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Task# DNRTarget DateStatusOwnerUnclear descr.?CHPre ReqTask DescriptionBug/How-To LinksOther Links
A00Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRTom/StevenclearChange ST to Resolution
A01Resolve Disputes/Errors STRallclearDispute Resolution - 0 errors in ST - or until determined that all remaining errors are known/documented.
A01.2Rall; begin at Vetting startclearCopy into spreadsheet, distribute among TC. Take care of all flagged items.
A03Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRTom/StevenclearChange ST to read-only ; modify cldr-unittest/build.xml to use -z final_testing instead of -z build on the datacheck target (This will change the behavior of the automated build. )
A03.5Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRTom/KristiclearSend email to cldr-core2 when ST moves to Read-only mode.
(Removed ICU as this milestone is not of interest to ICU)
A04Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRTom/StevenBADA03Download from ST into master (must be done after A03 to avoid losing data!!)owners to cleanup admin-OutputAllFiles.jsp
Move to new Sites
A04.2RSteven/TomUpdatedScale the production server down to D12 (This will be be change to D14 as part of an SBR item: S19 as needed for the next release).
A04.4Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRTom/MarkBADA04Run ConsoleCheckCLDR vs. trunk, distribute errors to be fixed; (with options: -e -z final_testing - work the error count down to 0Check on this to see if necessary
A04.6RMark/TomBADA04Run to remove bogus files in annotations, etc.Tom to check if done by A04.
A04.8DNRdoneMarkBADA04.6Regenerate charts (add churn to regular chart generation)Mark to flesh-out descriptionFALSE
A04.9Finish Final CandidateNRmoot?Peter/MarkMake sure Known Issues from previous release are being taken care of.
A05Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRAnnemarie/Kristi/PeterBADA04.81. Produce recommendations for which locales have enough data to move from seed to common or vice versa. Bring to committee to make decision, and implement.
2. After item above, generate list of possible new locales for ICU and distribute to <>, for discussion/approval before ICU integration.
Pretty much everything that meets the criteria to be in common (#1) except for 2-3 legacy exceptions (that would probably not meet those citeria): cu, io, ...
recommend by email; look at coverage chart for candidates. Recently we have been using >95% of basic coverage and >70% (or 75%?) of core coverage
A05.1Resolve Disputes/ErrorsDNRdoneKristi/AnnemarieUpdatedA04.8Review delta charts for sanity/data issues, and add info to release note page or bring recommendations to TC:

1. Review in the TC meeting: and
2. Review a locale for anything looking odd, eg
3. Review Churn chart (new from v38) and bring issues to the TC
A05.5Resolve Disputes/ErrorsNRdoneTom/MarkclearA04Run the necessary CLDRModify passes as outlined in link to right.
Should be rerun whenever we make significant data changes. (For LRS, abbreviate run as check).
A05.7Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRMeike/MarkBADA05.5Analyze differences between en_GB and en_001 (main and annotations), determine which data needs to move up to en_001 and any necessary corrections. (note that Time and Date formats cannot be moved without TC policy review)Meike is writing up notes. Requires running java (currently). Add TSV generation to charts.

Filed: for TSV generation
A06.1Resolve Disputes/ErrorsRYoshito/PeterclearReview ICU to see if we need to update ICU4J libraries in CLDR, and if so, update.
(Only needed in coordination with ICU and need code updates)
A06.5Resolve Disputes/ErrorsDNRdoneAllclearReminder! Everyone to look at tickets requiring any manual data changes (that affect ICU!!) that need to go in before we attempt to freeze the main data.query for items in vNN that are not done, and review and track
A06.7Resolve Disputes/ErrorsDNRdoneKristi / Steven?Commit checker run #1: (not alpha blocker)
Run Shane's checker tool and Check the report "Active Tickets with Code and No Reviewer On Trunk" Ideally everything should be in review except items with Component=BRS.
