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Active Minds ChapterActiveCaitlyn Sugicsugi@student.cccd.eduAnnette Lopezalopez457@student.cccd.eduActive Minds is a non-profit organization that focuses on action and student advocacy for mental health. The GWC chapter of Active Minds seeks to raise awareness, promote positive mental health, educate their peers, and encourage students to reach out for help.TBAIG: @gwcactiveminds

Stephanie Smallshaw
Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS)ActiveThis is the California community college academic honor society. Membership requires a current and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Dues are $15 each semester. AGS promotes scholarship and leadership skills and provides opportunities for service to the campus and local organizations. All members receive special recognition at the GWC graduation ceremony.TBAIG: @agsgwcNikki Nguyen
Jill Kiefer
Nalani Queja
Jeannine Lozano-Sagusay
Fran Faraz
Bud Benneman
Sean Suter

American Criminal Justice AssociationActiveCody Nicholsoncnicholson13@student.cccd.eduOur mission is to create a community for students who are passionate about criminal justice and law enforcement.TBAJames
Anime ClubDevelopingJonathan
Baseball ClubActiveOur primary mission is for students of GWC to get together and discuss the nature of baseball. Joining our club will help you gain an appreciation of the game by analyzing events occurring in the MLB, through interactive activities.TBAIG: @gwcbaseballclubDennis Nanez
Jason Deitrich
California Nursing Student Association (CNSA)ActiveSarah Kwok
Naomi Pham
Kenji Ogata
Angelina Pugach
Aisha Siddiq
Ashley Pilatos
Lauren Howard
Camryn Sparrevohn
Lily Truong
Anhthu Ann Kieu
Catie Lorenzini
Shuntel Hines
Charlotte Gonzalez
Jennifer Dinh
Catherine St. Thomas
Jen Fitzgerald
Lindsey Dreyer
Hannah Sees
Emiley Barrios
Jennifer Nguyen
The purpose of this organization is to increase professional awareness and growth of nursing students.Mondays at 4pm on the following dates:
9/19, 10/10, 11/14

Meeting ID: 845 1136 8293
Passcode: nursing
Amy Rangel
Natalie Dalton
CLUB ÑActiveClub Ñ provides a place to share and increase understanding of the Spanish language and culture. The club fosters friendships and improves social networks, develops leadership skills, and promotes cultural, social, and community service events both on campus and in the larger community. TBAIG: @gwc.clubnCrisitina Tiernes Cruz
EOPS/CARE/Guardian ScholarsActivePerla Riestra
Felicia Nunez
Zoe Amigon
Catalena Keener
Kristina Predas
The purpose of this club is to provide a support system for students, promote cultural awareness through student involvement, give back to the campus and community, and create a positive experience for new and returning students. TBAIG: @gwceopscaresgsclubLorena Perez
Michelle Sambrano
Michael Crane
First Imagine, Then Actualize (FITA)ActiveJames Ngueynpnguyen1052@student.cccd.eduFITA is a community for the most curious, ambitious, driven, and talented that wants to improve the world. In this organization, people will invent and innovate novel products or services that utilize emerging technology such as quantum computing, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, genetic editing, or machine learning to solve important humanity problems such as pollution, aging, agricultural supplies, cancer, mental disorders, and much more. This organization is student-led and creates an environment for highly ambitious peers to interact and motivate each other. TBAJeanette
Future Teachers of AmericaActiveThe purpose of this club is to provide students who are interested in becoming teachers at any level a place to network and share ideas with other professionals associated with the educational field. Some activities this club engages in are social networking events, educational field trips, and volunteering in our community.TBAIG: @gwcfutureteachers
Bridget Gergens
Stephanie Campbell
GLASA (Gender Love Acceptance Sexuality Alliance)ActiveThe purpose of this club is to raise awareness of the rights of the LGBTQ community and to promote a safe environment for greater understanding of the LGBTQ community.TBAIG: @gwcglasa
Michael Crane
Cecelia Galassi
Good Vibezz ClubActiveRa Harrisrharris25@student.cccd.eduGood Vibezz Club - The Good Vibezz club is an environment that will promote "authentic positivity" on & off campus. In this interactive safe space students and faculty will tap into guided meditation retreats on and off campus, yoga flows, healing sound baths & self-empowerment through peaceful interactions with other creative likeminded individuals, athletes & groups. Good Vibezz represents inner peace while helping the community to achieving well-being and giving back to nature. At Good Vibezz we hope you tap into honoring yourself as you are and being your authentic colorful self so that you may accomplish your goals & dreams! TBAMonique Henderson
History ClubActiveLuis Yamakawalyamakawa@student.cccd.eduWe are a group of historical enthusiasts who engage in open talks in a Salon-style format. We also play historical games, travel to museums and re-enactments, and attend the Renaissance Fair. The club also provides access to monthly historical publications, degree/transfer information, and research/career opportunities to students interested in furthering their study in the field of History. TBAIG: @gwc_history_clubSunshine
Illumination FoundationActiveRoseleen Gergesrgerges1@student.cccd.eduIn partnership with the non-profit organization Illumination Foundation, our club seeks to disrupt the cycle of homelessness in Southern California and provide support to homeless and housing insecure youth through community service events and initiatives.TBAAndrea
International ClubActiveThe mission of the International Club is to offer a welcoming community, support, and friendship among the international and domestic students at Golden West College through activities that promote understanding, awareness, mutual respect, and inclusion for different cultures and beliefs. We are looking for members who will join with us in the International Student Club and help make our college community a better, more vivid one!TBAKaori
Psi Beta (Psychology Honors Association)ActivePsi Beta is a national honor society for students attending two-year colleges, inviting students who plan to major or minor in psychology, as well as students who simply have an interest in psychology. Our mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of students by promoting and recognizing excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.TBAAmy Jennings
Psychology ClubActiveNunae Najariannunaejnajarian@gmail.comVas Viouliasvasilikilioulias@gmail.comTo promote professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.TBAIG @gwcpsychologyclub
Amy Jennings
Puente ClubActiveAs an extension of the Puente Program, the Club is a student-led organization open to all students at GWC. We promote purposeful friendships, community service and academic commitment to support a memorable college experience outside of class. In addition, the Puente Club seeks to foster and encourage cultural affirmation for our members.TBAIG: @gwcpuenteclubNancy Fong
Jessica Patapoff
Veronica Ornelas
Ratio ChristiActiveRatio Christi offers a rational defense of the Christian worldview and discusses other worldviews as well. We welcome Christians, skeptics, and those who are just curious. It is time to ask and answer some important questions.TBAIG: @ratiochristi_gwcCampus Life
SID Youth MentoringDevelopingDeJuwan
Vietnamese Catholic Student Association (VCSA)ActiveMinh Nguyen
Vy Nguyen
Annie Luongpluong21@student.cccd.eduThe purpose of this Association is to establish and develop leadership skills as well as to raise awareness of social responsibilities and charitable services to encourage students to be engaged and involved in the community and to live a catholic faith.TBAgwcvcsa1998@gmail.comJulie Nguyen
Bridget Vu
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)ActiveVSA provides a place to learn the Vietnamese culture, share the language and make friends along the way. This club supports the local Vietnamese community while also providing a place of security for those of Vietnamese descent. Aims to build unity and encourage leadership development among Vietnamese American students and students of other ethnic groups. TBAIG: @gwcvsaTammie
Writers ClubDevelopingGabbi