West High School Clubs & Activities List 2018-2019
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#Club NameDayTimeRoomAdvisor Last NameAdvisor First NamePhoneEmailDescription
Animation Production ClubTuesdayLunch 2042EngelbartJennifer204-3089
A club created to give animation/video interested students a chance to network with each other and experience working with an animation crew. Each member will take on one or more roles including: writer, concert artist, voice actor, storyboard artist, background artist, director, or animator. The goal is to get experience working with a film production crew, and with a field in video production.
Art ClubMonday Lunch107PriesMr. 204-3531mrpries@madison.k12.wi.us
This club is meant to give students the chance to deploy their art skills into the everday bustle of life, by drawing/doing art at lunch.
BadgerBOTSTuesday6:30 on Off CampusPredainaJP204-3341
High school robotics team.
Badminton ClubThursdayLunch VH GymMillerEmily515-9636eemiller@madsion.k12.wi.us
Badminton Club provides a space for experienced and inexperienced players to meet, play, learn and make new friends. We would strive to have different levels of competition and make everybody who walked through the door feel welcome to play and chat.
BSUThursday1st 3 Thursdays of month103/CommonsGraySean 204-4992sgray@madison.k12.wi.us
Our vision for BSU is to serve the West High School community with cultural, educational, and social initiatives as we aim to build leaders, promote unity and contribute to student success. BSU focuses on creating a fun and safe environment, which serves as a support system for students both academically and socially. It also provides a place where students can feel comfortable sharing common joys and concerns while being surrounded by people who share the same passion to make a difference in both their communities and on campus. . We strive to break down negative stereotypes attached to the black community, through the promotion of a positive image of our culture. Although our main focus is the building of the black community, membership is by no means limited to just the black community. Any student with a passion for and interest in our vision is welcome.
Capoeira (MSCR)Thursday4:00-5:001114HoeneckeFaith204-3216txle@madison.k12.wi.us
Students can join Capoeira which is a dance, acrobatics, music, kicks and trickery all rolled into one martial art. Faith Hoenecke is the instructor and the club meets Thursdays (starting October 25th) in room 1114 from 4:00pm-5:00pm.
Cine NightTBA6:00 Rocky Rococo's/WHS Marin-CabelloGabriel204-3511
This club is dedicated to film buffs who enjoy foreign films. In the past, the focus has been on Spanish language films. This year, we will be exploring films from around the world and expanding our focus to learn about many different cultures. Location will be either Rocky’s Pizzeria West or here at West High School. Events are usually every 6-8 weeks. Stay tuned!
Computer Security ClubMonday Lunch3033 BTheresa Breunig204-3534evans@madison.k12.wi.us
We learn about various aspects of computer security and programming in order to participate in Capture the Flag style hacking competitions.
Debate TeamWednesdayLunch3050SchefflerTim628-3114timscheff@aol.com
Public forum and congressional debate competing in Wisconsin and nationally, September through April.
DECAWednesdayLunch 1136ColeLauren204-3201ljcole@madison.k12.wi.us
BE EPIC with DECA. DECA is a marketing organization that participates in social events and community activities. DECA provides excellent leadership opportunities and the chance to compete at district, state and national conferences. Members must have an interest in business and/or marketing.
Diversity AllianceThursdayLunch 2nd 1/2 3002NepperMark204-3186mnepper@madison.k12.wi.us
DA celebrates the diversity of the West student body and staff. The club also produces All Nations Day, which presents students in performance of ethnic song and dance.
DrumlineT, W, & TH4:00-5:301125RutterJoe262-353-5052wjrutter@madison.k12.wi.us
BE EPIC with DECA. DECA is a marketing organization that participates in social events and community activities. DECA provides excellent leadership opportunities and the chance to compete at district, state and national conferences. Members must have an interest in business and/or marketing.
Dungeons & DragonsW & FLunch3004SchopfKim204-4100kaschopf@madison.k12.wi.us
Hark, adventurers! Have ye a hankering for a quest? Join us, all ye barbarians and bards, rogues and rangers, Wednesday and Friday at lunch for law and anarchy, magic and mystery, combat and fellowship, steel and wit. The very nature of good and evil will be challenged. Bring your peanut-butter-and jelly sandwich. Boisterous merriment will ensue.
