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USS Rich Association
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06/13/201799Abbamonte, Alfred M27Alfred (RD3) - #27 – arrived 3/1970 - Abbamonte, Alfred M died on July 24, 2012. Alfred proudly served his country in the United States Navy.
08/12/201385Able, John Roy(37) – John (OCS) is located in West Columbia, SC He was in CIC at the time of collision and has unique recall of the events. He served 20 years and another 20 for the Dept. of Navy, DOD.
04/23/201281Abshire, Clifford JamesClifford is located in Beaumont, TX  He went on to serve 20 years, retiring in 1978 as GMC. 
11/26/2018104Achterbeg, Lawrence E28Lawrence Elwyn Achterbeg YN2 - #28 – arrived 8/1967 – Lawrence died on 6/22/1991. He is interred in he Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, TX. His marker reads YN1 U S Navy, Korea – Vietnam American Legion Post #179. He served 2/1954 – 7/1974.
12/19/2018105Adams, James FJames F. Adams FM1 - #16 – arrived 1/1967 – James died 5/17/1997. He is interred in the Highland Cemetery, Upsilanti, MI, Block 132.
07/17/201488Adkins, Wayne Lawrence(02) Wayne was born in Hampton, GA. He left the Rich as a BM3 on 3/28/1966 on a transfer to the Naples Support Facility. He went on to become a BM1 and served in Vietnam where he was Lost At Sea on 10/19/1969.
08/08/201283Affonso,JosephJoe is located in Newport, RI 62840 Joe is in good health. He made BTCM in 1968 and retired after 19 and 6 in 1973.
09/28/201696Aikens, Larry A6Larry A. Aikens MS1 - #06 – He served over 21 years
08/19/201489Akers, Estes J(28) Estes J. Akers MM1-MMC – 1964-1966 - #28 – Estes died on 12/28/1995 at Erwin, NC.
06/18/201282Albert, Gilbert C.EM3 – is located in Caribou, ME.
06/17/201384Alden, James A.(03) – ENS This shipmate is located in Fallston, MD .  In June 1975 he was an Ensign who went on to serve 5 years active duty and then went to the Reserves achieving the rank of Commander. 
08/13/201489Aldridge, Ralph Homer(6) Ralph Homer Aldridge STG3-STG2 1965-1967 - #06 – Ralph is located in Birmingham, AL
01/03/201796Alston, Don H19Don Hillary Alston FN - #19 – Don boarded on 6/28/1976. Don is located in Philadelphia, PA
04/07/201695Ammen, Charles Andrew
Charles RMSN is located in Colorado Springs, CO
03/03/201487Anderson, Eugene Duane(129) – Eugene (BT3) is located in Stillwater MN From the Navy he used the GI Bill to obtain an Eng. Degree and worked for Ford for many years in Field Development. He still owns his original 1958 Harley and several vintage cars which he restores in retirement.
06/06/2018103Anderson, Karl E8Karl Ellwood Anderson QM3 - #08 – arrived on 1/15/1969 – Karl died on 6/29/1988. His marker reads U S Navy, WWII, Korea, Vietnam. Interred in the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Annville, PA.
05/29/201799Anderson, Robert III17Robert Anderson III - #17– arrived date unknown – Robert died on 6/20/1998 at Norfolk, VA. He is interred at the Roosevelt Memorial Park, Chesapeake, VA 23326. His marker reads RMCM, Vietnam.
02/26/201694Andrus, Larry Paul28Larry Paul Andrus HT3 - #28 – Larry died accidentally on 4/4/1976 at age 27. He is interred in the Rest Haven Memorial Park, Crestmont, PA. His marker reads HT3, USN, Vietnam. Ship fitters (SF) ratings were changed to Hull Technicians (HT) in the 70’s. He came aboard on 5/226/1971 as an SF3.
