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Academic Year 2011-12
IssueFall Break Organization/Leaders/AdvisorsDescription
Affordable Housing“Affordable Housing for Lower Income Families”This service trip will focus on the housing need of lower income families. We will work with local residents of Ottumwa, Iowa on a home, doing tasks such as painting, trimming, and foundation work. Along with the physical labor associated with the trip, we will have the opportunity to visit with families that have benefited from this work in the past. Additionally, we will learn the selection process that the families go through to provide them with an affordable and stable home.  There are eight participant spots available.
(Habitat for Humanity)
Student Leaders: Shea Kruger ’13, Sydney Marsh ’13
Advisor: Dr. Shawn Ellerbroek, Chemistry Dept.
Poverty/Homelessness“Home Is Where the Heart Is” This trip will focus on homelessness in the state of Iowa. We will mainly work with an organization called the Hospitality House as well as participate in a widely known function called Reggie’s Sleepout. There will be times to interact and learn the stories of those who stay on the streets as well as time to see where exactly they find shelter. We will try to find where our part is in helping the cause of homelessness within our own community. There are eight participant spots available.
(Hospitality House)
Student Leaders: Kjerstin Lewis ’14, Emily Preussner ‘14
Advisor: Alyssa Dahmer, Residence Life
IssueWinter Break Organization/Leaders/AdvisorsDescription
Camp Maintenance“Giving Back to So Many More”We will be providing service at Camp Lone Star in La Grange, TX during this week. We will be helping out the camp in any way possible through maintenance duties as well as helping with renovation of facilities and much more. If you want a trip that gives back to so many campers and others through lots of awesome manual labor, then this is the trip for you!
(Camp Lonestar)
Student Leaders: Suzy Berndt ’12, Courtney Frey '14
Advisor: Derek Gainsforth, Residence Life
Disaster Relief“Tackling Tornadoes: Community Response to Natural Disasters”Last April, an F-4 tornado struck the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area, causing massive destruction, 47 deaths, and despair.  Join us as we seek to rebuild not only houses but also build community with those devastated by the tornado.  We will experience housing displacement firsthand by staying in an evacuation shelter setting to better understand what families have gone through as their houses have been destroyed.  With one week and a passion for service, we can help heal the brokenness and devastation brought to the community of Tuscaloosa.
(Community Collaboration International)
Student Leaders: Dan Hanson ’12, 
Ellie Schwarz ’14, Eric Thiele ‘12
Advisor: Dr. Ed Geisweidt, English Dept.
Environmental“ Seeing Beyond the Screen: Preserving Nature for the Future”This service trip plans to work with the American Hiking Society as they build trails in order to maintain usage and appreciation of various parks throughout the nation. We will be working at James River State Park in Virginia, providing manual labor in an effort to upkeep the accessibility of the preserved nature. Through this experience of environmental appreciation, we will curb technology dependencies that currently inhibit our generation. Participants will enjoy hands-on physical labor that will provide them with a better outlook on protecting the environment for years to come.
(American Hiking Society)
Student Leaders: Carly Russell ’13, 
Jessica Macauley ‘12 
Advisor: Kip Ladage, Bremer Co Emergency Management
HIV/AIDS“ HIV/AIDS and Health Discrepancies in the Midwest”The purpose of this trip is to engage in service activities with various organizations serving HIV/AIDS infected individuals.  Participants will gain an understanding of the stigma surrounding the AIDS epidemic and what it means to be living in the United States, specifically the St. Louis area, with the disease.  The primary focus will be working with a non-profit that provides housing for infected individuals. 
Student Leaders: Michael Stevenson ‘12, Morgan Foley ‘12
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Olson, Retired Faculty, and Kathy Olson
Poverty/Homelessness“Progressive Help for Those in Need” This trip will be done at the Kitchen Inc. an organization widely recognized as a progressive innovator for meeting needs and addressing root cause of poverty and homelessness; whose mission is to create a place where persons, especially the poor, are welcomed and cared for with dignity and compassion. On this trip to Springfield, MO we will assist the Kitchen Inc. with day to day activities and services, serve meals in soup kitchen, and help with organization and maintenance of the Kitchen Inc. campus. We encourage anyone who enjoys helping others, making a difference in the world, and especially having fun, to join for what will be experience you will never forget!
(The Kitchen Inc.)
