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Upfront Cash ($M)
Deal SubjectWeb LinkDeal IDPrimary DocEquity ($M)Maximum Share (%)Amendment DateTermination DateContractsPRsDeal SourceExclusivityDiseasesIndicationsTechnologiesSub TechnologiesTerritorySub-TerritoryCompound NameMOA CategoryMechanism of ActionMolecular TargetDrug Mode of Action
Upfront Equity ($M)
Contingent Equity ($M)
R&D Support ($M)
FTE Rate ($M)Loan ($M)
Dev / Reg Milestones ($M)
Other Milestones ($M)
Total Precommercial Payments ($M)
Sales Milestones ($M)
Deal Size ($M)
Upfront Share (%)
Dev Share (%)Sales Share (%)EFR$200M (%)EFR$500M (%)EFR$1B (%)Maximum Royalty (%)
Marketing Fee (%)
Transfer Price (%)
Manufacture Cost + (%)
Profit Split (%)Financial Term Explanations
06/2021AnHeart TherapeuticsInnovent BiologicsCo-Development, License, SupplyPhase II 189.00 Taletrectinib tyrosine kinase inhibitor targeting ROS1 and NTRK in Greater ChinaLink18709AnHeart_Innovent_060121.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerLung, Solid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinataletrectinib, DS-6051Kinase
neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor 1 (NTRK1), c-ros proto-oncogene 1 receptor tyrosine kinase (ROS1)
Inhibitor 189.00
tiered royalties | upfront payment, R&D fees, and potential milestone payments totaling $189M
06/2021BetagenonMCG Technology GroupEquity, LicenseAMPK activator compounds for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in Greater ChinaLink18727Betagenon_MCG_060221.pdf 2.00 YesPRCardiovascularCongestive Heart FailureAsiaChina 2.00
06/2021ConforMIS2013-21 IPOsXR MedicalDistribution, LicenseDeviceKnee joint replacement products in ChinaLink18885Corformis_XR_062321.pdfYesPRExclusiveBone DiseaseOther Bone DiseaseDeviceAsiaChina
06/2021Ocuphire PharmaProcessa PharmaceuticalsEquity, LicensePhase II 228.25 0.20 RX-3117 (roducitabine) for treatment of pancreatic cancer ex-Greater China & SingaporeLink19204Ocuphire_Processa_0621_Lic_Full.pdf 0.30 7.50 YesYesSEC FullExclusiveCancerPancreaticSyntheticsSmall Molecule
Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA, South America
All African Countries, All European Countries, All Middle East Countries, All NAFTA Countries, All South American Countries, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Other Asian
roducitabine, RX-3117DNA/RNA DisruptionDNA synthesis, RNA synthesisInhibitor 0.30 12.50 7.75 20.75 207.50 228.25 0.22 5.48 90.91 7.50 7.50 7.50 7.50 44.7K shares @ $6.71/sh | $12.5M for 1st indication | $7.75M for 2nd
06/2021Opko Health, EirGen PharmaNicoya TherapeuticsLicensePhase III 125.00 5.00 Rayaldee to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic kidney disease in Greater ChinaLink18858Opko_Nicoya_062121.pdfYesPREndocrinological & MetabolicThyroid DiseaseSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaRayaldee, Rayaldy, calcifediol, CTAP-101, JTT-762calcitonin receptor (CALCR)Agonist 5.00 125.00 4.00 4.00
Tiered, double-digit royalties | $5M payment made during the first 12 months of the agreement or upon Nicoya achieving a certain predetermined development milestone | Up to $115M in development, regulatory and sales-based milestones
06/2021PanOpticaZhaoke Ophthalmology PharmaceuticalDistribution, LicensePhase IPAN-90806 topical eye drop for neovascular eye diseases in China, South Korea, and Southeast AsiaLink18853PanOptica_Zhaoke_061721.pdfYesPRExclusiveOphthalmicAge-Related Macular Degeneration, RetinopathySyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina, Other Asian, Southeast AsiaPAN-90806, CP-547,632, CP-632, OSI-632vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)Inhibitor
undisclosed upfront payment | $30M in development, regulatory, and commercial milestones
06/2021Verona Pharmaceuticals2013-21 IPOsNuance BiotechEquity, LicensePhase III 219.00 25.00 Ensifentrine PDE3 and PDE4 dual inhibitor for respiratory indications in Greater ChinaLink18820Verona_Nuance_061021.pdfYesPRExclusiveRespiratory
Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Cystic Fibrosis
SyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaensifentrine, RPL 554, LS-193855Enzyme Inhibitorphosphodiesterase-4 (PDE-4), phosphodiesterase-3 (PDE-3)Inhibitor 15.00 219.00 18.26
Tiered double-digit royalties | $179M in clinical, regulatory, and commercial milestones
06/2021Vivoryon TherapeuticsSimcere PharmaceuticalLicense, OptionPhase II, Preclinical 565.00 Varoglutamstat and PBD-C06 N3pE amyloid-targeting medicines for Alzheimer’s disease in Greater ChinaLink18955Vivoryon_Simcere_062921.pdfYesPRCentral Nervous SystemAlzheimer's DiseaseMonoclonals, SyntheticsHumanized Abs, Small MoleculeAsiaChinavaroglutamstat, PQ-912, PBD-C06Enzyme Inhibitor
glutaminyl-peptide cyclotransferase (QPCT) (glutaminyl cyclase) (QC), beta-amyloid (AB)
Inhibitor 565.00
double-digit royalties | Undisclosed upfront payment and development and sales milestones totaling $565M
05/2021DiurnalCitrineLicensePhase III, Orphan IndicationEfmody for adrenal insufficiency, including congenital adrenal hyperplasia in ChinaLink18623Diurnal_Citrine_051221.pdfYesPRExclusive
Endocrinological & Metabolic, Other/Miscellaneous
Genetic Disorders, Other Endocrinological & Metabolic
SyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina
Efmody, Alkindi, Alkindi Sprinkle, Infacort, Chronocort, hydrocortisone extended release, NSC-10483
Anti-Inflammatoryglucocorticoid receptor (GCCR)Agonist
05/2021Kinnate BiopharmaOrbiMedEquity, Joint VenturePreclinicalJoint venture to develop kinase inhibitors including KIN-2787, KIN-3248 for cancer in Greater ChinaLink18893Kinnate_Orbimed_051321.pdfYesPRCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaKIN-2787, KIN-002787, KIN-3248Immunotherapy
B-Raf proto-oncogene serine/threonine-protein kinase (p94) (BRAF), fibroblast growth factor (FGF) receptor 1 (FGFR1) (CD331), fibroblast growth factor (FGF) receptor 2 (FGFR2) (keratinocyte growth factor receptor) (KGFR)
Antagonist, Inhibitor
05/2021Landos Biopharma2013-21 IPOsLianBioLicensePhase II, Phase I 218.00 18.00 Omilancor and NX-13 to treat ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease in Greater ChinaLink18721Landos_Lian_051721.pdfYesPRExclusiveGastrointestinal
IBD - Crohn's Disease, IBD - Ulcerative Colitis, Other Gastrointestinal
SyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina, Other Asianomilancor, BT-11, NX-13Anti-InflammatoryLanC like 2 (LANCL2), NF-kappa-B essentialAgonist, Modulator 218.00 8.26
Tiered low double-digit royalties | Up to $200M in development and commercial milestones
05/2021Milestone PharmaceuticalsJi Xing PharmaceuticalsEquity, License, SupplyPhase III, Formulation 127.50 15.00 Etripamil (nasal calcium channel blocker) for cardio supraventricular tachycardia in Greater ChinaLink18651Milestone_JiXing_0521.pdf 5.00 YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCardiovascularBroad Focus CardiovascularDrug Delivery, SyntheticsNasal, Small MoleculeAsiaChinaetripamil, MSP-2017calcium channelAntagonist 5.00 15.50 35.50 92.00 127.50 15.69 12.16 72.16
$92M, per Milestone's 6Q21 | $5M of pre-funded warrants, per Milestone's 6Q21 | low to high double-digit royalty, per Milestone's 6Q21 | $15.5M, per Milestone's 6Q21
05/2021Mirati TherapeuticsZai Laboratory2013-21 IPOsCo-Promotion, License, Option, SupplyPhase II 338.00 65.00 Adagrasib (MTRX849 small-molecule KRASG12C inhibitor) for lung cancer in Greater ChinaLink18708Mirati_Zai_0521.pdfYesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerColorectal, LungSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaadagrasib, MRTX849ImmunomodulatorKRASG12CInhibitor 93.00 158.00 180.00 338.00 19.23 27.51 53.25
$180M, per Mirati's 6Q21 | High-teen to low twenties royalties, per Mirati's 6Q21 | $93M, per Mirati's 6Q21
05/2021Nanobiotix2013-21 IPOsLianBioLicensePhase III 240.00 NBTXR3 radioenhancer cancer treatment in Greater ChinaLink18722NANOBIOTIX_LianBio_051121.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina, Other AsianHensify, hafnium oxide, NBTXR3, NBTX 3, PEP-503Radiosensitiser 240.00
04/2021Alimera Sciences2003-12 IPOsOcumension TherapeuticsEquity, License 109.00 10.00 Iluvien for diabetic macular edema in Greater China, S Kore & ASEANLink18605Alimera_Ocumension_0421_Lic.pdf 10.00 YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveOphthalmicOther OphthalmicAsiaChina, Other Asian, Southeast Asia
Iluvien, Medidur FA, fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant, DF-277, NSC-92339
Anti-Inflammatoryglucocorticoid receptor (GCCR)Agonist 10.00 20.00 89.00 109.00 18.35 81.65
04/2021CitrineSinopharmDistributionSupply chain and distribution channels to deliver rare disease therapies in ChinaLink18541Citrine_Sinopharm_041921.pdfYesPRAsiaChina
04/2021Mirum Pharmaceuticals2013-21 IPOsCANbridge Life SciencesLicensePhase II, Orphan Indication 120.00 11.00 Maralixibat for rare liver diseases in ChinaLink18564Mirum_CANbridge_042921.pdfYesPRExclusive
Liver & Gallbladder Diseases, Other/Miscellaneous
Genetic Disorders, Other Liver & Gallbladder Diseases
SyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinamaralixibat, LUM001, SD-5613, SHP625Anti-Inflammatory
solute carrier family 10 sodium-dependent bile acid transporter member 2 (SLC10A2) (ASBT) (IBAT)
Inhibitor 120.00 9.17
double-digit tiered royalties | $109M in regulatory and commercial milestones
04/2021Shenzhen Smoore TechnologyAIM ImmunoTechLicense, ResearchFormulation, DeviceInhalation delivery device for Ampligen (rintatolimod) to treat COVID-19 in ChinaLink18700AIM_ShenzhenSmoore_0320_Full.pdfYesYesSEC FullInfectious-ViralCoronavirusDrug DeliveryOtherAsiaChinaAmpligen, Rintamod, rintatolimodImmunostimulanttoll-like receptor 3 (TLR3), RNA synthesisAgonist, Inhibitor
03/2021AffaMed TherapeuticsSIFIJoint VentureJoint Venture to develop intraocular lenses in Greater ChinaLink18469AffaMed_SIFI_033121.pdfYesPROphthalmicCataractsAsiaChina
03/2021Eirion TherapeuticsShanghai Haohai Biological TechnologyEquity, License, SupplyPhase II, Preclinical 526.00 8.00 ET-01 and AI-09 for aesthetic indications; , ET-02 and ET-03 to treat hair loss in ChinaLink18334Eirion_Haohai_030921.pdfYesPRExclusiveDermatologicHair Disorders, Other DermatologicDrug Delivery, SyntheticsSmall Molecule, TopicalAsiaChina 31.00 43.00 444.00 526.00 7.41 8.17 84.41
$444M in sales milestones | $31M in Series A Preferred Stock investment | Royalty rates ranging from high single digits to the low twenties | $43M in development fees
