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Requirements from Case Studies
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"Mapping of OS Outputs to Miradi"
As (a user of this type) I'd like to (accomplish this task)
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AnalysisAs a CEO / Finance Manager, I'd like to be able to see a view of our portfolio of projects and analyse the investment options - eg what is each program/project aiming to achieve, what resources does it need (people, $s), where is it up to in its life-cycle; what's the level of project risk, NCCBHAHighnote Risk is different to threat level - its about the risk of being able to actually deliver the project.
full-cycle supportAs a Project Manager, I want to be able to show the changes that have resulted from our actions - like reduction in a threat level, or improvements in the health of a targetBHANCCHighchanges to the Threat Levels over-write the prior one, with no record of when or why it changed; similar issue for changes in Viability ratings. Also - need to retain record of original baselines - for Threats, orignal ratings are over-ridden with each change; for Targets, original measures for each indicator / kea are stored so a baseline could be recalculated, but this isnt easily done so would be better to store the actual baseline viability rating
full-cycle supportAs a Program Manager or Fundraiser, I want to see the high-level impact that my projects are aiming to achieve - eg move a target's health from a to b, or reduce a threat level from z to y. BHANCCHighFor Viability, the Current ratings roll up from KEAs & Indicators to create a "Current State", but the Desired Future values do not roll up, so its hard to see what a project is aiming for (its often expressd wthin the Goal, but this isnt a datapoint that can be pulled out in reports). Similalrly, can only show current Threat ratings with no way to codify what the future expectation is.
AnalysisAs a Program Manager, I want to be able to cross-check a budget to the priorities in the plan - is the money going to the "most important" thingsEcoLogicBHAHigheg cross-reference workplan data to Viability & Threat ratings, and agreed Strategy Priorities.
AnalysisAs a Senior Manager, I'd like to know what investment is required to achieve Goal x, or Objective y (or groups thereof), and know how confident we are that we can achieve it.ICFHigheg Goal = "increase population of species x to nnn y 2025" This requires a linkage to drill back from a Goal / Objective and find the related Strategies or Activities, and their costs. The question of likelihood is only answered by judging feasibility of the Result Chain - would be good to record the team's consensus on "confidence level", at different stages through the project (a bit like the Current Justification field for Target Viability).
Factor PropertyAs a fundraiser, I need project information that is in plain language, not sciency technicalitiesBHAEcoLogic; NCC, ICFHighe.g. a "details" field for the technical description of a target, and another for the plain-english / marketing version; (to aid reporting, add tick box to make one the same as the other so that fields aren't empty, and to make updates easier)work-around is guidance to write the first paragraph as the "exec summary" then go into the details
Miradi ShareAs a Program Manager, I'd like to be able to set up a "home page" for a project portfolio, similar to the overall Organisation-Program Home page, and show custom reports for that portfolio; simialr need at the Project LevelBHAICFHigh
Miradi ShareAs a project Manager, I want to be able to produce a report of the full history of progress reports for my project, and some strategiesICFHighcurrent MS Progress Reports just show the Latest report; can click on the "i" button to see the full history, but cant export / copy / save as PDF this level of detail. For some audiences - eg when compiling a report to finders - need to show the history over time; also see related row for Progress Reports at project level
MonitoringAs a scientist (or any team member), I want to be able to record measures against my indicators in the field, staight into the system (rather than making paper records and struggling to find the time to enter them when I get back to the office)BHAHighadopting Laura's app as part of the "Miradi family" would address this; the app works fine, but syncing is not yet supported by Miradi desktop (or MS)
MonitoringMonitoring Plans need to be easier to create and report - several discussions around not being able to get what they want from the system ICF, NCCHighNot sure if we've got the right structure & guidance for Monitoring Plans - people seem to piece them together differently each time, or are confused about what should be in itcheck with other's experiences - Arlyne? Probably an issue for CMP discussion?
OS guidance"Audiences and their info needs" should be considered for the whole project, not just monitoring;ICF / ArlyneHighProbably an issue for CMP discussion?; Helps to focus on answering the questions of leadership funders etc,which helps to shape moitoring and also helps to guide how much detail to put into the system - if no-one needs it, then is it necessary?
