Item ReviewedDescriptionNotes / FindingResolved (Yes/No)
Domain / Account
Tracking / Tag Manager implementationImplement via GTM as this would enable you to quick make changes and further tracking on your site
Classic or UniversalUniversal is the newest version of the Google Analytics code that provides more ways to collect and and integrate different types of data with GA
Noticeable double trackingHow is GA implemented? Is it via GTM ? If via GTM ensure second GA code hasn't been added to website as this would create double counting
Time Zone?Time zone should always be set to your local time for accurate reporting
Website's URLIs the right version of the URL being tracked
Default PageThis feature is usually used when we have two version of same homepage. For example, may be the same page as, however in GA are displayed as two separate entries. So, we can configure Analytics to treat them as the same page by defining the Default page for your site
Site SearchThis allows you to track what users are searching for on your website Is this turned on?
Self ReferralsCan you see your domain in your referral list? Investigate why this is happening and decide if you need to filter this out
Personal informationTo protect user privacy, Google policies mandate that no data be passed to Google that Google could use or recognize as personally identifiable information (PII). PII includes, but is not limited to, information such as email addresses, personal mobile numbers, and social security numbers. use custom code or filters to obfuscate the data. See -
Bot traffic excludedIs the exclude all hits from known bots and spiders box ticked -
Raw/ Organised viewsIt is best practise to create at least 3 views raw, test and a master view. Keeping your data in different views enables you to test and create filters without compromising /losing any data. Other views to create. Mobile traffic, Country views for international site
Goals in placeHave goals been set up to track any KPI's?
Goals workingAre the current goals still active? Have they been set up correctly? List all goals in a different tab and what it is set up to measure. Review; Update and delete as necessary
Funnels for goalsSome goals (check out completion) require funnels to adequately track the steps. Have these been set up correctly? have the steps been marked as required
Ecommerce tracking set upHas this been set up in GA to track transactions and revenue
Enhanced ecommerceHas Enhanced Ecommerce has been enabled in GA and a shopping/checkout behaviour setup
Channel groupingsCustom Channel Groupings can help you to highlight or aggregate traffic channels within your GA reports. You can add and edit predefined channels e.g. all the people who came to the site via a Paid Social Media etc.
External campaigns trackedIs UTM tracking set up for external campaign. Are all campaign being reported correctly
Bounce rate ok (YTD)Is the bounce rate normal. abnormal bounce rate might be an indication of double counting or bot traffic.We recommend using annotations for any unusual peak/drop in traffic, bounce rate, conversion to explain the reason and when the issue was fixed.
404 trackingIt's important to set up error tracking so you know how often users land on these page and what recommendations are needed to fix these
Custom dimensions / metrics in useCustom dimensions are useful for sending non-standard information to GA. This is useful for in depth reporting. Review all custimension (List in seperate sheets). Are they still valid and tracking correctly?
Event tracking in useIs event tracking set up to measure when users completed activities on your site? i.e downloads, form submission, watch a video?
PPC linked and trackingLink Adword account o GA to ensure proper tracking
New vs Returning balance (YTD)Is there a good balance between new and returning visitors? If not explore why users do not return to the site
Devices trackingIs there an abnormal split in traffic between devices? If there is this requires investigation
Row limitsIt is important to determine if the view is exceeding the number of rows in case there are too many hits or too many parameters in use.Parameters can be excluded or combined into one URL via rejex
Current Filters ReviewFilters can be used to limit or modify the data in a view. For example, you can use filters to exclude traffic from particular IP addresses, include only data from specific subdomains or directories, or convert dynamic page URLs to readable text string -
IP filtersAre IP filters in place to exclude clients internal traffic
Referral ExclusionsA self-referral is referral traffic that originates from pages within your own domain. In general, self-referrals indicate that there are Analytics implementation problems on your site -
Content grouping You can group various pages using Content Grouping. This will enable you analyse various metrics for the page groups defined
Link Search console data This enables you see combine data from search console and ecommerce data from GA to get more insightful analysis rate.
Payment gateway referrals excludedIs traffic from payment gateways ie paypal being reported within referral data