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KansasI can help you with Twitter and .....Number of students I can mentorArea of focusName of K State Student or StudentsK State Twitter Name K State Student area of focusK-State Website URL
Karen Adolf@kmadolfAlberta, CANWeb 2.0 tools, Universal Design for Learning, online learningany numbersenior high English Language ArtsCandice Lewis
Zeke McPherson
candicelew, ezekiel10smithSecondary Ed. Englishhttp://www.candicelewis.net, http://web.me.com/ezekiel10smith/Zeke/Home.html
Jason Kern@jasonmkernArlington, TXPhotoshop, Dreamweaver, basic In Design, basic Flash, Final Cut Pro, web2.01Director of Technology at a Private SchoolHaley Watts haleyrae@ksu.edu
Nicole Badgley@nbadgleyArnold, NEdiscussion boards, wikispaces, differentiation, iweb, web 2.0 tools, instructional strategies1 or 21:1, Technology Coordinator, Apple Distinguished educator, English teacher, college web design instructorAshton WilsonashtonrwMathhttp://www.ashtonw.info
Neil Stephenson@neilstephensonCalgary, AlbertaDesign Inquiry based work - intergrating technology into rich, meaningful and authentic work for students. You can read more about my work here: http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.comlet me know!Humanities, English, Social STudiesCarly Cook, Talitha Schneidercarly4317, talitharsElementary English.http://www.carlydcook.info, 2) http://www.talitharschneider.net
Deirdre Bonnycastle@bonnycastleCanadaactive learning Web 2.01 or 2University faculty development
Liz Becker@ellsbethCasper, WYEmbedding technology into the classroom, using tech for personal professional development, social bookmarking, Google Docs, Interactive Whiteboards, blogging, principles of video gaming & learning, higher level questioning, expository writing, assessment, literacy strategies, community building, and if there is a tech you want to know that I'm not familiar with we'll figure it out! http://allwhowonder.wordpress.com1 or 2Instructional Coach for all content areas in a 1:1 laptop high school & a certified Social Studies teacher.Krista Chesley, MOLLY WeibertkristachesleySecondary Ed - Social Studieswww.kchesley.info
Nancy Pratt@nprattCave Creek, ArizonaWeb 2.0 stuff, Moodle, blogging, professional development, digital storytelling, engagement, using video in the classroom, differentiation, mentoring, podcasting, ipods in the clasroomcoupleI am a Technology and Instruction Speciailst in the K 12 ArenaMaria Baumgartner 2.) Sara Parsons@mlbaumgartner 2.) @saraniciESL, middle level math 2.) Elementary Ed., Special Ed. http://www.mariabaumgartner.info 2.)http://www.saranp.info
Nadine Norris@nnorrisChicago areaweb 2.0, blogging in the classroom, integrating technology in meaningful ways, Mac, 1 or 2K-8 Technology coordinator, former classroom teacher, provide professional development for staff, team teach with classroom teachersErica Mueller @e73188Elementary Education, Special Educationwww.misserica.info
Jennifer Duarte@ellclassroomColoradomiddle school, teaching ELL students (in ELL classes and in content classes), Ning, modifications of assignments, scaffolding, assessment, instructional coaching, instructional strategies and resources6-8 ELL teacher, ELL Coach for K-8 building, KSU alum ('96)Courtney Minnich, cminnich2011, ESL concentration, www.courtneyminnich.info@cminnich2011Elementary-ESL concentration
Kelly Tenkely@ktenkelyColoradoTechnology integration in the classroom/interactive whiteboardsElementary1)Michelle Arnold, 2)Amanda Brummer, 3) Amber Young, 4) Jillian Skach and Brittany Lykinsjlsipes, bllykins (Brittany Lykins), jillianleigh10 (Jillian), ayoung112 (Amber Young)Music, Elem Ed (Special Ed) (Brittany Lykins) , Elem Ed w/ specialty in math (Jillian), Elem Ed specialty in English (Amber Young)http://www.jessicasipes.info/Jessica_Sipes/Welcome.html, http://www.alifetimeoflearning.info (Brittany Lykins), http://www.jillianleigh.info (Jillian), http://www.ayoung.info (Amber Young)
