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Use the space below to identify the apps you use to address Blooms Taxonomy. We will keep this list up for anyone who wants to access it.
Application, Analysis and Evaluation.
user captured images by concept, region, country
Teachers can use images of students performing various exercises while evaluating, identifying, and recognizing various fitness skills and concepts.
@PaperPortNotes app, can import Inspiration maps and use OCR to bring print into app with TTS capability and make text editable
@Prizmo paper to editable, readable text on IpadSs can bring reading into iPad and use TTS for "ear reading"
@VoiceDreamApp "the world's most accessible reading tool. With advanced text-to-speech and a highly configurable screen layout, it can be tailored to suit every reading style from completely auditory to completely visual, plus synchronized combination of both." Use with Bookshare (if Ss quailify) or with other sources including PDFs, to have visual and auditory reading capability, with ability to annotate and highlight
101 Questions you an image and you respond to the questionFor thought provoking questions
30 HandsKnowledge, application, understanding, creation App StoreAllows creator to add audio to photos, and creates a video. Love this because it is so easy to use!Create digital stories
Animoto-knowledge, application, communication, synthesis, understanding,  Transform pictures and 10 sec video clips into a presentation set to music with incorporated themesUse as a final project to demonstrate knowledge of subject, use as a brainstorming activity prior to writing, use to capture school events, use as a tool to promote events, etc. Many uses. There is an app and website. Teachers  can sign up for free and create student accounts or students can sign up if they have email. Link to example using Animoto to promote school event:
Appitic (Apps for Education)All levels are coveredhttp://www.appitic.comGive you a list of recommended apps for all levels on the Blooms taxonomy Just browse to find useful ones for your lessons. Some are free others require payment.
AudiobooAll when you are creativeApp store (for iPhone)
Google Play (for Android)
Records audio, saves in cloud, add pics.Feedback with students
AudioMemosAll, Depending on use of App voiceMy students create podcasts of their oral reading, counting patterns, we have used a s a way to invite parents to a special event, recording story retelling.
Aurasmaall areas - depending on how you use it is an augmented reality browser you can impose any virtual content (website, audio, video, etc) onto a physical space using this image recognition AR. Adapt content, to have students delve deeper into content, to show updated content (if the book is dated)
CeltxCreate, Evaluate, Application, Synthesize and organizing media projects like screenplays, films, videos, stageplays, audio plays, documentaries, machinima, comics, games and podcasts, can attach images, videos and audio files to a project and provides features for collaborating with others onlinefilm/video/broadcast projects from start to finish, pre-production to post, all creative writing assignments, storyboarding, organizational reports, collaboration with others, pbl
Co-Writer with Word Predictability and Topical Dictionarieson the iPad (do have desktop software) uses TTS, STT and Word predictability to support writing formulation
CodeAcademyCreationhttp://www.codecademy.comThis is an education company. A place to learn, teach and create. I use it to learn how to code : HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and APIS.
CodeAll programming that feels like gamingStudents have option to watch videos or just program using visual blocks. There are different modules, some look like angry birds and plants vs zombies.
Colourlovers.comcomp, analysis, evalwww.colourlovers.comallows users to build & save custom color palettes & write detailed descriptsHave my Ss create color palettes for novels, short stories, poems, characters, name colors & justify choices
Corkulous proCreationApp StoreAdd text and picsTo show what u know
Curriculetall areas, depending on how it is usedwww.curriculet.comDigital Curriculum you can edit, create, teach, and share.Use the full text, add multiple choice questions, links to outside sources, or use ready-made Curriculets.
Desmos Analysis, knowledge, evaluation, application, Createwww.desmos.comBeautiful graphing calculatorGraphing functions, seeing effects of coefficients on graphs of y=mx+b or y=ax² +bx+c
Doceriunderstand/apply/analyze/evaluate/create (Bloom's revised 2001) & share videos made from drawings on interactive "whiteboard"Students study concepts, synthesize knowledge and make videos to explain to peers.
DoodleKnowledgewww.doodle.comorganizes dates for meetings so large groups can get toghether.I use it to get a meeting date together for large groups of people.
EdmodoKnowledge, application, evaluation, create, communicationwww.edmodo.comOnline media app that allows teachers to set up groups for colleagues of students; you can share files and assignments, or set up discussions.I just started using it with my Professional Learning Community (PLC) to share files and ideas. I plan to test it out with one of my classes this semester.
EdSurgeknowledgewww.edsurge.comReports news; curates reports on education technology products via its "index" ( Find lists of resources and share feedback with other teachers about how to use products
EduCanonKnowledge. understandingwww.educanon.comCreate quiz questions on youtube videos. Pauses the video, checks for understanding, and grades the assesment I use this to help flip my classroom, kids are then assessed in real time on their video and allows you to see who has actually watched the video. No more worrying if they have actually seen the lesson or not.
