Ultimate Content Distribution Guide
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The most common mistake marketers make is publishing a piece of content and hoping it magically gets views. This is never the case, for every hour of content creation, you should spend one hour on content distribution. A few things to focus on before promoting your latest post are:

*** Starting point: What are your objectives? --- How many views do you want? Number of leads? Rank on Google?

*** Persona: Who are you writing to? --- What are their pain, needs, or interests? Does your content piece align with your persona's intent?

*** Content creation: What kind of content resonates with your user the most? --- (Blog, video, infographic, SlideShare, etc.) Does it provide enough value to the reader? Does it build your trust with the reader?

Once you have these questions answered, you're ready for content distribution. Here are 45+ ways (and counting!) you can promote your content to gain a boost in website traffic. (It helped us gain a 77% increase in our traffic!)
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Note: the following column is hyperlinked to read full details on the tactic
SourceDistribution TacticBenefitHow-To Highlights
1Brian Dean from BacklinkoClick for more insight --> On-page SEO• Increase traffic
• Faster page speed
• Higher website engagement
• Add Modifiers To Your Title
• Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag
• Sprinkle LSI Keywords
• Use Responsive Design
2Kelly Stratton from Altitude MarketingClick for more insight --> Off-page SEO• Increase brand awareness
• Generate backlinks
• Higher website engagement
• Measure your inbound links and their value.
• Scan your highest-authority inbound links for opportunity to get other similar links
• Have active social media accounts & link to them with share buttons from your site
3Neil Patel from KissmetricsClick for more insight --> Internal Linking• Aid in website navigation
• Distribute page authority and ranking power throughout the site
• Drive traffic throughout your site
• Avoid links to the top level pages on a site
• Use links that are natural for the reader
• Use relevant and follow links
4Neville from KopywritingKourseClick for more insight --> "Buzzfeeding" Headline• Increase page views
• Greater potential for social shares
• Get people excited about your content
• Use blurbs from reviews to create headlines
• Formula 1: [Take this action] + [Specific Time Period] + [End Result]
• Formula 2: [End result they want] + [Time period] + [Address the objections]
5Sophia Bernazzani from Hubspot
Click for more insight --> Include link in your email signature• Increase thought leadership
• Drive traffic to specific page
• Relationship building
Links can go to:
• Your blog, social media channel, homepage of your site
• Landing page, offer, free tool
6Rhonda Bradleyi from The Manifest
Click for more insight --> Include a link in your offers• Increase the amount of targeted traffic to a specific page
• Build your thought leadership
• Aid in website navigation
• Generate a list of webpages you want to send targeted traffic to
• Find your best performing articles, offers, etc., and match add links
• Track via UTM tags in the URL
7Jimmy Daly from VeroClick for more insight --> Email your existing list• Immediate boost of traffic
• Develop trust by providing insight
• Push list through specific funnel
• Create an exclusive club (your email subscribers)
• Use buttons and CTAs
• Send emails in the right time zone
8Ian Dodson from Independent.ieClick for more insight --> Posting Organically on FB• Reach you engaged audience directly on Facebook
• Encourage readers to share via Facebook
• Pin post to your Facebook Page so it’s easily viewable
• Establish your unique selling proposition
• Interact and engage with fans
• Target your messages to reach the right customers
9Click for more insight --> Facebook Boost• Increase post visibility
• Generate Facebook engagement
• Expose your business to new audience
• Click the blue 'Boost Post' button on a published post
• Select the audience you'd like to reach
• Select a budget and length of your ad
10John Jantsch from Duct Tape MarketingClick for more insight --> Facebook Dark Post• Hyper-targeted ads for every segment of your audience
• A/B testing via Facebook Ads
• Use this A/B insight across all marketing channels
• Dark posts are created using the Power Editor
• Hit 'Create Post' - be sure to click – unpublished post
• Switch to Ad Manager and start creating ads
11Click for more insight --> Facebook Group Share (Click here for a list of FB groups to share)• Provides more personal engagement.
• Announce blog posts, offers, products, etc.
• Build trust by immediately providing value
• Join appropriate Facebook groups (make sure to read the requirements)
• Engage with Group owner(s) and other members
• Read the Group's rules and post your link on appropriate dates/places
12Kim from KimTVClick for more insight --> Running Facebook Ads• Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising
• Facebook advertising is fast
• Advertising is measurable. Learn which ad sets work the best
• Create an objective (views, clicks, likes, etc.)
