Name:Grade/Position:Birthday:Dietary Restrictions:Favorite Color:Shirt Size:Monogram:Favorite College or Sports Team:Favorite Salty Snack:Favorite Fruit:Favorite Candy or Candy Bar:Favorite Gum Flavor:Favorite Soft Drink:Favorite Sonic Drink:Favorite Starbucks Drink:Favorite Cookie:Favorite Cake:Favorite Dessert:Favorite Take Out Restaurant:Favorite Sit Down Restaurant:
Favorite Teacher Supply Store:
Favorite Flower:Favorite Scent:Favorite Place to Shop:Favorite Nail Salon:Favorite Book/Author:Hobbies:Things I Collect:How I like to relax:
If you received a $5 gift card, where would you want it to be to?
If you received a $10 gift card, where would you want it to be to?
Wish list items/supplies for my classroom:What can your classroom parents do to help you the most?Amazon wish list Link:
Alvis, JessicaLibrarianDecember 17NoneTurquoise or hot pinkMediumJAATexas Longhorns, TCU, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas MavericksBeef jerky, cashews, Gardettos rye chipsAny berryTropical skittles, tropical starburst, laffy taffy, Heath/toffeeAny mintCherry 7up or ginger ale Cranberry limeadeWhite chocolate mochaMonster or peanut butterRed velvet or funfettiCreme brûlée, coconut or key lime pieRosas, taco bueno, chick-fil-aAny Mexican, pluckersTarget, amazonAny lilyCoconutTarget, amazon, hobby lobbyAnyAny children’s book, Harry potterMusic, exercising, doing activities with my kids/family/friendsJewelry, nail polishWatch The Office, sit on the back porch, listen to musicAmazon or targetAmazon or targetClear packing tape, flair pens, markersN/ahttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3QRV7CLAKJPXW?ref_=wl_share
Archer, TammyResource Teacher SPED10/21NonePurpleXLTALamar UniversityPopcornBlackberriesDove chocolateCinnamonPepsi NoneVanilla bean Frapp/peppermint hot chocolateMacadamia nut/chocolate chipNoneTiramasuTaco BellOlive GardenMardelsHibiscusVanillaHobby Lobby/Kohl’sNoneToo manyGardening, readingSnowman, recipesReading, watching TV, word searches Burger King or chick fil aNewks or walmart
Tape for tape dispenser, pencils, paper, construction paper, games to do with ELA, scissors for me
There is nothing reallyhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/234AK40MCSNBK?ref_=wl_share
Bloodgood, CynthiaECSEDecember 17nonefuchsiaMCBTX A+Mwhite cheddar popcornorangesDove dark chocolate PromisesmintDiet Mt. DEWDiet Cranberry LimeadeIced green tea--no syrup, 2 Steviaoatmeal chocolate chiplemon Nothing Bundt Cakeapple pie/ice creamJason's DeliCristina'sWalmartGerber DaisyberryBelkLuxx Nail Salon, RoanokeKaren Kingsburycamping, boating, bicyclingcool refrigerator magnetsread a bookChick-fil-AStarbucksbubbles, Play-dohwork together
Brooks, MelissaKindergarten11/14/1971NonePinkLMelissa BrooksDallas Cowboys/ MavericksPistachiopineapple/strawberries/grapesPeanut M&M/gummy bearsanything mintyflavored waterLemon Berry SlushIced skinny caramel macchiatooatmeal/oreochocolate sheath cakecheesecakeChic fil aCheddars/Cheesecake FactoryAmazon/TPT/Teacher's ToolsLillyBirds of ParadiseTarget/Wal-Martany reallyAnything self help/uplifting/informationalwalking on treadmill/swimming/sporting eventsCool pens/MarkersMargarita's with friends/Hanging out with my teamStarbucksStarbucks/TargetAnything that helps to organize my classroom.Be able to take things home to work on/Read with kids at schoolhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1J4VTJ9SNWTGL?ref_=wl_share
