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GenreSecond GenreTrope. (Warn if adult/mature)SummaryCommentsFinished?SimilarTarget age / age restriction / Kid Safe?Anime?Movie (Live action?)
Mahou Sensei Negima!psycholharemRomance / Magic / Comedy - some violence, harem = win. There's a lot of fanservice chest shots though. 10 year old wizard teacher gets his class of girls locked into battling the evil forces of the magical world while trying to save theirsChristerical: I love the innuendos, mostly visuals as Akamatsu is known for having 95% naked girls; plot development can be a bit confusing because of the lingo used by Negi and the rest of the magical characters. Harem girls are much more relatable, as they are school girls to begin with, or so you think. LONG series (almost done at volume 33) but love the continuity with all storylines intertwining. Action visuals are awesome, definitely awesome.

Wise_Guy_57 The first few volumes are not an excellent representation of the rest of the series - get through them and you're in for a treat. What starts as a simple romantic comedy winds up slipping in a handful of DBZ style martial arts tournaments without even breaking stride.

bookwench: starts as a harem comedy, goes into completely different territory a few hundred chapters in.

violaxcore: The series is really able to draw you in. I honestly had a difficult time putting it down once the story sets in (after Negi's first year as a teacher). Part of the reason is that the story is so continues, there are a ew arcs, but each of them leads into the next, and Akamatsu doesn't like to leave very clean chapter endings. He'll always ended so that you'll want to know what happens next. I can't say that resolution of the magical world arc is all that great, but everything leading up to it and after it is certainly worthwhile.
completedAkamatsu's past works: Love Hina, AI Love You (Negima is implied to take place in the same universe as both of these works)YesYes
Yankee-kun to Megane-chanComedySchool lifeRomanceA delinquent being forced by the class representative to be more involved in school.Bakuwoman: This series is hysterical. All of the characters have quirky personalities and are well developed. I didn't watch the live action so I can't comment on that. If you like funny manga that have a bit of ridiculousness in them (not completely off the wall random) then this manga is a must read.Manga - OngoingBakumanYesNoYes
Youko x Boku SS [Inu x Boku SS]romancesupernaturalcomedyRirichiyo, the daughter of a rich family, moves into the famed Ayakashi Kan, a condominium community of sorts for the rich and famous, to be alone and try to solve her abrasive personality. To her dismay, she meets Soushi,who happens to be her new Secret Service bodyguard. Soushi, lives to serve Ririchiyo, and she doesn't quite understand how to handle that. But there's more to the residents of Ayakashi Kan than just being rich.NoYesNo
sankarearomancesupernaturalfanservice, uncensored breasts, some goreA stupid boy with a zombie fetish by chance turns a beautiful girl into a conscious zombie. However, as she tries to live on as a normal girl, her body and mind continue to deteriorate.Sibnova: Never read this sorry excuse for a plot. (the anime will be just a bad) //|//violaxcore: @Sibnova, why comment on it then? The plot itself i weird. On one hand it's romantic comedy, but there always this slightest hint of something darker. The main romantic interest is a zombie after all. So far, it hasn't quite ventured into a road too dark, but it doesn't seem anywhere near a sound resolution either. ////Aikun2012: Let's face it people, the plot is pretty bad, but that's about average for a shounen romantic comedy...NoSoonNo
NoblesseactionsupernaturalMystery/DramaA vampire wakes up after 820 years and searches for his trusty Servant. Rai then locates his servant, Frankenstein as a High School Principal. He then begins his "New Life"...however that is not what fate has planned for him...thewronghands: It's a good webcomic, updates frequently. It' isn't slow, the characters decently written and the action is good. Good action solid plot and no annoying characters really. I'd recommend it before one piece just because I have trouble reading 500+ chapters since I like to read on one sitting. Also it updates almost once a week with a solid chapter so it's nice to have it consistent when waiting on other manga to update. Give it a try and decide for yourselfNoViolence, Gore, Nudity,
Hajime no IppoactionsportsFighting (sport)Ippo was a child who would be bullied everyday, one day a passing boxer, Takamura, saved him from his assailants. In an attempt to cheer Ippo, Takamura takes him to his boxing gym where Ippo discovers his love and talent for boxing.PyroKnight: Very long (1000+ Chapters) yet great all throughout. You don't have to love boxing to love Hajime no Ippo.

Sibnova: Both anime a manga are must sees very funny and gripping at times.
NoAshita no Joe, Eyeshield 21, Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Violence, Gore, YesYes
It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! [or Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!] [or just Watashiga]comedyslice of lifedark comedy: Tomoko plays Otome games, and there are some discussion of sex. 4chan translations also mean language useTomoko Kuroki has just started high school. The problem is, she's an otaku, is socially inept, and has no friends. The series follows her day to day attempts to make a friend.violaxcore: The common thing said about it is that it "hits too close to home." Though I doubt few of the fans honestly have it as bad as Tomoko. It's funny, and manages to have you really sympathize with the main character. It's okay Tomoko. You're popular in the 3D world.NoChoku!, same authorYesNo
Yotsuba&!comedyslice of lifepanda_box: 10/10 hilarious

PyroKnight: A great pick-me-up manga.

uragaaru: about the most adorable thing you can read
NoAzumanga DaiohYesNoI wish...
Ichigo 100%romanceshounenOne day, Manaka Junpei walks to the roof of his school and encounters a beautiful girl falling down from above him and accidentally exposing her strawberry panties. The embarrassed girl runs away before Junpei can find out whom she is. He wishes to become a filmmaker, and this whole experienced seemed like it would make the perfect scene in a movie. And so he goes on a search for the girl with the strawberry panties in order to reenact it all on film. But he will soon discover that finding that one girl will not be that easy…Aikun2012: (7.2/10) A decent read, but a bit too long. It is so it has the overused "accidental" groping gag, but the plot's okay. The ending was particularly satisfying, but the process to getting there was pretty brutal nonetheless.

Hibernationbear: This is my all time favorite manga. It might not have the best pacing and it might just be filled with material but I love the story so much. It is a bit long but it does have an actual conclusion, which is very rare for these harem mangas.
NoYes? (not sure, someone fix this) The anime is kidsafe, but the manga contains a lot of violence and occasional gore on some chaptersYesNo
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chroniclesactionromance"Save the Princess". Starts out fine, violence gets amped up halfway throughKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. /plastic_apollo : Tsubasa has been labeled CLAMP's masterwork, which is a fair claim; it unifies *every* work they've ever done in the last 20 years, creating a multiverse that merges all of their stories into one. Characters from past series (notably Syaoran and Sakura) are all reworked in as parallel selves...and not so parallel (but no spoilers!) Note: Your mileage may vary with this one. While you don't need to have read any of CLAMP's works before hand, the experience is more enjoyable if you can recognize people, places, clothes, and yes, even swords (CLAMP loves their swords). The main issue people run into is its cross-over with xxxHOLIC and the way the plots interweave, but if you've made it that far, you'll probably finish the series anyways.