09/29/201491Antonio, Pablo Mateo4Pablo Mateo Antonio TN - #04 – Rec’d 1/15/1965
08/14/201489Apanavage, Anthony R(12) Anthony R. Apanavage RDSN 1966-1967 - #12 – Anthony is located in Allentown, PA
08/13/201385Archer, Kevin Patrick(39) – Kevin (BT2) is located in, Paulsboro, NJ . At the time of the collision, Kevin was in charge of the forward fire room. He got real busy real quick like. He visits the web site periodically but sounds too busy to pursue his shipmates.
08/07/201384Arnaud, Kevin J(30B) – Kevin John (MM3) is located in Pflugerville, TX 78660. He is a buddy of David Davison, both of whom went to nuke school after the AO98 collision. Kevin wound up on a submarine while David wound up on a cruiser.
04/14/201798Austin, Ronald A7Ronald Alan Austin EM3 - #07 – Arrived 12/1967 – Ron is located in Sacramento, CA Would like to hear from former shipmates.
02/12/201694Axness, Robert Arthur15Robert Arthur Axness ETNSN - #15 – Robert died on 3/17/1993 at 41. Last known residence was Hubertus, WI.He boarded on 5/28/1971.
12/24/201491Badonsky, Emil27Emil Badonsky MMC - #27 – Emil died on 12/23/1988. He is interred in Arlington Nat’l Cemetery. His Navy service spanned 1945 to 1964.
08/16/2017100Bailey, James P24James Patrick Bailey SN #24 – arrived 10/27/1970 - James died on 5/23/2013. Birth: Patuxent, River, St. Mary’s County, Maryland, USA Death: May 23, 2013, Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington, USA James Patrick Bailey, 60, of Kingston, departed this life May 23, 2013 at Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, surrounded by his loved ones following a brief battle with cancer. He was born Friday, June 27, 1952 at Patuxent River, St. Mary's County, Md., a son of the late Lonnie Juel Bailey and Cathryn Loraine Cross.
09/08/201490Baird, Leslie Doyle(24) Leslie Doyle Baird MMFN Rec’d 1/12/1976 - #24 – Leslie is located in Houston, TX.
10/09/201386Baker, Milton Louis(67) – Milton died on 2/4/2004 at Roanoke, VA. He boarded the Rich on 10/20/1965. No obit was available.
08/03/201283Balitchick, John P.SF1 – located in Beach Park, IL   He is in good health and welcomes Rich information.
10/03/2017102Barnett, Charles N2Charles N. Barnett MM3 - #02 - arrived 10/13/1970 - Charles died on 3/14/2008. He did serve over 20 years before retired as did his widow Sylvia. He is a native of TN. Jerry spoke with Sylvia's sister at tel #661-399-1670 who confirmed this info. He did serve over 20 yrs before retiring and was a native of TN. He retired as LCDR after 26yrs of service.
10/08/201386Barstad, Willis Allen(61) – Willis (LTjg) boarded in 8/1966 as Weapons Officer. He served two years aboard before going on to teach ROTC in Chicago. He is in Lodi, WI
06/21/201282Bartlett, David REM2 is located in Bellevue, NE. He stayed aboard until 4/1967 and left as EM2. He went on to college for his BS and wound up teaching for 24+ years in the fields of American History and Justice & Law. He has a perfect memory for all his fellow EM’s and looks forward to speaking with them
10/09/201386Barwick, Norman Roscoe(66) – (Ens) Norman passed on 7/27/2001 of cancer.
12/11/2018105Bashaw, Charlie R10Charlie Ray Bashaw CS2 - #10 – arrived 9/1967 – Charlie is located Pauls Valley, OK He served 8+ years in the USN before becoming disabled.
07/30/201283Bates, Kenneth O'NealRM3 – Died 11/28/1984 in TX at age 45.  He is interred at the Pinecrest Cemetery in Alexander, AR. 
07/26/201384Baxivanos, Nicholas P(12) – Nicholas died on 12/6/2001 at the age of 45 in Phoenix, AZ.  His widow is Teresa Joan (59) form South Point, OH, but he cannot connect with her.
04/17/201281Baxter, AlgieAlgie died in 07/1974 at the young age of 30. 
