NameEmailDepartment Graduate SchoolProgram within Department (blank if it doesn't apply)PhD, Masters or other?Background/Context
Greg Burkegregory.p.burke@duke.eduAccounting Fuqua School of BusinessPhDI studied accounting and economics during my undergraduate studied. After graduating, I worked as a CPA in public accounting for a few years before taking a year to volunteer in Ecuador. I returned and taught for a couple years as an accounting faculty member at Fairfield University. I am currently a first year PhD student in the accounting department.
Nathan Bullocknfb6@duke.eduArt, Art History, & Visual StudiesThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesArchitectural historyPhDI did a masters in urban studies at LSE, a masters in comparative literature at Dartmouth and a Fulbright in Singapore. I could help with or talk about applying for those programs and others in the humanities. I am most free on Tues and Thurs.
Chengwei Chencc608@duke.eduAsia Pacific Study InstituteThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesMastersundergraduate at ut Austin
Ben Fentonbaf24@duke.eduBiochemistrySchool of MedicinePhDI did a combined BS/MS program in Biochemistry/Chemistry at Miami University in Ohio, and then started here at Duke. My research is in structural biology, studying the structures of proteins in the context of antibiotic resistance and development of new drugs. My schedule is flexible for meeting times.
Claudia Leeclaudia.lee@duke.eduBiochemistryThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDPhDClaudia Lee studied at Boston University in 2017 for her BA/MA in Biochemistry & Molecular biology and Biotechnology. The following summer, she joined Duke's Biochemistry PhD program and is currently a 2nd year graduate student in the Rajagopal Lab. Her current interest surround the role of g-protein beta-arrestin interactions in G protein coupled receptor signaling. She is more than happy to talk to students interested in pursuing a graduate program in the biological sciences about the application process (GREs, application writing, deciding on school to apply to, etc), her experience as a graduate student so far, taking a gap year, or any other general questions students may have about pursuing a graduate degree in life science. She's usually available Monday-Wednesday, and occasionally later in the week with prior notice.
Duc Huynhduchuynhacs@gmail.comBiochemistrySchool of MedicinePhDI’m originally from Vietnam, but spent my high school years in Singapore and college years at UCLA. I enjoy sharing perspectives and tips about living, studying abroad and cultural uniqueness in Asia and the US. With 2 years as a tutor in composition and science, I’m also comfortable with providing study tips and advice on application process or anything else that’s pertinent. I love food, traveling, hiking and swimming and I’m
usually available on wed/Thurs 5-6pm.
Kelly Huynhkh331@duke.eduBiochemistrySchool of MedicinePhDI received a BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a MA in Biotechnology from Boston University in 2015. I worked at Celgene (a pharmaceutical company in Boston, MA) as an associate scientist in the Biochemistry and Structural Biology department in early drug development for two years after graduating. I am currently a graduate student in Bruce Donald's lab working towards my PhD. My research interests are structural biology and drug design. I would love to chat about why I took time off to work, when I knew it was time to return to school, what working in industry is like, and why I chose to pursue a PhD. My days are never consistent, so please email me and we can work out a meeting time.
Dylan Eigerdylan.eiger@duke.eduBiochemistryGraduate School, School of MedicineMD/Phd I studied chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry at Duke University as an undergraduate. I am now a current student in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD) here at Duke. I am currently in my third year of the program, which means I have completed two years of medical school and I will be beginning my graduate school training this year. I plan on pursuing a PhD studying receptor-ligand interactions or cardiovascular/metabolic disease. Additionally, I am involved in a variety of clinical research and health related technologic innovation projects here at Duke.

If you have any interest in pursuing a career in medicine, research, but more specifically, the intersection of both research and medicine, I would be more than happy to speak to you about careers in academic medicine and MD/PhD programs. I am also more than happy to talk to students who wish to pursue a traditional MD, or PhD path. I am available most weekdays during the day.
Min Jin Leeminjin.lee@duke.eduBiological SciencesThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesDevelopment and Stem Cell BiologyPhDAn international student from South Korea who studied at Harvard for undergraduate degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. Worked at a biotech company (CRISPR Therapeutics) for three years before starting my graduate study. Mostly available on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. Can help people who consider MD/PhD/MD-PhD track.
Jacqueline Gersonjacqueline.gerson@duke.eduBiologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesEcologyPhDI have a Bachelor's in biochemistry and environmental studies and a Master's in Environmental Engineering. Between my Bachelor's and my Master's, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal teaching preventative health and environmental education as well as an environmental educator in Massachusetts. Currently, I am studying contaminants from mining - mercury and selenium from coal mining in West Virginia and mercury from artisanal gold mining in Peru. I also co-founded a summer program for high school students identifying as female or gender non-conforming to engage in hands-on science while backpacking in western North Carolina. I am happy to talk to undergraduates about graduate school, gap year activities, research in the sciences, international development, or anything else science or environmental related. I am available most days of the week (though I will be out of town in November).
Karla Sosaks378@duke.eduBiologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI got my BA in Environmental Biology, which at my university meant focusing on topics of ecology, evolution, and conservation. I bounced around different human-related internships (malaria prevention, children’s environmental health) before settling on studying evolution in plants. Most of my work has happened in South America, where I’m from, and has looked at how pollinators affect flower shape and at how sex in ferns influences how far a species can spread. I’d be happy to share my experiences in exploring different research careers. I’m available for lunch M, Tu, W, & F.