Tim Gwynn@tgwynnConcord, NCMac, PC, Google Apps, Web 2.0 tools.1 or 2K-5 Technology Facilitator. I train teachers on technology use in the classroom and model lessons with classes. Melissa Boos@melboosElem ed--Special edwww.mdbeducation.info
Paul R Wood@paulrwoodDallas, TXwiki, blog, whatever you might need help with1 or 2Director of Technology for 6-12 school in DallasKelsie Yarbroughkyarbrough1Music Educationweb.me.com/yarbroughk
Carol Tonhauser@cmt1Edmonton, AlbertaWeb 2.0 tools, technology integration & ICT skills, blogging at http://techingaround.blogspot.com/1K-9 technology learning coach, teacher-librarian, fine arts teacherDanielle Rethman
Carol Tonhauser@cmt1Edmonton, Alberta Web 2.0 tools, Promethean Boards, infusing technologies and ICT outcomes, blogging at http://techingaround.blogspot.com/1 or 2Technology learning coach, teacher-librarianJennifer Shoemaker, Clarissa Van Nahmen@jennjoshoe, cvannahmenElementary Ed, ESL, Elementary English considering media specialist for masters http://web.me.com/jennjo/Jennifer_Shoemaker/Home.html
Jerry Blumengarten Cybrary Man@cybraryman1FLcybraryman.com Website with links for all subject areas and grade levels. Includes technology pages: Twitter, Web 2.0 tools, SmartBoards, Podcasting. Also includes a lot of education pages for Student Teaching, New Teachers, Lesson Plans etc.I am here to help and encourage.Social Studies, Language Arts, Teacher - Librarian, Computers. I taught for 32 years and have written educational materials on all levels for the utility industry.Jenny Deneault; Jordan Oborg, Blake Erkenbrackjennyd4; JordanOborg, Bjerken22Elementary Education- Social Studies; Elementary Education- Spanish, Secondary Education - Social Studiesjennymarie.info; http://www.jordanoborg.info/jordanoborg/Welcome.html, www.blakeerk.info
Nancy Blair@blairteachGeorgiainstructional strategies; engagement; classroom management; DI; PBL; assessment2 or 3MS English/reading/social studies; admin1. Shannon Lindstrom 2. Lindsey Janzen1. Linds2207 2. janzenl1. Elementary English 2. Elementary English1. http://web.me.com/linds22/Shannon_Lindstrom/Home.html 2. http://www.koehnclassroom.info/LindseyJanzen/Home.html
David Britten@colonelbGrand Rapids, MIWeb 2.0 tools for school and district leadership1 or 2School and District Administration, teacher leadershipZach Fleener, Justin Diehmsports06_stud jcdiehmSecondary/Math Agriculture Educationhttp://web.me.com/zfleener12/Zach_Fleener/Welcome.html http://www.jcdiehm.info
Sarah Wood@woodsarGrand Rapids, MITechnology integration, ed tech tools and resources1 or 2K-12 Technology IntegrationSamantha Jensen 2) Paige Savage 3) Nichole Jensentwin2samanthaj 2)plsav88 3) njensen316Secondary Education-Business 2) elem ed.http://web.me.com/djensen62/Samantha_Jensen/Welcome.html 2) plsavage.info 3) http://web.me.com/jjensen64/Nichole_Jensen/Home_Page.html
Michael Fawcett@teachernzHamilton,
New Zealand
Web 2.0 tools, most common classroom ICT tools, Interwrite IWBs... ask and I'll help if I can or suggest someone who can. My own degree is in Fine Art and I'm a PC.a few... lets run with it and seeK-5 ICT Integration and ICT Professional Development (in house)
Classroom teaching (all areas)
Monica Holthausmonicaholthaus2Elementary Education Concentration of science interested in k-4 and how to integrate tech.www.monicaholthaus.info
Tom Grissom@tomgrissomIllinoisWeb 2.0/3.0 podcasting, blogging1 or 2Instructional TechnologiesStephanie Schemm@sschemmSecondary: FACSwww.ssfacsforfun.info
David Peter@dpeterIndiana, USBlogging, Active Learning, Student Centered Learning, Active learning w/ PowerPoint, Emerging Technology1 or 2EDTech, Prof DevSamantha DenzinsamdenzinElementary Ed.,
Special Ed.