03/2021Junshi BiosciencesAstraZenecaTop PharmaLicenseApproved, Orphan IndicationToripalimab for urothelial carcinoma indications in ChinaLink18288Junshi_AZ_030121.pdfYesPRCancerBladderMonoclonalsHumanized AbsAsiaChinatoripalimab, JS001, JS 001, TAB-001, SO-001Immuno-Oncologyprogrammed cell death 1 (PD-1) (PDCD1) (CD279)Antagonist
03/2021Merz PharmaWinhealth PharmaLicenseApprovedHepa-Merz (L-ornithine L-aspartate) to treat hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhotic patients in ChinaLink18352Merz_Winhealth_030821.pdfYesPRExclusive
Central Nervous System, Liver & Gallbladder Diseases
Cirrhosis/Scarring, Other Central Nervous System
SyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina
03/2021ReViralLianBioLicensePhase II 119.00 14.00 Sisunatovir small molecule to treat RSV in ChinaLink18311ReViral_LianBio_030221.pdfYesPRInfectious-ViralRespiratory Syncytial Virus/RSVSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinasisunatovir, RV-521AntiviralRSV F proteinInhibitor 119.00 11.76
Tiered low double-digit royalties | $105M in development and commercial milestones
03/2021Starton TherapeuticsHaisco PharmaceuticalLicensePhase IISTAR-OLZ (olanzapine transdermal delivery system) for nausea and vomiting in ChinaLink18294Starton_Haisco_030121.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancer, GastrointestinalOther Cancer, Other GastrointestinalDrug Delivery, SyntheticsSmall Molecule, TransdermalAsiaChinaolanzapine transdermal delivery system, STAR-OLZAntidepressants/Antipsychoticsdopamine D1 receptor, dopamine D2 receptor, serotonin 2 receptorAntagonist
02/2021Aerami TherapeuticsHangzhou Chance PharmaceuticalsLicense, SupplyPreclinical, Formulation, DeviceAER-901 drug device combination product to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension in ChinaLink18139Aerami_Hangzhou_020921.pdfYesPRExclusiveCardiovascularHypertensionDevice, Drug Delivery, SyntheticsOther, Small MoleculeAsiaChina
02/2021Antibe TherapeuticsNuance BiotechLicensePhase II 100.00 20.00 Otenaproxesul for pain in Greater China regionLink18130Antibe_Nuance_020921.pdfYesPRExclusive
Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Central Nervous System
Osteoarthritis, PainSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina 100.00 20.00 Double-digit royalty | $80M in development and sales milestones
02/2021Cend TherapeuticsQilu PharmaceuticalLicensePhase I 235.00 10.00 CEND-1 for pancreatic cancer and other solid tumors in Greater ChinaLink18243Cend_Qilu_021621.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerPancreatic, Solid TumorsPeptidesAsiaChina 235.00 4.26 Tiered double digit royalties | $225M in undisclosed milestones
02/2021Iterion TherapeuticsApollomicsLicensePhase ITegavivint for cancer in Greater China regionLink18166Iterion_Apollomics_021021.pdfYesPRCancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina
02/2021Provention BioHangzhou Zhongmei Huadong PharmaceuticalLicensePhase II, Orphan Indication 189.50 6.00 PRV-3279 DART molecule targeting B cell surface proteins CD32B and CD79B in Greater ChinaLink18240ProventionBio_Huadong_021721.pdfYesPRAutoimmune/InflammatorySystemic Lupus ErythematosusMonoclonalsBispecificAsiaChinaMGD010, PRV-3279, CD32BxCD79BAntibody
CD79b molecule immunoglobulin-associated beta (CD79B) (B29), Fc gamma receptor IIb (FCGR2B) (CD32B)
Modulator 11.50 189.50 3.17
Up to $11.5 million in research, development and manufacturing funding | Low-to-mid double digit royalties | Up to $172M in development, regulatory and commercial milestones
02/2021Scynexis2013-21 IPOsJiangsu Hansoh PharmaceuticalLicensePhase III 120.00 10.00 Ibrexafungerp broad-spectrum triterpenoid antifungal in Greater ChinaLink18236Scynexis_Hansoh_0221.pdfYesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveInfectious-MiscellaneousFungalSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaibrexafungerpAntifungalbeta-1,3-D glucan synthetaseInhibitor 120.00 120.00 8.33
low double digit royalty, per Scynexis' 3Q21 | $110M in agg milestones, per Scynexis' 3Q21
02/2021Simulations PlusMosimDistributionMonolixSuite pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling platform in ChinaLink18254SimulationsPlus_Mosim_020221.pdfYesPRAsiaChina
02/2021Thermo Fisher ScientificJW TherapeuticsLicenseGibco CTS Dynabeads platform to support development of CAR-T therapies in ChinaLink18075ThermoFisher_JW_020321.pdfYesPRNon-exclusiveCell Therapy - Stem Cells/FactorsAsiaChina
02/2021Yingli PharmaHengrui MedicineEquity, LicenseYY-20394 PI3kdelta inhibitor for cancer in Greater ChinaLink18194Yingli_Hengrui_020821.pdf 20.00 YesPRExclusiveCancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina 20.00
01/2021AADiEOC PharmaLicenseOrphan Indication 271.00 ABI-009 (FYARRO) for cancer in Greater ChinaLink18669Aadi_EOC_011121.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerSolid Tumors, Other CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaFyarro, Tarzifyx, nab-sirolimus, ABI-009, nab-rapamycinImmunosuppresant
mechanistic target of rapamycin (serine/threonine kinase) (mTOR) (FRAP) (FRAP1) (FRAP2) (RAFT1) (RAPT1), T lymphocyte
Inhibitor 271.00
