1982-05-31UM broadcasts play by play for the 1982 University of Miami Regionals baseball game.
1983-11-02NRS short clip from the Wednesday night dating show hosted by Neil Rogers.
1984-03-01NRS Rogers' first night on WINZ after being off the air for two long months. He is happy, the board is full of calls, and he has his kazoos!
1985-02-21NRS has a special guest tonight, Stan Major. But first Roger Conner from F.A.I.R. to discuss the aftermath of the Mariel boatlift. 11PM-Midnight
1985-07-04NRS this holiday show, Neil was only taking calls from people who wanted to talk about their animals. This 3 min. clip has a 9 year old and his cat Graybo.
1986-02-05NRS discusses last week's Challenger disaster. Audio issues with the first few minutes. 33 minute clip of Neil on WINZ at night.
1986-03-05NRS Neil is discussing education, early birds, Millie, and maybe burning WINZ's telephone a month before his "phone out" was enacted.
1986-08-22NRS on WINZ. At this stage he was on evenings and taking callers on air to talk about typical talk radio topics. Tonight it's religion. In this show, Neil insists to a caller that he's an agnostic not an atheist.
1987-01-17NRS are having problems with WINZ, one lady says she gets music instead of Talk Net at night. Neil has a little fun, a classic show.
1987-02-20NRS minutes of Neil Rogers from the FC Archives, a Jamaican caller wants wonders what disease Taffy is accusing him of having. Exact date
1987-02-21NRS minute clip of Uncle Neil's Saturday show.
1987-03-03NRS clip from 1987. Mike Miller got Herman and McBean to do a Neil trivia bit, and Uncle was not happy. March 1987 show (exact date unknown) extra minutes.
1987-03-07NRS*Audio Repaired* LIVE from the Diplomat Mall in Hallandale. A remote with Mike Spindell, Lorri, Marlon Bailey, and Hallandale City Manager R. J. Intindola.
1987-04-11NRS on Saturday, Kathy West went home and Arlene Ross joins Neil. One of the best crank calls ever, and Neil gives out Ken Block's phone number. Be sure to listen to Ernie following Neil. 28 minutes
1987-04-13NRS Neil Rogers clip from Mr. Cake's archive, a strange crank call and a Steve Dahl spy report. (6 minutes, exact date unknown)
1987-04-14NRS minute clip of Neil talking about the FCC, crank callers, and a WNWS spy report.
1987-04-15NRS is feed up with Taffy, and her callers on this WINZ clip of The Neil Rogers Show from 1987. It starts with April 15 and ends with Kathy "Wild" West from WINZ FM in the studio and still pregnant.
1987-04-16NRS is fed up with the lack of good calls and takes the show outside to the lawn of the WINZ studios. Instead of callers Neil talks to the people who can find the studio. Neil gives away WINZ swag, Happy Sperm candles, and he feeds the masses with yummy food from Brick Oven Pizza. A good time was had by all.
1987-04-18NRS the Saturday Neil Rogers Show. For some reason he lets Fruit Cake sit in for the whole show. Bob Lassiter on the phone as some kind of expert. Lee Fowler, SOFAR campaign, Bill Tanner, and other radio celebrities call.
1987-04-24NRS of the WINZ show. Neil reads from Gore Vidal's book "Myron", they play an excerpt of Howard's show, more talk about the FCC
1987-04-27NRS after Neil's apperance at CB Smith Park, lots of problems, SOFAR, good WINZ show. Neil ends the show doing a great talk up for "Wasting Away In Hallandale".
1987-04-29BL Lassiter interviews Neil Rogers about the FCC and radio censorship. This show took place April 29, 1987 on WPLP.
1987-04-30NRS with Tom Jicha talking about radio on WINZ. Steve Kane is sitting out his 3 month noncompete with WNWS, but gets back on radio by calling Neil to promote his move to WIOD in July. Greg Budell (sitting out like Kane), and Bill Tanner call in with exceptional comments.
1987-05-02NRS Rogers on Saturday with Glen Hill sitting in. Neil reads a memo from Mark Kuhn about Kathy West not doing her show. Jay Michaels from WWHR calls in, and something about the Miramar High School prom and not being allowed to play "Never Say Goodbye" by Bon Jovi. Ernie Sochin brings in some lunch before his show. 56 minute clip from the Fruit Cake Archives.
1987-05-03NRS the Fruit Cake Archives 7 minute clip of Neil with guest Linda Thorton on WINZ. (Date Unknown)Rogers-1987-11 _Unknown_date_ Neil Linda T 1 (64)
1987-05-09NRS hours Neil on WINZ - more Save Our First Amendment Rights (SOFAR) talk. Bill Tanner from WPOW calls in.