11/30/201386Beary, James Taylor(92/86) James (BM3) is located in East Galesburg, IL 61430 (On board 1966)
07/31/2018104Beary, Richard D7Richard Dean Beary BM3 - #07 – arrived 2/1969 – Richard is locatedin Dahinda, IL 61428. He spent 4 years aboard.
08/27/201490Beaver, Willard(6)Willard Beaver MRFA 1965 - #06 – Willard died in 12/1980 at age 37.
11/27/2018105Beck, Wayne C4Wayne Charles Beck RDSN - #04 – arrived 11/1965 – Wayne died on 11/1/2009. He was a native of NY.
01/30/201796Becovitz. Louis J28Louis J. Becovitz ENT3 - #28 – Aboard on 9/16/1976. Louis was aboard when the collision occurred. He is locatedin Rancho Santa Margarito,CA
01/03/201796Bell, Malcomb L18Malcomb Lloyd Bell, MMFN - #18 – Malcomb boarded on 9/16/1976 as a MMFN. He is located in Rices Landing, PA 15357.
04/16/201281Benepe, John WestleyJohn is located in San Diego, CA  He served over 22 years, retirng as CDR.  He commanded the USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16.  He also received his PHD in 1970. 
06/14/201282Benson,Champy Cecil FA – passed away on 03/28/2009 at Grand Bay, AL. 
11/30/201386Berg, B Kendall Jr(88) – Kendall (MM3) is located in Glendale, AZ He transferred to the Rich from MM Nuclear School as a MM3 and was present in July.
03/28/201797Berry, Ted Robt23Ted Robert Berry MM2 - #23 – arrived 3/67, departed 1/1970 – Ted died on 4/17/1997 at age 51. His LKA was Water Valley, KY.
06/11/201282Bidwell, Damiel LorenLTjg – is located in Belmont, MI.  He worked for the FBI and is a snow bird wintering in Sedona, AZ.
07/28/201488Bieman, Gerald George(09) Gerald (RDSN) is located at in Hanover, MD Gerald was a reservist who arrived on the Rich on 10/21/1966 when she went into or was already in dry-dock, went to Gitmo for a shake down cruise and left in 1967 before she left for Vietnam He did make RD2 before being discharged.
09/06/2017101Bilelia, Richard J18Richard Joseph Bilelia CS2 - #18 – arrived 3/1969, departed 1970 - Richard is located in Centerport, NY He is anxious to locate a few shipmates and will try the website while awaiting his welcome package.
04/17/201281Billington, Richard H.Richard died in March 1979 at the age of 34 at Riga, MI.
09/23/201385Birchfield, Robert C(50) - Robert is located in Independence, MO. Robert has vivid memories of the collision details. [At the time found, he informed of his Stage 4 Cancer had denied treatment.]
04/13/201281Bischoff, James BernardLocated in Edgewood, KY   He also welcomes news of the Rich.  He boarded as an SA in 5/64 and went on to become a corpsman striker.  He enjoyed his tour of duty
02/17/201694Black, Jerry Hall19LCDR Jerry Hall Black - #19 – Boarded the Rich on 7/18/1970 and served as her Executive Officer. His service is posted in Navy Log. He was promoted to LCDR in July of 1969 and subsequently to CDR until retirement. His obit reads: Jerry Hall Black, 76, passed away on Sunday, Feb 22, 2015 in Sarasota, FL.
08/28/201490Blair, Thomas Harold(12) Thomas Harold Blair BT3 Rec’d 3/26/1966 - #12 – Thomas died on 9/11/2011 at St. Ignace, MI. He is interred at the Parkview Memorial Cemetery, Livonia, MI.
12/23/201593Blair, Thomas W17Thomas W. Blair EN2 - #17 – Thomas died on 2/22/2013 in KY. He is interred in the Camp Nelson National Cemetery in Nicholasville, KY. His marker reads EN1 U S Navy, Vietnam. He earned the Bronze Star and Purple Heart among several other decorations.
01/09/201487Blankenberg, Richard E(102) – Richard (SA) died on 12/24/2004 in Marion, OH. He reported aboard on 03/28/1966.