Kenneth McKennakzm@duke.eduBiologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI did my undergrad in Biology at UNLV in Las Vegas, NV. There I did undergraduate research on extremophile fishes living in the desert. I am now a 4th year PhD candidate in Fred Nijhout's lab working on various projects relating to the evolution and development of butterflies and moths. Particularly, I study wing color pattern development as well as wing shape. I understand how difficult it can be to get into a research lab as an undergrad, how mysterious grad school seems and how daunting research itself seems from the students point of view. I have had many learning opportunities along the way that may be helpful to undergraduates uncertain of what grad school life is like or whether they should choose med school or grad school. I'm available most every day after 10am except for Thursdays. I am available on weekends, but I would prefer weekdays.
Lauren Smithlms91@duke.eduBiologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesGenetics and GenomicsPhDI'm a third-year grad student, studying the genetics of the malaria parasite life cycle. Before Duke, I worked as a technician for private industry. I'm open to chat about grad school, biology, and career options over lunch Wednesdays or Thursdays.
Niba Nirmalnan14@duke.eduBiologyMedical schoolGenetics and GenomicsPhDavailability: varies | topics: women, stem, diversity, inclusion, publicity, PHD/higher ed, social media in today's world, applications for higher ed, health/nutrition | study: genetics, agriculture, plants, synthetic biology, engineering, development, stem cells
Julia Notarjulia.notar@duke.eduBiologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhD
Undergrad degree in Marine Biology from UCLA. Took 5 years off before deciding to return to school, and did an MS in Biology (also at UCLA). I'm happy to talk about what grad school is like, the experience of doing research, figuring out career goals, making the decision to go to graduate school, and more. Am available most days for lunch, except Fridays; weekdays preferred.
Graham Gainesgraham.gaines@duke.eduBiomedical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringMastersI went to Mississippi State University for my undergrad, also studying BME. I'm searching for internships right now in the biotech and the medical device industry
Elianna BierEab78@duke.eduBiomedical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhD
Brian Chanbrian.chan@duke.eduBiomedical EngineeringPratt School of Engineering PhDI completed my undergrad here at Duke with majors in Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry. I am currently working in Dr. Michael Rubinstein's lab, focusing on applications of polymer physics theory development and simulations to chromatin looping and chemical networks. I think I can help undergraduates by sharing how I decided to go to graduate school, stay here at Duke, and what to study. I also developed many close relationships with professors here, and I am glad to share how those are helpful. I am usually free for lunch every day.
Rachel Katzrachel.runya.katz@gmail.comBiomedical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDI'm a 2nd year PhD in the BME Department. I'm in Dr. Jennifer West's lab for biofunctional materials. I did my undergrad in Bioengineering at MIT and worked in Dr. Linda Griffith's biomaterials lab.
Biomedical Engineering
Pratt School of EngineeringPhDI did Duke BME undergrad, graduated in 2015. I had done the full pre-med coursework before deciding I liked biomedical research more and wanted to do a PhD in BME. I now work in ultrasound elasticity: using ultrasound to detect tissue stiffness and disease. If you're questioning whether or not you want to continue on the pre-med path I'm more than happy to talk! I'm on campus every weekday, so happy to get lunch any day that works for you.
Yuhan Liuyl469@duke.eduBiostatistics and BioinformaticsSchool of MedicineMaster of BiostatisticsMastersMy undergraduate study was in Pharmaceutical Science. I am usually available on Friday or weekends.
Trijeet Sethitrijeet.sethi@duke.eduBusiness AdministrationFuqua School of BusinessStrategyPhDUndergraduate was Computer Science, Economics, and International Relations. I'm studying innovation and strategy as a PhD using the tools from the three fields in my undergraduate. I could talk through the interests in fields and careers in any of these majors, obviously from a business perspective. Availability is flexible for MWF after 11am and T/H after 2:30.
Hazel Zhanghz96@duke.eduCell BiologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI did my undergraduate in the University of Hong Kong with a major in biochemistry. Right now I'm working with Dr. Ben Alman to understand cartilage tumors. I'll be available upon email appointment.
Jason Longjason.long@duke.eduCell BiologySchool of MedicineCell and Molecular Biology (Admitting)PhDI grew up in a small rural area of Pennsylvania and attended a small liberal arts school where I studied Biology and Philosophy. I had an interest in research early and had the lucky opportunity to work with my adviser from the spring of my first year all the way to graduation. I also was able to do cancer research at Mayo Clinic for a summer. My undergraduate research focused on sea urchin gut development. When I transitioned to Duke, I chosen to study in Dr. Matthew Hilton’s lab where we focus on bone development and disease. My project focuses on how cartilage cells in the growth plate can make a fate change into bone forming cells. I have worked with undergraduate students here at Duke in the Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Fellowship helping them prepare for graduate school and MD/PhD programs, which I believe lends me valuable insight to share. I enjoy mentoring and would love to share my experiences. I am available most weekdays, and a few weekends, for lunch to meet with anyone.
John Thompsonjohn.thompson2@duke.eduCell BiologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesCell & Molecular BiologyPhDI attended Community College for a few years, was a Biochemistry Pre-Med at small Liberal Arts University, continued on to a Master's at the same Liberal Arts University, then started Grad School at Duke. My research focuses on epigenetic regulation during limb regeneration. I could be a useful resource for undergrads split between Grad School and Medical School. My schedule is relatively flexible.
