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4/26/2018 21:43:24Bleed Free McMasterPin Making Party3/27/2018 18:00:0020
We used the OPIRG office for all of our meetings and also made use of whiteboards and the button maker.
We made over 150 buttons as a team
The premise of our Pin Making Parties were to recruit volunteers via social media and have them help us make buttons and magnets using the button maker in OPIRG the office. The goal of the event was to work collaboratively with McMaster students in order to make merchandise that would eventually be sold for monetary donations or donations of menstrual products and also to meet more people interested in our cause who were willing to help us take action. The events were very casual and social with music playing the background and a nice sized group of people all working on something.
We were able to meet a lot more people from the McMaster community that were interested in our cause, we also bonded much more as a team and were super productive, making many buttons and pins.
Nothing really went badly! We all had a lot of fun and we felt like everyone always had something to do, no one was ever left our.
Next time, we might be able to make a playlist for our pin making parties, we could also start promo for recruiting a bit earlier. It would also be nice to have more than a button making station and perhaps introduce another item of merchandise we are interested in selling. Name tags would have also been a nice thing to have as many of the volunteers coming in didn't know us or each other.
4/26/2018 22:05:35Bleed Free McMaster
A #bloodimportant Fundraiser
4/2/2018 10:00:00
Over 100 people ended up interacting with us, whether that meant donating, asking more for information, signing up to volunteer or just asking if they could have a button!
Each time someone came by our table and inquired about our cause we would introduce ourselves as an OPIRG working group.
We raised $425 dollars, collected 333 pads and 176 tampons total (all in unopened boxes), we also got 10 new interested volunteers for next year and had 28 people sign up for our raffle.
The goal of the event was to raise money/collect donations of menstrual products for Hamilton Interval House. We had volunteers and working group members stand at a display table in MUSC as our merchandise was displayed and spoke to people that inquired about the cause. We were selling raffle tickets for prizes such as gift baskets (exam essentials, period care package, $100 gift card to White Elephant), pins/magnets our volunteers helped us make, laptop stickers, as well as the T-shirts that were designed and painted by a working group member.
$80 dollars for raffle baskets, $40 for T-shirts, $25 dollars for,,,,,
We were able to interact with many more people and were able to spread out message very quickly. We were taken aback at how interested people were in our cause and how generous they were. Many people saw our posts on social media and especially brought in their boxes of pads and tampons in order to drop them off in MUSC. Other people gave us donations without even taking any merchandise in exchange. We were extremely content with the impact we made and the turn out we had.
On the 2nd date of our event, we ended up having to pack up as according to MUSC rules were weren't actually allowed to collect donations of any kind. That was pretty unfortunate as we were forced to cut our time short.
Next year, we would like to find a way that sell our merch and encounter the same volume of people in MUSC without getting in trouble by MUSC officials. We felt as though that level of exposure that MUSC allowed us enticed the majority of our donors but it is a shame we aren't going to be able to continue to collect donations there next year. Therefore we were thinking of hosting our sales in clubspace in MUSC or finding another venue in which we could sell merch on campus.
5/2/2018 18:03:05ThreadworkClothing Swap3/23/2018 9:00:0081
OPIRG was acknowledged whenever Threadwork talked about our working group, when talked in front of classes, on our Facebook event page, at our event, when we tabled
81 people participated in our clothing swap, therefore 81 people did not buy new clothes but participated in the recycling of clothing
Threadwork hosted a semi annual CLOTHING SWAP. Clothing collection will be done throughout one week and the last day of the week we will host a SWAP DAY, where individuals who have donated items can trade in points for an opportunity to find previously used treasures! Points will be given out based on the clothes you bring in. All leftover clothing will be given to charity.
$169.50 for renting the atrium
The event went very well, there was a large turn out and we did a great job documenting the event
Did not have enough help
Get more attention with the media, such as Hamilton Spec, the radio station, etc
5/28/2018 13:28:38Youth HousingOntario Election 20185/28/2018 9:00:00Campus wide
The Facebook page "OPIRGHousing" was pasted on all posters, and the OPIRG McMaster Facebook page explicitly linked to the OPIRG website.
Uncertain - hasn't happened yet
Uncertain, received $1,000 from Laidlaw Foundation
Designing, printing, and distributing posters/lawnsigns/banners across campus and social media urging students to vote in the 2018 Ontario election.