1987-05-20NRS Rogers starts the show with a classic monologue about the First Amendment, gays, and rumors that WINZ may be sold. He is joined in the last 3 hours with the Miami Herald's entertainment editor Bill Cosford.
1987-05-23NRS clip of Neil and Glen talking about another Herald story about Neil. Some Jim Kelly talk. 17 minutes
1987-05-26NRS is Tuesday on WINZ. Neil is Birdless, some SOFAR talk, some requests like Rasta Jew, and the book is coming out. 11:00-2:00.
1987-05-29NRS talks about religion, well at least Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jerry Falwell, and more sex abuse stories. Mike Spindell is going to do Saturday for Neil so he can go to Calder's opening. Taffy found out that she was being replaces by Stan Major, when Fruit Cake called her at home to let her know. Al Rantel, and Jerry Wichner spy reports, plus Golden Age bits like Be True to Your Shul.
1987-06-05NRS has Stan Major as a guest. Stan is taking over Taffy McCallum's 2-6 WINZ slot.
1987-06-06NRS day at WINZ. Neil is joined with Glen and Ernie Sochin for some radio rumors and some Fruit Cake talk.
1987-06-08SM Major returns to Miami radio. Neil Rogers sits in to help out his old buddy. 37 minute clip
1987-06-09NRS of Uncle Neil on WINZ, and he has told Kyle not to turn on Glen's mic. Stan Major's show started yesterday and there will be comments by Neil and the callers. Songs include the world premiere of "I Want to be Don Johnson", and "National Brotherhood Week". Callers include a crazy lady, and maybe Fruit Cake doing a voice, Bits and bonus minutes.
1987-06-15SM the Fruit Cake Archives 9 minute clip of The Stan Major Show with Neil Rogers. (Date Unknown)
1987-06-16NRS medley of June 16-17 and more! An old Burns and Schreiber sketch from the "hungry i" in San Francisco - "The Faith Healer" with the giant commy frogs. Neil mics Kyle's air cleaner, he has to apoligize to Rick Shaw twice, WIOD rumors, and Glen apoligizes to Irene Richard.
1987-06-19NRS is keeping The Bird's mic off, and he lost his Saturday show. A report about a WNWS meeting. Neil is happy about a Supreme Court ruling.
1987-06-22NRS gets a Lee Fowler spy report. The Bird's mic is off for the day. Looks like Sandy Payton is following Mike Miller off WIOD.
1987-06-24NRS*UPDATED WITH 46 MORE MINUTES* Rick Sampson died yesterday, he was part of the WINZ family. SOFAR ad will be in upcoming issue of R&R. No more Spring Break, and an AIDS story from WMWS. Neil Rogers tries out a new format, only talking to callers off the air. Glen screens the calls which makes Kyle very happy.
1987-07-18NRS is the Saturday before the NY Times story comes out - "Can Miami Save Itself...?" and Mike Spindell drops in to chat with Neil and to cart up a cackle. The first hour is a monologue. Saul is afraid that when Joe Robbie Stadium opens he will not have a place to park at Calder. Callers lament about how S Fl used to be a great place to live. More Delta Airlines stories.
1987-07-20NRS is Monday on WINZ, Neil and The Bird discuss the NY Times story about Miami.
1987-07-21NRS discusses the New York Times Magazine article "Can Miami Save Itself...?" He starts off the show being serious, but then Glen starts bringing in the "Numbers". Neil got a 9, and Stan Major spends most of the 2 - 3 on Neil's show. Rick and Suds claim that Glen "The Bird" Hill had lunch with Lee Fowler over the weekend. The WINZ management thinks that Geoff Charles will be stiff competition for Neil.
1987-07-22NRS months of Neil having fun and games on the air he shows the Dade County Commission that he can still rally his fans to act on an issue. Neil stirs things up by urging us to call the commissioners who voted to allow for repeal Dade's English-only law, that mandates the county to conduct business in English. Harvey Ruvin quickly calls in to withdraw his support after a torrent of phone calls. Jorge Valdes calls to try and explain why he brought the issue up after he stated on Neil's show that he would not. Kyle will not turn on Glen's mic, and some bits. Just say No to El Herald.Spring Book
1987-07-25NRS Rogers apologizes to everyone for everything. The Book came out and WINZ kicked ass, Neil goes over the rating hour by hour. A great show for the radio insiders out there.
