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If you are interetsed in starting a club please see Mr. Kidd for more information or email at times and dates will be changed based on Virtual needs
CLUB / ORGANIZATIONWhat is it?Who can do it?When does it meet?
IMPORTANT! This info is subject to change. Watch the announcements for updated info.
ACADEMIC QUIZ BOWLTeam that competes in regional trivia knowledge competititions.AnyoneMondays during both lunches. You must attend 85% of the practices to be considered part of the team.Andrew Austen/
med 1
ALZHEIMER’S AWARENESS CLUBGroup of students who get together and go to Alzheimer's events, such as the walk.AnyoneAs needed. Watch announcements for more info.JENNIFER TOLLEY231
American Sign Language ClubLearn, practice, and enhance sign language abilitiesAnyoneOnce per week B LunchTBD- Need sponsor
ART CLUBOutlet for students to explore their creativity. Do different art projects.AnyoneMonthly during lunch or after school. Come when you can.MIKE GUYERArt
Astrology ClubLearn more about horoscopes and about the starr segmentsAnyoneOnce/MonthMr. Ridens209
Astronomy ClubA club for those interested in space and related topicsAnyoneBi-weeklyBrandon Gooss206
BASKETBALL PEP BANDPep band plays at basketball gamesPlay a band instrument.Starts in November and ends when basketball season ends. Meets at lunch four times a week at the beginning and less frequently as the season goes on. If you are unable to make a meeting, let the band leader know in advance.JIMMY PENNINGTONBand
Bread ClubBring and learn about various types of bread. Anyone1 to 2 times per month Wyatt Ashe 227
Circle Of FriendsSocial club that connects our general population students with students with disabilities.AnyoneDaily during B lunch. Drop in when you can.Dalida Ghoussoub103
BETABeta = second letter in the Greek alphabet. This club is about putting yourself second as you do community service for others.Juniors and Seniors who have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Once a month on Fridays during Extended Learning.MORGAN BRAUN /
DRHS Book ClubDRHS Book Club consists of 3 student book discussion groups
Page Turners - The original DRHS student book group. Page Turners meet once a month to discuss books from a specific genre. One month we might discuss fantasy books and the next month we might discuss realistic fiction.
We Read Diverse Books - This book group meets once a month to discuss diversity in books for teens. Some months we may discuss a specific book or type of book, while other months we may discuss a topic like representation.
Guys Read - This group, which will meet at least once a month, is a group for guys to read books written by guys about guys.
Anyoneonce a month during lunchMr. Harrell and Mrs. SmartLibrary
CHESS CLUBBunch of people who play chess. Tournaments several times each year. Chess Team is a subset of the Chess Club. Top 5 boards are selected to be part of the Chess Team.AnyoneMondays during both lunches. Drop in whenever you can.JOSEPH PALENCIT SC3
COMIC-CON CLUBFor those who are interested in Comic-Con.AnyoneMonthly during lunch. Watch the announcements for topics and sign up to attend.CAREY McCRAYArt
COMPUTER CLUBStudent run organization that allows students to come together to explore and enjoy learning about computer related items.Anyone (not just Center for Information Technology kids).Every Friday from 4 - 5 pm. Join at any time in the year and drop in when you can.LYNNE NORRISCIT SC4
COMPUTER SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETYRecognition for strong Computer Science students and help promote computer science.Any student who has an 87 or above in at least 1 computer science course is elligible to apply (sophomores and above may apply in the fall).2nd Tuesday of every month in the auditorium during lunch. You need to stay active in the club (point system).LYNNE NORRISCIT SC4
DEBATEDebate political and social issues.AnyoneWednesdays during lunch and after school. During lunch = research and prepare material and after school = debate. Come as frequently as you can. Join later in the year if your time frees up.Rob RumansTBD
DECA and FIDM FASHION CLUBDECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. FIDM FASHION CLUB is a sub-group of DECA.Club is for students who are in a marketing / fashion class.Meetings are determined by activities occuring in the classes.JACKIE HERRMANN /
Sarah Voyack
DRAMA CLUBImprov, talk about comedic timing and techniques, have fun with kids who are interested in drama and comedy.Anyone.Every other Friday - B lunch in the drama room. Come when you can.SHERYL GIBSONDrama
EDUCATORS RISINGClub for students who are interested in a future career in education.AnyoneAs needed.PATTY ROGERSf+cs
ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBGroup for those concerned about the environment and interested in helping the school improve environmental impacts.AnyoneFridays during B lunch. Come when you can.EMILY CHAPIN101
EnvirothonA team focused on environmental issues, which works with professionals and competes against other High SchoolsAnyoneDuring Lunch and After School Emily Chapin101/232
ETHICS CLUBReview ethical matters in schools, business, and the world. Talk about ethics in everyday life.AnyoneWednesdays during B lunch. Try to come to all meetings.TBD
FBLA ( Future buisness leaders of America)FBLA is a nationally recognized students/buisness community partnership promoting leadership, education, and community serviceAnyone interested in buisness careers TBARobin Schultz242