Butley, NikiKindergartenOctober 15NonePinkM/LNBNoneDoritosWatermelon, strawberries, blueberries, yellow applesanything that has chocolateanySparkling Ice, diet orange sodaStrawberry banana slushieStrawberries and CreamAnyCarrot CakeAnyChilis, McDonalds, Chick-fil-AOlive GardenWalmart, TargetRoseCitrusTarget, Bath and Body Works, Loft, Hobby LobbyRoanoke NailsMo WillemsShoppingNoneGoing shopping, decorating houseChick-fil-ATargetMarkers, Stickers, Gel Pens, Play doughBeing supportive this yearhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2N6EQ3V8XVFMG?ref_=wl_share
Champion, SandraGT Specialist04-04None:)Turquoise, Pink and SilverMediumChampion A&MPopcorn and CashewAll kinds of berries ( blueberry, raspberry, etc..)Cadbury fruit and nut barPeppermint and Cinnamon Ginger AleUnsweetened Ice TeaCinnamon Dolce LattePeanut Butter, Sugar CookieCarrot Cake Texas Sheet Cake/ Coconut Creme PieChic-Fil-A Thai, Reatta, Cristinas &Las Mocajetes Amazon Sunflower and pink rosesClean and soft Central Market & Hobby LobbyOpen to anyBible/GodGardening, Camping, swimming, photography Cowboy boots:)Swimming or playing games with my family, walking, and YogaStarbucksAmazonFunky duck tape, fine tip colorful sharpies or markersEntrepreneur Fairhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2FPXNLUI4M0XY?ref_=wl_share
Chappell, Kacea5th gradeApril 21stNoneLight greenMKCL monogram or just a K or a CTexas Tech Popcorn or almondsAll the fruits! Snickers or anything dark chocolate and peppermint, dark chocolate and Carmel PeppermintCoke Zero Coke Zero Large green tea, chia tea latteChocolate chipRed velvet Red velvet cake or cookies and cream ice creamChic fil a or chicken express or whataburgerGlorias, Taverna RossaTargetRose or sunflowerAnything fall or outdoorsyTarget, old navyAny good one Harry Potter Hiking, being out doors, crafting and watching moviesBath and body works candles Being outside, getting my nails done, reading a bookSonicTarget old navySmall dry erase boardsBe supportive
Clary, DinaKindergartenJuly 7noneTurquoiseXLDCLCowboysChex MixApplesBaby Ruth SnickersSweet MintDiet Dr. PepperDiet Dr. PepperStrawberry FrapAnycheesecakeAnyChick-Fil-AMarthas MardelGerber daisyVanillaTargetLegacy Nails and SpaNicholas SparksGenealogy, Scrapbooking, Readingnothinggo to the movies, spend time with familysonicTargetFlair pens, kid scissors, playdoh, Just be supportivehttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/82FYXGZAP6NC?ref_=wl_share
Covarelli, Nicole5th grade self contained March 13N/ABlueAdult mediumNCDallas CowboysPretzelsStrawberries Dark chocolate - Dove brand PeppermintCoke ZeroDiet cherry limeade Iced americano with light creamChocolate chip Bundt cake- white cake white frosting Nothing Bundt CakesZoe’s KitchenOn the Border or any Mexican AmazonLiliesVolcano candle from Anthropologie TargetUpscale NailsDaring Greatly by Brene BrownPuzzles, exercise, cookingI don’t :)Spa, dinner at home with Netflix Sonic Target Chapter books for 5th graders, papermate flair pensMake copies, help with parties, send encouraging notes
Daugherty, KristinDyslexia SpecialistNovember 3noneall things black and whiteXXLkDmTWUchips, nutsstrawberries, bananasstarburst, PB m&m's mintCoke ZeroCoke ZeroIced Caramel Machiatto or Pink Drinkpeanut butterstrawberrycheesecakeCFA, Taco BuenoMi Cocina, PF Chang, or Joe T's MardelRosesbaked goodsTargetAny Gillian FlynnBiking, Reading, Spending time with family nothing reading, going to the spa, sitting by the poolAmazonAmazonAlways fun pens, office suppliesCommunicate frequently about needs of students https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1H7696X22URXM?ref_=wl_share
