2019-20 Fall Generator Dinner Connector Resource
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Generator Dinner Presenter?Sector First NameLast NameIdea NameEmailParticipant CategoryPitch SubmissionAre you interested in joining a team?What skills could you bring to a team? Please include LinkedIn, website and article links if you have any.What topics interest you?
YesAgriculture & Food LaurenBaslerSuper-Marketlauren.basler@tufts.eduCommunity Partner OrganizationMy name is Lauren, I am a dual-degree student at Tufts studying Food Policy & Applied Nutrition at the Friedman school and International Business at the Fletcher school. I also manage a non-profit food rescue in Massachusetts called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, which redistributes healthy, prepared meals that would otherwise be trashed to those in need. Grocery stores cause approximately 10% of U.S. food waste (to the tune of 43 billion pounds of food every year), and up to 50% of all produce thrown out is still edible. I am in the very beginning stages, but I am looking for one or two team members (preferably one or two people with tech skills) to help launch a business plan to salvage good, nutritious food from supermarkets at steep discounts and resell the food or turn it into nutritious meals at affordable prices.No
YesAgriculture & Food and Water & SanitationDanielaRouskovaSlakeBoxdanielarouskova@gmail.comCommunity Partner OrganizationSlake provides the opportunity to discover world culture through sustainable unique and underrepresented beverages and foster sharing within the community for better life.
3% of all profit committed to water replenishment
Looking for App developer (back end), AI Engineer
YesStrategy and marketingInnovation and marketing
YesCivic Engagement & PolicyDanielaChongCoCircledchong@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDThere are around 1 billion migrants - internal and international - in the world today and this number is increasing. 68 million of them are forcibly displaced, and need better tools to allow them to reach their best potential in the new place.

CoCircle is a digital platform that connects migrants around the world and creates local and global communities through knowledge sharing, to enable them to thrive wherever they are.

CoCircle is a crowdsourced knowledge platform, like a combination of Skillshare, Linkedin and Facebook for migrants. An accessible, interactive, digital tool where they can share their experience, from migration tips to professional skills, and find communities by location, nationality and topic.

Recruiting Needs: Computer Scientist and Business person
YesCivic Engagement & PolicyNataliaCoachmanCoCirclecoachman@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDThere are around 1 billion migrants - internal and international - in the world today and this number is increasing. 68 million of them are forcibly displaced, and need better tools to allow them to reach their best potential in the new place.

CoCircle is a digital platform that connects migrants around the world and creates local and global communities through knowledge sharing, to enable them to thrive wherever they are.

CoCircle is a crowdsourced knowledge platform, like a combination of Skillshare, Linkedin and Facebook for migrants. An accessible, interactive, digital tool where they can share their experience, from migration tips to professional skills, and find communities by location, nationality and topic.

Recruiting Needs: Computer Scientist and Business person
YesCivic Engagement & PolicyKritishaJainGender Activismkritisha@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDI want to pitch my skills as a human centered designer, a graphic designer and a UI/UX designer.https://www.linkedin.com/in/kritisha-jain-5ba34028/ , https://jkritisha.wordpress.com/ , https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/i-will-go-out-india?fbclid=IwAR1xoT__Pndwaj-j9EBPAn79YkTCzNkOXFJbvwbgYrB1t8shzYg-CLlAhcI,https://www.communitybusiness.org/latest-news-publications/breaking-culture-silenceSocial leadership, innovation for social good
YesEducation & TrainingDianaSinyukovaHand Hand RevolutionHandHandRevolution@gmail.comGeneral AdmissionsHand Hand Revolution is a software for learning and translating ASL using machine learning and computer vision.Maybelinkedin.com/in/sinyukova strategy, operations, business development and qualitative user researchDirect impact on human lives: domestic violence, disability rights, social mobility etc
YesEducation & TrainingCatherineJiQuadQuestcrji@mit.eduMIT UndergraduateHey! We're QuadQuest, a team of 4 undergraduates (1 on campus, 3 off) creating a website to help disadvantaged students apply for college, programs, and scholarships. We've been working on this project for over half a year, and need someone versed in Django to work with our lead programmer. Please reach out if this sounds like something you'd be interested in!No
YesEducation & TrainingNidhiRastogiWomen-wide Security (WWSec)iamnidhirastogi@gmail.comGeneral AdmissionsBuilding a platform like Udacity for cybersecurity but for women. Women mentors and instructors will provide necessary skills to women for getting job-ready in the field of cybersecurity.
Recruiting needs - web developer, iOS/ Andriod app developer
MaybeCybersecurity, online instructor, program management, programming, team building, a sense of purpose.
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/rastoginidhi
Education, women empowerment, online learning, security, AI
YesEducation & Training and Finance, Employment & Entrepreneurship
BrookeWagesSurge Employment Solutions ***2019 IDEAS Grantee***Brooke.Wages@gmail.comMIT Graduate/PhDSurge Employment Solutions, 2019 IDEAS grantee, aims to place reenterint citizens in well-paid, high-skilled trade jobs after they have served time in prison. Today Surge is planning out the next few months of its pilot program, during which it will start training its selected candidates for their future jobs. By November, the selected candidates will be working their new positions. Surge is looking for interns.http://news.mit.edu/2019/brooke-wages-surge-employment-0804
YesEducation & Training and Finance, Employment & Entrepreneurship
NikitaBansalPoorna Jeevannikitab@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDPoorna Jeevan is aa platform to empower married/separated/widowed women in India to live a complete life in the same life!