Project mgmtAs a Project Manager, I need a way to assess & record the capacity of the team and my partners to fulful the roles reqiured in the project. These change over time, so need to be able record a description of what capacity is required, rate their current ability to deliver this, and to then review & change this over time . Its particualrly important for monitoring partner capacity which can change a lot, quickly (eg a key person leaves).EcoLogicCCNet Rally workshopHigh"Its not like everything else is still and you're just adapting your strategy; everything is moving around you all of the time". "Projects happen in a messy world" Create something like the CAP resources worksheet? - its well regarded. Lack of Capacity, or changes in capacity over time, are seen as a big cause for projects to stall or fail
Project mgmtAs a project manager, I'd like to be able to manage all of my stakeholders - know what they are associated with (strategies, Contributing factors etc), understand their views, track our invovement with themICF (Kerryn)EcoLogicHighgoes beyond the current "Other Orgs" tab; Stakeholder Assessment template met their needs. Probably an issue for CMP discussion?;
Project mgmtAs a Project Manager, I need to be able to record, track and report my project Risks, including mitigation actionsICF (Kerryn)EcoLogicHighOS calls for a risk assessment, but Miraid doesnt have the dta elements to hold this information; BH Risk Management / Issues log template met their needs
Project mgmtAs a Project Manager, I want to be able to mark "milestones" in my project schedule so that they are clear to the team and we can monitor progress towards themICF (Kerryn)EcoLogicHighMilestones, marked in gant charts as a black diamond, are standard fare for people trained in project manageent. In Miradi milestones are often embodied in descriptions of Objectives and Goals, but can't be made explicit in workplan schedules or reports
ReportingAs a Project Manger, I'd like to easily produce a narrative report of my project, showing what we are planning to do, and how we are going,PSP / HCCCeveryoneVery Hiwith pictures and maps; develop "Audiences & Info Needs" to work out what reports are required
ReportingAs a CEO or fundraiser, I'd like to see a short description of each project showing key details like vision, targets,goals, total cost etc - in a form I can share with supportersHCCCeveryoneVery Hia "brochure' of a few-pages, or some screens to flick thru on a tablet; - current M/MS reports are targeted at project staff rather than higher-level mangers and funders
ReportingAs a CEO or fundraiser, I'd like to see a short report / scorecard of each project and program, showing how we are going, in a form that I can share with supportersHCCCeveryoneHighe.g. online or 1-page at summary level, drillable to the supporting details;
Reportingeveryone wants a dashboard / scorecard; can we build one for each key role / persona? see examples on separate sheetVery Hi
ReportingAs a fundraiser, I want to be able to select the information to include in a narrative report for a particular donor.BHAEcoLogic; NCC, ICFHigheg the "Prospectus"; also details for a particular part of a project (a RC?) including budget and progress to date
full-cycle supportAs a Program Manager, I want to be able to see progress at a high level (eg the overall project) and be able to drill into more details.EcoLogicallVery Hineed ability to record progress at different levels- overall project, a Results Chain (+ Strategy, or Activity); this type of info doesn’t roll-up so people need to create it; need commentary around the roll-up of measures
ReportingAs a Project Manager, I want to be able to produce a report that shows the Assignments and Expenses for all or selected Strategies and Activities in my project; and also tailored to individualsNCCallHigh"tailored to individuals" means need to be able to report across multiple projects - similar to Miradi Companion report
ReportingAs a Program manager, I need to be able to see progress of the actions assigned to differernt partnersICFBHAHigheg Filter progress reports for Strategies & Activites based on Assignments - showing selected resources / Partners.This would support reporting for the Collective Impact model of Mutually Reinforcing Activities
ReportingAs a fundraiser (or Project Manager), I want to be able to pull out information for a grant report - progress against all the things that my donor is funding - so that I can report on the outputs and outcomes of the work they have funded NCCBHAHigh
filter Progress Reports for Strategies and Activities based on Funding Source
ReportingAs a coach, I need much easier ways to produce reports; I export bits and do it all in Word - takes a long timeTNCVery Hi
Reportingas a Program Manager, I'd rather have the Miradi Companion style of reporting capability built into Miradi (or MS) - its cumbersome to have to export and fiddle with things; stuggle to get people to use it. Having better reporting capabilities would reallly help to sell the concept to internally and externally, especially to managersTNCVery Hi
Reportingas a Program Manager, I need to be able to aggregate data "from multiple projects, in a true hierarchical system" - eg see a workplan for a person / team working on multiple projectsTNCHigh
Reportingeveryone wants the types of reports available thru Miradi Companion & XSL; need an interface that lets them select & sequence the factors they want in their report, and a way to attach photos and maps. allVery Hiexperience to date shows it takes a while before people settle on a report format - often try to pull out too much, then whittle it down to something more useful. ie. it wont be enough to offer a functon that has a static report format / content - need to let people pick & choose what is included in the report
ReportingProgress reporting - in Miradi, add colours to reports with Status of Scheduled or Abandoned; helps to convey more information, else they look the same as if there is no progress report ICFHighseveral people commented on these colours in MS
Usability / UIAs a manager, I need to be able to get my people up-to-speed quickly on doing the basics in Miradi. Need easy access to simple on-line training modules.EcoLogiceveryoneVery HiA small and geographically-dispersed organisation like EcoLogic struggles to cover the time and financial cost of bringing people together for training. They would benefit from more on-line training modules in Open Standards concepts and the use of Miradi, that could be undertaken by small groups or individuals as required.
