CG-D 1/13/14 (Responses)
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TimestampOn a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [Your comfort level and safety as a participant]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [The quality of what you learned]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [The amount of what you learned]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [Your ability to interact with others]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [Your overall experience]What did you like most about today?What suggestions do you have for improving what we did today?What additional supports will you need for successful implementation?What questions or concerns do you have as you leave today?Anything else you want to share with us?
1/13/2014 12:17:5255445Easy to follow at our understanding level.NoneI would like to talk to Erin about her literacy and empowerment approach.Grading in connection to these new ideas.
Connection to common core.
1/13/2014 12:18:2454555I enjoyed the presentations that gave us examples of students work and projects.
1/13/2014 12:18:2455555Erin was awesome!!! She is always so passionateMake sure the google Doc gets to all participantsSchedule a time to come back :)
1/13/2014 12:18:3654444The examples of things students have done in the past. In the break out sessions, I would have liked to have seen more examples and different ways to use the apps. Links to the Core Thanks!
1/13/2014 12:18:5255334
1/13/2014 12:20:2255555Liked the variety. You let us get up and move and work with others.
NoneTime to work..


1/13/2014 12:20:3155555I liked that each presentation was short and sweet, which was also easy to relate and connect to. I felt like there were some presenters that we could have listened to longer to get more information with our curriculum. Have time to go back to our classrooms or teams to discuss and plan what we are going to now!Presenters did a great job. Everyone was easy to listen to and had some great information to share.
1/13/2014 12:21:0755444I loved Erin's talk about inspiration. I didn't necessarily see that it needed to be technology related. I also liked the stress that tech is just a tool for learning since that's something that often gets lost in the push to use tech.I think the breakout sessions for apps were fun, but the amount of us who will benefit from and impliment coding Angry Birds in our classroom is negligible. Diving us into content areas and speaking to those specific contents (rather than grade level) would be more beneficial.TIME
1/13/2014 12:24:3054344Learning about the Lego League. I was also moved by the "inspiring" methods of showing student learning. I like how it was more focused on the child and "who they are", rather than just about common core.I always like to see examples that relate specifically to my content area of math and how I might apply it.Examples from different sites or teachers that are teaching what I teach.
1/13/2014 12:25:0554455Understanding the future is much different and teaching has to be done different as well.It's good that it was kept somewhat simple. Kept it from being overwhelming.We will try to get the STEM group organized between the school, 4h, and Hagie. So obviously we will need financial support.None.Good day.
1/13/2014 12:59:4651132Scott, Erin, and Leslie were good speakers and conveyed good information.

The opportunity to work in my room after lunch.
Public speakers convey their message better when they do not use the word "um" over 100 times in their presentation. Breakout presenters need to know more about their topics. I asked a question and the presenter admitted not knowing what comes next (that was my question in reference to coding and Angry birds).There was very little information on how to use this in my classroom, especially once me and the students get past the introductory learning.The CGD school system should reduce the number of blocked sites so the students can be more creative.I have learned more about technology on Tech Thursdays. I think out two tech savvy teachers at the high school would have done just as good or better with the technology parts of today's program.
1/13/2014 13:56:3554454The inspirational presentations.None - I thought you accomplished the goal.TimeWill the emphasis on creativity continue long enough so we can implement it?For 20 years I have been saying "we have to change the way we evaluate students before we will ever change the way we teach". The emphasis has always been on the standardized test where you have to regurgitate information and worse yet the schools are evaluated on it. Do something about that road block and you will start to see the changes that we all want.
1/13/2014 14:37:1554344The small groups - I felt more comfortable trying new things with a smaller group of people.Still too much information. Can we maybe pick one area to focus on for the entire morning?Reminders to keep trying new things. It would be great to have tech team back to sit down and help us with specific things for our classrooms.Will I have the time to keep exploring?Thank you for your very specific presentations. They all related to kids and what kids are doing.
1/13/2014 14:47:4642223I really enjoyed most of the speakers. I liked the ideas. I am not sure how it could be improved. I wish there were ideas that were tailored to what we taught, with examples from the presenters.None at this time.Thank you for your time.
1/13/2014 14:51:4655555The overall message of---- letting kids run with their ideas to make learning meaningful. It won't be coming from a textbook. Allow our students the ability to create, discover, and challenge them to be problem-thinkers and solvers!Examples of how school counselors have implemented technologyAssessing our student's learning. What will the rubric or grading look like?
1/13/2014 15:01:0555455I liked being given the opportunity to "play around" with the different programs and listening to others to find out what they figured out as they were "playing around". I am a wonderful group learner.I'm not sure I can think of any ways to improve. I know how difficult it is to present to such a wide range of not only the grade differentiation, but the ability to use technology. Many teachers are very comfortable while others are very reserved and unsure.Mainly time and someone to help us trouble shoot.Can I do this?It was a great morning. The time flew. I enjoyed the passion the presenters exhibited for what they do.
1/13/2014 15:18:2842233I enjoyed the majority of the speakers' presentations, especially Erin. It was great to see such excitement in teaching! I could tell she loves what she does!My break-out session was not very productive. I felt like my presenter was not as prepared as she could have been.NAHow will this "coding" look for special education students?NA
1/13/2014 15:24:2154534Time to explore on jour own!!!!I thought to day went well.The classrooms need more than 6 iPads.
1/13/2014 15:26:4253454A couple of the speakers really inspired me during their presentations. The last break-out session seemed a bit lengthy compared to the first. I felt like I could have done much more in the first break-out. Possibly, these two could have been more equal in time.Colleague support is great at C-G! I will definitely be seeking out others.none
1/13/2014 15:46:3655555Ready to use ideas and thoughts.
1/13/2014 15:47:2733333I really liked the out my window presentation and the literacy presentation. I liked the time we spent working with picture monkey - however, I could have used more time.