Davel LiezlSLC Para-Proffesional26 SeptemberNoneGreenMediumLDStill learning all about US sports!!Cheetos, PretzelsStrawberryANY chocolate!SpearmintSpriteAny SlushyCaramel Ribbon CrunchChocolate ChipRed Velvet, VanillaChocolate BrowniesArby'sLos MolcajetesAmazonGerbera DaisyRosewoodTartget, AmazonHeritage Nails & SpaFrancine RiversReading, Hiking, Hanging out with family and friendsShoes!Massage, Hanging out with a friendStarbucksNative CoffeeAny!Beings supportive!https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/4DAYYYY7XXBV?ref_=wl_share
Dilger, Shannon1stMay 15noneteal or mint2xlSDEUniversity of Texastrail mixstrawberriesHot TamalesmintDr. Pepper or Big RedVanilla Cream Dr. PepperWhite Chocolate Mocha or Pink DrinkChocolate chipanybrowniesHat CreekChuy'sAmazonDaisysweet scentsAmazonI don't have oneFrancine RiversReadingnothingwatch moviesStarbucksamazonskinny black dry erase markerscut laminated materials
Dullye, ChelseaInteeventionist4/22Gluten freeTealLargecDaUNT Trail mixGrapesSour gummy SpearmintDiet sprite Diet cherry limeadeNonfat vanilla latte Udis snickerdoodle Anything gluten freeAnything gluten freeChick-fil-aBuffalo Wild WingsAmazonSunflowerLemonAmazonCime Roald DahlFamily time, traveling, reading Vintage signsOn a floaty at the pool or beach SonicAmazonBooks, inclusive decor Copies/ binding https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/26BTUTNJZPIOH?ref_=wl_share
Edwards, Camille3rd7/16N/ABlue or RedMediumCLEN/APopcornApples or BananasReecesExtra SpearmintCoke ZeroCoke Zero with VanillaDragon DrinkChocolate or Chocolate ChipChocolate or LemonChocolateChipotle or Rosa'sUncle Julio'sTarget, WalmartDaisyVanilla or CinnamonTargetN/APig the Pug Books and MysteriesWalking, Sewing, Readinganything Pug!Reading, Drawing or WalkingStarbucksTargetMagnets, Copy Paper, Stapler, Any help parents give is appreciated!https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/137ZBY5R9PRBW?ref_=wl_share
Evans, Chrissy 2nd December 5 none bluesCMEnapretzels applessnickersmintDr. PepperDr.PepperPeppermint Lattechocolate chipchocolatebrownies chick fil a any Wal-Mart Tulip Vanilla Targetany any decorating, gardening earrings read Starbucks Target colorful dry eraser markers, colorful pens Work with students at home on reading. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2MONTQ2UVKSXN/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_3?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist
Foresman, KierynSchool Nurse01/12nonebluelargeKFA&M PopcornstrawberriesReesescinnamonDr. PepperSweet peach ice teaLondon FogChocolate chipstrawberrycookiesChick- fil- aOlive gardenTargetSunflowers or rosesLavenderTargetRoanoke Nails and SpaGreat Gatsbyhiking, spending time with my fur babies, cooking chiliornaments from travelsnetflix and booksstarbuckstarget or starbuckscloth masks for the kiddosn/a
Gann, SaraKinder Teacher02/27 None PurpleMediumSGLTech/RangersNuts/JerkyBananasAndies MintsAnything MintGingerale Strawberry Mango WaterSkinny Vanilla Latte Oatmeal Raisin Italian Cream Cobbler or Apple Pie Chick Fil A Bj's TargetRoseAnything BUT food TargetAny?? True Story BooksOutdoorsy things Giraffes and G's Pedicures Starbucks Starbucks Read aloud booksEncouragement
Geny GuzmanSpEd ParaJan 2ndVegetarian BlackMGGDallas Mavsnuts or pretzels Bananasdark chocolatemintdr pepperpeach teaDirty Chai latte with almond milkpeanut butterstrawberryBaklava Ifratelli Pizza Spiral DinerTargethydrangearose waterearth boundminiluxeatomic habits. james clearreading, meditating, paintingcrystals, divination toolsbubble bathstargetearthboundim sorry i dont have onework together to help create the best plan for their kid to thrive :)