//Wise_Guy_57: I wouldn't recommend it. After wading my way through the first handful of story arcs, I found myself totally uninvested in the story.
NoxxxHolic (see comments), KobatoSome violence + language so 13+yesNo
actionromanceschool life. lots of fanservice, , and some discussion of sex/rape. Also, just generally depressing.Utsumi is in love with Shou, the captain of the Tennis club, but he can't work up the will to confess to her. The seemingly abrasive Yuki notices Utsumi's club and agrees to help him confess. And thus begins the downward spiral...violaxcore: if there's anything I can say to describe the series, it's that it is incredibly frustrating and rage-inducing. It's mostly a story about how insecurities can pretty much screw up so much, and the results are painful to read. Nevertheless, as much as I complain, I've been sucked in. //thewronghands: Like violaxcore says it's annoying, however the story started out with a decent premise and a semi likable main character, the supporting cast does a great job making up for the main characters faults in the beginning, and unlike some manga you really see the main character grow. The problem people have with this manga is the main character is annoying but in the beginning his friends make the manga enjoyable however later on things happen and the main character becomes even more annoying while the supporting cast does less. If you are sick of romance that's stereotypical girl meets boy they fall in love other rivals come then this isn't a bad manga to read, just understand in the latest chapters you may want to sock the main character. I'd recommend the beginning to people.NoSome nudity, nothing too much, maybe 15+ or something?No
Koharu no HibiromancepsychologicalOn his way to the school, Torii Akira helps a girl who was about to fall down.violaxcore: have you ever wanted to read some creepy, but also endearing? Probably not, but this series manages to do that some how.NoYes: pretty tame, although it might not appeal to kids
Blood AloneromancemysterylllllA former vampire hunter retires and works as a writer while protecting a young girl who's been turned into a vampire. bookwench: sweet, delicate, darkly lovely, somewhat romantic and atmospheric vampire drama. I like the two main characters, I like the extras including the cat, I like the art. The age thing between the two mains is explicitly shown as an issue to be confronted, & I'm hoping will be straightened out over time. The girl can be a bit of a trouble-magnet (she catches the idiot ball) at times but it's still well-written. nochibi vampire, midnight secretaryYes: most ages should be ok, but 10 and up definitely nono
Dengeki Daisy romancemysterybookwench: nice romance, a bit of action, an overarching plot about hax0rs and cryptography. NoI'd go with skip beat or tokyo crazy paradise both have strong female leads and a nice shojo story tokyo NoNoNo
Blade of the Immortalmartial artshistoricalAn immortal swordsman stained his hands by killing 100 of the "good guys", and makes a pledge to undo his curse by killing 1000 of the "bad guys".Nono: sex, violenceYesNo
actionfantasyThe story will be relatively familiar to those who have played the Pokemon games: A boy (Red) starts out on a Pokemon journey, having to deal with Gym Leaders, his Rival (JPN; Green, EN:Blue), and other challenges. Wise_Guy_57: There will be points where the plot seems like the kind of crazy convoluted thing that a second grader would come up with. And, it is awesome. noNudity/sex, so i think thats 18+. It's in very few chaptersNo
One Pieceactionfantasyadventure(Wise_Guy_57):The overarching story is very simple, but the cast of characters and universe (both off which have great depth while also being delightfully wacky), make this a classic adventure.

nokyto: it's not as simple as one would believe, the underlying story is expansive and complex.

Fremen13: I think One Piece might just be the best Shonen manga ever made honestly. The creativity and quality of this manga are better than any currently running other than Toriko IMO (and OP is still better overall in quality).
NoToriko, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, GintamaNot really. demons, fanservice, loads of violence. Maybe 14+YesNo.
Maga-TsukiromancecomedyOrdinary high school kid Yasuke lived a normal life with his childhood friend and crush Akari. That is until he broke a mirror at his family shrine and released a goddess of misfortune. Now his life is tied to hers - literally. If he ever ceases to touch the goddess, he'll die.errorcache: Begins as a sort of Kannagi clone, but after 5 chapters develops into a much more complicated love triangle (square?). Overall, a humorous harem comedy.NoYes, though it can get a bit bloody, so I'd say 10 and up
To LOVE-Ru: DarknessromancecomedyKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. violaxcore: it's a strange combination where there's a high, high increase in content and nudity, but to be perfectly honest, the addition of a fairly interesting plot.

Wise_Guy_57: It's all about the fanservice.
NoYes, mild violenceNoNo
The World God Only KnowsromancecomedymysteryKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. violaxcore: The synopsis of TWGOK can throw anyone off, but in reality it's far, far better than it sounds. On one hand it serves as a deconstruction of romance and harem, with the author Wakaki putting a lot of thought and personal touch into each of the girls Keima has to "capture." On the other hand, it's quirky and easy to treat it as a normal romantic comedy. Keima's video game expertise sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work, and most often just comes down to understanding the person he's dealing with. After a few of these captures however, Wakaki reveals a deeper, intricate, and morec intense story behind its "girl of the week" premise.NoGreat Teacher Onizuka, Denpa Kyoushi, Yes, mild languageYesNo
Princess LuciaromancecomedyLucia is the princess of Hell. She wants to make a baby with Yuta. Two angels will do anything to stop that from happening. Hijinks ensue.violaxcore: a fun read, now if only the releases were consistent *hint, hint* *nudge, nudge* // errorcache: Starts out interesting, but dissolves into nothing more than a fan-service romp. The potential for a good story is still there, the question is whether or not any of it will get used.NoYes, mild fanserviceNoNo
HistoriehistoricalactionTales of the Macedonian general Eumenes, starting from when he was youngalfador: Also contains some nice strategy - Eumenes's main strength is his intellect. A fun manga, but updates relatively infrequently (once a month at best) //Fremen13: I enjoyed this manga a lot, although the recent direction it seems to be going in is a little questionable. Still worth a read as it is very well written.Noyes for about 9+. no nudity, not much graphic violence. No
Hayate no Gotoku! (EN:Hayate the Combat Butler)comedyactionRomance - mild fanserviceNo
Nononono sportsactionThe story revolves around Nonomiya Nono, a talented ski jumper who enters the Olympics, shows exceptional skills and quickly gains popularity. But there is one problem..."he" is actually a she, as Nono has entered the Olympics as her twin brother, Nonomiya Yuuta. As there are no Ski jumping Olympics for women, hilarity ensues when Nono tries keep her real identity a secret by all means as she tries to achieve the dream of both her brother and father.Jayforest: A great manga with humor and sometimes a slightly darker side. The situations that the main character gets into near the beginning of the manga are hilarious and add a lot of drama to the manga. Though this manga has a good story, it is not suited for younger kids. NoNo, it is intended for 14 and above.
Hunter X Hunter shounenactionGon Freecs is an aspiring hunter in a world where being a professional hunter is a highly regarded position. He makes some memorable friends and enemies along his path to meet his father (who is a legendary hunter himself). Fremen13: This manga is by Togashi (of Yu Yu Hakusho). It has a lot of the same unconventional stylistic choices that he makes, and it just as good of a read. The characters and action are all great (although I personally didn't like the Chimera Arc). The only downside I can see to it is that Togashi is notorious for taking breaks and you might have to wait a while to read this sometimes.

