The Definative List of CryptoPunks Derivatives (

This is not yet an exhaustive list of all CryptoPunks derivatives and alt-punks created since 2017, but it is a strong representation of the kind of creativity, remixing, and excitement that can happen as a result of remix culture. Keep in mind that this resource a work in progress. I kindly ask for your patience.

If your project is not represented below, please
DM me @ericprhodes.

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Project NameDescriptionTwitterCollection
1980s Punks
1980s Punks is a sub-genre of OG CryptoPunks.

All properties was made in the style of those times to convey the atmosphere of Miami 80s.

Every day we will add 5 new punks in collection.

The price will slowly grow up from 0.01 to 0.1 ETH.

There will be only 100 1980s punks.

We pay homage to @LarvaLabs and not affiliated with them.
1DPunksA series of 100 Punks in vibrant 1D. Each 1DPunk is a unique 1/1 NFT.

This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs or Larval Abs.[resultModel]=ASSETS
3D ModelsDigital software artist@3dpunksmodels
3D Nifty Punks
Total supply - only 100 characters by 1 artist - only 25 are hand painted and the rest are procedurally generated, inspired by Larva Labs and Unofficial Punks and recreated in 3D Every pixel drawn in Photoshop is then converted to a Cube with solid color and placed in its's own position to create each model, all will live as 3D models on the blockchain forever, all 100 start with price of: 0.05 #unofficialpunks ⚠️This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs. 🚨 The owner of any punk in this collection also owns full-commercial rights to the image itself.
8-Bit BudgiesOnly 1000 8-Bit Budgies. See if you can catch one for yourself!Budgiesnft
90'sPunks is an old version of the famous CryptoPunks. Only 150 unique collectible 90'sPunks with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain will ever be created. Go back to the 90's with this collection. This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs.
AnimatedPunks is a private collection of 1,111 art NFTs — unique digital collectibles stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Reveal on December 1st.

There are 155 individual characters. Each one
is carefully crafted from more than 100+ hand drawn traits and 20 different animations.

Acquiring AnimatedPunks will also grant you access to giveaways, contests and members-only benefits.

Each AnimatedPunk comes with its own rarity level — Common (888), Rare (222) and Epic (44) — allocated by a different type of animation and denoting supply.
Anime PunksAnime Punks™ are the dopest NFT Anime HeroPunks collection 1-1. If you know all heroes you must know how rare and limited collection is! Originally drawn by madebyrvk. Unofficial Punks ⚠️This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs.
archiPunksWe are punks, archiPunks!
Astro PunksAstro Punks rule the galactic trading paths between planets in deep space.

Who will become the greatest Astro Punk in this Utopian Society
AvaPunks are custom made certified unofficial punks powered by Infinity Tokens + IPFS.That means, "WE ON-CHAAAAIN, BABY!" #onchaingangOnce an AvaPunk is minted, it's offered for sale to the wallet holder of the piece it's inspired by. The wallet owner has 14 days to claim it before it goes on auction to the public. Have fun!
B&W Chubbies
Minimalist Chubbies with only two colors - black and white. This project pays homage to the OG Chubbies project and their rise to stardom. They started out with their next level B&W Punks which eventually led to their famous collection, Chubbies.
Backyard PunksBackyard Baseball Punks
Beard Punks ClubUnique pixelated punks with beards. The first patch features mustache style.
Beard Punks ClubUnique pixelated punks with beards. The first patch features mustache style.
Bears Delux6,900 algorithmically generated bears living on the Ethereum blockchain. All art drawn by hand in 24px format. Explore the collection's ecosystem through gamified mints, ownable in-game assets, custom merchandise, and cross project integrations.
Bespoked Punks1/1 Custom Specialty Punks
BGAN Punks V2
Big Fluffy
Big Fluffy is a recording artist in the metaverse. His first song is about Crypto Punks which will be his first official NFT release.
Big LeagzA baseball NFT community.

Exclusive perks for holders, fantasy baseball and more!

Who's your team?
Biker Punks
Biker Punks are unofficial punks playing homage to the Original CryptoPunks project. This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs.

We will be releasing 10 Punks per day until all 300 are released.