• Create a targeted audience and set your budget and run ad
• Measure results - refine and repeat if applicable
13Emily Weisberg from Thrive HiveClick for more insight --> Facebook Contest• Engage with a targeted group of Facebook users
• Gamification encourages shares and more visibility to your page
• Ability to generate partners and relationship build with other businesses
• Decide the goal of the contest
• Determine the contest prize
• Promote contest and measure results
14Saige Driver from Business News DailyClick for more insight --> Posting Organically on Twitter• Drive traffic to your web pages
• Communicate your brand
• Stimulate SEO
• Create an objective (views, clicks, likes, etc.)
• Create a targeted audience and set your budget and run ad
• Measure results - refine and repeat if applicable
15Nicholas Dimitriadis from The Social Fusion GroupClick for more insight --> Retweeting your own post on Twitter• Automatically boosts an older post to the top
• Use this to drive more views to your tweet
• Boost your Twitter engagement
• Find a published Tweet you want to promote
• Simply retweet your own Tweet - if you can repeat this as many times
• Tweet is published to the top of your followers' feed
16Hootsuite via #TwitterSmarter chat with Madalyn SklarClick for more insight --> Pinning your post on Twitter• Get immediate visibility to your tweet
• Drive traffic to a specific webpage
• Pin a landing page to generate more leads
• Create a Tweet that drives traffic to your site or lead magnet
• Include relevant images/videos and the proper link
• Publish Tweet, then Pin to profile
17Kristi Hines From Social Media ExaminerClick for more insight --> Automated Twitter bot message• This tactic is looked down upon
• If used, can generate relationships ‘automatically’
• Link back to a webpage to drive traffic
• Use a tool like Social Oomph
• Create an evergreen message and check the box for 'Send to new followers'
• Actively engage with those who reply/comment/engage back
18Taha Aziz from The Social Fusion GroupClick for more insight --> Replying feature on Twitter• Reply to Tweets that you can link back to a web page
• Boost your thought leadership
• Develop trust with your followers
• Look for users Tweeting about a problem you can help solve via your blog
• Simply reply without being pushy; generate engagement and build trust
• Offer to help with their problem using content on your site
19Aaron Lee from PostPlannerClick for more insight --> Creating and engaging with Twitter list• Connect with influencers
• Engage with a specific audience/list
• Boost thought leadership
• Create a category for your list (ex: your most engaged followers)
• Add users to your Twitter list
• Comment, engage, reply, etc. with your list. In return, they'll engage with you and your content
20Insight from Shane BarkerClick for more insight --> Mention influencer on Twitter• Instant visibility
• Goal is to have the influencer share your message
• Increase your thought leadership
• Create a piece of content and add influencers within the text
• Publish the post and tweet out to influencers, letting them know you mentioned them in your post
• Engage with Influencer on Twitter
21Ana Gotter From AdEspressoClick for more insight --> Running Twitter Ads• Instant visibility
• Gain followers and leads
• Drive traffic to a specific web page
• Set an objective (more views, clicks, engagement, etc.)
• Choose the type of Twitter ad you want to implement
• Run ad - then measure results to gauge your success
22Justin Briggs From MozClick for more insight --> Sharing an image/infograph linking back to blog• Sharing images on Twitter generate higher engagement
• Gain a backlink when someone shares your infographic
• Increase brand awareness
• Create, design, and publish a value-driven infographic
• Create an embed code for your infographic
• Promote your infographic via ads, outreach, and more
23Sharon Hurley Hall From OptinMonsterTip: We use this video creation toolConvert to video using free tool and publishing across all social media channels• Videos are highly engaging
• Increase your thought leadership
• Build trust with your audience
• Connect your RSS feed to Lumen5
• Edit video to highlight key elements
• Publish video and promote across digital channels
24Stephan Spencer From Search Engine LandClick for more insight --> Youtube SEO• Drive traffic back to your site
• Boost SEO – YouTube is owned by Google
• Ability for the video to go viral
• Start with keyword research
• Track your YouTube search rankings
• Promote your video in the first 48 hours
25Todd Clarke From HootsuiteClick for more insight --> LinkedIn Ads• Drive traffic back to your site
• Attract more leads and prospects on the world’s largest business stage
• Ability to engage with prospects
• Set up a Campaign Manager account
• Choose, create, and target your LinkedIn ad
• Measure and refine your LinkedIn ads
26Rob Steffens From BlueLeadzClick for more insight --> LinkedIn Company page• Ability to promote multiple formats of content (Youtube, Slideshare, etc.)
