Phase 3 Grantees
Funding Categories:Food Security - Travis Food Security - RegionalCash Transfer - TravisCash Transfer - RegionalSocial Supports - TravisSocial Supports - Regional
Socail Supports - Cultural OrganizationsPPE - TravisPPE - RegionalPPE - Cultural Organizations
Funding CategoryOrganization Name Percentage of Funding Serving Each CountyGrant AmountFunded Project
Food Security - Travis The Abiding Glory Tabernacle10%5%5%70%10%$20,000.00We will provide families experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 with food assistance by supplying families with HEB gift cards, we have received and overwhelming increase of requests for food and financial help since the onset of the pandemic.
Food Security - Travis African American Youth Harvest Foundation0%0%0%95%5%$15,000.00AAYHF focuses on providing resources to youth and families and assist them to get to self sufficiency. AAYHF have identified and continue to work with families who are in need of resources. AAYHF will distribute resources to the families in the form of gift cards for a household.
Food Security - Travis The Austin Ed Fund0%0%0%100%0%$15,000.00Austin Ed Fund will work with campus principals, parent support specialists, social services specialists and community partners to identify and provide families with food assistance who have demonstrated need.
Food Security - Travis Alpha SDA Church0%0%0%100%0%$10,000.00Alpha SDA Church seeks funding to support our Pecans Springs Food Pantry.
Food Security - Travis Austin City Lutherans1%0%1%97%1%$10,000.00Bread For All Food Pantry desires to provide nutritional assistance - food and grocery gift cards - to our homeless clients, and the same to our household clients who, because of the devastating effects of the pandemic, are behind on rent, utilities, and other bills and face the prospect of eviction.
Food Security - Travis Austin Community College2%2%2%86%8%$15,000.00ACC proposes to distribute all of the requested $25,000 in food security relief funds to low-income Adult Education students facing economic hardship due to COVID-19.
Food Security - Travis Austin Voices for Education and Youth0%0%0%95%5%$10,000.00Auxstin Voices for Education and Youth (AVEY) will partner with the Cook’s Nook to distribute prepared Holiday Family Dinners to address food insecurity in our community and fill identified gaps in food resources being provided for caregivers and their families at Burnet Middle School, Navarro High School and Dobie Middle School (and feeder elementary schools) for 4,440 people in December of 2020.
Food Security - Travis BRAVE Communities1%0%9%75%15%$15,000.00B.R.A.V.E. partners with local restaurants and associations to help safely distribute fresh and non-perishable meals in communities that need the most support due to limited transportation, language access, and eligibility for social services - youth aging out of the foster care system, refugee families, and the homeless.
Food Security - Travis CASA of Travis County0%0%0%100%0%$10,000.00CASA of Travis County will support children that have experienced abuse or neglect, and are currently in safe placements, with direct food assistance to ensure the families remain stable and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Food Security - Travis Central Presbyterian Church0%0%0%100%0%$15,000.00Central Presbyterian Church (CPC) will deliver healthy prepared food and water to Travis County residents experiencing severe and consistent food insecurity due to homelessness.
Food Security - Travis Central Texas Food Bank6%1%10%65%18%$25,000.00Central Texas Food Bank requests funding to support relief efforts for those facing food insecurity in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson County during the COVID-19 crisis.
Food Security - Travis The Junior League of Austin0%0%0%100%0%$10,000.00The Junior League of Austin Food in Tummies program provides weekend nourishment with bilingual, nutrition-focused educational content and recipes to each child across two elementary schools in DVISD, Baty and Hillcrest, where over 96% of the students are economically disadvantaged and eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, with a mission to educate children, parents, and the community to promote nutritional health and maximize student potential.
Food Security - Travis Meals On Wheels and More, Inc. (dba Meals on Wheels Central Texas)2%1%1%90%6%$15,000.00Meals on Wheels Central Texas proposes to provide shelf-stable meals and wrap-around support services for homebound, hungry seniors in Central Texas, most of whom are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19, as they cannot leave their homes for basic items such as healthy meals.
Food Security - Travis People for Change Texas0%0%0%100%0%$10,000.00Our mission is to use sports mentoring, motivational speaking, education, and community service to enhance the development of our youth regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or creed.