Usability / UIas a Program manager, I need much easier ways to train people so that they are comfortable with using the system - easily accessible, tailored to their needs etc. Its really hard to get them to use it - many resist any sort of process, so if its not easy they turn off real quick.TNCVery Hilikes Dan's videos, but need more - perhaps on-line course; perhaps small grabs that can be easily found to guide people as they do stuff . . .
WorkplanningAs a finance manager, I need to see a roll-up of all or selected projects, over a selected time period, and import this to my finance system. I'd also like to differentiate "aspirational" things form "approved" thingsEcoLogicVery HiImport formats are quite similar in most finance systems (column of account numbers, and 12 months of $ amounts, then total column) - variations are around the columns of extra data that need to be exported (eg "Project number", "fund code" probably can address thru taxonomies) - Finance systems = Quikbooks (EcoLogic), Abila (ICF),
WorkplanningAs a team leader, I'd like to be able to manage the workload of my peopleEcoLogicICFHigheg see a rolled-up view of all assignments for an individual, across all projects
WorkplanningAs a project manager or fundraiser, I want to see the budget for a project, and know what is already funded, and what still needs to be funded. I need to be able to tag some parts of the project as being funded by a particular funder - as an Activity, a strategy, everything on a RC; and know what these add up to relative to the total amount avalableNCCICFVery Hitimeframe is multiple years - 3 seems to be the norm for fundraising, altho the project should aim for the timeframe required to achieve goals / objectives. Current "Funding Sources" option allows individual Projeted Expenses to be tagged to a funder, but need to be able to do this at higher levels. For example, funding is often received for protecting a particular wetland, or species, which can involve many activities. Also, currently can't show the total funding available over different timeframes, and see whether the funding allocations match.
WorkplanningAs a Project Manager I really really really (!) need to be able to manage my grants and budgets; know what is funded and what's not; know how much I've spent and how much I have left . . . .ICFeveryoneVery HiNeed to be able to record Income; Actuals spent; see a bottom line; In theory this all should be done by a Finance System, but most folks cant see how they can link between Miraid and their finance system (not for technical reasons, but because its too hard to make changes to GL); need a way to do in Miradi (or elsewhere) what people currently do manually in spreadsheets to track their funding; particularly for multi-year projects - finance systems often only focus on the current year, so its handy to be able to see the spend over the lfe of the project. This might need something like a re-import of actuals from the finance system back into Miradi . ... somehow.
WorkplanningAs a Project Manager I struggle to work out which financial year is being displayed in Workplan view - I can never work out if June in FY16 is June 2015, or June 2016, or June 2017 . . . BHAVery HiData can easily be entered into the wrong year - can the column header show Jun'16 or similar
Workplanningneed basic data validation of workplan data if it is to be loaded into a finance system BHAVery Hieg highlight where expenses have been entered but not assigned an Expense Code (if these become Taxonomies, can they be set to "mandatory" so that people have to select an option)4.4 migration has a solution. Miradi Share provides an Excel download that makes it simple to filter which assignments and expenses are missing accounting codes. Projects must migrate to 4.4 and new Taxonomies.
