TimestampWhat is your name?What is your e-mail address?What is your thesis statement?What is your backup thesis statement in case your previous submission is unacceptable?What period are you in?Polazzo's Take
12/20/2017 11:12:39Inbar Pe'eripeer@stuy.eduFelons should be able to vote. The electoral college should be abolished. Period 3Both are approved--the felon voting thesis sounds a lot more interesting.
12/20/2017 20:05:03Alan Zhouazhou2@stuy.eduSchools must be given expanded rights to regulate electronic speech in an age where the use of technology has become more rampant. Affirmative action must be overturned by the courts as it acts as a form of reverse discrimination against qualified students. Period 4Both are good; the first thesis sounds more interesting.
12/20/2017 20:43:54Donia Tungdtung@stuy.eduOriginal interpretation is most infallible means by which to look at the Constitution. Citizenship has lost its meaning in the globalized world. Period 3The originalism topic is approved--your backup is a bit too vague.
12/20/2017 21:49:50Dimitriy Leksanovdleksanov@stuy.eduThe "living Constitution" theory is the most accurate and reasonable interpretation of the Constitution.Affirmative Action is inherently unconstitutional because it cannot actually be carried out without the use of some sort of quota.Period 4Both are good--you should have a debate with Donia!
12/20/2017 21:52:41Julia Qinqin.julia@yahoo.comThe adversary system of American courts exploits and marginalizes the rule of law.Discrimination against intersectional identities is still a violation of the equal protection clause.Period 4Both are fine--the first one sounds more promising.
12/21/2017 12:57:58David Lindlin10@stuy.eduThe death penalty should not be abolished.Stricter gun control laws should be implemented. Period 4Both are fine.
12/21/2017 14:25:03Kevin Likli16@stuy.eduWe should abolish plea bargaining in favor of solutions that more fundamentally address over-criminalization and inefficiency in the US Criminal Justice System.Qualified Immunity should be limited for police officers.Period 4Both are good--the first is more interesting.
12/21/2017 20:07:23Sean Vaysburdsvaysburd@stuy.eduThe US Constitution should be amended to transition the country to a purely federal system with equal representation weight for each person in the federal government (e.g. no Senate and no electoral college). The US should repeal the fourth amendment. Period 3Both are fine.
12/21/2017 21:32:41Ben Weinsteinbweinstein@stuy.eduThe budget reconciliation process should be limited to just involve the federal debt limit and changes in spending on already-existing federal programs and departments.All state judges should be appointed, not elected.Period 3Both topics are good!
12/21/2017 21:50:03Daniel Jujudaniel4@gmail.comThe US federal government should significantly expand funding for section 8 housing voucher programs.There should be a one day primary for presidential nominations.Period 3Both topics are good.
12/21/2017 22:07:49Max Lobelmlobel@stuy.eduThe power of the legislature to determine fiscal policy is eliminated and control over fiscal policy will be given to an independent federal agency in the style of the Federal Reserve. Every citizen is mandated to serve two years of civil or military service upon reaching the age of 18, as well as an additional year of service at the age of 35.Period 4Both topics are good.
12/21/2017 22:35:35Allyn Liuallynliu78987@gmail.comThe Supreme Court decision in Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972) should be overruled.Article III Judges should have their life tenure limited.Period 3Both topics are good!
12/21/2017 23:04:49Michael Kaydinmichaelkaydin@gmail.comLowering the federal corporate income tax rate does not create jobs.Affirmative action should not be practiced. Period 3Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 2:00:32George Ligli5@stuy.eduWe should use computer algorithms to fix gerrymandering.There should be a provision for the people to remove elected officials from office, including the president, if not deemed fit for duty. The second amendment gives the people the right to rebel and overthrow government, but is that option even possible today?Period 3Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 2:14:50Pacy Yanpyan@stuy.eduWhile plea bargaining is used often in our criminal justice system, it is a philosophically unsound practice. While plea bargaining is often used in our criminal justice system, the process proves impossible to justify in the context of many philosophical theories and fails to stand against moral scrutiny. Period 4Both topics look to be basically identical. But they're fine.
