2019 NACT Unceasingly Pray
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DatePrayer Burden
June 11This summer, 2,800 college students and serving ones will gather in Champaign, Illinois for the 2019 North America College Training. They’ll come from campuses and towns across the United States and from more than 40 countries around the globe. Please pray for their safe travel, including all flights, shuttle rides, and cross-country drives, and that the Lord will keep their going out and their coming in (Psalm 121:7-8).
June 12Many students traveling to the NACT, especially those coming from great distances, choose to extend their trips prior to or following the training in Champaign. This creates a marvelous opportunity for blending with churches, especially through the practical provision of hospitality. Pray for multiplied grace to all the local saints for hosting students before and after the college training on their way to and from the NACT.
"Contribute to the needs of the saints; pursue hospitality."
(Romans 12:13)
June 13Let’s pray for each one’s health - The North America College Training schedule is rigorous, starting at 6:30am every morning and ending at 10:30pm every night. Please pray for the speaking brothers to be healthy as they prepare in the Lord, for the serving ones to be in good health as they coordinate and labor together, and that each attendee would be able to fully participate and would remain healthy for the entire time with no spread of sickness (1 Thes 5:23).
June 14Let’s pray for on-time arrival - The first day of the North America College Training is July 14th. As everyone is arriving, please pray that the weather would be clear around the country so that all the planes would arrive on time. All those arriving by plane will also be boarding shuttle buses traveling from Chicago to Champaign. Pray that not one attendee would be delayed in their coming to the training (Matthew 8:26-27).
June 15Let’s pray for the weather - The NACT is being held on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. There will be many opportunities for blending and fellowship as the trainees walk between the various locations. Please pray that the weather during the college training would be conducive to fellowship, convenient for getting from place to place, and allow for outdoor recreational activities.
June 16Let’s pray for the practical services - There are many areas of practical service including ushering, registration, and audio-visual that need to be arranged. Please pray that there would be no interruption to the ministry of the word and each service would be carried out smoothly.
June 17Let’s pray for safety and security - With over 2800 attending the training, we need to pray to cover all the dear ones from any attack from the enemy. Pray for safe travel to and from the training, that no incidents or accidents would happen during the training, that all recreation times would be free from injury, and that no outside person would be stirred up to cause any trouble. (1 Peter 5:8)
June 18Let’s pray for the facilities - Trainees at NACT stay in dormitory style housing, eat in the university cafeteria, and attend meetings on campus. Please pray for the smooth and seamless service provided by the university staff in areas like dorm management, food preparation, and climate control. (Philippians 4:6)
June 19Let’s pray for the hearts - Pray that the heart of each trainee would be prepared for the training. May each one’s heart be the good earth to hear and understand the word and bear fruit (Matt 13:23).
June 20Let’s pray for the oneness and one accord - The serving saints in the NACT come from campuses and churches from around the country and across the globe. Pray that each one would enjoy the anointing of the Spirit and the supply of grace to be kept in absolute oneness. Pray for a one accord among all the serving ones that would invite the Lord’s blessing (Psa 133:1-3).
June 21Let’s pray for a clear sky - In order for the college students coming to NACT to have a clear sky, they need to deal with any offense in their conscience. Let’s pray for them as they prepare for the training to clear up any clouds between them and the Lord. Pray also that they would maintain a conscience that is void of offense towards God and man. Pray for the atmosphere to be sober and open, with a clear and open heaven for the Lord’s transfusion to reach every student in a prevailing way (Ezekiel 1:22).
June 22Let’s pray for the speaking brothers - There will be more than 37 brothers, including some senior co-workers, who will be ministering the Word during this week. Please pray for the rich anointing and outpoured Spirit of power upon each of the brothers (Acts 2:4).
June 23Let’s pray for the blending among all the students - Trainees are organized in small groups with other students they may not know. This creates a marvelous opportunity for blending. Pray that all the students would be blended together, not merely in a social way, but as members in the Body, despite any differences in culture, nationality, or background for the one new man (Col 3:10-11).
June 24Let’s pray for the high school graduates - Pray that the 303 recent high school graduates--now incoming freshman--would genuinely and personally touch the Lord and consecrate their college years to the Lord (Psa 110:3).
June 25Let’s pray for the small groups - An integral part of the college training is the time in the small groups each day. Each small group is comprised of 6-8 students, 2 serving ones, and 1-2 FTTA trainees. Pray that each small group would be full of mutuality, overflowing and shepherding (Matt 18:20).
June 26Let’s pray for testimonies - Trainees will not only be under the hearing of faith through the ministry of the word, they will also have abundant opportunities to speak what they have seen and heard. Pray that the Lord would loose many tongues to testify and to strengthen the word released in the messages (1 Cor. 14:26).
June 27Let’s pray for verse memorization - The students at NACT are assigned to memorize four to five verses each day with daily testing. Pray for the word of God to dwell in them richly. Pray that the word would be their sustenance day by day during the week of training, and that they would be constituted with the word for their long-term nourishment (Col. 3:16).
June 28Let’s pray for the singing - The sound of singing at NACT can be heard across the campus, in dorm rooms and cafeteria lines, in small groups and big meetings. Pray that the Spirit would be released in all the singing, and that the songs would usher the trainees into the enjoyment of the Lord in every session (Eph. 5:19).
