Summary:STEM Labs are fun STEM engagements that align to educational standards. All STEM Labs contain activities that are structured around iterative, engineering design processes, real-world applications and opportunities for students to build teamwork and collaboration skills. STEM Labs provide students with hands-on, minds-on engagement that encourages students to design creative solutions and innovate through experimentation. STEM Labs are flexible enough to be used in any instructional setting (e.g. in-school, after-school, camps, or VEX robotics teams/clubs).

The following 45-Week Pacing Guide is focused on industrial robotics. It will introduce the students to the V5 Workcell that they will modify as they explore different manufacturing processes. Students will first investigate components and applications of industrial robots. Once the students have gained experience with the build, they will add sensors, motors, and conveyors to enhance the capabilities of the V5 Workcell while exploring the automation effectiveness of the Workcell. Once students are done with the 12 V5 Workcell STEM Labs, they will be introduced to the V5 Workcell Extensions. Finally, they will complete Lab 13: Capstone Project.

VEX V5 Workcell Extensions are designed to further explore concepts covered in the STEM Labs and introduce students to additional sorting and automation concepts. For more information on the V5 Workcell Extensions, view this article.

Time estimates are based on 3-4 hours of class time per week.
TimeSTEM LabDescriptionBuild DescriptionKey Concepts
1.5 WeeksLab 1: Industrial RobotsExplore Industrial Robotics as you build the VEX V5 Workcell and learn about the components and applications of industrial robots.V5 WorkcellBuilding and Exploring
Industrial Robots in the Workplace
Updating Firmware
Using a Potentiometer and Mastering Values
0.5 WeeksLab 2: SafetyAdd the Bumper Switch to the Workcell and code it to simulate an E-stop, then explore safety standards within industrial robotics.V5 Workcell with Bumper SwitchBuilding and Exploring
Safety Mechanisms and Precautions
Safety Features such as the E-Stop
1 WeekLab 3: Manual MovementManually move the arm mounted on the V5 Workcell to learn about the Cartesian coordinate system and how the x, y, and z-values change when the arm on the Workcell moves.V5 Workcell with Bumper SwitchManually jogging the arm of the Workcell
Robot Configurations
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
1 WeekLab 4: Programing MovementsObserve and compare the difference between linear movements and joint movements using the V5 Workcell.V5 Workcell with Whiteboard AttachmentBuilding and Exploring
Programming Linear Movement and Joint Movement
Motion Control and Robot Dynamics
Controllers and Operating Systems
1 WeekLab 5: Using VariablesLearn how variables are used to store values while creating a project to move the arm mounted on the V5 Workcell to multiple locations.V5 Workcell with Whiteboard AttachmentVariables and Repeat Loops
Robotics and Automation Careers
1 WeekLab 6: Using End EffectorsExplore how to store (x, y, z) coordinates in a 2D List to draw triangles and letters using the arm mounted on the V5 Workcell.V5 Workcell with Whiteboard AttachmentRobot Motion
Accuracy and Repeatability
2D Lists and Variables
1 WeekLab 7: Dropping Off ObjectsAdd the Electromagnet to the VEX V5 Workcell and program it to pick up and drop off colored disks.V5 Workcell with Electromagnet and StandoffsBuilding and Exploring
The UI on the V5 Brain
Robotic Palletizing in Manufacturing
1.5 WeeksLab 8: Transporting ObjectsAdd the V5 Optical Sensor to the Workcell and code the arm to sort disks based on their color.V5 Workcell with Optical SensorBuilding and Exploring
Coding the Optical Sensor
Controlling a Diverter and Conveyor
Conveyors used in Manufacturing
1.5 WeeksLab 9: Using A Conveyor SystemBuild a conveyor system to sort colored disks in an expanded Workcell to explore material handling systems in manufacturing.V5 Workcell with ConveyorsBuilding and Exploring
Conveyors used in Manufacturing Projects
Controlling the Diverter and Conveyor to Sort Objects
