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2 -- Uhh, what? :p (class roll typo?)
I was trading items in Preparations. I traded the Hero's Flare and
Dasher with each other. The result was a a thin glitch strip at the top.
Also, the icons for Dasher or Hero's Flare will replace the original
icon (both items will have the same icon, can be either). - [Need a savestate, please, though I'm not sure I'll be able to fix it...]
In Chapter 25x, making Cia use the Earth tome against the Dragon causes the game to hang permanently. (There are about 2349287 other ways to defeat the dragon, so it wasn't really an issue.)If a unit dies fighting the Star King, the game thinks the Star King died and you win the chapter. - [Haha, I actually got mislead to believe this was a glitch. Actually, this is intended. You see, the damage the Star King deals is also dealt back to himself. It's part of the ability of the sword "Requiem"--"only the sword lives", it says, because it both obliterates its foe, and kills its own wielder, therefore being the only one left in a battle between its wielder and its wielder's foe. =P]
Not sure if intentional, but if you don't see Jake after doing one Star but before doing the next, the item you would have gotten is lost - [Yes, it's intentional. Visit every time. =) ]
Ben's character description is messed up - shows a bunch of random letters - [Howard's as well, these two giltches and the one with Marion's portrait like to reoccur for some obscure reason -_-] - [Fixed and I repointed them this time so hopefully they won't glitch again...]Fix A Moment's Rest to be a little less screechy/loud
so i wanted to play it (and idk why it wont work.) i have an emulator for my phone, but for some reason it doesn't work. all it say that it is unrecognized gba file. do i have to get a different emulator
Bold = new, unfixed, priority (do not bold on your own, please--I will bold them as a notice to you guys.)On Chapter 7, despite having recruited Noah, visited all 6 houses before killing the boss AND ending it within 17 turns, I could not get Chapter 7x to appear. - What about changing the requirements for accessing this chapter? - [Took suggestion and changed the requirement/fixed it.] fixed it how? where can i get the fixed patch or whatever haha, i have the same issueI have a problem with chapter 11, when I fight an enemy, the game automatically over. - [Need a savestate please, not able to replicate this.]