Connect with us via Twitter and Discord for more information.
BioHashard is a collection of unique zombie characters. Drops every day until 1000 different NFT is minted. Collection minted in single edition 1/1 and hand-drawn with love ❤️
Bitcoin PunksBitcoin Punks is the first 10k NFT collection on Ordinals.
BitniksCrypto Beatniks (BITniks) is a collection of unique pixel art beatnik characters.
❤️ Berets, stripes and turtleneck sweaters ❤️
Bitta Fish
Do your birds, cats, apes, or perhaps punks need little pal to cheer up the day? Complete your collection with these beautiful and colourful fishes! Fun fact: Betta fish actually has the ability to recognise its owner. Bitta Fish is inspired by the original work of Bit Birds, using the open-sourced code provided by the same maker. *Bitta Fish is not affiliated with Larva Labs.
BJJ Punks
BJJ Punks™ are the dopest NFT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Punks collection. Those Have all Have Really strong Neck and Broken Ears. If you know all Competitors you should know how rare and limited collection is! Originally drawn. Im Purple Belt and Love Jiu Jitsu!)
Board Game Punks
Your favorite childhood boardgames are being Punked! Extremely limited 1/1 pieces | Not affiliated with Larva Labs
BubblePunks The one and only BubblePunks! 'They have their Exits and their Entrances"Https://
BunksBunks for @binance smart chain users #BSC #BinanceSmartChain
Celebrity PunksAll your favorite Celebrity Punks!!
Checkers PunksCheckers Punks™🏁 are a sub-genre of UnofficialPunks. These are Punks that are true to themselves and love to play 🎲🎲🎰🏁
ChibiPunksNFT Collection / 3D Art with 100 truly uniquely adorable ChibiPunks
th3re will be only 404 coded.punks minted

each h4ve been cod3d with ascii scr1pt, w3 4re the f1rst c0ded styl3 punks

we are the pe0ple who sat beh1nd their computer so m4ny years and see1ng the world changes!

join the s0ciety, it's not only pixels

it's a wh0le movement

Coger's PunksCoger's Punks are fun, random, 1 of 1 pieces inspired by the OG CryptoPunks. Coger makes pieces inspired by his personal hobbies and interests as well as custom commission pieces.
Special series of rare 1/1 Punks made through collaborations with amazing artists from the NFT community! These NFT artists may be well known or less known but we are here to help showcase the amazing talent there is!

We are not affiliated with LarvaLabs! #unofficialpunks
Minted once. A maximum of 100 punks will ever be minted. Supply for each Punks: 1/1 This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs!
Crying PunksWhen you love punks but also you are sad a bit :(
It's my Unofficial Punk collection, limited by 100 pcs.

✋ This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs
Crypto BitPunksNFT collection of punks in a multicolored style
Crypto PandaA limited series of 256 unique pandas. Every panda have different attributes. %20 of income will be donated to #WWF. Collectors vote the campaigns on discord.

discord: twitter:

CryptoPandas love you.
Pixels, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of pixels in the morning.

Welcome to the Crypto War, where the brave Crypto Soldiers risk their pixels for peace and prosperity! The limited edition of 150 Crypto Soldiers includes both young privates and seasoned captains. Some of the soldiers look quite ordinary, and some are so cool and animated, and may seem familiar!
CryptoCheemsCheems comes from an alternate timeline where he is that universe's equivalent of Doge
CryptoCholos is a subgenre of Unofficial Punks paying homage to the OG punks and Cholos Culture. Puro Barrio pesado ese!!!⚠️ This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs
Fat Pixels Need Love Too!

CryptoChunks are a unique collection of fun, chubby, pixel art characters. Each Chunk (1/1) is hand designed by the artist. They are NOT computer generated.

Limited Collection - no more than 10000 will be minted.

Special Editions: OG Chunks and Animated Chunks.

Not affiliated with Larva Labs
CryptoFish by NEMOWhen we launched CryptoFish in December of 2022 there were around 10 'Forms' (body types.)

Today nearly 100 DIFFERENT forms are waiting to be revealed, many added at the request of our holders.

Over 1000 TRUE Species represented.