$250 on design, printing, social media boosts (yet to be spent)
Uncertain - hasn't happened
Uncertain - hasn't happened
Uncertain - hasn't happened
9/29/2018 0:47:49
Thrift Crawl by Threadworks
Come Thrift with Us!9/27/2018 17:00:0040-50
OPIRG was acknowledged through social media posts, the event page, and through conversation during the thrift crawl.
There wasn't an official list of emails or signatures signed, but it got a lot of people talking about/interested in Threadworks!
Our Execs took lots of pictures, which are posted on our social media pages :)
The purpose of the thrift crawl was to introduce McMaster students to different second hand stores in Hamilton, and thus actively promote sustainable clothing options. We lead participants to four different thrift stores on King Street in Downtown Hamilton (Deja vu, Girl on the Wing, Salvation army, and the Thrifty Designer). Please note that HSR was used for transportation.
There was a lot of interest from everyone who showed up!
A lot of the thrift stores we went to were very small, and the amount of people we brought to each thrift store seemed to be pretty over whelming for the owners of the stores. Further, we visited each store near the end of the day, so many were getting ready to close.
Go to bigger thrift stores, schedule the thrift crawl for earlier, and maybe split the larger group up into smaller groups.
10/25/2018 19:55:29Bleed Free McMasterA Blood Movie Night10/24/2018 20:00:0010
We used the OPIRG office as well as other resources such as the projector.
Received 2 boxes of menstrual products, received at least 10 new likes on Facebook page through promotions.
The student wellness centre shared our event on their page!
We screened Carrie (1976) and brought in movie snacks! The goal of the event was to reintroduce our working group to the student body in a fun and casual way. We asked for any donations of menstrual products and for any amount of monetary donations possible. We set up the room such that there was room for plenty of seats and set up a blanket up front so people could gather around the projector. We turned on the mood lights for a cozy atmosphere! I could definitely see us using the space for another movie showing sometime in the future!
$20 - Snacks (Popcorn, M&Ms, Cookies, Swedish Berries),
The set up of the room was really well done and all of the technological aspects went well too!
The turn out wasn't as large as we had wanted, and we wish we were able to collect more donations
We would definitely try to push that our event was a "fundraising" event
10/29/2018 12:16:21ThreadworkClothing Swap10/19/2018 9:00:0050-75 People
OPIRG McMaster's logo was visible in all posters and promotional media that was made for the event. People who were interested in volunteering with Threadwork were directed to the OPIRG website as well, and all social media posts from the day of the event were cross-posted on Threadwork and OPIRG McMaster's Facebook and Instagram pages.
Number of clothes donated, number of people that donated clothes
The clothing swap took place in the MUSC atrium where donated clothes were laid out and the donators were able to shop around and get free new clothes. The donators received points in exchange for their clothes, and they were able to exchange their points for new clothes. The main purpose of the swap is to give the McMaster community a chance to refresh their wardrobe for free without creating waste. A lot of second hand stores in Hamilton are not very accessible to McMaster students - so we're bringing the thrift store here!
MUSC Atrium Booking- $199.16
There was a large turnout and a high volume of clothes - people brought in their friends, and donations came in up until swap day. People were also very interested in volunteering for future swaps and participating in Threadwork events.
The amount of clothes were difficult to transport after each day and especially on swap day; there was a large amount of leftover clothes, which required more time to pack up and transport to the OPIRG office.
For the next time, we would start the event at a slightly later time as we were not able to finish setting up by our advertised starting time of 9:00 AM. We would also be more organized in terms of where the specific clothing articles were laid out- section of the shirts, pants, jackets etc. where they belong.
11/11/2018 20:29:32Trash TalkSustainability Fair Table11/5/2018 11:00:006
We informed attendants who stopped at the table that we were an OPIRG funded project group.
-3 new email addresses collected for possible collaborations or for promotion of events
Trash Talk tabled at the Sustainability Fair hosted by McMaster Facility Services. We shared our project goal with attendants, and organized a small game around waste sorting for participants.
Networking with other groups interested in sustainability was a great opportunity. People were interested in playing the waste sorting game (sometimes mostly because of the cookies handed out to participants)
Student traffic through the fair wasn't high. Trash Talk didn't have ideal resources (project poster board, buttons, photos) prepared in time for the event.
Create a basic poster board about our event. Have some educational materials about waste management on campus (e.g. recycling guides) to distribute if possible. We will take more photos of future events.
