Open Source Face Mask Challenge!
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Design IDImage (Make It Small)Link/SourceCategory (surgical, respirator, shield, FFP, other)Brief Description/QualityMaterial(s)Has this design been evaluated by a HOSPITAL or MEDICAL AUTHORITY? (If YES then please name the hospital or medical authority)Who Is Proposing the Design (Name, Email/Slack)
1 sewnFabric
2 & language PDF for fabric maskFabric
3 t-shirt mask article; uses 8 layers of fabric in place of a filter; limited sewing designFabric
4 MasksVanWert Health Instructions for hand sewn masksFabric, wire & elastic
5 single layer mask with elastics; website contains 2 designs that are with and without pocket for a filter; same as other fabric designs except it includes a wire to help fit mask to noseFabric/elastic
6 fabric mask, Includes PDF instructions and template; similar design to other fabric masks without pocket for filterCotton recommended
7 fabric mask with elastic; basic mask design using rectangular template to start and sewing pleats in for fitFabric
8 design; looking for manufacturers to help produce; Plastic
http://diymask.siteSurgicalSimilar to other fabric masks designs with pocket for filter; has some info about different types of filter materialsFabric and kitchen towel paper
10 cutting is faster than 3D printing an eye shield—just 1 min per piece.3 mm acyclic and 1 mm transpancy film
11 fabric sewn mask, has sterlization, fitment and care instructions, high quality presentation; similar basic design as templates that start with a sheet of square or rectangle fabricFabric
12 printed with exchangable filters and optional ewa foam insert; Gas Mask / Respirator but this time it has double purge
13 fabric mask made of microfiber and antimicrobial inter layer; same concept as Design #8 of fabric mask with slit to insert filter and wire to fit noseFabric
14 Source, 3D printed mask using antimicrobial plastic; design not yet finalized; crowdsourcing improvementsFlexible I am not the owner /