Kent Muyskens@kmuyskensiowaMac computers, video editing iMovie-Final Cut, photoshop, Google Docs, Web 2.01 or 2Technology Coordinator, Computers & Chemistry Teacher, Coach 9-12, Have taught all physical sciences and mathErin McGraw, Adam Lundineerinmcgraw14, lundineFamily and Consumer Science Education, Music Education K-12 (instrumental)http://erinmcgraw.info, http://web.me.com/lundine/adam/Home.html
Matt Townsley@mctownsleyIowalinking math education, technology and assessments; I'm especially interested in sharing about standards-based grading practices (for more information: www.mctownsley.net)1 or 2in my 6th year teaching HS mathSara Elliott, Cindy Brunasarake14, CjbrunaSecondary-Math, Elementary mathwww.sarakatherine.info , www.cjbruna.info
Marie Doherty@mariefarrenIrelandmulti grade class teaching. starting out using web 2.0 tools. I am really just learning as I go along but if I can help I'd love to10-12 year olds Think its middle school
Janet Bianchini@janetbianchiniItaly/Englandblogging, animoto, xtranormal1English language teacher/ teacher trainerMeghan Minardi, Erin AmreinerinamreinSecondary Ed-journalismwww.erinamrein.info
Matt Evans@psycho6Kent UKAnimation in education, collaborative learning, Special Needs & Smartboard1 or 2ICT Subject leader - EBD school ages 5 to 16 years. MA in Education
Angela Cunningham@kyteacherKentuckyWikis, Ning Networks, etc.1Secondary Social StudiesKayley Otto
Cassie Morrow Banka@cbankaKSGoogle Apps for education, new teacher things, web 2.0 tools, blog creation, website creation, social bookmarking, math resources...surviving Block I, II and student teaching. Been there, done that... last year!1 or 2Secondary Math (Current KSU grad student in Curr. and Instruction)Cindy Bruna; Maria Eisenbiseelementary math; elementary special ed and ESLwww.cjbruna.info; www.meisenbise.info
Anna Varna@annabookloverLarisa, Greeceblogging, TEFL, technology integration, school partnerships, social bookmarking, various web tools, such as flashmeeting, Skype, Voicethread. Primary education1 or 2English as a foreign language, ICT integration, Katie Ford@alikindle @katiesfordESL, ESLwww.alikindle.com, katiesford.info
Heather Braum@hbraumLawrence, KSGoogle Apps, Mac, Web 2.0 Tools. 1Technology Librarian at regional library system; work with and support all types of librarians, including school librariansAshley Robinsonarobinson526Elementary Ed, ESLwww.ashleyrobinson.info
Daniel Needlestone@nstoneLondon UKMoodle, Google Apps and Blogs in the classroom. Training, networking, teaching with computers, some pedagogical theory, Jewish education1ICT and Computing for ages 11-18. Staff training.Nicole PadennspadenMusic Educationhttp://web.me.com/harmonygirl/Nicole_Paden/Welcom.html
Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell@wandermamiLouisville, KYwikis, blogs, reading for vocab acquisiton, TPRS, motivation, YouTube, pop music for lang acq17-12 SpanishAubrie AdamsaubrieadamsElementary Education-Spanishwww.aubriegrace.info
Richard Byrne@rmbyrneMaine, USAUsing blogs and wikis to facilitate learning experiences.a bunchUS History, Civics, Economics, Geography, finding free stuff for teachers. Casey Pennerpennerkcsecondary education, social studieswww.cspenner.info
Drew Green-Howard@Charlie1312Manchester, UKAdmin, wiki, blogging, Nings, online safety, strategies, integration, multiple intelligences, blooms taxonomy... IWB, General support / encouragement / how to deal with admin...1 or 2?Deputy Head / Principal. K - 12, with just under 20 years experience. Science but now whole responsibility for curriculum & ICT integration. Supporting new teachers.Sarah Cook, Megan Lutzsarahc1236, meg6388Elementary Ed. ESL, Elementary Ed. Englishwww.sarahecook.info, http://web.me.com/megannl
