How teachers remember names and faces of their students (Answers)
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When did you start your career as a teacher?
What do you teach and where?
How many classes do you teach?How many students do you have in each class?How old are your students?Did you ever had difficulty to remember students names and faces at the beginning of each new semester or school year?If yes, what did you do in that occasion?Do you use or did you use any techniques that help you to remember names and faces of your students? Could you specify some?Do you have any suggestions that could help you remember names and faces? (apps, services, technology...)
05/06/2018 21.13.217 years agoPrimary (Y2) South-West1306/7yrsYesFessed up & asked them to help me rememberWord/face association.... Sometimes knowing their siblings helpsSorry, no
05/06/2018 21.15.252010English, South London824-30Secondary - 11-16YesAsked them to remind me of their name/ looked on the front of their bookSeating plans printed out at the start of the year, names repeated in the first week until they stuckRepetition of names
05/06/2018 21.21.172003Primary East Midlands 22511YesAvoid use of any name Seating plan
05/06/2018 21.23.402000Primary school. Lancashire13210/11YesWe play a game with a class of new children. I ask for their first letter and have three goes. Then ask for the second etc. Until correct. By then their names is ingrained in my brainAs aboveNo
05/06/2018 22.20.425 years agoMarketing, Uni level3 subjects, four classes a week20-3018+YesI would always make sure to try and say their names. Although I found if they emailed me I would be better at remembering their names. So I would always encourage them to email me ha. Our register had their pics though so that helped a bit when I was inputting the register. But if I couldn’t remember their name I would just not use their name...but awkward at times though ha.I think I accidentally connected this above. My email tactic worked for me as it helped reinforce their name in my mind and associate them with their work.I’m not sure as the register with photos still didn’t help loads as they often looked quite different from their pic. I think anything that would help associate the name to them. Haha just thinking...maybe a little memory test/game to match the face etc. But don’t know if teachers have time for that. Maybe better ice breakers at the start of the year would help.
05/06/2018 22.31.482016Primary - york1259-10No
05/06/2018 22.33.201987Primary, Uk1185/6YesTry to remember something about their appearance and link it to their name Memory prompts/ name badges/ name gamesNo
05/06/2018 22.49.171994Primary, Kent3256-11YesAssociate their names with their characteristics Eg. Happy Hayley, Serious Saul
Get them to draw a self portrait & write a brief bio during transition time
06/06/2018 3.52.392001Kindergarten and Hamler, OH1 per yearAvg 205-6NoWe take pictures at kindergarten clinic, and I look at those before the school year starts. Names and faces have always come easy for me, it’s everything else I forget!
06/06/2018 3.59.242003Kindergarten pennsylvania 2225 to 6YesDepends on the situationI try to associate their name to something about them ie: kaitlyn does karate. Talk to and get to know the children. Once you have a relationship, you'll remember the name
06/06/2018 4.10.4619971st. Illinois 1256NoPractice each day by calling on them or walking by them and saying their names. PowerSchool
06/06/2018 4.11.442005Taught elementary (1 and 4) now a district administrator So I’m realizing this is more for secondary...25-30Now 14-19NoI always remember something about them and ask about that (do you still is your brother...) that usually triggers their name. I frequently view their class photos and keep them on display so my former students are often thought of. Remember their stories- some details about who they are as a person and keep that memory fresh and intentionally thought of often. I still remember all of my former students names and I see them 2-3 times a year.
06/06/2018 4.15.5020012nd in ChicagoOne class of 25257-8NoNo, after a few days of the beginning is sharing our names I just remember them. I guess I also put name tags on the desks and that helps at the beginning too. They eventually fall off or get destroyed and we don’t need since I know the names.
06/06/2018 4.27.592017grade 1/2 surrey 1216/7Yeshave nicknames for them or ask their friend repeated exposure I usually know their names after a day. constantly say their name over and over. not really it's part of my job to remember.