Empower HourWednesdayLunch3008OppenheimerCarla(608) 535-9173croppenheime@madison.k12.wi.us
Students will learn about contraception, STIIs, consent and healthy relationships via reading, research, presenters and discussion. They will then create workshops to present to classes at West.
Environmental Clean Up ClubTuesdayLunch3003SchoenholzChris577-4321cschoenholz@madison.k12.wi.us
Planning for weekend meet-ups to clean up public areas in Madison, raising awareness of the effects of pollution.
Finance & Micro Finance ClubMondayLunch1120StrabalaDonna204-3272dmstrabala@madison.k12.wi.us
Students will learn about and discuss stock market analytics, company performance and the principles of microfinance. Members will create simulated investment portolios and prizes will be awarded based on their earnings (to be discussed at first meeting). Guest speakers will also be featured with expertise in finance related topics.
Forensic Team (not a club)MondayM-lunch mtg; practice after school every day3050RademacherJohn204-3199jrademacher@madison.k12.wi.us
Forensics is competitive acting, public speaking and debate. The forensics team prepares for Saturday competitions individually, with peers, and with the entire group. Competitors learn the art of public speaking while enjoying a great deal of time performing and having their voices heard. Participation in forensics is also the #1 predictor of college acceptance.
French Conversation & Culture ClubWednesdayLunch 1st 1/2 3029AKusminMs.556-4850
Club where students speak in French while eating lunch. Sometimes movies or current events related to French speaking countries will also
Future Problem Solving Club (FPS)TuesdayLunch3013BauerKris695-1827dbrauer@madison.k12.wi.us
Future Problem Solvers Club researches futuristic topics and applies the 6-step problem solving process to reommomended solutions.
Game Creation ClubWednesdayLunch3033BBreunigTheresa204-3534evans@madison.k12.wi.us
A club for programming, creating games and competitive programming.
German Honor SocietyTuesday (1x per month)Lunch1114GilletteMr. 204-3511jgillette@madison.k12.wi.us
A society for honorable German students. We organize fundraisers and plan events.
Get it DoneTuesdayLunch2029BohmanCarrie 204-3369cbohman@madison.k12.wi.us
Get it Gone Club is dedicated to taking action with specific issues in our community. Through exploration, discussion, and impactful action, we develop lifelong advocacy and activism skills. Talk less, do more! What can you Get Done?
Get Moving WestWednesdayLunch1134KokMs. 204-3184mjkok@madison.k12.wi.us
Students are invited to meet each week to build on their personal body fitness. The mission of this club is to reduce stress, promote fun fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We will have yoga poses along with fun fitness games for all participants.
Girl UpTuesdayLunch1190SannerJessica204-3534jsanner@madison.k12.wi.us
Girl Up is a leadership development organization that engages, trains and mobilizes girls around the world to take action to achieve global gender equality.
Gender Sexuality Alliance aims to open up dialogue and inclusive, safe space for all individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. GSA’s goal include school and community outreach, staff education and forming connections with peers. GSA is welcoming to all.
GTR LoungeWednesdayLunch2029AndersonKaren 204-3063kpanderson@madison.k12.wi.us
Formerly known as the Good Times Roll Club—we listen to music on vinyl, drink quality coffee and relax in a lounge-like atmosphere. Our inaugural song is “Let the Good Times Roll” by the Cars, hence the name of the Club.
Happy MindsFridayLunch2016MehlsLizn/altmehls@madison.k12.wi.us
We are a club that is based on helping others through any mental illnesses they might have. We support anyone who wants our support. Our meetings will focus on different kinds of therapy including DBT, art/music therapy, group therapy and one on one therapy. We plan to create a safe space where people can help work through any struggles.
HimalayanMon-FriLunch3020TorresAlana (787) 463-3523
Himalayan Diversity Club is a safe place for all students to engage in culturally relevant activities, such as listening to music and doing picnics. We meet every day during lunch in room 3020, although no food is allowed inside the classroom. We have students of all grade levels help each other complete and understand homework of any subject. In winter, we host an indoor soccer tournament.
Homework Club (MSCR)Mon-Thurs3:45-5:30LMC & 2026LeTeenie204-3216txle@madison.k12.wi.us
Come to the LMC or 2026 after school to grab a snack and do your homework! Tutors will be provided in multiple academic areas. This is a drop in club.