A06.8DNRdoneKristiclearJira tickets Reminder to Assignees: CLDR TCs first review/send reminders on open tickets for current milestone
A07.1Resolve Disputes/ErrorsDNRdone (effectively)MarkclearSend out note to cldr-core2 and Markus(to forward to ICU) about data freeze (for all manual changes). Data needs to be stable for the production phases leading up to Alpha.
A07.4Resolve Disputes/ErrorsDNRdone Feb 17Peter / YoshitoReview ICU to see if we need to update ICU4J libraries in CLDR, and if so, update.
(Only needed in coordination with ICU and need code updates)
A07.9Resolve Disputes/ErrorsDNRdone (generation showed only space difference)Mark/Stevenupdated/clearRun to write out DTD files in canonical form. Overwrites in-repo. Diff and check in.
A09Resolve Disputes/ErrorsDNRmootSteven/MarkUpdate the plurals as per the link:
A09.1Incorporate UCDDNRmootMarkus/Peter/MarkUpdate for any new version of Unihan, running
A10Finish Supplemental DataNRdoneSteven/MarkMake sure version number in DTDs and GEN_VERSION in CLDRFile is updated to the current version. Don't forget the DTDs in the keyboards directory as well. and unicodeVersion in the ldmlSupplemental.dtdSearch *.dtd for [<!ATTLIST version]
A11Finish Supplemental DataDNRdone (didn't do subdivisions, but not needed yet)Yoshito / Mark / Steven / TomUpdate Language/Script/Region Subtags (check for likelysubtags coming from exemplars)
A11.15Finish Supplemental DataNRdoneSteven/MarkUpdatedMake sure that currencies are updated: see Updating Codes
A11.3Finish Supplemental DataDNRmootMark/PeterAdd any necessary annotations and collation info for candidates for the next Unicode Version.
A12Finish Supplemental DataDNRmoot (no changes)Yoshito / Steven/MarkClear/updatedUpdate supplemental data language/country/population from the spreadsheet, and do ConvertLanguageData.
A14Finish Supplemental DataNRdoneSteven/MarkUnclear about metadataEnsure UN codes are up to date, and the EU is up to date.
A15Finish Supplemental DataNRmootSteven/KristiclearIf there are any currency or region changes from (A14, A11, A11.15), send notice to cldr-core2 and cldr-users; record on release page. Look for possible Geopolitical issues.No relevant changes, nothing to do.
A16Finish Supplemental DataDNRdoneYoshitoUpdate the tzdata files and verify that bcp47 data is consistent with latest tzdata
(make sure we at least have a test that every bcp47 short timezone has a tzdata timezone & vice versa) instruction needed - new ticket -
A18Finish Supplemental DataNRmootSteven/MarkA12 A11Script Metadata (only for new Unicode), LikelySubtags. (LikelySubtags requires A12) [and A11?] Script Metadata because we aren't in Unicode 14 yet?
A18.5Finish Supplemental DataDNRdone, no changesSteven/MarkA11 A16Update attribute validity info
MUST come after updating LSTR codes, currency, timezone, etc.
A19Finish Supplemental DataNRmootPeter/Markcould merge w/ A11.3• Update emoji collation (run, emoji annotations based on ESC recommendations (changes in English)
A21Finish Final CandidateDNRdone, PR-1055 for CLDR-14513Steven/MarkA05.5?Generate all algorithimically generated locales (like sr_Latn, de_CH. and yo_BJ, and new ha_NE ). Remember to do all of (main, annotations, subdivisions).
A22.5Finish Final CandidateDNRmootAndrewZ/Steven/Mark• Generate the derived annotations with (Tool may need updates if there are new characters or RGI.)
A23Finish Final CandidateDNRmootPeter/YoshitoVerify that all of the key-type values in bcp47 are in en.xml, except for an exceptions list.ticket to add test for English is #9774Changes for CLDR 34: new keys/types added in bcp47 data since CLDR 37.
A23.5Finish Final CandidateDNRdone Feb 17PeterUpdate CLDR version information and links in readme.html, update licenses? for candidate
A23.52Finish Supplemental DataDNRmootMarkOnly for new Unicode versions. Run in the unicode tools to produce the file corresponding to the Unicode rules.
