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TimestampContact Name Daytime Phone NumberEmailOrganisation A brief background of your group. What is your group's philosophy or vision?What objectives does your group share with Alfalfa House?What other affiliations does your group have? What other organisations have you/do you work with?What previous events has the group facilitated?Proposed event dateA brief description of your event. What is it's purpose? Who will be attending?How will receiving a food grant for this event support the group's work?How can your group promote Alfalfa House at the event? How can Alfalfa House and your organisation support eachother in future?How will you provide us with follow-up to the event?Proposed food requirments for the event:Approved?NotesGift Vouchers
9/7/2015 16:44:494Vivian0405 124 338vivkid77@hotmail.comAngel Street Permaculture Food Forest Inc.Angel Street Permaculture (ASP) Food Forest established in 1991 is a community garden that empowers community through information and demonstration in ways to reduce waste, physically engage with nature, the opportunity to experience seasonal produce and to observe and assist the positive changes throughout the seasons.

We're established and guided by permaculture principles: Earth care-people care-fair share. We practice waste reduction and resource recovery and have zones with different and interconnected functions.
Our core group of community volunteer caretakers (CVC's) and committee maintain the site and open to the public on Sundays, have a facebook page and contactable via email.
We assist Alfalfa House by accepting and processing their compostable food waste. Our relationship based on positive direct action has been continuing (respectfully and effectively) for a few years now. It is mutually beneficial to support other established local like-minded organisations that brings chemical free and seasonal produce, low food miles and minimal packaging to the people.We collect coffee grounds each Sunday from local cafe, Fleetwood Macchiato. We receive rabbit manure with straw mix from ArtSpark--this connection is thanks to a call out via an Alfalfa House newsletter.
In previous years, we've provided waste reduction for Dr. Earth and Macro, Newtown. We have a beehive maintined by the UrbanBeehive, are a City Cousin for Ooooby (a continuing relationship from FoodConnect).
We've conducted tours for local SDN childcare groups, provided material/info support to Newtown Public School' school garden. We're represented on the Australian City Farms & Community Farms Network's website. Involved with the Inner West Seed Savers group.
Last year we held a 'Music in the Green' event.
Regular community garden activities from 11am - 1pm, then held a plant sale with The Splinter Orchestra playing throughout the garden. Local herb business, Poppin' Pods were also present.

* NB. Have sent Simon, the Manager a pdf of last years' event. Image from the garden and graphic design by Joel Cheng, one of our caretakers.
11/1/2015We will hold another extended day to celebrate and encourage engagement and donations with music, plants, beverage/edibles and a great atmosphere. Regular gardeners, musicians and their audience, residents, long time participants, visitors, children, families.
It is probable a couple of local producers, creative upcyclers &/or energy efficient demonstrations may also be present.
Reflecting on last year, it would be an improved event to provide drinks and some food. We would like to feed the musicians and other volunteers at least, to reward the positive energy exchange.
Also to have chai available is an accessible way to encourage donations and opportunity to add/showcase locally produced additions like honey, ginger..
With tahini, we can make some herbed dips or extend herb/edible flower &/or weed salads. This edible offering will positively illustrate seasonality and the local.
If Alfalfa were to support us with a food grant, we would include text &/or logo addition to this year's flyer. As this has happened last year, it would be positive to grow this event to become an annual one.
Alfalfa may like to have some information present on the day and a permanent sign, acknowledging our existing compost relationship would be welcome.
We can update via our facebook page, send this to Simon, the Manager for Alfalfa's newsletter inclusion. Print up a sign for the shop.We are applying now for our event consideration. Our next quarterly meeting in 3 -4 weeks will determine brand, quantities &/or produce requirements dependant on volunteer and garden input. l understand Alfalfa's requirements and will advise with a month's notice.

Thank you for this enabling event opportunity consideration.
Vivian Spadaro

Angel Street Permaculture Food Forest lnc.
Est 1991
Cnr. Harold & Angel Sts, Newtown
4/13/2016 19:00:27Vivian Spadaro0405 124 338vivkid77@hotmail.comSplitrecSplitrec is an artist-run record label co-founded in 1989 by Jim Denley.