11/29/2018 17:15:04Trash TalkCompost audit11/15/2018 11:30:00
4 (only the volunteers as was planned)
Adam is aware that Trash Talk is an OPIRG-funded group. The blog post about the event will acknowledge OPIRG's involvement in the event by indicating that Trash Talk is an OPIRG-funded group.
Sorted through one almost-full bin and noted commonly misplaced items
Trash Talk execs and Adam Chiaravalle of Facility Services did a basic audit of one of McMaster's new organic waste bins. We overturned a bin and sorted the contents into categories based on what was compostable, things that were questionable and things that should have been thrown in the trash/recycling
Sorting contents into questionable, correctly placed and incorrectly placed materials was a good strategy. Partnering with Facility Services was effective for obtaining a bin and having a location to perform the audit, as well as providing materials and volunteers.
The scale didn't work so we couldn't weigh the material
Bring a proper scale, include more bins in the audit
3/7/2019 14:07:45Trash Talk
McMaster Recycling and Compost Survey
1/16/2019 15:00:0021 respondents
Information paragraphs at the beginning of the survey describing Trash Talk and Eco-friendly Mac acknowledged that the projects are funded by OPIRG McMaster. A link to the OPIRG McMaster website was included in the introductory page of the survey.
one respondent subsequently joined our project group
Academic Sustainability Programs Office promoted the event on their Facebook page
Trash Talk and Eco-friendly Mac created a survey about waste management on McMaster's campus, with the goal of raising awareness about how to properly recycle/compost on campus. Questions were designed so that responses would inform the group's designs for new waste receptacle labels, and other changes needed to increase proper use of the university's recycling/compost program. The survey was issued online and promoted via Facebook and our group email list.
$130.46 spent on reusable items as prizes for survey respondents
Responses to the survey were informative, and in one case led to a respondent joining the exec group for Trash Talk.
Promotion of the survey via social media was challenging because our group page doesn't get much traffic
We would choose a different strategy for promotion and reach out to more groups to help advertise the survey.
Lauren McGregor
3/8/2019 11:46:31Trash Talk
Tabling event for compost week
2/28/2019 11:00:0050
OPIRG's logo is clearly visible on our group's poster board. When people asked about the group, we indicated that we are funded by OPIRG. Two individuals who signed the pledge agreed to have their photo go on the OPIRG blog.
about 40 signatures were collected for our pledge against single-use plastics
Trash Talk teamed up with the MSU Sustainability Committee for Compost Week and organized some waste management activities to be held at tables in MUSC. Trash Talk held a pledge against single-use plastics for passing students, staff and faculty to sign. We also offered a waste-sorting game for people to test their sorting knowledge. Members of the project engaged in conversations about general waste management on campus when people stopped at the table.
the pledge against single use plastics had great participation, as it is a prominent issue currently. Traffic was good in the area.
The location was poor. We were blocking the actual waste bins, and people began to throw waste into the model bins we were using to demonstrate proper waste sorting.
We thought we would be doing the event in the MUSC atrium, so this would be ideal for next time to provide space if we have an event using waste bins. Having better signage and prizes to entice people would be effective.
Lauren McGregor
3/9/2019 11:20:09Turtles of CootesTurtle Walks11/4/2018 11:00:0020
The OPIRG logo was advertised with the hike
This is an interpretive hike, where we take students and community members through an one hour hike to educate them on the wetlands and the problems impacting turtles in Cootes Paradise. We had several members, who were trained, lead the hikes. We have held 3 walks so far. One of them was during Water Week at McMaster
We had a a lot of interests from volunteers
The event was held during fall/winter so not as many people showed up.
We are going to restart the event when the weather becomes warmer.
Chenchen Xu
4/10/2019 21:08:56Trash Talk
Ecological Footprint Calculator Contest
3/15/2019 12:00:00
10 people participated in the contest
The contest was posted on the OPIRG blog, and so contestants had to go to the OPIRG site in order to access the contest. In any promotional post, Trash Talk typically indicates they are funded by OPIRG.
We had one participant express interest in getting involved with the group
We wanted to get people thinking about the environmental impacts of their own lifestyles and consider how they might be able to sustainable changes. We had people fill out an online ecological footprint calculator, and send us a screenshot of their results with a list of three steps they could take to reduce their footprint size.
