How to save MTGO games
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Step 1Download the free open source software CamStudio Recorder from the link to the right.CamStudio
Step 2In CamStudio, go to "Options/Video Options" and see if you have a MPEG-4 codec installed; if there's no one listed, install it from the link to the right.Xvid
Step 3CamStudio settings. Go to "Options/Video Options" and select the MPEG-4 codec (set both quality and frame rate at the highest). Go to "Options/Program Options/Directory for recording" and make sure to set a directory you can easily retrieve the file from (the default is the Windows temporary directory). While you're there, you might also want to select "Minimize program on start recording" and set some Keyboard Shortcuts to start/stop the recording with a single keystroke.
Step 4Go to Account/Game History and start the replay you want to save. It's better if you follow the action by zooming on the cards being played.
Step 5.1Upload the video file to YouTube and send to _Kumagoro_ the link using this
Step 5.2Or just send the video file using the address above via WeTransfer:WeTransfer