Tiered royalties | upfront payment, regulatory and sales milestone payments totaling up to $271M
01/2021Argenx2013-21 IPOsZai Laboratory2013-21 IPOsCo-Development, Equity, License, SupplyPhase II 175.00 Efgartigimod antibody fragment for myasthenia gravis in Greater ChinaLink17894Argenx_Zai_0121_Lic.pdfYesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveAutoimmune/Inflammatory
Broad Focus Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Other Autoimmune/Inflammatory
MonoclonalsFragmentsAsiaChinaefgartigimod, ARGX-113Fc fragment of IgG, receptor, transporter, alpha (FCGRT) (FCRN)Antagonist 75.00 75.00 25.00 175.00 175.00 42.86 14.29
568.2K Zai shares @ $132/sh, per argenx' 2020 Form 20-F | $75M in dev cost reimb, per argenx' 2020 Form 20-F | Mid-teen to low twenties royalties, per argenx' 2020 Form 20-F | $25M on US approval, per argenx' 2020 Form 20-F
01/2021DiurnalCitrineLicenseOrphan IndicationAlkindi for pediatric congenital adrenal hyperplasia in ChinaLink18030Diurnal_Citrine_012721.pdfYesPRExclusive
Endocrinological & Metabolic, Other/Miscellaneous
Genetic Disorders, Other Endocrinological & Metabolic
SyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina
Efmody, Alkindi, Alkindi Sprinkle, Infacort, Chronocort, hydrocortisone extended release, NSC-10483
Anti-Inflammatoryglucocorticoid receptor (GCCR)Agonist
01/2021IlluminaMajor BiotechSequoia Capital ChinaJoint VentureFormation of Sequoia Capital China Intelligent Healthcare Genomics IncubatorLink18052Illumina_Sequoia_013121.pdfYesPRGenomics
01/2021PhotocureAsierisLicenseDiagnosticHexvix for cystoscopic detection of bladder cancer in ChinaLink18015Photocure_Asieris_012621.pdfYesPRCancerBladderDiagnosticsAsiaChina
01/2021ProTom International
Guohong Guokang Health Technology Development
Co-Market, Distribution, LicenseRadiance 330 Proton Therapy System for cancer in ChinaLink17974ProTom_GHGK_011121.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerAsiaChina
01/2021T-Cure BioscienceImmunotech BiopharmLicensePhase I800TCR HERV-E targeting T cell receptor therapy to treat kidney cancer in ChinaLink17991TCure_Immunotech_012021.pdfYesPRCancerKidneyCell Therapy - Stem Cells/FactorsAsiaChina
01/2021TRIGR TherapeuticsElpiscience BioPharmaLicensePhase I 117.00 7.00 TR009 dual angiogenic bispecific antibody targeting DLL4/VEGF for oncology indications in ChinaLink17987TRIGR_Elpiscience_012021.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsAsiaChina 117.00 5.98 $110M in development and commercial milestones
01/2021Turning Point Therapeutics2013-21 IPOsZai Laboratory2013-21 IPOsLicense, SupplyPhase I 361.00 25.00 TPX-0022 )MET/SRC/CSF1R Inhibitor) for solid tumors in Greater ChinaLink18408TurningPoint_Zai_0121_Lic.pdf03/2021YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerSolid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina 121.00 146.00 215.00 361.00 6.93 33.52 59.56
$215M, per Turning Point's 2020 10-K | mid-teen to low twenties royalties, per Turning Point's 2020 10-K | $121M, per Turning Point's 2020 10-K
12/2020ADC Therapeutics2013-21 IPOsOverland PharmaceuticalsEquity, Joint Venture, SupplyPhase III, Phase I, PreclinicalLoncastuximab tesirine, ADCT-601, ADCT-602 and ADCT-901 in Greater China & SingaporeLink18462ADC_OverlandPharm_1220_JV.pdf 50.00 49.00 YesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsConjugatesAsiaChina, Other AsianLonca-T, loncastuximab tesirine, ADCT-402Immuno-OncologyCD19 50.00 49.00 $50M eq investment in JV | 49% to ADC, per ADC's 2020 20-F
12/2020Allecra Therapeutics
Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Haini Pharmaceutical
LicensePhase III 78.00 Cefepime/enmetazobactam antibiotic in Greater ChinaLink17812Allecra_ShanghaiHaini_122120.pdfYesPRExclusiveInfectious-BacterialPneumonia, Urinary Tract InfectionsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina 78.00
12/2020Allogene Therapeutics2013-21 IPOsOverland PharmaceuticalsEquity, Joint Venture, LicenseLead Molecule 80.00 40.00 CAR-T cell candidates to BCMA, CD70, FLT3, and DLL3 targets in China, S Korea & SingaporeLink18302Allogene_Overland_1220_Lic.pdf 49.00 YesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerCell Therapy - Stem Cells/FactorsAsiaChina, Other Asian 40.00 80.00 80.00 50.00 50.00 49.00
$40M upfront from JV, per Allogene's 2020 10-K | Overland purchase 51% of JV for $117M, per Allogene's 2020 10-K | low to mid-single digit royalties, per Allogene's 2020 10-K | $40M in reg milestones from JV, per Allogene's 2020 10-K | 49% of JV owned by Allogene, per Allogene's 2020 10-K
12/2020Cullinan Oncology2013-21 IPOsZai Laboratory2013-21 IPOsLicensePhase I 231.00 20.00 CLN-081 (EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor) for cancer in Greater ChinaLink17845Zai_CullinanPearl_1220_Lic.pdfYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerLungSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina 231.00 231.00 8.66
high-single-digit to low-teen royalties, per Zai's 2020 10-K | $211M in agg milestones, per Cullinan's IPO prospectus
12/2020HighLifePeijia MedicalLicenseDeviceTranseptal mitral valve replacement products to treat mitral regurgitation in ChinaLink17809HighLife_Peijia_122020.pdfYesPRExclusiveCardiovascularDeviceAsiaChina
