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seTask#LRSRC Task?approx.
Target EODStatusOwnerTask DescriptionBug/How-To LinksOther Links
Resolve Disputes/Errors STA01DONEallDispute Resolution - 0 errors in ST - or until determined that all remaining errors are konwn/documented.
Resolve Disputes/Errors STA02DONEJohn/MarkReview Known issues in Unit tests (as logged when running the tests).
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA03DONEJohnRun ConsoleCheckCLDR vs. vxml, distribute errors to be fixed; (with options: -e -z final_testing )
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA04DONEPeter/JohnMove data from ST to SVN trunk ; Change ST to read-only ; modify cldr-unittest/build.xml to use -z final_testing instead of -z build on the datacheck target (This will change the behavior of the automated build. )
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA05DONEJohn/MarkGenerate a spreadsheet with recommendations for which locales have enough data to move from seed to common or vice versa. Bring to committee to make decision.
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA05.1DONE (whew)John/MarkAnalyze differences between en_GB and en_001, determine which data needs to move up and any necessary corrections to English.
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA06DONEJohnRun ConsoleCheckCLDR vs. trunk, distribute errors to be fixed; (with options: -e -z final_testing - work the error count down to 0
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA072016-08-31DONEAllWork any manual data changes that need to go in before we attempt to freeze the main data
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA07.1DONEMarkRun to write out DTD files in canonical form. Writes in to {generated} directory. Diff and check in.
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA08DONEJohn/StevenMake sure all Subversion properties are correct.I added a shell script to do this in tools/scripts/
Resolve Disputes/ErrorsA09DONEMarkUpdate the plurals as per the link:
Incorporate UCDA09.1DONEMark/PeterUpdate for any new version of Unihan, running
Finish Supplemental DataA10*DONEJohn/MarkMake sure version number in DTDs and GEN_VERSION in CLDRFile is updated to the current version. Don't forget the DTDs in the keyboards directory as well. and unicodeVersion in the ldmlSupplemental.dtd
Finish Supplemental DataA11DONEJohn/MarkUpdate Language/Script/Region Subtags
Finish Supplemental DataA11.1DONEMarkUpdate Subdivision Subtags
Finish Supplemental DataA11.15*DONE (no changes, doc updated)John/Mark(moved from A14 to be before validity update) Make sure that currencies are updated: see Updating Codes
Finish Supplemental DataA11.3MOOTMarkOLD, skip: Do a diff of the current UCD nameslist annotations to look at deltas to see if anything should be added to English annotations for emoji.
Finish Supplemental DataA12DONEJohn/MarkUpdate supplemental data language/country/population from the spreadsheet, and do ConvertLanguageData.
Finish Final CandidateA12.5DONEJohn/PeterUpdate ICU4J libraries in CLDR (will help with item A13)
Finish Supplemental DataA13MOOT, cannot run testPeter, MarkDOES NOT WORK CURRENTLY BECAUSE OF ICU4J JUnit changes, can only test transforms via ICU integration. Old notes: Verify the transforms with org.unicode.cldr.test.TestTransforms (e.g. at -e5). Enhancements needed per cldrbugs #9266 (DONE), #9267, #9268 to handle e.g. "t". need to add to CLASSPATH: $ICU4J_ROOT/main/tests/translit/out/bin/
Finish Supplemental DataA14*DONE (looks like John did this)John/MarkEnsure UN codes are up to date, and the EU is up to date.
Finish Supplemental DataA15*DONE (moot)John/MarkIf there are any currency or region changes from (A14, A11), send notice to cldr-users; record on release page.
Finish Supplemental DataA16*DONE (moot)YoshitoUpdate the tzdata files and verify that bcp47 data is consistent with latest tzdata
(New instruction needed - new ticket -
Finish Supplemental DataA16.5DONEMarkUpdate attribute validity info
MUST come after updating LSTR codes, currency, timezone, subdivisions, etc.