2 WeeksLab 10: Conveyor Systems and SensorsUtilize sensors with the conveyor system and learn how manufacturing processes incorporate sensors into the material handling.V5 Workcell with Conveyors and Sensors Building and Exploring
Using "My Block" in a Project
Using Line Trackers to Determine Locations
2 WeeksLab 11: Cooperative SystemsAdd a Disk Feeder and use Boolean Variables to move multiple disks in the Workcell in an autonomous fashion.V5 Workcell with Disk Feeder Building and Exploring
Boolean Variables in Projects
Robot to Robot Communication
Input and Output Signals with Industrial Robots
2 WeeksLab 12: Classroom CompetitionsLearn tips and tricks with your VEX V5 Workcell and compete in a mini-competition to achieve a high score! Free-form BuildBuilding and Exploring
Troubleshooting the V5 Workcell
Creating a project for a Competition
Attitudes Towards Robotics
TimeWorkcell ExtensionDescriptionBuild DescriptionKey Concepts
1 WeekWorkcell Extension: Cost EfficiencyCreate an efficient Workcell utilizing the least amount of components.Free-form BuildEngineering constraints
1 WeekWorkcell Extension: Diverting DisksBuild and code a diverter to move disks from one conveyor belt to another.Free-form BuildBuild and code a diverter
1 WeekWorkcell Extension: Enable EntryCan you sort disks on your Workcell using only one conveyor and a gate?Free-form BuildBuild and code a gate
1 WeekWorkcell Extension: Reject EntryUse two gates with one disk feeder.Free-form BuildBuild and code a gate
Build a disk feeder
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Sort the LuggageYour Workcell is a loading area in an airport. Sort the luggage so that they get onto the right flight.Free-form BuildBuild and code a gate
Build a disk feeder
Build and code a diverter
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Baggage ClaimPick up the disks from their loading zone and sort them on a conveyor system.Free-form BuildCode the Optical Sensor
Build a disk feeder
Build and code multiple diverters
Code a User Interface (UI)
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Stay on TrackUse a retaining wall as a method to increase the efficiency of your Workcell.Free-form BuildBuild a disk feeder
Build and code a diverter
Build a retaining wall
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Quality ControlHave the system reject the red disks when they enter the system using Limit Switches.Free-form BuildBuild a disk feeder
Build and code a diverter
Code Limit Switches
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Going HigherMove a disk from an elevated conveyor to a non-elevated conveyor.Free-form BuildBuild a disk feeder
Build and code a gate
Build and code a diverter
Build and code an elevated conveyor
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Fast FactoryUse a diverter, extended disk feeder, and elevated conveyors to sort and move packages throughout the factory.Free-form BuildBuild a disk feeder
Build and code a gate
Build and code a diverter
Build and code elevated conveyors
Code the Optical Sensor
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Leveling UpSort disks using an advanced Workcell system of overlapping conveyors.Free-form BuildBuild a disk feeder
Build and code a diverter
Build and code overlapping conveyors
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Turning it UpConstruct a turning conveyor belt to sort products.Free-form BuildBuild and code a turning conveyor belt
Build and code an elevated conveyor
Code the Line Trackers
3 WeeksWorkcell Extension: New HeightsSort disks using multiple layers of elevated and turning conveyor belts.Free-form BuildBuild and code a turning conveyor belt
Build and code elevated conveyors
Build and code a diverter
Build a disk feeder
2 WeeksWorkcell Extension: Work TogetherUse two Workcells to sort and load disks!Free-form BuildBuild a disk feeder
Build and code a diverter
Cooperative Workcell systems
TimeSTEM LabDescriptionBuild DescriptionKey Concepts
4 WeeksLab 13: Capstone Project (COMING SOON)Apply all you have learned from the Workcell STEM Labs and Extensions to create your own Workcell build and compete in the Capstone Project Competition!Free-form BuildPlanning a Workcell design
Understanding Mechanical Limits of the Workcell
Game strategy and competing