Graham, JessicaK-5 PEMarch 22NonePurple/GreenMediumJGLUNTSalt and Vinegar ChipsI love them all!! Sour punch strawsMintDr PepperDr PepperNonfat Chai Tea LatteWhite chocolate macadamiaCheesecakeKey Lime PieTaco BuenoPluckersAmazonDaisyTyler: TwentyfoursevenglamAmazonLegacy Nail Salon (by kroger near the school)Emily GiffinSpending time with my family, exercising Wine :)PedicuresAmazonAmazonFloor/Electrical TapeN/A
Grumble, MelissaFourth grade1/14nonetealXLMGANew Orleans Saintstrail mixpeachesDove chocolatespearmintDiet CokeDiet CokeVery Berry Hibiscus Refresherchocolate chipchocolatepeach cobblerChic Fil ALupe Tortillaamazondaisypeppermintzig zag stripeLe Vie Nails in NorthlakeHarry Pottersolving mysteriescrossesmassagessonicchic fil apencil bags, snacks for the kidsorganize partieshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/17BR484ET91EY?ref_=wl_share
Hancock, AshdonSpeech02/16None
Anything Neon; Turquoise, or Red
LAMHTexas A&MWhite Cheddar PopcornStrawberriesReese's Pieces
Sweet Mint or Ice Cubes Sugar Free Grape
N/AUnsweet Tea or Water with LimeSkinny Carmel MacchiatoChocolate Chip or SugarStrawberry Strawberry Pretzel DessertChick-Fil-ALupe TortillaAmazonGerber DaisyTyler Candle Company-DivaAmazonBellagio- Presidio Town CenterAnnie F. DownsSports-watching or being active; writing/bloggingN/AMassages; PedicuresStarbucksAmazonLined 5x8 Neon Post-it Notes Kleenex, baby wipes, Clorox wipes, play-doh; crayons; markers; colored pencils
Heisserer, Meggen SPED - PT1/04nonegreenmediumMeggen Mizzou, FC Dallas, pretzelsstrawberrieschocolatewintergreenspritecherry limeadeblack iced tea - unsweetenedm&m or choc chipchocolatebrowniesPanera-Amazonanyanything floweryAthleta, Amazon-mysteriessoccer- not playing, but watching my kids or pro teams-readstarbucks/sonicAmazon, Panera, Jimmy Johns--
Hunter, TriciaKindergartenJune 25nonepurple, blue, pinkadult mediumPHATexas RangersCheez-it crackersapplehot tamales candybubble gum or cinnamonDiet Dr PepperDiet Cherry Limeade - easy iceStrawberry frappuccinosnickerdoodleWhite cake with buttercream frostingNothing Bundt CakeChili's, Panera BreadChili's, Panera BreadAmazon, Target, WalmartSunflowerVanillaAmazon, Target, WalmartnoneChildren's booksphotographyDisneyRead, pool timeStarbucksAmazonFrixion gel pensHelp out with class partieshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1X4FR649P6NJT?ref_=wl_share
Kelly, TraceeArt02/13noneCoral XL TKC Arkansas Razorbacks/ New Orleans Saints Cashews Pineapples Twix, Heath, Black Forest Gummy Worms Cinnamon Cherry Pepsi Ocean Water Vanilla bean with Carmel Sugar/Chocolate ChipWhite w/buttercream icing. Ice cream Whataburger/Chipotle Pappadeaux/ Enchilada Ole ENASCO Hydrangea Rose/gardenia (anything Floral) TargetAny! N/aArt, shopping, travel Costume Jewelry Naps, movies, cooking Walmart Walmart Lysol wipes, presharpened pencils, bulletin board border, glue sticks. Assist students during art show preparation.
Lambert, BritneP.E. Instructional Aide3/10/1984NoneWhiteM/LBSMUPretzels Berries Snickers, Peanut M&MsSpearmint Dr. Pepper Vanilla Dr. Pepper Mocha Frappuccino Oatmeal Chocolate ChipYellow Cheesecake WhataburgerOutbackAmazon TulipSandalwoodAmazon N/AALL BOOKS, OutlanderAll sorts of craftsNail polish ReadingAmazon Amazon N/ASend kiddos to P.E. with tennis shoes :)
Lewis, GeorgannaSLC Teacher02/20N/ABlueMediumGBLCowboys, Texas TechPork RindsStrawberriesReesesMintIce Tea unsweetDiet Cranberry LimeadeIced LatteChocolate ChipCarrotCheesecakeChikfilaChuysTargetHibiscusAppleTargetNAToo many!Baking, cooking, crosswords, runningflair pens, holiday decorsleeping, watching tvstarbucksstarbuckssensory toysEncouragement!
Lindsey, KateSecond GradeNov. 30NoneBlack and WhiteXXLKRLTexas RangersGardettosTropicalSalt Water TaffyMintRoot BeerOcean WaterPassion Fruit TeaOatmeal RaisinWhiteBrowniesWhataburgerChili'sAmazonPeonyClean, CalmingTargetHollywood NailsAnythingPaintingBooksReadingAmazonAmazonMarkers, Crayons, BooksVolunteerhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/22OTQR8ST448F?ref_=wl_share
Lyndsay HollisECSEAugust 15thNoneCoralXLLHETexas TechHoney roasted peanuts Strawberries or applesPeanut butter m&ms, chocolate covered raisinsMintDiet Pepsi Diet Coke with VanillaCaramel Frappuccino Sugar or chocolate chip Chocolate or strawberry BrowniesChick fil a Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden Amazon, Mardels, Teacher ToolsRoseBaked goods Amazon, gap/old navy, targetOnyx nail bar NaSpending time with my family, gardeningNoneLaying by the pool, massagesAmazon AmazonSensory bin itemsSupport them at home with routines. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3KSX36UVNWRET?ref_=wl_share
Mack, MichaeleOccupational Therapist06/04nonepurpleXLMackDallas CowboysPeanutsBlueberriesSnickersbubbleDublin Dr. Peppercherry limeadejava chocolate chip chocolate chipyesAlvis's sopapilla cheese cakeMexican anythingTexas Road HouseWalmartRoseanythingAcademynoneno preferenceFishing, Hunting, hikingcoffee cups from different statesfishing, boatingacademyCabelasno masksI don't know
Main, ColleenRTI/ESL InterventionistJuly 17NoneGreenMCRMNew York Yankees, New York GiantsCheez ItsPineappleReesesPeppermintNoneRaspberry Sweet TeaChai tea latteSnickerdoodleGerman chocolateBrowniesJersey Mike'sCristina'sTargetDaisyNot picky on scentTj MaxxAnyDr. SeussRunning, working out, scuba divingTurtlesMovie night, walking the dogsSonicChick fil aBinder holder bins, pencilsN/A
Mannon, Christine5th Grade / Math and ScienceJuly 29n/aGreen3xCLMTexas RangersPeanut butter crackersappleReesesSpearmintCokeVanilla Dr Pepperhot mochaoatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butterchocolatefruitRaising CanesOlive Gardenamazonwhite daisyclean, freshjc penneylegacychristian fictioncrochet / readwillow tree anglesanything involving familysonicsubwayscience items fun for studentscommunicationhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3S7ENNE26H6QY?ref_=wl_share
Mannon, Christine5th Grade Math ScienceJuly 29nagreen3xCLMTexas Rangerspretzelscutiestwixspearmintcherry cokeVanilla Dr PepperMocha (hot)choc chpanyfruitSubwayOlive Gardenamazonwhite daisyclean freshtargetlegacyDee Hendersoncrochet readwillow tree angelsbe with familysubwayraising canesdry erase markers / erasers for studentsorganizehttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3S7ENNE26H6QY/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist
Mcardle, Kelli5th grade ELA/Social StudiesOctober 6thNonePurpleMediumKMDallas CowboysCheez-its or PopcornWatermelon or StrawberriesReese's CupsMintSpriteOcean WaterCaramel MacchiatoChocolate ChipChick-Fil-ATexas RoadhouseAssortment Bouquet or RosesCoconutTarget or Amazon (Flair Pens!)Being outside, Working out, Going to the beachFlair Penshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3V8PNR2BEU45N?ref_=wl_share
McComber, KristinCampus AssistantOctober 8N/APurple2XLMKHN/ABBQ chips/Snyder's Cheddar Pretzel piecesPineapplePeanut M&Ms/Cadbury Fruit & But barIce cubes peppermint Unsweet Iced TeaUnsweet Iced teaUnsweet iced green teaChocolate chipCarrotCarrot cakeChick Fil A/SchlotskysCheesecake FactoryTargetHydrnageasCranberryAmazonDeluxe Nail SalonLisa GardnerReading, Swimming, CookingN/AWatching movies, readingStarbucksAmazon/StarbucksN/AN/A
