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2020FABxLive - online international Fab Lab Conference; Fab Foundation (USA) and global Working Group "Fab Labs & SDGs"Chairing working group, developing and running online workshops 1) Learn about SDGs and develop a SDG-profile for your local fablab; 2) Experience the world of SDG projects (management game)
2020Fab Lab Factory, Aalst, BelgiumAdvising and collaborating on the Fab Lib project aimed at developing an integrated solution for offering STEAM activities in public libraries; specific expertise regarding UN SDGs, Fablab management, STEM activities, deployment of Moodle LMS.
2020in collaboration with Stichting Polytechnic College Suriname (PTC)setting up and supervising an experiment with Internet-of-Things via LoRaWAN
2020Stichting Villa Zapakara, Suriname, ParamariboTask force developing Zaplab (Fab Lab)
2019Ministerie van Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Republiek Suriname i.s.m. UNDPSynchronizing District plans with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals; Analysis and Design, Testing, preparing for Dissemination
2019FAB15 - 15th Annual International Fab Lab Conference; ElGouna and Kairo (Egypt), Fab Lab Egypt and Fab Foundation (USA)Developer and facilitator of the English/Arab workshop on "Fab Labs and Sustainable Development Goals; the next round", adding cooperating with Multilateral Development Banks
2018-2019Desafío Simbiocreación 2018-2019; design thinking workshops at local, regional and national level; Fab Lab Peru i.c.w. Airbus and World Bank GroupCoordinate 1) systematization of Simbiocreación methodology in e-learning platform (Moodle), 2) documentation of workshops; contribute with tools for project management; participate as Mentor of workshops; lead preparation of project closure report.
2018-Fab Lab Global NetworkInitiator and chairperson of the global working group on "Fab Labs & SDGs"; developing global map of Fab Lab SDG Profiles
2018FAB14 - 14th Annual International Fab Lab Conference; Toulouse (France); Fab Foundation (USA) and Fab Lab Toulouse (France)Developer and facilitator of the English/French workshop on "Fab Labs and Sustainable Development Goals"
2017-2018Suriname College of Hospitality and TourismImplementing digital learning environment (Moodle)
2017FAB13 - 13th Annual International Fab Lab Conference; Santiago de Chile; Fab Foundation (USA) and Fab Lab Santiago (Chile)Developer and facilitator of the English/Spanish workshop on "Sustainable Fab Lab Goals" about Fab Labs and Sustainable Development Goals
2017Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname (AdeKUS); Institute for Graduate Studies and ResearchLecturing course "Technology, trends en ontwikkelingen in het onderwijs" in program "Master of Science in Learning and Innovation"
201731e ICT-praktijkdag; Thomas More campus, Geel, Belgium2x Workshop for teachers: How to develop S.T.E.M.-activities (6 feb.)
2016-dateHogeschool Saxion (NL) and ACI, CPI, SPI teacher training institutes Suriname (UTSN-twinning)Implementing common digital knowledge base and virtual learning environment for 3-6 institutes
2016FAB12 - Fab Lab International Conference, Shenzhen, PRC; Fab Foundation (USA) & SIDA - Shenzhen Industrial Development Professionals AssociationFacilitator of the Fab Lab Life Cycle workshop; facilitator of the Fab Lab Safety Game session; FAB12 International Fab Lab Conference, Shenzhen, China
2016MAK-ER (digital manufacturing network of Emilia-Romagna); R2B Research to Business event, Bologna, ItalyInvited speaker on "Fab lab life cycle and business models" at "Open Innovation Economy" seminar and workshop (9-10 June)
2016ECOIS - Centre of Expertise for Education and ICTs in SurinameDeveloping draft multiannual policyplan for teacher training institute on its way to upgrading program to bachelor of science
2016Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) & Orion (NL), GeorgiaFab lab training (online consulting/coaching and prototyping)
201629e ICT-praktijkdag; Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool, Antwerpen, Belgium2x Workshop for teachers: How to develop S.T.E.M.-activities (29 feb.)
2015Anton de Kom University of SurinameImproving education via ICT: Full implementation of a Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle)
2015Anton de Kom University of Suriname; Faculty of Technological Sciences; Section Mechanical EngineeringPresentation for staff members on "Bits en Atomen; Electronica als Linking Pin", demonstrations of new technology (5 March)
2015Anton Resida MULO SchoolEcois presentation/demonstration of ICT related innovations (7 March)
2015Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Paramaribo, SurinameEcois presentation/demonstration of ICT related innovations at KKF Innovation Day (7 Feb.)