Nicholas Strashnicholas.strash@duke.eduCell BiologySchool of MedicinePhDI am currently a second year graduate student in the lab of Nenad Bursac where I am studying the maturation and proliferation of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. I can help give some advice on picking a graduate school and can talk about what it was like transitioning from undergrad to graduate-level education. I am available to meet Tue, Thur, Sat, and Sun.
Sara Paynesara.payne@duke.eduCell BiologySchool of MedicineCellular and Molecular BiologyPhDAs an undergraduate, I did microbial ecology research of fungal diversity in New York City urban green spaces and subways (2 years). I explored additional career opportunities: I worked in a doctor's office (5 years), and a law office (a summer). When I graduated, I wanted additional research experience--particularly in biomedical research. At the time, I was weighing the MD, MD/PhD, and PhD options. I worked as a research technician in a blood stem cell lab. When I decided to pursue a PhD, I enrolled in an umbrella program, and rotated in different labs using different model systems: (1) stem cell-niche interactions, (2) mitochondria in cancer, and (3)infectious fungal disease. Currently, I am studying the role of a receptor in promoting stem cell maintenance and fertility. I can help undergrads by giving advice regarding: (1)general career-related questions, (2)MD/PhD routes, 3) job applications, 4) whether or not to take time off before grad school, 5) how to pick a graduate school program, and 6) transitioning between NYC to NC. I can make myself available most days including weekends (if known in advance), but I am relatively unavailable on Thursdays.
Francisco Jeriafrancisco.jeria@duke.eduCenter for International DevelopmentSanford School of Public PolicyMIDPMastersI have an industrial engineering academic background with 10 years of experience in the educational policy field in NGOs, Consultancy and Goverment positions. Monday mornings and thursday’s afternoons are perfect for me.
Peter Novellopeter.novello@duke.eduChemistryThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI studied at Bates College for my undergraduate and now am in my 3rd year here. I work in physical materials chemistry and focus on catalysis, and am generally available Monday to Friday during the day. I had a very common transition and selection experience for graduate school, and have talked with numerous students from my undergrad about the process.
Yue Zhouyue.zhou541@duke.eduChemistryThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI got my bachelor of chemistry in Nankai University and bachelor of chemical engineering in Tianjin University in Chian. After my visiting to University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, I began my interest in physical chemistry. Usually I'm available at noon of Wednesday and Thursday, or the whole day of Sunday.
Erin Viereerin.viere@duke.eduChemistry The Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI completed my BS from Villanova University in 2017 in Chemistry. At Duke I study inorganic photochemistry. I would be happy to talk to undergrads about applying to PhD programs, how to think about whether one should pursue a PhD, or really anything. There are no specific days that I am unavailable. Weekdays are preferred.
Kelsey Deatonkelsey.deaton@duke.eduCivil & Environmental EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringEnvironmental Health EngineeringPhDI got my Bachelors in Biology & Environmental Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara. I made the switch to engineering after working as a microbiology research assistant for a bioplastics biotech startup in Berkeley, CA (and a lot of traveling before that). Now my research looks at using bacteria to degrade indoor air pollutants. I'd love to talk about environmental engineering, life as a PhD student, microbiomes, taking a break between undergrad and grad school, or about working for a biotech startup! I'm usually available any week day.
Austin Jacob Wadleaustin.wadle@duke.eduCivil and Environmental EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringEnvironmental Health EngineeringPhDI did my undergrad at Grinnell College, which is a small liberal arts college in rural Iowa, and did a double major in political science and chemistry graduating in spring 2018. I started this fall doing my PhD in Helen Hsu-Kim's lab where were are environmental inorganic chemistry lab where mercury is our contaminant of interest. I'm free to do lunch most days except during department seminars which usually happen on Mondays! I have a lot of opinions and thoughts on how to leverage a varied academic background to be successful in a variety of different fields!
Siddharth Kawadiyask458@duke.eduCivil and Environmental EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringEnvironmental Process EngineeringPhDMy background is in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. I work on poop (someone's gotta!), and I'm available to meet most days, including weekends!
Chris Krapuclk27@duke.eduCivil and Environmental Engineering, StatisticsPratt School of EngineeringSystems, Risk and Decisions
PhD engineering, MS statistics
My undergrad was in physics and middle east studies at a small liberal arts. I've been able to do research in a pretty wide range of science and engineering disciplines (condensed matter physics, biomedical engineering, hydrology, applied stats) so I think I have a pretty good view of what the research landscape looks like for a grad student in the non-biological sciences. I'm open any day from 9 - 1130 AM and after 3 PM. I'm on campus pretty much every day except for Saturday. Also, my work right now is at the intersection of machine learning, Bayesian statistics and earth science and that is a really exciting field of research.
Michael Freeman
Classical StudiesThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesGreek and Roman LiteraturePhDI came to Duke for my PhD straight out of undergrad: I graduated from UPenn in spring of 2017 and moved from Philly down to Durham the summer of 2017. I was drawn to Classics early as an undergrad because I’m passionate about storytelling. I love reading the huge epic narratives in old dusty books, I love discovering the private stories told by quieter voices marginalized by society, and I love telling these stories—the grand and the intimate—through my teaching, my writing, and my work with museums and archives.