15 parts, requires filter piece, foam sealant and elastic; requires commercial P3 filters or equivalent to insert into mask for filtrationPLA /PETGThingiverse account holder, unverified if uploader is creator
16 accessory3D printed mask clips (4 parts per mask), requires cloth/paper and elastics/bands to make up the maskPLA/clothThingiverse account holder, unverified if uploader is creator
17 accessory3D printed earloop pressure relief and/or mask resizer for small headsThingiverse account holder, unverified if uploader is createor
18 accessory3 or 4 parts. Close fitting design based on a respirator. Requires filterPLA and/or TPU, Filter
19 printed clips to attach shield to hats, doesn't account for sanitization of hats, maybe useful in roles where persons are already wearing hatsBinder cover, 3D printed clips,
20 print without support, with a 0.8 nozzle then
to thermoform
21 layer fabric sewn mask with pocket for filter insert. Snug fit; similar to designs # 2, 4, 5, 122 layers of thickly-woven cotton fabric, 1/16" elastic, filter from vacuum cleaner bags or thick non-woven
22 space for filter material; similar to designs #2, 4, 5, 12, 24; design includes use of skin-safe double sided tape to seal mask to facedensely woven fabric,elastic,doublesided skin tapeI dont own Heather Harget sharer
23 formed sealed mask.
Aimed to be N95/fp2 compliant.
Quicly produceable on easily DIYable vacuum former
24 printed valve for adapting existing design (Decathlon) to ventilator outletPla/Petg, decathlon mask, filteri don't know
25 prototype face shield that [Prusa] developed. In three days, [they] went through dozens of prototypes and two verifications with the Czech Ministry of Health.
PETSee Testing Notes:
#1: Eric Chaves, positive response
Prusa Research (
26 lessons g duty email so that will deposit doggie door rid a seat c about A master model to duplicate thermoformed masks, with two lateral spaces for DIY filters (cotton, PP, complex?), maintained by lasercut platesPVC ou
27 Printed form for making paper pulp masksPaper
28 fabric mask which is easy to create and cheap to produce; no-sew fabric mask
. Fabric 10 by 15 inches (cotton or any approved fabric for virus protection, cotton or cotton knit can stop up to 60-70 % virus as per research).
. Straps 4 (made from same or another material)
. Buttons 6 (coat size or coins or anything round Approx 1 inch diameter )
. Rubberbands 10 to 12
Jyotish Sonowal. It's designed by Anuj Sharma. I can get his contact details since he is a friend and senior from my alma mater.
29 facemask using overhead projector sheets3D printing and projector sheetsDesigned by
Drake noffsinger
30 fabric mask which is easy to create and cheap to produce; similar to designs #2, 4, 5, 12, 24, etcany cotton quilting fabric, elastic cords, non-woven interfacing (optional)
31 using clothcloth from cotten cloth, woven fabric, T-shirtsThere are 2 prototypes of the Co-MASK, featuring a kiss and a smile. The masks come in 3 sizes (also for kids), using 3 layers of fabric available at home: kitchen cotton cloth, non-woven fabric, and an old T-Shirt. They are washable, have a nose clip, and a possibility to insert a replaceable filter. The mask cannot fully prevent the infection, but it can filter a significant amount of viruses+bacteria, so better than nothing. The idea is to make them available for free, through an online ordering system and a no-contact pick up. In addition, DIY instructions for replication would be made available for everyone with a sewing machine willing to multiply the effort.
32 Printing3D printing, M3 Screws, projector sheetsUnknow
33 sewn mask. Can be used as a surgical mask or as a cover to extend the life of a N95; pleated version of designs #2, 4, 5, 12, 24, etcFat quarter of 100% cottonJessica Nandino:
34 Printing (with a reflexion on "custon-made" with photogrammetry3D Printing, PCL Filament, FilterWasp
35 mask from vacuum cleaner bag. Use a large surface of the sheet to ease breathing (lower pressure difference); video tutorial for designs similar to #1, 3, 10, 14, 32; uses vacuum cleaner bag as the filtervacuum cleaner bag (or alternatively tea towel)N95, And i can imagine this design can be simplified further, for quicker manufacturing. And that a sort of nose bridge is required for better sealing
36 sew mask; modified design from Design #35fleece, elastic cords and cotton fabrics used in some hospitals in France (as far as I know, not for confirmed covid)Translator : RemRem
37 face shieldsmall bucket, clear plastic sheets, double sided tape, 1/4" elastic,
38 language pdf from the firewatch of the city Essencookable cotton fabric, wireFirewatch of the city Essen in germany
Turn sleep mask upside down and wear it as a mask.SurgicalRepurpose airlines or any sleep mask. Breathability: Good. Sheild cover: Sleep mask with a tall height fits best. No gaps between face and mask if it fits right.Fabric — cotton, polyester, nylon, or silkUnknown. Hopefully the multi-layerings in sleep mask would be able to help somewhat? Would love to get an opinion from a scientist or doctor. {Would recommend something that covers under the chin -- talking might cause the cover to slip above the mouth.}
Mask tissu, reusable without sewing, with everybody materials
Easy, quick to realize
Good Potential for mass production
With notice and plans for production.
fleece, elastic cords and cotton fabrics
electric wire
Same filter materials than the CHU grenoble
41N/ASurgicalA tube running from face to underneath clothingE.g. silicon facemask with tube?
FFPWith vent holes, and standar attachment points.EPU 41
FFPRPU 70 or MPU 100
FFPWith vent holes, removed attachment points.EPU 41
45 pleated mask designed for reuseNonwoven polypropylene from reusable shopping bags#project-cloth-masks on
46 face masks are already used a lot by bikers. The link is to a commercial product, but I guess this can be
47 packaging sheet for
[FR], home made and fablab made. lasercut. For long time. With notice and plan for production.fleece, elastic cords and cotton fabrics
electric wire
Same material CHU grenoble model.
49 mask is specially optimized for FFF (or FDM) 3D printing. It can be printed without supports and is designed to save space.semi-flexible FFF (or FDM) FilamentFor professionals who have to wear such a mask for a longer period of time, we can also adapt the mask by means of a video and our script.Georgios, Tino, Ioannis, and Leonardo - Think3DDD GbR. with Progekta Europe P.C. -
50 for high yardage yield, fast & easy prodution. Has a flat wire in the nose bridge for fit. Zero seamalowance for assembly via overlock machine.Fabric(Cotton), thread, wire,and elastic (cloth ties my be subsituted)The Cosplay Pattern CO.
51 everything at Joann FrabricJoann Frabric
52 :
1. Living hinges on sides to fit all head sizes
2. Foam on the forehead to make it more comfortable to wear
3. Holes to help breath better
4. Time to assemble and cut : 3 minutes
5. Cost to make : INR 20 or $0.25 or Euro 0.25
The head gear - MDF/Acrylic/Polycarbonate + OHP Sheets (150-200 Micron)
53 printed valve for adapting existing design (Decathlon) to ventilator outletDiving mask from Decathlon
Bigger image:

Can create a tutorial if needed.
Face Shield

Can be made into a mask by using bottom shoelace
Absolutely minimal 5-minute face shield mask

- quality: DIY
- easy to disinfect (eg. isopropyl alcohol)
- protects eyes
- soft
- protects face sides
- cheap
- easy to make
- easy breathing
- accommodates glasses
- no 3D printing, no tools except scissors
Clear plastic (bag or sheet), fabric (shoelaces)A DIY alternative if nothing else is available. The principle can easily be built upon. Eg. by using a slightly thicker plastic that is still easy to bend.