sookybabi: I've followed this like a blood hound and it's definately worth the wait even with the mangaka's start stops. The story is engaging and the characters develop throughout the story to engage the readers. There's a bit of everything in here, especially for people who love complicated and in depth theories, Togashi is a master of mind storming complication. The newest anime adaptation has been watered down for kids, I recommend the original adaptation :).
NoYu Yu Hakusho, Black Cat, One Piece, Toriko, Naruto, GintamanoYes. The 2002-2004 version by Nippon Animation and the 2011-ongoing version by MadhouseYes, two recorded stage performances/musicals with the original voice actors in cosplay (lol).
Fairy Tail (NOT Fairy Tale, the spelling is intentional) historicalactionmysteryA girl with magic keys decides to join a magic guild to find jobs. The guild she picks is Fairy Tail, and they're not exactly sane or safe - but they're family and they stick together, whether it's the impetuous fire dragon's ward or the nudist cold mage. bookwench: Brilliant series. Good art, excellent short-arc stories, loads of pure insanity and enough development of the overall long plot to keep people intrigued.

//Wise_Guy_57: Basically a poor mans One Piece. It isn't a bad series, but baffling plot decisions have really made the later story arcs hard to wade through. You'll start what looks like it might be an interesting arc, and by arcs end, be left wondering what exactly went wrong.
noOne Piece, NarutoNoyesno
Gate 7 historicalactionromanceAn innocent sightseeing trip to Kyoto opens up a magical realm to shy high schooler Chikahito Takamoto. Visiting a legendary shrine, Chikahito finds himself in the mystical world of Hana and her comrades—and his immunity to their powers leads them to believe that he’s no ordinary awkward teenager! Protecting our world from violent elemental beasts, Hana and her team welcome the confused Chikahito—who isn’t quite sure that he wants to be caught in the middle of their war! One thing’s certain, though: since he’s smitten with aloof, childlike warrior Hana, he’s along for the ride, for better or worse!danny_ds: A new manga by CLAMP. A bit heavy on the historical side and also a bit slow on the start. I'm still waiting for it to get more interesting.NoX/1999No
Drop & Drug (previously Legal Drug) supernatural yaoiParanormal investigations, Shounen ai; heavy on the sexual innuendo. It's not even innuendo anymore.Kazahaya Kudo and Rikuo Himura are two 17 year-old-boys working at the Green Drug Store. Kazahaya, an empath, can 'see' things just by touching items; Rikuo has the ability to cut things. Together, they work odd jobs after hours for their boss, Kakei, to make extra money...but things rarely go as planned.CLAMP has always been heavy on the *implied* shounen ai; when they made Legal Drug, they decided to just go for it, making yaoi fangirls (read: CLAMP fangirls) everywhere cry when it was discontinued after 3 volumes. It picked back up in Dec. 2011 and is now being serialized monthly. At 3 volumes published, CLAMP has said they're only a 5th of the way through the series, which is good news for fans. If you don't like shounen ai but you do like paranormal investigation series, this is probably not for you. /plastic_apolloNoxxxHOLIC No. No
Iris Zero school life supernaturalsuperpower, bullyingIn a world where all children have supernatural ability with their eyes, Toru who, as a result of not having any kind of special power, was bullied from a young age, lives by his motto: “low exposure” – to live without standing out. But his peaceful school life changes when he receives a certain "Confession" from the schools most popular girl, Koyuki. His motto begins to shake!!danny_ds: Interesting break from cliched superpower stories, the main hero is the one without any superpower.

// errorcache: A fantastic character drama, if you enjoy that sort of thing definitely give it a read. It's not really about the superpowers, it's about the stress that those superpowers place on society and inter-personal relationships. I love it. A very smart, well written and well drawn series.

eriand42: I absolutely loved it. Eagerly awaitng the next chapters!
Bonnouji romance slice of lifedrama, seinen, comedyOzawa (26) has just broken up with her boyfriend of five years and was in the process of trying to rebuild her life when she meets Oyamada who lives a couple floors below her. He is somewhat of a loner although he does have a few friends and his room is cluttered with all the random stuff that his impulse shopper brother sends him. Ozawa takes an interest with all the things in his room and the two start a friendship that slowly turns into something more.SupremeEvan: It's slow moving, and a great read when you're just passing the time. It follows a true romance/budding-relationship, and doesn't have any of the extra flair for story.NoChikan OtokoNono
Gintamacomedy shounenAction, Sci-fi, AdventureSakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurais are no longer needed. To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place... and to pay their rent.
Overlord3k: Hilarious manga with a lot of serious parts. Starts off a bit slow but after all the main characters appear and you get to know them you won't be able to put down. NoOne Piece, SKET Dance12+ due to violenceYes
Faster Than a Kiss romance school lifestudent secretly married to teacherbookwench: a very well-written romance with a lot of care taken not to be icky about the relationship. delicately handled. noNoNoNo
Onani Master Kurosawa drama school lifepsychological / romance? / bildungsromanA coming of age story.errorcache: fantastic character development, crushingly realistic romance.

bookwench: starts one way, ends completely different. really, really well-done. But tends to make otherwise normal people want to pun in describing it.

nokyto: I know the title is so.. , but if you can get past it, I guarantee satisfaction.

uragaaru: The odd title and first chapters , as odd as they are, soften you up for how wrenching the otherwise understated action is portrayed. It it a series very much about becoming a person and learning to trust people. Once you've crossed the somewhat sticky rubicon of the first chapters, it all tumbles down into a grand manga that's more than meets the eye.
Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers)school life romanceShoujo AiGirl returns to her childhood town to start high school, meets her old childhood best friend. Though they go to different schools, they become close friends again. Focus is on school life, especially between Fumi and Akira and their classmates. The other focus is on relationships, both Fumi's identity as a lesbian and her relationships with women (including, eventually, Akira) as well as other characters and their relationships with men and women.A series that takes it time to get to where it wants to go, It's a very low-key, human story about people exploring what it means to love. While it's easy to shelve the title as yet another "yuri" series", I think Takako Shimura does a good job fleshing out the characters and the world to something greater than the genre and setting would suggest. It's not action-packed and while there is some melodrama, it's fairly low key with Fumi being both emotional, but decisive and Akira being energetic, but unsure of herself.NoMars, Honey & CloverNoYesNo
Kubera: One Last Godaction romanceFantasyFrom MangaUpdates: Gods with everlasting lives.
Sura who possess unrivaled power.
And humans, caught helplessly in-between.

When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue—together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter... One by one the other players of the game will emerge, each with their own agenda to pursue.