12/26/2018105Bleigh, Wilbert Jr19Wilbert Bleigh Jr. CS1 - #19 – arrvived 3/1967 – Wilbert died 2/27/1977. He is interred in the Evergreen Cemetery South, South Parkersburg, WV. His marker reads CS1 U S Navy. WWII – Korea – Vietnam.
02/17/201694Bloch, Lawrence M18Lawrence M. Bloch - #18 – Lawrence is located in Belmont, MA He boarded on 11/9/1970 as a SN and left as a SM3 in 1972
06/14/201282Blocker, James OlinRD2 – located in Brunswick, GA .  It turns out that his shipmate Bourcier states that James is Dan Blocker’s (Hoss Cartwright) nephew.    He is still driving his 1988 original Corvette.
11/17/2018104Bock, Louis B17Louis Benjamin Bock MM3 - #17 – arrived 9/1966 – Louis is located in Ocala, FL . He is a snowbird and summers in MD
07/29/201384Boggs, Randall(14) – Randall died on 05/15/1999 at age 42 at Danville, KY.
09/01/201490Bond, Richard Noel(14) Richard Noel Bond BT3 – 1964-1967 - #14 – Richard is located in Belleville, MI
06/11/201282Bonham, Mark WilliamLTjg – Located Indianapolis, IN (Died 12/17/17)
11/05/201386Bonware, Kenneth Sr(85) – Kenneth (SH3) is located in Birmingham, AL. Ken’s memory for the collision details is phenomenal. He worked the laundry and the ship’s store and was known as “Doc”.
12/23/201593Booker, John L15John Lurry Booker BT1 - #15 – John died on 12/6/12 at Memphis, TN. He is interred in the West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery, Memphis, TN where his marker reads BT1 – U S Navy.
12/31/2018105Bormann, David W27David Wayne Bormann FN - #27 – arrived 7/1967 - David Wayne Bormann, died April 25, 2009, at Nashville, TN.
02/23/201694Bounds, Barney A26Barney A. Bounds, MM1 - #26 – Barney boarded on 10/16/1971 and retired from the Rich as an MM1 after 20 years on 7/2/1973 upon returning from Vietnam. in Alamogordo, NM
06/14/201282Bourcier, Richard NRD2 – located in Rhinelander, WI
08/04/2017100Bouvier, James M17James Michael Bouvier RD3 - #17 – arrived 12/1/1968 – James is located in Roanoke, VA
08/12/201385Bowman, Keith Allen(34) – Keith (HT3) is in Lebanon, MO Aboard 1976/1977.
02/16/201694Boykin, James Edward16James Edward Boykin - #16 – James died on 1/20/2015 at Beaumont, TX. He is interred in the Houston National Cemetery, Houston, TX. His service was held at the Calvary Mortuary Chapel. His marker reads FN U S Navy, Vietnam. He came aboard on 7/31/1970 as an FN.
04/14/201798Boysen, Graham E8Graham E. Boysen BM1 - #08 – Arrived 6/1969 – Graham died on 7/22/2002 at Stanardsville, VA.
09/03/201490Bragg, Irving Lee(20) Irving Lee Bragg 11 SN (BM) Rec 11/15/1966 - #20 – Irving is located in Carolina Shores, NC
12/29/2017103Brandt, Richard M9Richard Marlyn Brandt - GMG3 - Arrived 2/16/1970 Richard is located in Cedar Rapids, IA
05/29/201799Brantley, Charles D11Charles David Brantley BT3 - #11– arrived 6/1969 – Charles died on 11/19/2007. He is interred at the Cedarwood Cemetery in Roanoke Rapids, NC. His marker reads BTCS U S Navy.
02/17/201694Brennan, Neil M20Neil M. Brennan - #20 – He is in Belmont, NC and is a native of Annapolis, MD. He attended the U. S. Naval Academy and was graduated in 1966 with a degree in Naval Science and was commissioned Ensign, USN. After completing Nuclear Power Training, he served on board USS Bainbridge (CGN 25) from 1968 to 1970 as Auxiliaries Officer and later as Damage Control Assistant. After completing the Department Head Course at the Naval Destroyer School, he served in USS Rich (DD 820) as Weapons Officer in 1971 and 1972. He assumed command of USS Barney (DDG 6) on May 18, 1985.