Student Leaders: Brok Dawley ‘13, Chad Jensen ’13
Advisor: Mark Piel, Development Office
Poverty/Homelessness“Exploring Different Aspects of the Inner City”In this trip, we are going to try to expand people’s perceptions of life in the city in comparison to the ways that you may live here at Wartburg. We will be spending lots of time helping elementary students at Holy Family Ministries. Additionally, we will explore city life through service by learning about people in various cultural and economic situations in terms of the privileges that people may have.
(Holy Family Ministries)
Student Leaders: Chanie Redmond ‘13, Kjerstin Lewis ‘14
Advisor: Tonya Derner, Dining Services
Poverty/Homelessness“Urban Plunge: Experiencing poverty in a new way ”Are you interested in poverty and how it affects women and children? Change your perception of poverty by serving those in need in an urban setting. Some of the service activities may include working at a Food Bank, serving meals at a soup kitchen, working with women and children, and other eye-opening opportunities.  Experience poverty in a personal way with the Food Stamp Lunch Challenge and by listening to firsthand accounts of being homeless and living in poverty. We will be working with Urban Ministries and a variety of different organizations in Denver, CO focusing on the issue of poverty.
Student Leaders: Chelsea Lorenz ’13, Rachel Schulz ‘13
(Denver Urban Ministries) 
Advisor: Dr. Paul Magnall, Business Dept.
Poverty/Homelessness“Serving Communities in an Impoverished City”This service trip will be working primarily with the Catholic Urban Programs (CUP).  We will be participating in various volunteer opportunities working with those in poverty and homelessness.  We will be working in the once thriving city of East St. Louis, across the river from the Arch.  Our activities will include spending a day at a local elementary school, after school activities program, soup kitchen, thrift store, breakfast bus, and also working directly with the homeless handing out lunches in the community.
(Catholic Urban Programs)
Student Leaders: Emily Kuennen ’12, Kaitlyn Baldrige ‘13
Advisor: Wendy Mohlis, Student Life
Service Through Music/Poverty“Circle of Music Tour”This trip will travel to Chicago, IL and St. Louis, Missouri to work with churches, schools, or other organizations. We will meet physical needs through traditional service work and spiritual needs through music. By traveling to areas affected by poverty in Chicago and St. Louis and their surrounding communities, we hope to offer a worship experience typically not available to these venues due to lack of financial resources for this kind of service. We are looking for vocalists, a variety of instrumentalists, and people to help with sound and other technical needs.
Auditions: November 7,9,11Student Leaders: Alexis Spain ’13, Kate Glenney ’12, Ryan Harms ‘13
Advisors: Hans Pregler, Neumann, & Michael Jensen ’96, Music Dept.
IssueTour Week Organization/Leaders/AdvisorsDescription
Affordable Housing“Building Homes for a Better Community”We will be working with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a family in the Corpus Christi, TX community. Share our mission to eliminate substandard housing and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Let’s build a world where every man, woman and child should have a simple, decent, affordable place to live in dignity and safety.
(Habitat for Humanity)
Student Leaders: YukTeng Chan ’14, Liza Gashi ’13, Sonachi Mogbogu ’14  Advisor: Bernard Holland, Security Office
Affordable Housing“You Are Your Home”The organization we will be working with, Habitat for Humanity, builds and sells houses to hard-working people, unable to afford it through normal circumstance. The family is given a house after 250 hours of their own work on the building side. We will be helping Denver, CO Habitat for Humanity and one family build their future home. This will allow us to get a complete picture of what hard work people go through every day in order to have a safe place to stay, and how through small efforts we can make big differences.  
(Habitat for Humanity)
Student Leaders: Oluwatosin Adeyeye ’14, Nevena Ostojic ‘14 
Advisor: Alyssa Dahmer, Residence Life
Education/Poverty“Empowerment through Education”This trip will work with under privileged youth in New York City.  Focusing on how poverty affects students and their families, we will encourage them to take action and create positive relationships.  We will be working with multiple organizations including the public school district, the Parks and Recreation program, and a soup kitchen.  Although we are focusing on education, all majors are welcome to participate with hands-on and rewarding opportunities.  If you believe the youth of today are the future, and can make change in their communities, this trip is for you.
(Parks and Rec Dept. and various schools)
Student Leaders: Delia Bingea ’13, 
Amanda Jones ‘12
Advisor: Jean Kampman, Education Dept.
Environmental“Sweat, Service, and Sun”This trip will focus on animal/environmental conservation in the Everglade's region of Florida. Multiple service opportunities are available to us including soup kitchens, national park restorations, and hands-on work with wildlife at various research centers and refugees. Potential service sites include to following: Everglades National Park, Everglades Outpost Wildlife Refugee, Florida Keys Bird Center, and the Monkey Jungle. All participants are sure to have an educational and memorable experience!