06/06/2018 4.41.502005Appleton, wi3203 to 8YesTwins :-)If i use their name when we first meet and continue to do so it makes it easier
06/06/2018 4.45.3020011st grade in Cobb County, Georgia1216 and 7No
06/06/2018 4.50.4819 yrs agoResource in US412-142nd and 3rdYesOnly after they have passed to upper grades then I just pretend I rememberNa
06/06/2018 4.59.372017Grade 1, AB Canada1 class, multiple subjects through out day185-7Yes
06/06/2018 5.01.122 years agoCore french - grades 4-7, BC- Canada827Ages 9-13No
06/06/2018 5.18.081999NC kindergarten 1186NoAssociation with something Remember something about the kid clothing or something they said
06/06/2018 5.25.361987New zealand13011YesYears ago when I was new to teaching I did find it challenging, especially in international school setting when I taught 300 children a week ! So how do I do it now ? I learn names from class list in advance, play lots of name games early on as we are all learning, students make name plaques for their desks, spend time getting to know them by chatting to table groups on first day, take photos on Day 1, warn students it might take me a while to learn all the names... they really help me. See aboveCare enough to get involved early on... give them your time and they will stick in your mind. By the end of day 1 I usually have everyone named.
06/06/2018 5.29.1120142nd Grade Ohio5207-8YesKept a picture with the name on the class list and reviewed class lists. Also, look at a class list of names and put the name with the child's face as I greet them. Assigning seats to always have children in the same area so it helos me remember names by remembering where they sit. Just having students introduce themselves and have them tell me something personal about them whether it be a favorite color or animal. It's easy to remember something like Kayla, Tiger than it is just Kayla because you are matching the child's name with something that you are already familiar with. Just putting a picture next to the name or I used ClassDojo and that made it easier because I always had the names up in front of me. Typically if I can read the name somewhere then I can match it to the student.
06/06/2018 5.36.182013First grade: TexasPrimary206/7YesNames on desks, and using names each time speaking to a student. Names on desks, and using names each time speaking to a student. Names on desks, seating charts, name games, and using names each time speaking to a student.
06/06/2018 5.56.502006Primary WA3154-7NoNoNo
06/06/2018 6.03.472003I don't anymore.162538YesGive them/use a nickname.Nicknames. It creates a "team/family like" mentality in the class/group. Nicknames.
06/06/2018 6.34.282007KS1 Nottingham1315-7YesPointed at them and asked for their answer to the questionI document containing labelled pictures of them to learn over the 6 weeks holidays
06/06/2018 6.44.512008Primary School, West Lothian1146NoAssign seats in the first week and sit the children one by one so I get a good look at them. Make sure you speak to each child everyday
06/06/2018 6.56.41November 20152nd Grade, Natchitoches, LA1247 turning 8NoN/AMaking multiples labels with their names on them before the school year. Then, guess there names throughout the day for the first week when your in line for bathroom. No idea.
06/06/2018 6.59.4919992nd grade Columbus, OhioSelf-contained257-8 years oldYesNames on desksPut the students in line order by last name on the roster. I’m a visual learner so need to see the names with the faces for me to remember better. I mostly have challenges with students in the same class with the first letter of their names being the same for example this year I had Journey abs Jordyn. I would often call the wrong year. One year it was Darrion and Dayvion that I would mix up.
06/06/2018 7.26.231986Kindergarten, Bakersfield, California1105-6No
06/06/2018 7.36.582016Kindergarten, Oregon120-305YesEither ask them their name or take a super silly guess and then they will tell meI remember what clothes they wear that day but then have to remember each day. Eventually I'll get it right
06/06/2018 8.03.282018Australia-primary education 1255/6 years oldYesFound something unique about them to remember name. I.e. molly wears headbands. Found something unique about them to remember name. I.e. molly wears headbands. Just school photo next to class roll.
06/06/2018 9.57.542001Jacksonville 2nd gr math2187,8,9,10NoNoNo
06/06/2018 11.13.512010Kindergarten/Public School1215/6YesJust associating a name with a face. NoNo
06/06/2018 11.17.171986Generalist primary teacher, Vic. One, full time. Approx 266/7 yearsNoI think I’m just so intensely focussed that I know all my students’ names by the end of day one. Tell me your name on introduction and I’ll forget it straight away. Go figure?!No
06/06/2018 11.55.422011Kindergarten in Missouri Title 1 school 118-205-6NoI take pictures on the first day. Students wear name tags for the first couple weeks. Students line up in ABC order by last name.