12/2020Sellas Life Sciences Group3D MedicinesLicense, SupplyPhase III, Preclinical 202.00 7.50 Galinpepimut-S (GPS) and GPS+ for leukemia in Greater ChinaLink17771Sellas_3DMedicines_1220_Lic.pdfYesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerLeukemiaAdjuvant, Peptides, VaccinesAsiaChina 202.00 202.00 3.71
high single to low double-digit royalties, per Sellas' 2020 10-K | $194.5M in agg milestones, per Sellas' 2020 10-K
11/2020Aravive2013-21 IPOs3D MedicinesLicense, SupplyPhase I 219.00 12.00 AVB-500 fusion protein in all oncology indications in Greater ChinaLink17865Aravive_3DMedicines_1120.pdfYesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerRecombinant DNAAsiaChina 219.00 219.00 5.48
low double digit to mid-teen royalty, per Aravive's 2020 10-K | $207M in agg milestones, per Aravive's 2020 10-K
11/2020AUM BiosciencesNewsoara BiopharmaCo-Development, LicensePreclinical, Discovery 135.00 Six cancer therapeutics including AUM001, AUM302 and AUM003 in ChinaLink17662AUM_Newsoara_111820.pdfYesPRCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsia 135.00
Up to double-digit royalties | $135M in development, regulatory, commercial milestones
11/2020Crescita TherapeuticsJuyou BiotechnologyLicense, Supply 2.90 0.10 Pliaglis topical lidocaine/tetracaine anesthetic cream in ChinaLink17574Crescita_Juyou_110520.pdfYesPRExclusiveCentral Nervous SystemPainDrug Delivery, SyntheticsSmall Molecule, TopicalAsiaChina 1.00 1.80 2.90 3.45 34.48 62.07 double-digit royalties
11/2020Foresee PharmaceuticalsGenScience PharmaceuticalsLicense 131.85 Camcevi leuprolide mesylate injectable suspension for prostate cancer in ChinaLink17670Forsee_GenSci_111720.pdfYesPRCancerProstateAsiaChina 131.85
11/2020InnoforceThermo Fisher ScientificJoint VentureJoint venture to establish biologics and steriles drug manufacturing facility in ChinaLink17623Innoforce_ThermoFisher_110620.pdfYesPR
11/2020LianBioPfizerTop PharmaCo-Development, License, Option 70.00 Undisclosed precision-based medicines in ChinaLink17657LianBio_Pfizer_111920.pdfYesPRAsiaChina 70.00
10/2020Distribution, LicenseDiagnostic 1.15 Rapid point-of-care FastPack diagnostic products in ChinaLink17649Qualigen_YiXin_1020_Dist.pdf 4.10 YesSEC RedactedExclusiveAsiaChina 1.15
10/2020BioInventCASI Pharmaceuticals1991-2001 IPOsEquity, License, WarrantPhase I 95.00 5.00 BI-1206 (anti-FcyRIIB antibody) for treatment of cancer in Greater ChinaLink18488CASI_BioInvent_1020.pdf 7.00 YesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerLymphoma, Solid TumorsMonoclonalsAsiaChinaBI-1206Immuno-OncologyFc gamma receptor IIb (FCGR2B) (CD32B)Inhibitor 7.00 95.00 95.00 12.63
high single-digit to mid double-digit royalties, per CASI's 2020 10-K | $83M in agg milestones, per CASI's 2020 10-K
10/2020BioprojetCitrineLicensePhase III, Orphan IndicationWakix (pitolisant) to treat narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea in ChinaLink17519Bioprojet_Citrine_102820.pdfYesPRExclusiveCentral Nervous SystemSleep DisordersSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaWakix, pitolisant, BF-2.649, BF-2649, BF2.649, tiprolisanthistamine H3 receptor (HRH3)Antagonist
10/2020ImmunoGenHangzhou Zhongmei Huadong PharmaceuticalLicense, SupplyPhase III 305.00 40.00 Mirvetuximab ADC for ovarian cancer in Greater ChinaLink18350ImmunoGen_Huadong_1020.pdfYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerOvarianMonoclonalsConjugatesAsiaChina 80.00 120.00 185.00 305.00 13.11 26.23 60.66
$185M, per ImmunoGen's 2020 10-K | low double-digit to high teen royalties, per ImmunoGen's 2020 10-K | $80M, per ImmunoGen's 2020 10-K
10/2020NeumentumNuance BiotechLicense, OptionPhase III 53.00 3.00 NTM-001 (ketorolac for IV infusion) to treat pain in China, option to additional Asian territoriesLink17470Neumentum_Nuance_102120.pdfYesPRExclusiveCentral Nervous SystemPainSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaNTM-001Anti-Inflammatory 53.00 5.66
Low-double-digit royalties | $50M in development, regulatory and sales milestones
10/2020NevakarZhaoke Ophthalmology PharmaceuticalLicensePhase III 102.00 NVK-002 (Atropine) topical eye treatment to slow progression of myopia in ChinaLink17497Nevakar_Zhaoke_102020.pdfYesPRExclusiveOphthalmicOther OphthalmicDrug Delivery, SyntheticsSmall Molecule, TopicalAsiaChina, Southeast Asia 102.00
10/2020Ocular Therapeutix2013-21 IPOsAffaMed TherapeuticsCo-Development, LicenseApproved, Phase I 103.00 12.00 Dextenza and OTX-TIC ophthalmology products in Greater China, South Korea, and ASEANLink17552Ocular_Affamed_1020_Lic.pdf01/2021YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCentral Nervous System, OphthalmicConjunctivitis, Glaucoma, PainDrug Delivery, SyntheticsSmall Molecule, Sustained ReleaseAsiaChina, Southeast Asia 103.00 103.00 11.65
Tiered royalties ranging from the low teens to low-twenties, per Ocular's 9Q20 | $91M in agg milestones, per Ocular's 9Q20
09/2020Croma PharmaChina National Biotech GroupJoint VentureHyaluronic Acid Filler Princess VOLUME and aesthetic products in ChinaLink17278Croma_CNBG_091520.pdfYesPROther/MiscellaneousCosmeticsHyaluronic acidAsiaChina