Finish Supplemental DataA17DONEPeterManually sync over updates to ICU segment rules (GenerateSegments no longer really works). Note that ICU removed its copy of the Japanese word-break tailoring, replacing it with dictionary-based break per ICU #9353; however we keep the Japanese word-break tailoring in CLDR since we don't have the dictionary break.No changes to ICU rules so far in ICU 57
Finish Supplemental DataA18*DONEJohn/MarkScript Metadata, LikelySubtags
Finish Supplemental DataA19MOOTPeter? (was all)Complete all supplemental/collation/rbnf/transforms, etc.Was ist das?
Finish Final CandidateA21*DONEJohn/PeterRun the necessary CLDRModify pases as outlined in:
Should be rerun whenever we make significant data changes. (For LRS, abbreviate run as check).
Finish Final CandidateA22DONEMark/JohnGenerate all algorithimically generated locales (like sr_Latn, de_CH. and yo_BJ )Run (and edit if necessary) tool/CLDRFileTransformer to generate transformed locales. Copy the generated xml files into common/main.
Finish Final CandidateA23DONEMark/JohnMake sure de_CH overrides any inherited ß characters. (should be done by A22, but check)
Finish Final CandidateA24*DONEPeterVerify that all of the key-type values in bcp47 are in en.xmlFile a ticket to add test for English
Finish Final CandidateA24.1*DONEPeterSend out note about alpha (before we have a complete spec ready). Make sure first that release page is reasonable, then summarize in email to cldr-users, unicore, unicode, icu-announce. Change status in News on to be Alpha
Finish Final CandidateA25*In progressPeterVerify that all CLDR X reviews are done; nudge people to get them done or load balance. Make sure to look at both the Pending reviews and the Active tickets with code and no reviewer
Finish Final CandidateA26*in progress (keep checking)StevenVerify that there is no code in the release that does not have a verified ticket for the release. (
Finish Final CandidateA27DONEPeterVerify that all X blockers/critical are done (Except BRS task tickets)
Finish Final CandidateA28DONE in r12967John/PeterUpdate ICU4J libraries in CLDR
Finish Final CandidateA29*DONEPeterMake sure errata are taken care of.

Delete any items that are taken care of.
File a bug on any item that is not.
Finish Final CandidateA30DONEMarkReview the suppressions in unittest/ (testLdml2Icu.txt) to make sure that all new structure is being copied into ICU is working correctly. File bugs for any omissions. Do a logKnownIssues for any suppressions.
Finish Final CandidateA31in progress; list sent to PeterRick to get list; Peter to edit into web page* Get contributors for
get list of those who contributed through Survey tool (Login as TC, under 'Manage Users', click 'Email Address of Users Who Participated' (shows all users, not just your org)
* Get bug reporters and bug committers also.
* Send a message out to those people who contributed at least one item, (see the
* This is NOT a blocker for the release; we can update that page at any time.
Finish Final CandidateA32DONEPeterUpdate CLDR version information and links in readme.html, update licenses? for candidate
Finish Final CandidateA32.2*DONEPeterCompare the DTDs to find out changes. Need to compare /common/dtd/* except for cldrTest.dtd, ldmlICIR.dtd, ldmlICU.dtd, and ldmlOpenOffice.dtd, AND /keyboards/dtd/*.
Check, and supplemental and bcp47.
Assign spec documentation tasks for missing items. Also diff root and en to catch new values.
Need to move D01-D03 should go before B01
Finish Final CandidateA32.3DONEPeterVerify that every BCP47 -u extension key is documented in TR35 (file tickets for missing ones). What about -t extension keys?
Finish Final CandidateA32.5*DONEPeterTest CLDR with ICU: Build ICU4C and ICU4J that uses the final candidate, verifying that the tests pass -- insofar as CLDR data is concerned
This means running both the LDML2ICUConverter tool and the ConvertTransforms tool.