1987-07-27NRS responds to a Herald editoral and more bilngual crap. Glen is out with a cold. Stick around after the 30 or so minutes of Neil. Mark Moseley is filling in for Al Rantel on WNWS and tells the story of how Neil got the "Hallandale Vice" bit. He don't sound too happy to me. Neil and Mark made up on a later date.
1987-07-28NRS up Tuesday on WINZ. Lots of great mail including some catalogs addressed to Kathy "Wild" West. Neil is seeking a travel companion for his upcoming trip to Hawaii. Glen Hill is now officially "The Bird". South Florida Magazine puts out its Best and Worst List. The Bird reviews some movies and local talk radio shows, Miss Miami Shores calls in, and Stan Major makes it to the studio in time for some pizza. ***Back on YouTube.
1987-08-01NRS last minutes of rare appearance of The Bird on a WINZ Saturday Neil Rogers Show. Caller confesses to having a sexual relationship with cousin while they were teenagers. Then Neil confesses his own experiences with his cousins: male and female. 4 additional minutes
1987-08-04NRS of the 11:00 hour. Neil and The Bird read some mail. A guy wants to go to Hawaii with Neil, another Blowfly record comes in and gets played, more rumors about Lee Fowler being replaced by Sandy Peyton at WNWS, and the real Barbara Capitman.
1987-08-04SM Major with Neil Rogers, they sent The Bird out to get pizza, and Kyle is on the board. Movies, Stan's IRS problem, and E.J. calls.
1987-08-06SM hours with Neil sitting in, Glen is out sick, and Kyle is on the board. Stan and Neil wonder what is wrong with women in South Florida. Michael Talbott will be Stan's guest tomorrow, and on Saturday Vicki, Eric, and The Wad will guests. They both are getting provocative pictures from fans. A Boy and His Dog, Desert Hearts, and Stan's trolling for women may pay off.
1987-08-07NRS of WINZ. Neil Rogers gets a letter he is none too happy about. Its payday and Kyle did not get his raise. The Pope is coming town next month and the Catholic Church is not happy with Neil.
1987-08-10NRS's cable is out, but Glen is back from being sick. They talk about Mike Spindell's show yesterday, and Donald. 6 minutes
1987-08-11NRS has invited young fans to visit him in the studio, and today's guest is a woman! There is an article in today's Miami News about the efforts of a certain doctor to drive advertisers away from WINZ. People are still waiting for their Miami Vice jackets, the sound tunnel, The Bird, and Stan stops in to check out Linda.
1987-08-22NRS of a Saturday show, Neil does a monologue for the whole first hour.
1987-08-24NRS Gannett corporate guy is coming to talk with Neil about the complaints they have been getting about the show. Neil reads a letter from some guy named Jack Thompson who is one of those complaing (BTW his phone number starts with 666). Neil lets us know that if they let him go after the meeting tomorrow, he will be back on the air in South Florida on another station immediately, if not sooner. Looks like Kyle picked a good week to go on vacation. The Crepitation Contest record is in today's mail, but they do not have a cart long enough for it. WJNO has let John Broward go, Mike Miller will be replacing him. Glen is just being The Bird. Before Guitar Man, there were these mashugga guys. 2 listeners call in one playing songs and the other playing a bit. How many called Portland in supoort on last Friday? Will Neil be on Tuesday? Govern yourselves accordingly! (go to 2:13'17.35 Jack calls in) You have to hear the call from "Jack's nurse" toward the end.
1987-08-25NRS's management had its big meeting with Neil who will stay on the air minus a few cart, but he gets to keep The Bird. Neil got some cat recipes today, the shower lady calls in. Stan is running late, but makes it in for half the show. Neil does not know where to go on vacation, and the callers are not much help. Lots of calls of support for Uncle Neil, including E.J. calling from his phone booth.
1987-08-26NRS montage of Neil on the day he debuts The Crepitation Contest. Great call from Pearl Williams, and some Mojo Nixon. Sandy Peyton is coming back to WNWS and reunited with her former, and Neil's, producer Lori Sheffield. Stan Major was unhappy that Neil carted up part of the Don Johnson phone call, and hid the cart. Island Queen mailed Neil a 3 foot poster of Jeff Stryker, but it is has not been delivered. **23 additional minutes**
1987-09-08NRS is back from vacation to upstate NY and beyond. Hear the reviews of The Bird's shows. Neil debuts a fine bit from the folks at HOT 105 (Jim Schuyler). Joey Reynolds talk. radio rumors abound, Neil goes screenless, and Fruit Cake gets back on the air with something about WIOD and the ratings!
1987-09-09NRS is getting ready for the Pope's visit, Stan drops by, and Glen cannot cart up a record correctly.