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)A worldwide organization, that's also been growing in our area as well. It creates fellowship and community with Christian athletes, along with spreading the Gospel to all those willing to listen.FCA is open to any and everyone, no matter the religion or sport that's played. Even if you don't play sports, you're still welcome to join.Once per month.CARLEY DURANTE 106
FCCLAFamily, Career and Community Leaders of America.Club is for students who are in a Family and Consumer Sciences class or have taken one in the past (including middle school).As needed.PATTY ROGERSf+cs
Film ClubThe club will focus on the anaylsis and summary of filmsAnyoneTBDDeborah Ferranti220
FISHING CLUBA club that meets to discuss fishing and the environment, different freshwater fish species in Virginia, and techniques for catching fish.AnyoneOnce per month.MARK GRANGER233
FORENSICSSpeech club. Attend competion for county in February.Anyone.B-Lunch Tuesdays SHERYL GIBSONDrama
FRENCH CLUBShare the love of French culture and language among students.EveryoneEvery couple of weeks during lunch. Come when you can.
FRENCH HONOR SOCIETYRecognition for stellar French students. Can provide tutoring to struggling students of French.5 consecutive semesters of A grades in French.As needed.F. ANDREW PENLAND224
G.S.A.Have discussions about issues involving the G,L,B,T community. 9-12once per weekMr. Ashe / Ms. Dondero227
HONOR COUNCILThe Honor Council exists to promote honesty and integrity at Deep Run High School.Students are elected by their classes.Meetings are held 1 - 2 times per month and are mandatory.JEAN WHITFIELD241
INDOOR PERCUSSIONPercussion / drum line group that competes at local competitions in February and March.Anyone who can read music (we will teach you to play a percussion instrument).Evenings three times per week. Attendance is expected.JIMMY PENNINGTONBand
International Dance ClubIt gives students the opportunity to create and dance with an emphasis on multi-culteral performancesAnyone2-3X's/month-LunchMrs. Kochel214/gym
International/Trivia ClubAnyoneFridays during B lunch. TBD
INTERACT CLUBSimilar to Key Club - goal is to do community service with a local and global lens.AnyoneEvery other Monday during B lunch. Come when you can, but you need to come frequently enough to stay active in the club (point system).KAREEM TEXLER107
KEY CLUBBuilding character and community by doing service within the school and in the community. Go to for more info.AnyoneEvery other B lunch on Wednesdays. Need to attend at least 4 meetings.SARAH CRANE 102
Knitting ClubA grouo of like minded knitters come together to share expertise and knit togetherAnyoneThursdays during extended learning. Our Schoology Groups join code is P4V7-X7ZC-PVG7D.Mrs. St. James207
LATIN CLUBPromote the Latin language and culture.Do not have to be in Latin to join the club.Every couple of weeks during lunch. Come when you can.F. ANDREW PENLAND224
LATIN HONOR SOCIETYRecognition for stellar Latin students. Can provide tutoring to struggling students of Latin.5 consecutive semesters of A grades in Latin.As needed.220
LITERARY MAGAZINE CLUBOnce per year, produce a literary magazine in the spring.Anyone. You do not have to be part of the club or attend meetings to contribute work to the magazine. Club members edit and produce the magazine.Every week during lunch early in the year, middle of the year meet infrequently as people work on their submissions. In the 3rd Quarter, meet frequently because the magazine is being finalized. You are excpected to attend the meetings if you are part of the club.EMMA ALCAZAR108
LiveLike10The livelike10 club was established this year in the memory of Gabe Henderson this club will involve students and student athletes who will engage in community service, fundraising events, and other activities to provide resources for physical, mental, academic, and spiritual growth with the hope of inspiring recipients to share lessons learned with others through encouragement, love, and laughter.AnyoneOnce per month Julie Skinner virtual/239
MARCHING BANDGroup of musicians and color guard members who perform during football games and at competitions in the fall.Band = anyone who can read music and/or pay an instrument. Color guard = anyone who is interested.This is a credit class and all meetings are mandatory. Daily for band camp the three weeks prior to the beginning of school. Practice after school Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Friday after school for the football games. Saturdays for competitions.JIMMY PENNINGTONBand
Experience photography with creatives like yourself. An artistic outlet to see, do, speak about photography and to have fun! AnyoneOnce a month during lunch. Come when you can.ASHLEY DOGOLI128
MEDICAL CLUBDesigned to help students progress towards their goal of working in the medical industry. Members will participate in many science/medical based activities, without the pressure of being graded.AnyoneMeetings will take place 1-3 times per mnth, depending on activities/gues speaker schedules.BRENT LEDERER216
Mentor Program
Mentors will provide a proactive and positive introduction to our school, students, and faculty. The program will include upper class mentors who will work with approximately 2-3 freshmen throughout the year.

