CEO Roundtable Comparison
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Roundtable Groups
Frequency of MeetingsAdditional BenefitsSize Of OrganizationCostMembership Restrictions
Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)MonthlyRegional and National conferences. Executive education through top business schools. Mentorship program. Access to leading medical staff. 8,000 business owners in 40 countries. Connections to YPO and other organizations reaching 25,000 entrepreneurs.As of 2012, global dues are $1,500 plus a one-time $800 initiation fee, and are prorated based on the fiscal month you join. Chapter dues generally mirror Global dues, but may be higher or lower. By invitation only. Minimum 1 million in revenue; different requirements for venture backed companies.
EO AcceleratorQuarterlyAbility to attend many EO events.Maximum 30 participants per chapter. See EO, above.$1,500 annually.Apply before 47th birthday and have revenue between 250,000 to 1 million.
Peerspectives licensed by the Edward Lowe FoundationMonthlyStrictly a roundtable group.In nearly 2 dozen states - see this list: Some are hosted free by Universities and other organizations.Unpublished.
The Alternative Board (TAB)MonthlyProvides proprietary tools & processes. Includes monthly coaching sessions.An international franchise. Serves serves 75 groups in North America.Unpublished. Ranges from $3,600 to $6,000.Unpublished.
TECMonthlyMonthly, 2 hour coaching sessions included. Up to 8 workshops per year. Access to Vistage Connect.1,000 members in Michigan & Wisconsin.$10,000 annually.By invitation only.
VistageMonthlyIncludes private mentor program. Access to Vistage Connect and an extensive content library—featuring industry articles, podcasts, best practices and white papers.15,000 members worldwide.$13,000 annually.Minimum 1 million in revenue.
Vistage ConnectAs needed sessions by topic or industryIncludes coaching.See Vistage, above.Between $3,600 and $6,000 a year (depending on usage level).Minimum $500,000 in revenue.
Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO)MonthlyAnnual conference. Some regional events and webinars.1,600 women in 101 chapters in the U.S. Canada, the U.K., Peru and South Africa.$1,650 annually. Additional membership levels for 10+ million and 50+ millionMinimum 2 million in revenue (1 million in services). Women only.
YPO International MonthlyAnnual week-long programs at Harvard Business School. Annual program at London Business School. Annual Global Leadership Summit.20,000 business leaders in more than 120 countries. 400 local chapters.In 2012, YPOI dues are $3,000 per year plus a $3,000 initiation fee. Chapter fees are largely unpublished, with one-time initiation fees ~1,500+ and dues ranging from ~$340- $750+ per month.
Must be under 45 years old. Must meet one (A) requirement: 50 FTEs and/or total compensation over 1 million (excluding candidate.) Must meet one (B) requirement: revenue of 8 million or 6 million if agency; 160 million in assets if financial institution and/or have enterprise value of 10 million.
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