PrimaryPoolTarget EODStatusTime EstimateDNRPre Req IDTask DescriptionBug/How-To LinksOther Links
New BRS sheetAnnemarieAnnemarie, Mark, Peter2024-04-22doneminsDNR
New SBRS Umbrella TicketPeterdone Apr 23minsDNRNew BRS sheetCreate SBRS ticket: CLDR-17575 is the parent ticket, individual SBRS umbrella ticket block this one

[ Need a milestone at the start of shakedown; umbrella dsub ticket]
Show new scheduleMarkAnnemarie, Mark, PeterdoneminsDNRNew BRS sheetModify versions for the schedule info. After done, correct results should show on
Redirect spec proposed.html to main branchStevendoneminsDNRUpdate proposed.html to redirect to main branch of the spec.
Review new locale requests in STDavidMark, Davidin progressminsRNew BRS sheetReview all items in component locale-create and make sure that any new language requests are on track to be added by esub
Language namesMarkMark, AnnemarieRReset the languages to be translated in Main to be locales that reached Basic the release before.

[Need to revisit ahead of shakedown; may need a 2nd check point]
Added this; we'd neglected it last time.
Units / grammar additionsMark2024-05-01RDecide which (if any) additional units, or additional unit grammars need addition.
Schedule finalizationAnnemariedoneminsDNRShow new scheduleAdd and track agenda item to agree on milestones and dates for the releaseshared schedule
Merge maint branch backPeterPeter, Steven, Dragandone Apr 22hoursDNRCreate SBRS TicketMerge maintenance branch back to main branch
Review number format/number systemsPeter2024-05-01Check whether there are any languages which should have more number systems at modern beyond their default system.
Create directory for new releaseStevendoneminsDNRCreate SBRS TicketCreate a new empty data directory with a readme that says 'IN DEVELOPMENT'
Bump version number and ICU jarsPeterSteven, Peterdone Apr 23minsDNRMerg maint branch back to main- Update CLDR's jars to latest version of ICU.
- Update readme to reflect correct version and status.
- Update GEN_VERSION in to next milestone
- update dtd versions.
- Update versions in pom.xml files See for example
Create draft TR35PeterAnnemarie/Steven / Peterdone with version update aboveminsDNR (rarely D)Merge back maint to mainNote: Have discussion if this should be merged with another task

Create the draft TR35 for next version and create Github PR so it's open for updates. Header changes, revision number += 1, "Proposed Update", Status=Proposed update...

- Be sure not to merge final spec status or snapshot/version number into main since it's a dev branch
Typical bug subject = Prepare TR35 spec files for CLDR NN proposed update. Include dates, versions, header links, copyright check, and new Mods (yellow) with removed-style on old Mods. (Also run validation and link checks on HTML converted version, when possible.)
Set Consolecheck to BUILDSteventodominsRBump version number and ICU jarsSet the default Phase for Consolecheck on the server to be BUILD (replace this if we figure out a better mechanism). maven.yml

Should be only open when open submission
Bulk close forum postsTomTom, Steven2024-05-01minsDNRCreate SBRS Ticket- Auto-close certain forum requests. Log into ST as Admin and choose "Bulk close posts" from the main menu. As of 2023-04-19, the only threads that get auto-closed are "requests" for values matching the final winning value (includes inherited); do after the values for this version are final.
- Add comment to SBRS ticket when complete

Needs to be done before Shakedown
GenCharts1StevenMark, SteventodominsDNRMerge back maint to mainRegenerate charts with new version number and check in. Remember to change ToolConstants to add new release, change DEV_VERSION.
Update JIRA filtersAnnemarieMark, Annemarie, Peter, anybodyin progressminsDNRCreate SBRS TicketUpdate all of the "@CURR" jira filters be editable by group, and to point to the new current milestones ==> vXX
Upgrade serverStevenTom, SteventodohoursDNRCreate SBRS TicketUpgrade server software to latest versions. Update smoke first to make sure everything works; then the "upgrade-playbook.yml" playbook
Emoji annotationsMark2024-05-01DNRAdd any necessary emoji annotations and collation info for candidates for the next Unicode Version.

MOVE TO START OF RELEASE (and only for summer)
Update ST version number and phase, push to productionTomTom, StevenhoursRUpgrade serverMove into or out of LimitedSubmission as necessary.
Update ST and smoketest to new version number and previous version number.
Push latest ST code and data from smoketest (trunk) to production.
Verify that votes and alternate data from previous release are available. Edit, set CLDR_PHASE to VETTING_CLOSED (but make it SUBMIT on smoketest, for testing)
Make sure CheckCLDR.LIMITED_SUBMISSION is correct for new release on both smoketest and production. Locales and paths if limited.
TC org language contribution plansPMs2024-05-01in progresshoursRSharing of Language contribution scope by Company; bring to committee.

