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Issue 1No Knead FocacciaI love this bread because it makes everyone think I'm an amazing baker and therefore impressive when in reality i'm just mediocre at putting things into a bowl. This is the first bread I've ever made and I've already made it twice. Its easy to customize and tastes so damn good. Just make sure you give yourself at least 8 hours (I usually start the dough the night before). But don't forget you'll always need yeast when making bread. After many unsuccessful attempts to secure some flour and make this, Steve was finally victorious! "The focaccia was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. Don’t be scared to salt up the top or even to get salt all up in them dimples." -Steve Sirianni AliciaBreadSavoryBon Apetit
Issue 1Earl Grey Yogurt CakeThis cake is so simple and so delicious and you can use tea that you already have. Its got the texture and shape of banana bread and the taste of tea. That's the combo you didn't know you wanted or needed. Its so easy to make I made it while I was very high, twice. "I really liked the recipe, it’s unlike anything I’ve had. It’s exactly like you describe it, a banana bread texture with a more floral/tea flavor. I’m excited about using yogurt in a bread mixture—I have a bunch of ripe bananas that I may try making into banana bread using the same yogurt to see how it impacts the moisture of the bread! Overall, it was delicious, which is good because I have a huge loaf of it now lol" -Chloe LeComte

"1. Loved it! The recipe was comprehensive and we already had all the ingredients in the house, which is a nice perk with this quarantine business.
2. Even by omitting 1/4 cup of the recommended sugar, we still found it to be too sweet. So, moving forward, we'll cut out even more sugar and definitely not sprinkle any on top.
3. Versatile! I've had a slice for breakfast (with tea), as an afternoon snack after hitting the slopes (RIP all mountain resorts rn), and as a dessert (with tea)."- Bailey Roberts
AliciaLoaf cakeSweetBon Apetit
Issue 2Caldo VerdeJordan didn't have time to write a blurb for this (he's a busy man with a busy life but his commitment to the Quarantine Recipe club is what we should all strive for), but lucky for us all he has talked about this recipe enough that I can speak to it. Wow, what's not to love about this recipe, its easy, requires very few ingredients and boy does it taste good! Its perfect on a cold night or maybe when you aren't feeling well (but Jordan would say pho would work even better). Caldo is low effort, max results.Sam and her husband Ryan tried this and, "it turned out delicious! Ryan and I were big fans :) we didn’t have the exact sausage the recipe called for but used ground sausage that we made into small meatballs and cooked on the stove top ahead of time with cloves of garlic, and added to the soup during the last 5 min of simmering - still tasted great.
Tip: pair with rustic toasted bread + butter for dipping" -Sam Olson

Just like Sam, Danica took this recipe and made it hers! She subbed "sweet potato for Yukon cause I had one, and used veg stock/sausage. I am eating it rn it's delish." -Danica Reinicke
Jordan CameronSoupSavorySerious Eats
Issue 2Hearty Tomato Soup with Lemon and RosemaryThis is one of David's favorite soup recipes. So easy so satisfying. TIP: You can make it in a traditional or use an immersion blender, but the latter is definitely easier (Immersion blenders are HOT right now). Pair this with a grilled cheese sandwich and you got the ultimate comfort meal!David ScotlandSoupSavoryFood Network
Issue 2Winter Squash and Wild Mushroom CurryThe recipe says to make this in a large skillet - but this is perfect for your dutch oven but either way its just one pan! Danica adds broccoli, but you could add any and all veggies and it would be great. The leftovers keep getting better, which is also a win.Curries are a great opportunity to use whatever veggies you have on hand. Jordan decided to add "carrots with the squash spinach at the end – it turned out AMAZING and tastes SO GOOD, will be making again!" Look at that all caps, you know he means business. -Jordan CameronDanica ReinickeCurrySavoryNYT
Issue 2Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar and Zucchini SoupDo you have an instant pot that you're looking to use more? Amber's got your back. She loves this soup because it is flavorful and comforting under the guise of being healthy (isn't that what we all want??) because of all the veggies it contains. AND, its a thick soup that doesn't make you feel bloated. Amber made the recipe using an Instant pot but don't worry if you don't have one, the recipe also has instructions for making it on the stove top or in a slow cooker. If you're looking for more recipes like this, check out the blog!