Compare to the segments/root.xml to make sure that they are ok, and make any necessary changes, retaining the special rules that CLDR has for keeping emoji together.
NOTE: Should come earlier to allow time for manual changes in ICU.
A23.54Finish Supplemental DataDNRmootPeter/CraigCorneliusManually sync changes to ICU segment rules.
Note that ICU removed its copy of the Japanese word-break tailoring, replacing it with dictionary-based break per ICU #9353; however we keep the Japanese word-break tailoring in CLDR since we don't have the dictionary break.
A24.4Finish Final CandidateNRdoneTom/ Steven/MarkAll previous stepsRun the necessary CLDRModify passes as outlined in link.
Should be rerun whenever we make significant data changes. (For LRS, abbreviate run as check).
A24.5DNRdoneMarkRebuild the charts
A24.6Finish Final CandidateDNRdonePeterReady for ICU integration(Peter)
A24.62DNRdone Feb 18-25PeterA24.6Do ICU integration and fix data bugs that result
A24.65Finish Final CandidateDNRdone Feb 25Peter/John/RickA24.62Tag as alpha release (this time release-39-alpha4).
Send out note to cldr-dev that alpha is tagged. (before we have a complete spec ready).
A24.7DNRdoneSteven, MarkClearRun
to identify files added or removed (trunk vs last-release). The relevant results should be summarized in the Release notes page.
A24.8DNRdonePeter/Mark/KristiGet minimal release page (eg ready for alpha. Should at least have overview section. Say on release page we are in alpha.
A25.0Finish Supplemental DataNRmootMark/StevenRun from wikipedia data to update LanguageGroup.xml
Make sure to review any changes (language moving from one line to another, or deletions)
A25.2Finish Supplemental DataDNRmootMarkUpdate Subdivision Subtags. If done after alpha, rebuild validity.
A25.4Finish Supplemental DataDNRmootMarkUpdate attribute validity info for subdivisions; regenerate ChartSubdivisionNames
A25.6Finish Supplemental DataRmootMarkUpdate Subdivision Translations. Need to do A21 again afterwards just for these.
A25.65DNRdonePeterRun to generate production-style data in cldr-staging/production, run tests on that data, checkin to repoTHINK THIS ALSO SHOULD BE BEFORE ALPHA
A25.7DNRmootTomPush to Survey Tool Production at Alpha.
(also st2: see link at right, and put in the git hash to be pushed)
A25.8DNRdoneMarkRebuild the charts
A26Finish Final CandidateDNRdonePeter/Mark/Rick(to go out next day) Public announcement of alpha - tagged as release-39-alpha4
Rick: Update "news" item to have an Alpha row.
Peter: Send notice in email to cldr-users, unicore, unicode, icu-announce.
Rick: Post also as blog announcement (using the summary text).
pre-alpha announcement tasks for pages:
A26.1ValidateNRmootYoshitoOrganize import statements in Java source code (make sure to *not* format merging lines).
A26.2Finish Final CandidateDNRdoneSteven/Peter > PeterCreate maint branch, and tag as alpha release with release-<major version>-alpha, e.g: release-18-alpha
A26.3Finish Final CandidateDNRdoneDoesn't block beta: Rick to get list (Rick gets candidates from ST, Peter gets candidates from JIRA/github); Peter to edit into web page* Get contributors for
* Get list of those who contributed through Survey tool, Jira bugs fixed, and Github pull-reqs for the release. See the How-to info.
* Send a message to those people who contributed at least one item, (see the
* This is NOT a blocker for the release; we can update that page at any time.
A26.4Finish Final CandidateDNRdonePeterIntegrate into ICU, fix issues.
A26.5Finish Final CandidateNRdoneMarkCompare the DTDs to find out spec documentation tasks for missing items. Also diff root and en to catch new values.Need to move D01-D03 should go before B01
A26.6Finish Final CandidateDNRdoneMarkReview the suppressions in unittest/ (testLdml2Icu.txt) to make sure that all new structure is being copied into ICU is working correctly. File bugs for any omissions. Do a logKnownIssues for any suppressions.