HOSA is a student-led leadership organization for students interested in healthcare careers. Members have the opportunity to participate in regional, state, and national competitive events covering various health related topics. HOSA members also do volunteer work, learn more about the healthcare industry through guest speakers and field trips, and have the opportunity to gain leadership experience through holding officer positions.
Japanese ClubFridayLunch3011HeggeLorren204-3511lhegge@madison.k1.wi.us
We, the Japanese Club celebrate everything Japanese including Japanese festivals. we also have food days, and game days.
K-PopFridayLunch2034ZappiaMr. 626-707-2502ajzappia@madison.k12.wi.us
K-Pop- is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. Although it generally classifies "popular music" within South Korea, the term is often used in a narrower sense to describe a modern form of South Korean pop that is influenced by styles and genres from around the world. We meet every Friday.
Key ClubThursdayLunch 1st 1/2 1134MaierScott204-3187maier@madison.k12.wi.us
Key Club, part of the larger Kiwanis Club, is a community service club that does volunteer work outside of school.
La Familia Latina ClubThursdayLunch2077MelgarejoEnoch204-4990emelgarejo@madison.k12.wi.us
A club devoted to ELL students to provide a space to gather during lunch with BRS staff to eat, work on homework, organize Latino cultural events, practice Spanish, and make connections with other students in the ELL program.
Latin Academic HelpFridayLunch3017StoneGale213-6524gstone@madison.k12.wi.us
A club devoted to ELL students to provide a space to gather during lunch with BRS staff to eat, work on homework, organize Latino cultural events, practice Spanish, and make connections with other students in the ELL program.
Latin ClubWednesdayAfter school3017StoneGale
608 213 6524
Latin Club meets weekly to organize social, fundraising and work related to participation in the Wisconsin Junior Classical League. This is a student run club with a slate of officers that are elected each year in the spring. Food is a required component at the weekly meetings
Leo ClubMondayLunch103Nepper
Rick Daluge/Mark Nepper
A youth organization of Lions Club International, the largest service organization in the world. This club offers numerous volunteer opportunities every month and is always welcoming new members and new activities. We work at events at the Zoo, Children’s Museum, roadside clean ups, Oakwood, etc. Come check out a meeting!
Madison West Men's Ultimate FrisbeeTuesdayAfter school, online schedule https://www.madisonwestultimate.orgUbay FieldsPredainaJonathan204-3341jlPredaina@madison.k12.wi.us
Ultimate Frisbee at West is a multi-year state champion program. We take athletes from a wide variety of fall, winter, and spring sports, including soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and track, even if they have no Frisbee experience. Players are expected to commit fully to ultimate during the spring season, as we practice 4 times a week. Spring season is comprised of tournaments (both in- and out-of-state) and weekly league games against Madison opponents. Our season is organized by USA Ultimate, the governing body for youth, college, club, and Olympic ultimate. We take new players of all skill levels all year long!

The main goal of the coaching staff is to take players of all sport backgrounds and mold them into intelligent, hard-working, and skilled ultimate players who are capable of going on to play at the college, club, and professional levels.
Math TeamThursdayLunch1190SannerJessica204-3534jsanner@madison.k12.wi.usStudents can meet with their math teacher during lunch.
Math Tutoring ClubM-FLunch1113Sigrid Murphy
(608) 204-3534
March for Our Lives WestTuesdayLunch3005AdamsKelle204-3184kadams@madison.k12.wi.us
The club is registered with March for Our Lives as an official chapter. We do fundraising projects, advocacy and awareness activities. In meetings we discuss gun control issues and plan projects.
MEGA for SEGAFridayLunch3012HoeneckeFaith920-410-8236fahoenecke@madison.k12.wi.us
MEGA is a non-profit organization working to support girls’ education, especially in developing countries. We are committed to establishing a relationship with SEGA Schools, which are focused on educating Tanzanian girls. To this end, we organize fundraisers, learn a little Swahili, and explore issues related to educating women and girls globally. MEGA helps build and grow the SEGA Girls School-giving bright, motivated Tanzanian girls, who otherwise are unable to attend school due to extreme poverty, a chance at success.