2015-dateChildren Museum Villa Zapakara, Paramaribo, SurinameRunning a Technotour of STEM/ICT-related workshops/activities for children (2015: 28 Feb., 17 Oct., 5 Dec., 2016: 28 May, 2017: ...)
2015ECOIS - Centre of Expertise for Education and ICTs in SurinameDeveloping of 10 STEM/ICT related acitivities/workshops for children
2015-dateFab Lab, Paramaribo, SurinameTeam member, preparing and running the Fab Lab presence at KKF Jaarbeurs (26 Nov. - 3 Dec.) in cooperation with KinderBoekenFestival (Children Book Fair) and Ecois; volunteer
2015FAB11 – Fab Lab International Conference, Boston/Cambridge MA, USAFirst life run of the “Fab Lab Health and Safety Game" plus re-run of the Fab Lab Life Cycle Workshop
2015ISAGA – 46th Annual Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association; Kyoto, JapanPoster presentation on the Fab Safe Game; co-author Lipika Bansal
2015Peperpot Discovery Center, Commewijne, SurinameEcois presentation of ICT related innovations at Peperpot Launch and workshops at Recycle 'N Upcycle market (16 & 18 Oct.)
2015Stichting Projekten der EBGS, Paramaribo, SurinameRunning a Technotour of STEM/ICT-related workshops/activities for children (6 Dec.)
2015US Embassy, Paramaribo, SurinameTechcamp Suriname on Innovation in Education; 17-18 Nov.; resource person on gaming/simulation, presenter on Fab Labs and S.T.E.M. and techtrainer
2014ISAGA – 45th Annual Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association; Dornbirn, Austria.A paper contribution to “Back to the future of gaming” edited by Richard Duke and Willy Kriz; interactive workshops on “Making and gaming; exploring the relation between gaming, maker spaces and Fab Labs” and “Gaming: the future’s challenge”.
2014FAB10 – Fab Lab International Conference, Barcelona, SpainDeveloping and running the “Fab Lab Life Cycle” workshop plus re-run for World Bank delegation; authoring a report on “The Fab Lab Life Cycle”.
2014-2015Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname (AdeKUS); Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Technological SciencesApplying AdeKUS VLE to MERSD (Master in Education and Research for Sustainable Development) program and Mechanical Engineering program, including training for students, lecturers and program administrators.
2013-2015Cabinet of the Vice-President of the Republic of SurinameDeveloping Fab Lab Paramaribo Suriname
2013-2014Polytechnic College (PTC) SurinameDeveloping business case for distance education; implementing electronic front-office; implementing distance education, stage 1
2012Fab8 - Fab Lab International Conference, Wellington, New ZealandDeveloping and delivering an international workshop on Fab Lab life cycle and Fab Lab management
2012ISAGA Conference, RomaniaThree paper presentations and three game demonstrations (see publications)
2012eLearning Africa Conference, BeninDeveloping and delivering a full day workshop “Moodle introduction; develop your own online course today”.
2011-2012Ministry of Labour, Technological Development and Environment (ATM), SurinameDeveloping and delivering workshops on ict and teaching (ECOIS)
2011Polytechnic College, SurinameImplementing virtual learning environment (Moodle)
2011Digichina, ChinaGuest speaker at Serious Games Innovative Summit
2011Japanese Simulation and Gaming Association (JASAG), JapanGuest speaker at autumn 2011 seminar in Sapporo
2011Stad Gent, BelgiumWorkshop on policy and management of virtual learning environment
2011VariousSmall assignments on Moodle and Cyberdam
2011VUA, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsImplementing collaborative work environment & public web site for WHATER project (EU); Water Harvesting Technologies Revisited, Potentials for Innovations, Improvements and Upscaling in Sub-Saharan Africa
2011Anton de Kom University of Suriname, SurinameImplementing e-learning at Petroleum Geology Dept.