A26.65DNRdoneTom/Steven/MarkUpdate to latest version of guava and gson libs, if not done in SBRSnew way with mvn:
A26.65DNR2021-03-10donePeter to tagDATA BETA: Last point for tagging dev version for integration of beta into ICU for changes that would affect ICU library code
A26.662021-03-10donePeterChange the release page and to say beta.
A26.672021-03-10doneRickSend message to Rick's announcement list:
"CLDR v39 beta has reached data freeze, so no further changes will be made to the cldr data except for showstoppers. For more details see [release page link] ( The planned date for the LDML specification freeze is [DATE]. (March 24, 2021.
A26.68Finish Final CandidateDNRdoneSteven/Peter > PeterTag as beta release with release-<major version>-beta, e.g: release-18-beta
A27Finish Final CandidateDNRdoneKristiVerify that all X blockers/critical are done (Except BRS task tickets)Current version (v38) ALL-Filter 10094
A27.13DNRdoneKristiReadiness for Beta: All tickets other than spec, doc, BRS, and Charts are in Review or Done
A27.14.5PostNRin progressMissing components and tickets in reviewKristiClean up all open tickets for release version
(NOT showstopper for release)
1. All tickets must have a Component
2. All tickets Resolution=Fix must have a Reviewer
3. All status must be DONE for the current Fix version
4. Set Priority (When it's Done, bulk change to Medium)

Jira ticket handling for the Release: CLDR TCs take action on unhandled tickets (From the Jira/github process doc):
1. TC members are expected to review the tickets they reported and bring to triage for prioritization
2. Send out a warning email ahead of time to CLDR core with a date when the Fix in version will be removed.
3. Remove Fix in version for any tickets that are not handled in a release
[CLDR BRS 27.14 (v38)-Filter 10129
A27.5DNRdoneKristiCommit checker run #2
1. Request Steven to run Shane's Commit checker tool
2. Final check on Jira tickets cleanliness using Shane's Commit checker Report. "Commits for Open Jira Issue". Update Jira tickets if no actions were taken by the owners.
A28Finish Final CandidateDNRdone, doc updatedSteven/PeterUpdate ICU4J libraries in CLDR again (after ICU4J feature / code freeze & CLDR integration into ICU)
A29Finish Final CandidateNRdoneMark/PeterMake sure Known Issues from previous release are taken care of.

Delete any items that are taken care of.
File a bug on any item that is not, and copy into current release page.
A31.5DNRmootStevenPush to Survey Tool Production at Beta.
A32.3Finish Final CandidateDNRmootYoshitoVerify that every BCP47 -u and -t extension key is documented in TR35 (file tickets for missing ones).Check changes under bcp47 folder and see if all new keys have explanation in LDML. A new value (value part of key-value pair) usually does not require a corresponding explanation in LDML.

CLDR 38 - dictionary break exclusion identifier "dx" is new, and the LDML specification was updated to include this.
A32.5Finish Final CandidateNRdone Peter, 24th lateSteven/PeterPart of normal integration:
Test CLDR with ICU: Build ICU4C and ICU4J that uses the final candidate, verifying that the tests pass -- insofar as CLDR data is concerned
This means running both the LDML2ICUConverter tool and the ConvertTransforms tool.
A33.1DNRmootMarkRebuild the charts
A33.15DNRdoneMarkCompose blog post for beta
A33.2Finish Final CandidateNR2021-03-25doneRick/PeterSPEC BETA: Once the spec is mostly done, send out note about beta. See above under Alpha for details. Fix download page, News on front page, Send note to Rick. Emphasize feedback on
A33.7Finish Final CandidateDNRmootPeterSync deprecated items: spec, DTD. (now just a spec thing);
Mark's comment: should we instead maybe generate a list of deprecated items mechanically, and point to that list, instead of including in spec? Peter: That seems like a good idea, I will file a ticket
A34.5Finish Final CandidateDNRdoneMarkRun to write out DTD files in canonical form.