- Clear plastic sheet
 (must be transparent, translucent is not enough)
- Shoelaces

- Scissors

- Tape (to make holes in the plastic more durable)
David Šmehlík
54 adapter fits 2 types of widely available CPR masks: American Red Cross (Laerdal) CPR Pocket Mask (0.59 exterior diameter) & Generic CPR mask with hard plastic nozzle (0.875 interior diameter) Our Y breather adapter is designed to connect to:
Honeywell North N Series Filter, P100 filter,
(part # 7580P100, thread size 1.0625 0.375-16 UNS 2 A)
becoming a breathing device that will lower the risk of contracting diseases when used in the medical field. (Slimline adapters, compatible with other filter attachments, forthcoming)
CPR mask, & honeywell p11 filter. We used nylon filament, other material experimentation encouraged. additional parts: -- 2, O-rings (A115 - 11/16" x 7/8" x 3/32") to fit inside wide mouth CPR mask (0.875" ID) -- 2, 1.3125" Flat Gaskets for breathing valves. (we used 3m Easi-Air inhalation valve ID # 70-0700-9197-3. -- ~18-24" elastic band or other strappingAngela Meraki,, Angela Meraki
55 Shield- global protection
- made in collaboration with Pellegrin CHU (Bordeaux)
- classic fdm 3D printer
- filament abs/petg
- printed in 1h15 with 4mm nozzle (faster in 0.6)
- plexiglas 0.5 mm
- lazer cut
- 70 pieces ever delivered
- medical staff use it onto their ffp masks to avoid changing them every 2 hours
D33D (Bastien Dupuy, Ludovic Delhomme)
Bastien très occupé, en support 06 75 87 67 34
56 adjustable straps around neck
-includes nose strap
- reusable body
- number of replaceable inlet and outlet valve designs
-FDM 3D printer
- Filament: TPU/other flexible filament
-tape/hot glue gun for air-tight seal
- adjustable straps
- reusable body
- number of replaceable inlet and outlet valve designs
Image and info added by Artur Donaldson (, designed by iczfirz and made openly available on
57 • independent pleated pockets for filter material insertion • optional side cinching straps for customized fit close to face • removable nose bridge • no elastic required • flexible side strap options: ties at nape of neck or loops of elastic • easy cutting • breathable/comfortablehigh thread count cotton sheetingdeveloped with the assistance of medic/nurse/textile & design professionals for home sewingKelly Cheatle,
58 specs for a face mask for "non-clinical use" being circulated to factories and designers in Los Angeles by L.A. Protects, an intiative coordinated designer fashion brand Kaiser Permante
- Specs specifically state to avoid use of latex
- any non-latex fabric- comments on design could have a wide impact, as already has been published by a garment manufacturer and is being disseminated through the fashion industry in the US
- concerned that the design specifications do not give consideration of material other avoiding latex, and hence pore size may be too large
- Mask should be sterilized before use, but no indication given of how to sterilize (e.g. whether to use alcohol/U.V./steam/other)
Added by Artur Donaldson,, design by L.A. Protects probably led by
This design is intended to: 1) Use transparency sheets or rigid sheets depending on what's
available. 2) Not need any precise holes made in the sheets 3) BE
STACKABLE, so that someone with 1 printer can get 4 or 5 shields done
overnight without having to wake up. (Separate the stack using a knife
or wire cutters) 4) Print reasonably well even on an old printer (Solidoodle 2012).
PLA, Office Depot transparent sheet covers or similarThis is useful for where only a few printers are available. Queue up a stack to print overnight, and GET SOME REST! Robots Everywhere LLC
- 3 Layer Mask
- Great face coverage
- Replaceable inner filter
- Origami based design
- Costs less than a $1 to make.
3M Filtrette MPR1500 or higher, Can be realized in other thin breathable materials, Rubber Bands, Stapler, ScissorsEach mask can be made in 15 mins or lessUttam Grandhi, (on behalf of openPPE Project, India)
- 3 layer mask with changable inner filter
- No mid seam, easier to disinfect and iron
- Reusable after proper desinfection
- Fanstastic coverage
- Right amount of tension applied to nose and chin
- Filling gaps between nose and cheek for every person
- Comfortable, forms a small chamber around mouth
- Very fast to sew
- Very easy to produce locally