It's committed to recordings and releases from Sydney's vibrant exploratory, site specific and improvised music scene. With an emphasis on the local and to document/make available worthy recordings.

For the last two years, Splitrec has been operating at the Tempe Jets site. Facilitated by Brand X and supported by Marrickville council, the Tempe Jets is a not for profit studio initiative, dedicated to supporting independent musicians and labels with affordable rehearsal and production spaces. 

The Splitrec label, like Alfalfa House is not for profit and focusses on promoting and making available quality, local productions (produce) that embodies integrity. This positive example then becomes a point of contact, access, education and a positive investment for the future.

As another long term establishment (commitment), it's also building community and these shared principles supports and enables the growth of more practitioners (producers) and audience for these, who share these values, are more discerning and proactive about their 'consumption'. 

Splitrec is associated with Brand X (Marrickville council supported), The Nownow, The Splinter Orchestra and their represented artists include:

Mind/Body/Split, Machine for Making Sense, Amanda Stewart, Jim Denley, Germ Studies, Great Waitress, Peter Blamey, Clayton Thomas, Mike Majkowski, Dale Gorfinkel, Robbie Avenaim, Cor Fuhler, Teletopa, Truancy and West Head Project.

Splitrec, who is deeply affiliated with The Splinter Orchestra performed at Angel Street Permaculture Food Forest's (Newtown) two previous annual community garden fund raising engagement events.

Last year, Splitrec organised, conducted and promoted an Australia wide tour (expect NT and TAS) in November 2014 with six of the artists involved in current and upcoming releases.
This event brought together generations of experimentalists from Sydney, showcasing this unbroken tradition stretching back to the early 1970's.

Splitrec has previously held launches for their upcoming releases.
5/15/2016Splitrec, (with support from Brand X) is having a launch for Peter Farrar's 'Avocado' (splitrec 26) release. A celebratory event for the local experimental and improvised community scene; musicians and audience alike. Avocado event details have been posted on Splitrec's facebook page and media contacts have been emailed.

As the Avocado launch is part of Brand X's monthly Doubtful Sound events, this event is open to the public, becoming a greater opportunity for community group engagement.
Receiving a food grant for this event will highlight the focus on the 'local'.

Peter Farrar is a local product, who has honed his techniques and re-imagined the alto sax and this album was recorded inside and outdoors at Tempe Jets.

It would be wonderful to elevate the occasion by using quality avocados, to honour, explore and reinforce the album's namesake through wholesome food provisions to sustain the evening.

--As an artist-run label, a food grant will greatly reduce financial pressures for Splitrec in hosting this event--
Display signage to acknowledge the food is supplied by Alfalfa House and have AH membership forms available. These can later be available amongst the regular Tempe Jets community material.

The facility is home to approx. 50 resident artists. Including kitchen facilities and a large hall for community events.
This event will be documented and we're happy to share images with Alfalfa House for like promotional use.
Splitrec's Facebook page is a good place to share such material.

Avocados! and Guacamole ingredients: red or/seasonally available onions, coriander, chillies, lime/lemons.. tomatoes. Carrots (dipping)

As this event is soon, Vivian #2949 has spoken with Janne (one of your Produce coordinators) on Sunday 10/4 to know when to place the avocado orders, to be ripe in time. Am a regular AH customer/volunteer and has facilitated a previous food grant for Angel Street Permaculture Food Forest.
As a food volunteer for Splitrec's Avocado launch event, I believe this project is community minded, about community and worthy to bring to your attention. (NB. This is a resubmission with updates and will compost the consumables at Angel Street Permaculture.. :)
6/23/2016 16:18:32Mark Ward439583645markward@2ser.com2ser 107.3The mission of Sydney Educational Broadcasting Ltd. is to operate community radio station, 2SER-FM, and related media services, providing a stimulating forum for learning and the expression of alternative ideas, informed by and promoting principles of social justice. In pursuit of its mission the company anticipates, reflects and responds to the social, cultural and educational needs of the diverse Sydney community.