2010-2012International Fab Lab CommunityChairperson International Fab Lab Association, earlier chairing task force to establish the association
2010-2012 Waag Society, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsInitiating a Fab Lab in Suriname
2010-2011Bethlehem University, PalestineConsulting on implementing e-learning and training in Moodle for System Administrators
2010-date ISAGA - International Simulation and Gaming Association Chairperson of the Executive Board, now member of the Advisory Council
2010-dateECOIS - Centre of Expertise for Education and ICTs in SurinameConsulting, policy developing, organizing seminars, preparing projects (e.g. distance education for teachers in the interior, one-laptop-per-child pilot project)
2010-2011FHR Institute for Social Studies, Paramaribo, SurinameDeveloping a course and lecturing on Academic ICT Skills for the MBA and MPA programs
2010ISAGA Summerschool, Paramaribo, SurinameLocal organizer and lecturer
2009-dateFoundation Law Online (RechtenOnline), The NetherlandsConsulting on development and application of Cyberdam
2008-2010Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Hague, The NetherlandsImplementing a Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle)
2008-2009Suriname-Netherlands Twinning projectEstablishing a center of expertise for education and ICTs in Suriname (ECOIS)
2008ISAGA Summer School, New Delhi, IndiaLecturer
2007-2009Government program Social sectors and ICT, The NetherlandsTechnical project manager of the project: Learning in a virtual world (Cyberdam)
2007-2008FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies, Paramaribo, SurinameDeveloping Tools-for-Thesis
2007-2008Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation SurinameDevelopment of a long range planning for management and inspection of state finance
2007MSB - Mona School of Business, JamaicaTraining for lecturers on online course development, training for administrative staff on online course delivery, training for ICT professionals on Moodle systems management
2007UNESCO/UWI CUPIDE project, JamaicaDeveloping regional web portal policies
2006Digitale Universiteit - association of 10 higher education institutes aiming at the transformation of curricula by introducing ICT in education, The NetherlandsTools for Online Gaming; Study in cooperation with the Open University, The Netherlands
2006Essent - large utility (electricity, gas, cable), The NetherlandsPreparing a plan for knowledge management for the department Legal & Compliance
2006GITP - training company, The NetherlandsIntroducing e-learning to support business training, implementing LMS, instructing staff and trainers
2006UNESCO/UWI CUPIDE project, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, SurinameTraining on open source learning management software and developing regional distance education web portal, consulting work
2006GITP - training company, The NetherlandsDeveloping a simulation game on working in projects for various courses
2005UNESCO/UWI CUPIDE project, SurinameConsulting in strategic planning and implementation for distance education at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname
2005Digitale Universiteit - association of 10 higher education institutes aiming at the transformation of curricula by introducing ICT in education, The NetherlandsDesigning and conducting two work conferences to develop a national strategic plan for law education and its transformation with ICT
2005SURFnet - the organization connecting the networks of universities, research institutes, etcetera , The NetherlandsOrganizing a survey via an internet questionnaire on educational computer- games and -simulations
2005-2006Stichting RechtenOnline - Foundation Law Online, association of law faculties, The Netherlands1) Consulting on infrastructure, systems management and user support for 14 varied of e- learning products and systems.
2) Consulting on asynchronous workflow based group simulations in the context of a virtual city (Sieberdam/ROCS, now called Cyberdam).
3) Managing external software developers.
2004-2006ProEducation - private institute for higher education, The NetherlandsDeveloping and testing a course on business information systems
2002-2005Hogeschool van Amsterdam - University of Professional Education, The Netherlands1) Developing curriculum for competence based education in "interactive media"; designing a collaborative work environment.
2) Developing short training games on project management.
3) Teaching project management, production organization, production innovation, management information, organizational health and safety.
4) Involved in various initiatives concerning the introduction of gaming/simulation in education.
2004Ten Hagen & Stam - Publishing House, The NetherlandsGuest Editor for a special issue of the "Informatie" professional magazine on "ICT and Education"
2004Ministry of Transport, The NetherlandsConsulting on the strategic impact of ICT; recapitulating recent public discussions; translating their outcomes to the impact for government.
2003-2004VSNU - association of Dutch Universities1) Developing and facilitating a series of national conferences for all project managers involved.
2) Developing and facilitating local workshops on project management, concept development, and design of group simulations.
3) Developing a specification for e-learning metadata based on international standards.
4) Developing tools for e- learning project managers.
2003-2004SGML/XML User Group HollandStudy on information logistics and organizational impact of XML
2002ICTU - Government's ICT Office, The NetherlandsDesign of a management game for multi- channel management
2001-2002Ministry of Transport, The NetherlandsDeveloping and facilitating innovative workshops, especially on implementing e-government
2001Ten Hagen & Stam - Publishing House, The NetherlandsGuest Editor for special issues of the "Informatie" professional magazine, one on "XML", the other on "E-Government"
> 1980Sofos Consultancy - own firmAmongst other: developing and facilitating international conferences for Getty Images and for PLAN International; in the past also software engineering work
1998-1999 (part-time)Het Expertise Centrum - consulting firm for government and ICT, The NetherlandsVarious assignments at 6 different Ministries, The Netherlands
1983-1997 (part-time)Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, The NetherlandsCorporate Consultant on Management and ICT, interim head of the Departmental Computer Centre, interim chief inspector of Organizational Health and Safety Inspection
1979-1982University of LeidenAssistant professor, software engineer, developing a simulation model of the Dutch educational system
1974-1979Radboud University NijmegenAssistant professor, software engineer, developing the method of interactive simulation