ReportingCustomizable, user-defined report elements (e.g. charts and tables)PSPHighKari could provide specific examples
? Ability to import tables of information with attributes (to better support sharing of data with other information management systems)PSPHighKari could provide specific examples
ReportingAbility to link with external “dashboard” reporting systems (e.g. Tableau, Power BI), PSPHigheither by exporting data, or providing details of data structures so that Miradi Share data tables can be read by these systems.
system-wideAs a systems integrator, I want to be able to link project information in Miradi Share with related project information stored in our in-house system, so that we can analyse data and produce reports containing information from all related systems NCCBHAHighfor example, other systems contain related project informaton like legal and contractual documents, workflow information regarding internal signoffs, and detailed monitoring data. A documented API would allow information to be extracted to feed into internal systems
Miradi ShareMiradi Share needs to allow the same tailoring of language that can be done in Miradi PSPHighi.e. PSP language pack that changes key terms
WorkplanningAs a program administrator, I need to be able to update the Workplan Date range each financial year, so that the default display is to show columns for the current financial year +2, and hide the previous financial year BHAHighUsability requirement; people regularly use the wrong financial year when looking at / updating workplan data. Currently the only way to change the date range is to checkout each project and update them indivdually
WorkplanningNeed ability to set Fiscal Year on any month, not just the standard QuartersNCCHighNCC annual report: "During 2014, the Conservancy changed its year end from June 30 to May 31."Not done for 4.4 because NCC told NS to hold off on this investment.
items below were raised in various discussions, but weren't easily expressed as "stories"
Usability / UIWhy is the Miradi Share display area so narrow? causes lots of scrolling - down, because rows are deep when a column has text in it; across when there are more than a few columns in the data PSPICFHigh
MS stories #783 and #1173 await prioritization
Usability / UISpeed of Navigation in MS - most people just need to see a list of projects, then click on the one they want; the current project list pages are slow to load this be in a hierarchy based on portfolios - ie click on the + sign to open up the list within the portfolio ICFBHAVery HiMS story #673 awaits prioritization
Usability / UIis it possible to cut the number of clicks required to get Miradi going? - ie the initial "Continue" / "Import" / "Filename" / "Open" requires 4 clicks to get into a project; a straight-thru run would be right 99% of the time.. ICFBHAHighseems the "Continue" step is where you can change languages - maybe this could be in Preferences? or open in the same language as last time then allow over-ride? UI should be deisgned for the normal-case, and provide options to deal with exceptionsJIRA story MRD-6095 awaits prioritization
Usability / UIchecking back in to Miradi share - can there be an option on the File menu to "Sync with Miradi Share", rather than current UI ("Export as MS", saving it somewhere (and forgetting where, or picking up the wrong version), then going to MS and clicking Check-in)BHAHighLaura's app has this type of function to sync with their server; initial discussions raised security issues, like making sure the person is logged in to MS etc
Usability / UIThe Miradi Share / Keystone time-out is annoying - seems to be too short for many routine tasks like adding progress reports to projectsBHAHighdont understand what risk this is protecting against,; is it possible for something like a "keep me logged in" button?, or else a time-period that matches more closely with "regular" use - probably a few hours.
Usability / UIMiradi Share - need a spell-check option when editing in Miradi Share, such as adding progress reportsBHAHigh
ReportingAllow users to select Factors to be included in a report, put them in a sequence, and point to associated maps & pictures. Create some generic report templates with these parameters already set, to allow one-click report generation -
- Project plan - summary
- Project plan - details
- annual workplan
- Prospectus (summary level)
- Funding application (detail level)
- Progress Report
- Scorecard
everyoneVery HiAt Project level
- a project plan for managers and stakeholders
- a nice looking project brief/overview for donors and partners
- a project annual work plan and monitoring plan for managers
- a project annual monitoring report for managers
- a project dashboard report for donors, senior management, and for internal learning
Similar reports at Program level.
Miradi ShareNot sure if we've got the right structure of Projects / Programs / Orgs. Orgs seem to need 3 levels for grouping projects - groups of projects make up a program; groups of programs make up an organisation; reporting is needed at all 3 levels. MS currently doesnt allow reporting across programs; ICFHightest with ICF reporting needs; also sets requirements for security / access levels; some taxonomies ar at Org level, others at Pgm level; templates are at Pgm level. Maybe "portfolios" are an easier way to provide the 3rd level?
OS definition of Program = A group of projects which together aim to achieve a common broad vision.