09/2020CStone PharmaceuticalsPfizerTop PharmaEquity, LicensePhase III 480.00 Sugemalimab (CS1001) anti-PD-L1 antibody for cancer in ChinaLink17374CStone_Pfizer_092920.pdf 200.00 YesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsHuman AbsAsiaChinasugemalimab, CS1001, CS 1001, WBP 3155Cell/Life Cycle Disruptionprogrammed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PD-L1) (B7-H1) (CD274)Inhibitor 200.00 480.00 41.67
115,928,803 CStone shares at a price of US$1.725 per share, 9.9% equity stake | $280M in milestones
09/2020Harbour BioMedHualan GeneticCo-Development, License 8.25 Three monoclonal and bispecific antibody programs in ChinaLink17215HarbourBioMed_HualanGenet_091120.pdfYesPRMonoclonalsBispecificAsiaChina
09/2020Raziel TherapeuticsTianjin JuveStar BiotechLicensePhase II 74.00 RZL-012 subcutaneous injection for submental fullness in China, Hong Kong, Macau and TaiwanLink17286Raziel_Fosun_091720.pdfYesPRExclusiveSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina 47.00 74.00 63.51 $27M in upfront and R&D milestones
08/2020Bio-Thera SolutionsBeiGene2013-21 IPOsDistribution, License, SupplyAvastin (Bevacizumab) biosimilar BAT1706 in ChinaLink17132BioThera_BeiGene_082420.pdfYesPRCancerGenerics, MonoclonalsHumanized AbsAsiaChina
Avastin biosimilar, Mvasi, bevacizumab biosimilar, M511, mAbxience, BAT1706, IBI 305, LY01008
Immuno-Oncologyvascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGFA)Inhibitor
08/2020BridgeBio2013-21 IPOsLianBioEquity, LicensePhase III, Preclinical 390.10 26.50 Infigratinib FGFR inhibitor and BBP-398 SHP2 inhibitor for cancer in ChinaLink17037BridgeBio_LianBio_081120.pdfYesPRCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinainfigratinib, BGJ398, BBP-398Enzyme Inhibitor, Receptor
fibroblast growth factor (FGF) receptor (FGFR), tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 11 (PTPN11) (SHP-2) (protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1D) (PTP-1D) (protein-tyrosine phosphatase 2C) (PTP-2C)
Inhibitor 390.10 6.79
BridgeBio will increase its equity interest via investment in LianBio | Tiered royalty payments from single- to double-digits | $505M in milestone payments
08/2020Bristol-Myers Squibb, MyoKardiaTop Pharma, 2013-21 IPOsLianBioEquity, LicensePhase III 40.00 Mavacamten (MYK-461) for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in ChinaLink17036MyoKardia_LianBio_081120.pdfYesPRCardiovascularCongestive Heart Failure, Other CardiovascularSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinamavacamten, SAR-439152, MYK-461, HCM 1, MAVAHeart Failure/Disorder Therapycardiac myosinInhibitor
MyoKardia will receive an equity stake in Lian Cardiovascular | Tiered double-digit royalties | $147.5M in regulatory and sales milestones
08/2020Eyenovia2013-21 IPOsArctic VisionCo-Development, LicensePhase II, Formulation 45.75 4.00 MicroLine for presbyopia & MicroPine for progressive myopia in Greater China & S KoreaLink17081Eyenovia_ArcticVision_0820_Lic.pdfYesSEC RedactedExclusiveOphthalmicOther OphthalmicDrug DeliveryOtherAsiaChina, Other Asian 41.75 45.75 45.75 8.74 91.26
mid single-digit royalty, per Eyenovia's 6Q20 | $41.75, per Eyenovia's 6Q20 | AV pays CON % of 2nd generation dev costs
08/2020ImmViraShanghai PharmaLicenseMVR-T3011 intratumoral oncolytic virus program to treat solid tumors in ChinaLink17000ImmVira_Shanghai_080620.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerSolid TumorsAsiaChinaMVR-T3011, T-3011Gene Therapyprogrammed cell death 1 (PD-1) (PDCD1) (CD279)Antagonist
08/2020Junshi BiosciencesImpact TherapeuticsJoint VenturePhase III50-50 joint venture to develop Senaparib (IMP4297) PARP inhibitor for cancer in ChinaLink17108Junshi_Impact_082020.pdfYesPRCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinasenaparib, IMP4297Enzyme Inhibitorpoly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP)Inhibitor
08/2020PolyphorFosun PharmaceuticalLicensePhase III 182.00 15.00 Balixafortide CXCR4 antagonist for cancer in ChinaLink17179Polyphor_Fosun_083120.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerBreastAsiaChinabalixafortide, POL-6326ImmunomodulatorCXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) (NPY3R)Antagonist 19.00 34.00 148.00 182.00 8.24 10.44 81.32 Royalties ranging from low double digits to mid-teens
07/2020AcepodiaJW TherapeuticsLicensePreclinicalACE1702 and ACE1655 NK cell therapies for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies in ChinaLink16880Acepodia_JW_071420.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerLeukemia, Lymphoma, Solid TumorsCell Therapy - Stem Cells/Factors, MonoclonalsConjugatesAsiaChinaACE1702, ACE-NK-HER2, ACE1655Cell Therapy
epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 (HER2) (ERBB2) (receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2)
07/2020Assembly BioSciencesBeiGene2013-21 IPOsCo-Development, License, SupplyPhase II, Phase I 583.80 40.00 ABI-H0731, ABI-H2158, and ABI-H3733 core inhibitors for Hepatitis B in Greater ChinaLink16922Assembly_BeiGene_0720.pdfYesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveInfectious-ViralHepatitis BSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaABI-H0731Antiviralhepatitis B virus core proteinInhibitor 45.00 113.80 198.80 385.00 583.80 6.85 19.49 65.95