MENS ClubMondayLunch1112GussineMr. 204-4129jkgussine@madison.k12.wi.us
MENS club is a violence prevention club for male identified youth to discuss issues of gender equality, masculinity, healthy relationships, consent, etc. MENS has been a club at West for over 20 years.
Mock TrialWednesdayLunch2016ZappiaMr. 262-707-2502ajzappia@madison.k12.wi.us
Through engaging in trial simulations in competition with teams from other institutions, students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills, as well as a knowledge of legal practices and procedures. AMTA sponsors regional and national-level competitions, as well as providing interesting and complex case materials for academic use. We meet once a week on Wednesday's and twice to three times a week as the trial nears in February.
Model United NationsThursdayLunch2030Edwards-MillerAaron608-220-5680adedwardsmil@madison.k12.wi.us
Discussion of current events/world issues. Attend conferences of Model UN Committees where one takes another country’s perspective to respond to issues.
Mountain Bike TeamTuesday4:30Parking Lot Near the Basketball CourtsMcGarryMike608-204-3093mfmcgarry@madison.k12.wi.us
The Madison Mountain Bike Team is a club for kids in grades 9-12 during the 2018-2019 school year who are interested in riding off-road and racing. We welcome all skill levels and encourage riding bikes as a lifelong activity. Education, safety, new friends, and FUN lead the way to improving skills with the opportunity to race if kids are interested. We are a member of the Wisconsin Cycling League which is part of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. All rides are led by coaches who are background checked, trained and certified by NICA and have wilderness first aid or higher training.
Muslim Student Association
Monday1st & 3rd of Month3032John Swain332-5000Jaswain@madison.k12.wi.us
MSA club is made to discuss/explore the matters of Islam and its teachings. Our goal is highlight diversity in the Muslim community as well as advocating for our students to learn about the culture. We hope to fundraise to support Muslim refugees in Madison, to help provided the essential needs such as food and rent. And, represent our West students in MIST (Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament).
Peer PartnersThursdayLunch2031WatkinsSandra204-3071swatkins@madison.k12.wi.us
Peer Partners is a friendship club for students with and without developmental disabilities who collaborate to promote inclusion and to have fun.
Public Health & AdvocacyFridayLunch 1007QuinnSarah501-2402sequinn@madison.k12.wi.us
The Public Health & Advocacy club is focused on working to improve health equity in Madison. By advocating through health policy, fundraising, and volunteering, we work to impact the social determinants of health in our community. Join us Fridays at lunch in room 1007 to be part of positive change.
QXEENSWednesdayLunch 1112Le/FannyTeenie/Nanceny204-3216txle@madison.k12.wi.us
This club provides a safe place, focusing on the empowerment of girls of color. Striving to educate and promote self love for underrepresented female students. A resource for support and acceptance, as well as a tool for advancement.
Raise Your Voice (RYV)WednesdayLunch2035bHastingsHeidi 239-8890hhastings@madison.k12.wi.us
The Raise Your Voice Club (RYV) is a mental health advocacy club. Members will meet each Wednesday at lunch, to discuss and implement plans to increase mental health awareness among staff and students at West High School. Activities will include participating the NAMI Walks Dane County and other community events, and planning the annual Wellness Fair for West High School.
Regent ReviewWednedayLunch 2nd 1/23002NepperMark204-3186mnepper@madison.k12.wi.us
School-sponsored newspaper club. Students receive the newspaper once each month in their 2nd hour class.
Rocket ClubMondayLunch3051HagerChris347-0484ckamke@madison.k12.wi.us
Students of all grade levels welcome. No experience required. Members will participate in national level competition, Team America Rocketry Challenge. Experienced members can advance to high power rocketry projects including scientific payloads. Members regular participate in outreach opportunities with local schools and science festivals.
Science BowlThursdayLunch4003PontillasFredrick204-3202uapontillas@madison.k12.wi.us
The West High Science Bowl Club participates in the National Science Bowl, a nationwide, quiz-bowl styled academic competition which tests students' skills in various subjects of Science and Math. It is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. Topics include Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science (basically geology and astronomy), and Energy (a variety of topics, including physics and renewables). Teams first compete at the Regionals/State level. Regionals is on January 12th, 2019. The winners of this competition go to Nationals, all expenses paid.