Finish Final CandidateA33DONEJohn/StevenTag beta release with release-<major version>-<minor version>-d01, e.g: release-1-8-beta
Finish Final CandidateA33.2*DONEPeterOnce the spec is mostly done, send out note about beta. See above under Alpha for details.
Finish Final CandidateA33.7to doPeterSync deprecated items: spec, DTD. (now just a spec thing)
Finish Final CandidateA34.5Is unless the dtd's change furtherMarkRun to write out DTD files in canonical form.
Finish Final CandidateA34.7*Is unless further changes would affect figures, except verify numbers chart: see ChartDelta to get the new/changed items for the release page.
Finish Final CandidateA34.8*started, some problems. Leave TBD in release page if can't completeMarkGenerate the graphs for inclusion in the release page (see link), and add to release items.
Finish Final CandidateA35*in progressPeter/Mark
(all review and edit)
Review spec and bugs,, and produce a good summary of the high points for the release page and press release. Check changes in dtds, bcp47 files, root and en locales, supplementalData.xml, etc.
Make sure to supply a detailed Migration section, and a good "selling points" summary!!
ValidateB02*DONE (sufficient until D07)Mark/JohnMake sure the charts are all built with the latest data, as per Generating Charts:
ValidateB03slip this to post release at this pointJohn/StevenCreate JSON data
ValidateB06*DONEYoshitoOrganize import statements in Java source code
ValidateB08John /Fredrik /Kristi /KeumheeSimple sanity check of the ST on SmokeTest to prevent failures in the release version; Open main Locale view; Open German; Look at Languages; Look at Currencies; Open Dashboard, Open Reports ->Zones
Tag final candidateC01DONEPeterUpdate CLDR version information and links in readme.html for release candidate
Tag final candidateC02DONEJohn/StevenTag gamma release with release-<major version>-<minor version>-d02, e.g: release-1-8-d02. No more changes without committee permission - The ICU tests in item B01 must be passing before this is tagged..
Prepare final docsD01DONE (all OK for now)RickDo preliminary scan of the spec for broken links, and other problems. Distribute to others to review/fix.Copy the latest SVN files for "tr35-NNN.html" to directory reports/tr35/tr35-NN/ for the intermediate revision, and then run validation and link checks in-situ on each of them.
Prepare final docsD04*MarkCleanup spec HTML.
Run CheckHtmlFiles and format.
See link to right for details.
(NOT showstopper for release)
Prepare final docsD05Mark, PeterUpdate the release page to include significant Modification items from the spec. This is a continuation of A35, but couldn't be completed until D04 is done.
Prepare final docsD07*RickPrepare the final CLDR site pages (or whatever).
Note: these can't be finalized until the data and spec are final, see below.
Procedure for getting the URL for all fixed bugs for the release:

1. Change the milestone in the link:
2. Make that the value for the Δ28 at the top of the release page. Make sure it opens in new page.
Hit enter to verify that it works.
Prepare final docsD07.1*Mark/JohnMake sure the charts are all built with the *final* data, removing the "beta" tag, as per Generating Charts:
(NOT showstopper for release)
Prepare final docsD08*RickSanity-check all the above pages in step D7:
all links work
all versions, tags, and dates are right
For at least a sample page in each section / subsection, verify with W3C tool that HTML is valid.
Prepare final docsD09*RickFix the draft press-release page (also used for the notice).
In particular:
update the most recent boilerplate About Unicode from Ellen
replace the body by a summary of the release note, eg
Fix the dates and versions throughout (don't forget the page title)
This step depends on D2 above.
For a dot-dot release, take draft rel note draft from a recent dot-dot release, e.g. 1.7.2; for a dot release, use one of those, e.g. 1.8.
Prepare final docsD10*RickRemove the yellow from UTS#35 draft, and clean up everything for posting.