$63.97 was spent on prizes for contestants
We had a decent number of participants for a short event
promotion on social media is a challenge
Increase the length of the contest period
Lauren McGregor
4/10/2019 21:52:14Trash TalkYear-end dinner4/2/2019 17:30:005 volunteers
All volunteers were involved with OPIRG through Trash Talk
discussed potential activities during the summer and next year
We wanted to show some appreciation to our volunteers by having a social event with food
about $51 spent on food
The group got to reflect on the year's activities for a bit
all was good
We would try for a 100% waste-free potluck and maybe involve other project groups if schedules worked out
Lauren McGregor
5/10/2019 13:58:38Bleed Free McMaster
2nd Annual #BloodyImportant Raffle
2/25/2019 10:00:00
250 people interested and asking about the cause etc.
We ushered people upstairs to donate their products or their monetary donations and always made our affiliation with OPIRG clear when addressing our mission and goals as a Public Interest Group.
10 new emails collected, 150 total raffle entries, $200 raised, over 800 products collected
Goal of the event was to collect monetary donations or donations of menstrual products from members of the McMaster community. The format was that of a raffle, so the more products / money that an someone donated, the more tickets they were granted for entering the raffle. Location of the event was in MUSC. We tabled for 3 days, staring on Feb. 25, 28th then ending on March 1st.
Many more people donated products this year compared to cash due to the fact that we were able to collect individually wrapped products! We were really pleased with how many products we collected. We also felt that our social media presence for the event was very strong. The process of finding sponsored prizes was our most successful aspect of the event. We reached out and collaborated with many Hamilton owned / Canadian owned businesses and their donations of prizes made our raffle much more appealing to the public.
The days that we were placed by the starbucks were much less successful than that one day we were placed right beside union market!
Next time, we will try to book our tables in advance such that we are able to get the good tables!
r.zhong56@gmail.comRebecca Zhong
5/10/2019 14:21:17Bleed Free McMasterDoor-to-Door Delivery 3/31/2019 10:00:0010 people
Students were told of our affiliation with OPIRG throughout
1 box of products, $40.00
Students could chose to sign up their house/household to donate menstrual products in exchange for an individualized care package which would be delivered to their house directly.
The planning was done very quickly and very efficiently. The google form was very easy to follow and smooth. Going door-to-door was very fun!
I think the fact that we held this event after our biggest (the raffle) meant that the team was pretty tired and beat. As such, even though planning went really smoothly, it was also a bit last minute. Last minute planning also meant that we weren't as motivated and didn't have enough time to advertise for the event as much as we would have liked. This lack of ample time to advertise meant that we didn't get as many participants as we were intending and we had lots of leftover food/prizes (which we can use later on). Furthermore, the event was held near the end of the year which, also attributed to the lack of participation from students.
Hosting a pilot event really helped us build a foundation for this new event. As such, we feel that next year, we will have a much easier time hosting the event next year. We will host the event earlier on in the year when the weather is better and when people are more willing to do things. We have the prizes all ready and the organization needed to make the event as amazing as we envisioned!
r.zhong56@gmail.comRebecca Zhong
6/8/2019 0:49:19Meals with PurposeYWCA Serve6/2/2019 10:00:0065
All the women being served generously informed that this program would not have been possible without the support from OPIRG McMaster.
65 meals were served from the 52 LBS of food that was rescued.
The goal of this event was to cook large quantities of healthy full course meals for as many people as possible, from all the produce that was donated from the Hamilton Farmers Market. During the serve this week, 65 meals were cooked at the YWCA Hamilton kitchen. All the prepared meals were enjoyed by the women participating in the transitional living program at the YWCA. Meals with Purpose host a food serve biweekly, therefore this event is recurring.
Great work and efficient on time.
Hoping for a bigger serve for next time, through getting extra donations from many other food vendors.
Get media coverage and do a better documentation (such as through filming) for spreading awareness.
bhatth6@mcmaster.caHardil Bhatt
9/4/2019 13:07:59
Community & Solidarity With Prisoners
Holiday card party / regular meetings
12/13/2018 17:00:0010
We've talked about being an OPIRG partnership and our relationship with OPIRG at the holiday card party, and the subject comes up intermittently at meetings.
Ten people responded to our holiday cards. In addition, we've established relationships with several organizations that do work around prisons. Through the group, we've initiated several (5+) long-term pen pal relationships so far.