12/22/2017 7:10:35David Cheungdcheung@stuy.eduMilitary aptness should not be determined on the basis of gender, but rather have exceptions on the basis of physical and mental issues.Trustee politicians are unconstitutional because their actions do not represent those that voted them into office.Period 3Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 11:32:19Sydney Zhangszhang8@stuy.eduCurrent immigration laws and citizen requirements are too strict, making it harder for people to enter the country and obtain citizenship.After the recent tragedies that resulted from overly loose gun control, laws regarding guns and their possession should be revised. Period 4Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 13:01:22Sophie Fengsophieafeng@gmail.comSupreme Court proceedings should be made public and televised.Life tenure for Supreme Court justices should be abolished and replaced with term limits.Period 3Both topics are good!
12/22/2017 13:17:15Hillary HaoHhao@stuy.eduTo ensure that the integrity of the Constitution remains intact, the Supreme Court should deemphasize the role of public opinion in the decision process.Fiscal policy is particularly damaging for the lower and upper extremes of American societyPeriod 3Both topics are good!
12/22/2017 14:05:44Jeffrey Kongjkong4@stuy.eduBureaucracies have taken on a lot of power and have shifted the power from the president of the better.Gerrymandering has provided a democracy where people feel their vote is worth more.Period 3Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 15:10:56Jessica (JT) Taojtao@stuy.eduMandatory minimum sentences should be eliminated.U.S. cities will have their borders extended across state lines to encompass their metropolitan areas and form large metro governments.Period 4Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 16:45:06William Linwlin6@stuy.eduThe perpetual failure of legislative oversight is a catalyst for corruption.We should have professional jurors. Period 3Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 17:09:58Perry Wangpwang2@stuy.eduThe electoral college is beneficial to American democracy and thus should remain intact.
NFL teams cannot blacklist players who kneel during the national anthem, like Collin Kaepernick, because they infringe on his symbolic speech; although these teams are privately owned, freedom of speech supersedes the owners’ powers to regulate it.Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 17:14:16Aiseaise.oneil@gmail.comThe United States should eliminate the sales tax.The United States government should guarantee the right to some form of housing to all its residents.Period 4Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 17:16:49Kevin Chenkchen28@stuy.eduAn universal basic income (UBI) should be established.The welfare system should be reformed.Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 17:56:36Penn Wupenn.z.wu@gmail.comThe US should not use a two-party system.Bureaucrats should be guaranteed tenure after working for a certain number of years.Period 3Both are good, though you'll have to specify how we'd get rid of the two party system.
12/22/2017 18:24:48Clive Johnstoncjohnston1@stuy.eduCongress must stop granting the USPS certain privileges, as it creates an artificial monopoly that prevents competition from private courier companies that would better serve the American people. All states must adopt freedom of information laws that are equally, if not more pro-access than the federal Freedom of Information Act. Period 4Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 18:29:13Michael leemichaelleestuy@gmail.comThe minimum wage should be abolished.Drone strikes are legal and should be legal.Period 3Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 19:17:58Shivasuryan Vummidissuryan.v@gmail.comElections need to be scrutinized further due to widespread rumors of hacking by foreign parties.The government should invest more money into scientific research to allow for more research to be continued and let America remain at the forefront of scientific innovation.Period 3Both are good, but as to the first topic, you'll need to me more specific about the type of scrutiny.
12/22/2017 20:23:12Isaac Rose-BermanIsaacroseberman@gmail.comShould we have a separate capital gains tax rate? Or should all income be treated the same?Should illegal aliens have a road to citizenship?Period 3I'm looking for thesis statements, not thesis questions.
12/22/2017 20:56:37Tiffany Moitmoi@stuy.eduThe Independent Council Statute should be reintroduced and extended to special councils in order to eliminate the conflict of interest that may arise when the Department of Justice investigates high ranking officials. The Supreme Court should be expanded to include more justices. Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 21:12:42Jenny Hanjenny.han9@gmail.comThe United States should curtail its domestic surveillance of activists.The United States should overturn Citizens United.Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 21:24:02Daniel Knopfdanielkn609@gmail.comThe Supreme Court should only be able to rule on actual legal matters, and bigger social issues should be voted on by referendum The U.S. needs to spend less on defense and instead put that money towards more productive things like education and infrastructure Period 4Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 21:32:51Holden Higginshhiggins@stuy.eduAutomatic tax returns are bad for the American taxpayer.The Affordable Care Act effectively created a semi-nationalized healthcare system while leaving private players as middlemen.Period 3Both topics are fine--have you been taking money from Grover Norquist?