Food Security - Travis Project Transitions5%5%5%80%5%$5,000.00A city permit issue has resulted in the cancelation of the on-site food bank in our two temporary locations. The food bank provided weekly food deliveries to 18 housing clients; we are seeking funding to provide 20 clients with $100 in monthly grocery cards so they can continue to have access to fresh, healthy food — a critical factor in their HIV treatment.
Food Security - Travis Refugee Services of Texas0%0%0%98%2%$10,000.00Refugee Services of Texas requests $24,970 in order to provide food security and assistance to individuals and families experiencing economic hardship through financial assistance.
Food Security - Travis Sustainable Food Center4%2%3%76%15%$15,000.00Food insecurity in Texas has doubled to 27% during the pandemic. SFC’s work reducing financial, cultural, and geographical barriers to healthy food has never been more critical. SFC requests support to ensure healthy food access in Central Texas through our Double Up Food Bucks program, which provides families using SNAP/WIC at farmers’ markets with a $1:$1 match on fruits and vegetables to stretch their food budgets with healthy options.
Food Security - Travis Todos Juntos0%6%3%90%1%$15,000.00Todos Juntos Learning Center, a two-generation educational program for immigrants, requests $25,000 for HEB gift cards for families with high food insecurity who are experiencing a recent financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and/or job loss. Many immigrant families do not qualify for government assistance. Situations include mother has breast cancer and father was laid off, father was injured at work and is not being rehired.
Food Security - Travis Vibrant Woman Mama Sana0%0%3%85%12%$10,000.00Mama Sana Vibrant Woman will provide community members with fresh, healthy, culturally appropriate meals to address nutritional needs and ease financial burdens as well as the stress of daily food preparation for pregnant and new mothers who are juggling expanded family responsibilities during the pandemic and economic freefall.
Food Security - Travis Wayside Schools0%0%10%90%0%$10,000.00Through rigorous academics and an inclusive and caring community, Wayside ensures ALL scholars are college-ready and prepared to be engaged and successful leaders.
Food Security - RegionalBastrop County Emergency Food Pantry and Support Center100%0%0%0%0%$15,000.00The Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry & Support Center strives to serve Bastrop County seniors in crisis—especially now during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Food Security - RegionalCaldwell County Christian Ministries0%100%0%0%0%$15,000.00CCCM Food Pantry serves over 800 families in Caldwell County every month providing over 100 pounds of high quality food items to those suffering from food insecurity.
Food Security - RegionalCatholic Charities of Central Texas10%10%15%50%15%$15,000.00Catholic Charities of Central Texas will provide $50 HEB gift cards to 450 Central Texans facing hardship due to COVID-19. Recognizing that there are fewer resources outside of Travis County, we commit to distributing 50% of gift cards for households residing in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays and Williamson counties.
Food Security - RegionalGeorgetown Backpack Buddies0%0%0%0%100%$10,000.00Purchase food for weekend food packs for food-insecure Georgetown ISD students.
Food Security - RegionalHays CISD Child Nutrition0%0%100%0%0%$20,000.00Funding from this grant will help us secure food to continue to feed the children in the community 18 years and younger for free.
Food Security - RegionalHill Country Community Ministries1%1%1%24%73%$15,000.00Hill Country Community Ministries (HCCM), through its Food Pantry and Fresh Food For All (FFFA) mobile produce distributions, operates 5 days a week, annually serving thousands of unique individuals in crisis and poverty in 78 zip codes in central Texas.
Food Security - RegionalHutto Resource Center0%0%0%0%100%$10,000.00The HRC will provide food to food insecure families as well as basic need items. The HRC will also offer delivery services to the aging population and those who are home bound.
Food Security - RegionalITSHUH Ministry100%0%0%0%0%$10,000.00ITSHUH Soup Kitchen and Homeless Shelter provides food and safe shelter to individuals and families with children at the Highway 95 location and about 800 Brown Bag lunches per week at 7 other sites in Bastrop County.
Food Security - RegionalNational Church Residences Foundation0%0%53%29%18%$10,000.00A grant from The Austin Community Foundation and United Way for Greater Austin will enable us to provide a $60 grocery gift card to 376 low income seniors residing at our 4 Central Texas independent affordable housing buildings, ensuring these seniors struggling with food insecurities can purchase proteins and healthy food options to help sustain them during this pandemic.