I liked making connections with the AEA folks and having the opportunity to schedule a date for someone to return.
There needs to be more time when we are 'playing' with these applications and the 'experts' are available to trouble shoot and answer questions.

We have to stop blocking so much. We learn about things, but when we go to use them, they are blocked. By the time they are no longer blocked, we have forgotten what we learned, don't have time to work on it anymore, or it is out-dated. As our presenter said, we have to stop approaching technology from the point of fear.How do we access funds to purchase apps for our students?
When the technology works, it is wonderful. However, it is not reliable.
The phone in my room is not working.
I cannot access the printer in my room.
I soon will no longer have a computer that will run the resources I have on CD in my room.
Between blocked sites, equipment glitches, and the time factor to implement new technology, it is often an uphill battle.
1/13/2014 15:55:2154444I like that we were given time to explore the different websites and iPad apps that we were given. Being given the time to understand them deepened my understanding when the presenters were making references to them. It also increases the likelihood of me introducing the apps to my students.It would have been nice to have some examples of student work using the different websites or iPad apps that were introduced,.Short demonstrations of the iPad apps that were introduced for those who struggle with adapting to new technology. I think that would increase the chances of the using it. However, I am technologically savvy and I enjoyed just being given a list. It is just a suggestion considering the diversified skills of the group.None! It was all very clear to me! I just want to thank you for coming to our school to share all the wonderful ideas and potential technology uses!
1/13/2014 16:04:1044434Nice to be divided into levels so information was applicable to our levels. Good ideas and programs to try. Inspiring us to let our kids be more!Even more time to dig into different programs so we are more comfortable helping students use them.More and continued ideas for apps and how to use them successfully with studentsIt makes me want to try to teach in a different way but I feel almost trapped by our curriculum and expectations for student learning.
1/13/2014 16:37:1143233I liked the idea's shared by other teachers. Really getting the challenge to not just use the tools, but to go beyond and produce the ideas.
Making them be active in their learning is what I took away.
The second speaker needs a little work. The stories were great, but they needed to be shorter. I understood what she was getting at but it was very murky and the point became a little lost.I guess my biggest concern is that I don't see the things we worked on in our break out sessions as being impactful. Learning to manipulate a photo is really a minimal part to a educational tool. I didn't see where it had applications. Some of the other links in the break out sessions were good, but I didn't feel great connection between the talks and the break outs.
1/13/2014 16:50:1535555Hands on - and time to practice
1/14/2014 2:02:2144344Being exposed to all kinds of different apps, programs, and materials!More time...we just don't have enough time to play around so by the time we have time to spend checking things out...we have forgotten!Just knowing you are available, is good enough!1. Knowing that LightSpeed will not come up several times a day. Just trust us!