Looking for someone with empathy and passion to empower people to live the life of their dreams!
MaybeHuman centered design skills and user centered entrepreneurship process experienceSocial impact
YesFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipShantelleHortonAdsTorohorton.sh@husky.neu.eduOther MIT CommunityMy skill is marketing/branding my idea is: Bringing graduated marketing automation to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses through the use of a multi-pillar digital marketing app that uses smart technology to brand, structure and deploy marketing campaigns throughout various stages of startup. I am looking for an app designer or someone with a background in tech/automation/AI and also a business developer.Maybehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shantelle-horton-24b199127/Marketing
YesFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipAnuraagSinghComprehension Engineanuraag@mit.eduMIT UndergraduateBased on 20 years of research at MIT, we have a system that enables us to systematically catalogue what technologies exist and at what rate are they improving.
We decompose essentially all US patents (from 1976-2015) into technological domains and provide estimates of performance improvement rates for these technology domains.
This has important implications for innovation management in large firms, venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, private equity, institutional investors and others stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem
YesFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipJeremyNeyEarned Credit Projectjbney@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDThe Earned Credit Project is getting cash into the hands of working families who need it most. We utilize the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) combined with big data and mapping software to identify the communities in America that are most at risk of not claiming the EITC. We have found that there is $16 billion left on the table every year that could go to working families in need, but often these households don't know even know they are eligible. Go to https://www.earnedcredit.org/ to learn more.No
YesFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipJeffTedmoriTransparenSEAtedmorij@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDTransparenSEA, Working to connect local rod & reel fisherman to consumers near them by cutting out distributors and grocery stores who currently take all of the margin away from the fisherman and charge consumers a higher price. This concept will pay local fisherman more, while providing a higher quality and more sustainable seafood harvest to consumers.