The Company is committed to methods and forms of programming which encourage interaction between educators and the audiences. In addition to the promotion of interaction between community groups whilst servicing the needs and interests of the members of the wider Sydney community regardless of age, ethnic or socio-economic background.
The Company's major stakeholders include UTS and Macquarie University plus a number of high profile clients and partners including City of Sydney, Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Film Festival, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival.
The Company's main fund-raising event is the annual Supporter Drive.
10/10/2016The annual Supporter Drive is a two week on-air and on-line fund raising event with the purpose of encouraging our audience to financially support the radio station.
A prize structure is developed and then promoted before and during the Supporter Drive built around a series of prize draws. The prizes are an incentive for financial support and the food grant prize would be built into this structure.
The financial value of your prize donation will be exchanged for promotion leading up to and during the Supporter Drive. Depending on the value you will receive some or all of the following:
• Acknowledgement and prize descriptions on-air: recorded announcements and live reads
• Your logo on all print advertising: press ads and posters
• Your logo and prize description across online promotional materials
• Post Supporter Drive campaign: pre-recorded announcements plus on-line banner space promo in conjunction with the on-air campaign.

Moving forward we can discuss Sponsorship and other event engagement."
Post Supporter Drive reporting will be provided for pre-recorded on-air announcements and on-line web tile placement.
This proposal is made with the following idea in mind. That Alfalfa House provide 10-14 food boxes of assorted produce of your choosing to the value of $50 - 100 each (minimum) to be given away in a daily prize draw 5-7 times per week for two weeks. (either Mon-Fri or Mon-Sun)
The winners would be informed that they are to collect directly from you, calling in advance to arrange a time that suits.
Please keep in mind that I am more than happy to consider any other ideas around this you may have that suits your business model better.
Thanks in advance for considering this proposal."
10/12/2016 22:51:05Vivian0405 124 338Angelstreetpg@gmail.comAngel Street Permaculture Food Forest lnc.We're an established community garden in Newtown, completely managed by community volunteer caretakers. We assist people who want to reduce their personal food waste as well as accepting, processing AH's compostables. We work on positive energy exchanges, sharing and exchanging information, resources. A demonstration site for how food can be grown in the city, waste reduction/resource recovery and regenerating and home to creative and quirky upcycling solutions. A valuable water soak and habitat for seasonal and migrating animals. A place where locals meet each other. Established by local permaculturalists, we are guided by the 12 principles of permaculture; care for people-care for the earth-fair share.Established in 1991 by local community action, we're also a non profit organisation for the benefit of the community and the environment.

Like Alfalfa, we offer an alternative environment that is health promoting, stimulating/exciting, educational and demonstrative of it's core principles through it's functioning; being :) We have enjoyed a mutaully benefical relationship with AH via acceoting your compostables. From this commercial load we are able to later use this back on the garden. Part of it's success is the commitment of the volunteers involved (at both ends) and their prompt communicating.
Fleetwood Machiatto-we collect coffee grounds weekly from them.
We were part of Green Living Centre's publication 'Newtown Eats' publication.
UrbanBeehive-they managed a hive over a few years.
Ooooby-we are a city cousin location (formerly with Food Connect)
The Splinter Orchestra-they have played live throughtout the garden for the last two events at the garden. They're participating this year.

New to 'Music in the Green 2016' event:
Inner West Seed Savers have agreed to participate, having a stall with seeds and will talk about permaculture and acknowledge the passing of Bll Mollison (one of the co-founders).

David Shrimpton, former ASP volunteer now horticulturalist and arborist will open up our native stingless beehive and harvest some honey.

Connection with some parents of Newtown Public School. We recently had a seedling swap which we posted on our fb.

ArtSpark! inner west art, sewing classes for children with a permaculture garden and rabbits. We received a weekly hay manure mix (for composting. We made the connection via a call out in a previous AH newsletter.

