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Proposed Venture NameSTEMpointers is an all-in-one database for students to access education, internship, grant, and mentorship opportunities geared towards advancing their education and career paths in STEM. Who are you looking for to join your venture? Are you looking for a co-founder or a specific role within your venture. (Skill sets, background knowledge, etc.)Contact me at...
Christine HanSpring 2021Asian Diversity Initiative (ADI)Fichi is changing the way fitness creators monetize their content through personalized and engaging workouts. Technical Co-founder - experienced in web development
Xinru LiSpring 2021Teaching BuddiesTeaching Buddies connect students from underserved school districts with trained college volunteers to learn in small groups over Zoom, starting with the Chicagoland area. Between June and December 2020, we've trained 100+ volunteers and served 100+ familiesfull stack development -- can help you with your SPRINT application :D
1Sawyer SmithSpring 2021STEMpointers Co-founder. I am looking for a technical co-founder versed in Full Stack to help me build a website!
2Jordan BeckerSpring 2021Fichi
Co-founder. We are looking for someone with experience in UI/UX design.
Preferably someone who can code and who knows about the fitness industry.
3Madeline Griswold, Sarah HallSpring 2021ZaarOnline thrift shop for college students to easily and safely buy and sell itemsSoftware
4Jeremy Roth-Rose, Gibran Grant, Rudra RamchandranSpring 2020ThereYetiMessage application that conveys real-time ETA and location services information for friendly gatherings.We're looking to bring a CTO on the team to head back-end
5Maggie BachenbergSpring 2020PointzPointz is a mobile app that helps users identify safe & enjoyable bicycle routesSoftware
6Jessica ZhuSpring 2020MyCycleKitMyCycleKit support women with premenstrual symptoms to develop a personalized symptom management toolkit
#DigitalHealth #HealthInnovation #PMS #PMDD #SocialInnovation
Co-founder to bring the venture to the next stage; Website and/or app
7Ali RahmanSpring 2020FlightPassMonitors Credit Card rewards points and notifies when they can be redeemed for travel to interested locationsSoftware
8Emma ButlerSpring is an online retailer for clothing for women with disabilitiesapparel design/ecommerce
9Jeremy BermanSpring 2020Huntr GathrA sharing sector enforcement business. We provide technological solutions which enable towing companies to remove illegally parked scooters.A cofounder with social science background, ideally with python
10Olivia Orrell-JonesSpring 2020purplehuskAre you sick of not being able to carry ANYTHING in your pockets? We were too, so we designed jeans that are built for the busy, active women of today. Say hello to jeans that can easily fit our phone, cards, keys, and more.Head of marketing / social
11David LuSpring 2020H2Ok InnovationsAt H2Ok Innovations, we empower communities with the knowledge for clean water. We are a rapidly growing startup, with a team from both Harvard and Brown, that has gone through MassChallenge and the Harvard Venture Incubation Program and is winners multiple awards (ex. Rhode Island Business Competition, Business Today, etc.), aiming to revolutionize contaminant monitoring and management. www.h2okinnovations.comWe are looking for driven individuals with knowledge about computer vision, machine learning, and/or electrical engineering. You will be iterating and developing technologies like models for rapid contaminant identification on your cell phone and IoT devices for live data collection, as well as algorithms for data analysis. Additionally, you also have the opportunity to push these tools out for testing and into,
12Justin Kim, Yusuf KarimSpring 2020Cress HealthCress Health utilizes cutting-edge AI to deliver personalized 24/7 social support for those battling addiction.Cress Health is looking for students interested in solving complex problems at a fast-growing Brown-Hofstra startup. We're hiring passionate Frontend, Backend, Mobile, and ML engineers to work on social impact projects. Our teams are given the autonomy to work on novel research projects within Computer Science, pushing the boundaries of creativity and,
13Glenn YuSpring 2020WeFlopWe want to build a platform where anyone can host monetized poker tables, as long as they can find users to play in them. Software
14Eli SilvertSpring 2020BuzzButtonWe are building an inexpensive, handheld energy generator that backpackers and people living in developing countries will be able to use to generate enough electricity to be able to charge a smartphone in 15 minutes. The inspiration comes from Manu Prakash's concept of frugal science, specifically his Paperfuge. I am collaborating with his lab at Stanford, Brown's Applied Mechanics Lab, and MagSeal to engineer this product into reality!Practical electrical engineering experience; business
15Chase McKeeSpring 2020Rocket Alumni SolutionsWe make interactive touchscreen software to display athletic awards. Used by Lehigh, Navy, Northeastern, Bates...We are looking for individuals who want to make sales. You will be emailing schools and meeting with athletic directors to pitch them them our product. You will get a commision on each sale.