Looking for co-founders who are as passionate about fish as I am.
YesFinance, Employment & Entrepreneurship & Other Cool StuffOgboguUkukudunooukuku@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDduno aims to be the premium apparel/retail brand that elevates the perception of what can come from Nigeria and the African continent more broadly by partnering with local designers, improving operations and scalability, and enabling export, all under a brand that is desired at an international level and is able to capture and return value back to the African creatives.No
YesHealth & Assistive TechnologiesDrorZaideEleosdror@eleos.healthMIT Graduate/PhDEleos, conversation intelligence software for mental health. Mental health is the 1st driver of cost in the American healthcare system. The tools we have today to treat mental health problems are medications, psychotherapy, and digital therapeutics. While both medication and digital therapeutics are measured, psychotherapy sessions are not and stand at 50% efficiency. We need funding for a trial with a hospital in town as well as students who want to intern in development and product creation working on the biggest problem in healthcare.No
YesHealth & Assistive TechnologiesAnatoleMenon-JohanssonText4Healthanatole@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDText4Health is cloud-based solution to support health care systems to effectively address sexually transmitted infections. Looking for: Experience in data visualization, operations and marketing (Text4Health powered by www.sxt.org.uk)No
YesHealth & Assistive TechnologiesJessicaXuTILTtilt-wheelchair@mit.eduMIT UndergraduateWe are team TILT, and we're addressing accessibility in developing areas with a low-cost, lightweight, and universally-adaptable wheelchair attachment. We have a working mechanical prototype and user and market research from on-site field activities in India. We are two mechanical engineering undergraduates and we would love to have more people join our team, especially people with experience with business, manufacturing, or emerging markets.No
YesHealth & Assistive TechnologiesIhsanKaadanI&Omikaadan@brandeis.eduGeneral AdmissionsThe most common causefor admission is heart failure. When pt gets admitted, they receive a medication (lasix) to get the extra fluid out from their body. The way we currently calculated the extracted fluid from the body is by asking the pt to pee in a container, then the nurse calculates both the fluid intakeand output. This calculation takes time (extra money on the health system) and sometimes inaccurate (pt may get kidney injury due to missed extra output calculation). I have anidea on how to make this calculation easy, fast and accurate. Please join me!YesGlobal health, medicineGlobal health, medicine
YesHealth & Assistive Technologies and Housing & Agriculture GiaJungYours-Gracelyjjung@gsd.harvard.eduMIT Graduate/PhD
Can we provide better senior care through spatial technology and data platform?

Almost all routine procedures are done by humans, which drives up care cost significantly throughout the globe. As aging is a global phenomenon, and our later year lifestyles require more vibrant social communities, Y-G solves to urgent challenges: 1) Can we provide evidence-based care through technology embedded in spatial architecture of senior care residences? 2) Can we promote graceful, vibrant co-living?

I am an entrepreneur and an architect by training - I need partners in technology and perhaps real estate development/investment.
YesDesign, Business, Architecture - https://www.linkedin.com/in/gia-jung-018999122Real Estate, Data, Healthcare, Spatial analytics
YesMobile Communication, Civic Engagement & Policy and Finance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipKyokoMurayamaYouthWorks Africamkyoko@mit.edu MIT Graduate/PhDYouthWorks.Africa is a job generation and matching platform taking advantage of untapped digitization potential in Africa and allowing youth to apply for local and global jobs. We need a technical person who can build our prototype platform.No
YesMobile Communication, Civic Engagement & Policy and Finance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipJean PhilbertNsengimanaYouthWorks Africajnsengimana@hks.harvard.eduGeneral AdmissionsYouthWorks.Africa, Job generation and matching platform, taking advantage of untapped digitization potential in Africa and allowing youth to apply for local and global jobs, We need a technical person who can build our prototype platformNo
YesOther Cool StuffPriyaKrishnamoorthyThe Creative Shiftpriyakm@mit.eduMIT Staff/FacultyThe Creative Shift is a global platform that supports change-makers and doers harnessing the power of creativity and culture to create sustainable futures and community level impact by connecting them to relevant tools, resources and partnerships.Maybehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/prikm/
NoCivic Engagement & PolicyNateFossGravitynpfoss@mit.eduMIT UndergraduateGravity is the solution to Facebook, an unnatural monopoly over your social network. It is fundamentally an open protocol, allowing anyone to participate in any way they please, without ever being tied to a specific third party or being forced to give up their personal data. Check out gravitynet.io for more info when it launches (very soon) or email me, npfoss@mit.edu. I've written almost all the code so far and would love someone else with webdev experience to help out. Our stack is Vuejs for the frontend and IPFS for the backend (as much as a p2p networking stack can be a backend...).
NoCivic Engagement & PolicyGeorgeWhitfieldHODLPALgeorge@HODLPAL.comOther MIT CommunityIntro to HodlPal:

