NamePhone NumberGoing on SB?Love Languages ( that make you happy: candy/snacks, accessories, compliments , etc
Adrienne301-412-4345Yes1. acts of service 2. quality time 3. words of affirmation 4. gifts 5. physical touch ... but I still like gifts!!!I love candy, especially the kinds that my mom would be horrified
by (spray candy, etc.) Also trivia, temporary tattos, bad puns, and
maybe some room decorations? A candle would be sweet (my
room smells bad)
Lemon Drop978-496-7343Yessss1. physical touch ;)))) (that quiz only gave me one!!!!!! ADRIENNE thanks adrienne <3I love beets bc candy makes my blood sugar high #diabeteswon'tstopme though so I also fuckin love chocolate. Bad (or good!!!) poems, quotes, doodles on the corner of a love letter. fun facts also great. I love snacks and the weiiiiird things you can find at the dollar store. music and playlists are always loved and i will probably listen to playlists several thousand times. I ALSO JUST SAW THAT JESS SAID DUNKS ICED COFFEE AND I SECOND THAT. an addendum: i love beets but maybe not enough to eat three of them raw in the course of a single day xoxoHI ITS JESS LIVE LOVE DUNKS CARAMEL SWIRL RUNS THROUGH MY VIENSHEY ITS LD DUNKS IS LYF ICED COFFEE WITH UNGODLY AMOUNTS OF CREAM AND SUGAR MAKES UP 90% OF MY BEINGUGH LOVE TO HEAR IT I FEEL THAT 100%
Molly Gallagher847-917-6885Yes1. quality time 2. words of affirmation 3. acts of service 4. giftsI love candy, especially chocolate candy, and am really into pretzels right now (chocolate covered pretzels? Hell yeah). Gift-related things aren’t super important to me, but I really love stickers and funky sunglasses. Also if you happen to be thrift shopping and find a super cheap and really excellent funny t-shirt, that would make me really happy. Mostly, though, I really like to be sent memes and positive affirmations. (That scavenger hunt idea in the email was also a good one….)
Darya Khodakhah914-806-9949Yeet 1. quality time 2. physical touch 3. words of affirmation 4. gifts 5. serviceI have an obsession with 5 gum (the whack "cobalt" flavor) and I go through it SUPER fast so that's much appreciated. Side note on gum: if you managed to get your hands on green apple big league chew I'd cry of happiness. I love any candy especially gummy bears or sourpatch. Always looking for good quotes to hang on my wall and ANYTHING related to The Office since that show is my life. But $ needs to be spent...and if you literally just printed out a bunch or random memes, poems/quotes you like, or pictures from The Office that I could put on my wall I'd be over the moon. Oh also I have 0 flair so hand-me-down flair or thrifted flair is appreciated!!!
Ciara(716)785-8217NoWords of affirmation, acts of service/quality time, physical touch, receiving giftsI am a words person #wordsofaffirmation so usually talking or notes is what makes me feel the most lurved. My vices are white cheddar grooves cheeze its, blue corn tortilla chips, and pretty much any candy in existance lmao, but something that I never have but love is starburts, I freeze em and then gnaw like there's no tomorrow, if you've never tried I would HIGHLY recommend. Also friendship bracelets are dope. Honestly I just really like lil notes or doodles or what have you. Also hugs. MUCH hugs.
Meg Haberle978-873-4231YeeJust quality timeI very much love chocolate, but am off dessert since it's bothering me tummy soooo only dark please. I LOVE goldfish (original, cheddar, or parmesan) and Chex Mix. Also, anything homemade is an absolute win in my book. Cute little things, weird rocks or shells, fun notes, happy notes, all the notes. Funny memes and funny or meaningful quotes make me happy.
Josie Bourne6033593776heck yeck1. acts of service 2. quality time 3. physical touch 4. words of affirmation 5. gift giving i love dark chocolate, gum, all food, nice notes, literally any random thing (also im a big fan of massages) but no $ need be spent sry if none of this information is helpful
Raechel Zeller3369774911Oh yeah1. Quality time 2. Physical touch 3. Words of affirmation 4. Acts of service 5. Giftscoffee, chocolate, mugs, mac and cheese, drawings, SOCKS!! song parodies, hand-me-down flair (my chef's coat needs a hat friend :)), sweaters (especially thrifted from mens sections), wildflowers, basically anything you think will make me smile, salt and vinegar chips
Jenny Pushner6175957365oh yesphysical touch, thats it!I really enjoy cards! You can never go wrong with dark chocolate or brie cheese. I love pictures too to remember fun times. hmm pretty much anything that you put thought into im sure i will love it. i like to cook and drink tea. also if you find a way to gift me something that is special to you/important to your life that would be cool. also jokes are good.
