeks to implement. As such, Mask A Hero intends to mobilize communities to donate unused PPE to frontline medical workers at their local hospitals to meet demand in the interim.
16NeedNBResearch, expertiseA company in Atlantic Canada has developed a screening tool for elevated temperatures based on infrared cameras that could contribute to efforts to contain COVID-19. They would like to trial this in a hospital where measurements can be compared to medical personnel taking temperatures traditionally.
They are brainstorming ways to facilitate this research. Please reach out to with ideas and suggestions.
17OfferingCANSoftware interface design services & user testingWe make software interfaces user friendly for software in the biotech field being used by people in the field, lab or office as well as consumer-friendly interfaces which are immediately usable for people who have never seen the app/site before.
18OfferingQCLab servicesITR Laboratories Canada provides preclinical safety testing for novel drugs, including those that will be used to combat the spread of COVID-19. Here at ITR we see the need for new therapies targeting this coronavirus and are putting a high priority on helping developers of all sizes speed new candidates into the clinic. Our scientists are well versed in evaluating safety pharmacology, genetic toxicology, and immunology effects of drug candidates using assays such as ADA and cytokines. With our recognized expertise in administering test articles by various routes such as injection, oral, infusion, and via inhalation , a particular specialty of ITR, we are very well suited to help drug developers get their potential treatments to the next stage of development.
19OfferingQCData science servicesA Montreal company specialized in artificial intelligence is offering data science services:
We use data science, including machine learning as a way to analyze, understand and predict future outcomes.
Our healthcare lab is currently working on a project to help review new information that is being published in peer-reviewed journals on COVID-19 regarding incubation period, transmission, possible treatments, etc. You can count on us if you have any data science needs whether it is for your regular projects or the ones that are specifically COVID-19 related.
20OfferingMBResearch - preclinical discoveryCanAm Bioresearch Inc. - is an established pharmaceutical contract research organization specializing in pre-clinical discovery focused on medicinal chemistry research, chemical libraries and custom chemical synthesis services.
21OfferingMBLab services - CROGVI Clinical Development Solutions - - is a boutique CRO specializing in strategic consulting and hands-on clinical and regulatory support for small to medium sized biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
22Need CANSupply - ReagentGuanidine thiocyanate (~3 tonnes)
We are looking for biotechnology grade, with a purity of 99.5% (preferred)
No preference in pack size. We are just trying to get to our total amount.
Needed as soon as possible.
23NeedONLab space & equipmentLooking for a facility with ventilator testing equipment near Ottawa. We are looking to do some performance measurements on a breathing simulator (ASL5000 or similar) and comparison of performance to approved ventilators if possible.
24OfferingCANLab services - cellsSTEMCELL Technologies is a Vancouver based biotechnology company that supports life sciences research with more than 2500 products including cell culture media, cell separation technologies, instruments, accessory products, and educational resources. STEMCELL's products are being used in over 30 studies on COVID-19 worldwide focusing on areas such as diagnostics, treatments, vaccine development, and future prevention. For example, STEMCELL's cell culture media are being used to grow lung and intenstinal cells that propagate the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while the company's cell separation tools are being used to isolate specific immune cell types from blood samples.
25OfferingONlogistics servicesBay Area Research Logistics is a Hamilton, Ontario based company and is part of the Hamilton Health Sciences ecosystem. We offer expert services in clinical trial logistics including storage, distribution, labeling, packaging, and planning. We can also accommodate the storage and distribution of non-trial related materials such as masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc. If there are any clinical trials or other organizations which might have a need for logistics services we would be happy to help.
26OfferingONdata management and digitizationBay Area Records is a Hamilton, Ontario based company which offers data management and document digitization services. We provide our services to hospitals, community based health and social service providers, researchers, educational institutions, etc. Some of our clients include Hamilton Health Sciences, Joseph Brant Hospital, the Niagara Health System, and McMaster University. We can offer services to anyone looking for document scanning, data capture, coding/indexing, electronic archiving, and records destruction regardless of whether they are in the healthcare industry or not.
27OfferingONServices - compound screeningCompany has expertise in identifying and isolating novel natural products for use as therapeutics. The platform has the ability to focus on putative drug-like compounds, and to date the team has isolated >600 (and growing) candidate molecules and purified and solved structures on >50 novel bioactive compounds. If other companies are set up to do COVID-19 assays and are interested in screening novel chemistry, please connect. For context, both azithromycin and chloroquinone are of natural product origin, and both have been floated as having potential use against COVID-19.
28OfferingONLab services - genetics/PCRA private Saskatoon based molecular genetics lab. We are a high throughput laboratory for PCR testing and quantification. We have capacity to run more than 15,000 PCR assays in 24 hours. We are currently familiarizing ourselves with the CDC emergency testing protocol to possibly begin running diagnostic testing for the novel coronavirus.
29OfferingCANLab services - flow cytometrySony Biotechnology specializes in Flow Cytometry Cell Sorting and Analysis and are now the industry’s leading cell sorter; entirely ‘do-it-yourself’ imparting major cost reductions. If anyone in your research community requires assistance with their flow cytometry then Sony is happy to help. Major areas of focus include single cell sorting upstream genomic sequencing, stem cell research, cancer research and immunology.
30NeedQCSupply - Hollow fibre cartridges Vaccine developer requires these 2 types of hollow fibre cartridges for Mid-May:

Hollow Fibre Cartridges


31OfferingBCSupply - PPE productsNorthern PPE is a global leader in personal protective equipment (PPE), serving government, private sector, and NGO clients around the world from our Vancouver, Canada headquarters. Our team specializes in bulk orders. We are hoping to help connect those in need of PPE with reliable high-quality sources. For more information or requests regarding specific products please contact our team at