If you want to talk about grad school, or just about books, art, music, etc., I’m usually free to chat over lunch (after 1pm) on MWF.
Evan Donahueemd19@duke.eduComputational Media, Arts & CulturesThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI studied computer science, mathematics, and modern culture & media at Brown university. I now study the history and current practice of artificial intelligence (AI), using historical methods and text mining. I also design new AI projects based on the results of that analysis. I can probably be of most help to undergraduates with interests in both the humanities and technology, who are considering interdisciplinary graduate programs that combine those two interests. I have less experience with the intersection of technology and the arts. I am usually free Mondays, Wednesdays, and weekends.
Barrett Amescbames@gmail.comComputer Science4th Year PhDPhDI went to undergrad at Cornell University, after which I worked at NASA for 3 years before deciding to return to Graduate School. I study the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I can help undergraduates weigh options between startups (I used to work for a VC), big companies, government, and graduate school. In addition, if there's specific interest in AI/Robotics I can help strategize about programs and professors to work with. I'm usually available for lunch Monday and Tuesday.
Joe LittellJoseph.Littell@duke.eduData ScienceThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesMastersMy undergraduate degree was in Computer Science. I'm and Army Officer and have been so for over 8 years. I've worked more along more of a political science background than a technical one. I'm available for lunch during the week except for Thursdays. I am not available on weekends.
Clay Beckercjb83@duke.eduDevelopmental and Stem Cell BiologySchool of MedicinePhDI came to grad school straight out of undergrad, and I'm studying spinal cord regeneration in Ken Poss's lab. I'm equipped to help undergrads navigate the transition to grad school such as dealing with interviews and applications during the school year, what to do during the summer, etc. I'm available on tuesdays, fridays, saturdays, and sundays.
Josh Ginzeljoshua.ginzel@duke.eduDevelopmental and stem cell biologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDWent to undergraduate in Illinois, applied to grad school straight out of undergrad, currently rotating between labs so no set project yet. I can provide insight into the application process, how to approach an interview, and what to look for in potential schools/mentors
DGHI - Global Health Institute
The Graduate School of Arts and SciencesMastersI went to Duke as an undergraduate and have experience working with refugees, orphaned and vulnerable children, mental health, policy, and research.
Emily Chenelc38@duke.eduDoctor of Medicine (MD)School of MedicineMD
I was an undergraduate at Duke and graduated in 2017 with a BS in neuroscience. I'm currently a first-year MD student at the School of Medicine and am happy to help undergraduates with choosing pre-medical coursework, extracurricular/volunteer/research activities, and the application process.
Yolande Pokam Tchuisseu
Duke Global Health Institute
The Graduate School of Arts and SciencesGlobal HealthMastersI went to the University of Virginia for my undergraduate and studied Cognitive Science with concentration in Neuroscience & Linguistics and now I am a second year graduate student planning on earning a Master of Science in Global Health from the Duke Global Health Institute. I can best help undergraduates interested in public health, global health, research abroad and general advice on making the most out of their undergraduate experience. I will be available on Fridays in the Spring semester(Spring 2019). I am currently at Duke Kunshan University for a semester abroad.
Duke Global Health Institute
The Graduate School of Arts and SciencesMastersBiology and chemistry degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. I can help explain how to translate biology and hard science work to global health. Usually I am available Fridays, Wednesdays and weekends.
Michael Boutrosmichael.boutros@gmail.comEconomicsThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDCanadian student studying a PhD in economics. Available essentially every day of the week because graduate students don't get weekends :)
Muhammad Usaid Awanmua@duke.eduEconomicsThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDMy undergraduate program was in Economics and Mathematics from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan. Later, I worked for a couple of years in Pakistan for an economic research institute. Currently, I am a 3rd year PhD Economics candidate with Industrial Organization as a major and Econometrics as a minor. My interests also include machine learning and its usage for questions faced by economists. I am happy to talk about my experiences, research interests and any interesting topic in general. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days for me to meet.
Riley Leagueriley.league@duke.eduEconomicsThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI went to Davidson College (a small liberal arts college in North Carolina) and studied economics and philosophy and graduated in May. Now I'm in the economics PhD program. I'm generally available lunchtime and from around 3 to 6 on weekdays.
Amey Chawareamey.chaware@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringMaster of ScienceMastersI am studying signal processing and machine learning here and have worked in medical devices industry. I can help undergraduates better understand what these fields are about and what's going on here. I am available on weekends most of the time, I am also available on weekdays but my schedule varies.
Andrew Boyceandrew.boyce@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDI studied physics as an undergrad at Boston College. Here at Duke, I am doing research for my PhD in photonics/plasmonics. I am happy to provide advice on applying for PhD progams in physics/engineering, as well as funding opportunities. Any weekday except for Friday should work well for me for lunches.
Anil Gantiag403@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringSignal and Information Processing and RoboticsPhDI got my BA in Physics from Colorado College while also doing a handful of classes in computer science. I went to go work in California's energy efficiency / smart grid sector for 2 years before moving to Seattle to work as a software engineer at a energy-related startup company. While I was in Seattle I also finished a professional masters degree at the University of Washington. At some point I switched from working as a full-time employee to taking short-term software contracts for a few different companies in the energy space. In 2016 I took an offer from the Duke ECE PhD program and have been here since. Having tried for a PhD program a few years in a row, this was the most exciting offer yet and I'm (usually) thrilled to be here!