McDonald, JessicaPrincipal10/26NABlueXLJMATexas TechAlmondsApplesSnickersCinnamonWater w/ lemonWater w/lemonSkinny Vanilla Latte w/ almond milk extra hotoatmeal raisinLemon cake from Nothing Bundtanything coffee flavoredChic-Fil-ACheesecake FactoryAmazonanything aliveCandle-cooking scentsTargetNALove Does by Bob Gofftraveling with my family, reading, decorating the house, gardening, tennis, swimmingserving dishesswimming with my kidsStarbucksStarbucksNAcampus-reading with kids when in-person
Meinen, CarolynDiagnostician12/26nonegreenlargeCJMTexas TechDots PrezelsbananarecessI don't care for gumcokecoke, light iceearl grey with sweet n lowany cookie!!white chocolate rasberryice creamrosas or chick fil aMi DiaHobby Lobbydaisyvanillatarget or amazonany!Kristin Hannahreading, spending time with family, nothing :(bubble bath and a booksonictargeta new clip board!N/A - not a classroom teacher
Nielsen, Suzannah2ndMay 15noneturquoise, yellow, pink, blackXLSuzannah NielsenUT Austin; MavsAlmonds or cashews; skinny pop pocornkiwi, strawberry, blackberry, blueberrydark chocolate with nutspeppermint/spearmintLaCroix cran-raspberryCherry limeadeBerry Hibiscus Refresherchocolate chiplemon or chocolatecookies Chipotle, Panera, Pei-Wei, Chick Fil AHard 8, Italian Bistro, Uncle JuliosLakeshore, Teacher ToolsHyacinth, chrysanthemumscinnamon, pumpkin-spice, fall scentsAmazon, Targetroanoke nails and spaMo Willems, Kevin Henkes, Peter Reynoldsmy boys -- band mom, readingteacher t-shirts, children's booksmovies with my boysStarbucks or TargetAmazon or Targetflair pens, glade plug-in refills, series books help with parties and field tripshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/21V5GGPWOPRQX?ref_=wl_share
Phan, Phuong Khanh4th grade ELA/Social StudiesMarch 30, 1970gluten freepurple (lavender)LargeKPDallas Baptist UniversityNestle Milk Chocolate pretzelsbananasAlbanese gummi bearsPeppermint 5 Cobalt Sugarfree gumtea (no sugar)tea (no sugar)Iced matcha green tea (non-fat milk)none (gluten free)none (gluten free)anything gluten freePanda ExpressJason's DeliTargetwhite daisiesanything baked cookiesTargetnoneKate DiCamilloworking out and gardeningcrossesworking outTargetTargetflexible seating for studentsnot sure right now
Pierce, Abigail Behavior Specialist September 3rdNoneBlue Medium APPUNTPretzels KiwiButterfinger Wintergreen Sprite Diet cherry limeadeunsweet iced teachocolate chipchocolate ice creamFreebirdsMi Cocina TargetSunflowerPumpkinTargetCime NailsDelia Owens Hiking, Camping RocksHikingTargetTargetFlare PensN/A
Poer, MerandaSLC Teacher 09/19None PinkXLMPCMLB - Angels Chex MixMangoSwedish FishAnything fruity PepsiStrawberry Limeade Iced Vanilla Bean and Coconut Milk LatteChocolate ChipRed Velvet Brownies EloteOliva Amazon Daisy Anything Tropical Target Onyx James PattersonBeing outside Nutcrackers Massages and hanging out with family Starbucks Target Anything Help with parties
Preston, LutriciaPre-K Assistant1/5NoneRed, Gold--- any bright colorxlLRPSaints, Cowboys, Horned FrogsPopcornPineappleLindor white chocolate truffles, snickersSpearmintBig Redlemon berry slushpeppermint mocha, caramel frappuccinochocolate chipchocolateChocolate cakeChick-fil-aPappadeaux, MiCocina, Olive Gardingel pens, erasable pensRosemint, cinnamon, eucalyptus mintMall, Hobby LobbyanyShelia Goss, Don PiperScrapbooking, sewing and decoratingAngels and crossesSleepChick fil a or McDonaldsHobby Lobbycoloring booksI am the classroom parent
Price, BethIntervention Specialist9/16n/apinkLBMPTexas Longhornsmixed nutsstrawberrySnickerPeppermintVanilla Dr. PepperDiet Cherry LimeadeCaramel MacchiatoSugar Cookie w/ M&M'sVanillaChocolate PieFuzzy'sCristina's Teacher ToolsGerber DaisyAmberJohnny WasK & NPatrica PolaccoSnow Skiing, Water Skiing, Reading, Gardening, FishingJames Avery Charmsat the Spa.... SonicAmazonErasable Pens/Colored Markersmake reading booklets