(Everglades International Hostel)
Student Leaders: Aaron Huegel‘12, Isaiah Corbin ‘12
Advisor: Kip Ladage, Bremer Co Emergency Management
Native Americans“Bringing the Past and Future Together”  This trip will be working with the Sanopi people, who are a Native American tribe based primarily in North Carolina. We will be helping them in constructing a native village, which will aid in preserving their culture and bring in visitors, which will aid in income generation for the community.
(Occaneeshi Band of the Saponi) Nation 
Student Leaders: Bibek Chand ’12, Islam Qadous ‘13
Advisor: Anna Epley, Dining Services
Poverty“Fighting Violence with Love”We plan to travel to Nashville, TN to volunteer at Thistle Farms, a women's rehabilitation center. This trip will allow us to take a look inside the world of women affected by violence and the ill-effects brought on by their unfortunate circumstances. It will show participants that no matter how astray a person can go, there is always hope for him/her. We will also be reaching out to other parts of Nashville.
(Thistle Farms)
Student Leaders: Corey Russell ‘14, Sarah Jorgenson ‘13
Advisor: Linda Moeller, Communications and Marketing Office
Racism/Prejudice“Discovering the role of history through service”We will be working with a community with a rich historical background that has not yet moved forward from the history. Our group will be learning and also engaging within the Selma, AL and Montgomery, AL communities in order to perceive the struggle of making a difference. This service trip will provide a variety of perspectives on the issue of racism and prejudice.
Student Leaders: Amy Kaschke ’14, Ashley Owens ’14, Emilie Scott ‘14
(Freedom Foundation & Common Ground)
Advisor: Rev. Ramona Bouzard, Chapel
Academic Year 2010-11
IssueFall Break Organization/Leaders/AdvisorsDescription
Affordable Housing“Affordable Housing for Struggling Families”This trip is designed to meet the needs of low income families seeking the basic comfort of home ownership. We will work with Habitat for Humanity to help with the construction of a home. Tasks will include, but are not limited to, mudding and taping drywall. You will have the opportunity to meet with officers of Habitat in that area to learn how the organization works and hear their stories about the impact they have made—an impact that you too will be able to see after just weekend.
(Habitat for Humanity)
Student Leaders: Shea Kruger ’13, Sydney Marsch ’13, Gordon Roedel ’13
Advisor: Ben Stadler-Ammon, Admissions Office
Location: Ottumwa, Iowa
Poverty/Homelessness“Exploring: Opportunities and Services for a Community in Need” This service trip involves working with community organizations to help alleviate poverty and homelessness in this once booming industrial area. We will work primarily with Catholic Urban Programs, serving at a soup kitchen, a traveling breakfast bus, and a thrift shop. We will also be working directly with the homeless in the city, delivering food and much needed clothing. Additionally, we will serve at an area elementary school and various after-school programs tutoring and playing with the children. Participants will share a life-changing experience and the joy of helping others!
(Catholic Urban Program)
Student Leaders: Diana Ogbevire ‘12, Britney Borchadt ‘11,
Natalie Gemberling ‘12
Advisor: Renee Sedlacek, Center for Community Engagement
Location: East St. Louis, Illinois
IssueWinter Break Organization/Leaders/AdvisorsDescription
Affordable Housing“Building More than Sandcastles: the Importance of Quality housing”We will be working with the local Habitat for Humanity chapter of our host city to kick-off the Spring Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge Season. Our work activities will depend on what stage the houses are in when we arrive; so we could be doing anything from painting to hanging drywall. We will be working on the houses alongside the low-income families that will eventually call them home. While the main focus of our trip will be substandard housing, we will also be encountering racial and poverty issues.  No previous construction experience necessary.
(Habitat for Humanity)
Student Leaders: Tyler Runde ’12, Regan Schwartz ‘12
Advisor: Angela Weekly, Admissions Office
Location: Foley, Alabama
Affordable Housing“Exploring Poverty in the Appalachians”This trip will work with the Christian Outreach with Appalachian People (COAP).  We will be working on providing safe housing for low income families.  The work could include fixing up houses or helping build new ones.  All that is required is the ambition to work!
(Christian Outreach with Appalachian People)
Student Leaders: Emily Kuennen ’12, Brian Vachta ‘12
Advisor: Wendy Mohlis, Student Life