Food Security - RegionalOperation Liberty Hill0%0%0%0%100%$10,000.00Operation Liberty Hill is seeking funding from the AT-ATX Grant for $20,632 to purchase food for the pantry and $4368 to cover the truck driver’s salary for 6 months. The truck driver picks up food from local grocers. He is paid $14 an hour and works 12 hours a week.
Food Security - RegionalOut Youth5%5%10%50%30%$10,000.00To expand food access solutions for 275+ LGBTQIA+ Central Texans during and beyond this crisis, Out Youth seeks funding to purchase six months worth of grocery gift cards, fresh proteins and produce, and food storage containers as well as compensate staff for making grocery deliveries to ensure food security among the individuals and families we serve.
Food Security - RegionalSewa International30%0%0%30%40%$10,000.00With an aim to provide hunger relief to low-income households and those rendered homeless because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sewa International will provide grocery gift card to 90 needy households in Bastrop, Travis and Williamson who are below the federal poverty level.
Food Security - RegionalSmithville Food Pantry100%0%0%0%0%$15,000.00The purpose of this application is to secure funding to procure food products for all families and individuals seeking food assistance and to provide continued relief to those facing food insecurity in our community. We are an organization operated 100% by a volunteer staff (no paid positions), therefore 100% of the ATX grant funds will go to those experiencing food insecurity in our community.
Food Security - RegionalSociety of St. Vincent de Paul Diocesan Council of Austin10%10%10%50%20%$10,000.00The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Diocesan Council of Austin is requesting funds to address food insecurity in Central Texas due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis.
Cash Transfer - TravisAlpha SDA Church0%0%0%100%0%$30,000.00Alpha Church seeks a grant to expand our supports for low income families requesting cash assistance.
Cash Transfer - TravisAny Baby Can of Austin, Inc.3%0%11%83%3%$60,000.00Any Baby Can is seeking $100,000 in funding through the All Together ATX Fund to supplement its capacity to provide direct financial assistance to families that are facing increased hardship because of the COVID-19 crisis.
Cash Transfer - TravisAustin Health Commons0%0%0%100%0%$50,000.00The purpose of the application is to continue connecting and aiding families through our COVID-19 Relief Program by providing direct cash assistance for past due rent, mortgage, utilities, inability to purchase medications or other health care needs not covered by insurance including past due insurance deductibles and transportation costs.
Cash Transfer - TravisAustin Revitalization Authority10%0%0%80%10%$30,000.00DAWA (Diversity Awareness and Wellness in Action) Fund addresses many social determinants of health by providing direct financial assistance to people who often do not have a social safety net to catch them when life’s storms hit. DAWA has teamed with ARA to raise and disburse over $20,000 (in $200 Visa gift cards) since September 2019, with an additional $20,000 to be distributed in October.
Cash Transfer - TravisAVANCE-Austin0%0%0%100%0%$65,000.00AVANCE-Austin requests $150,000 to provide direct cash assistance (including moderate overhead) to Latinx families participating in our parent-child education program who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.
Cash Transfer - TravisBlackland Community Develpment Corporation0%0%0%100%0%$20,000.00The goal is to offer financial assistance in the form of prepaid cards to Blackland CDC Tenants who demonstrate financial needs that align with criteria set forth by project managers; since all of Blackland CDC residents are experiencing extreme poverty as well as the economic effects Covid-19 has taken on communities across our nation.
Cash Transfer - TravisBook Boosters, Inc.(dba) THE EVICTION MITIGATION DIVISION0%0%0%100%0%$65,000.00The $150,000 direct assistance grant funds will be used for our Eviction Mitigation Division's rental assistance program for 150+ families in our program residing in low-income apartments in East Austin. The parents have no reliable source of income and are behind in their rent. Without our assistance, they will be evicted with no options except homelessness when the Federal CDC eviction stay is lifted, and eviction hearings resume in January.
Cash Transfer - TravisBreakthrough3%0%1%95%1%$20,000.00ATATX grant funding will support Breakthrough Central Texas’ Student and Family Support Fund to meet our students and their families’ needs related to housing stability, utilities, health care, transportation, internet access, and other emergency needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cash Transfer - TravisCasa Marianella0%0%0%100%0%$50,000.00Casa Marianella will provide direct aid for rent and utilities for at least 135 recently homeless immigrants who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 to prevent them from becoming homeless again and help them return to self-sufficiency as soon as possible.