EducreationsAnalysis, knowledge, evaluation, application, Create An interactive whiteboard with voice!Students create a variety of mathematical representations and understandings of math ideas with voice!
ElectropocalypseAnalyzing and Applying app to teach basic electronics. Kids work hands-on tweaking circuits, fixing problems and learning how parts work. Goes through series and parallel circuits, ohms law, some diodes too.I use it to accompany electricity labs in physics.
Estimation 180 images and options for your estimateEstimating
ExitticketAll Levels student response system. Measure and visualize student understanding in real-time w/ dynamic graphical interface for teacher. Track student understanding over time with scorebook feature. Common core standards integration. Students track their learning by seeing their own data in the moment and over time, integrating multiple classes.
Explain EverythingAp/Anz/cReApp StoreWhite board/slide deck/video, audio recorder/Kids record lessons for other kids. Create knowledge based lessons, explain math concepts, render to a movie for YouTube channel
EyejotCreate, Evaluate, Synthesizehttp://corp.eyejot.comfree video messaging 5 minutes or lessSs create videos in Spanish either alone or in small groups Ss can watch other videos to compare/contrast or analyze for specific information
FeedlyUnderstanding articles from blogs, magazines, and other online sourcesUse with educators to create topical news feeds/Use with students to create personalized reading experiences
flubarooKnowledge corrects questions and emails all students who answered them. Provides spreadsheets so you can use data to drive your classroom. Must use w/ GForms.In a flip-class it allows you to make your groups BEFORE the students arrive at your door. You know you high, middle, low students right away.
Fluid MathAnalysis, knowledge, evaluation, application, Createhttps://www.fluidmath.netGraphing Calculator that recognizes your handwritingGraphing lines, inequalities, quadratic equations, ...
GeoboardKnowledge, Create, Application create geometric attributes and can identify specific features of attributes, relations and make mathematical connectionsenrich understanding of 2D and 3 D attribute, create things
GeogebraAnalysis, knowledge, evaluation, application, Createwww.geogebra.orgMore then a graphing calculator, creating and drawing geometric shapes, plotting data.. and moreDiscovering geometric theorems, algebra transformations discovery lessons
Google Driveall areas - depending on how you use itGoogle DriveRules the world! I use Google because we don't have enough tech for all students. Students can rotate through a couple student stations, plan their projects, then decide roles in teams, collaborate remotely. They use the mobile platform and work at home. This replicates real-world teamwork and the material they produce is coming back at a higher level.
GoSoapboxComprehensionwww.gosoapbox.comquick polls, discussion boards, "confused button" & moreQuick classroom polls, back channels for discussion, parking lot for ideas
Graphing Stories that offer 15 seconds of a story and students can graph it on ws that can be printed from siteGraphing Stories after watching video
Graphite to search for educational tech tools
HaikuDeckAnalysis, knowledge, evaluation, application, or App storebeautiful, simple presentationsImage library CC license blt in; only allows a few words
iMotionHDunderstand/apply/analyze/create (Bloom's revised 2001) of stop-motion animations or time-lapse videosStudents apply concepts explored in class, analyze problems, synthesize knowledge to create videos & teach peers
iMovieProcess of creating - allITunesSynthesizes learning via audio visual media. Enables students to share their thinking.Students learn to identify and illustrate their important points from inquiry, using text, audio and visual components. Movies can be easily shared external from the classroom to promote further inquiry and/or interaction.
Infuse LearningAnalysis, knowledge, evaluation, application, Createwww.infuselearning.comAssess...not just multiple choice! Draw options. On the spot. From any web-based platformPre-plan or on the spot. Gives teacher a classroom number. Students log in using it.
InstagramAppl captured images by concept, region, countryTchers can use images to set up writing responses also to explore images of specific countries concepts in science or math
InstaGrokAnalysishttp://www.instagrok.comCreates webs by search topicSs can follow the webs and discover why some are added and what relationsips have been created and why.
ipadioCreating free apps for iPhone and AndroidRecords you when speaking (a foreign language)My students record themselves every time they retell a story or answer 'interview' questions.
They are encouraged to listen to their recordings (while looking at the original story) and try to notice problems (and successes).
They have to submit their best recording every two weeks for me to evaluate and give formative feedback on.
At the end of every term they are asked to compare their first recording with their last.
They maintain an e-portfolio of Spoken (and written) English by automating cross-posting to their WordPress e-portfolios.
I encourage them to separate pronunciation, repetition and reading aloud by using audioboo for these aspects. These recordings are also automatically cross-posted to their WordPress e-portfolios.