12/22/2017 21:43:57Kartikay Sharmaksharma@stuy.eduCurrent fiscal policy supports a stagnant lower class, an overburdened middle class, and an under-burdened upper class.The United States unnecessarily spends excessively on military and defense.Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 22:15:34Sofiya Tsenterstsenter@stuy.eduAffirmative action is unconstitutional and ineffective; the practice should be discontinued.
The federal prison system should be reformed to address issues such as overcrowding, high recidivism rates, and difficulty re-adjusting for prisoners post-release.
Period 4Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 22:24:18Eugene ThomasEthomas1@stuy.eduWhether it be at the local, state, or federal level, civic engagement is integral to the functionality of government. Civic engagement not only promotes participation in the voting process, but also advocacy, altruism, and accord between citizens. Affirmative Action, although imperfect, is necessary for the promotion of diversity in top, private universities. Also, it serves a form of reparations for institutionalized discrimination against minority groups, which places them at a socioeconomic and political disadvantage. Period 3The first topic is fine, but you can only choose it if you can promote specific programs or ideas to enhance civic engagement. The second is fine.
12/22/2017 22:39:36Jason Wongjwong23@stuy.eduThe federal government should be allowed to regulate the prices of medical drugs.Paid family leave should be enacted into law on the federal level.Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 23:00:27Justin Heinzej3heinze@gmail.comCongressional districts should be drawn by non-partisan commissions, disallowing the practice of gerrymandering.Term limits should be imposed on members of congress and Supreme Court Justices.Period 3Both topics are good
12/22/2017 23:20:54Ibnul Jahanijahan1@stuy.eduPeople should be made to take a quiz of candidate’s platforms prior to voting, which will potentially affect the weight of their respective votes.The criminal justice system is geared more toward equality between the plaintiff and the defendant than toward overall justice.Period 3Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 23:25:38Afnan Azadafnanazad718@gmail.comPolice departments throughout the nation are corrupt and inherently discriminatory, and must be completely reformed. Detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants is a waste of time and resources, and it is more efficient to work towards making these individuals legal residents. Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/22/2017 23:32:22Andrew Ninganing@stuy.eduMarijuana should be legalized in the United States.The drinking age should be changed from 21 years old to 18.Period 4Party time topics... approved.
12/22/2017 23:38:42Steve Wongstevewong290@gmail.comWelfare should be reformed because our current welfare system is inefficient, forces participants to depend on the welfare system rather than free participants from poverty, and has many redundancies.The minimum wage should be increased in order to invigorate economic growth, fight poverty while also reducing government transfers, and to adjust the nominal value of the minimum wage to better match the real value Period 3Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 23:41:26Banpreet SInghbanpreets3@gmail.comThe United States needs to reevaluate and reaffirm its position on the Paris Climate Accord.The death of net neutrality is not the end of the internet.Period 4Both are fine, but I prefer the net neutrality topic.
12/22/2017 23:48:46Raniyan Zamanraniyanz@gmail.comCome March, Congress must pass the DREAM Act as DACA's replacement and pursue open borders as long-term immigration reform.The Department of Education must stick to Obama-era guidelines and require universities to use preponderance of evidence as the standard in Title IX cases.

Also considering: Shutting down Guantanamo Bay is long overdue.
Period 4All topics are fine.
12/22/2017 23:55:11Yuki Lauylau@stuy.eduThe preferential rent loophole in New York should be scrapped,The federal government should expand college tuition assistance programs to cover middle class families, whose incomes leave them in a gray area in terms of financial aid.Period 4Both are fine.
12/22/2017 23:55:12Keeley Nguyenknguyen2@stuy.eduThe insanity plea should not be a valid defense in a court of law.Capital punishment should be abolished in our justice system.Period 3Both topics are good.
12/22/2017 23:59:25Shannon Laushannonlau00@gmail.comThe government must expand the protections of the Fourth Amendment to keep up with growing technology.Programming an algorithm to redraw congressional lines will solve gerrymandering. Period 4Both topics are good
12/22/2017 23:59:31Daniel Xudxu1@stuy.eduMinor's should obtain the same legal rights as adults.Congress should use its power to overturn the FCC's decision to dismantle Net Neutrality.Period 4Both are fine, but it's "minors" not "minor's"
12/22/2017 23:59:51Eric Lieli6@stuy.eduThe US should abolish first-past-the-post votingThe Fourth Amendment should be expanded to protect digital privacyPeriod 3Both are fine.