06/06/2018 11.56.431984Kindergarten 1204 and 5 NoNo
06/06/2018 12.10.501996Kindergarten- OhioI have had 2 half day for 10 years the rest of my years have been 1 class.26 to 355 to 7 yoNoOnly if 2 kiddos look A LOT alikeName tags that they wear, open house to meet and greet, I write their name and type their names often before meeting them (to label cubbies, for the door, Birthday chart, name tag, desk plate, etc) and just spending time with them.Nope, tech is why we don’t know them like we should! Just spend face to face time with them as people!
06/06/2018 13.22.1320152nd Grade in Georgia 1197-8No
06/06/2018 14.33.3120011st grade in Cobb County, Georgia1216 and 7No
06/06/2018 14.33.4320011st grade in Cobb County, Georgia1216 and 7No
06/06/2018 14.38.052000K-5 Sped in Missouri10+It varies from 1 - 7Age range 6 - 12YesSeveral of my student’s names are unique in pronunciation and spelling. I write down how it is phonetically spelled or I create a rhyme.Rhyming
06/06/2018 14.57.311987First grade/San Mateo. CalifOne....all day long256-7 years old YesTell them to let me think for a second. We play getting to know you games so we all learn each others names, such as sitting in a circle the child says their name and the answer to a given question. The next child repeats the previous and adds their response. When we line up to go places I go down the line and name each student. I do these for the first few days and then I’m usualky good at remembering. The one down fall of teaching in the same school for the last 14 years is calling students an older siblings name. Nope
06/06/2018 15.08.3120111st grade-Kentucky1 general classroom22-265-7YesThey wear name tags for the first week of school. Yes I challenge myself to remember as many as possible the first day. No.
06/06/2018 16.35.001993Title I Reading Dayton, Oh84-68-12YesPractice them every morning with the students like a guessing game. They would get a kick out of it and always try to give me a way to remember their names. I also wrote down the pronunciation on my attendance chart. Associate picture with faces, writing down pronunciation on my attendance chart
06/06/2018 16.48.191995Second grade Northwest GA1257-8 years oldYesWe play name games and my focus is to remember two or three names each game. No, sorry!
06/06/2018 17.10.102011st, Petersburg Primary in Pageland SC1206-7NoHad their seats in alphabetical order by last name. People use class dojo to help them.
06/06/2018 17.53.21This year 2017-2018Primary Valletta School157/8NoSometimes I used a method where I associated a name with something else which rhymes. Write them on paper or get a photograph.
06/06/2018 20.52.372013Elementary school - Kingston, ON Variety Approximately 28Kindergarten through grade 8YesName games, desk name tagsYes see previous answer
06/06/2018 23.20.281985Infants in Ireland 2295/6 yearsNoYes have identical twins and I put different coloured hair bands on them
06/06/2018 years ago Sk/ grade 1 - Alliston, Ontario1225-7YesAsk students their name. Use name tags on desks. Have students sit in teh same spots for my own consistency. Consistently same seating
07/06/2018 2.21.36September 2013
High school special education (autism) in Staten Islnd
07/06/2018 8.49.521995Primary reception herefor1At the most 364/5Yes
Just got it wrong but always apologised
Alphabet technique Name badge
07/06/2018 13.21.5925 years ago Headteacher, international school, India9 per week Between 10 - 19
Varies, primary and middle school
NoDraw a plan of classrooms, find out details about each kid, get them to do a piece of writing that's personal to themySee above
10/06/2018 12.41.162009Primary KS2 but not any longer!
Have taught as many as 8 at a time
30Between 8-11No
Seating plans prepared beforehand, making sure I mentally clocked children and where the were sitting doing the register on the first day of term or first time meeting the class. I would make sure I asked them their names whenever speaking to a child one to one if I didn't know it. I did a fair bit of supply teaching too so sometimes would just have a class for a week or a few days at a time- I found in these situations it was almost more important to learn names quickly as it helped massively with classroom and pupil management! For these I would often make it into a game and challenge myself to have remembered all their names by say breaktime -they would think I wouldn't be able to so found it very entertaining! (I think I managed it every time though)
I think making it a game for yourself is probably the easiest and most fun way for you and the children- they just need to know you're making the effort to learn them. I think context remembering groups of children and thinking so and so sits next to this child etc are what worked best for me. Having photos of children linked to the register helps as an aide memoire too.
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