Update [CLDR] Locales by company sheet with planned coverage
Unit test KIs (1st)StevenhoursNRReview Known issues in Unit tests (as logged when running the tests).Add test arg '-allKnownIssues'
UNK (only summer cycle)hoursRMake proposal and run by committee for:
Remove / deprecate items that fall outside of the retention policy:
Metazones - 20 years
Language / Territory translations: 5 years after deprecated in IANA subtag registry.
Currencies 10 years?
Put the rules into a Sites page and point to it from here. Data Retention Policy
Update Info HubWojtekChristian, Waseem, Fredrik, Manuel, AnnemariehoursRStart cleaning up Information Hub for Linguists (in Sites)
- Remove all sub sections and contents that are not generic.
- Update and modify the generic page to start the new contribution period (or Closed contribution information for the start of a non-contribution release.
- Add information about new data for cycle (if needed)
- Update known issues
Sign-off Info HubAnnemariehoursRRemove ### markers (use for Reviewers) still left in Translation guides. Use blue italicized text for things to highlight to readers. NOTE: clear out highlights for users at Vetting Start, and then after Resolution. Send email after done, asking for review.
??LSet Survey Tool to final check to see if there are any errors that would require vetters to resolve in locales that are planned to not open
Check with organizations for coverage changesMarkMark, Annemarie, PeterminsRCheck with contributing organizations to see if they require any changes to locales.txt, and then make the changes.

- Annemarie to check PR and add any that aren't missing data
AnnemarieAnnemarie / PeterDNRReminder to all to Review "All current milestone" tickets assigned to them and assess the size (JIRA 'time needed') for the release.
2024-04-24RCheckpoint 2 week before shakedown
Clear Late BasicsStevenMarkminsDNRFor General Submission, clear out the set TestCLDRLocaleCoverage.removalsForLateBasics
This set might have been stocked in the previous release with locales that made it to basic after general submission started.
Update coverage pathsPeterMark / PeterhoursRCheck coverage, particularly for new structure from last release (eg h0:Hybrid)
Update zeroed paths (null out imported votes)PeterPeter, MarkhoursRSet all <locale,path> pairs that zero-out imported votes.
Add emojiMarkMark, NedhoursRIf there are new or updates of Emoji data from ESC that need to come into CLDR, incorporate them.
TC review dsub ticketsAnnemarie / Peter(?)hoursDNRFinal TC review Dsub tickets (major+)

Jira filter
Tom / RickRCheck that ST Admin work done in preparation for the upcoming release.


Look at making bounces easier/more streamlined

This is more of a checkpoint to make sure all ST related Admin tasks are done.
mainlly done, except if any new orgs need to be added.
Update to new UnicodeMarkusMarkus, MarkhoursRFile bug and update scriptmetadata and other data for the new Unicode scripts (from beta)
Remove TC status in ST for non-active membersPeterPeter, Annemarie, Steven, Tom, MarkminsRReset TC status in SurveyTool for non-regular attendees from TC to Vetter/Manager, before starting next submission

1. Check current list of attendees to TC meetings
2. Remove status of non-attendees
Users who have not responded or acted in 2 cycles
Update locales.txtAll orgsminsRCheck with organizations for coverage changesUpdate Locales.txt
as needed (revisited by each company);
Drop Organizations that are no longer active as per policy
8-point vote language listPMsminsRUpdate of locales.txtCheck list of 'High bar' in coverageLocales.xml

Review the "8-point required for approval" list of locales in coverageLevels.xml and update as appropriate; also the 20 vote items (ST releases only), and the PathHeader. ; bring to committee.

Requires at least 2 organizations to have vetters in the locale to meet minimal vote threshold for locales in 8 vote

Pending creation '7-vote' level:

Note: This should be done right before submission when it is confirmed the final set of locales
8 points are not required for locales that only have one TC active

Wait until Microsoft lands; can update before vetting
Update unitsMarkhourUpdate units for translation, and those to gather grammar data for. Some units are only translated for specific locales (en, jp, etc) and don't go into root. Most units don't require grammar, except si/metric units. Adjust the inclusions and exclusions in GrammarInfo.UnitsToAddGrammar.
GenerateBirthsMark/StevenMark, StevenminsRGenerateBirths (Review carefully, since annotations have been added)

Should capture last changed made in English

affects English changed count

Already done once; will need to be redone with any English changes for an old thing
Update curr.,StevenhoursRUpdate currencies - See updating codes. (Just before dsub, so that we get the latest changes)

Including making sure that any new items are added in modern coverage if needed.