Juniors and Seniors
Meetings will take place 1-2 times per month, usually during part of lunch on Wednesdays.Mike Fennessey/ Dan DickeTBD
Minority Students Union A community of students of color for students of color Anyonebi-monthlyCoach Hayes, Dan Dickey, Iris Bodiford126
MODEL U.N.Opportunity to practice speaking and writing in the context of international politics.AnyoneMonthly lunch meeting and monthly after school meeting. December, February and March conferences. Come as often as you can, but you don't need to attend every meeting and conference.CLAY HUDSON /
MU ALPHA THETAMath honor society. Apply in October or April.Must have a 4.0 GPA in all your math classes and be enrolled at Deep Run for at least 1 semester. Must be in advanced Algebra / Trig or higher.Once a month during lunch. Come when you can, but you need to come frequently enough to stay active in the club (point system).RACHEL LAWRENCE237
Music ClubA club for music lovers and musiciansanyone 20-30 studentsonce per week Brandon Gooss206
NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYHonor society that recognizes students based on superior scholarship, leadership, service, and character.Juniors and Seniors with a GPA of 3.7 or higher are eligible. Students are selected based on Faculty Council vote. Applications available in the fall.Monthly during lunch. Come when you can, but you need to come frequently enough to stay active in the club (point system).AMY EARLE222
(The Sentinel)
Must take the class (Journalism) in order to do the newspaper.Students who are currently taking Journalism class.As needed.Courtney Carbaugh111
Our opinions ClubGroup will meet and discuss about a variety of global issues Anyonetwice per month Jennifer Krug225
Outdoor ClubA club centered on the outdoors with a focus of fostering a lonve for teh environment and all of its surroundingsAnyone2X's / MonthJosh Tucker 108
Pop Culture Club Analyze movies, music, videos etc.and how it impacts the current generation AnyoneTBDMr. Gouldthorpe
QUILL AND SCROLLHonor society for those who are taking/involved with Media, Yearbook, Literary Magazine, Journalism, or Newspaper.Teachers will recommend those who are qualified.As needed.Courtney Carbaugh111
RED CROSS CLUBDirectly associated with the Richmond Red Cross. Do blood drives and supply collection.Anyone can join. If younger than 16, your parents must approve your participation.Weekly on Tuesdays during lunch. Not required to attend every meeting.NICOLE ALBRIGHT127
Rise Against HungerRaising awareness of Hunger through discussions and help provide support for those in need Anyonebi-monthlyMs. Chapin101
(Blue Cheese)
World Championship winning team - build and compete in robotics. For anyone interested in programming, building, mechanics, marketing, etc. Go to for more info.AnyoneTuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 - 7 pm. Will work around schedules. Come as much as you can. It is okay to join the team after a fall activity/sport ends.MATT WILSONH12
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)Group of students trying to lessen the amount of teenage death/injury due to driving unsafely.Anyone, but with an emphasis on Juniors and Seniors.Once per month.CARLEY DURANTE106
Save the SeasClub researches harmful effects of plastic waste in the rivers, lakes, and oceans. Members collect and catergorize plastic waste in order to clean up water sources. Club raises awareness of decomposition rates of plastic.Anyone twice per month Jennifer Krug225
SCAStudent Council Association - student representatives from each classElections are held in the spring for all classes except the Freshman class. Freshmen officers are elected in the fall.Once per week before homecoming but every other week after that. Meetings are mandatory.EMILY CHAPIN /
SCIENCE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYSociety that is geared toward those students who excel in science and who are interested in giving back to the community to continue that cycle.3.8 overall grade point average and a recommendation from a high school science teacher. Usually juniors and seniors. Applications collected in fall of junior year.Twice a month on Wednesdays during lunch. Come when you can, but you need to come frequently enough to stay active in the club (point system).DAWN NEHER234
SPANISH CLUBDo more with the Spanish culture in our school community.Anyone (taking Spanish or not)Once per month on a Thursday during lunch. Attendance is required.ROBERT HELWIG112
SPANISH HONOR SOCIETYAn academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence. The purpose of the society is to promote interest in Spanish studies and to act as a service organization that provides tutoring to peers.In order to qualifyfor the SNHS, students must have a 4.0 average for each year of Spanish studied, have an overall GPA of 3.5 and be enrolled in Spanish level 4 Honors or 5 AP for the upcoming school year. Students are invited to apply in the second semester of level 3 or beyond.Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month during lunch in room 114Shannon Brown229
THESPIANS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYFor theater students who have 100 hours in theater. Hours are recorded by drama department and must be time spend doing Deep Run drama events.Drama students with the requisite number of hours. Drama department will inform students that they are eligible and induction occurs in the spring.Every other Friday during lunch (opposite Drama Club, so that it does not conflict).SHERYL GIBSONDrama
Table Top Gaming ClubA club to play table top games and board games9-12 Approsimetely 20 participantsTBD- During LunchKaren Logan/ Wiliam CaudleSC 2
TRI-M NATIONAL MUSIC HONOR SOCIETYRecognition for all the hard work musicians are already doing.Junior or senior in band, choir or strings. Apply based on points awarded for classes taken / performances. Applications collected in the fall.Activities as needed during lunch, look for announcements. Attendance is not mandatory.AMY EL-KHOURIchorus
TSA (Technology Student Association)Technology orientation group that goes to regional and state competitions.Anyone (not just Center for Information Technology kids).Tuesays during A lunch and Mondays after school. Come when you can, but you need to come frequently enough to stay active in the club (point system). It is ok to attend only lunch meetings if you have an after school conflict.JENNIFER TOLLEY231
UNICEFUNICEF is a non-profit organization that aims to help vulnerable children in over 190 countries through advocacy, community, building, fundraising, and speaking out Anyone2 x's per monthMia Tambellini SC1
Wildcats for ChangeThis club strives for inclusion and diversity among the Deep Run community. AnyoneOnce a month, Fridays during lunch Elizabeth Berry113
Wildcat NewsMorning announcements. Be our anchor, a part of the tech staff, or be our sports announcer!Anyone can apply. Participants limitedEvery morning 8:30amAshley Dogoli128
WILDCAT TECH HELP DESKAssist in working the computer Help Desk. Troubleshooting and customer service.Anyone, but a teacher recommendation and/or interview with Mr. Bagby is needed.Every lunch. There is a maximum number of kids who can work each lunch block.Jack Bagbyhelp
WINTER/INDOOR COLOR GUARDGroup that performs with flags and other props at local competitions.No skills necessary - we will teach you!Evenings three times per week. Attendance is expected.JIMMY PENNINGTONBand
Womens EmpowermentDiscussing current events involved with womens issues, modern feminisim, and gender equalityAnyone2 X's per monthMorgan Nash125
Writing CenterThe writing center is a place where trained student consultants support and help other Deep Run students with writing assignmnetsSelected and trained student consultants work in the writing center. All students are able to visit and recieve help.Tuesdays and Wednesdays during lunchBeth Berry/ Melissa Daniels212
YEARBOOKMust take the class in order to be in the club.Have to apply to take the class. Applications take place in the spring. FYI - not everyone gets in due to space limitations.Regular class during school and meets on Saturday once per deadline.ASHLEY KHIMANI124
YOGA CLUBYoga instructor will come to the school and lead a yoga session.AnyoneThursdays during A lunch in auxiliary gym.F. ANDREW PENLAND224