Cash Transfer - TravisCenter for Survivors of Torture2%1%14%75%8%$50,000.00Center for Survivors of Torture’s proposal is to capitalize upon its well established procedures for the provision and tracking of direct cash assistance to those served by the agency to provide for their ever growing need for assistance with housing, utilities, educational needs of children, medical and health care, and transportation due to the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the immigrant population, which is predominately people of color.
Cash Transfer - TravisCommunities In Schools of Central Texas31%3%15%51%0%$40,000.00With ATATX support, Communities In Schools of Central Texas (CIS) will provide direct cash assistance to Central Texas families who are experiencing homelessness.
Cash Transfer - TravisEl Buen Samaritano Episcopal Mission3%2%3%90%2%$125,000.00In support of families financially affected by COVID-19—specifically the thousands of households that applied but were not selected for the City of Austin RISE 2.0 cash assistance program—El Buen Samaritano will leverage its existing contactless cash disbursal infrastructure to re-affirm qualification of 135 families in this pool and quickly disburse ATATX award dollars in the form of $1,000 pre-paid VISA cards.
Cash Transfer - TravisFamily Independence Initiative (FII)40%0%0%60%0%$90,000.00FII will invest in 80 low-income families in the Del Valle and Dove Springs area who experienced hardship due to COVID-19 with direct cash investments of $2,000 each over five months (January 2021-May 2021) and offer an online platform for these families to strengthen and create social networks, set goals on their self-determined paths, monitor progress, and support one another in achieving economic and social mobility.
Cash Transfer - TravisFoundation Communities0%0%0%90%10%$50,000.00Foundation Communities (FC) created the COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund to support vulnerable residents and provide tangible resources, including rent assistance; our priority is to provide stable homes for residents facing daily reports of loss, and to ensure that children do not fall behind in school due to lack of funds needed to keep up with the virtual demands of today’s world.
Cash Transfer - TravisHACA Scholarship Foundation Inc0%0%0%100%0%$100,000.00The program will provide direct financial assistance to individuals who experienced economic hardship due to COVID and who reside in public housing, participate in the HCV program, or are transitioning from the public housing or HCV waitlist into their subsidized residence.
Cash Transfer - TravisInterfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT)0%0%0%100%0%$45,000.00In response to Covid-19, iACT will use ATATX funding to provide essential, basic needs assistance to its low-income, refugee clients.
Cash Transfer - TravisJail to Jobs0%0%0%70%30%$40,000.00Jail to Jobs is uniquely poised to help provide direct cash assistance in the communities hardest hit by Covid-19. We have established networks of current program participants, graduates, and their families who are in dire need of assistance. We provide ongoing case management and assessment of needs, and have staff members who are connected in neighborhoods throughout Travis and Williamson Counties. This grant would expand our successful physical needs program.
Cash Transfer - TravisNorth Austin Muslim Community Cetnter3%0%0%80%17%$75,000.00This application is to request $150,000, the maximum fund allocated for direct cash assistance, to help community members who struggle financially by providing up to $2000 per household upon verifying one or more of the following criteria: past due utility bills, past due rent or eviction notices, additional educational needs of the children, inability to purchase medications or other health care needs not covered by insurance, and transportation costs.
Cash Transfer - TravisRefugee Services of Texas0%0%0%98%2%$40,000.00Refugee Services of Texas requests $94,600 in order to provide direct cash assistance to individuals and families experiencing economic hardship through rent, utility, and medical bill assistance.
Cash Transfer - TravisThe SAFE Alliance1%1%2%92%4%$100,000.00The SAFE Alliance (SAFE | stop abuse for everyone) requests a $150,000 direct cash assistance grant, to help Travis County-area abuse survivors impacted by COVID-19 to address housing, educational, medical and other essential needs, to become/stay safe, housed and stable.
Cash Transfer - TravisSaheli, Inc. dba Asian Family Support Services of Austin5%5%5%70%15%$95,000.00Free, confidential, culturally-responsive, and safe delivery of gift cards to Asian and immigrant survivors of violence and communities at risk of violence who have food insecurity, financial distress, limited English proficiency, and barriers to access mainstream social service providers or safety concerns related to surviving abuse or discrimination in U.S. dominant culture.