As for availability, my schedule is pretty flexible, just propose a date / time and I'll try to make it happen.
Fan Zhangfandy1996v@gmail.comElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringSoftware EngineeringMastersMy undergraduate major was Electrical Engineering but I find myself more interested in programming. That's why I chose to study this program at Duke. I'm available at lunch time on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Janet Chenxinlin.chen@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDB.S. in Electrical Engineering. Work in Applied Machine Learning Lab & project has biomedical applications. Generally available for lunch/coffee. First year student.
Jay Dohertyjld60@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDI graduated from Duke undergrad this past May (2018), and I decided to stay here to get my PhD. I did Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science (ECE/CS) in undergrad, and now I am doing a PhD in ECE in Dr. Franklin's lab. I'd be happy to talk about why I chose an ECE PhD or how I decided to stay at Duke. I'm generally available for lunch on Mon/Tues/Wed after 11:45am.
Kat Horvathklh93@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringElectrical EngineeringPhDI completed by B.S. at University at Albany (SUNY) in Nanoscale Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. My degree focused on materials science principles with a heavy emphasis on semiconductor manufacturing. I worked for two year at Cree Inc. manufacturing light emitting diodes (LEDs) before attending graduate school here at Duke. I am studying electrical engineering and learning about microelectronics, photonics, and nanotechnology. My research project focuses on designing a portable mass spectrometer for environmental applications. I am also very interested in renewable energy, sustainable technology, and policy making. I am usually available around lunch time or in the evenings after 5pm.
Kevin Liangkevin.liang@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDI'm a PhD student studying deep learning/AI, as well as one of the instructors for the Duke Machine Learning Summer School and the upcoming +Data Science Coursera course. I also did my undergrad at Duke ('15), double majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering/Biomedical Engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy ultimate frisbee and dancing salsa as a member of Sabrosura. Happy to grab lunch or dinner on a weekday.
Lucy Chikwetulc307@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of Engineering PhDI am an all rounder. I was accepted by a Zimbabwean medical school soon after high school, but I left medical school on the first day before 12 noon. I just knew medicine wasn't for me, but I had no idea what I actually wanted to do. I ended up figuring it all out, and I am very happy now. I did computer science in college. I went to Smith—an amazing women's college in Northampton, MA. I discovered engineering during my junior year, and I fell head over heels in love with the discipline. I felt ECE would allow me to enjoy the best of both worlds: coding, and science. I headed to Washington University in St. Louis soon after college, where I attained 2 master of science degrees, one in electrical engineering and another in computer engineering. I am now at Duke pursuing my PhD in ECE with a focus on computer architecture. I love it, and I know I chose well.
Nicholas Williamsnxw@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDI graduated with a BS in Materials Science in 2012 and moved to the bay area and worked at a start-up green energy storage company as a Chemist. I am now a second year PhD candidate in electrical engineering researching printed electronics for biomedical applications. I would be happy to talk about why I originally went into industry, along with the pros and cons of working in a start-up, and why I am back in school for my PhD. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I am free most days for coffee and Tuesday, Wednesday for lunch.
Steven Noycesteven.noyce@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDI studied Physics in undergrad, and really loved doing research. Currently I'm working on using carbon nanotube transistors to make biosensors, with an extremely low-cost DNA sequencer being one primary target. I'm always on campus Monday through Friday.
Zixu Wangzixu.wang1@duke.eduElectrical and Computer EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringMastersSecond year master of science, specialized in hardware track, have been worked as a lab assistant; Monday and Wednesday is good for me for a lunch;
Qian Huangqian.huang140@duke.eduElectrical and Computer Engineering Pratt School of EngineeringPhDGraduate from one of top 5 Univ. in China, with major in EE. I know a lot about international applications. I am usually available on Tue. and weekends.
Yuting Engineering Graduate School, PrattSignalsPhDUndergraduate was in electrical engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne (UIUC). Most of my undergraduate courses were in remote sensing: electromagnetism, signals, controls. Master's was in aerospace engineering focusing on navigation, specifically the Global Positioning System (GPS). My schedule for this semester is extremely packed, I am only available for lunch TuWThF from 11:30-12:30 at somewhere near the Physics/ Mathematics building...
Shantanu Patelshantanu.patel@duke.eduEngineering ManagementPratt School of Engineering
Engineering Management
I did my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from IIT Bombay in India. I know a lot about entrepreneurship in India as I was associated with a club in my undergraduate institute. I also know a lot about the manufacturing industry as that is where I want to work. I am available on all days except Wednesday. Please contact me to set up a time.
Davide Carozzadgc12@duke.eduEnglishThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDUndergrad at Williams College, now in 7th year of PhD program here. Have taught and attended a variety of different institution "types," so could potentially be helpful to undergrads thinking of applying to grad school or with questions about how Duke institutional culture compares to other places. Also have an interdisciplinary background, with degrees in Math and English and lots of Philosophy under my belt. Am studying the early history of the English novel, and am generally available for lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Katya Goreckikatya.gorecki@duke.eduEnglishThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDBA: University of Illinois at Chicago English major graduate with honors,

; MA: Carnegie Mellon in Cultural Studies
Currently studying American literature, popular culture, digital media, video games, cultural history.