2. When you don't see your students again for 2 or 3 days, how do you keep moving forward when students aren't all in the same place. They forget just like we "ol" teachers do!
Thank you so much for today! It was informative and interesting. I did hear that many people wished that this was closer to the end of the year, so that we could spend time in the summer getting into it more. It seems that we are introduced to so many things, but never hear about them again!

Great presenters! The AEA is stepping up!
1/14/2014 10:24:0854455The mixture of sharing of information in a variety of modes. Lecture, small group and collaborative experimentation using new application. Erin Olson's piece was moving and challenging.Playtime was very beneficial. Having another time to pay with the "toys" would also be good after breaking the ice and apprehension. Would need more time.Followup by group leaders to small group participants with periodic emails of show and tell. Maybe blogging or tweeting for group members to share to all what is working in the classroom with putting learning in action.What next? Is anyone going to be held accountable to use what is learned? How will students benefit?We need a followup.
1/14/2014 11:17:3155545I thought the break out sessions were helpful. no suggestionsI am eager to implement what I learned. This PD motivated me to go beyond with the tech tools to develop deeper thinking.
1/14/2014 15:16:2733333
1/14/2014 16:13:1633333The enthusiasm of the presenters. Please practice pausing when speaking and do not use "um" "ah" etc. I wish we could have had time before you came to work with the apps that were discussed.
1/14/2014 22:34:3843333Some of the presentations were quite professional and inspirational.Have more directed break out sessions.It would have been nice if we had more information about the technological web sites introduced.I felt as though the people or at least most of the presenters shared a glimpse of what could be done, however there was no practical advise on how to actually apply it to our classrooms.
1/15/2014 9:00:0422222the knowledge and competency of the presenters

most genuinely seemed as if they wanted to help

Leslie Keene, Julie Graber, and Scott McLeod were inspirational
I needed specific examples relevant to my content area.
Reference was made to the Common Core, but little direct connection to the Literacy standards which affect me most directly was made.
time to implement with specific content in mind--the 25 minute breakout sessions were too brief.

the facilitator could not address individual concerns for 20+ people in this time frame

What is a PLN? I know what a PLC is. This was referenced 3 times with the assumption that this exists at CGD.I am generally a very positive, even enthusiastic, person, but the CGD administration never once asks/asked us what we would like or need for PD in the 2013-2014 school year. The timing and utilization of the time for the PD was overwhelming for the high school. We had not even finished first semester, had to prepare for new classes and new students for second semester, and were expected to apply new learning. Though I'm certain mine is the most dramatic response, my colleagues share my concern about timing of technology instruction.
Thank you for asking for feedback. Hopefully, this will be shared with the "powers that be," so there can be some consideration given to this in the future. Chris Leichsenring, CGHS English instructor
1/15/2014 9:02:2153344Saw a little bit of new tech.More time.
1/15/2014 18:13:2454354Erin Olson's presentation....very motivating!A little pre-info would have been helpful; i.e coding for one...LOTS of one-on-one!I am overwhelmed...a lot of good stuff...I liked the fair stuff during the social time
1/16/2014 8:48:2234333There were a variety of presentations and perspectives.Keep it up!
1/16/2014 9:25:0555555The presentations from AEA personnel before we went to our smaller groups each time. I found these to be very interesting and informative.Apps and suggestions that can be used in a more restrictive technological environment.
A loosening of technological restrictions at our building, but that is something our administration would have to decide to allow.NoneI thought you had highly skilled, informative, and professional people presenting today. Thanks!
1/16/2014 10:42:4353233The challenge.Give more small group time with experts to improve implementation.More timeWhen will we get time to explore this more?None
1/17/2014 13:08:403 Average3 Average243 AverageInformation was covered very quickly. I did not feel I could catch up let alone keep up with all the changes.Smaller focus on the break out sessions, if the leader thinks not everyone is interested in a particular site. No direction was not the way to go for me.Time to look at what is there, and what will lead the students to think on their own to create their own work.
1/17/2014 16:29:395 Excellent225 Excellent2
1/17/2014 17:05:3144444
1/17/2014 17:06:035 Excellent5 Excellent445 Excellent
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