I'm experiencing the problem too. No music plays during the chapter and any action causes game over. I've already tried patching to a new rom with each version of the game released thus far. Here's my savestate.
On chapter 27, after defeating Galagar on turns 31+, the game shows his conversation and, after showing the last voice clips and the warp from the black screen, does not load the save screen and the game cannot progress any further.
In-chapter trading is broken after the ninth star, and Shon's Skill resets when Resuming a Chapter if he fully maxed it. - [I think this might be the result of an old patch because this should have been fixed/the reason for this glitch isn't showing up as still being uh... "triggered" in my doc. It's possible you used an old patch and it's still corrupted from an earlier save even with the new patch applied, sorry. If not, PLEASE get me a savestate of this happening.]seizeHalberdier's in arena appear as a black figure with no texture. This is a palette error due to halberdiers not in the original game. Kelik and Tekun work fine however. Whats strange though is sometimes Rex's palette glitches further and he appears as a black figure with blue spots, Ace's has never done this but he is just a black figure.Fix Fighting of the Spirit, Vs. Ernst and With Us. These songs screws up when looping, and With Us takes too long to start.- Final map in Constellation (top-right corner) does not work; this will be added in a later release.
Hi i have the same issue - i cant access chapter 7x even though i completed all requirements. u mentioned u changed the requirements - what are the new requirements and how do i access that patch thanksHello, I realize by the time of me reporting this the creator has announced his work with this game is done, and he is very unlikely to return, however I feel this bug should still be reported. In chapter 13B (choosing not to trust Logan) I had made it near the end and was about to start battle with Logan, however just before that Itsuke died from the Sage reinforcement. After dealing with the reinforcements I went back to Logan just to see the sass him and Anakin would have and to see his death quote, keep in mind I was going to restart right after, as I refuse to lose a unit, especially a mage. However, after restarting the chapter (after saving chapter 14 to a seperate slot), moving a single unit or ending my phase automatically ends the chapter, as though the game thinks Logan was already defeated, but I can see him at the top-left as normal. Needless to say that is all kinds of bad as now Itsuke cannot be recovered and I'm missing out on an entire chapter's worth of exp. Being the patient type, I said oh well and restarted the whole game. Considering if a unit did not die this chapter, its unlikely anyone else will encounter this glitch.On the Sixth Star, there's a
rather nasty bug involving one of the bosses, Leopold, and Rex. If anyone kills Leopold, be it on the player's phase or the enemy's phase, Leopold disappears, but oddly enough, so does Rex. Doesn't even matter if you don't bring Rex to this star since he'll have mysteriously disappeared from the roster when you finish the star. This is why I had to re-recruit Rex again during my video walkthrough of the Constellation, heh. In any case, here's a savestate. You can use either Anakin or Rex to kill Leopold or allow him to attack and be counter killed, the end result is the same (Although you see Rex disappear along with Leopold if Rex gets the killing blow. Not the case with Anakin or anyone else I presume). (LINK: [Leopold and Rex take Pent's and Louise's slots in the Nightmare Editor, which causes this bug. This is noticeable in the Support Viewer, where you can see that it shows them only being able to get their supports up to level B (they can get A, however), just like Pent and Louise.]
Ben and Emma's A Support is messed up, they start speaking each other's lines at one point. - [I'll look into it but if anyone has a savestate that would also help XD.] Lyam has a terrible experience growth. I didn't use him in the main game, so I decided to give him a chance in the Constellation, but using him in the Arena (not the Galactic Arena) only gave him about 15 experience per battle. I know he's a pre-promoted unit, but come on. Even Levion would get more experience than that, if he was available in the Constellation, which he isn't, oddly.Why isn't the Battle Preparations song in the Sound Room? That's one of my favorite songs from this hack!See the contained "Known Bugs, Glitches, & Problems" doc for a list--this will be updated with any new finds or major ones.
Please only post glitches and non-controversial issues that need to be fixed under columns B through G
The Merc that accompanies Noah in Chapter 7 comes with a droppable Iron Blade, despite being a green unit and, therefore, unable to be battled by our own units for getting the drop.
After killing the boss of chapter sixteen, the game shows that scene in Yulia castle when Lyam tells Cero to get lost but afterward the screen goes black. The music keeps playing but nothing else happens and I can't go any further into the game. Same thing happened to me. On v2.1, I tried restarting the game, but I still got it. Also tried applying easy mode and chaos mode patches.
I was playing in Chapter 22 after recruiting Leopold, and then he mysteriously disappeared from the map. I can't replicate this issue no matter how much I try. [Rex died, which causes Leopold to disappear. They occupy Louise's and Pent's slots in the Nightmare Editor.]
After beating the 8th Star, I am still unable to access the Ninth Star and it asks me for a one time fee of 777,777. [You didn't get all the Secrets in the main game. If you get all seven of them, you don't need to pay this fee. Keep grinding in the arena until you have enough money, or keep repeating the Fifth Star and steal the White Gem from Howard for easy 10,000 Gold. It's even easier if you don't have Howard in your party, since he'll join you with another White Gem.]
Not really a bug, but I don't really like how all the male Wyvern Riders (Ben, Leopold, and Zane) have almost the exact same palette, especially when Zane has a black wyvern when fighting against him.

Logan has, probably, the worst average growths in the game. He'll only get Skill and Speed most of the time, but the bases for those stats are so high that he'll max them before level 10, making him get HP-only levels or maybe even empty levels frequently (also, his A support with Anakin is hilarious! Nice job!).

Kelik's supports with Siegfried use Anakin's portrait instead of Kelik's (I didn't support Kelik with Siegfried, but their supports appeared in the Support Viewer after beating the game, but only on Kelik's supports, not Siegfried's. I think this issue is linked to Kelik in some way, as only characters who support with him have supports we can see (Siegfried, Anakin, Althares, Levion, Tekun, Storm and Karina), and only the first support on the each character's list (Anakin/Siegfried, Althares/Levion, Tekun/Kelik, Storm/Anakin and Karina/Kelik, and, presumably, Siegfried/Shon and Levion/Althares)).