Usually available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays before 5pm
Kevin Gallinkevin.gallin@duke.eduEnglishThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI'm a PhD candidate in the English program. I was an English major at Notre Dame and was a high school English-Language Arts teacher for 3 years before returning to ND for my MA. I was accepted to Duke as a PhD student in 2015.

I work on contemporary fiction, the history of literary institutions (such as awards, the academy etc), the formal legacy of Modernism, and the ways in which major trends in literary theory and criticism have shaped the novels of today – if you've read a novel that was published in the last 30 years and loved it, whether or not you're an English major, I'm your guy.

I'm free for lunch pretty much every day, although I TA a class Tuesday/Thursday at 1:25, so we'd have to make it early on those days.

I'm happy to chat with anyone who has an interest in graduate school in English, is considering becoming or a teacher, or who has general anxiety about what to do with a humanities degree. If you love books, that's all that matters to me.
Sasha Panaramspanaram@gmail.comEnglishThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDI graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor's degree in English and Education. I am currently a PhD student in English at Duke University where I study African American literature and Caribbean literature. I am also pursuing certificates in African and African American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Duke. Originally from the Bronx, NY. I typically am available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Katy Hansenkaty.hansen@duke.eduEnvironmentNicholas School of the EnvironmentEnvironmental PolicyPhDI studied engineering as an undergrad at Montana State and did an MSc in Water Policy at Oxford. I study disparities in access to water services. I could help undergrads think about work/schools in related fields. I'm free most afternoons.
Ryan Huangryan.huang@duke.eduEnvironmentNicholas School of Environment, School of MedicineEcologyPhDI graduated from Emory University with a degree in Biology. My first job after my Bachelor's was working as a field assistant studying lemurs in Madagascar for a year. I currently study conservation biology, specifically how deforestation and habitat loss contribute to a species' extinction risk. I can help advise students on career paths, research projects, etc. I'm available most days for lunch.
Natalie Rodrigueznbr7@duke.eduEnvironmentNicholas School of the EnvironmentMasters of Environmental Management - Coastal Environmental ManagementMastersI went straight into graduate school after undergrad and do not regret it. The MEM program allows for interdisciplinary study so I am able to pursue many areas pertaining to the environment, such as communications, policy, and education. Also, I have spent time at the Duke Marine Lab if you have any questions about it. I am usually available Monday before 2pm, Wednesday before 1pm, and likely Friday and Saturday afternoon.
Lucas RochaLr147@duke.eduEnvironmental EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringEnvironmental Health EngineeringPhDI getew up in Bolivia, got a scholarship to get my BS in Development & Environmental Engineering from Zamorano University in Honduras and i’m currently getting a PhD in Environmental Health Engineering. I’m interested in studying the impact of sanitation and air pollution in the developing world. Most of my research is done in the field (I.e. India, Bolivia, Central America). If you are interested in doing field work, interacting with people from different cultures, plans on how to find the right fit for grad school, I might have a few tips. I am available on Wednesdays and Fridays for lunch.
Farah Hegazifarah.hegazi@duke.eduEnvironmental PolicyNicholas School of the EnvironmentPhDI have a bachelor's in environmental science and a master's in environmental management. My research focuses on the drinking water and wastewater sector in the Middle East. I'm happy to meet with undergraduates to discuss their professional or graduate plans and I'm available on weekdays.
James Pinningtonjdp56@duke.eduFinanceFuqua School of BusinessPhDPhDI did my undergrad in my home country of Canada. I spent 4 years at the Bank of Canada, which is our equivalent of the Federal Reserve. Then I came to Duke to start my PhD in finance. Any day other than Wednesday and Thursday are good for me, including weekends.
Martine Tremblaymartine.tremblay@duke.eduGenetics and GenomicsSchool of MedicinePhDI have a bachelors and masters from Boston University (biochemistry). Before coming to Duke, I worked in a hospital diagnostics lab and at a pharma company. I am currently starting the 4th year of my PhD in genetics (my mentor is in neurobio) and I study how DNA methylation changes after activity in neurons. My side projects focus on autism mouse models. I would be a good resource for anyone wondering if they should work/take a break between undergrad and grad school or anyone who is worried about switching fields for a PhD. I'm free every week day (9am-6) or weekends before noon.
Christopher Hayescch62@duke.eduGlobal HealthDuke Global Health InstituteMastersMy undergrad was at North Carolina State University, and my degree is in Environmental Sciences: Human Health and Disease. I have had heavy field and lab work in the field of Entomology. My main research interest in in the field of vector entomology, and I am currently working in a malaria lab under the guide of Dr. Myaing Nyunt, and Dr. Chris Plowe. I believe I could provide a broad scope of advice, coming from a state school, taking time off between degrees, and now getting back into the swing of things. I am most free on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for lunch. I could swing something on the weekends though! Thank you for this opportunity!
John Bollingerjohn.bollinger@duke.eduGlobal HealthDuke Global Health InstituteMastersI got my BS in Biology and Global Health from Duke, graduating in 2018. Currently, I'm pursuing the Master of Science in Global Health program at the Duke Global Health Institute. Of course I can provide guidance on the atmosphere of graduate school and the application process, but I bring a unique perspective in that I have been at Duke for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Therefore, I can speak to the similarities and differences between undergrad and grad programs at Duke. I'm typically available for lunches on any day during the week and Saturdays.