At the center of this maelstrom stands Kubera, the girl with a god's name. Will this sixteen-year-old be the salvation of the world... or its destruction?
sdair: This is one of my favourite series of all time, truly an amazing story with amazing art to compliment it.NoTower of God, Feng Shen Ji15+ I would think due to some gore and somewhat disturbing themes at timesNoNo
Liar Game drama psychologicalmystery, seinenWishing she would live up to the ideal, Kanzaki Nao's father named her thusly for “honesty”. Nao has more than lived up to her father's wishes--even exceeding them and earning the label of "a foolishly honest girl". This makes Nao the least qualified candidate for the high stakes 'Liar Game', where winning requires deceiving the opponent out of their money and losing means receiving massive debt. However, that doesn't stop a box containing a hundred million yen in cash and a card informing her of her participation in the game from arriving at her doorstep, nor does it stop her from being promptly tricked out of the entire sum of money. Upon hearing that a genius swindler, responsible for the bankruptcy of a major corporation, is being released from jail, Nao goes to the swindler, Shinichi Akiyama, to enlist his help. With that, the two are drawn into the dark, greed-filled, and deceptive world of the Liar Game.panda_box: A number of different games that take place following a honest girl. The games have various twist and turns that blow the mind. NoOne Outs, Death Note13+. Some violenceNoYes
Kurogane shounen martial artsschool lifeKurogane Hiroto is in high school, where he is academically the top of his class but literally the worst in physical activity. Born with a weak body, he has no endurance, speed nor strength and Hiroto wants nothing more than to be a hero. Fate teases him by giving him phenomenal eye sight, which allows him to see well beyond anyone else in sports, but his body is not able to react to any of it.
He learns from his friend Shiratori, who wants to recruit him for the Kendo team, about a rumor about a ghost named Tojo Sayuri, who wields a katana and haunts an alley in the city. Half curious, Hiroto goes there only to find that the ghost is real and that Tojo Sayuri has been looking for a successor to her Sakura sword style for 150 years. Sayuri chooses him as the successor after being able to dodge her attack and forces him to learn the Sakura style. Even with the help of the ancient swordsman ghost, Hiroto has to overcome his poor motor skills in order to be the hero he always wanted to be.
danny_ds: new sports manga with kendo theme, love to see how the characters will growNonoNoNo
Berserkaction horrornokyto: This is the best manga I have ever read, period.

Sibnova: nokyto is correct.

Eruonen: maybe not the best, but definitely up there.

userhunter: The famous "Golden Age Arc" comes from this manga, definitely worth a read.
Death Note psychological horrordrama, adult themesA god of death gives a notebook to a kid. The notebook kills people when you write their names in it. The kid decides to change the world, one corpse at a time... bookwench: everyone says it's good. I started but put it down because it seemed very dark; you need to be in the mood for monsters wearing people's faces for this one. But if you consider it a story of monsters, it's brilliant.

Wise_Guy_57: The worst thing about this series is probably the fandom. If that doesn't put your mind at ease, the series is considerably better than the fandom.

SupremeEvan: A great manga story that really makes the reader think. Covers battles with morals and ethics, a great antihero/paranormal read.
Nothis might sound weird but... Wuthering Heights. Akumetsu. One Outs.NoYesyes
Skip Beat! comedy fantasyshoujo, romanceKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. niggersookybabi: I actually started this series because it was by the same author as Tokyo Crazy Paradise (see below). I have stuck with it for years now, and was so happy when it was made into an anime. The anime adaptation is lacking a bit in terms of humour and the intensity of the story. Nonetheless, the manga is a great read for the Ladies. The characters are well developed and they have certain quriks that make us like them so. The romances and amount of cockblocking that occurs betwen the males over Kyoko (who is clueless) ensues hilarity!. NoTokyo Crazy ParadiseYesYes Anime - OngoingYes
Toriko shounen fantasyAdventure, action, foodKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. Fremen13: Super well done shonen manga. It's one of my favorite currently running manga in Jump. The world is exceptionally well done, and the story line is very creative. I love every aspect of it except for the character design sometimes, but other than that, every aspect is amazing, and I suggest this to anyone who likes Shonen manga.NoNaruto, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, One Piece, GintamaNoYesNo
Feng Yu Jiu Tian historical fantasyyaoiFeng Ming was only 19 when he lost his life saving a child from death without hesitation. The grateful father of the rescued child grants Feng Ming a second chance at life. Unknown to Feng Ming, his soul is whisked away to a far away ancient land (resembling the dynasties of China).
Upon waking up, he finds himself inhabiting the frail body of Thunder Kingdom's crowned prince who is also graced with the title of the most beautiful man across all the lands. However, his beauty has a price as he attracts the unwanted attention of the minister of affairs, Rong Tian who finds every reason to torment the prince mentally and physically. As Feng Ming starts to get a hold of the conspiracies surrounding him, what will happen when the prince's true identity is revealed? And what happened to the 'real' prince?
Case Closed / Detective Conan / Meitantei Conan mystery dramaEpisodic dramaThough only a teenager, Kudo Shinichi is a genius detective. However, after solving one case, he is poisoned by members of a mysterious organization. Rather than meeting his demise, he discovers he has been transformed into a child. In order to avoid alerting the organization to his having survived, he is forced to keep up the masquerade of a young child, while manipulating adults into solving cases for him, making use of a host of gadgets supplied by his scientist neighbor. Heavily episodic.bookwench: mostly one-shots with some ongoing story arcs. Sometimes monotonous but still good.//Wise_Guy_57: I really wish that at some point, someone would go through and make a list of the all the chapters directly relating to the larger plot. The vast majority of stories are stand alone mysteries, which are generally well written, but trying to catch up with the series can be impressively difficult. I got to about chapter 300 before giving up and just reading new chapters as they're released. nonoYesYes - TV specials
KaijiactionGamblingA jobless man down on his luck and indebted to a loan shark goes on a boat cruise for one night to try to earn enough money through shady gambling games to pay of his loan only finds himself in more harrowing and worstening situations.Sibnova: shameless at time but a fun ride, the anime isn't worth it.NoAkagi, YesYes
SanctuarydramaPolitical intrigue, heavy political concepts2 boys agree to become the head of the yakuza and the prime minister of japan to finally make japan into a great country and not one full of corruption.No
Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess) romanceromanceotakuA jellyfish otaku who is trying (unsucessfully) to make it as an illustrator in Tokyo (mostly because her inspiration is jellyfish). She lives in a boarding house with other female otaku, who collectively are scared of trendy fashionable girls and men. After a chance encounter while trying to rescue a jellyfish at a pet store, she meets a strange fashionable woman... who turns out is a crossdressing son of a local politician named Kuranosuke. Lots of hijinks involving local politics, otaku obsessions, fashion, and the friendship and possible romance between Tukimi and Kuranosuke.Equal parts funny and heartwarming, this josei series pretty much hits the right notes. The crossdressing here is mostly farce, though it's not trivialized exactly either. Tsukimi and Kuranosuke have good chemistry as characters and, as the heart of the series, they keep it from being too formulaic.No Kimi ni Todoke, Moyashimon, Paradise KissYesYes
Akagi dramapsychologicalGambling ?Sibnova: Thrilling and intense plot slightly drawn out if you don't understand mahjong. No Kaiji, Zero, Saki(maybe not though)13+; sex is a major plot point, but nothing is graphic, just discussedYesYes - Movie
fantasyactionSchoolboy transported into the Edo period during a visit to a high-tech history museum deals with culture shock; meets friends, learns about a mysterious power within himself. sookybabi: Shame the anime was condensed for a short run. The manga itself is entertaining, there's light and dark sides. It runs in Zero-sum, a more shoujo directed magazine but won't stop guys enjoying it. No xxxHolicmehYesNo
Midnight SecretaryromancesupernaturalvampiresShe wants to be the perfect secretary. But her boss turns out to be a vampire who has nothing but contempt for humans... can she still pull this off? bookwench: there are definitely some feminist critiques you could apply to this series (japanese sensibility on what a woman should be), so if you hated twilight, don't even look here. Something of a soap opera. yestwilight. nono
Tower of GodactionsupernaturaldramaKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. WHAT this synopsis is a bit off roflalfador: Korean webcomic, but more similar to a manga. Everything is full-color and it updates once a week. Characters are likeable, environment is easy to get absorbed in. Art is ok. // errorcache: story is a bit slow to start, but once it gets going it's incredibly captivating. Definitely worth a read.yesViolence, Gore.NoNoThe Company scanlates it, you can find their releases on
Kokou no HitopsychologicalsportsA high school boy who shuns interacting with other humans has talent as a climber and goes though many years of struggling with a desire to enjoy life by being with people and the joy he feels of being alone. He's constantly betrayed or hurts those he cares about, causing him to hide away more. The story progresses through his life as it goes along. Originally based on a novel by Nita Jirou which is based on an acual climber.annon: I personally scanned and translated this whole series, and it's really the most emotional and relatably psychological manga I've ever read. Contains beautiful artwork and incredible atmosphere. Much of the story's emotions are told through visual metaphors, and it expresses the feelings of being anti-social really well with an interesting set of characters that grow and evolve in completely unpredictable ways. Often realistically depicts the best and worst sides of humanity in the characters, and how people who don't open up are treated. Note, due to the dark tone some find it depressing at times.yesYes, above 14 this is a good read.No
Eyeshield 21actionsportsAmerican FootballWeak boy enters high school. He can run & is pretty agile after getting bullied a lot, so he gets recruited to their American football team. BassEXE: this is definitely one of my favorite manga series of ALL TIME, and I'm not even a fan of American Football. The art is so gorgeous and the story is amazing (it's not your standard shonen sports series where the main character wins every time; these guys lose a lot, giving the story a lot of tension because you know the losing is a real possibility). I recommend everyone give it a shot, even if you're not a sports fan.YesSlam Dunk!, Whistle!, Hajime no Ippo, Katekyō Hitman Reborn!somewhat but I would say 13+Yes, but don't watch it. The manga is infinitely better.No
AresactionshounenIn the future, random Jr. High School classes are chosen to compete in a game called Battle Royale. The rules: only one student can survive after 3 days on an island or else they all perish. Weapons are handed out and each student is sent out into the field alone and unprepared for the horror that awaits them. The classmates turn upon themselves in a battle for survival, treaties are made and broken, and former friends become foes as the relentless countdown continues.Very good action manga, I'd recommend it before Bleach or Naruto, main characters are likeable, plot twists are not insanely hard to follow and the ending ties it nicely. I'd say the ending is a tiny bit of a let down, the main points are finished and it's acceptable but the manga sets the fights up all through the story only to have it rushed in three to four chapters but that's more of a personal feel. Give it a try //Fremen13: One of my favorite Manga of all time. So well done, such good art, and such solid action scenes. The characters are particularly well done and I loved the anachronistic style.YesBerserkNo. No. No. No.
Parasytehorrorsci-fisurrealAlien parasytes who must invade–and take control of–a human host to survive start appearing on earth. The story follows Shin, a student whos right hand has been taken over by a parasyte. Sibnova: A briliant and well through out tale a must read for someting different.YesYes, 12+ with the caveat that good people do die.NoNo
Trigun westernsci-fiKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. annon: This is an iconic series that has stood the test of time and managed to blend together Western themes (the mangaka is a huge fan of Marvel comics) with science fiction for a dramatic payoff, storywise. Some critics find the ending weak, but the staying power of the manga itself will stick with you.