Nina Newlin@math2goMDPromethean boards, math instruction, cooperative learning in math, classroom management1 or 2PK-12 math, middle school teaching and administration, math supervision1. Valerie Thomison 2. Rachael Asbury Amy Regier1. ValerieKay; 2. jarahata 3. amymichelle33Math- Elementary and hopefully middle school (same for Rachael) Amy:Same1. valeriet.info; 2. www.rachaelasburyphotography.com 3.web.me.com/amregier
Marcia Tyrol@mtyrolMEMoodle, Ning, wikis, interactive language, paperless classroom, student directed learning1 or 29-12 SpanishMaria Rivierefuente23Secondary Spanishwww.fuente23.info
Mark Fox@theteachershubMelbourne, AustraliaBlogs - my own is http://theteachershub.com integrating Web2.0 tools, ICT skills, Macs and using Mac software (iLife etc) Admin, Social networking1 or 2Stephanie SmithStephanie Smithstefy624Special Edwww.stephaniersmith.info
Steven Diaz@CafeRicoMiami, FLUsing Web2.0 tools in mathematics instruction. Distance education.1 or 2Developmental Mathematics (College)Nichole Nesbihal@nicnacnezElementary Mathnicholenesbihal.info
Kyle Pace@kylepaceMissouriWeb 2.0 resources, SMART Board, Google Tools, Internet Safety, Curricular Resources, general methodology/best practices, e-Learning, mobile learning/teaching tools, eInstruction clickers, creating a classroom web site1 or 2Instructional Tech K-12Kirsten Salyer, ksalyer11 (twitter), Secondary Education: English, http://www.ksalyer.info. Emily MihelicemilymihelicEnglish-Elementarywww.emihelic.info
Kristin Daniels@kadanielsMNGoogleApps deployment, Moodle setup, Web 2.0 tools, Skype in the classroom, Former Middle School Earth Science teacher (JASON Project enthusiast, collaboration with NASA) Technology Integration/Support for private 7-12 school, currently Education Technology Specialist Marisela SanchezmarsanedEarth Sciencewww.sanchezed.com
Lesley Edwards@bookminderN. Vancouver, BC Canadaweb 2.0 tools, tech integration, resources http://bookminder.blogspot.com1 or 2Teacher librarian and tech mentor with k-12 experienceChelsea Henning, Lindsey HoganCAHhenning, LJHoganElem- Special Ed, Elementary-Special Edwww.chenning.info, www.LindseyHogan.info
Deb Wilson@Deb_WilsonNEiMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, Web Page Dev., Smartboards, Activboards, Mac questions, Skypehere to encourage tech.connections with curr.Technology Trainer/Facilitator (former 6th grade teacher)Patrick Bales, Chance Gatespatbales, cvgatesElementary Social Science, Vocal Music web.me.com/pbales/patrick_bales/welcome.html , http://chancegates.info
Lynne Herr@lherrNebraskaAngel, wikis, blogs, web 2.0 tools, Google tools, tech leadership, eliminating barriers to tech use and integration in schoolsa pairK-12 technology integration specialist, grant writer, Ph.D.in instructional technology. Adjunct faculty for Univ of Nebr and Lesley University.Ashley Robinson; Bridget Vaughnarobinson526; bridgetkvElementary Ed - ESL; Secondary Ed - Mathwww.ashleyrobinson.info; www.bkvaughn.net
Suzanne Whisler@suzannewhislerNebraskaeducational resources, prof. development, writing, reading, PLCs, school improvment, tech tools for classroom use, PLN development etc . . .1 or 2Professional development for K-12 teachers and administrators, tech tools to use in the classroom, PLN development1.Caitlin Eichman 2. Jessica Melvin1.@caitlineichman 2. @jlmelvin21Elem Ed-Spanish 2. Elementary Special Ed1. http://web.me.com/ceeducation/Caitlin_Eichman 2. http://www.jessicamelvin.info