Probst, Kylie Music k-512/6Vegan (no animal products) PinkLargeKylie N/APistachios Raspberries Watermelon or green apple sour punch strawsSpearmint Coke Peach TeaIced oat milk latte Anything vegan (Oreos are vegan) Strawberry (vegan)Chocolate chip cookies (vegan)ChipotleAny Thai restaurant AmazonPink peonies Lavender or Rose Target Any :) Jane Austen Singing, playing piano, baking, Netflix Anything cat related PedicuresStarbucks StarbucksExpo markers, pencils, books Help with program decorations
Reyna, AllisonSped Para in Resource k-5January 24NonePurple XLADRSpursSkinny Pop (original / butter)All fruitSweedish fish/Almond JoyCinnamonBig RedStrawberry lemonade NoneChocolate Chip and White Macadamia NutCookie cake with buttercream icingStrawberry cheesecakePopeyes...whataburger...WendysOutback steakhouse or any steakhouse Amazon...MardelsAnything colorful...love them allPumpkinAmazon or Disney Cime nailsDon't have oneDrawing, writing, coloring, bakingAnything Beauty and the Beast...giraffes...gilmore girls...star warsWear comfy jammies, drink YOGI teas, listen to instrumental christmas or christian music...watch Gilmore girls Popeyes or sonicAmazon or Hobby LobbyFine tip sharpies in multi colorsCheck with Andrea Taylor...she would know better bc she is the lead teacher.
Reynolds, TracyCounselor02/14noneSageXLKids FirstTexas A&MJulio's chips and salsaRed grapesRolos or SnickersTrident PeppermintCoke ZeroUnsweet Peach TeaCarmel MacchiatoChocolate ChipChocolate CakeBanana PuddingChik Fil AVilla Grande/Christina'sMardelRoseLavender/VanillaBelkGrande Nail SalonRick WarrenscrapbookingcorksWatching movies, getting a massageStarbucksStarbucksLegosTrust me in helping your child
Saladrigas, Carrie Office 1/6Allergic to Kiwi and buckwheat 🤪Black and sage green M/LCUniversity of OregonMarcona Almond’s BlueberriesDark chocolate SpearmintSparkling waterDiet cherry limeadeAmericano with half-and-half (hot) unsweetened green tea (cold)N/AN/ACrème brûléeHere (sushi place in Roanoke)Lava 10Office Depot. Lol Gerber daisies and hydrangeaNot sure AmazonGalaxy Nail SpaIt’s a tie between The Book Thief and the Count of Monte ChristoPainting/sketching/interior design Nothing In my pool Starbucks AmazonHmmm antibacterial lotion. N/A
Sams, LoriECSE Paraprofessional06/30/75NoneRedMLLSDallas CowboysAlmonds or PecansStrawberriesTwizzlers or Snickers with AlmondsAnyDr. Pepper1/2 sweet - 1/2 unsweet TeaLatte with 2% Milk or Pink Drink ShortbreadChocolateShortbread CookiesChick-Fil-ABabe's ChickenHobby LobbyLilyCitrusHobby LobbyNoneJames Patterson or Janet EvanovichCrafting, crafting and craftingNothingMoviesStarbucksHobby LobbyNoneN/A
Scourfield, TracySpecial Education10/07NAPurple and RedLargeScourfieldBoston UniversityPretzels; Skinny PopCherries; Peaches; Mini-Oranges Dark Chocolate; M&Ms; Heath BarsExtra Spearmint (Dark Green one)Fanta Orange; Coke; Root BeerFanta Orange; Root Beer; Cherry SlushCaramel Macchiato; MochaChocolate Chip; Double Fudge; Oreos!ChocolateCheesecake or Chocolate anythingChipotle; PaneraOn the Border; SaltgrassMardel; AmazonNAVanilla; Brown Sugar-Food scentsTarget; AmazonResort Nail Bar in NorthlakeMax Lucado Running; Weight Lifting; Fitness; MoviesNutcrackersRunning; Bubble Bath; MassageAmazonAmazonFlexible seating; Dry erase markers; EarbudsOrganize and run the class partieshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/XKLYMMUWHPXI?ref_=wl_share