"Remaining x #" part of various supports is glitched graphically, and never displays the correct number of supports remaining.
All suggestions, comments, tips, etc. should go under column H and will be left there unless they are moot due to a new patch, in which case I will remove them.
Playing this on a mobile emulator, I seem to have found a bug.I was on chapter 21, just finished it. I was watching the cutscene and It around the time when Siegfried was chewing that one king. The screen went black. I reloaded from a savestate, I tried to hit start and skip the ecene altogher. I that is anything that can be done about this, that would be apprecated. But, I understand the age of this hack.The game becomes weird after I fisnish prologue and select Hard mode for Kelik. Firstly, in the second chapter of Part 2, Anakin returns as a Gallant (cavalier-type), and Karina returns as a Paladin (not wyvern-rider anymore). The "motivate" command of Anakin still shows up, but if I try to select it then the game freeze. If I continue using Anakin as a cavalier it's still normal though. However, in a few chapter later, when I fight Roarik, Roarik appears NOT guarding the Gate, but 1 square-left of that space. The same applies for the 2 knights below him: they start 1-square left to the fort. This is my first time playing, so I guess it is intentional and just let Anakin go and seize the gate, without beating Roarik, hoping to recruit him later. However, Roarik died in the conversation anyway (I swear that I never lay a finger upon him). Well... I'm still not awared what happened, until the next chapter, when Lyam claims to be a spy, but nowhere to be seen in the screen, even after we comes near the throne (the dialogue still show up though). I just come and seize the empty throne, and by no means of recruiting Lyam, I think I leave him out forever. Btw, the title of chapter begins to show the original chapter of FE7 since the chapter of Roarik (like "Noble Lady of Caelin")In the Eighth Star I have ran into a lot of problems including the screen messing up and enemies spawning where their predecessor was killed (only if they die on the enemies' turn. That might be intentional.) But I just recently, when playing the star again to get more AWs, encountered a game breaking glitch. the enemies turn starts, like normal, but when they are finished, all sprites turn to haze and the game force closes on me. Considering that no one else is reporting these problems, it might just be the fact that I am playing it on my android. I have a save state, but I don't know how to give it to you.

Haas has Tekun's portrait instead of his own in his supports with Siegfried. Also, if you get his C support with Liquid, it says "Already obtained/Starts with C support." at the top-left corner of the screen.
Waiting on non-generic champion data and a boss for the Ninth Star, if I ever get them. Sorry but I might not so I'm just going with it for now.
Also, don't repeat reports, please: that's one of the major points of this. Thanks for your cooperation. In Chapter 6, Inanna can enter the building where Shinshou is without having opened the door, because there are Fence tiles around the building, not Wall tiles.
Who's that character in the village in Chapter 14? I was told his portrait is an old version of Marion's, so why not put Marion's new portrait there instead?

Alice misspells Lirianna's name in the intro to Chapter 23 (she says Liriana).
I was getting money in the arena to go to the ninth star, and I can't trade anymore. It will show nothing, then the cursor can only be moved left of right. Should I email the savestate?I beat the Galactic Arena, but the Ultimatum Bow, and the Excalibur, Luminola and Valenst Tomes and the Ether Sphere went into Liuke's Personal Inventory, not storage. And I cannot trade him. - [Just use the "List" feature. Sorry I can't come up with a better solution, the circumstances are really tricky. This had to be done like this since there's no other way to access Liuke's inventory and this guarantees that you'll get these items in case you already have a full storage.]

Kelik misspells "everyday" in his B support with Siegfried. He says "everday".
"In the Galactic Arena, certain characters have battlefield conversations
with bosses, as they would in the main storyline. Not sure if
intentional, but I've currently experienced it with Ace and the Soldier
boss in Round 20, and Kelik with the Pirate boss from a number of waves
before that (Apologies, I don't remember the exact wave.)"
Why not, instead of an Elysian Whip, have a Celestial Ring? It's more likely that Tamiko will reach level 20 than Inanna by the time Part 1 ends.On the page, in the chapter requirement guide, it says that to unlock chapter 19x you need to recruit Rex in chapter 19. I have done so, and the game still skips to chapter 20. [Is Rex alive? Send me a savestate if he is.]Frederick's and Rachel's speech bubbles refer to the wrong portrait in the Epilogue (like Rachel calling Frederick "my daughter" instead of Frederick calling her).After defeating the star king it we should be able to unlock the last star in the right upper corner. However when i try to enter it, he bugs and restart the game. There is no last star,i have a non-finished version of the game or ??
Ranger class movement sound needs fixing.