Cash Transfer - TravisThe Survive2Thrive Foundation (S2T)0%0%8%72%20%$70,000.00The SANCTUARY Housing Supports Program will provide direct cash assistance for domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking survivors so that they may secure longterm housing and begin their journey to safe and successful futures.
Cash Transfer - TravisTexans Can Academy Austin0%0%2%90%8%$70,000.00Integrated into the East side community, serving Austin’s young priority population since 2002, Texans Can Academies' (TCA) deep connections and access to an underserved population at a critical teenage juncture positions TCA to make important long and short term impact through distributing direct cash assistance, to students and their families to provide relief of the debilitating economic, mental and social impact of COVID-19.
Cash Transfer - TravisTexas Empowerment Academy12%0%1%79%8%$50,000.00Texas Empowerment Academy is requesting a $50,000 grant to support the needs of low-income, majority African-American families who need cash assistance with food, housing (rent, utilities) and medical needs that have resulted from or have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.
Cash Transfer - TravisTodos Juntos0%6%3%90%1%$30,000.00Todos Juntos Learning Center, a two-generation educational program for immigrants, requests $75,000 for Visa gift cards for families experiencing a recent financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and/or job loss. These immigrant families may not qualify for government assistance. Funds will be used to pay for basic needs, including health care expenses, transportation, educational needs, and rent.
Cash Transfer - TravisTogether We Rise5%5%5%80%5%$90,000.00The Rapid Response Program for Foster Youth in College assists aged-out foster students (of which 100% have experienced childhood trauma or abuse with 25% showing signs of post traumatic stress disorder) with immediate access to flexible resources that quickly address the challenges presented by COVID-19 that could potentially threaten their transition to and through college such as housing, food security, access to mental health treatment, and education technology.
Cash Transfer - TravisVibrant Woman Mama Sana5%2%5%73%15%$70,000.00Mama Sana Vibrant Woman will support in a culturally-congruent, trauma-informed way, 68 Black and Latina pregnant people and new parents who are struggling with basic needs due to conditions with COVID-19 with up to $2,000 in cash assistance.
Cash Transfer - TravisVolunteer Healthcare Clinic0%0%1%98%1%$40,000.00Austin is a melting pot of different cultures; we believe that by bringing people together from various backgrounds beyond barriers of race and socioeconomic status, we can form a community where music and art become a cornerstone of hope, creativity, and leadership.
Cash Transfer - TravisYoung Voices of Austin0%0%0%93%7%$10,000.00Austin is a melting pot of different cultures; we believe that by bringing people together from various backgrounds beyond barriers of race and socioeconomic status, we can form a community where music and art become a cornerstone of hope, creativity, and leadership.
Cash Transfer - TravisYouth and Family Alliance dba LifeWorks0%0%0%100%0%$50,000.00LifeWorks will provide direct cash transfers to youth experiencing homelessness and recently housed youth to help them secure and sustain safe and stable housing and to support youths’ physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cash Transfer - RegionalAustin Area Urban League25%0%0%50%25%$50,000.00Through AAUL’s signature RRAP program, we’ve provided rapid assistance and relief supports for individuals and households to: 1) offset financial hardship, and; 2) provide basic needs support, to decrease the disparate impacts that have occurred due to crises and life altering events. This holistic rapid emergency support offers our most vulnerable communities a wide variety of assistant measures including: basic needs, food insecurity, rent assistance, mortgage assistance, and medical assistance.
Cash Transfer - RegionalAustin Black Pride5%5%15%40%35%$40,000.00Austin Black Pride is a network propelling the Black Queer community in Central Texas. We cultivate a culture of impact.
Cash Transfer - RegionalAustin Paramedic Relief and Community Outreach15%10%20%38%17%$20,000.00Austin Paramedic Relief and Community Outreach seeks to provide relief funding in $500-$2,000 amounts to be distributed directly to medics affected by the pandemic: these are medics that have been exposed, are symptomatic, are quarantined, and/or are unable to work due to COVID-19 and their needs include support for medical bills not covered by health insurance, rent, child care, food, and toiletries.