Olivia Ryder (cr8)4158101968yeepqual timeokay okay i've thought about it - two months long of thinking ! Woah. i like pretty much everything and i like simple things that you also like because i think that's a cool connection. except for pineapple... and dropping my metal water bottle.... i love chocolate, dark chocolate, cheese, i like cookies. i love sour gummies but not really other gummies. i like berries and i like bananas. . i like veggie stix (the jalapeno ones) i like going for sunset drives and listening to good music so i can always do with song recomendations or a playlist. i like cards and hand made things of any sort. i love pens. i like riddles. i love receiving mail. i like scavenger hunts. i like vessels (i.e. water bottles or coffee mugs) and socks (ie fun patterny ones) and hair ties (ie scrunchies). i like pillows and soft things but a good piece of wood is also very compelling. i like good smells and good smelling things. i love games, card games and board games, and spending quality time with someone. i like hand holding sometimes. i like compliments and validation lol it tru. i like sparkles but i don't really like temp tats. i like paper, journals and books :) i think that's enough? idk. let me know if there's more info i can provide or if honestly maybe this was too much? cheers. xox
Laura Friedrich3038899930duhhhh (yes)Hiiiiii I really am happy with anything <3 I just love this idea so so mcuh and am so excited for this! FLAIR IS DOPE! I have such a sweet tooth so like chocolate or carmel or something like that? But I also love notes and drawings and stuff cause they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I can hang them on my wall! Oh and I just looked at Tara's and tattoos are also really cool! I hope this helped!
Tara Santi303-945-6017yesWords of affirmation, quality timeNice notes and encouragement. puns. crunch bars. jelly beans. things to do with friends. metallic temporary tattoos. things you think are pretty. nature. things that will make me laugh. photoshop. scavenger hunts. surprises. timothée chalamet. <3 really good questions to get to know a person
Jess Mulder7818988281yes daddyQuality time, physical touch ;)I love chocolate (especially dark), notes, 69, toys, hugs, hugs again, POSTERS, stuffed animals, DFMOing, going rogue, literally anything you make, trident splash gum (im allergic to mint)), Spicy tuna rolls, DUNKIN DONUTS ICED COFFEE, grey’s anatomy, hot people, alcohol of any kind, arts and crafts, fun facts, BAD PICK UP LINES, doodles, flair flair flair, animals, your undying love and affection
Olivia "Olo" Olson(207) 613-4457YAASSWords of affirmation and touch!I loooove chocolate and I eat it every day. not hersheys, though. I love small, handmade or intentional presents like a poem or a little song or a braclet. I also love hand-knitted things like an ear warmers or hats. I also love coffee and black tea. I appreciate borrowing a favortie book or someone sending me a playlist of songs they love or think I would love. I also love mini-things. That's all I have to say. Hand-painted pictures. Tortilla chips. plz don't forget chocolate
Sophie (backseat) C-J6178930399no but in spirit!Quality time, words of affirmation!handmade gifts, nice notes, pretty much anything sweet, art for my walls, anything fun and thrifted, puzzles/games, sunsets, adventures, croc jibbitz, maybe some other stuff too if I think of it!!
Laurie Chen 978-505-3955Yes1. Physical Touch hah 2. Quality Time 345. everything else Bananas, milk chocolate, chocolate with peanut butter (ahem reeese's), potato/tortilla chips (original), stickers, inspirational or savage af quotes (including song lyrics) that you think I'd enjoy, SONG RECS / artists recs (esp contemporary/slow dance-themed) since I'm in dire need of newe music rn, dear data collection/design inspiration, little handwritten notes
Brooke Laird 203-536-0504yee hawquality time, words of affirmation, acts of service crafty things, funky glasses, fruit, jess mulder's response to this form, coffee and cafine related things, acrostic poems, when people may music playlists for me, the color yellow, temporary tattoos, suprises!
Sid5107251744yupacts of service, quality time, physical touchdark chocolate/really any sweet things, friendship bracelets, riddles, nature, handmade things that are pretty, stickers, new playlists, funny notes, really anything :)
Allegra2037226944yessiri love giving acts of service, recieving quality time - words of affirmation goes both ways Poems!! written love words. Blue. creative sign making. song recommendations, definitely compliments anytime. people swimming w me at the beach. candy: chewy/sour things like sour patch or gummies or those long stripey strips or those black and red raspberries. or candy bars like snickers and milky way.