We are also looking for graphic designers who can help add new features to our product.
16Francesca RaoelisonSpring 2020OmenaWe are a nonprofit, promoting social-emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, boundaries and body safety in schools in hopes to prevent emotional abuse globally.
Omena has been recognized on MTV, supported by the Clinton Foundation as well as Forbes Under 30. We went through the B-Lab and are currently competing for the Tigerlaunch Final rounds at Princeton.
The project initally started as an initiative for Madagascar but it turns out the problem we are trying to solve is a global issue. Omena is growing at a fast pace are we are looking for more volunteers to support us get to the next level of impact.
We currently have 50+ volunteers scattered around the world (13 countries) and we also have 60 more incoming applicants. I am looking for:
- a community manager that will help me keep the community engaged.
- Website designer - to help create a website
- devoppers to help out with transfering the content I have into an online plateform.
- illustrtors that can help with visuals.
- video producer/editor who can help promote our cause.
- social media expert (IG, Twitter, Tiktok) to help us reach more people and get more exposure online.
- If our mission speaks to you and that you'd like to contribute with your expertise please email me.
17Zeyuan GuoSpring 2020Care Education ConsultingEducation consulting, we aim to improve Chinese K12 student's abilities and skills by providing them with extra-curriculum activities Anyone who is interested in education, especially chinese education

wechat: 18620878773
18Scott AngillySpring 20211ROOF Homesharing 1ROOF Homesharing is a platform in which individuals can list their empty bedrooms on our service for recent college graduates to move into. The graduates can accelerate student loan repayments due to a reduced rent price compared to market rent for an apartment. In return, the empty nesters are provided with a lump sum of cash each month to pay for living expenses and property taxes on their homes. The graduate also provides the empty nester with a sense of companionship and general home maintenance. There is also the opportunity for the homeowner to eventually sell their home to the graduate tenant for a reduced price. In return, the senior gets to stay in the home after the sale, and the roles are reversed. The graduate becomes the homeowner and receives monthly rental income while the senior continues to live in the home as a rent-paying tenant.Co-founder who could build out the website, mobile application, and matching algorithmEmail: Phone number: (401) 533-7681
19Divya Sharma, MDSpring 2020InjectAidPain relief solution for people who need injectable medications. Already a lot of groundwork has been completed. This is my 2nd startup.Anyone interested in this topic. May be helpful if background is in: premed/med, healthcare, design, web development, biotech/science researchEmail:
20Uzair RashidSpring 2020Consilio HealthWe are an early stage Digital Health start-up uniquely positioned to disrupt the fragmentation of care as it relates to access, costs, and coordination. We have an ai based platform that allows for early intervention, preventative approach to engaging patients, and addressing the coordination and resource contention issues within the system. The platform augments the patient, provider, payor experience by introducing Virtual Private Health Assistants to supplement your Provider / Payor interactions. We are seeking a CTO, data scientists, strategist with experience in healthcare, and engineers. Focus is on data scientists with programming experience, as well as engineers who are inquisitive and able to work towards solutions in times of opacity. we have built a conceptual prototype and are looking to build a high-fidelity clickable prototype as we move towards funding rounds. email:
21Gabe Zuckerman Spring 2020OurCirqleConnecting with other students who have similar interests and professional goals is difficult. With schools across the globe going virtual for the upcoming semester, this challenge has been amplified. OurCirqle solves this problem and helps facilitate meaningful, interest-based connections and conversations. Looking for either a CTO or someone who is proficient and wants to work on a minimum viable product for money, depending on skill set and level of interest. Need someone who is familiar with and capable in front-end development. Some key features that will need to be built for the MVP: creating a profile, viewing other users' profiles, group chat, feed, ability to upload
22Jacob SullivanFall 2020PolyBotHaving regular conversations is a crucial component of language learning and retainment. PolyBot makes this easy, and provides the tools and feedback necessary for users to learn and maintain their language skills. I am currently working on a mockup prototype in Adobe XD. I will also be conducting market research to gauge interest. I will need backend developers with knowledge of Python, Tensorflow and a front end developer with mobile app experience. email:
23Emma LandisFall 2020BUFFICollege-based platform for buying and selling furniture, decor, and household items. Intended to be the go-to platform that compiles all Brown University items allowing for an efficient, effective, and trust-worthy exchange, with tons of items to explore. Simply by having a Brown email, you can join this local marketplace of community members who are looking to buy and sell their items as they move around and experiment with their style. Think: 1st dibs, chairish, facebook marketplace, craigslist, etsy, but refined for our specific community. Looking for: 1) software engineer, 2) marketer/social media head, and 3) graphic/ logo designer. All are welcome to express interest in larger roles including business, and, 646-717-0780
24Eric GrunfeldFall 2020PluggdInPluggdIn, is a connected car safe driving solution that consists of a smart IOT car phone holder along with a mobile app. When a driver places their phone on the smart car phone holder, hand-held phone usage is eliminated, incoming messages are blocked, insurance benefits are earned, and the driver is identified. Through the mobile app, parents have the access to monitor and restrict their child's distracted driving in real time, from anywhere. Meanwhile, Insurance companies will gather layers of new actuarial data allowing PluggdIn to save money for insureds and insurance carriers.Looking for either a CTO or someone who is an electrical engineer that can help complete the development of our smart car phone holder. Developing the phone holder includes configuring an electronic circuit that is communicating with a mobile device via different
25Kevin TrinhWinter 2020Meme PartyFounded in August 2019, Meme Party is a tech startup that connects users through competitive meme creation. Our group consists of two recent college graduates whose skill sets include software development and data analytics, plus a new sophomore software dev intern.