Our initial event was a holiday card-writing session, using postcards from Black and Pink and blank cards we purchased ourselves to send out supportive messages to people behind bars. The goal was to show people that there were others out there thinking of them in the holiday season, and in that we were successful! We held it in a room in the Health Sciences building, with lots of colouring supplies to decorate the cards.
Since then, we've met consistently every two weeks throughout the second semester and in the summer to keep up our connections. Ten people who received holiday cards have written back so far, and some of these have developed into longer-term pen pal relationships. Meetings are fairly relaxed and non-structured, with reading materials on prisons and abolition available for attendees to take a look through. We've also established connections with various organizations, including SWOP Behind Bars, Black & Pink, the Prisoner Correspondence Project, the Jail Accountability and Information Line at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre, and Books 2 Prisoners Carleton, in order to have access to as many sources as possible on what's going on in prisons around Canada and the US.
$150 from OPIRG: used for stamps and holiday cards (stamps $64 x 2, cards and stationery $25)
Regular meetings sustaining relationships that were kicked off through the group, connecting with other organizations doing similar work
Low ongoing turnout for the regular meetings
More outreach and public-facing promotional material, which might include tabling, being more consistent with updating the Facebook page, etc.
xum18@mcmaster.caMichelle Xu
2/13/2020 9:24:59
Mac Lennon Wall (McMaster Stands With Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Lennon Wall Film
1/20/2020 12:00:0030
OPIRG McMaster asissited us to book the space and provided volunteers to help out the event.
Number of literature handed out: 50
the silhouette
The goal of the event is to bring awareness about issues of Hong Kong pro-democracy movement within McMaster community. The format was putting out Lennon Wall, allowing students to write positive messages. Film playing on the big screen which helps McMaster members to contextualize the events that have happened in Hong Kong including police brutality and causes of waves of movements. The location is student center atrium area.
Booking Atrium area: $146.62, Printing materials: $23.16,,,,
The film playing got people attention and they would come and talk to us. We explained the situation in Hong Kong and the reason that we are doing advocacy work in McMaster. We talked to a lot of people and had a healthy discussion on the issues even when someone disagrees what we do.
The miscommunication between EIO and MSU on the videos that we can play. We got notified from the last minute. I would prefer know that earlier so that we could find other videos because some videos we wanted to play are valuable and contextualized that people can see the full picture.
Maybe provide some food to allow people to stay longer to watch the videos. People did not stay longer. We would also need to reach out to more Chinese students at McMaster as they some read some positive messages and left. I would love to learn about their struggles and perspectives that why they cannot speak up.
chant34@mcmaster.caStarus Chan
5/13/2021 12:38:47
McMaster Stands With Hong Kong
Free Magazine Order5/6/2021 9:00:00
McMaster folks (including Hong Kong Canadians and those who are interested in this diaspora)
On our instagram, when folks check out our page, we make sure to write "supported by OPIRG", allowing audiences to know that we are a group that under OPIRG.
Magazine order is around 50 ppl.
The goal of the event is to learn about Hong Kong culture and Hong Kong diaspora in Canada. Due to circumstances in Hong Kong, more migrants come to Canada. It would be a good chance for McMaster community to learn about this population and the reasons behind moving a new place and adjustment. It is all online order.
Funding has not received yet*** Book Print Canada: Qty 50 = $ 687.50 & Details: Softcover: 22 pages bw, 78 pages colour, Book cover coated 2 sided 10 pt, Gloss lamination Perfect bound
We could have promoted earlier to attract more folks within Mac community. More orders are place outside of Mac.
Starus C
5/13/2021 12:54:02
McMaster Stands With Hong Kong
#IAmHongKonger 2021 Canadian Census
5/1/2021 15:00:00Hong Kong Canadians
OPIRG is on all our social media that we state that our group is supported by OPIRG
Number of new followers
We are a group who are united in our love for our identity and are committed to preserving it. We encourage Hong Kong Canadians to stand up for their own identity by participating in the 2021 Canadian Census. Three goals: 1) enhance civic participation of Hong Kong Canadians 2) Strengthens senses of belonging to the Hong Kong Canadian identity and unite the Hong Kong diaspora community in Canada 3) allow policymakers to develop relevant policies
It got attention to the media and the general public
Internal debrief: It was a tight schedule that we collaborate with other groups to promote this campaign. It was hard to work with 15 groups to set up common grounds.
It could be planned earlier with different groups.
Starus C