Tech companies are mining the public’s attention with algorithms that cause isolation, polarization and misinformation. HodlPal is solving this problem with a smart conversation platform that helps people explore different perspectives and find common ground. Their technology measures the trust of groups, finds subject matter experts, and lets you see the world through their eyes. They are testing their product now, launching on MIT campus next month and expanding nationally to reach communities ahead of the 2020 elections. HodlPal is seeking collaboration and support, with a goal to empower societies globally using collective intelligence. https://www.hodlpal.com/
NoEducation & TrainingKlimentSerafimovSchool of the Futurekliment@mit.eduMIT UndergraduateAn educational institution that aims to increase supply and demand for advanced STEM education in North Macedonia.
NoEmergency & Disaster ReliefBrentPhillipsIATI.AIbrent@beehive.ngoOther MIT CommunityIATI.AI (project developing backend algorithms digital assistants like Alexa and Siri need to plug into open data published by humanitarian organizations and answer queries about crises, needs, activities and etc), looking for a student lead.No
NoEnvironment & EnergyEmilJacobSolarWindmilemil@jacob-innovations.comOther MIT CommunitySolarWindmil -more cost efficient than conventional windmills (plus has many advantages including ease and speed of implementation).
winner of the MIT CoLab Competition

Looking to create team and raise funding for prototyping
NoEnvironment & EnergyMohamedBadrCedemoabdallah52@gmail.comGeneral AdmissionsCede is sportswear and sneakers wastes manufacturing recycling project targets poor children and youth who can't buy it to make contribution in improving their health, setting up sports champions. It also makes contribution in Sustainability and waste management. https://conexussport.org/2019/07/23/scviz-cede-sportswear-sneakers-for-poor_children/
NoEnvironment & EnergyOmid MolodiNot provided omidmolodi1992@gmail.comGeneral AdmissionsWe are to disabled Iranian inventors have made resources that charge electronic devices without the need to recharge...And if the idea goes into the car, there will surely be a revolution in the car industry...Our invention in the smallest possible space will make your electric car no longer need to be recharged, while its weight will definitely be less than that of an electric car battery...One of the biggest strengths of our ideas is the significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from feeds...Our plans and ideas, if implemented, will help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions...We have no interest in registering and implementing our ideas in Iran and would love to do so with international companies in your country, so I need your support...
NoFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipYih LinTehCapSphereylteh@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDCapSphere is the first licensed peer-to-peer (p2p) asset-based financing platform in Malaysia. Our mission is to make SME financing more accessible and efficient. We help SMEs access capital to finance their asset purchases by connecting them with investors who seek portfolio diversification and enhanced returns. We are looking for team members who can help with credit modelling, business analysis, business development and software development.Yes
NoFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipMelissaAdamskiMYLA: Make Your Life Awesomemadamski@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDVirtual Assistant Service committed to Improving Quality of Life for customers and employees. Service provides working families with assistants to manage mundane tasks that can be completed online or over the phone in order to provide more time for personal, family, and social wellness. MYLA also provides remote, flexible employment to people anywhere in the world data service exists. Potential employees are parents, elderly, or other people needing work that fits their lifestyle and schedule.
NoFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipDivaTurialLeading With Dignitydiva.turial@yahoo.caCommunity Partner OrganizationI am looking for an MIT student who can lead us on the MIT Social Innovation Challenge, someone who might be interested in topics related to social innovation and community work?

I will share a little bit about myself, in case you wanted to share with potential MIT students who might be interested to work with me on this challenge.

I have done my undergrad in psychology and neuroscience from the University of Toronto. Currently, I am following a dual degree MBA+Masters in Disruptive Innovation at Hult International Business school. I have a startup "Lead with Dignity" that aims to support at-risk youth through entrepreneurship activities and micro-lending. We are piloting our first women empowerment project in Afghanistan by supporting them to start their small businesses using blockchain and interest-free loans.

The idea that I am currently seeking MIT students to join me for the Social Innovation Challenge is: fighting hunger and food insecurity by empowering women to start their own small businesses. We are piloting our first project in Afghanistan, but the model is applicable to any developing country's vulnerable population.

We do this in three simple steps:

1. We select a local business activity in which women have good skills and it has a high market value. Such as carpet weaving in Afghanistan.

2. We gave loans to women to start their small businesses and make their products. e.g, we give women loans to get the raw materials for making carpets.

3. We buy their finished products (in this case carpets) back from them and take them to the international market to ensure high profit for them.