plastic_apollo: It's fun and generally captures the spirit of the manga, but it was made very early on...For a 14 volume series, it only follows the first 2 volumes (yep: 2), so you'll get a shortened version with minimal characterization outside of Vash. Small note: The soundtrack is AMAZING. Hands down, I'd say it's the best of any anime series; think: jazz meets funk and keeps it classy. My recommendation: Watch the anime, download the soundtrack, then read the manga so that you can hear the soundtrack in your head. I'm telling you, it'll make all the difference.
yesCowboy Bebop (see comments), Chobits (see comments)No: conservatively, 15+YesNo
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou /not sure if this is the name as it was empty slice of lifesci-fiseinenSet in a post-apocalyptic Japan of the near future where the sea level has risen and flooded much of the coastal areas and Mt. Fuji has erupted within living memory. The population has been considerably reduced and political and technological institutions have broken-down. Local communities have become nations and telephone and television no longer exist (although coffee vending machines and streetlights stubbornly continue to work). There are strange new animals and plants (like flying fish and glowing streetlight trees). The remaining people have adopted a slower-paced, simpler way of life and rely more on each other. Along with the human population are some intelligent, humanoid robots. One of the robots, a female named Alpha, runs a cafe by the same name in the country outside of what remains of Yokohama. With her trusty motorscooter and her camera she travels around the area making friends with the humans and robots, having new experiences and observing the passage of time.Eruonen: This is the most relaxing and melancholic manga I've ever come across. The author of this hidden gem has done something truly amazing by taking a post-apocalyptic setting and turning it into something almost Utopian. This is a manga that will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds, and is best read outdoors in the sun. It also has an anime adaptation: two OVAs with four episodes combined. I've only watched the first OVA and it was very good. It only deals with a fraction of the manga, though.

Fremen13: I thought it was very interesting, and well done. The character development is so interesting, and it's written as if it were literature. The artwork and writing work so perfectly together.
YesNo very violentYesNo
xxxHolicsupernaturalromancemystery, coming of age, romance (mild)boy pursued by spirits gets shanghaied into working at a mysterious shopbookwench: The individual stories are cute and suitably mysterious, the overarching storyline is grand, the romance is bittersweet, the art is gorgeous and stylistic.

Wise_Guy_57: unfortunately, its relationship to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is its biggest weakness - it adds very little to what, on its own, would have been a plenty strong story. You can easily ignore TRC, but you might find yourself struggling to understand certain background details.
Yesrelated to Tsubasa: Reservoir ChroniclesYesNo
Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifier and the Biscuit Hammer)comedyromance, violenceThe world is going to be destroyed by a giant hammer in space. Amamiya Yuuhi is a very normal guy in the brink of adulthood who's just trying to get by. When a talking lizard comes by and tries to drag him into a conflict to save the world which he doesn't care for. Little by little with no choice as his life becomes endangered he learns to open up to his fellow beast knights and the princess whom he serves. Her higher goal is to save the world, however she has a secret goal in mind for the world after that, one that might pit her against everyone she loves.DoorKnob22: Absolutely excellent read, great fights, battle mechanics, with hilarious and loveable characters, a great plot that's a breath of fresh air (I didn't put it in the "about?" because I don't want to spoil it though it's around.) You can find a more thorough review of mine on manga updates. Also the story has the tragedy tag, don't be afraid of it. It arguably belongs there or doesn't depending on your perspective.