I follow their ipadio and audioboo RSS streams on Feedly and try to listen to as many as possible while commuting.
itslearningAll areasitslearning.netthis is an LMS but includes discussion boards, student created content, surveys, ePortfolios, blogs and other things.Students can create ePortfolios or blogs themselves and embed any content. Share at many levels. Teachers can create courses and put in discussion boards, surveys, chats or allow students to create content, even tests.
Kathy Scrock's Bloom's AppsShe's identified apps that relate to the level of Blooms of apps/infographics etcRescource for my knowledge and to share with others
LectureToolshttp://www.lecturetools.comA Web-Based Interactive Presentation Tool for instructors that struggle to keep students attentive and engaged.Instructors can upload their presentations, add interactive polls and publish content for students to access. During class, you can present with the tool to engage your audience. Students can type notes next to the slides being presented, answer polls, ask questions and create study guides.
Mozilla Popcorn MakerSynthesis/Evaluation media editor that allows you to add pop up content & easily remix other contentJust starting the earliest experiments w students; the possibilities are ridiculously exciting though
Nearpodunderstanding analyzing applying evaluatingnearpod.comBasic: allows you to present information to students individual screens (ppt, diagrams) and infuse m/c or open ended questions for real time feedback Intermediate: Upload photos to it and have them label/annotate pics or do math problems out (energy transformations, force diagrams). Advanced: Students can predict what will happen and then push out other students completed diagrams/math problems for analysis by the class. Find the flaws, keep what is great. I love this tool, but it is not useful if you are simply using it to do direct instruction. The power with it is the ability to see students annotations and push out other student's work to each other's screens.

Another teacher POV: I agree with basic and intermediate review above, but disagree that this can't be used for direct, advanced instruction. Now there is PDF viewer to upload more text. You could always upload longer docs and ppt slides, anyways. There are ways to interact with deeper content and use for direct instruction. It takes practice but poss. and highly useful in practicing planning for self- paced lessons. Agreed best for lighter content, but that is also a limitation of iPad/ screen itself.
I use it for student modeling/diagraming. We predict/share/discuss. I have done: cycles, energy transformations, force diagrams, gas laws. "Draw a diagram showing what air looks like at a molecular level" Models "make the invisible, visible" Then we look at some examples of student work and record what they are thinking. Then we revisit the concept after we tested the ideas as a class. Great NGSS modeling tool

Another POV:
Highly useful. Very engaging. Very fun. Teach 4th grade and I use this to introduce units, to do guided research, and sometimes deeper content. Did Sci Method unit on here that was highly successful - learned and applied all steps to science fair project. Did Open House on here for my parents and it was great for survey results. My kids even used it in a PBL unit concerning natural resources and environ. to teach other students. The best thing on market.
NumberRakKnowledge, Apply Create can compose and decompose numbers and patterns. Great for seeing how to create numbers in a variety of ways. Nice for reinforcing subitizing practice too.Students create numbers in a variety of ways, see how to decompose and compose numbers, relate to each other.
PadletAll www.padlet.comserves as an online bulletin board for Ss to pin online work to they can pin links, images, videos then other Ss can view

here is how I used
works well w Ss posting for other Ss to analyze posted for compare/contrast or to evaluate & synthesize information
PadletKnowledge, application, understanding, creationhttp://padlet.comCollaborative spaceStudents can create their own to share what they've learned or can use real time for group discussions or backchannel. Can be embedded into course materials in your LMS.
58 allows students to reflect and create a wall of ideaspose questions and have students respond..Ss get to see peers responses
Paper by Fifty-ThreeAll is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web. Try it free—buy additional tools from the in-App StoreFilm-making/storyboarding, set design, journaling, playwriting-screenwriting, tech theatre, Documentary pre-production, History Mapping, Debate Club, entrepreneurial think tank, PBL, getting ideas down, blank canvas to process to final product for all disciplines, synthesia
PearltreesCurate information on any topicwww.pearltrees.comallows users to find information and then create a pearltree to link it all together Use it to gather links, sites, resources in one place
PockItKnowledgewww.getpocket.comIt stores anything you find interesting through technology in one location. I use it to identify articles, tweets, pic, websites, etc that I want to see later and it sends it to my pocket.
Puppet pals hdCreative, puppet shows simplyUse it as a "reason to write" children use app to create their own stories. Can put their own pictures and photos in.
Quick KeyComprehensionwww.quickkeyapp.comGrades paper assessments and gives teacher data to drive instruction in real time.Formative assessment, engagement, questioning, goal-setting, intervention at class/group/individual levels, longitudinal data tracking, structured academic conversations, error analysis, professional collaboration using data to inform instruction
QuillKnowledge, Comprehension, Evaluationwww.quill.orgLearn English grammar by proofreading stories passages.