After pressure cooking the veggies in the Instant Pot  you can either move it to a blender to pulse the veggies OR if you have an immersion blender like Amber does you can use that too! That way you won't have to transfer anything out of the Instant Pot. You could probably also get away with just stirring the the veggies with a spoon because they're so soft already. I also baked Parmesan croutons using a stale loaf I had, which was the perfect topping because of the textural contrast. AMBER MADE HER OWN CROUTONS! Now that is leveling up
Amber LeeSoupSavoryHalf Baked Harvest
Issue 2Sweet Potato Tea CakeSometimes you choose a recipe and then go to the store and other times you go to the store and try and find something that fits with what you had. That's how Kelsey found this sweet thing. She happened to have some sweet potatoes and remembered seeing this recipe in Bon Appetite and decided I’d give it a go. This also is a perfect example of the benefits of PROCRASTIBAKING. It gives you patience when you don't normally have it and distracts you from the apocalypse and give you something to nibble on later. This recipe also gives you an opportunity whip out that stand mixer that may or may not be gathering dust (I'm not judging). What makes this recipe great is the recipe though is the meringue on top. The sweet crunch adds texture and packs in a little extra sugariness that is really delicious.Note: when the recipe calls for pureed the sweet potatoes, really puree them! Kelsey opted to mashed them herself. Everything turned out fine, but next time she recommends taking more care and run them through a food processor (or blender in a pinch). Also, don’t be afraid to swirl the meringue around on top before baking for a beautiful crusty swirl! Kelsey BeffelLoaf cakeSweetBon Apetit
Issue 2Crushed Blackberry and Cornmeal Cake I was excited to try this because it really seemed like my kind of dessert, not too sweet and snacking is encouraged (Alison Roman calls it a snacking cake). I didn't have any fresh berries so used a combo of frozen strawbs and bloobs and let them deforst a little. I also tried Emily's way to make buttermilk and it worked! It was so delish, like a sweeter, fruitier cornbread. I think I had the rack too close to the top so it came out a little dark on top and a little more wet on the bottom but I can't wait to make with fresh berries. Ben had 3 slices in one night so you know its good. -Alicia CohnDanica ReinickeCakeSweetNothing FancyEmily has a tip for all your buttermilk needs and how to only make as much buttermilk as you need. For each cup of regular milk you add one tablespoon of vinegar and let it sit. That makes buttermilk! (WE'LL NEVER BUY STORE BOUGHT AGAIN) Here's someone who goes into more detail, but I've been using this trick for years and can vouch that it works!
Issue 2Homemade Biscuits and GravyWho doesn't love biscuits and gravy? (actually me a little bit but I'm weird and most people love them) If you're a logger, (what we can people who went to University of Puget Sound) you may remember Wednesday mornings at the SUB were B&Gs and always something to look forward too!

For the biscuits: Freeze the butter like it says in a recipe and use a measuring cup in place of a biscuit cutter!For the gravy: Add lots of pepper and thickened it nicely which made it extra good over the biscuits.
Pairs well with scrambled eggs!
Danielle SchultzBreakfastSavorySugar Spun Run
Issue 3Chana MasalaThis recipe is perfect for all those pantry items you currently have. David this is also a great veggie recipe for you. It comes from Becca's fav cookbooks, Eat Well on 4 dollars a Day and "as the name implies, its created for people who are cheap-asses, that also treat their body as a temple." This is a winner because once you bite the bullet and buy some spices (PRO TIP: bulk section spices are the best deal ever) you will make this over and over again! Becca ReedDinnerSavoryEat Well on 4 dollars a Day
Issue 3Ina Garten’s Roasted Broccoli with Garlic, Lemon and ParmesanBecca said it better than anyone else could dream of it "Everyone knows that the Barefoot Contessa is perhaps the best thing to happen to WASPS since Vinyard Vines opened a store in the Hamptons. However, this is one recipe that you wont have to break the bank with her outrageously extravagant ingredients list. No veal stock, no lobster on the half shell, and YES store bought is fine. will make a lovely side for any meal and is cheap and easy to makeBecca ReedSideSavoryIna Garten
Issue 3Chicken Pot PieWho knew the food porn on Instagram was accessible? Kyle found this IG post and inspired her and it "turns out that this was actually EASY. And I got to invert the lid of my dutch oven (yay for new techniques!)". Not only did Kyle make this but her sister also made it at...the same time! Thank god for cellphones and airpods amiright, This is a great recipe for when you're needing something comforting! Kyle RowlandDinnerSavoryInstagram
Issue 3Hibachi Style Chicken with Magic Mustard SauceIf you're looking for an easy, tasty AND healthy recipe from a fellow Texan (yes, Alex and I are BOTH Texans) you'll love this one. Alex suggests that for this one, "I may go easy on the Amino Acids in the Magic Mustard sauce, it was a touch salty. Warning: she uses a lot of Whole 30 compliant ingredients but there are subs for most of them, if you're not into that!"Alex BloodworthDinnerSavoryThe Defined Dish
Issue 3Chunky Monkey Banana CookiesEmma tried this recipe JUST so she could submit it to this newsletter, (that is dedication). Another super simple and easy recipe. She used a real egg and maple syrup in place of making a flax egg and honey. Results were "tasty and I don't feel super guilty about indulging because they "seem" healthier than traditional choco-chip cookies? idk if that's true but that is my story and I am sticking to it!" Emma ParkerCookieSweetCalla's Clean Eats
Issue 3Banana BreadIf you still have leftover bananas you can try Nathan's new favorite banana bread recipe. He followed this recipe but added raw turbinado (FANCY) sugar and extra chocolate chips to the top. Nathan MackenzieLoaf cakeSweetInspired Taste
Issue 3Oatmeal ScotchiesNothing fancy about this Toll House recipe. They have a lot of butter, so I recommend chilling the dough for a bit before baking. I also like to shape the dough into tall stacks - it keeps the cookies from spreading too much and really helps you nail that soft and chewy in the middle, crispy on the outside kind of texture. Also, these have oatmeal in them, so you can eat them for breakfastErin OsgoodCookieSweetVery Best Baking
Issue 3Pear Crumb Cake Another successful Prcorastibaking adventure for Kyle! Not only do you get a distraction but you get a tasty treat afterwards. Kyle says "It did take a lot of different pans to assemble, but so worth it. Also I know you're not supposed to technically do this, but the cake batter was BOMB (Is Kyle the new bad girl of baking?? ). Definitely lick the spatula after assembling this treat. It will bring you joy." Kyle RowlandCoffee CakeSweetNYT
Issue 3Buttermilk Pancakes with Masa HarinaErin's got a great recipe for you, a fun little breakfast treat to try if you have some leftover buttermilk from last week's cornmeal cake and ALSO for some reason have a massive bag of masa harina you are trying to get rid of (just me? Cool cool cool.) Her partner liked these plain but she added frozen blueberries and they were *chef's kiss*Erin OsgoodPancakesSweetFood & WinThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for too much buttermilk
Issue 3Adult Mac and CheeseMikayla recommends this because it's simple and delicious. She used rigatoni because "rigatoni is the best pasta and no one can tell me otherwise!!" I have also made this and think it gives Annie's Shape's a run for its money, we <3 you Molly BazMIkayla HouganPastaSavoryBon ApetitThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for stovetop mac n cheese
Issue 3Glazed Lemon Blueberry SconesI made some blueberry lemon scones where I subbed the heavy cream for buttermilk! There’s lots of recipes out there for blueberry scones, so you can kinda rift on it based on the ingredients you have, but I adapted this recipe to fit what I was looking for. And then I made a lemon glaze to put on top