June 29Let's pray for morning revival - Each day at NACT begins with morning revival. In addition to the many corporate activities and pursuits, the students are also being trained to develop a hidden life with the Lord morning by morning. Pray for the deepening of the students’ private and hidden life with the Lord in the mornings. "Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, for in You I trust. Make known to me the way on which I should walk, for to You I lift up my soul." (Psalms 143:8)
June 30Let’s pray for a hunger for God’s word - Over the course of seven days, students will be under the speaking of God’s word through the ministering brothers, the reading and memorization of Bible verses, and the enlightenment and nourishment of ministry excerpts. Pray for the students to develop an increased taste and desire for the rich ministry of God’s word during and after the college training (Jer. 15:16).
July 1Let’s pray for the opening of the eyes - As those who enjoy the New Testament jubilee and who strive to lead others into the same experience, the students must have their own eyes opened to see the things concerning Christ as never before. Pray for the Lord’s personal appearing to each student and that each one would see a vision of God’s eternal purpose (Acts 26:18).
July 2Let’s pray for a transfer - The Lord would cause the students to experience the greatest transfer from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God (Acts 26:18).
July 3Let’s pray for confession - Pray that each student would continually confess their sins to obtain restoration through forgiveness (Acts 26:18).
July 4Let’s pray for the experience of God as their inheritance - Pray that each student would take God as their portion, pursue Christ, exercise their heart and spirit, and partake of the word of His grace (Acts 26:18).
July 5Let’s pray for participation in the church life - Pray that each student would give themselves to the church life by participating in the church meetings and by pursuing Christ with spiritual companions (Acts 26:18).
July 6Let’s pray for a week set apart. Pray that the Lord would sanctify this week unto Him to be a time of enjoying Him as the reality of the Sabbath year, a time of resting in Him and of separation from the world, so that He can bring everyone into the full experience of the jubilee (Lev. 25:12a).
July 7Let’s pray for a living in the jubilee. Pray that the students would live their lives in the age of the jubilee, the age of Christ as grace dispensed into us for our enjoyment by His words of grace, an age of ecstasy for our salvation (Joshua 21:43).
July 8Let’s pray to be recovered to our portion. Pray that all of the students would be recovered to God as their lost divine possession, their portion, possessing Him by enjoying Him through the Word and by the Spirit (Lev. 25:13).
July 9Let’s pray to be freed in Christ - Pray that every student would enjoy Christ as the freedom of the jubilee by switching on the law of the Spirit of life installed in their spirit. Pray that throughout the week they would remain in contact with Him and walk according to the spirit (Rom. 8:1-2).
July 10Let’s pray to be returned to our family - Pray that each student would appreciate being returned to the church as their divine family, the church, and find their home in the dwelling place of God’s rest for the accomplishing of His eternal purpose (Lev. 25:10)
July 11Let’s pray for the Lord’s appearing - Pray that the Lord Jesus would appear to each student, and that His appearing would give them a vision. Pray that the vision they see of Christ as the real jubilee would be proclaimed in the uttermost parts of the earth (Luke 4:18-19).
July 12Let’s pray for a commission - Pray that each student would receive a commission from the Lord to contact their fellow students. Pray that they would proclaim the gospel—Christ as the jubilee of grace! (Luke 4:18-19)
July 13Let’s pray for the Lord’s covering - In addition to the 1900+ students attending the training, some 900 saints are also joining to speak, serve, pray, and care for the practical needs of the students and the training. Let’s pray for them and their families. Pray especially that they would be protected from any attacks from the evil one in these days of warfare. (Eph. 6:11-13).
July 14Let’s pray for protection from God’s enemy - Pray that Satan –the ruler of this world– would have no ground in the atmosphere on campus or in the beings of all those attending the college training (Eph. 6:14-16).
July 15Let’s pray for the binding of Satan - Pray as the Body with the helmet of salvation, especially to fight for the minds and hearts of the youngest and newest ones among us. Pray that the enemy would have no ground in their minds concerning any matters of truth or practice (Eph. 6:17-18).
July 16Let’s pray again for the weather - Hurricane Barry is on course to hit Champaign on Tuesday, bringing thunderstorms and rain. In addition, temperatures are climbing into the high 90s throughout the week. Pray for the Lord’s safekeeping of all the students and serving ones still travelling to Champaign and as they walk and drive from dorms to venues. Pray for no disruption to the schedule or facilities (Matt 8:26-27).
July 17Let’s pray for consecration - Pray that this college training would be a landmark in the lives of the students, and that, at this pivotal point, the students would consecrate their lives and futures to the Lord absolutely for His purpose and glory (Psalm 110:3).c
July 18Let’s pray for application - Pray that the students would practice the things they see and hear this week at the college training, and that they continue to live in the reality of the jubilee, proclaiming the jubilee, upon their return home (1 John 1:3).
July 19Let’s pray for the Lord’s calling - Pray that the Lord would call many students to Himself, especially to give their futures to the Lord to be trained with a vow to attend FTTA to be made useful to Him (Rom 12:1). A
July 20Let’s pray for lasting impact - Pray that this training would have a long-term impact on the lives of each student; on their generation, including those who did not have a chance to attend; and would be a great blessing to the Lord’s recovery and the Lord’s move in North America and across the globe (Psalm 84:5).