Our model is different from our competitors in two ways: first, our loans are interest-free, we charge a one time 10% management fee and an 8% monthly profit deduction to the REVENUES after they sell their carpets to us, NOT the principal loan amount. This is profitable both for us and the clients. Second, we are using blockchain for all the financial transaction activities to ensure transparency and efficiency to the process. This will be the first time we use blockchain in this capacity in Afghanistan.

Our grand vision is to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger, No Poverty and Decent Work and Economic Growth by 2030 not only for Afghanistan but many other developing countries.

Recently our project won the first place prize at Falling Walls Lab, and will be going to Berlin this November to pitch our idea to a larger audience at the Falling Walls Conference. We are hoping for some investment funds during this conference. Meanwhile, we are also preparing our proposal for different funding/grants, one of which is the World Food Program Accelerator that provides technical support, training and access to funds.
NoFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipDavidReiffNot provideddreiff@mba2020.hbs.eduCommunity Partner OrganizationDavid Reiff
Stealth Social Fintech Venture (name TBD)
I'm building a social venture focused on helping working families more easily manage student debt and other barriers to economic stability. Currently in ideation mode, but with funding from Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. Seeking technical and/or business focused co-founders.
YesBusiness Strategy, Operations, Product Management, and Data Analytics -- https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidsreiff/future of work, economic inequality, financial security, access to education, re-skilling,
NoFinance, Employment & EntrepreneurshipQuadriOguntadeDUMAquadrio@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDDUMA is a social ecommerce platform that enables small and medium scale entrepreneurs to start and operate their business with no starting capital through an integrated mobile app platform. Looking For:
• Technical: Computer Science and
Engineering, Mobile and Web App development experience
• Sales and Marketing: E-commerce and consumer products related experience
NoProduct management, analytical, business development
NoHealth & Assistive TechnologiesDr. ErnestBarthelémyglobalneurosurgeon@gmail.comCommunity Partner OrganizationI am a neurosurgeon resident at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. I am working to build the access to neurosurgery in Haiti, which now has only 3 practicing neurosurgeons for its population of 11 million people concentrated in the capital of the country. One of the challenges that we've come up against is the lack of access to ventricular shunts used in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is when water get trapped in brain cavity causing the head to swell. At this time, Haiti has no access to shunts and hundreds of babies with encephalitis are dying. I'm looking for a product engineer who can help us design a shunt that can be easily manufactured in Haiti. No
NoHealth & Assistive TechnologiesMatthewShifrinProject Daredevilmatshifrin@aol.comOther MIT CommunityProject Daredevil creates virtual reality experiences and headsets for the blind using a motion-simulating helmet that uses spinninggyroscopes to affect the vestibular system and simulate motionslike falling or flying.
Seeking: A software and hardware engineer for a motion simulating helmet for VR. Our helmet works by imparting accelerations on the head and thus affecting the vestibular system. The accelerations are just
enough to move the head slightly, and thus induce a sense ofmotion. We have a non-wearable prototype that has been used to ensure that our calculations of the accelerations imparted on the head are correct. The hardware engineer would work on the wearable prototype. The software engineer would work on
programming the helmet's different motions and later focus on integration with video-game engines such as Unreal.
We are MassChallenge finalists, and are currently seeking funding to continue this project. So for now, we're working on this project as volunteers.
To learn more about the project go to:https://youtu.be/Ls6JdUdogLQ
and skip to the 6-minute mark on the video.)
MaybePublic speaking, (see my Ted Talk here:https://youtu.be/Ls6JdUdogLQCreative arts, assistive technology, music
NoHealth & Assistive TechnologiesMarenaBurnettCenteringmburnett@centeringhealthcare.orgCommunity Partner OrganizationCentering is an evidence-based model of group medical visits from prenatal care to early childhood shown to reduce risk of PTB by 33-47% and flatten racial disparities. Looking for creative approaches to make patient resources inclusive and accessible across multiple languages and patient populations.MaybeLeadershipNonprofit scaling; marketing; product development; adult learning; MCH; ECE
