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HOW I MINE FOR SHINIES?Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go…Wtf do you mean "itemsets"?
To mine, you must have at least Mining Lv. 1. To get this skill, do that quest, and consume the rewarded Guidebook. You'll find the skill under the Misc. Tab. This skill hits 1 time for 1-2 damage.The Forest Mine is located in Ancient Forest Passage. Each level has it's own unique Mineral with it's own dropset. Each level may also have monsters accompanying those Minerals. These monsters drop minerals according to their itemsets.An Itemset is a pool of items from which the game pulls out an item and gives it to you. You can only get 1 item per itemset. Monsters may have multiple or no itemsets. You can get an item from each itemset, assuming you're lucky enough.
Mining Lv. 2 can be obtained by using the Mining Guidebook(Lv. 2). This Guidebook is dropped from KuruKuru, Rocker, and Mimic at 0.20%, and Spriggan at 0.30%. This skill hits 3 times for 1-2 damage. Mining Lv. 2.5 is obtained by wearing the Mining Hat, which can be bought in the Astro Shop.The Pioneer Mine is also located in Ancient Forest Passage. All minerals have the same itemset. There are no monsters.Killing a Forest Mine monster is the same as destroying a Mineral, except you're not actually guaranteed to get a Mineral. Each of these monsters itemsets actually refers to the a Mineral's itemset. In other words, each monster acts a walking / attacking Mineral that may or may not drop a Mineral.
Mining Lv. 3 is obtained by having a MineBot No. 1 Pet active. Use it's special skill. This pet can be bought in the Astro Shop or obtained via coupon. This skill hits 3 times for 1-3 damage, slightly faster than Lv. 2.The Crystal Mine is in such a far-off land that you need a Ticket just to get there. Check the chart in Overview - Charts & Labels for more information on obtaining Tickets.In the case of Mine Rocker, found in Lv. 8, when you kill it, it determines whether or not you get a Mineral from the Lv. 1 Mineral itemset. Afterwards, it determines whether you get one from the Lv. 2 Mineral itemset. This goes on until it runs out of itemsets.
Which mine is the bestest?
Pioneer's Mine is almost universally ignored because people want to mine something specific. Forest or Crystal Mine is better depending on the purpose of your mining. Crystal Mine is so big that it is divided into subsections, as noted in parentheses. Each mineral within each subsection has its own itemset. Note that the monsters in Crystal Mine do not drop minerals.In the case of Mine Bat, Lv. 5 is checked twice. The itemsets were listed separately, so you can actually get 4 minerals from Mine Bat.
For crafting, Forest Mine is better, since you can always NPC your stuff. Minerals here can also be sold on the market to other crafters.Minerals have 25 HP, regardless of where you find them. While you will find Minerals elsewhere, like in Xenadia, this guide only focuses on Minerals found within Mines.Pioneer Mine minerals are unique in that they can give you up to 3 items. The first is a Magic Box of Mineral. This item is a consumable that gives you more minerals. The second item is drawn from an itemset of all 20 minerals in the game. You are guaranteed to get at least this 1 mineral. The third item also draws from an itemset of all 20 minerals. Unfortunately, this itemset only has a 5% chance of occuring.
For money making, Crystal Mine is slightly better because Minerals are closer together, but is highly dependent on the market; if no one is buying, you're tough out of luck.
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