A34.7Finish Final CandidateNR2021-04-02doneMarkGet the new/changed items for the release page.
A34.8Finish Final CandidateNRmootMarkGenerate the graphs for inclusion in the release page (see link), and add to release items. Get the items added from delta_summary.tsv (generated by charts)
A35Finish Final CandidateNRdoneMark/Peter
(all review and edit) - in progress
Review bugs, significant Modification items from the spec,, DTD chart, and produce a good summary of the high points for the release page and press release. Check changes in dtds, bcp47 files, root and en locales, supplementalData.xml, etc.
Make sure to supply a detailed Migration section, and a good "selling points" summary!!
B01DNR2021-04-02doneKristi/StevenCommit checker run #3 (final): Run Shane's checker tool (Steven), verify results
B02ValidateNR2021-04-05mootMarkMake sure the charts are all built with the latest data, as per Generating Charts:
B03ValidateNRin progress, generated beta 2 target mid-apr for final. Updated the release note with a linkStevenCreate JSON data (can generate from cldr-staging), and tag with appropriate release tag
B08ValidateDNRmootMeike /Kherishma /FredrikSimple sanity check of the ST on SmokeTest to prevent failures in the release version; Open main Locale view; Open German; Look at Languages; Look at Currencies; Open Dashboard, Open Reports ->Zones. Send email to group. -> Can enter dupicate data as treated as a new value -> Ideally there should be a limit for space limited formats
B10DNR2021-04-14mootTomPush to Survey Tool Production at pre-release, for sanity check
D01Prepare final docsDNR2021-04-02doneRick[change as necessary] Do preliminary scan of the spec for broken links, and other problems. Distribute to others to review/fix.Copy the latest (repository) files for "tr35-NNN.html" to directory reports/tr35/tr35-NN/ for the intermediate revision, and then run validation and link checks in-situ on each of them.
2021-03-31doneMarkdown spec fixes applied
D07.2Prepare final docsNR2021-04-05doneMark/PeterPrepare the announcement text for Rick to send out.
D07.35Prepare final docsNR2021-04-05doneMarkMake sure the charts are all built with the *final* data, removing the "beta" tag, as per Generating Charts:
(NOT showstopper for release); then copy to /latest/ directory
D07.37Prepare final docsNR2021-04-05mootMark / PeterFix the draft press-release page (also used for the notice).
In particular:
update the most recent boilerplate About Unicode from Ellen
replace the body by a summary of the release note, eg
Fix the dates and versions throughout (don't forget the page title)
This step depends on D05-D07 above.
For a dot-dot release, take draft rel note draft from a recent dot-dot release, e.g. 1.7.2; for a dot release, use one of those, e.g. 1.8.
D07.38Prepare final docsDNR2021-04-05doneRickRemove the yellow from UTS#35 draft, and clean up everything for posting.
THIS HAS TO BE FINAL! All links in spec.
D07.4Prepare final docsNR2021-04-07doneRick/FredrikCheck all the links on the release page (link is example)
D08Prepare final docsNR2021-04-07doneSteven, Rick[Rick, Steven: Figure out how to revise this for Markdown.]
• fix
• all the above pages in step D7:
• all links work in spec, and release page links to spec.
all versions, tags, and dates are right
For at least a sample page in each section / subsection, verify with W3C tool that HTML is valid.
Post the final spec under reports/tr35/[version]
After markdown is completed and convertd to HTML, posting the final spec involves putting the seven converted tr35*.html files into reports/tr35/tr35-NN/ directory for the correct latest revision, and then also copying those HTML files into reports/tr35/ main directory so that the "latest" version is at and the index.html file is a copy of tr35.html. This part has changed significantly now that the spec is in markdown.
E01PostDNR2021-04-06donePeterUpdate CLDR version information and links in readme.html for final release