Note: scripts will be covered under Update to new Unicode
Update langsTomTom, StevenhoursRUpdate langs - See the relevant part of updating codes. (Just before dsub, so that we get the latest changes) --

Note: scripts will be covered under Update to new Unicode
Ensure all new DDL languages have English namesSteven- All DDL languages moving to Basic for inclusion in ICU must have an English name.

Having a name in English is not blocking for languages to start contributing in the Survey Tool to basic (formerly was required as part of Core data)

Update TZ dataYoshitominsDNRCreate SBRS TicketCheck and update TZ data if necessary

This needs to be done before ST opens (ideally as late as possible)
New Umbrella BRSAnnemarieminsDNRNew Umbrella BRS ticket [Should be moved to create at Shakedown]

Individual members umbrella BRS tickets will block this ticket
MarkMark, Annemarie, Peterweeks?New data tickets are done;
MarkMark, PeterhoursRun Run CLDRModify -fD when downgrade.txt changes, to downgrade votes (optional dependent on release needs)
FredrikFredrik, Waseem, Christian, ManuelminsRSimple sanity check on Survey Tool in Smoke Test to prevent failures in the release version; Open main Locale view; Open German; Look at Languages; Look at Currencies; Open Review>Priority Items; Open Review>Zones. (Note: Use a Vetter account)
TomminsRPush to production (checking for gotchas)
TomminsRMove production ST to SUBMIT (or BETA) mode (ST releases only)
FredrikFredrik, Waseem, Christian, ManuelminsRRepeat the sanity check from S33.6 on production Survey Tool after SUBMIT mode is on.
AnnemarieFredrik, Waseem, Christian, ManuelminsDNRGive the Info Hub a final check, and Publish. Notify vetters.
Start shakedown2024-05-08Shakedown
All TCRStart the controlled push to production processPushing to ProductionGithub
Push to production List
All dsub tickets completeAllweeksRFinish all ticket items that affect ST (i.e. Dsub tickets)
Data cleanup passPeterhoursRun CLDRModify -fp and GenerateDtd with new structure and mods before regular submission
Shakedown completePMsWaseem, Fredrik, Christian, ManuelhoursRShakedown done and all essential bug fixes have been fixed or documented under known issues
Draft submission start messageMarkPMsminsRDraft Submission start message.

The Survey Tool is now open for General Submission for data to be included in CLDR version XX.

Add teaser about focus areas.

Please start by visiting the information hub: 
look at previous messages and capture template here.
M0 Integration: Integrate new CLDR to ICUDragan, PeterdaysRIntegrate new CLDR structure & English data into ICU

Note: This needs to be done in dsub if new timezone names are added since timezones have a circular dependency.
Update latest ICU tagged releasePeterminsRShakedown has started; and ICU version has been updatedUpdate to latest tagged release of ICU (eg ICU 66.1 preview release tag instead of master)

Should this be merged with a different ticket?
Push to productionTomminsRShakedown completePush to production (checking for gotchas)
Send submission start message to vettersTomTom, Steven, Annemarie, Peter, MarkminsRPush to productionSend submission start message to vetters (admin access: Rick, Mark, Steve, Tom, Peter)
Generate births (pre-submission)MarkminsRAll dsub tickets completeRegenerate births if there are any new English changes