We've previously provided waste reduction solutions for Dr. Earth and Macro, Newtwon.

Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network listing on their website.

Numerous publications as content and for photo shoots.
This will be the third year we've held these annual fund raising celebratory events. These longer open days allows for greater engagement.

We contributed content for the Green Living Centre's 'Newtwon Eats' publication last year.

We're open regularly on a weekly basis to the public.
11/13/2016Music in the Green 2016 is a fund raising event about community engagement. Over a longer duration, people can have experiences that are engaging to the senses, educational and fun. Garden volunteers, participating guests, muscians, their fans, community gardeners, local parents/families, Inner West Seed Savers participants, Michele Margolis, Jane Mowbray, residents..

An AH Food Grant will suport the volunteers who will prepare food and drinks for event, enabling fund raising activities. This was a beneficial decision last year and supports the muscian's involvement. This year we have a couple of new, additional community group/minded participation.
In exchange, we will put your logo on our event flyer (Joel, our Graphic Designer has from S. Bee last year)--this will be event posted on our fb page and posters put up onsite, the Green Living Centre, on AH notice board, on Splinter's fb page, IWSS will likely circulate this special occasion Sunday..

We can have AH membership forms and info at a stall table. In the future, we would be open to having a permanent sign on the gate given the long term nature of our organisation's relationship.
We can email you images taken from the day &/or share on fb.I know of ACV, raw honey.. at this stage I know of only dry goods though do know to liase with staff and to give plenty of notice, if fresh goods are needed. I know Splinter is also aware of these requirements.
10/12/2016 23:06:24Vivian0405 124 338Angelstreetpg@gmail.comAngel Street Permaculture Food Forest previous application sent, just like to previous application sent, just like to previous application sent, just like to previous application sent, just like to add..11/13/2016as previous application sent, just like to previous application sent, just like to add..To add:

Given recent email alerting members to the financial pressures AH is facing, it seems reasonable to receive a reduced food grant. It would suffice to cover costs thus still supporting volunteers efforts and is great to have your logo on our event and that you've assisted us in this way.

Thank you,

Angel Street Oermaculture Food Forest lnc.
Cnr. Harold & Angel Sts, Newtown
Est. 1991
as previous application sent, just like to previous application sent, just like to add..
6/1/2017 13:14:30Katie Manitsas School, Newtown Local public school P and C fundraiserLocal! Public education, sustainability We have a large community garden Lots, this donation request is for a comedy night6/22/2017Comedy night at the school. 180 local parents. We already have a donation from Botanical Cuisine (vegan cheeses). We need grapes, dried fruits and other nibbles for our cheese platters which will be sold on the night to make money for the school Yes... helping us to raise extra funds for the schoolAll the parents are locals many are already your customers. We will give you a big shout out and thank you on the night as well as mention on our list of sponsors We can email you and provide a certificate of appreciation for the shopGrapes
Dried fruit
Other cheese platter items
9/26/2017 19:44:58testtesttesttesttesttesttesttest10/27/2017testtesttesttesttest
10/4/2017 23:53:17Vivian Spadaro405124338angelstreetpg@gmail.comAngel Street Permaculture Food Forest lnc.Angel Street Permaculture Food Forest (ASP) lnc. is community garden in Newtown, established by local Permaculture informed couple in a 1991. It continues to be 100% volunteer managed and is an example of sustainable living, waste reduction >< resource recovery that connects us to other local and like minded organisations that share similar principles. A demostration site for growing food in the city, habitat green space, seed/plant saving and sharing and a place available
to all ages and abilities to experience and observe interaction and change in a safe and stimulating environment. We operate on positive energy exchanges.
As an established local community garden, ir's an elegant solution to accept and process Alfalfa's compostables (along with community composting) which is then used to enrich the garden. Waste reduction > < resource recovery (diverting from waste stream) brought to us fresh weekly c/o David Lowe's modified bicycle ( zero emissions, creative design solution..) this was proudly intiated and maintained by commited volunteers from both organisations a few years ago. In exchange, this entititles ASP's core composters (5 max.) to the PxD status at Alfalfa, fulfilling another objective; to support chemical free, seasonal; local produce , here as informed consumers.Through our annual fund raising event days and ASP connections, we've collaborated with The Splinter Orchestra, Alfalfa House Food Co-op, Fleetwood Macchiato, The UrbanBeehive, Ooooby, Sample roasters, ArtSpark! (waste rabbit/guinea pig manure hay. Connection made via AH newsletter), Inner West Seed Savers, David Shrimpton ( native stingless bees).