Eric Sheninger@NMHS_PrincipalNew Milford, NJEffective instructional techniques, pedagogy, interview process,blogging, social bookmarking, public relations, educational administration, professional development, budget process, facilities management, classroom management, etc.1 or 2High School administration and scienceKelly HemeyerkhemeyerElem ed- Science http://web.me.com/khemeyer/http___web.me.com_khemeyer_KellyHemeyer_Welcome.html/Welcome.html
Paula Naugle@plnaugleNew Orleans, LAIntegrating tech into the elementary classroom1 or 2Elementary LA, math, and social studies;1)Bridget Modesitt 2)Abbey Prockish@bamodesitt 2)jabers1381)elementary education 2)elementary education concentration:math2) http://www.abbprosulli.info/AbbeyProckish/Home.html
Melanie Hutchinson@melhutchNew York Cityteaching, curriculum, integrating technology, some web 2.0 toolsElementary- I am a curriculum coordinator and reading teacherTamra Mueller, Emily Gehrtmuellertamra, emilygehrtElem. Ed., Sciencewww.web.me.tamramueller.com; www.emilygehrt.infor
Deven Black@spedteacherNew York Ctytwitter, special education, social studies, writing http://educationontheplate.wordpress.com1 or 2Special education, social studies, middle schoolBrooke Wilbur,Alaa M. Binzafran, Molly Emertbwilbur14, Alaazafran, @meemertElementary/ Special Ed.http://www.brookwilbur.com, http://alaaonline.net/alaaonline/Welcome.html, www.memert.info
Erin Borino@ecborinoNJintegrating technology into the curriculum- MS Office, software apps, web 2.0 tools, curriculum based projects 1 or 2K-5 Computer Literacy and tech integration, teaching 18 yearsDanielle WinklerdaniwinklerEl Ed. -Spanishhttp://www.daniellewinkler.info/DanielleWinkler/Welcome.html
Carl Bogardus@weemooseusNMWikis, forums, blogs, PBL, Middle School, blended classroom Moodle, Blackboard, html instruction, professional development, online course development, Movie Maker, podcasting, audacity1Middle School tech lab, PD instructor, online instructor, tech integration, course developer, website developer/maintainer - GeneralistEmily DittemorebrightyeuxElementary Ed; Frenchwww.emilyk.info
Mike Trump@mtrumpNorth CarolinaWeb 2.0, social networking (wiki, nings), Glogster, SAS, Google Apps, graphic/video editing, PC support, integration methodoligies, geocaching EXPERT (who put that?)1 or 2Instructional Tech 6-8 (present), Former 4th grade teacher, Lead District Technician (4 years), Integration Technology Coordinator (1 year)Amber RikoricDreamFlyer10Elementary Ed-ESLarikoric.info
Steve Johnson@edtechsteveNorth CarolinaAll Web2.0 Tools, combining Multiple Intelligences with tech, anything that will allow stdnts to create/collaborate/publish, the proper way to eat a Reese's Cup1 or 2Instructional Tech- Elementary, MS, former K and 2nd grade tchrCatrina Brown@teachergirl86Elementary Education w/ concentration in Spanishcrbteachingplace.info
Steve Mockford@SteveMockfordNova Scotia, Canadawiki, engagement, science ed1 or 2post-secondary science educator and researcher. I am interested in transdisciplinary approaches to ecological and environmental problems1.Megan Buer 2.Jana Lechtenberg Biery1. @megbuer 2. @janabiery1.Secondary, Family & Consumer Science 2. Science1. www.bteach.info 2.http://web.me.com/jlechtenbergbiery/Jana_Lechtenberg_Biery
Nicole Lubrano@nlubranoNYTwitter, blogging,
Carmen Hartzell@chartzellOHWeb 2.0 tools, Blackboard, High School, 1:11 or 2Career Technical Education, Agricultural Education, Professional Development, Ed Leadership, High SchoolKristin Gleason; Brooke Eckert, Jeremy Sisco@kristingleas; @brooke.eckert jdsiscoSecondary Ed-Family & Consumer Science; Secondary Ed: Agriculture Ed Secondary Ed: Ag Edwww.kristingleason.info; www.brookeleckert.info www.jdsisco.info