• Promote your company page on other social channels
• Ability to engage with prospects
• Write a compelling summary
• Use relevant keywords to make your page easier to discover in search engines
• Use targeted updates to promote new and important content effectively
27Relationship Building on LinkedIn• Generate new leads, sales, and marketing partners
• Find opportunities to collaborate with other businesses
• Build your thought leadership and credibility
• Find a point to connect such as being part of the same LinkedIn Group, or common connection
• Engage with potential prospect and agitate their pain point
• Offer 'free' advice by sending them a PDF, article, etc. that's optimized for funneling
28John Bonini From DataboxClick for more insight --> Promoting on LinkedIn• Generate thought leadership
• Target a highly segmented audience
• Grow you social channels
• Avoid overly-promotional language like “free”, “discount”, “offer”, etc
• Promote your LinkedIn post to pass LinkedIn's 'Audience Test'
• Engage! Treat your post as a conversation-starter. (Ask questions, feedback, etc.)
29Taha Aziz from The Social Fusion GroupClick for more insight --> Sharing on Instagram (link in bio)• If your account is below 10k, this is your chance to link back to your site
• Build thought leadership on Instagram
• Build brand awareness
• Find a link to your site, offer, etc. and compress using a tool like Bitly
• Click edit on your profile and paste link
• To promote multiple links, use a tool like Link.Tree
30Caitlin Hughes from IconosquareClick for more insight --> Sharing via Instagram story• Help generate Instagram engagement
• Boost Instagram algorithm to generate the highest visibility
• Showcase your products and services
• Accounts with over 10,000 followers can promote links via Stories
• Simply add a link when posting on your IG story
• If you don't have 10,000 followers, place a link in your bio, then promote content via images/video on your IG story
31Benjamin Chacon
from Later Media
Click for more insight --> Running Instagram Ads• Instagram ads are non-intrusive
• Millions of users on Instagram
• Drive traffic back to a web page
• Create a campaign objective (brand awareness, generating traffic, or making sales)
• Create a target audience: find users that are most likely to help you achieve your objective
• Launch campaign and measure the results/impact of your advertising campaign according to the objective you set
32Ian Cleary from Razor SocialClick for more insight --> Submit to Triberr• Platform for like minded bloggers, marketers, and business owners
• Automatically share your content when a new blog is published
• Integrated automatic Twitter sharing tool
• Connect your blog via RSS
• Join Tribes and share others' content
• Create your own Tribe and invite influencers who would share your content
33Janice Wald from Mostly BloggingClick for more insight --> Submit to StumbleUpon• Immediate traffic to your specific web page
• Chance for your post to go viral
• Increase thought leadership
• Click “Add a Page” to add the URL to the blog or website you would like to Stumble
• Choose a category or categories for your blog post - click 'Save'
• Use social sharing buttons on your site to Stumble your own page
Note: As of June 30th, StumbleUpon has moved to Mix.com - Check back for updates here!
34Travis Levell from Startup BrosClick for more insight --> Posting in niche specific subreddits • Reach a highly engaged audience
• Develop relationship with your target audience
• Ability to generate viral traffic
• Keep it relevant - the more that you can tailor your posts to the subreddit that you’re posting in, the better
• No Double Dipping - This means that if you just posted a link in a subreddit, let it rest for a while!
• Don’t Over-Promote - If you post links to the same domain name too often you run a huge risk. reddit’s automatic spam filters will blacklist your domain
35Nate Shivar from ShivarWebClick for more insight --> Running reddit ads• See above
• Understand the basics - a Reddit post will instantly be at the top (you should write the ad like a Reddit post)
• Find your audience - It’s on subreddits that you’ll get a chance to get exposure to a very specific, involved (and often influential) audience
• Set up Your Campaign - Once you kick off your campaign, be sure to monitor, analyze, test, and repeat!
36James from Traffic Generation CafeClick for more insight --> Posting in niche specific forums• Access to get in front of a highly targeted audience
• Relationship build with relevant members and influencers
• Can lead to collaborative opportunities
• Give Some Link Love To a Friend - Most forums won’t mind you linking to someone’s site as long as you provide value
• Backlog a Post - Create a post that answers a question on a thread, then backlog the post and distribute on the forum in a non spammy way
• Link to an OLD Post on Your Blog - Give people the answer they need and it helps you get the word out about your blog
37Syndicating on Inbound.org• Submit your content to members in your niche
• Gain feedback from readers and marketers
• Instant visibility
Note: As of April, Inbound.org has been sunsetted
38Click to visit Growth Hackers --> Syndicating on Growth Hackers• Submit your content to members in your niche
• Gain feedback from readers and marketers
• Instant visibility
• Create an account on GrowthHackers.com and head to the 'Community' tab
• Click 'New Post' - write a brief description of your post and add a link
• Post to Growth Hackers and encourage your audience and followers to boost your post
39Janice Wald from Mostly BloggingClick for more insight --> Suggest on Scoop.it• Instant visibility
• Increase your thought leadership
• Develop trust with your readers
• Sign up to Scoop.it and click 'Create a Topic' and pick a niche
• Click 'New Scoop' and add the link you want to promote
• Add appropriate tags and publish
40Ryan Stewart from WebrisClick for more insight --> Answering questions on Quora• Relationship build with your target audience
• Develop thought leadership
• Learn from other users, customers, experts, etc. from your market
• Find a relevant thread and a create a response - if your answer is at the top, it will get a ton of views and clicks on your link.