Cash Transfer - RegionalBastrop County Emergency Food Pantry and Support Center100%0%0%0%0%$40,000.00The Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry & Support Center strives to serve Bastrop County seniors in crisis—especially now during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Cash Transfer - RegionalBastrop County Long Term Recovery Team100%0%0%0%0%$38,522.00The Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team is here to respond to the needs of Bastrop County residents affected by COVID-19, by providing safe food deliveries for our seniors and financial recovery for our families of Bastrop County.
Cash Transfer - RegionalCircle of Health International20%20%20%20%20%$50,000.00COHI has created and is working to expand a Travis County COVID-19 Fund that provides financial support for emergency housing for vulnerable women and children experiencing danger in their current places of residence, medical supplies for refugee and migrant women and children fleeing domestic violence in their home country, and medical care and counseling for these vulnerable populations.
Cash Transfer - RegionalHutto Resource Center0%0%0%0%100%$50,000.00The HRC will provide financial assistance to households that demonstrate financial hardship due to COVID-19.
Cash Transfer - RegionalMano Amiga0%40%60%0%0%$20,000.00We propose to expand the success of our Grassroots Stimulus Fund, which has distributed cash aid of $250 to sixty immigrant families in Hays County excluded from federal stimulus. While we’ve raised $15,000 for this purpose, more families remain on our waiting list. We’ll partner with Where We Thrive, a Black-led grassroots 501c3 in Lockhart with whom we recently opened an office, to expand cash-assistance efforts into Caldwell County.
Cash Transfer - RegionalMELJ Center20%10%15%45%10%$50,000.00MELJ will provide direct cash assistance to those marginalized community members who need the assistance for hardships experienced due to this pandemic. As an organization that works with those who've previously been incarcerated and their families we have a unique link to providing aid directly to help them continue on a path to success.
Cash Transfer - RegionalNorthwest Austin Universal Health Clinic, Inc.1%0%0%49%50%$50,000.00(Continuation of use of ATATX round 1 funds) Assist families with past due rent or eviction notices, or past due utility bills; (new in round 3) cover medication and health care not covered by health insurance.
Cash Transfer - RegionalSociety of St. Vincent de Paul Diocesan Council of Austin10%10%10%50%20%$60,000.00The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Diocesan Council of Austin is requesting funds to distribute to the most vulnerable population who have been financially impacted due to the COVID-19 crisis by assisting them with rent payments, utility payments, transportation, medication costs, and other essential items in the form of pre-paid debit cards, gift cards, and checks.
Cash Transfer - RegionalTexas Folklife Resources, Inc.20%20%20%20%20%$30,000.00We seek support for our COVID-19 Folk and Traditional Arts Relief Program which provides direct monetary relief specifically to folk and traditional artists, identified by Texas Folklife and our partners such as Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Texas Folklore Society, and Texas Commission on the Arts, translating to support for those acutely affected by the ongoing pandemic but unable to access avenues of support through new or existing channels.
Social Supports - TravisAndy Roddick Foundation0%0%0%100%0%$25,000.00The Andy Roddick Foundation (ARF) is engaging the 550+ children and families we serve in interactive virtual and, when safe and allowable, in-person activities to reduce social isolation and build connections and community.
Social Supports - TravisLiteracy Coalition of Central Texas4%0%30%56%10%$30,000.00The inability to read, write, converse, trauma/fear, racial discrimination/injustices, and COVID share at least one common impact – they isolate people, creating stress, fear, and lost hope. Literacy Coalition of Central Texas will reduce isolation for primarily low-income Hispanic families/individuals (100% low-income, 90% Hispanic) through: 1.
Direct literacy and work and family skills education and wrap-around social/support services, and 2.
Trauma Informed Counseling trainings provided to the members of our coalition.
Social Supports - TravisA New Entry, Inc.3%1%1%90%5%$30,000.00We will conduct in-person socialization and therapy opportunities weekly, facilitated by licensed clinical staff/peer support specialists for our Alumni, to create engaging and safe environments, reinforce healthy coping skills, and give an outlet to mental and emotional issues, thereby reducing isolation and the like-li-hood of relapse, help our alumni create and maintain healthy social connections and relationships, due to this population being disproportionally plagued with stigma, isolation, poorer health outcomes.
Social Supports - TravisPartners in Parenting0%0%2%95%3%$25,000.00This grant will help us ensure that the parents served by our Community-Based Program are able to stay connected to peers and have the resources needed to reduce feelings of isolation and increase tools for the healthy development of their babies.