Cassie Herd@cmherdOKAngel, Google Apps for Education, Website Creation, Blogs, Macs, Integrating Web 2.0 tools, Smartboards, early childhood, elementary education, literacy1 or 2Early Childhood and Elementary Certified, Currently teaching 1st grade, Website developer/maintainer, blogger (with the 1st graders and personally)Jolie Van Petten; Jessica Pollock, Frankie Suther@JVanPetten @frankiesuther @pollockjElementary Ed-emphasis in English (Jessica-sped) Jessica P: Elementary Ed Special Edhttp://web.me.com/megannl, www.frankiesuther.info, jvanpetten.info, www.pollockj.info
Court Allam@coachallamOlathe, KSWeb 2.0 tools, Senior English teacher at Olathe South High School. Football Coach. Wildcat for life. (EMAW!)Senior English, technology, coachKelsey PaytonKelseyLPaytonSecondary Englishhttp://web.me.com/kelseypayton/KelseyPayton/HOME.html
Jason Schmidt@jasonschmidt123Omaha, NEmultigrade classroom teaching, multiple intelligences, project-based learningElementaryMickie McKenna Jessica Wright, Jennifer Jeffers, Rebecca Cross, Marci Metcalf, Melissa Biagioli pmmeckenn jlwright87 rlcross13Elementary Special Ed Elementary Social Studies Elementary Education--Science, Elementary Education- Mathmickiemck.info jlwright87.com jenniferjeffers.com, rlcross.info
Penny Chaiko@teachlibOntario, Canadanew technologies in the library1 or 2Teacher-librarian in high school, literacyAbigail Greenabigailcgreen4Secondary Ed: Historyabigailcgreen.info
Ann Leaness@aleanessPAwiki, nings, Instructional strategies, Google AppsEnglish HS- Grad EdAli Plankers
Dayna Laur@daylynnPAWeb 2.0 tools, Project-based learning, Social Networking for classroom use1 or 2High School Social StudiesKristen Knoth, Ben Swensonkaknoth,swensonbSocial Studies and Journalism, Social Studies and Coachingkknoth.info, swensonb.info
Josh Allen@j_allenPapillion-La Vista Public Schools (suburb of Omaha, NE)SMART Boards, web 2.0, curriculum enhancement using technology, Google tools, Skype/iChat; Current grad class website: http://sites.google.com/site/doanetechnology/2 or 3Former 5th grade teacher; currently working in the curriculum department training teachers how to use technology to enhance their curriculum.Megan Kausler, Danielle Frakes, Brooke GlissmanMKausler, daniellefrakes, bglissmanElementary-Math , Elementary-Math, Elementary-Mathwww.mnkausler.info, www.daniellefrakes.info, www.brookelea.info
Damian Bariexca@damian613Perkasie, PA USAwikis, blogs, podcasting, cell phones in ed, English lit, British lit, Shakespeare, general ed tech, special ed2 or 39-12 English, school psychology, special edKathryn Murphykmurphys_lawSecondary Englishwww.kathrynmurphy.info
Tomaz Lasic@lasicPerth, AustraliaMoodle, Web 2.0 tools, Twitterfingers of one handSocial studies/ humanities/ philosophy & ethics, ICT IntegrationTyler Fennema; Alex Hirbe@tfennema; hirbe@ksu.eduSecondary Ed: Social Studieshttp://web.me.com/tfennema/Tyler_Fennema/Home.html http://www.hirbetech.com
Mary Beth Hertz@mbteachPhiladelphia, PAMac computing, running server-based labs, wikis, blogs, Glogster, many Apple programs (iMovie, etc....), integrating tech w/the curriculum, Google Docs & Apps1 or 2K-6 Computer teacher & Technology Teacher Leader for the schoolKelsey KoczanowskikelseykozElementary Social Sciencewww.kelseykoz.info