Should create a GitHub action for this; Mark to file tickets
Start Submissionall2024-05-15minsRSubmission starts!!
Submission blog postMarkminsRCompose & send blog post, based on Submission message (cut material only relevant to active vetters)Is this moot? Haven't done a blog post since v36 for start of Submission. Discuss this 6/19 with Mark
Review access list for Azure credentialsStevenminsRReview access list for Azure credentialsCLDR Server Internals: be skipped; not sure this should be in the BRS; need to discuss the process.
MarkminsRRegenerate charts for submission; follow Generating Charts.
hoursReview and prioritize dvet tickets, and make sure they get started
Annemarieminsstart 1 week before vettingAdd agenda item to look at flagged items until end of resolution.
Change Smoketest to vettingStevenSteven, TomminsUpdate smoke test and CLDR staging to vetting mode
Change ST to vettingStevenSteven, TomminsUpdate production ST to vetting mode
Update CLDR site to announce vettingAnnemarieminsUpdate info hub with messaging about moving into vetting mode & send announcement
Send start of vetting announcementAnnemariemins
Vetting startsall2024-06-12minsVetting starts!!!
Change smoketest to resolutionStevenTom, StevenminsRUpdate smoke test to VETTING_CLOSED (resolution) mode; in, CLDR_PHASE=VETTING_CLOSED and
CLDR_HEADER=Closed for v43
Change ST to resolutionStevenTom, StevenminsRChange ST to resolution; in, CLDR_PHASE=VETTING_CLOSED and
CLDR_HEADER=Closed for v43
Update CLDR site to announce resolutionAnnemarieMark, Peter, Annemariemins- Update info hub with messaging about moving into resolution mode
- Send announcement in ST to vetters
Resolution startsall2024-07-01minsResolution starts!!!
allhoursRDispute Resolution - fix as many errors as possible in ST until 0 errors - or until determined that all remaining errors are known/documented or easier to fix in XML than ST.
all; begin at Vetting startminsRCopy into spreadsheet, distribute among TC. Take care of all flagged items.[note from annemarie] - we haven't been doing this, should we start again?
Resolve errors in non-TC localesStevenhoursCreate a list of non-TC locale errors

Long term: create a view similar to priority items dashboard for non-TC locales
ST Resolution complete (ready to move ST to read only)all2024-07-17minsNo more changes in ST (includes TC and Admin); data is merged into a branch. All further work should be in that branch, until merged.
Notify TC of read-only mode stage changeStevenTom, AnnemarieminsRA03Send email to cldr-core2 when ST moves to Read-only mode.
(Removed ICU as this milestone is not of interest to ICU)
ST Read-OnlyStevenminsRST Resolution CompleteChange ST to read-only ; modify .github/workflows/maven.yml to use -z
Create vXML branchStevenSteven, TomminsRCreate vXML branch brs/vXXvxml where error are allowed
Final Testing enabledStevenSteven, TomminsRfinal_testing instead of -z build on the datacheck target (This will change the behavior of the automated build. )
Move to VXMLSteven / TomdaysRA03 (ST in read-only mode)- Download database from ST
- Generate vXML locally
- Check into branch brs/vXXvxml where XX is the version number (must be done after ST has been changed to Read-only mode (item A03) to avoid losing data!!)
owners to cleanup
Data freeze reminderAnnemarieminsDNRJira tickets Reminder to Assignees: CLDR TCs first review/send reminders on open tickets for current milestone (data items need to be completed by the 8th)

Include data milestones & alpha 1 date
Include that changes to ST data MUST be made after vXML integration
Issues for current release not including docs/spec/BRS:

All issues for current release:
Fix all errors in vXMLTom / Mark / PeterhoursRA04Run ConsoleCheckCLDR on brs/vXXvxml, distribute errors to be fixed; (with options: -e -z final_testing - work the error count down to 0Check on this to see if necessary
Merge vXML into mainSteven/ PeterminsR- After errors are fixed, merge brs/vXXvxml into main, use merge-commit (special handling!)
- Delete branch after merge has completed
Main updated from ST2024-07-17vXML merged into main
Regenerate charts after vXML integrationMarkminsDNRA04.6Regenerate charts (add churn to regular chart generation)Mark to flesh-out description
Check CoverageLevels.txt for anomaliesMarkChristian, Waseem, Fredrik, AydahoursCharts regenerated after vXML merged in main- Review CoverageLevels.txt to see if there are any anomalies
- Fix issues if possible

replacement for A05 since we no longer have seed locales
Ensure all new DDL languages have English namesSteven- All DDL languages moving to Basic for inclusion in ICU must have an English name.

Having a name in English is not blocking for languages to start contributing in the Survey Tool to basic (formerly was required as part of Core data)

PeterCLDR should verify that ICU is including all languages

and class CalculatedCoverageLevels

This will need to be done until:
- CLDR API package is updated to be able to provide this data
- ICU tooling is updated to call this function
AnnemarieminsDNRReminder! Send note to everyone to look at tickets requiring any manual data changes (that affect ICU!!) that need to go in before we attempt to freeze the main data.query for items in vNN that are not done, and review and track
Update Known issues for current releaseStevenSteven, TomminsNRMake sure Release Known Issues (from previous release) are being taken care of. (for download page -- see also ); carry over others into new release page

Link to edit site:
Update pluralsMark / StevenMark, StevenhoursDNRUpdate the plurals as per the link:

Can happen right before Alpha1