This year, Rachel Jelley of My Newtown Kitchen (a new local volunteer) has offered assistance with garden-inspired edibles at this years' Music in the Green 2017' day.
This will be the forth year we've hosted Music in the Green fund raising event day. A couple of years previous, we had a fruit tree pruning workshop with Jon Kingston, organised through The Green Living Centre.10/29/2017Music in the Green 2017 is an annual fund raising event day.
It's an opportunity for greater contact via extended hours open, nice to showcase the garden in Spring, a casual, fun way to invite participation and to fund raise. The Splinter Orchestra will engage the garden through aural activation, Splinter followers, Michele Margolis from the Inner West Seed Savers, people interested in community gardeninh, permaculture, seed saving, David Shrimpton of Koala Arbor, people interested to see a native beehive being split ( Tetragonula carbonaria), My Newtown Kitchen &/or Rachel Jelley, foodies, friends and supporters of the garden, people interested to witness a Tetragonula carbonaria beehive being split.
To receive an AH food grant will support our volunteer group by reimbursing the costs of the foodstuff inputs and sustenance for the muscians and volunteer contributors on the day.

We can put Alfalfa Houses's logo on our flyer; an fb event page and hardcopy. Theses will be put up locally including on AH's notice board, The Green Living Centre and Gould's. We will again place our event on the City of Sydney's What's On page.
We can promote Alfalfa House with membership flyers available along with the growing botanical evidence of our established relationship.

There will be numerous cameras documenting this years' event and we are happy to share some images, for your purposes.

Having spoken with Maurice on 3/10, am encouraged to inform you of our event for consideration, with as much notice as possible. Rachel and I discussed food items incororating seasonal flavours from the garden on the 2/10 and will next meet in a fortnight. We can then confirm sesonal garden edibles and determine more specifics. It may suit volunteers to be reimbursed for their inputs, after the event. In this case, careful note of quantities used will be taken.

Our first discussion yielded: White mulberry jellies with lemon balm and Salsa verde with Curry Leaf flat bread.

Inputs likely be:
Rapadura sugar
Wholemeal flour
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
2/13/2018 17:41:32Vanessa Sim451010269ness.sim@gmail.comRadioactive Exposure TourFriends of the Earth believes that social and environmental issues cannot be separated from each other. As a result, FoE is a social and environmental justice organisation. It seeks to work towards a sustainable and equitable future and seeks to work in a way that empowers individuals and communities. This means that FoE operates on a collective basis using consensus for decision-making.

The Radioactive Exposure Tour, for which we are seeking Alfalfa's support, is a journey through Australia’s nuclear landscape organised each year by a collective within Friends of the Earth Melbourne and other interested groups such as Uranium Free NSW (of which I am a member). Since 1990 the Tour has exposed thousands of people to the realities of 'radioactive racism' and the environmental and social impacts of uranium mining, radioactive waste and nuclear bomb testing.
While the approach is different, I think Alfalfa House and Friends of the Earth/the Rad Tour's common goal is environmental justice. Both organisations are working at a community level to achieve a more sustainable and equitable world. Whether that is through organic agriculture and fair trade, or campaigning against the environmentally destructive nuclear industry and for renewable energy, the ultimate goal is similar. Both organisations also have a strong community focus and employ inclusive and democratic organisational structures. Friends of the Earth in Melbourne also operates a food co-operative in inner city Melbourne, which will also contribute to the Rad Tour. The Radioactive Exposure Tour is organised by Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Anti-Nuclear Collective, a community group who have been campaigning against the nuclear industry in Australia for over 40 years. It is closely connected with the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA). The affiliates really depend on who is joining the tour and what affected communities are being visited that year. I, for example, am involved with Uranium Free NSW. Friends of the Earth's anti-nuclear collective has been organising annual Radioactive Exposure Tours since 1990. We also assist with the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance's annual conference. Friends of the Earth Melbourne also supports The Radioactive Show on 3CR community radio. Recently, Uranium Free NSW hosted a community forum in Redfern with the Peace Boat from Japan.