1987-09-11NRS Pope comes to town, and Neil is late to work. It rained like hell in honor of the Pope. Link to improved audio ----->
1987-09-13GH is a guest on Glen's Sunday night program on WZTA. Updated with higher quality audio. You can listen, and download it ------>
1987-09-18NRS is still waiting for the giant Jeff Stryker poster from the Island Queen. More problems from the management, this time it even includes Kyle. They are giving away copies of Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper's new album thanks to Rich Pachter. Neil is back to eating the crummy sandwiches from the machine. Glen is just being The Bird.
1987-09-19NRS Saturday for Neil. Suezette the manager at Emack and Bolio's calls, 2 nasty ladies from Hollywood claim the Neil sent them to the ice cream shop. Neil, and Stan going back for more tomorrow night, Neil is hoping Brian is working. Part of a call from Jamie and Marci inviting Neil, and Stan to dinner. Should Neil get a 976 number? Keith Isley is in Toledo. More Mojo Nixon albums coming next week. **17 additional minutes**
1987-09-21NRS guy calls Neil about the Uncle Bonsai concert Saturday at the Colony Theater. He brings Neil 10 tickets to give away. Glen gets a letter addressed to "the laughing jackass. A caller asks Neil if he knows about Jaco Pastorius' condition (he died that night), but Neil has not heard of him, or Weather Report. People takes shots at Joey, and Stan, NFL strike, and Sonny Fox of WHYI calls in. If Brian is not at Emac's and Bolios tonight, Neil says they will never mention the ice cream shop again. Stan drops in and he is in a surly mood. **90 additional minutes**
1987-09-21SM of Stan Major with Neil Rogers. E.J. calls, an Alice spy report, and they are going to Emack and Bolios toinght.
1987-09-22NRS is the day after Neil Rogers and Stan Major went to Emack and Bolios. There was a large turn out. Neil needs some records, and a guy from WZTA drops in. 20 min clip
1987-09-23SM's the Stan Major Show with Neil Rogers. Hear the infamous Jamie calling in to ask them to a Veal Parmesan dinner at their home. A new David Caprita bit, Arlene Ross comes in early to defend herself, and her fan calls in to sing her a song. 30 minute clip
1987-09-25NRS, and Stan are going back to Emack and Bolios on Monday, and they are bringing The Bird along for his first public appearance. A Jeff Stryker spy report. 38 min Blocked on YouTube use link at right ------->
1987-09-27NRS has somebody else besides Glen in the studio today. 8 min9-29-1987
1987-09-29NRS Anniversary, Neil's first anniversary of moving to the 10-2 day part. Dave's Hine's first appearance, and the Bird walks out in a huff. Lots of yummy Brick Oven food, they brought 9 pies. Neil take a poll about Glen Hill. Gay Bowling League discussed. Big appearance at Emac and Bolio's last night. Neil tells the story behind the Four Seasons show open for Joey Reynolds at WKBW. Fat Rich comes in for lunch, and Stan drops in.10-1-87
1987-09-30NRS in with Neil and the Bird is Dave. Body wrap talk, and they all really enjoy their desserts! Very funny.10/2/87
1987-10-01NRS mail is delayed again while Neil Rogers, and The Bird are still waiting for the Jeff Stryker poster that the Island Queen sent. Yom Kippur starts this weekend. Last night on St. Elsewhere a doctor mooned all of America. They call the Jim Bakker, and Tammy Faye hotline.
1987-10-02NRS gets a lot of mail today, and The Bird is going through it. Going to the Melting Pot tonight, big turnout at Emack's, Miami playing FSU, and the premier of Jay Michaels' Jamie, and Marci bit. Kyle's next to last show with Neil. **5 minutes added**
1987-10-05NRS is "Stand by Me" talk for the 1st hour. David is back, how will the Bird react? Neil sends David and Glen to get lunch from Nicola's, and it takes a very long time. Neil's long time producer Kyle Isley has been replaced by Bob Rowland.
1987-10-05SM wants a definition of a S. FL Twinkie, NFL strike, and he tries to call Don Johnson. Neil Rogers some how got Donna Rice's home phone number, so they give her a call. Did they reach her or not? Looks like they are going back to the Melting Pot, cigars, Neil's TV, and James Dean.
1987-10-07SM with Neil the afternoon before his big announcement. Arlene Ross is in the studio, Jamie, and some relatives call. Neil makes a request for a song parody.
1987-10-08NRS Sukkos. Neil has a big announcement to make, they are moving to WZTA FM! Seems that some of the callers are very confused. Schuyler calls in, and no more bits for Neil. Dave drops in for a lunch or two. Avi gets back on the air and Glen has retired his old name (Fruit Cake). Without Neil what in the hell will Stan do?