Katie Choudhary@minischaef34Romeoville, ILWikis, promethean, first class, website creation, mastery manager, blogger, google docs, google reader, web 2.0, edmodo, glogster, etc.As many as you needElementary Ed, but certified k-12Lindsey Sullivan, Allison Woods, Libby Goldsberry, Andrea Damas, Jill Berghaus,lindseyMSulliva, allidub, libbylynn_10, JillBerghausSpecial Education, Elementary Ed, ESL, Elementary Education, ESL, Spanishlindseysullivan.info, www.web.me.com/alliwoods, libbyg.info, ajdamas355.info, jberghaus.com
David Miller@davidmiller_ukScotland, UKTeaching English, new technologies, IWB, Interdisciplinary learning, eBeam, ...1 or 2UK Teacher of the Year 2008 with expertise in teaching English using emerging technologies ...Alyssa Schmitt Shelby Johnsonalyssars80 shelbygjElementary Ed-English emphasishttp://www.alyssars.info http://www.shelbyjohnson.info
Casey Mayfield@mayfieldcSE Kansas1:1 computing, bringing technology into lessons, new teacher stuff, working with high school students1 or 211th and 12th grade English Language ArtsTrista Schmitt, Andrea Hiesbergertristaschmitt / ahiesbergerSecondary Ed - emphasis in English / (same)www.tristaschmitt.info / www.andrea88.info
Karen Chichester@kchichesterSE Lower MichiganPLN Buildng, making your PLN work for you, using Tweetdeck, GoogleDocs in writing class, Text-to-speech, using tech with special ed students, wikis especially PBwiki, blogging with students, using audio in the classroom, Skype1 or 2 HS English/Language Arts, Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Asperger's Syndrome, Jennifer Martin, Jessica Grant, Rachel Osterhausjen1937, becticaSecondary Ed Englishhttp://www.inkeducation.info/rachel_osterhaus/Rachel_Osterhaus.html http://www.jennifermartin.info http://www.bectica.info
Sherri Crawford@SherriLibrarianShawnee Mission, Kansasweb 2.0 tools, bringing tech to high school students and teachers, school libraries, language arts2 or 3High School Librarian; former HS English/Journalism teacher; Suzanne Cocke, Twitter: suzcocke, Sec. Ed English, www.suzannecocke.info; Christine Capp / Becky Neeley
Ann Darling@darlingaweSidney, NEwikispaces, google docs, classroom Nings, blogger, audio editing, video editing, photography, graphic arts & design,web pages, google sites oh and ART!29-12 art and multimedia, teacher, community college educator in art methods and graphic arts. National Board Certified teacher in art, interested in all web 2.0 this is my 26th year teaching art and am finishing a masters in instructional technology this summer. Would love to help out!Sean Kosednar; Whitney Bandel; Holly LuckSeanKosednar; wbandel; hluck1Journalism; Art; Elementary Education/Special Educationkosednarscorner.info; www.wbandel.info; www.hollyluck.info
Patrick Woessner@pcwoessnerSt. Louis, MOmoving academic technology from being integrated to an integral part of curriculum1 or 2Grades 5-12; professional development; interdisciplinary studies; math, science, languages, social studies; open courseware, systems modeling; social media; 1:1 computing; Tablet PCs; computer programming; assessment and evaluation; UbD
Shelly Terrell@shellterrellStuttgart, GermanyMost edtech tools especially if you will download the free service Skype. My Skype is mr.andmrs.terrell. The screen sharing feature & voice make it very useful for showing educators how to use educational tools!Just let me know! I'm pretty open!English, ESL, EdtechAmy Byarlay, Ilka Shook, Barret Hunstad, Chelsi Fanrey, Betsy Smithabyarlay, ilkashook, @barretandrew, ChelsiFanrey, betsyleannsmithElementary Education/ESL, Secondary Education/Art, Secondary Education/English, Elementary Ed/ ESL, Elementary Ed/ESL http://www.amybyarlay.info, http://www.ishook.info, www.barretandrew.com, http://www.chelsifarney.info, http://www.betsyleannsmith.info