CrytpoFish is a sleeping GIANT.
CryptoGorosWorld famous modern artist Mr.Goro makes his self-portrait every day. Each NFG(Non-Fungible Goro) mint only one. This project will continue until his death. Let’s collect your own Goros!!
OG -
Polygon -
Mini -
CryptoMetalheads is a collection of 666 unique and pixelated characters that captures (in a 8 bits way) all the different stereotypes and attitudes present on the Heavy Metal scene, while paying a huge tribute to one of the most iconic, loved, inclusive and underrated music genres.
The world gets old. So do Punks. Once 10.000, now only 500 still survive. But not for long... Get them while you can. 500 CryptoOldPunks will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.
CryptoPunk Fine Art Portraits
Hi I’m XWAVE and I make fine Art Portraits of CryptoPunks**XWAVEart
In London, 1977, Punks and Rastas was best friends. There will be only 420 rasta in world!

C'mon breddas and sistrens! Join this comunity of peace, love and unity - and feel Irie!
Play the sweet reggae music, selectah! Inna 8bit style and fashion!

PS: Profits will be donated to support reggae/rasta artists from Jamaica and diaspora.
10000 unique #CryptoSkeletonPunks randomly generated on the Ethereum Blockchain. Not affiliated with LarvaLabs.
CryptoSpace: final frontier
"Where no CryptoPunk has gone before". These are the voyages of the CryptoStarship. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new CryptoWorlds. To seek out new CryptoLife and new CryptoComunity.
CryptoWooks The headiest pixel characters on the Lot ChainHttps://
crytpo cowboy punks
D’Orsay Punks
D'Orsay Punks is a digital art project on the Ethereum Blockchain paying homage to the Musée d'Orsay, house of the largest collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist masterpieces in the world. Here you can find unique and single edition 1/1 NFTs, linked to a particular painting exhibited at the Musée d'Orsay.

Only 100 D'Orsay Punks will be created.

Once purchased, you will unlock the JPEG file, 2500x2500 pixel.

This is an #UnofficialPunks project and it’s inspired by the OG CryptoPunks and is not affiliated with either Musée d'Orsay or Larva Labs.
Dating Bastard Punks
The top 5% of the Bastard GAN Punks will make it onto a Dating Card. The collections is fully supported by the original creator of the BGAN Punks.
Deviant PunksDeviant cause it's a cool word. Punks because it's where it all started.
DistortedPunks are unique and single edition 1/1 #NFTs. Only 1000 unique DistortedPunks will be created! Not affiliated with
DogecoinPunksDogecoinpunks are the first byte-perfect uploads of the original Ethereum CryptoPunks onto the Dogecoin Blockchain using Ordinals.
Dream PunksJapanese dreamworld
Drunk Punks
DrunkPunks are a punky-looking #NFT collection paying homage to the original Punks of Crypto. 500 of them can be found partying throughout the weekends! Get your DrunkPunk now! Not affiliated w/LarvaLabs.
DystopianPunksDystopianPunks are UnofficialPunks with Cyberpunk style
ElonPunks is an unofficial version of CryptoPunks dedicated to Elon Musk. The man who seems to have come from the future. Visionary, charismatic, weird, alien.
Elon has made many trips... and ElonPunks is the result of our trips, in which he colonized the blockchain around multiverses.

We are not affiliated with LarvaLabs.

Each ElonPunk is algorithmically generated to feature a special combination of 54 potential variables across 7 categories.

Max Supply: 1000

001-500: 0,01 Ξ |
501-600: 0,02 Ξ |
601-700: 0,03 Ξ |
701-800: 0,04 Ξ |
801-900: 0,05 Ξ |
901-990: 0,10 Ξ |
991-1000: on auction
Epic Punks
EpicPunks is a learning project and tribute to cultural treasure around the globe. EpicPunks is not affiliated with Larva Labs. The characters are based on ancient cultural legends from many epics and mythologies. Only one unique and 1/1 edition NFTs will be created. Collect your favorite EpicPunks and become a contributor as 25% of sales will be donated to educational charity and foundation.
Ethereum Punks10,000 Ethereum Punks have been ethscribed via the Ethscriptions protocol.
ETHpandas is a collectible Non Fungible Tokens. Each panda is unique and produced in a single copy.
The FlappyPunks are here! Only 550 will ever be minted with a 1:1 ratio. Each one is unique. This project pays homage to FlappyBird, the insanely popular mobile game from 2013, and CryptoPunks - one of the OG NFT projects created back in 2017. Not affiliated with LarvaLabs.
Flat PunkA collection of punks that only consist of 2 color combinations.
Framed Punks
Purveyors of the finest handcrafted* frames for your NFTs. *Depending on your definition of handcrafted obviously...
FreshAFpunksFreshAFpunks is a class above the rest!Sign of the hornsMad respect for the founders of this space.Sign of the horns Minted once. Forever a part of the legacy. Become a collector now!!
Fugitive Punks
Fugitive Punks is a digital art project on the Ethereum Blockchain paying homage to CryptoPunks. They are unique and single edition 1/1 NFTs. Only 100 unique Fugitive Punks will be created. This project is inspired by the OG CryptoPunks and is not affiliated with Larva Labs.