1987-10-09NRS Rogers on his last Friday show on WINZ. In the studio are The Bird, Stan, Lee, Jay Michaels, and David Caprita who has to leave for an audition, and others. The premier of "On the Phone Again". The book is coming out today and (Avi) Fruit Cake has the numbers before the station does! Despite what Lori announced, Neil will be on Saturday. Bill Tanner calls in, he beat Sonny Fox in the ratings.
1987-10-10NRS's last WINZ show, and his last Saturday show ever. One lady can't find WZTA on the dial, and another one thinks she is talking to Doug Young on the Trade Line show on WIOD. The Bird drops in at noon. Rick Riley from WAXY's Rick and Suds Show gives Neil a call. Some reminiscing about Neil's time on WINZ Howard Stern spy report, he was kicked off the Arsenio Hall Show. The end of an era. Audio upgraded see link ----->
1987-10-12NRS WZTA show - Neil is joined by Glen HIll, Lee Gillette, and David (Capitain Dave) Caprita.
1987-10-14NRS and the gang on WZTA. They listen to the delay, Neil will play music when he feels like it, and Lee is still there. 29 min
1987-10-16NRS Gillette lasted 4 days on Neil's WZTA show. Knot's Landing, fake Walter Cronkite, and Neil is popular at Miami-Dade CC. 1st time tunnel on ZETA4. 44 min
1987-10-19NRS, The Bird, and Captain Dave on WZTA. The Dolphins lost yesterday. The cops were after Don Johnson after he went dove hunting in a wildlife sanctuary in the Redlands area. He got away in a helicopter. A first grade class from a Catholic grade school is visiting the station. Hostile lady caller. **13 additional minutes**
1987-11-26NRS the Fruit Cake Archives 8 minutes of Neil and the gang on WZTA. Fruit Cake calls in with a few spy reports. The may be the first time Neil plays David Caprita's "Figaro" song.
1987-11-30NRS"Its make your own news Monday" according to Capt. Dave on WZTA. Neil comes to the studio and it is unlocked, plus WINZ wants him to cut a spot. Elvis Jr. drops in on Neil and The Bird. Neil discovers an E.J. cart missing, because someone took it for his show on INZ.
1987-12-01NRS WZTA clip. Neil went with Big Dave to get a haircut, Fruit Cake calls in and talks about pirate radio, and he attempts to hook up Glen with Barbie. ~10 minutessee week of 3-7-88
1987-12-02NRS Delay-Less Wednesday on WZTA. Greg Budell is not allowed to take Neil's call on the air. Avi gets Blind Mike on the phone, and Neil calls Bill Calder about him doing Stan's show during vacation time. Blocked on YouTube. Link to listen ----->
1987-12-03NRS of the show, Neil calls WSHE and talks to Joey Reynolds (Pinto) on the air.
1987-12-04NRS calls other FM morning shows. Jim Schuyler on the phone at HOT 105.
1987-12-14NRS bit of Neil on WZTA. What couple did Neil run into at the Winn-Dixie? Avi (Fruit Cake) has some rating predictions, Capt. Dave does a great ID, and the Bird cackles.
1987-12-21NRS-GH of a show, while Neil is on vacation. The Chocolate Lady calls. The bust size formula. Fat Rich brings in his computer.Glen Hill (The Bird) hosts the show, and Dave Caprita is on the board.
1987-12-22NRS-GH Hill (The Bird) hosts the show, and Dave Caprita is on the board. More of the bust size formula.
1988-01-13NRS get the first ratings after moving to FM, Fruit Cake wants to call Lee Fowler in the air. John Ford on the board today. 17 minute clip from the Fruit Cake Archives
1988-01-14SM Rogers calls Stan Major after his meeting with management. ~5 minute clip from the Fruit Cake Archives
1988-01-15NRS to 9 hour on WZTA. This is the day the Flasher showed up. Neil Rogers with The Bird, and Capt. Dave. Jamie calls, Fruitcake called Stan yesterday, and where is Neil's Dion record?
1988-01-19NRS little taste of Neil and the gang on WZTA, Neil's White Hots are missing, and mystery ZETA4 license plates.
1988-01-20NRS of the WZTA show. Neil, Glen, and Capt. Dave discuss music and a rumor about Neil's health.
1988-01-26NRS of the broadcast on WZTA. Neil bashes management (what is new?) along with The Bird and Captain Dave.
1988-02-04LIVE appearance video Emack and Bolios