Jill Galloway@ajillgallowayTexas21st Century Learning, Web 2.0 tools, project-based learning, technology integration, SMART Boards, Google Apps2Technology Integration Specialist for 9-12, but I have experience with all grade levels. I am also a former math teacher.Kyle McGee, Lindsey Kelley Llamafarmer09, ljk81Secondary - Agriculture, Elementary-Mathwww.kylemcgee.info, lindseyjokelley.info
Dan Roberts @chickensaltashUKScience educator in the UKEric Weber, Kate Iretonericjweber, K8_KSUSecondary Physics/Math, Secondary Earth Sciencehttp://www.ejweber.net, http://web.me.com/kate_ireton/Kate/Home.html
Jason Schrage @oswego98Upstate NYblogging, wikis, Photostory3, VoiceThread, Glogster; Promethean7-12 Social Studies (I teach 8th grade Soc.St.) Kirk Tjaden, Derek Pretre, Tyler Grahamtjakden, dpretre, tjgrahamSecondary Ed- Social Studieswww.ktjaden.info www.derekpretre.info , www.tylergraham.info
Ryan Wassink@RjWassinkUpstate NYI'm a "behind the scenes" guy - love writing scripts and programs to do silly things, love writing HTML code, and love doing mundane things like running wires, designing networks, and zapping myself with low-voltage wires. I also do a lot of training with SMART Boards, A/V configuration, and classroom technology management. Always participate in #edchat and love using Twitter to build/maintain professional relationships.? not sure. Anyone can add me and ask questions whenever they need to.Technology Education (former: "shop class") and Instructional Technology. Also certified NYS School District Administrator1)Rachel Wood 2)Samantha Henne 3) Amy Calderwood 4) Janet Peakrgwood55 2)samanthahenne 3) Ameth20Art 2)Family&Consumer Scienceswww.rgwood.info 2)http://web.me.com/samanthahenne/SamanthaHenne/Home.html 3) www.AmyCalderwood.info
Glen Westbroek@gardenglenUTmac computers, photoshop, google docs, many web 2.0 toolsScienceTracy SudbecktsudbeckSecEd - Sciencehttp://www.mstracy.info
Chad Sansing@chadsansingVAassessment, Web 2.0/tech in the classroom, school politics, authentic learning, community partnerships, topics in start-ups, small schools, schools-within-schools, & charter schools, writing across the curriculum, National Writing Project1 or 26-8 language arts & social studies, instructional tech, adminEmily Ross Ellen Kuckelman@roseygrrl @enkuckelmanMS/Secondary Language Artsemilyross.info Ellen's: http://web.me.com/enkuckelman/EllenKuckelman/Home.html
Deron Durflinger@derondurflingerVan Meter, Iowawikis, google apps, blogging, aniomoto, screen jelly, timzon and many other web 2.0 tools to improve teaching and learning. I am in Van Meter, Iowa. We are a 1 to 1 laptop school.1 or 2Administration- developing teacher leaders to help facilitate the needed changes in public educationKelley LongkjeanlongElementary Education, ESL concentration, would like to be in administrationwww.kelleyjeanlong.info
Bryan Hughes@bryanhughesVancouver, BCBlogging, social bookmarking, wikis, WordPress — almost anything to do with social media. Also anything Mac or iPhone related. 2K-12 technology integration, social studies, the future of education.Kyle McClure; Holly LuckHL: hluck1HL: Elementary Edcation/Special EducationHL: www.hollyluck.info
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Steven Anderson@web20classroomWinston Salem, NCAnything related to technology integration in the classroom and the use of technology/social media for professional development2K-12 Technology Integration and Technology Professional Development1.Ali Plankers 2. Paige Weinrich2. @paweinrich2. Elementary Education, concentration of Social Science2.www.pwein.info
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