Fremen13: I thought the beginning was a little bad, but this one will definitely grow on you. By the end I was eating it up.
B Gata H KeicomedyromanceYamada is a girl with the looks of a model. She's an idol of sorts, really. And she has a single noble goal: to have sex with 100 guys. The problem is, well first, she's obviously an idiot, and second she's never had a boyfriend. Because of her insecurity as a virgin, she picks the plain-looking Kosuda to be her first, and naturally nothing works out as planned.violaxcore: the plot sounds horrible, but the story is actually cute. As a 4-koma though, the art isn't all that great.YesNoYesNo
Tokyo Crazy Paradiseactionromanceviolence & nudityKyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. bookwench: it's an older manga but still good. Not quite post-apocalyptic, but set in a world where crime is truly rampant. romance is somewhat tied to dominance, so maybe not for everyone, but the female lead is pretty kick-ass.

sookybabi: This series is a GEM. Some may be put off by the art, but if you are a fan of Nakamura's other work, Skip Beat! you'll definately fall in love with this series. The story-line is quite imaginative, and damn 16 year old boys look like they are built to be 28. It's light hearted comedy at times, but there's a enduring plot that allows this series to survive to 18 volumes!
yesSome partial nudity (particularly, female breasts).NoNo
ghoulactionromanceSomewhat Coming of AgeIn this world, there are objects called O-Parts that all have different forms and effects, from a Flame Sword to a Magnetic Ball. Only O-Part Technicians (OPTs) are able to release the spirits that power the O-Part. A boy named Jio-Freed is one such OPT, and he learns to make friends and control his powers while at the same time dealing with Satan inside of him.yessome language, depending on the version you readNoNo
Midori no Hibi comedyromanceSupernatural? In a sense, I guess.Seiji Sawamura is the toughest seventeen-year-old in town, feared by all for his fighting prowess and his deadly "devil's right hand." But at heart, Seiji is a softy, and all he wants is an end to his seventeen-year history of being a lonely single guy. Unfortunately his tough-guy reputation only serves to decrease his popularity with the ladies. But what happens when one day, his right hand becomes a girl?!errorcache: The premise is very odd (a guys hand turns into a girl??), but don't let that prevent you from giving this series a shot. The set-up is handled surprisingly well -- what could've been a boring -fest ends up being an absolutely hilarious and light-hearted romcom. And in the end, it has a lot of heart. Overall, a very satisfying read.YesIt's quite unique, I can't think of anything similar :0(can't remember sorry)Yes (13 episodes I believe). It was completed before the manga, so the ending might be different (I haven't seen it).Licensed by Viz in the U.S., though this series is a bit older and might be difficult to find.
Akumetsusci-fipsychologicalThe best terrorist ever!PyroKnight: Very interesting. Lots of hardcore/awesome scenes. Not for the faint hearted.YesDeath Note (and vica versa), Sanctuary No. Nudity and graphic violence.NoNo
Pet Shop of Horrorssupernaturalhorrormystery / fantasy / gender benderA police detective wanders into a pet store that deals in exotic animals. These animals are a little weirder than your average endangered species though, and the beautiful guy who owns the shop might be the most exotic of them all... Every pet sold goes where it's most necessary, one way or the other. bookwench: one of the first manga series I ever read, this has some old-fashioned art and seems to have been the manga that started the supernatural mystery of the week concept. Each episode has a monster of the week, and the whole thing has an overarching mystery that's resolved at the end. It's very well done. yesBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Serviceyesno
Varianteactionhorrordrama, tragedyGirl is forced to fight monsters and find a reason to livekevint90: Good art, story, and characters. Also a short read (only 19 chapters). Not for everyone though do to the intense violence.YesPretty much, though keep Japanese cultural values in mind.NoNo
To LOVE-Ruromancecomedylots of Kyoko was just a simple girl who wanted to support her childhood sweetheart into superstardom. Just like a slap to the face, she finds that Shou had been using her all along. Angered by the betrayal and unfairness she makes a plan to topple her now sworn enemy. Kyoko pledges to rise to the top, starting by climbing at the bottom of the ladder. After securing a newbie position in the industry she finds the road to becoming a actress is bumpy, add in a little push from a senior that doesn't spare her one second of torment. Throw in good looking bishies that make her life hell and a company president that is on crack. Fremen13: Tolerable.

Aikun2012: If you are reading manga for the plot then this is not for you. But if you wanna read something that has a whole bunch of awesome girls, read To LOVE-Ru now...
YesYes, mild nudity in a non-sexual manner (not even fanservice)Yes. No
Umishoromancecomedylots and lots of YesYes, complex/complicated stories for younger readersYes.
PsyrenshounenactionOtherworldly, super powersYoshina Ageha is a high school student who offers to help people with their problems for 10,000 yen. He'll take care of your stalkers, find your lost animal, whatever you want. One day when he's heading home, a nearby pay phone rings, and he picks it up. The only thing he hears however is his own voice echoing. After finding a mysterious card with the word 'Psyren' printed on it, his life suddenly changes as he is drawn into a crazy new world.One of my favorite manga's. Incredibly catchy story, great characters, great artworkYesGantz, Bleach No (Violence)NoNo
Akirasci-fiactionPost apocalyptic, fantasy elementsIn the year 2019, a police state, scheming politicians, religious sects,
revolutionaries and a secret scientific project all combine to produce
an explosive mixture in Neo-Tokyo. The rival groups all have their eyes
on one prize: control of Akira, a boy of such destructive psychic
ability that he has been held in cryo-stasis for over 30 years.
Fremen13: I read this a while ago, but I remember it being excellently written, with amazingly detailed art and great characters. It was a classic shonen piece that helped popularize manga/anime among international audiences. YesNausicaaNoYesHopefully not (seriously though, Justin timberlake would be a shit Kaneda, and placing it in New York would be straight horse dung son)
gunnmsci-fiactionAlita is a powerful cyborg with a soft heart and a mysterious past. Her second lease on life isn't easy: her heart is broken, she gains and loses friends to the cruel world of the Scrapyard far below the Utopian city of Tiphares, and she serves many masters in her quest to protect the innocent and create a new life for herself.YesYes
Vinland Sagaactionactionvikings!Viking boy's father is killed, the boy travels with his brothers killer challenging him to a duel in order to get revengeGood story with a lot of action, interesting take on vikings and English history, not for the faint of heart. Nice plot twists too, If you like action manga give this a try nice relatively original setting YesAres manhwaNot really, 14+ because of Complicated Plot and GoreNo
Battle RoyaleactionactionSurvivalIn the future, random Jr. High School classes are chosen to compete in a game called Battle Royale. The rules: only one student can survive after 3 days on an island or else they all perish. Weapons are handed out and each student is sent out into the field alone and unprepared for the horror that awaits them. The classmates turn upon themselves in a battle for survival, treaties are made and broken, and former friends become foes as the relentless countdown continues.BlackGuard67: Very interesting cast of characters in an intense and tragedic setting. My only problem is, without spoiling anything, Kiriyama who does impossible things throughout the story. Good read, if unrealistic at times.YesYes
Bleach shounenaction15 year old Kurosaki Ichigo is not your everyday high school student. He has from as far he can remember always had the ability to see ghosts and spirits. A fateful day arrives as Ichigo encounters the shinigami Kuchiki Rukia, who saves him and his family from a Hollow at the cost of injuring herself. During this encounter, with Rukia unable to defeat the hollow she transfers her shinigami powers into Ichigo. In the aftermath, unable to continue with her job, Rukia allows Ichigo to take on the role of a shinigami in her place as they together defeat the Hollows plaguing Ichigo's town.Shi_Long_Lang: Well, everyone in r/manga seems to hate Bleach, but I'm one of the few who still loves it. Personally, I think it's a great shounen with some great characters, exciting fights, and an interesting world to be explored. Although pacing isn't the series strong point, I still highly enjoy Bleach. Since I'm in the minority who likes Bleach, perhaps take my opinion with a grain of salt.//