Quizletknowledge my district teachers have been using it to reinforce our tier 2 vocabulary initiative. Students have had a very positive response.
Quizstar4teachersKnowledge, comprehension, application (It facilitates high order questioning.)www.quizstar4teachers.comCreate a repository of online quizzes. Multiple choice, true false are marked automatically. Short answer and essay type questions can also be included but you have to mark these. Students do not require email address so once test is created I give them the password they log on and complete. I see the results right away. Tests can also be timed and you can set the date for the test to be open.
RaptivityKnowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluationwww.raptivity.comAllows teachers and professors to create various interactions mapped to bloom's taxonomy levels in few minutes. It has variety of games, presentation aids and other useful interactions. One can download trial for free and get started in couple of hours.
SchoologyKnowledgewww.schoology.comOnline+mobile LMS app that allows teachers to set up groups for colleagues or students; you can share files, assignments, lesson resources, set up discussions, or give quizzes and tests. Can align to learning objectives or CCSSFor class discussion, lessons, sharing documents, PD
Scratch app and up and math download for free turn kids loose
screencast-o-maticcomprehension screen movement and records voice(narrator)I have students who master concepts create a screencast of that demonstration, then upload it to my class website for students to review
ScreenChompAll, narrate, record and share.
Have used it in ELA and in Math. Students can explain their thinking, provide examples. Can also use it to create tutorials by kids for kids. Easy to use. I've used it with 2nd & 6th graders equally well.
SkitchKnowledge, Understanding, Application App Store (Also available to download to desktop on PCs)Add text, lines, arrows to imagesTo show, explain
SocrativeRemembering, Analysis, knowledge, evaluation, application, Create Response. Measure and visualize student understanding.Formative assessment, engagement, questioning. Awesome use cases at their blog
Spreaker DJAll levels mix your voice with your iTunes music library and sound effects, to create your own personal radio shows or podcasts.Ss write, revise, rehearse & then publish their "show". Ss publication of their thoughts, ideas, content learned in class, can go across every curriculum
StoodleKnowledge, application, understandinghttp://stoodle.ck12.orgonline whiteboard app for group collaborationCreate a classroom, get the link and paste it for students to use. start adding content including graphics and voice!
StorifyAnalyze/Application and Note Taking tool using social media streamsPick a theme and pull comments or pieces of threads that match the theme
storyjumper story for childrenjust drop chosen images and tell your story
Symbaloo EDUKnowledge favorites (resources for a project or page or for a class) in app-like pictures. Currently we are using it for faculty to store educational resources to improve collaboration amongst teachers for tech-rich lesson planning. We are contemplating building a separate site for students. Our page is You will be amazed at the resources on each tab!
TagboardAll levelswww.tagboard.comcollects hashtags across a variety of social media sites and places them on one online bulletin boardSs work in teams to analyze, synthesize and create w the Spanish language then they must take a pic of final work and post w specific hashtag
here is idea in use
Tagxedo All levels a word wall into imagesexplore or recall vocabulary, Ss post to a padlet for other Ss to view compare/contrast
TellegamiKnowledge, comprehension, application your messageCraig Badura uses it and recommends it. #edcampOMAHA
ThingLinkKnowledge users to touch images to learn Upload desired image(s), add links to learn deeper
threeringEvaluation/Synthesiswww.threering.comALlows students and teachers to organize, curate, tag, and evaluate portfolios of work including voice, video, documents, etc. Nimble and puts the tools in the hands of kids, sharing it with teachers and parents as wellKids curate their own portfolios of work to demonstrate mastery and show higher level bloom's evaluation skill
Todays MeetKnowledge/ Compr/Analystodaysmeet.comMostly used 4 backchannelallow students to pose questions during experiments, and others research the answers and then all see the stream.
TodaysMeetAnalysis, Synthesis, Comprehensionwww.todaysmeet.comProvides users with a virtual room to hold side conversations. Faculty meetings, presenations, classroom discussions
Touchcastapplication/evaluation/synthesistouchcast.comcreation of presentations and incorporating outside sourcesHaven't yet! Still figuring it out. But I think it will be useful as a way to engage the creative and the shy student.
TrelloCreation and Comprehensiontrello.comstoryboarding for any task, list, projectsteps for accreditation process, club meeting tasks, mentoring discussions, lesson planning ideas, etc.
Vocarooall levelswww.vocaroo.comsimple online recording that allows you to capture the recording via a link and/or embeddingSs use it for Spanish recordings, they can keep recording until they like their work then save/share the link via googldoc or padlet
WevideoCreationwww.wevideo.comCreate video stories. Use as a final project to demonstrate knowledge of subject, use as a brainstorming activity prior to writing, use to capture school events, use as a tool to promote events, etc. Many uses.
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