The Meme Party app is currently 100% free and is available for both iOS and Android. However, we will implement revenue-generating features once a sizable initial user base has been established.
We are looking for a young, smart, and energetic entrepreneur to join our team as a founding member to contribute part-time (~10 hr/wk). Successful members will be able to work independently in low-structure environments. Given that we are currently a free app, we will be offering equity in place of a salary. Our primary need is someone who can help grow our initial user base. There are two types of people we're looking for:

1) Meme Expert / SM Expert-- a devout meme connoisseur with demonstrated content creation skills and social media savvy.

2) Event Manager -- someone who can design, promote, and organize events (e.g. meme tournaments, meme socials, etc.).
26Madison FryeWinter 2020Charta HealthCharta Health helps individuals with cancer navigate their care with confidence. Through comprehensive second opinion case reviews and ongoing treatment navigation, Charta advisors (board-certified oncologists) help individuals determine the best treatment for their individual case based on outcomes data and individual goals. To date, Charta has helped ~40 people receive a second opinion and treatment plan that completely changed their diagnosis and course of action, and added months/years to lifespans, retained mobility, etc.We're looking for founding team engineers (equity involved) excited about building tech-enabled healthcare services to improve cancer care outcomes. or
27Blanca BurchWinter 2020Culturally KreativeCulturally Kreative is an organization dedicated to changing the demographics of representation in children's books. We do this by sourcing authors of different backgrounds and tell their story in the form of children's books.We are looking for someone to help us reach out to prospective authors who want their story
28Sonny Mo, Leo RyuWinter 2020Contour LabsOur platform helps teams deploy, host, and collaborate on a technical knowledge base. It's essentially a technical Confluence that links to GitHub. We have dozens of OSS that use us, as well as a contracted defense company.We'd love to talk to anyone with contributions to OSS and or is passionate about compilers and editors. If you join us, your compensation will include meaningful ownership of
29Angelina OssimethaWinter 2020Christian HubChristian Hub provides a safe space for Christians to share their beliefs, make friends, and learn more about the Christian faith. This would give Christians the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow with other Christians. Through this site they can learn about events going on in their local community (and virtually) and see how they can get involved in their community (and virtually) and connect with other Christians all around the world. Looking for indivudals with any (or many)of the following experiences with (1) Wordpress, (2) graphical user interfaces (GUI), (3) Adode Creative Cloud, (4) funding/
30Tiffany Thomas, Neha MukherjeeSpring 2021InfoTopia InfoTopia is a tech startup focused on developing tools to detect and correct health misinformation. We are facing an infodemic. The virality of misinformation can drastically affect health outcomes. InfoTopia seeks to inform communities through technology and outreach campaigns. By empowering one person at a time with correct information, we get one step closer to InfoTopia, a world without misinformation.We are looking for a team member with technical expertise. Ideally, this person would be knowledgeable about natural language processing and passionate about InfoTopia's mission,
31Jaime MatosSpring 2021coconetCoconet is a web platform where medical manufacturers can find qualified service providers for their projects. Think of it as an Alibaba for the life science industry. Although we're still in the process of validating the need, we know from preliminary interviews and professionals in the industry that it is hard and time-consuming to qualify and contract service providers. This platform will make this process significantly easier and more convenient for all of the stakeholders involved.We are looking for a studnet that will help us throughout the customer discovery process. We have been accepted into a bootcamp to do exactly that and are looking for someone that could join us to do interviews and validate the