The Rad Tour focuses on different campaigns each year depending on where support is needed. The tour might organise a community forum or a protest in sites visited along the route. In the past the rad tour has visited communities fighting against high level radioactive waste dumps near Coober Pedy in SA and in Muckaty/Tennant Creek in the NT. It has toured through proposed uranium mine sites in NSW.
3/30/2018The Radioactive Exposure Tour is an annual event which takes thirty odd people on a trip to the communities most adversely affected by the nuclear industry in Australia at the time. The tour aims to support communities, particularly Indigenous communities, affected by the nuclear industry in their struggles. This year, we will be travelling to South Australia to learn about the realities of uranium mining, radioactive waste and community resistance, and connect with communities who are protesting nuclear expansion in their backyards.We hope that participants return home better informed and prepared to join community groups in their local area campaigning against the nuclear cycle and climate change and for environmental justice. Each evening of the tour we will have to set up a camp kitchen where we will prepare meals for the group. As you can imagine, catering 3 meals a day for 30 people for ten days will require a substantial amount of food. We will be following quite a full schedule, travelling vast distances and camping in the outback with people who may not have experience of either the desert or camping out. Participants will be tired and healthy food will be essential to support everyone's ability to participate in the tour, stay well and get the most out of their whole ten days. I can make sure that everyone who donates to the Rad Tour, including Alfalfa House if you choose to, is acknowledged and thanked when we introduce participants to each other and the tour and again when we close the tour. We can acknowledge Alfalfa House's support on our Facebook page. I believe that Alfalfa House has donated to similar events in the past and has a long history of supporting other environmental justice and anti-nuclear campaigns. In turn I think we can encourage organisers and participants of the Rad Tour to support and use their local food co-operative, for some that will be Alfalfa House. I would be happy to come into Alfalfa House some time after we return to let you know how the Tour went, share some of the stories from communities on the route and share some photos of the tour, the country we passed through and of any food donations from Alfalfa House being put to good use in the camp kitchen.We would be happy with any dry staples you have available. e.g.
- a slab of 12 soy milks
- several kilos of lentils/beans/chickpeas/rice/pasta
- 10kg of oats or muesli
2/26/2018 10:23:22Renata SupportWe are a grassroots group fundraising to provide on the groups support for refugees living on Manus. Our vision is for freedom of movement for all people and an end to offshore processing and mandatory detention.We are a community group with shared politics of inclusion and mutual support. We are completely volunteer run and operate using a consensus model, as is the group we support in Papua New Guinea.We are in touch with other refugee groups in the communityThis is our first event however participants have been involved with many community groups and hosted many events in the past.3/24/2018We are running a raffle to raise funds for on the ground supports to refugees on Manus Island. We will be holding a party to draw the winning tickets to raise additional community support.

The party will be attended by a variety of community members from the Inner West.
Receiving a food grant would be an excellent support for our group. We were planning to have a veggie box as a gift for a prize winner, but a food grant could enable us to offer 4 veggie boxes, and make the raffle more popular.With a veggie box as a prize, we will be promoting Alfalfa House to all people we sell raffle tickets to. We will also promote it at the final party, and participants will be directed to attend Alfalfa to pick up their box.

We are an emerging group, and will certainly be in touch about promotional ideas in the future.
We can provide a short paragraph for inclusion in the newsletter if Alfalfa would like that. We will also follow up with the prize winners to support them in ordering and picking up their boxes.4x Veggie Boxes

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