machine washable on 90C,
filter: 3 layer paper or cotton pads
Optimized material usage.
Optimized manual work for setting.
Could be sawn in 20 minutes. (MelissaCL)
quick to make disposable mask from vacuum cleaner bag
vacuum cleaner bag, bread ties, elastic band. Cost
- Paper is easy and fast to work with (5 minute build)
- Low-cost tools, no professional machines needed
- The template is easy to print on paper or acrylic
- The design fits onto a single A4 size sheet of paper
- Close skin to paper seal/vacuum (video demo's in link)
- DIY Alternative for surgical masks shortage
- It’s foldable, easy and compact to stack, carry, send
Paper / Coated paper /Acrylic sheets/non wovensAn alternative for surgical masks. This concept is designed to be disposable for short usage. Because this face mask is based on paper as a base material, it's not wearable for a longer period (30 minutes max?) because breath will weaken the paper over time. Acrylic/plastic alternatives are possible. Jean-Paul Leconte
64 Facepiece

- This Filtering Facepiece has three components. The outer cover can be fixed separately and can be detached when there's a requirement of changing the filter.

- The filter we have decided as cotton fabric which is being used in manufacturing Vests and there can be an additional layer of Activated Charcoal. It is basically 3D printed with PLA but for large scale production we can mould and produce as per the demand.
PLATo prepare one mask using 3D print can take 1hr. But for bulk requirement, it can be moulded and we can produce 10 pcs per minuteRanajay Kar
65« Spiralize outer contour  » type of mask
Liscence CC0 - Colaborative Project - Groupe Entraide Maker - COVID19

Easy to make, Biocompatible, Breathable
Soft printing due to Cura’s Spiralize outer contour mode which enables production of thin layers that are fast to print.
All parts can be printed in 2H30 on a U20* printer.
Considering this length of time, it is possible to make a single-use mask (otherwise it is possible to reuse after dismantlement)
Expected filter performance above 94% of 0,6µ particles (FFP2) (Filtration E12 or H13, so 99,5 or 99,7% at 0,3 µ)
Breathable (expected respiratory resistance below 0,7mbar at 30L per mn ; 2,4mbar at
95L/Min and 3,6 mbar at 160L/Min)
Considering the great size ofthe filter, it is possible to use less breathable materials vs on a simple fabric mask ; if this one is for a general public use.
Organic materials compatible (PLA in contact with skin ; TPU and mastic classed A+ without skin contact)
Reusable partially (filter must not be reused)
General use materials (Veficle Cabin air filtre E12 or H13), PLA,TPU
l parts can be dismantled, very practical and easy for cleaning and disinfection process
PLA , TPU (seal), Acrylic mastic

Filter : Different choice possible
Anti Allergen Air cabine Filter E12 or H13
like Bosh Bosh 0 986 628 504

Industrial H13 filter
Time of printing is about 2h30
This mask use spiralize outer contour mod printing settings
PLA is soft due to the thin wall (0.4mm)
The complete mask weight is about 70g
The large filter reduce respiratory resistance
A manufacturing guide help for the make

The mask will be qualified by DGA (Minstery of Defense of France)
Fabrication protocole will be compatible with HACCP
Cleanning with be validating by hospital’s hygienists
Mask 3D Team of group : Entraide Maker - Covid 19

My Slack : Petitmanu
My mail :
www.maspire.orgSurgicalDeveloped by a professional design company in France. In use with HCC Colmar patients and the Groupement de Gendarmerie du Haut-Rhin. Exists in an Open Source homemade version (build time 16 minutes) and an industrial version (cuttable by plotter or laser, build time 4 minutes). Features a formable nose piece for optimal face fit. Can be sterilized in a laundry machine or a domestic oven. Exceeds the recommended AFNOR mask performance.Cotton + vlieselineTiger Tailor (France) -
67image overlapped on ID 65N/Asurgical and ffpCustom Exterior shell with dispoable filter design: 1.) Exterior shell design can be custom fit for a secure air cavity, even air flow distribution, breathability, and comfortability. Features include adjustable metal nose piece, two cotton ties and a dual suspension (grey) elastic band with adjustable options to secure a tight facial air cavity and headpiece. Metal brackets for dual suspension allows for elastic to be easily adjusted and replaced after wear or breakdown. Optional: non latex band. Sterilzied / reusable. 2.) Interior disposable filter includes: 2 layers of interface exterior and 9 layers polypropylene exterior (1% UV additive). Each layer has been treated with an iodized salt process based on academic study.
Overall, the masks large sealed air cavity reduces air pressure of fine particle intake (volume=force). Product pending efficacy testing via certified lab. In home high performance testing was evaluated eg. blow, taste, smell and breathability during the design phases of the exterior and interior products. *Glasses do not fog.
Exterior shell: Cotton/nylon blend & 100% cotton / elastic (optional) Interior/disposable: polyprolene and interface treated with iodoized saltNoJQ-line (