PostE01PeterUpdate CLDR version information and links in readme.html for final release
PostE02*John/ Peter/ StevenCreate zip files from the tagged directories common and tools directories, with the tag (e.g: release-1-3) and post to site for Rick to pick up.1). Go to cldr/tools and modify the version number in build.xml to the current version. 2). do "ant all" from the cldr/tools directory to create the zip files 3). Upload to and notify Rick.
PostE03*RickCreate a new directory, eg and populate with zip files...
PostE04*RickUpdate link to "latest"...
PostE05*RickChange the chart redirects to point to the new versions...
PostE06*RickVerify that the links on the release page...
PostE07*RickModify with new row on top...
PostE08*RickChange dtd redirection, in /home/httpd/htdocs/cldr/dtd/.htaccess ...
PostE09*RickUpdate and other pages ...
PostE10.1*JohnReview and handle all X bugs connected with the final release process
PostE10.2*JohnPer SRL: "Make sure everyone has closed their bugs… then close the milestone." [Only after all reviews are done, & F1 & E4!] See:
Tag final candidateE11*JohnTag final release with release-<major version>-<minor version>, e.g: release-1-8. Make sure that LDML / TR35 is final first.
Make sure to tag everything under cldr/: including common/, keyboards/, seed/, specs/, tools/ and licences/readme.
Tag final candidateE12*JohnMove the tag for latest. (New)
PostE13*RickUpdate the sidebar for the release...
PostE14*RickCreate a new blog page... and prep the home page update line for the release...
PostE15*RickPrep and send announcement...
PostE16*RickVerify that reports 22, 51, 52 is empty before trunk opens... and send "trunk open" message...
Prepare for next releaseF01*JohnRegenerate beta charts for next release; follow Generating Charts.
Prepare for next releaseF02Rickcreate a new stub release page for the next release, and update the pages:
Copy the previous page and state that it's a stub. Yellow some sections for the update
Prepare for next releaseF03*RickCreate the draft TR35 for next version and check into SVN so it's open for updates.Typical bug subject = Prepare TR35 spec files for CLDR NN proposed update
Prepare for next releaseF04JohnUpdate all of the "CURRENT" reports in trac to point to the new current milestones. Include report 62 and 63 as well.
Prepare for next releaseF05JohnUpdate GEN_VERSION in to next milestone; update dtd versions
Prepare for next releaseF06StevenCopy all voting data into accessable form before revising ST.
Prepare for next releaseF07JohnUpdate ST to new version number and previous version number.
Push latest ST code and data from smoketest (trunk) to production.
Verify that votes and alternate data from previous release are available. Put smoketest in BETA mode.
F08PeterUpdate the acknowledgements page with the new contributors, sort, etc, and post.
Prepare for next releaseF09JohnRemove / deprecate items that fall outside of the retention policy: Metazones - 20 years - Language / Territory translations: 5 years after deprecated in IANA subtag registry.
Put the rules into a Sites page and point to it from here. Data Retention Policy
Prepare for next releaseF10JohnUpdate CLDR's jars to latest version of ICU - guava - gson
Prepare for next releaseF10.1Johnmodify cldr-unittest/build.xml to use -z build instead of -z final_testing on the datacheck target - ( ST releases only... )
Prepare for next releaseF10.2JohnRun the CLDRModify passes against the data before opening ST.
Prepare for next releaseF11Mark(Fall Release Versions) File bug and update scriptmetadata for the new Unicode scripts (from beta)
Prepare for next releaseF12Mark(Fall Release Versions) File bug to update ICU used in CLDR whenever it is updated for new Unicode beta or final.
Prepare for next releaseF13Yoshito/JohnDo Formatting Java source code
Prepare for Data SubmissionG01JohnUpdate languages/scripts, currencies, timezones - See updating codes.
Prepare for Data SubmissionG01.1AllReview the "8-point required for approval" list of locales in coverageLevels.xml and update as appropriate.
Prepare for Data SubmissionG02JohnGenerateBirths