Ski & Snowboard Racing Teams
Monday5-9 pmTyrol Basin AdamsKelle204-3184kadams@madison.k12.wi.us
West Alpine Ski and Board Team is both a male and female skiing and snowboard competition team. Our season starts early January and runs until mid February, racing other schools on Monday nights at Tyrol Basin ski area and training at Tyrol on Wednesday nights. Optional racing is available on the weekends. Races start at 5:30pm and training at 6:00pm. There is one away race at Cascade Mountain. You do not have to be a racer to join the team, but you should be comfortable on intermediate slopes. We will train you to race. For additional information, please email Coach Jim Lease leaseconst@aol.com
Sp'KunkTuesdayLunch2039Fitzgerald Cara442-2209cfitzgerald@madison.k12.wi.us
A support network of buddy’s and pals, to hang with. We believe in the ideals of friendship and comradery, fraternity and liberty. All students welcome.
Spanish Conversation ClubWednesdayLunch 1st 1/2 3013Longinovic, KlaprothUna, Tammy204-3511uxlonginovic@madison.k12.wi.us
A support network of buddy’s and pals, to hang with. We believe in the ideals of friendship and comradery, fraternity and liberty. All students welcome.
Speak & Be HeardMondayLunch2077MillerEmily515-9636eemiller@madison.k12.wi.us
"Speak and Be Heard" Club creates a safe space where students can come and voice their opinions about events being covered in the media. Discussion topics vary based on what's happening in society. It meets Mondays in room 2077 at lunch.
Student CouncilM & W Lunch2034MeisterHannan/ahmeister@madison.k12.wi.us
Student Council is a great way to be involved in school and work with staff and the community for the benefit of all West High. We plan dances, homecoming, food drives and other events promoting school spirit and community.
Student Support Foundation
Wednesday Lunch 3012SchneiderKathleen204-3511
Student Support Foundation is a youth philanthropy club which focuses on helping members of the West community. The club receives annual funding and disburses it through grants. The three main areas of funding for SSF are: equity, education and the environment. Club members promote the foundation, raise funds, write grants for additional money and collectively decide which grant requests should be funded.

Super Smash Bros ClubThursdayLunch3019McGarry Mike204-3093
We meet at lunch and hold matches and much more. If you don't have a switch that's okay. We have a final tournament in May. Tutors for new members available to those wanting to learn.
Taiko Drumming
Contact Heidi for practice details
Contact Heidi for practice details
All West students are invited to join. We practice the Okinawan style of Taiko Drumming. Performance opportunities are available for those who are interested. No experience needed and there is no cost!
Theater ClubThursdayLunchAudWalkerHollyhwalker@madison.k12.wi.us
Tibet ClubWednesdayLunch2077MillerEmily204-4983eemiller@madison.k12.wi.us
The purpose of Tibet Club is to spread awareness of Tibet and emphasize the importance of preserving Tibetan culture to the youth.
Veterinary ClubThursdayLunch 1st 1/2 3049MerlineMike(608) 628-0097
At Vet club students will get to volunteer and shadow real veterinarians in order to gain experience. We will have guest speakers and a tour. Even if you don’t want to be a Vet you can come to volunteer with animals.

Water PoloFriday6:30-7:30 AMPoolEllmakerAmanda(414) 477-5506akellmaker@madison.k12.wi.us
Water Polo Club is open to anyone interested in playing water polo. No experience required. Come to the pool Friday morning from 6:30-7:30 AM.
West High Green ClubFridayLunchCommons GradyPatrick213-0735pgrady@madison.k12.wi.us
Raising environmental awareness so as to achieve a carbon neutral, 100% recycling West High footprint.
West Democratic Socialism
dross@madison.k12.wi.us & tkusmin@madison.k12.wi.us
Political club for democratic socialists and social democrats to discuss, debate and advocate for current political issues and legislature.
West Latin Academic Help & Certamen
M, T, W, FLunch3017StoneGail213-6524gstone@madison.k12.wi.us
Extra help for portfolio projects, and practice time for certamen
West Winter Fitness ClubT, & W Lunch & 4:003051HaydenCory
Winter fitness club is open to any student-athlete interested in getting in shape for spring sports. This includeds running outside and working in the weightroom to gain strength and fitness.