Shantanu Srivatsashantanusrivatsa@gmail.comGlobal healthThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesMastersNeuroscience premed, can help with med school process, etc. free weeksays for lunch
Yadurshini Raveendran
Global Health Duke Global Health InstituteMastersMy undergraduate degrees were in Human Biology and Biology, after which I gained experience doing field work in India before joining Duke's Masters in Global Health program. My research interests are in HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, and Health Policy. I hope to work with undergraduates interested in Global Health to share my passion for the subject and hopefully inspire them to continue the good work. I am available Wednesdays, Fridays and over the weekends.
Joyce Zhangjoyce.zhang@duke.eduImmunologyThe Graduate School of Arts and SciencesPhDJoyce Zhang is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Immunology, Duke University. She studies how microbiota and host immune system interact with each other in the gut. Other than research, Joyce is involved in several student organizations on campus. Currently, She is the Director of Finance of Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) and the Graduate Student Co-Chair of the Duke Student Alumni Board (DSAB). Before this, Joyce was the president of the Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association (DCSSA). During her presidency, Joyce organized the largest ever Duke China Forum (Fall 2016), with Dr. Xiqing Gao ('86 JD) and other 13 distinguished guest speakers and more than 400 audiences attended. The same year, Joyce also initiated the “Duke in touch (DIT)” series, inviting Duke faculty and alumni giving seminars to students in 2016. In 2 years, more than 40 DIT seminars have been hosted. Before coming to Duke, Joyce graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is also one of the founding members of HKUST alumni association NC chapter.
Anthony Monroeanthony.monroe@duke.eduImmunologySchool of Medicine, Fuqua School of BusinessMBA and PhD I was a quadruple major for my undergrad at Cornell University (Microbiology/Immunology, Oceanography, Animal Science and Creative Writing). I am currently a dual degree MBA/PhD in Immunology, with a focus on HIV vaccine development and correlates of protection analysis. I think I can offer a minority perspective (I am a proud Hispanic gay male, pronouns: he/him/his) when it comes to thinking about Graduate School, advocating for yourself and what you want and what is best for you, as well as finding a way to weigh what is important for you in a program and graduate school at large. I am usually available on Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday and Sundays work well also. Looking forward to meeting you!
Emma Cervantesemc60@duke.eduLaw SchoolLaw SchoolJDI went to UChicago for undergrad, then worked for a couple of years in Austin TX at a tech company. I'm currently a 2L at the law school and will be going to a firm in NYC. I am happy to give advice about law school applications, what it is actually like to be in law school etc. I'm available Monday after 1pm, Tuesday after 12pm, and Fridays after 11am.
Daniela Goya-Tocchettodg217@duke.eduManagementFuqua School of BusinessPhDI have a background in economics and philosophy, and now I'm a first-year graduate student in Management & Organizations. I'm studying the effects of poverty and economic inequality on beliefs and behaviors, within organizations and society more broadly.
Rebecca Ponce de Leonrmp31@duke.eduManagement & OrganizationsFuqua School of BusinessPhDAs an undergrad, I studied psychology, with a focus on social psychology. I was planning to go to grad school for social psych, but then I heard that I could do the same type of research with a focus on organizations by pursuing a PhD in org behavior/management. I had no idea that I could do psychologically-based research in a business school, so I would love to help undergrads interested in psych or behavioral research learn about post-grad options outside of a traditional psych path. I also did my undergrad at Duke, so I would really like to chat with undergrads about how to prep for grad school, classes to take, etc. I have a pretty flexible schedule, generally.
Sara Wingrovescw33@duke.eduManagement & OrganizationsFuqua School of BusinessPhDBefore starting my PhD at Duke, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in psychology. During my undergrad, I worked in a variety of behavioral research labs across Pitt, Carnegie Mellon, and Disney's Imagineering campus. I mainly study motivation and interpersonal perception (e.g. how do people pursue goals with other people, how go the goals people set influence how others treat them, etc.).

I think I could be most helpful to undergraduates who want guidance on how to prepare for applying to grad school. I can also give advice to students from behavioral research areas who don't know what options are available to them by pursuing a business PhD as opposed to another social science discipline.

I'm completely available on Thursdays, which is my preferred day. I'm also available before 1:20pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Danbee Chondbc21@duke.eduManagement and OrganizationsFuqua School of Business(Graduate School for Phd; housed under Fuqua)PhDUndergraduate background in social psychology at Northwestern. Did a year of lab manager at Kellogg; now a 3rd year phd student in Management & Organizations at Fuqua. Any student interested in organizational behavior/social psychology phd (not MBA) should be a good fit. Days available - Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays should be good.
Jessica Paekjp426@duke.eduManagement and OrganizationsFuqua School of BusinessPhDI majored in psychology and minored in business during my undergrad. I was involved in a lot of social psychology / management / organizational behavior research, and would love to talk about anything related to research in those areas / applying to grad school!
Julianna Renzijulianna.renzi@duke.eduMarine Science and ConservationNicholas School of the EnvironmentPhDI'm a first year PhD student studying marine ecology in Brian Silliman's lab. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in environmental science and then worked for a short period at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum before moving to Durham. I'm happy to talk about the process of applying to PhD programs in ecology or about what graduate programs in ecology (or marine science) look like--it's a surprisingly personal process and I learned a lot of useful tips from older students when I applied. I'm also always happy to talk about any aspect of ecology or marine science as well as about careers in research! Normally I'm free Monday and Friday for lunch, as well as sometimes on the weekends.