Wise_Guy_57: I feel like Bleach started off rather strong, but only got weaker as time went on. At the start, it was a somewhat quirky shounen series that was a lot of fun. The issue is, as the series continues... well, think of every mistake DBZ ever made - specifically the anime. Bleach finds a way to make every one of these mistakes, to even greater extremes, in manga format, plus some of its own.
YesNaruto, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gintama, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Negima, Fairy Tail, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Ao no Exorcist, D.Gray-man.vNoYesNo
Yu-Gi-Oh! shounenactionCardsA teenager who loves puzzles and games finds himself longing for true friends. Upon solving the Millenium Puzzle - an Egyptian artifact with magical powers, his wish for friends is granted - in addition to awakening a dark game playing spirit, who is able to inflict supernatural punishments on the losers of games, and those who cheat. The spirit takes to possessing the boy, Yugi, when he finds himself facing dangerous people who always seem to be relatively willing to participate in random games instead of just beating the snot out of people (though there is plenty of that too). Eventually, the series shifts to focusing exclusively on a card game (though the last arc subverts this somewhat). Through this, the Spirit's motives and origin become apparent, as he evolves from a ruthless games master to a powerful ally. Sibnova: The first volume is about awesome puzzle games after that it is all about a card game and loses a lot of it's initial flair.YesBakumanNoYesNo
Dororo fantasyactionComedyDororo is a manga by Osamu Tezuka about Hyakkimura and his bratty kid sidekick Dororo. Hyakkimura was born into the world as a mound of flesh. Raised by a doctor and given prosthetics; he travels the country with Dororo gaining back his humanity - by fucking killing 47 demons to regain the body parts they took from him at birth because is asshole father sacrificed him in order to rule the country.
Aenema: Comes in a complete Omnibus and probably Tezuka's most accessible manga in terms of length and story.YesMild violenceYesYes
Eden: It's an endless world dramaactionIn the future, nearly 15% of the earth's population is wiped out by the "Closure" virus, leaving many more alive yet disfigured. The story takes place in this war-torn and devastated world, focusing on the lives and tribulations of those that survived. The story focuses on a boy named Elijah, who learns just what it truly means to survive.apologija: Amazing manga, that tackles many difficult issues in regards to morality and other such things. It's gritty, and pulls no punches with devastating realism layered over a fascinating, sci-fi world.Yeskinda - no nudity or real violence. Should be ok over 10. NoNo
Kyou Kara Ore Wa comedyactionAfter Mitsuhashi’s family moves into a new neighborhood, he decides to use the opportunity to become a delinquent. Upon meeting Itou he finds out that he wasn’t the only one who had this idea. Making friends and foes along the way will these two take over their school or just end up as wannabesYesOcha nigous10+ some violence and blood
comedyactionSatireDowntown Chicago local Milton, is an hardcore otaku who adores Japan for his favorite manga. Former convict and assasin Gil is now a comic shop owner with some street cred. Morimoto, A.K.A. Rockstar is a rising star Yakuza who watches too much american T.V. One day, Milton wins a trip to Japan, which is really a staged mission for Gil to kill Morimoto. But once they enter Japan, crazy things start happening. --ANN EncyclopediaAenema: Felipe Smith is living the American Otaku dream writing for Kodansha in Japan. How much of this is biographical is the real mystery.Yes12+NoNo
Fullmetal Alchemistaction supernaturalMystery, war drama, familyTwo brothers who played with forbidden forces pay the price. Determined to fix the things they broke, they enlist with the military to get the resources they need and end up getting embroiled in stuff a lot bigger than their own problems. Wise_Guy_57: The characters are great, the story is slick, and it's easy to see why the series wound up with two separate anime.

bookwench: you can easily see why this is such an incredibly popular series in Japan, and why it's so well loved worldwide by anime and manga fans. It deals with themes of growing up, loss, loyalty, betrayal by systems which should support you, and personal responsibility.
YesOne Piecenot reallyYes, two. No
Beelzebubaction supernaturalcomedyA high-school delinquent becomes father to the demon king and semi-responsible.bookwench: good series. character development is excellent and subtle. // errorcache: also, nice balance of hilarious comedy and serious action.yesdefense devil, GintamanopeYesNo
Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) supernaturalA 15 yr. old ward of a priest/exorcist learns he's a half demon, and son of Satan, then vows to become an exorcist.Ploppertop: Fun read, talented artist. Characters are really well developed, lots of intellectual and emotional themes. //PyroKnight: Strong start but I feel the manga get progressively weaker over time. yesNo. Very graphic violence.YesNo
Bambino!action slice of lifedramaShogo Ban, a college student from Fukuoka, likes to cook. Thanks to the owner of the restaurant where he works part-time, he finds himself working at the line of Roppongi's best Italian restaurant, Trattoria Baccanale, and discovers that the real deal isn't quite as easy as he'd thought. The manga follows Ban as he struggles to keep up with the hectic workload and his co-workers, along with issues outside the kitchen like his relationship with his girlfriend Eri, who he left behind in Fukuoka.Bambino! was one of the really surprising manga i've read. I didnt think it would be that good when my brother told me of it, but it really is one of the best mangas i've read in a while.YesNo
K-On drama slice of lifemusic, schoolIt's Yui Hirasawa's first year in high school, and she's eagerly searching for a club to join. At the same time, Ritsu Tainaka, a drummer, and her friend Mio Akiyama, a bassist, are desperately trying to save the school's light music club, which is about to be disbanded due to lack of members. They manage to recruit Tsumugi Kotobuki to play the keyboard, meaning they only need one more member to get the club running again. Yui joins, thinking it will be an easy experience for her to play the castanets, the only instrument she knows. However, the other members think their new addition is actually a guitar prodigy. (Anime News Network).YesLucky Star, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya HAHAHAHHAHA. NoYes-higly recommendThink so
Bakuman drama slice of lifemangakaTwo middle school classmates decide to team up and write manga together. The story follows them as they enter the world of manga writing, drawing, and publishing. Ploppertop: Surprisingly educational if your curious about the manga industry. YesDeath Note (?)eh... yeah? 12+YesNo
Dr. Slumpsci-fi sci-fislapstick humorDr. Slump is a genius inventor when it comes to inventing, completely lacked in common sense and is a pervert. He invented Ariel, a robot disguises as a human. Mostly stand-alone episodes. Yes10+
Chobitsromance sci-fiHideki always wanted his own "persocom," a human shaped computer. One day, he finds a beautiful one in the trash and decides to take her home. When Chi wakes up, Hideki discovers that owning a persocom is hard....especially when he keeps having to remind himself that it's not human./plastic_apollo: Great series! Generally liked by everyone, it moves along at a brisk pace and explores the relationship between man and machine, and what it means, specifically, to be in a 'relationship,' testing the boundaries of human emotion itself. Gorgeous art and character design, Chobits exists at the rare border of sex and intellectual appeal. YesAngelic Layer; it's a prequel, of sorts, to Chobits, in that it's set in the same world.noYesNo
20th Century Boys mystery sci-fiA mysterious leader named 'Friend' has appeared and develops a large following. What connections does this have with Kenji's past?alfador: By Urasawa Naoki, so you know it's going to be good. Filled with lots of drama, which will keep you excited for quite some time.