Social Supports - TravisProject Transitions5%5%5%80%5%$5,000.00Our HIV housing clients rely on daily interactions with a community of staff, clients, and volunteers to stabilize their mental health. Program-based technology needs are met through federal programs, and we have purchased computers for telemedicine and therapy purposes. But clients still spend significant time isolated in their apartments, so we purchased gaming systems and subscriptions to cable and Netflix to help them fill their solitary time.
Social Supports - TravisSeedling0%0%4%95%1%$30,000.00Seedling requests funding to support the Seedling Mentor Program which provides much needed social connection and comfort during this difficult time to children impacted by parental incarceration or deportation and who have been disproportionately affected by COVID 19, helping them build resilience, social-emotional skills, and hope for the future.
Social Supports - TravisThe Survive2Thrive Foundation (S2T)0%0%8%72%20%$25,000.00The Survive to Thrive Foundation (S2T) requests funding for our Healing Arts for Survivors Program which develops community and engages survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in trauma-informed arts programming.
Social Supports - TravisTexas Empowerment Academy12%0%1%79%8%$20,000.00Texas Empowerment Academy is requesting a $24,000 from the All Together ATX Fund (Round 3) to hire a Family Liaison who will provide social and emotional support to low-income, majority African-American students who are struggling with academics, lack of peer interaction, and motivation.
Social Supports - TravisTodos Juntos0%6%3%90%1%$40,000.00Todos Juntos Learning Center, a two-generation educational program for immigrants requests $50,000 to purchase and construct an outdoor classroom. Currently we are using pop-up canopy tents which are challenging for our staff to set up and take down for class along with moving tables and chairs outdoors and sanitizing everything. We seek a semi-permanent structure with flooring, cover, and folding tables. We are investigating a carport structure or pergola.
Social Supports - TravisVibrant Woman Mama Sana5%2%5%73%15%$40,000.00MSVW will provide much needed culturally-congruent individual and group therapy to improve birth outcomes and overall wellbeing for low-income Black and Latinx pregnant and new parents to better weather the stress of a pandemic, economic fallout, and racial uprisings on top of the already heightened allostatic load for people of color.
Social Supports - RegionalAustin Harm Reduction Coalition1%1%0%2%96%$30,000.00Austin Harm Reduction Coalition (AHRC) provides compassionate support to people who use drugs and the communities they live in, offering mobile outreach services, education, and medical supplies in accessible locations; 2 days every week, we serve and connect with our neighbors to meet their immediate medical needs, to empower their healthier choices, and to share knowledge with and for the community.
Social Supports - RegionalLifeSteps Council on Alcohol and Drugs10%10%5%25%50%$25,000.00Fostering creativity and building connected, resilient, empowered, and drug-free families through a comprehensive support program and interactive crafting activities.
Social Supports - RegionalMELJ Center35%5%15%44%1%$20,000.00MELJ Center fulfills a unique need in the community. We provide specific social,support with "holistic overtones" to the individuals who have had justice involvement and their respective family/children.MELJ is essential for this marginalized and oft times "excluded" community of folks; to ensure support and inclusion; re-adaption back into society without fear of having no one to hear that you hone fear and don't remember or never "knew" how to live.
Social Supports - RegionalTruth Be Told0%70%0%30%0%$5,000.00Truth Be Told (TBT) seeks funds to provide trauma-responsive and cultural competency training, as well as mental health support, to our formerly incarcerated peer facilitators and volunteer facilitators who lead our social-emotional and community-building programs for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.
Social Supports - RegionalWilliamson County and Cities Health District0%0%0%0%100%$20,000.00Our proposal highlights the existing work of Resilient Wilco, a collaborative group which aims to mitigate the impact of toxic stress by building emotional resiliency and social connection among the Williamson County community.
Social Supports - Cultural OrganizationsAFTV Five (AFTV5)5%2%3%80%10%$10,000.00AFTV5 is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit community television with the mission to create opportunities and empower people through media. Our Community Television for Digital Inclusion is devoted to bringing professional television media production experience and technology within the reach of the target community, non-profit organizations and small businesses. We produce outreach programs and contents aim to prepare them for gainful life opportunities in the digital and social media production.