BuzzFeed News transcription of Airbnb NYC data
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The data in this spreadsheet were transcribed from the dataset referenced in Airbnb's Dec. 1, 2015, blog post here:

Because Airbnb did not allow the data to be downloaded, photographed, or copy-pasted, BuzzFeed News copied the data manually over a series of three visits with the company. Some of the worksheets have not been copied in full; "[...]" indicates that a particular column of data continues in the original, but were not transcribed.

To the fullest extent possible, BuzzFeed News attempted to avoid transcription errors; some, however, may have snuck through.
BuzzFeed Notes
Table Summary
Current Overview -->
1. Hosts by Number of Listings
2. Listings by Type (Brg)
3. Listings by Type (Zip)
Previous 12 Months History -->
4. Median Nights Booked
5. Nights Booked per Listing
6. Median Revenue
7. Revenue per Listing Numbers
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