Project mgmtMiradi doesnt yet support all of the key data as embodied in project management standards like PMBOK and Prince2 etc HighReview Wildteam PM manual (available after March) and map key requirements to OS-equivalents and back to Miradi, to idenitfy gaps
Usability / UIText entry improvements - there seem to be bugs in some places (cursor jumps to strange positions), extracting text data shows all the html formating (eg copying a table from MS to csv shows all the html codes); copying / pasting text into Miradi can cause later problems; need a "Word-like" ability to format text in all fields, not just pop-out text boxesFelixQuinnVery HiSome specific examples -
- bullet formatting is ugly- bullets are way too big
- Allow "greater-than-or equal-to" symbols for viability ratings for indicators
- allow formatting of text which is not in a pop-out text box
Items below were added from a separate sheet of changes identified by Bush Heritage over the past few years
StrategiesAllow for additional methods for prioritising Strategies. Existing options (drop-down selections of Feasibility, etc) are good for the initial filtering of a long brainstorming list, but need more prioritising a more refined list. BHA(copied from old BHA list)MediumDan ran a session at 2015 Rally - working on next steps. There are several options currently in use - some get people to make basic ratings on a spreadsheet; others are more sophistocated using additional data (eg Marisco, Inffer). One option might be an export of key data, that these other tools can use to come up with priorities, then some way to set the prioritiesback in Miradi.
StrategiesSupport Scenario Planning. Would like to be able to cost some alternate scenarios then adopt one of them depending on funding available. In Brainstorm mode, need ability to enter hi-level Resources / Expenses against alternate strategies, then be able to see what each adds up to; the cost is a factor in deciding which strategy to adopt. In some cases we might want to retain details of several alternatives, then start with the low-cost option but switch to a higher-cost option if more money can be obtainedBHA(copied from old BHA list)Mediumrelated to Strategy prioritisation story above - also discussed at Dan's Rally session
StrategiesSee the effect of Strategies; Need ability to model the Future Viability of targets based on no-action, and on implementation of Strategies - see Greg Low's updated CAP workbook for example. Also need simialr capability for Threats - see the Threat ratings based on the "do nothing" strategy, can then compare this view to the expected change to threat levels as a result of executing strategies - maybe Before / During / After viewsBHA(copied from old BHA list)Medium
ThreatsShow Target Viability status in the Threat Table. The header row in the Threat Table shows the name of each Target - in this view it would be useful to know the Target's Current Status from the Viability table, eg by adding in the colour-code to indicate the Target's Viability. Would also like to see another row showing the desired Future Vaibility of the Target. BHA(copied from old BHA list)MediumThis would show someting like "We want to move the health of this target from Fair to very Good, and it's threated by the things shown below . . "
Viability Target Viability - Need a date field beside “Current Status Justification”. The overall Viability rating for a Target is a rolled-up value based on the underlying KEAs; this can change as new Measures are entered, making the Current Justification field out- dated. Need to track the changes over time - date / Status / Justification (description) and be able to report the history.BHA(copied from old BHA list)High"Current" becomes meaningless when a project starts moving around the cycle - need a way to make sure it realay is curent - like a date field
Viability "Desired future status" is entered at the KEA level; need a roll-up to the Target level, with commentary and tracking of changes over time.BHA(copied from old BHA list)Hightreat this in a similar way to Current Status Justification
WorkplanningWorkplan efficiency improvements - ability to track back from amounts shown on the tabs for Resources, accounts, Funding Sources, Cat 1, Cat 2 - BHA(copied from old BHA list)Mediumeg double-click in a cell and be able to see the workplan rows that make up that amounts; even a balloon naming the Activity would help.
WorkplanningProject Status colours - Three options under Project Status (Not Specified, Scheduled, Abandoned) are all coloured white / empty - making it hard to differentiate them in Reports. BHA(copied from old BHA list)Highuse the same colousr as in Miradi share - ie Planned = Blue; abandoned = Grey. The 3 Statuses have very different meanings so it would better to use different colours (any colours would be fine; they should just not all be white/empty)Done in Miradi 4.4
Viability Add a 4th attribute to Viability analysis (beyond Size, Condition, Context) - to assess and monitor the target's cultural health. BHA(copied from old BHA list)MediumThis reflects the new HWB guidance being reviewed at CMP Member meeting June 2016; appendix of that paper shows the caluclations required
Items raised through discussions amongst Miradi User Group
MonitoringWe would like to replicate the 'thresholds' approach used in setting up the indicators in the viability table (P / F / G / VG) for indicators associated with Objectives (the viability ones being associated with goals of course).Stu Cowell / Kakadua workaround is to create a 'dummy' target and put the indicators there, and then share them across to the associated objectives. But that is clumsy and ugly.

Usability / UIRegular requests for more face-to-face training in the use of Miradi; Several groups in Africadiscussion started ons etting up a MOOC, running it, recording it, and maintaining it to make up-to-date training readiy available on-demand; as substitute for face to face given cost constraints
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