Lily B508-524-8236yeasquality timeeeee, physical touch (this is hugely growing on me and i am realizing i probably need 5000x more than i think), words of affirmationsong/album/playlist recommendations. funny videos. cute notes. random fun things from dollar stores. also hugs that last a long time and snuggles and little head massages. fun shirts. cool rocks and flowers and nice sticks and little token things. food related: i have serious celiac so no glutens please/don't worry too much about getting snacks because certified GF things can be hard to find. BUT i love CHOCOLATE (dark), fruit snacks, JELLY BELLY JBEANZ (i can blind taste them and guess the flavors 100% of the time), gummy things (not sour candy), gf pretzels (they're better than gluten pretzels)
C-Dubz (Clara W)402-672-6750Nope :[quality time; thoughtful words of affirmation (I'm really not into the whole empty compliments thing but I love it when they mean something to the other person as well!!!), I love a good hug alsonice notes and little gifties, little drawings, dark chocolate, honestly anything floral and whimsical, long time spent over meals, hugs, pretzel (singular), cheezits, PB shtuffs, crafts, quotes , teazzz - probs not floral but kinda any other is a YES PLZ, lotion
Lys314-769-1530yesQuality time is my number 1 I love hanging out. But I'm also finding that I love to be adored so adore me and I will adore u... but ALSO finding that I don't particularly love physical touch unless it's romantic so if ur not trynna be romanced don't touch my bod pls (still like soft hugs tho those are sweet) xoxtbh just love. but also youtube/fb videos and memes that are kind of hilarious, music is so good to me, little words and sayings that might help me appreciate life and be calm (think cheesy self care shit), good smells, love notes, talking about dreamssss, I like snacks like chocolate and popcorn (but I rly dislike gummy candy and will not eat it)
JB919-491-2229nouhpquality time Jennie Bob stop copying me stop stop itThoughtful punzzz, ICE CREAM (eaten with a friend fresh in the dining hall because melty ice cream=sad JB), little reminders to hydrate/chillax/be happy, things that smell good, oranges (also double for the smell good category) (and also napkins to go wit the oranges because they are sticky), little drawings/crafts, hugs, little conversations/small talk about anything dealer's choice, cats especially cute cats escpecially cute funny cats especailly cute funny cats in video form (but pls no cute funny cats getting hurt)
Jaden jbabyyy8147993897noQuality time Jennie Bob stop copying meThoughtful little handmade gifts, things that make you smile that will make me smile, anything snacky I can stress munch (dark chocolate/tortilla chips but the thin crispy ones/almonds—raw, not roasted or salted), also new foods you like I would love to try, something you thought was happy and beautiful, the good apples they sometimes have that don't smush when you bite them, books (your favorite?), tea/coffee (your favorite?), flowers, music, nature, funky thrifted finds
ur mom867-5309u wishgetting calls for a good timeif u don't get this joke u need to reevaluate ur life and maybe take a febmester to shear sheep and stare deeply into some various lakes. Or rivers. No rivers are too fast. Streams, that'll be good. After you have spent sufficient time pondering your own reflection (narcissus style, but with less dying-of-starvation-from-being-unable-to-tear-yourself-away-from-your-own-relflection, so not really narcissus style at all) you can then begin the next leg of your journey. You will practice holding your breath for a really long time for awhile (possibly in conjunction to the whole narcissus thing? We can talk logistics later). Then when you've got a good 5-10 mins of lung capacity on deck you're gonna strap yourself to a whale and then ride him through the ocean. This will give u clarity or somethin i think, I watched a movie where a girl did this and she didn't even die. Then, and only then, having tasted the nirvana of whale-rodeo and becoming enlightened (heyo Buddha what's good), then you can pull out your phone and play the song 867-5309/Jenny, at which time you will realize everything you have been missing.
Corbin434-284-0369yeppersquality time?BABIES, gummies, notes, stickers, temp tattoos, memes, massages, art, babies, funny videos, lap dances, absurd shit, funny videos, my girlfriend
Rachel Nahirny617-875-7581hell yaquality time and words of affirmation: do fun things with me and then tell me you had fun, its easy and everybody winsglitter, twix, cheese sticks, memes, cool stickers, playlists for driving, nice notes, drawings, dance parties, candles (come at my fire safety), earl grey tea, punz, phineas and ferb, long walks on the beach, skiing and ski videos, flair, febs and feb propaganda, flowers, inspiratonal quotes, bad jokes, love, puzzles and board games, veggie bootie
Aria Bowden5757795120 no quality time and words of affirmationcandy: anything fruit flavored like hi chews or watermelon sour patch kids, nice notes, poems, compliments, music or book recommendations, good memes, anything that makes me laugh, tea, 5 gum, good conversation, random postcards or room decorations, anything thoughtful and nice
Anna 5032294285i have no time for this foolishnessWords, funny words, funny words in sentences that may or may not make sense, letters, postcards, art, drawings that may borderline not be considered art