Slimmer, CristinFirst Grade Teacher4-21-91NonePurpleSmall CMSDallas Cowboys or Dallas MavsHot Limon CheetosStrawberries Hershey Chocolate BarSpearmint CokeCherry CokeIced Vanilla LatteChocolate ChipChocolateCherry CheesecakeChick-fil-AMcAlisters TargetDaisyClean Laundry RooleeAnyHarry Potter-Book Fredrik Bachman- Author or Stephen KingGoing out to eat, reading, moviesBarbie Christmas Ornaments Watching a movie or bubble bathsStarbucksTargetCurrently good on supplies Cut out laminating items if I send things home with your child
Smith, Michele 3rd GradeJuly 31nonered XLLMSany Dallas team-Stars, Cowboys, Rangers, MavsCheez-its, trail mix, Chex mixbananaReese's, Gummy Bears, Sour Patch KidsPeppermintCoke ZeroUnsweet TeaDragon Drinkany!any!browniesChick-Fil-A, ChipotleLos Molcajetes or Chili'sWalmartanyfall spice smells and peppermint, no flowery smellsBath and Body Works, WalmartRoanoke NailsRobert MunschWalking, watching sports, travelingnothinggetting my nails doneStarbucksBath and Body WorksFlair pensAny help they give, I will appreciate!https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1G8UIQXJKO2LA?ref_=wl_share
Spaulding, AllieSPED Resource/Inclusion7/01
Tree Nut free, no bananas, avocado, coconut, honeydew, cantaloupe, and mango.
Black, white, or grey. S Allie Indiana University Popcorn Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries Reese's N/ASweet Tea Sweet TeaDecaf Vanilla Latte or Matcha Latte Chocolate ChipFunfettiAnything with chocolate Uncle Julios Gloria's Amazon Baby's-breathVanilla Amazon or TargetOnyx Nail BarI love all books Working out, cooking, baking N/ASpending time with familyAmazon or TargetAmazon or Target N/AN/A will not have a classroom parent
Swinson, Ashley2nd12/11NoneLavenderMediumASK, Or A or SUniversity of North TexasPretzelsApple/mango/berriesReese's/Anything sourSpearmintCoke ZeroCoke Zero with VanillaWhite Chocolate MochaMilano CookiesWhite Chocolate RaspberryCheesecakePapa John's/Chick Fil AChuy'sAmazonStargazer LilysCinnamon Spiced VanillaBath and Body WorksHollywood Nails in Alliance Town CenterRedeeming Love/Francine RiversCrochet, cross stitching, reading, hand-letteringPlanner stuff, mugsReading, bubble bathsStarbucksBath and Body WorksFidget toys, treasure box items, black flair pensHelp with parties and school events :)https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1KSY5U7JIHCRR?ref_=wl_share
Taylor, AndreaSpecial Education11/29N/ATealMAndrea Football ... Dallas CowboysCashewsWatermelonHershey Cookies and Cremebubblicious watermelonCokeStrawberry leomonade slushVanilla bean w/Carmel drizzleChocolate chip cookiesstrawberry cheese cakeChocolate chip cookiesChilisChristina'sWalmartsunflowerVanillaAt HomeChampions Nail BarRomance Novelsmy kids sportsDolphinswatching TV StarbucksChipotleCard stock N/A
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Turner, Sarah1st gradeSeptember 1stNutsPurple MediumSTETCUPopcornApplesSour gummy wormsMintWaterSonic strawberry mango spriteStrawberry Açaí refresherSnickerdoodle or LemonLemonPeach CobblerChick Fil AChuysAmazonLillyLakeside Morning (bath and body)AmazonCime in RoanokeAny mystery bookHiking & CampingElephant Reading StarbucksCFAAny school supplyPatience with online learning this year! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3C8CVX5116UB5?ref_=wl_share
Van Norden, WendyAttendanceJune 13NonePurpleXLWVNNoneGardettosPineappleDark ChocolateCinnamonCoke ZeroUnsweet Tea w/BlackberryDirty ChaiSnickerdoodleChocolate ChocolateTiramisuChick Fil A or WhataburgerUncle JuliosAmazonTulipNoneAmazonNoneNoneCookingNutcrackersWatch TV and play with my dogStarbucks or Chick Fil AStarbucks or Chick Fil ANoneBring their kids to school every day!
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