$385M, per Assembly's 9Q20 | BeiGene pays up to $45M in dev/reg costs in China, then equally shared, per Assembly's 9Q20 | mid-teen to low thirties royalties, per Assembly's 9Q20 | $113.8M, per Assembly's 9Q20
07/2020Cytokinetics2003-12 IPOsRTW Investments, Ji Xing PharmaceuticalsEquity, License, LoanPhase II 365.00 25.00 CK-274 cardiac myosin inhibitor for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in Greater ChinaLink16887Cytokinetics_JiXing_0720_Lic.pdf 50.00 YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCardiovascularOther CardiovascularSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaCK-274, CK-3773274Heart Failure/Disorder Therapycardiac myosinInhibitor 50.00 90.00 365.00 365.00 20.55
2M shares @ $25/sh | low- to high-teen royalties, per Cytokinetics' 9Q20 | $90M in contingent funding for 4% royalty to RTW until repaid in full, per Cytokinetics' 9Q20 | $200M in agg milestones, per Cytokinetics' 9Q20
07/2020EpicentRxSciClone Pharmaceuticals1991-2001 IPOsCo-Development, License, OptionPhase IIIRRx-001 small molecule immunotherapy targeting CD47 – SIRP? for cancer in ChinaLink16798EpicentRx_SciClone_070120.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerBroad Focus CancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaRRx-001ImmunotherapyCD47Inhibitordouble-digit royalties | $120M in milestones
07/2020IACTA Pharmaceuticals
Lee’s Pharmaceutical, Zhaoke Ophthalmology Pharmaceutical
LicensePhase IIIC 265 for dry eye and IC 270 for allergic conjunctivitis in China and Southeast AsiaLink16947IACTA_Zhaoke_072820.pdfYesPROphthalmicConjunctivitis, Other OphthalmicAsiaChina, Southeast Asia
07/2020IsoPlexisNeoline TechnologyDistributionSingle-cell proteomic analysis platform in ChinaLink16932IsoPlexis_Neoline_072820.pdfYesPRGenomicsProteomicsAsiaChina
07/2020Sesen Bio2013-21 IPOsQilu PharmaceuticalLicensePhase III 35.00 12.00 Vicineum for BCG-unresponsive non-muscle invasive bladder cancer in Greater ChinaLink16962Sesen_QiluPharm_0720_Lic.pdf 12.00 YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerBladderRecombinant DNAAsiaChina 23.00 35.00 35.00 34.29 65.71 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 12% royalty, per Sesen's 9Q20 | $23M, per Sesen's 9Q20
07/2020Terns Pharmaceuticals2013-21 IPOsJiangsu Hansoh PharmaceuticalLicenseTRN-000632 small molecule allosteric inhibitor of BCR-ABL for chronic myeloid leukemia in ChinaLink16930Terns_Hansoh_072820.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerLeukemiaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaTRN-000632ImmunomodulatorBCR-ABL tyrosine kinaseInhibitor
Undisclosed upfront payment | Development, regulatory and commercial milestones of up to $68 million
07/2020Turning Point Therapeutics2013-21 IPOsZai Laboratory2013-21 IPOsLicense, SupplyPhase I 176.00 25.00 Repotrectinib (tyrosine kinase inhib) for NSCLC and solid tumors in Greater ChinaLink17062TurningPoint_ZaiLab_0720_Lic.pdf01/2021YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerLung, Solid TumorsSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinarepotrectinib, TPX 0005Kinase
c-ros proto-oncogene 1 receptor tyrosine kinase (ROS1), anaplastic lymphoma receptor tyrosine kinase (ALK) (CD246) (anaplastic lymphoma kinase) (ALK tyrosine kinase receptor)
Inhibitor 46.00 71.00 105.00 176.00 14.20 26.14 59.66
$105M, per Turning Point's 6Q20 | mid- to high-teen royalties, per Turning Point's 6Q20 | $46M, per Turning Point's 6Q20
06/2020Agenus1991-2001 IPOsBetta PharmaceuticalsEquity, LicensePhase II 135.00 15.00 Balstilimab (anti-PD-1) and zalifrelimab (anti-CTLA-4) for cervical cancer in Greater ChinaLink17078Agenus_Betta_0620.pdf 20.00 YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerCervicalMonoclonalsAsiaChina
balstilimab, AGEN-2034, RebmAb-700, zalifrelimab, AGEN-1884, RebmAb-600
programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) (PDCD1) (CD279), cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4 (CTLA4) (CD152)
Antagonist, Inhibitor 20.00 135.00 135.00 25.93
4.96M shares @ $4.03/sh | Mid single-digit to low twenties royalties, per Agenus' 6Q20 | $100M in agg milestones, per Agenus' 6Q20
06/2020VistaGen TherapeuticsEverInsight TherapeuticsLicensePhase III 177.00 5.00 PH94B neuroactive nasal spray for anxiety disorders in China, South Korea and Southeast AsiaLink16789VistaGen_Everinsight_062520.pdfYesPRPsychiatricAnxietyDrug DeliveryNasalAsiaChina, Other Asian, Southeast Asia 177.00 2.82 $172M in development and commercial milestones
05/2020Primary PeptidesQingdao Primedicine PharmaceuticalLicensePeptide therapeutic to treat heart attack in ChinaLink16565
YesExclusiveCardiovascularMyocardial InfarctionPeptidesAsiaChina
05/2020Primary PeptidesSimcere PharmaceuticalLicenseUndisclosed peptide therapeutic for stroke in ChinaLink16513PrimaryPeptides_Simcere_051120.pdfYesPRExclusiveCentral Nervous SystemStrokePeptidesAsiaChina
05/2020Venus MedtechOpus MedicalDistributionDeviceTranscatheter mitral and tricuspid valve replacement products in ChinaLink16479