12/23/2017 3:04:48Kristina Kim Kkim6@stuy.eduImmigration legislation should be reformed, including pathway to citizenshipLiminiting beaucratic discretion poses a threat to democracy Period 3Both are good, but spell bureaucratic correctly!
12/23/2017 7:56:42Connie Leiclei1@stuy.eduEnvironmental policy should be decided by scientists (somehow) or at least the EPA cannot be swayed by big donors or corporation. I want my thesis to be something about how environmental policy is made and how it should be less controlled by politicians and less politicized.There should be a system where citizens can vote out any elected official during their term.Period 3Both topics are fine.
12/23/2017 12:13:12Nicholas LiNli5@stuy.eduAs society progresses and changes, some pieces of legislation and policy becomes obsolete or no longer reflects the zeitgeist of the times. A new committee, process, etc. is necessary to review said legislation and policy, and also potentially check the bureaucracy that greatly influences policy. Our current education system is in need of reform, not just in terms of constructing the curriculum, but also in regards to how schools are funded, how admissions are determined, etc.

Also: The significance of regulation of the internet as well as accountability for technology companies for the content that occurs on their servers/sites. (Should we regulate the internet, and how should it be done).
Period 4All three are fine.
12/23/2017 13:11:02Karen Zoukzou1@stuy.eduThe death penalty should be abolished completely because it violates the 5th and 14th Amendments, increases possible chances of crimes, and prevents lessons from being learned.Marital rape should be treated the same as non-marital rape in all states.Period 3All these topics are fine.
12/23/2017 13:50:53Julia Xujuliaxu.18@gmail.comUniversal healthcare is a basic human right and should be implemented in America. Electoral reform is necessary to streamline the process and make it more reliable and democratic for all voters.Period 4Both topics are good.
12/23/2017 21:10:04Abie Rohrigabrahamrohrig@gmail.comThe United States Federal Government should invest heavily in demand-side innovation policies to incentivize the creation of products that are unprofitable in the free market but provide substantial social benefits.All state governments should surrender their legal monopoly on lotteries such that banks can create prize-linked savings accounts. Or, nonhuman animals should be granted legal standing. Period 4All topics are fine.
12/24/2017 1:29:56Justin Chanjchan15@stuy.eduWe need to regulate the health care industry to lower costs and make health care affordable for all. (Might change stances who knows?)Employers should not be punished for hiring illegal immigrantsPeriod 3Both topics are fine.
12/24/2017 13:16:25Sihao Huangsihao.c.huang@gmail.comThe expansion of voting methods, including the availability of internet voting in all states, is crucial for the function of democracy.Defense contractors above a certain contractual sum ought to be nationalized.Period 3Both topics are fine.
12/24/2017 14:51:09Pallab Sahapsaha1@stuy.eduThe cabinet of the President of the United States should have a stronger and more stringent selection process that is regulated by Congress to ensure a streamlined and expert executive branch. The federal government should establish a public service requirement of two years for able-bodied citizens between the age of 18 and 30. Period 3Both topics are good.
12/25/2017 17:18:25Derek Lungdlung@stuy.eduUnited States politics is known for its two major opposing political parties: Republicans and Democrats. The history of America's political parties shows how they have evolved and grown into their significant roles in US government as a result of social, economic, and political factors. The judicial branch is the most powerful branch of government as its role has expanded and grown to major significance in United States politics and government. Period 3The first topic is no good--it's too historical. The second is okay only if you take a stance on the increased power of the judiciary. Is it good or bad?
12/25/2017 19:16:17David Frid dfrid@stuy.eduSocial security should be disbanded.Legalizing and regulating all drugs is much better than strict drug laws.Period 4Both topics are fine.
12/30/2017 18:26:37Isaac Ros-Bermanisaacroseberman@gmail.comThere should be no separate capital gains tax rate. Illegal aliens should have a path to citizenship. Period 3Both are fine.
1/3/2018 14:01:31Ashely Chongachong3@stuy.eduAssisted suicide should be legal in all states.Immunization should be legally required for all children. Period 4
1/4/2018 15:30:20Nishchay Bajajnishchayrbajaj@gmail.comVoting should be made mandatory in the United States. The electoral college should be abolished.Period 3
1/5/2018 19:57:38Thomas Threadtthread@gmail.comElection day should be made a national holiday to make elections more representative of the people's will.To make the lives of Americans easier, instead of using Social Security numbers, the government should issue to every resident a secure, free and unique means of identification.Period 3