Inanna's ans Lirianna's portraits are chopped in the Support Viewer.
Support Library/Viewer is glitched and doesn't properly show, retain, or load conversations all the time. This is one of those things most people don't delve into and I really don't know enough to fix it. If I get a lead on it, I'd love to fix it, but at this point I don't think even if I invested the time, I could.
I don't know if anyone checks this anymore, but on Chapter 23, when the map pans over to the room with the two chests next to each other, the game freezes, the music glitches, and I sometimes get an error message. I have tried over and over to see if restarting fixes it and it doesn't. Please help.
When you use the Angelic Wing on Anakin, when he tries to motivate someone, the peson stays gray without the recoloring, but can still move again on the map (just a minor animation thing). Also, it seems he has lost the ability to regenerate health at the start of each turn.

In Levion's and Kelik's A support, the first speech bubble goes out of the screen and Levion says "putforth" instead of "put forth".
Animation for Dasher seems to be broken (Only showing map animation) Savestate - - [I forgot to mention this, but I have a long history with the Dasher spell. tl;dr it glitched up and I don't have the original anymore and am unable to fix it without breaking other stuff, so I've given up on it. I'm sorry, trust me it hurts me more than it hurts you, I spent a loooot of time on making it and fixing it. T_T]
Please revert this box to the information from 6-17-2015. This was a mistake on my part when viewing the Report Sheet. I am unable to revert it via the undo button. [It would help if you could say something about what this box used to say before this mistake.]
In the Support Viewer, Leopold and Rex are shown to only be able to get C and B supports, but I got an A support between Ace and Leopold and Ace and Rex. This is a pretty big issue.
"After seizing the throne chapter 17, if you skip the cutscenes, the
sidequest option is skipped and you go straight to 18. Freezes if you
press start at the sidequest decision prompt. savestate prior to
seizing:" - [This has to do with two things: one, the default option is to skip the sidequest, and therefore skipping the cutscene skips the sidequest, and two, an issue with the brown box code where hitting enter makes the screen black--it may seem like it freezes, but you should still be able to hit "A" and continue, and this is a recurring issue throughout the game on all brown boxes and sadly, I don't think with my skills I'd be able to fix it.]

For some reason I am unable to recruit Lirianna. I have less than 40 characters total and kill her first, but still end up with Cero and Gary in my party instead of her after the chapter is over. [The order in which the characters are recruited after finishing a star isn't the same as the order you defeated them. Make sure you have enough room for everyone in the star to guarantee that you recruit Lirianna.]

In Rex and Ace's C support, Rex says "spearmen" instead of "spearman" and Ace says "everday" instead of "everyday".
After reading the closing convo on Chapter 20, my emulator (No$GBA)
crashes. Battery file (killing Zane with anyone works): Savestate: - [Afraid I don't really support no$GBA here because I honestly don't know why it'd work on one but not the other. Sorry... =(]
Levion isn't in any of the Constellation maps, and is therefore unrecruitable. However, Kelik still has that forced support with him, which basically makes Kelik only able to have 4 supports (not that he really needs any more). Levion should have been available in the Sixth Star, or even the Seventh Star, although that one has more than enough characters. Move Regis or Cero to the Eight Star? Or maybe remove Cero altogether, since he's useless with Althares, Shadow and Regis.

I'm having the same issue as the post above. Once Zane is killed, regardless of whether I watch the cutscene dialogue or skip it, No$GBA consistently crashes. I've sunk quite a lot of hours into my save file, and it really would be a shame to completely give up on the story I've become invested in. Can anyone provide a work-around? Either some way to get it working without crashing, or even some way to switch emulators with the same save file? Anything.

Althares is unable to use an Angelic Wing, even though he is a promoted unit. [Make sure he has at least 10 in every stat, including the level.]


After using an Angelic Wing, during Kelik's battle animation the noise that he makes when he hits the ground after he jumps is that of an armor knight instead of his proper sound.
I just wanted to thank you and everyone else who made this game come to life. =)

On the constellation map, when the player phase starts the cursor is always on Anakin even when autocursor is turned off.

The game will freeze if you make Liuke talk with Galagar to max his stats. It will also keep saying that he reached level 20 even after he's already at level 20 once you start any map.
Using the "Repair Merchant" hack locked my max of placable units on the perps to only seven units, even if I it says otherwise.
















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