apologija: Really suspenseful and gripping, and will easily keep you emotional and on the edge of your seat through the entire read. It's long, but well paced and well written.
yes Monster, PlutoNoNoYes - Movie
Watashitachi no Tamura-kunromance school life"Komaki Matsuzawa is a mysterious girl who keeps writing "return to my home star" on her career questionnaire. Hiroka Soma is the most beautiful girl in the school, and is as cold as a tundra. Yukisada Tamura is a boy who gets led around in a circle by these two eccentric girls. This is the story of an ordinary boy and two cute girls' amusing and awkward moments of love, as the seasons rush by like a comet."Hibernationbear: A sweet light read that if you're looking for a romance manga should check out. YesYes, but recommended for young teenagers NoNo
Cross Gamesports romanceThe Kitamura family and the Tsukishima family are close. In fact, 5th graders Kei Kitamura and Wakaba Tsukishima are pretty much considered a couple, much to the displeasure of Wakaba's younger sister Aoba, who happens to be the best baseball pitcher among kids their age.violaxcore: it's not that great. It's like a more mediocre chobits, honestlyYesTouch, MajorNo, 15+ - nudity, some sexual themesYesNo
Bitter Virgin drama romancebittersweetA girl moves to a new town to escape her family. She is deathly afraid of any man that comes near her due to her past. She has to learn to trust again while dealing with deep mental scars.Sibnova: A sad shoujo story that tear away at your heart confronting concepts at times but a very good read.

Tubutas:Super good. Short But one of the best shojos ever made.
Yes14 years or olderNoNo
Uzumakihorror psychologicalGoreIn a reclusive town, spirals patterns start appearing (or certain people developed an obsession with them) that seemingly related to odd, horrifying events. ligand: This manga gave me nightmares, I can't never EVER look at spirals and not have goose bumps anymore. The ending was fantastic pulling everything together. A good horror is defined by its ending. Yesyes vol. 1-4. Tentative Yes for the rest(ending involves a somewhat different ending you'd expect, there is however no violence, no rape, no arguments or anything. If you want to check it for your child/young teenager then read the last chapter because that's the "controversy" in a nutshell
Cage of Eden (Eden no Ori) shounen mysterySome students are traveling back from a trip abroad on airplane with other several passengers when it crashes on an unknown island inhabited with animals known extinct. How will they survive and leave the island?danny_ds: A bit cliched on the start (think like the TV series LOST) but it gets better as the mystery reveals and characters grow.
PyroKnight: The beginning is a bit weak but it just continues gaining momentum as it goes and gains great depth.
Vagabond historical martial artsThe tales of Miyamoto Musashi, legendary swordsmanalfador: Action and characters are pretty good. Seems to have gone on a bit of a hiatus, though I've heard it may be coming back... Yesnot really recommendable for kids due to the setting and the story itself, fewer violence than expectedNoNo
Dorohedoroaction horrordark-fantasyStory of a lizard-face-guy finding his memories.Yes
Black Butler supernatural horroryaoiA brilliant, traumatized child who runs the British underworld enlists the services of a demon to get revenge against the people who killed his family. In exchange, when he's done the demon gets to consume his soul. bookwench: this one's weird and dark, but still somehow good. Season 1 is straightforward, season 2 is twisty. The demon's desire to consume his master come across as pretty perverse at times. Still, very well written, excellent characterization, good art. yesNo, R for Sex and ViolenceyesYes: 2 Musicals and Live Action Movie
Peepo Choo comedy horrorscienceA mad scientist creates a zombie daughter, who is a genius doctor and values life above all else, but who doesn't always quite understand the situations she's involved in.bookwench: awesome. Good art, great characters, excellent science, some plot threads never resolved but nice ending anyways.

Wise_Guy_57:Highly creative - the gore can seem excessive, but it achieves an excellent effect.
YesYes for allNoNo
Shaman Warrioraction fantasyDramaShaman Warrior is a dark dramatic fantasy series set in a harsh and cruel desert wasteland. Yarong a warrior shaman along with his follower Batu have been sent on a grave mission from their king. Soon enough they become trapped in a whirlwind of political movements and secret plots which will engulf them. When Yarong is mortally injured, Batu must fulfill a secret promise to leave Yarong's side and protect his master's child. A daughter whom would be annihilated if discovered...sookybabi: This series blew my mind away, I can't go on enough about the art alone. The amount of violence is justified :), adds to the darkness of the storyline. The character design is superbly done, and so is their development. It was that good that I own a hard copy of this series.YesBerserk, Blade of the immortalNo: violence, animal cruelty, assault, abuse, etcNoNo
Claymoreaction fantasyAmazons with claymores go around killing monstersbookwench: So far so good... there are a lot of manga that discuss what it means to try and be human when you're not entirely biologically there, and fighting the moster within. The drawing is nice, the story is well-done, the characters are engaging.

cujo2k: An amazing adventure involving half-human, half-yoma female warriors who strive to stay true themselves amidst the chaos of fighting the demon(yoma) within and killing demonic beings.
yesShingeki no Kyojin, Berserk, Ubel Blatt, Vinland Saga, Blade of the Immortal, Vagabond, Gantz, Shin Angyo Onshi, Ares, IdNo: very graphic violenceYesNo
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind sci-fi fantasyAdventure, kind of shonenNausicaa is a princess who lives in and becomes responsible for an environmentally plagued post apocalyptic world. Fremen13: The best manga I've ever read (my list is around 150-200 manga, including most classics). I think this is Miyazaki's magnum opus. His anime work is good, but this manga set forth a new standard in quality and complex story. It was a pleasure to read and obviously meticulously made.YesAkira, Miyazaki fillmsnoYesNo