Laura Givenslaura.givens@duke.eduMarine Science and ConservationNicholas School of the EnvironmentPhDI came to Duke from a state school on the West Coast where I spent a lot of the last few years of my undergraduate career deeply involved in research. I got a broad range of experiences in a variety of fields, but am currently studying marine microbes. I think I would be helpful to talk to if any undergraduate is concerned about whether they have the right experiences, what sort of programs to apply to, what path to grad school is the 'right' one, or just in general! I'm free mornings from Mon-Wed, all day Thursday, and on weekends with enough notice.
Holly Howeholly.howe@duke.eduMarketingFuqua School of BusinessPhDI currently hold a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Kinesiology. In my PhD, I'm primarily studying how consumers use their time. I'm happy to help students with any questions about applying to and/or choosing between graduate schools. I'm not currently able to help students gain research experience. I'm available Tuesday afternoons, Thursdays before 1 pm, and on the weekends.
Ling-Ling Zhoulingrui.zhou@duke.eduMarketingFuqua School of BusinessConsumer BehaviorPhDI was an undergrad at Duke majoring in psychology with a MMS certificate. I went straight into my current PhD program after graduating, and now I'm a 2nd year student studying consumer behavior at the business school. My research interests include how consumers respond to information brand put out and gift giving. I can give tips, advice, and information about the application process, about what it's like being a PhD student at a business school, and how it's different from other departments. I'm usually available on the weekends to meet at Duke or in Durham, and I'm free most weekday mornings at Fuqua.
Rodrigo Diasrodrigo.dias@duke.eduMarketingFuqua School of BusinessConsumer PsychologyPhDI'm a first-year PhD student in marketing at Fuqua. Before coming to Fuqua, I completed a undergraduate degree in business administration and a research masters in behavioral sciences (both in Brazil). I got a lot of help from many people (friends, professors, and other PhD students) when I was applying (and deciding whether to apply) for a PhD; I hope I can also help you somehow! I'm usually available on monday, wednesday, thursday, and weekends.

In very broad terms, I am interested in the factors that drive human behavior, judgment, and decision making. For example, I have (and currently am) studying whether there are systematic errors in how consumers make predictions about the effects of public policies that affect them (e.g. marijuana legalization, gun control), and how this may affect their attitudes toward these policies. I have also studied how moral values affect people's opinion about marijuana legalization, and whether arguments that reflect certain values are better abler to change their opinion (as compared to arguments that reflect other moral values). I am also interested in research methods (e.g. creating new measures for constructs, improving how we make statistical inferences).
Sarah Memmisarah.memmi@duke.eduMarketingFuqua School of Business Consumer behaviorPhDI'm a second-career graduate student, was a liberal arts (English/Italian) major in undergrad and then a communications director. My primary research interest is goal conflict, specifically how consumers manage personal resources (like time, money, and social resources) when they have multiple goals that compete for their resources. I also study consumption habits and how to shape habits that support consumers' long-term goals. I'm most available on campus during regular business hours (M-F ~8-5), but am sometimes available in the evenings and on weekends. Happy to share info and advice about the consumer behavior field and PhD programs more generally!
Liridona Osmanaj /
Master of International Development PolicySanford School of Public Policy MastersI studied Political Science and Int Relations in undergraduate school. I am from Kosovo, but I completed my undergraduate studies here in the U.S and a semester abroad in UK. Although I am 27 and a first year MIDP student, I have about 7 years of work experience on grass roots initiatives, NGOs, government and international NGOs (such as 4 years at UN Development Programme). As for availability, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are better for me.
Defei Liaodefei.liao@duke.eduMechanical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDI did my undergraduate in China. Now I am a third year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, working on therapeutic ultrasound. I can talk to the students who would like to know the life of a PhD student at Duke.
Jillian Udelljillian.udell@duke.eduMechanical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringMEngMastersI completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at Duke. I'm happy to talk to students about the 4+1 program, my switch from biomedical to mechanical engineering, or any other questions they have about graduate life at Duke. I'm generally on campus Mon-Thurs but can schedule around then as well.
Kai Kruger Bastoskk295@duke.eduMechanical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringAeroelasticityPhDI'm from South Africa. I completed my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in the US at Lafayette College. I did my masters degree in Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics at Imperial College in London, and am a third-year PhD student under Professor Earl Dowell. I'm free Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday usually.
Kevin Rosenthalkevin.rosenthal@duke.eduMechanical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringMastersI majored in mechanical engineering as an undergrad (not at Duke), worked full-time for 2 years at Boeing, and I'm now specializing in robotics and controls for my masters degree. I can help with giving advice on finding internships, choosing a specialization...really anything! I'm available any time Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays except 1-3, or Tuesdays and Thursdays after 1. I can do any time on the weekends too.
Zekun(Zachery) Caozekun.cao@duke.eduMechanical EngineeringPratt School of EngineeringPhDVirtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction, User Interface
Kevin McHughkam136@duke.eduMechanical Engineering and Material SciencePratt School of EngineeringAeroelasticity/MechanicalPhDBS in Mechanical Engineering at Lafayette College, now 4th year PhD candidate in Dr. Earl Dowell's research group in Aeroelasticity. I can help afternoons MWF and any morning except Mondays.