NoHealth & Assistive TechnologiesMitraMosharrafEngimatamitra1@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDPitch: Approximately 1.5 million annual deaths in children under five years are vaccine preventable, but many vaccines never reach these children due to difficulties during transportation and storage, where vaccines may lose their potency when exposed to freezing or warm temperatures. Engimata's mission is to enhance vaccine stability without the need for a cold supply-chain by developing heat- and freeze-stable vaccines, thereby reducing the cost of distribution and increasing vaccine accessibility.
Recruiting needs: Immunologist with experience in immunotherapy or vaccines
NoHealth & Assistive TechnologiesJean WilguensLartigueNot providedJeanWilguens_Lartigue@hms.harvard.eduGeneral AdmissionsI am in a Harvard research team with neurosurgery focus. One of our goals is to advocate for helmet wearing as death preventer. We are willing to use AI to detect whether or not a motorcyclist wears his helmet. We are looking for help with the AI element.YesNeurosurgery residentHealth
NoHealth & Assistive Technologies & Other Cool StuffAudreyScagnelliNot providedaudrey.scagnelli@gmail.com General AdmissionsInspired by my family, I'm working on something to help those living with dementia experience joy with their loved ones.
NoHealth & Assistive Technologies and Energy & EnvironmentAntonioDixonSolar-Fiad@solar-fi.comOther MIT Communitywww.solar-fi.com
Looking for talented engineers, and grant writers for a social impact company that is using solar and telemedicine to reduce poverty in rural America and Africa.
NoHousing & TransportationNelsonMunozThrivenmunoz@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDMembers of diaspora communities enjoy investing in their home countries, especially in real estate. Nevertheless, the process is complicated and risky. Thrive (the company) aims to create the best real estate purchasing experience for members of these communities.
NoHousing & TransportationDanRileyPVBLdriley1114@gmail.comCommunity Partner OrganizationPVBL - Progressive vehicular brake lights - Research and DevelopmentYesSafTbrake.comSafety and Low Income Housing
NoHousing & Transportation and Emergency & Disaster ReliefRhettJamesStakdrhettj@mit.eduMIT Graduate/PhDIn 2017, the US was hit by a series of devastating climate events— hurricanes, wildfires, mudslides, and heatwaves — that displaced more than 1 million people. Stakd helps municipalities, non-profits, and other government organizations plan for an influx of internal climate migrants by providing pre-manufactured housing that can be rapidly deployed and shipped anywhere. By combining advanced building materials with joinery techniques we can create a simple, low-cost, “unfoldable” house which can be quickly assembled for people most in need. Stakd replaces tents, motels, and car seats with the permanence of home. https://designx.mit.edu/venture_team/stackt/No
NoOther Cool StuffNinaKeshavarziAdorez Technina.kshz@gmail.comGeneral AdmissionsADOREZ TECH, We are developing Augmented Reality SAAS Solutions for Furniture Retailers. (B2B) - Looking for Tech or Sales/Marketing individuals to join my team.No
NoOther Cool StuffLisaLinnemann CourtneyGood GangstaLisa_Courtney@me.comGeneral AdmissionsGood Gangsta is an apparel line, targeted to teens and 20 somethings. A start up, it is a brand that promotes being positive. We embrace people for who they are while celebrating people who are making a positive impact in the world. Good Gangstas do good in the world. Our tagline? Do good, be good.

We are seeking funding and business mentoring. Good Gangsta has been incorporated and trademarked. It is the brainchild of Lisa Courtney, she is wearing many hats including designing and marketing ways to launch the brand. Money is needed to take Good Gangsta from incubation stage to the next Level. Samples have beenMarketing, social media promoting, food and beverage packaging and marketing. made and the response to them has been off the charts positive! We thank you for any help that is provided.
NoOther Cool StuffKurtCarlsonHalo Chargingkurt.carlson@halocharging.comCommunity Partner OrganizationHalo Charging (www.halocharging.com)-Residential Load Shedding of Electric Vehicles-Our first product is currently being UL listed and we hope to have to market by Nov 1. Next iteration will need to be far more developed so it can integrate with electric utilities and offset peak demand EV charging will generate so we are looking for electrical engineering skills.
NoOther Cool StuffPeterDrakulichNot providedpd@52launch.comCommunity Partner OrganizationMy startup helps entrepreneurs get their ideas from napkin to market. We help design, manufacture, brand, market and sell these new products direct to consumer or to our network of buyers, distributors and retailers.