04/2020Menlo Therapeutics, Foamix2013-21 IPOsCutia TherapeuticsLicense, SupplyPhase III, Preclinical 11.00 10.00 Amzeeq and add'l topical minocycline compounds for acne in Greater ChinaLink17014Foamix(Menlo)_Cutia_0420_Lic.pdfYesSEC RedactedExclusiveDermatologicAcneAsiaChinaSolodyn, minocycline extended-releaseAnti-Inflammatory30S ribosomal subunit proteinInhibitor 1.00 11.00 11.00 90.91 9.09
04/2020OrigiMedBayerTop PharmaDevelopment, LicenseDiagnosticNGS-based companion diagnostic for larotrectinib (Vitrakvi) in ChinaLink16425OrigiMed_Bayer_042920.pdfYesPRCancerDiagnosticsAsiaChinaVitrakvi, larotrectinib, LOXO-101, ARRY-470Kinase
tropomyosin receptor kinase A (TrkA), tropomyosin receptor kinase B (TrkB), tropomyosin receptor kinase C (TrkC)
04/2020Regeneron PharmaceuticalsMajor BiotechZai Laboratory2013-21 IPOsLicense, SupplyPhase II, Orphan Indication 190.00 30.00 REGN1979 (CD20xCD3 bispecific antibody) to treat cancer in Greater ChinaLink16293Zai_Regeneron_0420.pdfYesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveCancerLymphomaMonoclonalsBispecificAsiaChinaodronextamab, REGN1979, CD20xCD3 bispecific antibodyImmuno-OncologyT lymphocyteStimulant 190.00 190.00 15.79 $160M in agg milestones, per Zai's 2020 10-K
03/2020Alector2013-21 IPOsInnovent BiologicsLicensePreclinical 124.00 AL008 (CD47-SIRP-alpha antibody) for oncology indications in ChinaLink16126Alector_Innovent_032620.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerMonoclonalsAsiaChinaAL008Immuno-Oncologysignal regulatory protein alpha (SIRP-alpha), CD47Inhibitor 11.50 11.50 112.50 124.00 9.27 90.73 $112.5M, per Alector's 3Q20 | $11.5M, per Alector's 3Q20
03/2020Alopexx OncologyBeijing Shenogen PharmaLicensePhase I, Orphan IndicationDI-LEU16-IL2 antibody-cytokine fusion protein targeting CD20 B cell antigen in ChinaLink15985Alopexx_Shenogen_030420.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerLymphomaRecombinant DNAAsiaChinaDI-LEU16-IL2, DI Leu16 IL2Immuno-OncologyCD20 antigenInhibitor
Alphamab, Jiangsu Alphamab Biopharmaceuticals
3D Medicines, Simcere PharmaceuticalLicense, SupplyPhase IIIKN035 (envafolimab) subcutaneous injectable anti-PD-L1 antibody for oncology indications in ChinaLink16231Alphamab_Simcere_3DMed_033020.pdfYesPRCancerBroad Focus CancerMonoclonalsAsiaChinaenvafolimab, ASC22, KN035Immuno-Oncologyprogrammed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PD-L1) (B7-H1) (CD274)Inhibitor
03/2020BioNTech2013-21 IPOsFosun PharmaceuticalEquity, License, SupplyPreclinical 135.00 1.00 BNT162 mRNA-based vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection in Greater ChinaLink16033BioNTech_Fosun_031620.pdf 50.00 39.00 YesPRExclusiveInfectious-ViralCoronavirusOligonucleotides, VaccinesRNAiAsiaChina
Comirnaty, Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine, tozinameran, BNT162, PF-07302048, BNT162B2
VaccinemRNA2019-nCoV (SARS-CoV-2) (COVID-19) 50.00 14.00 65.00 70.00 135.00 37.78 10.37 51.85 39.00
USD 50 million (EUR 44 million) for 1,580,777 ordinary shares in BioNTech | $1M, per BioNTech's 7/20 prospectus | $70M, per BioNTech's 7/20 prospectus | 30-39% royalty, per BioNTech's 7/20 prospectus | $14M, per BioNTech's 7/20 prospectus
03/2020Clearside Biomedical2013-21 IPOsArctic VisionLicenseFormulation 35.50 4.00 Xipere (triamcinolone acetonide) for macular edema & uveitis in Greater China & KoreaLink16550Clearside_ArcticVisiion_0320_Lic.pdf 12.00 YesYesSEC RedactedExclusiveOphthalmicUveitis, Other OphthalmicDrug DeliveryMicrospheres, OtherAsiaChina, Other Asian
Xipere, triamcinolone acetonide suprachoroidal injectable suspension, CLS-TA
Anti-Inflammatory 35.50 35.50 11.27 12.00
10-12% royalty, per Clearside's 3Q20 | $31.5M in agg milestones, per Clearside's 3Q20
03/2020Context TherapeuticsTyligand BioscienceLicensePhase IIOnapristone ER in China, Hong Kong and MacauLink16030Context_Tyligand_031220.pdfYesPRExclusiveCancerSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChinaApristor, onapristone, AR-18, IVV-1001, ZK-98299Receptor
glucocorticoid receptor (GCCR), G protein-coupled receptor 133 (GPR133)
03/2020CorrevioTeson PharmaLicensePhase III 3.50 3.00 Aggrastat (tirofiban hydrochloride) for thrombotic events from ACS in Greater ChinaLink16628Correvio_Teson_033020.pdfYesPRExclusiveCardiovascularAtherosclerosis/Coronary Artery DiseaseAsiaChinaAggribloc, Aggrastat, Agrastat, tirofiban HCl, MK 383Heart Failure/Disorder Therapyglycoprotein IIb (GPIIb), glycoprotein IIIa (GPIIIa)Antagonist 0.50 3.50 3.50 85.71 14.29
03/2020Generex Biotechnology
Sinotek-Advocates International, Beijing Zhonghua
Development, License, SupplyLead Molecule 6.00 5.00 COVID-19 vaccine dev via Ii-Key peptide vaccine platform in Greater ChinaLink16026Generex_China_0320_Full.pdf 20.00 YesYesSEC FullInfectious-ViralCoronavirusPeptides, VaccinesAsiaChinaCOVID-19 vaccineVaccinePeptide2019-nCoV (SARS-CoV-2) (COVID-19) 1.00 6.00 6.00 83.33 20.00 $1M initial dev cost pre-payment
02/2020MedivirShijiazhuang Yuanmai BiotechnologyLicensePhase IIIXerclear for herpes in ChinaLink15949Medivir_Shijiazhuang_022420.pdfYesPRInfectious-ViralOther Infectious-ViralDrug Delivery, SyntheticsSmall Molecule, Topical
02/2020Vifor PharmaFreseniusMid Tier PharmaJoint VentureJoint venture to advance Vifor’s intravenous iron portfolio in ChinaLink15935Vifor_FreseniusKabi_022020.pdf11/2020YesPRHematologicAnemiaSyntheticsSmall MoleculeAsiaChina