• Get upvotes on your answer
• Engage!
41Publishing on Medium and mentioning influencers mentioned in the post• Develop relationships by mentioning people in your post
• Streamline social media by automatically posting to Twitter
• Drive traffic to your site
• Create an account on Medium and click 'New Story'
• Either create new content, or syndicate from your site - tag influencers mentioned within the post
• Let the influencer know you tagged them and encourage them to promote
42Benji Hyam from Grow and ConvertClick for more insight --> Submitting your post to popular Publications on Medium• Ability to have your content go viral
• Get thousands of views on your article
• Drive traffic to your site
• Create an original piece of content, specifically for Medium
• Optimize your post with highlights, tags, links, etc.
• Find a publication that will accept your story and promote.
Click here for a list of publications!
43Jessica Knapp from Blogging Basics 101Click for more insight --> Guest blogging on high traffic site & linking back to post• Generate backlinks to your site, which help with SEO
• Increase thought leadership by guest posting on high ranked sites
• Develop relationships with experts and influencers
• Contact the editor and wait for an approval
• Create your content and include a link to your site (backlink)
• Publish your post!
Click here for a list of all available guest posting opportunities!
44David Schneider from NinjaOutreachClick for more insight --> Backlinks Outreach• Stimulate and boost SEO
• Relationship build with higher ranked sites
• Increase traffic to your site
• Tactic 1: Expert roundups - key to a good roundup is taking what the experts have said and summarizing it in a way that gives the reader a valuable overview of the topic
• Tactic 2: Top Lists - Simply compile a list of 20 or 30 top Influencers in your niche and let them know you've mentioned them
• Tactic 3: Interviews - Increase your credibility, drive traffic to your blog, & help your audience solve specific problems
45Robert Mening from WebsiteSetupClick for more insight --> Cross promoting across various owned channels• Boost your reach, without paying a dime
• Develop relationships with experts, brands, influencers, etc.
• Increase your thought leadership
• Take your content piece and repurpose for multiple channels
• Example 1: Convert your blog post into a shorten copy and promote via email
• Example 2: Retweet yourself (Yes this works! But make sure some time has passed since you originally tweeted)
46Amy Copadis from monitorbacklinksClick for more insight --> Blog Commenting• Relationship build with your target audience
• Develop thought leadership
• Learn from other users, customers, experts, etc. from your market
• Get personal - If you want people to go from your comment to your website, it’s important that they know who you are
• Get your comments noticed by the right people - search for relevant keywords with the search operator “inurl:blog” to see which blog post come up.
• Say something worthwhile and relevant - If you’re commenting on popular, authority websites, you’ll be one in a sea of comments that follow.
47Eugene Cheng from Smart BloggerClick for more insight --> Create a Slideshare and share across social• Easily repurpose content
• Drive traffic and leads back to your site
• Analytics – measure performance & find out what resonates with viewers
• Use PowerPoint or Google Slides to create a presentation
• Add strategic links within your SlideShare
• Upload your presentation to SlideShare and promote!
48Jason Acidre from kaiserthesage
The tool we use to find emailsEmail outreach (contact bloggers/tools/etc. mentioned in your post)• Develop relationships with others in your niche
• Open the door to collaborative opportunities
• Boost thought leadership
• Find influencers you want to target and provide value (backlink, social share, etc.)
• Reach out to influencer via email or social media - DO NOT AUTOMATE!!
• Engage and interact with influencer
Click for more insight --> Email Outreach Tips: +22 Link Building Email Templates
49Ilya Pozin from Inc.The tool we use for automating social media postsUsing Missinglettr for automated social media campaigns• Save time by letting Missinglettr create your social posts
• Automated - schedule and review once, then let it rip!
• Use social media to drive traffic and engagement back to your site
• Sign up for Missinglettr (Free account!)
• Link your blog and social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium)
• Review and accept pre-made campaigns
Click for more insight --> 9 Tools to Simplify and Automate Social Media
50Google AdWords
51Optimizing TYPs
52Website Pop-up
53Chat bot
54CTAs / Lead Gen
55Partners / collaboration
56Social proof