11/19/2018Bricker, CharlesCharles “Max” Bricker BM3 - #25 – arrived 4/1967 – Max is locatedin Leo, IN
01/18/2019106Bronga, Francis G2Francis George Bronga STG2 - Arrived 1/1967 Francis is located in Reno, NV
09/09/201592Bronner, Paul Everette Jr15#15 – Paul (SA) died on 6/16/2010 at Lakewood, NJ. He arrived aboard on 10/2/72 as a SA.
08/13/201489Brooks, Robert Carson(7) Robert Carson Brooks STGSN –SSTG2 1965-1967 - #07 – Robert is located in Austin, TX
09/28/201696Brown, Charles J III4C.J. Brown III LCDR - #04 – This officer goes by his initials. He was theXO on Rich on 4/30/1976. He is the Founder of the Veterans Employment Alliance. He is located in Milwaukee, WI His organization operates a non-profit to the benefit of veterans.
07/02/2015IOUBrown, John BaxterJohn Baxter Brown (SA) boarded on 1/5/1973. He lives in Loris, SC. He left the Rich when it was transferred to Philly. He went on the NC State and worked in Law Enforcement for 30 years before retiring.
08/28/2017101Brown, Wayne C1Wayne Carter Brown WM2 - #01 – arrived 9/1970 – Wayne is located in Hampton, VA
01/02/2019105Burge, David M21David Michael Burge GMG3 is located in Lancaster, KY
12/19/2018105Burton, Michael A Michael A. Burton RD3 - #18 – aboard in 1967 – Michael is located in Lakeland, FL. Mike served 22+ years and retired as OSC.
08/15/201489Bryant, Leonard FrancisMMFN 1965-66 opted out
09/28/201592Buckler, Chris Michael28Chris Michael Buckler FA - #28 – Chris died on 12/21/1994. Last known address was Mount Vernon, NY. He boarded as a FA on 4/19/1972.
04/24/201798Buckner, Howard McDo14Howard McDo.. Buckner BT1 - #14 – arrived 7/1970 – Howard died on 5/13/1990. He is interred in the McDowell Memorial Park, East Marion, NC. His marker reads BT1, U S Navy, Korea, Vietnam.
05/29/201799Buesking, Michael S13Michael St. Buesking BT3 - #13– arrived 5/1969 – Michael died 28 years later to the day on 2/28/1975. He is interred at the Riverside Cemetery in Howe, Indiana. His marker reads BT3, U S Navy, Vietnam.
06/14/201282Buffum, Robert AlanLocated at 799 Topton Road, Kutztown, PA 19530, tel # 610-682-7799.  A very brief conversation from which Jerry concludes that he will not be joining the association, but he has been wrong before.
06/18/2017100Burgess, Michael E III2Michael Edward Burgess II RMSN - #02 – arrived 1/1970 – Michael is located in Whittier, CA Very glad to hear form his old ship.
08/27/201385Burks, Stephan D(54) – Stephan is located in Genoa, IL 6 He has a picture of the Rich in his office.
05/28/2018103Burnett, Marvin D10Marvin Davis Burnett MM3, is located in Houston, TX He arrived aboard on 11/29/1970 and stayed until 1972.
06/21/2018103Burress, Luther R22Luther R. Burress, Jr. EM3 - #22 – arrived in 1968 – Luther is located in Norfolk, VA He served 22 years and retired as E6.
12/16/201491Burton, Richard E18Richard E. Burton - #18 - Richard died on 2/20/1993 at Ottumwa, IA. He is interred at the Calvary Cemetery in Ottumwa. He reported aboard on 6/11/1964.
12/12/201696Buth, Lleyellyn G14Lleyellyn G. Buth, Jr. H3 - #14 – age 35, of Clintonville, VW passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2006, as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The Shawano American Legion conducted Military Rites at the church.
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