Images taken to the OG CryptoPunks with surveillance cameras.
Further 3D Punks
Hi everyone, you wanted a 3D Punk and didn't get one or you got them and want more. Here it is, Get yours now! Supply for each 1/1. Not affiliated w/LarvaLabs
GamePunks™ are collectible #NFT's depicting your favorite Video Game Characters | Only 500 tokens will ever be released
Genius Punks
GeniusPunks are a punky-looking #NFT collection of famous geniuses. Get your Genius now! Not affiliated w/
Gif PunksAnimated tribute to Larva Labs. Limited edition 200 pcs. #unofficialpunks
Gradient Punks
GradientPunks is a digital art project on the Ethereum Blockchain, ERC-1155 Standard. They are unique and single edition 1/1 NFTs. Only 151 GradientPunks will ever exist. This project is inspired by the original Cryptopunks collection and its not affiliate with Larva Labs.

The #UnofficialPUNKS #CryptoPUNKS #GraffPUNKS powered by @graffitikings & the #NFT #Cryptoverse.
HalloweenPunksThe most fearsome villains across the world are taking over the NFT space.
HashPunksWe are the HashPunks, a tribute to both the Hashmasks and the Cryptopunks by Larva Labs.
HD PunksHD Punks
Homeless BumsHomeless Bums are looking for home, help them to find permanent shelter!
Horror Punks66,6 horror/pop culture themed punks.

Official Twitter of Hypno Punks.

A collection of 50 1/1 tri-color collectibles. Drops every day!

Not affiliated with Larvalabs.
ID's are AI visualized art avatars that age & evolve. The first 𝖉𝖊𝖈𝖎𝖘𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖉 is underway. to burn or evolve your ID. Burned ID's are reborn here:
Inception Punks
The Punks are taking over the web, our culture and our life. Take a deep breath, relax and enter the Inception Punks.

What are they? Every Inception Punk is a 1/1 NFT and it consists in an infinite zoom of one of the famous CryptoPunks, by Larva Labs. An endless loop, created for your voracious necessity of Punks.

What you got? Buyer will be awarded with: 1) the main GIF file, 2000 x 2000 pixels, 72 DPI; 2) the related JPEG file version, 8000 x 8000 pixels, 300 DPI; 3) a secret file version of the Punk.

This is an #UnofficialPunks project and it’s inspired by the OG CryptoPunks and is not affiliated with Larva Labs.
Indellible ApesThe Apes are shedding their former identities & moving on-chain with only the Fur on their backs.
Inverse Punks
Only 100 Inverse Punks will ever be minted. All Inverse Punks are 1/1. This project is not affiliated with @larvalabs.
Invisible Punks
The Invisible Punks is a collection of 150 unique and single edition Punks that can only be seen in the night.
What if CryptoPunks disappeared as if they never existed? Would MoonCatRescue be considered as the original NFT project? That would be pretty sad.

Anyway, in an alternate reality Punks have gone missing and so will your money if you purchase an InvisiblePunk.

Invisible Punks have their own rarity traits which may be different from original punks as well as a disruptive new Visibility level which make them so unique (and silly).

Hopefully there won’t be much Invisible Punks but in any case we won’t do more than 100 because we are lazy.

This is meant to be a tribute to the craziness of the NFT market but mostly as a joke. Seriously don't buy InvisiblePunks.

Should you do so (don't), the benefits will be mostly used to buy NFTs from real artists in need of visibility.

Thank God, this project is not affiliated to Larva Labs.
JMBasquiatPunksSummoning the spirits of JMB and CP’s to create a Contemporary masterpiece
JurassicPunksPrehistoric Punks from the Cryptacious Period.
Cute and Curated, Generative Dinosaur NFT's built in Photoshop & p5.js
Certified #unofficialpunks
This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs