Tower of Saviors Discord Tier List: 21-01-2012
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21-1-2020It took me a whole day to actually copy all the images and sort them on a new sheet for you guys to enjoy. Wikia images did take forever to load in this document so I hope this fixed the major problem
The tier list is basically being rebooted from this point. I'm introducing a lot of minor changes and all the placements are arbitrary set by myself rather than using contributors feedback.
There are many resources that got abandoned mainly because I was burn out of the commitment and I felt like doing something else.
S tier is being shared by 4 cards, first time in 3 years that this happens.
I made sure to include all the memes and leaders except for really old collabs from 5 years ago that I doubt new players or returning players would take in consideration at this point. You need to be a real man of culture to know that Zhao Ling Er is technically the grandmother of Aria and Guan Yu.
There are some leaders from Imperial Warlords I which I didn't add since they are pending to get their upgrade soon.
Leaders from Ultimate Lords and Sealed Lords will be added on a later date.
17-6-2019Work is devouring my time and to be honest Saint Seiya collaboration was frustrating in many ways to the point I stopped caring about it half way.
I added all released leaders so far and removed Chessia and Abraham from the tier list since their upgrades are Scheduled.
Meta Analysis is pending, and a lot of this document as well. I'm not 100% motivated but still quite commited to deliver you a content table that can help you figure out on what to focus if you can't do it by yourself.
I really recommend you to join the Discord server if you havent yet, I don't even have time follow up with the forums and the Facebook groups like I used to. Also I'm hoping all the time I'm investing in the real life stuff actually returns the investment, because otherwise I would regret of missing so many events in all the games I play lol.
By this time I should be adding preliminary ratings for the Primal Chinese Gods, but honestly I haven't paid much attention to what they do aside from that XP system. please submti feedback on #Meta-Discussion so I can get an idea.
Placement Changes
Aria from S to A+: After multiple complaints and being hardly unable to clear Shion stage, many players feel she doesn't live up for the name of S tier at all, sure she is a powerhouse on damage and got an amazing pool of members, but still can't survive as good as Eve or the Chinese Emperor.
Seiya - A: I know a lot of you guys will debate that he should be higher for numerous reasons, but personally I find his gameplay quite frustrating and prone to board hazards.
Shiryu - A+: You know this madhead trend of making Rares more interesting than Jackpots, Shiryu offers a decent amount of board control, built-in burst and survivability. I find him really stable compared to the other 2.
Hyoga - B+: Active skills are kinda messy, and feels shitty with the heavy cooldowns, also water humans are quite strong but they hardly shine together. Everyone tells me he is like a rose version of Erza.
Hong Ling - A: I tried some yolo draws in hopes to get her but I couldn't. it seems she is steady but still quite meme, I find her more valuable as member than as leader, and her recovery interaction is really interesting and based on the fact that you can run Medea free of Penalty along with other boosters it is kinda easy to skyrocket her damage potential and leave some of the utility concerns to leader/ally. I think she is heavily reliant on members, which shouldn't be much of a problem since you had to get her from a fire focused seal with some decent members
Satan - A: I pretty much can agree with comments from Vespher, she is kinda meme and just for fun, but the main point of leaving the damage to her and let the team run the utility is still present. You might feel that the damage is poor in some scenarios, kinda reminds me of Tang Sanzang PR in many ways. If you don't own the OP Chinese Emperor or SR Loki then she is the next choice for Dark Mono leader right now.
Sera: I haven't tested her yet, and I see people over here are ignoring the existance of Shuta really hard lol, I doubt a water fruttie is ever going to be released, but would be fun. Water elf pool keeps growing slowly and probably somewhere late this year or early 20 we might get a decent water elf that provides water runestones every wave without taking out hearts (think of elf boilerman/pisces), that way both Sera and Superdry (cornflower) might be fixed.
14-5-2019So fallen halos PR got confirmed and Saint Seiya came after a Black Card bringing a huge x10 multiplier but having conditions to achieve. This being said a lot of cards are going down mainly because they feel like lacking damage or being forced to use specific members.
Life got me busier than ever, so apparently I forgot to include Aria in the tier list, oops.
Tier B and C are being changed in this update based on my personal preference, not by anyone else feedback, but I'm open to read opinions.
I'm tired of the human meta.
I have big hopes for the cards coming after Saint Seiya is over.
11-4-2019Some placement changes, still nothing big, but I got some ideas for content and I'm feeling like picking back some old projects that I left behind just for lack of time and motivation.
Placement Changes
Cleopatra and Shiva dropped from A- to B, this decision is mainly due to the high amount of feedback of how unsatisfying it feels to play leaders with heavy conditions to achieve damage and despite having many tools on their kit the fail to really feel like the rest of the leaders from the A tier
Tang Sanzang dropped from A+ to A: OK he got the right damage and a wonderful active skill, but sadly Madhead is not giving us the right members needed to really make him shine as we expected, the heavy reliance on members and the lack of other innate tools compared to the rest of the A+ tier is quite blunt so I guess he is meant to be dropped down, also it is quite notorious that Thor is having his prime time as best light leader in the game right now and I can't set any norse to A+ simply because I'm setting them as the standard.
3-4-2019As you may know the electricity crisis in my country is prety harsh and I hardly have time in front of a computer, this is why the meta analysis thread is getting delayed and tier list is getting such a slow update on this month.
No real meta changes with this girls, they are cool enough but they don't bring nothing new to the table just expand upon the current stuff so no awesome ratings here.
Placement changes will be delayed until a next update because I don't really have time to check leaderboards or decent clears of old teams on newer stages, also we have way less content being released now to test and more stuff pending to be updated before they release the new stages for void of the realm.
Added Cleo, Eve and Wu Ze Tian to the tier list.
16-3-2019Minor spelling and typo correction by Misty.EXE.
Been busier than usual and on top of that a major crisis is happening on my country, no electricity, no water, no Internet, etc. So yeah I will be quite brief with next updates but I plan to return eventually with full content for the Leader Comments section.
My Birthday just passed away 2 days ago btw.
Placement Changes
Added SR Norse Gods to Tier A, their status is debatable to be compared with A+ cards, but I'm making emphasis on them as A because I want them to be considered as the new standard. Sure they got a super large roster and awesome amount of possible members and combos thanks to the fact that they are just attribute locked. Personally I consider Frigg to be something overkill and over the top, not really necessary for SR Norse to work but do wonders so yeah probably having Frigg can change their placement to A+.
Daoloth keeps being moved around because no changes on his pool at all to keep him relevant and restrictions makes him less popular than other leaders right now
Illuminated Savant have turned out to be better than expected so I decided to move him to B+
Brahma and Vishnu lowered by 1 tier, now that Norse Gods are around with mono attribute god setups I really doubt we will be looking at Brahma as leader for a while.
18-2-2019No notable change, just added the Gifted Scientists. I have Einstein on watch because he is a complicated leader. He looks like a Turing 2.0 with stronger damage tools but still can be pretty inconvenient because of his auto-dissolve.
10-2-2019The Arrival of the First Emperor
Let's be honest, Ying Zheng took everyone by surprise, we did know that a new black card was coming but we did not have idea it would be this strong, to the point that Scholars and me agreed that there is no match for him on damage output and ways to survive, he got way too many strong tools. I recommend you to have a read on the previous changelog to know what is the current problem with the game environment and how post game is going to start taking shape until Madhead decides to introduce new Void of the Realm or Main Story stages.
So, on a similar fashion to "on release Gon", Ying Zheng is pushing everyone out of the S tier which also forced the entire tier list to look a bit more real with the leaders we actually see more often.
Since the changes are way too much I won't be adding particular placement changes this time either.
19-1-2019Inflation meta on 2019 based on how effective collaboration monsters are in comparison to regular content
One big problem that has been discussed a lot over the past month on #general is the fact that collaboration seal are even more effective than black cards themselves, also for the same cost you get a black card you usually end up getting the whole value of 8 cards +dupes, that is something that doesn't affect rating whatsoever but it is pretty noticeable that this happens because Madhead prefers to get more revenue from the collaboration license rather than from black cards.

Collaboration cards can face power creep and meta more easily, but Black Cards are more of a candidate for long time support (PR TSZ happening soon for example). This being said I will try to keep my eyes on how this cards can play out on the long run, we know that usually collaboration cards are effective for 1 year and that's it...
It seems a bit heavy to what we usually do, especially because in the previous update I pushed down a lot of stuff because of this problem. I will push down one tier a lot of cards and bring up some other that have proved better regarding team building flexibility like Mellow. Over bahamut there is also a discussion on how the new black card seems to bring back dark mono but pushing away Pollux out of that scenario and pointing him as an option for current god leaders (Namtar, Artemis, 8xian and Hindu)
I'm taking this decision because tbh I haven't seen any Igneel/Jellal clear around with leaders from B other than Khaos
Collaboration cards, power leveling and endgame content
I think that all the cards released since version 15.2 onwards are aimed to be used on the 10th seal and the game right now is going to be balanced around that difficulty. Any full set of the collaboration cards is strong enough to deal with seals 1-10 so any newcomer that invests in getting a full seal actually can clear the full main story. This being said, I don't think that another wave of power creep will happen soon since Shamash boss stage was released not so long ago. We might even get a phase of the game where more leaders will be able to clear the same content without much difference, right now we have a lot of cards that at cd6 or cd8 provide 3 effects on a single skill. The changes on Ultimate stages will actually keep dictating the trends on what is going to be used in the future, so tailored content will not stop either but the strong utilities will be locked away by specific race and attribute even more than now.
Placement Changes
Most of this changes are based on the points addressed above.
Mellow from A to A+: She turned out to be the most preferred leader out of the 3 mainly because of the time extension and that there is no much difference from playing with Zero as leader instead.
Mech Xuanwu added to B- tier: He is heavily dependant on using Delta+Epsilon pony trick and without Phi you can't heal properly either, this locks 3 member slots so you have just 1 more slot for utility, even if he feels meme I've seen some pretty decent clears with him to the point I can consider him standard. If you don't agree with this change please ping me over the server.
Igneel added to M tier: 9x sounds like a lot buf he doesn't have a way to recover at all, if you clear with him this is just for fun and that's it, no use for actuall challenge.
Babylon Gods (WFE) from A to A-: we are changing the shape of what we consider standard right now based in the current endgame content, Babylon VR aged really quick because of the collaboration inflation, this doesn't mean they are bad at all, but there are many factors to take in consideration that can prove positive or negative when it comes to them. To make it short, just think about the babylon gameplay compared the new leaders like Lucy from Fairy Tail... Namtar and Inana are receiving my pass right now just because they have some core members that impact their performance too much and make them quite more efficient than what the WFE counterpart have access to.
Ophiuchus, Lynx, Perennials from B+ to B: Availability, investment, player skill, and other series being more efficient than them keep pushing down all this characters.
Zhurong from B to B-: not exactly the new Mobius, I have really tried, but she is not doing the trick at all after 1 year.
8-1-2019Happy 2019!, there are many changes that are pretty notorious while others are quite trivial, this being said I will skip a the placement changes, really, there is a lot of stuff and I feel lazy to summarize everything I had to move around. Most scholars feel like trimming down unplayed choices but as usual we have to recognize that this resource is meant for players that get this cards mainly via ancient coin and so it is not likely that they have the latest meta leader from A+ or S tier.
For the folks that got some doubts about how static is C tier and how much it can take for dump the leaders from there to D, well it's hard to say mostly because the big difference here is that C tier leaders can clear the 9th seal Khaos stage, but can't advance more than that. Also the C tier is home for many situational leaders that tend to see the light when some specific content happens (ie. Snipe focused stages where Egypt gods are the undebatable rulers).
There is a new Tier List format, mostly dedicated for endgame with real raw data, so the placements for that format are going to be changed every patch cycle, so please check that page for more information.
Regarding the absence of Lucy, Natsu and Erza. Since the engineers page announced that they will introduce balance changes in the gameplay for this 3 leaders due to heavy feedback of the ZH community, I don't want to grant a placement for those cards before the changes are introduced. So I would rather make you guys wait for that update to arrive and then you will see an estimated placement for the leaders. As for ETA about the update, I don't have that information but I guess they will anounce it before the rate up of the next Friday 11.
2 new scholars joined the academy and they created some new guides over the forums, you can go and check them out.
Also our beloved Greeting Bot was missing from the moderators staff list in the credits, oops that got fixed as well.
I am 19$ away from finally getting a new phone, that way I can stop playing TOS via emulator, so now more than ever please consider a donation to me over my Ko-Fi link.
25-11-2018Added the Master Cathieves to the Leader Comments section
Added 16.2 thread to the Meta Analysis Archive
Removed Green borders for Master Cathieves
I am in a pinch, so please consider donating to my ko-fi so I can actually have a decent christmas :pain:
Added blue border to collaboration cards, this way new players should know that they can't get those cards anymore, sadly.
Added the Illuminated Savant with Green Border, proper placement won't be discussed until team skill is implemented
Placement Changes
Khaos and Lionel from A to A-
Sakura and Rose from A- to B+
Li Tieguai from A to A-
25-11-2018One year passed and the powercreep finally managed to reach Atlantis, his current performance in recent stages is just... bah, feels more grind oriented than an efficient fast clear.
I also want to take the time to say that most veterans and pro players hardly need a document like this, the tier list and meta analysis are oriented to the average player, yes those guys that hardly can spin more than 6 combos in the first batch and start to panic if they find themselves playing with a team without +2s of movement of runestones.
The comments explaining the main difference from each tier are back, please don't consider those as something that is set in stone because you know that things in this game change quite fast every 5-6 months.
Placement Changes
Atlantis from S to A+
The damage is not on par with other S leaders anymore, the damage reduction is there, but he struggles to go beyond 21k HP with the required utility, he is also forced to use Cassandra and Wen Zhong which used to be "core" but now they feel as "key", that lowers the amount of slots you have for utility members.
Tang Sanzang from B+ to B-
If I am pushing down Atlantis, I am obviously pushing down Tang Sanzang as well, I heard that some chinese players managed to clear all the new extras by using Tang Sanzang as leader, but still in the hands of the average player he won't be as efficient as other top tier leader we know.
Maya B+ to B
RNG Skydrops 🤷, even with super late PR Anu active she struggles to reach 2.1b.
Saruman M