Chloe LeComteSconeSweetSally's Baking AddictionThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for citrus and too much buttermilk
Issue 3No Bake Key Lime PieEven though Gwenyth ( do we need to say her last name, we all know who I'm talking about) isn't everyone's cup of tea her recipes are damn good! Alex was also craving some citrus desert but something on the healthier side. These no bake key lime pies are super easy to make but have some strange ingredients which so she made some expert subs.

Instead of 3 tablespoons of brown rice syrup, use 2.25 tablespoons of maple syrup
Instead of 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon of coconut sugar, use brown sugar

Also, they are easier to remove from the muffin pan if they sit overnight versus one hour. These are perfect if you're craving something that's more citrusy-y than sweet. And you can definitely eat 3 or 5 without feeling guilty, they are too small.
Alex BloodworthPieSweetGwenyth Paltrow bookThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for citru
Issue 4Vegetarian RamenThis recipe is being featured by popular demand! It was featured in last issue's "This Week in Pictures" from Chloe and I heard from so many of you that it looked so good you wanted the real recipe. Here ya go! Chloe said this was a labor of love. They used dried ramen noodles, but felt like this definitely would have been better with fresh ramen noodles or even *homemade* noodles! The only difficulty they had was getting dried shiitake mushrooms and kombu for the recipe. They ended up buying the kombu on Amazon and got the dried shiitake from the local grocery store, so definitely make sure to check for all ingredients before you embark on this ramen journey! "I think it also could have used a little more spice in my opinion, so if you like spicy ramen, I definitely recommend adding spice to the broth!"Danica made the Vegetarian Ramen Chloe submitted many moons ago. Here's what she has to say "The ramen was good! Soups are hard to mess up which I like. Chloe recommended adding more spice so I did extra of everything in the recipe and added Sriracha too. *Note* it doesn't make great leftovers, unfortunately"- Danica Reinicke

Chloe's ramen is a popular one! Hannah also made this one! She says, " I made this ramen (with some minor tweaks) and I disagree, it was excellent leftovers! Lots of pieces to put together (I.e. making new noodles) but just as delicious and heartwarming as the night before. I also made some spicy pork in the crockpot and added it so it wasn’t really vegetarian..."-Hannah Robinson
Chloe LeComteRamenSavoryBon Apetit
Issue 4Roasted Butternut with Black Garlic & MisoIf you're looking for a great way to spice up some butternut squash, Khelli's got a recipe for you! If you don't have all the ingredients, don't stress just do your best! Khelli subbed black garlic for minced garlic and, "it was deliciousKhelli WhiteButternut SquashSavoryFesting At Home
Issue 4Sweet Potato GnocchiFull disclosure this is not the recipe Emily used because EMILY DIDN'T USE A RECIPE! That's right she's such a talented chef who made her own recipe but this recipe is pretty similar! She loved the gnocchi and got to flex her cooking skills! "This sweet potato gnocchi was DELICIOUS! While a little time-consuming, it was actually fairly easy! It made me feel like a true chef, and was a great date night activity. We could hardly hold ourselves back from devouring the entire recipe, and believe me, it makes A LOT OF GNOCCHI! A must-try if you need to mix up your cooking routine! " Nikki HouserEmily BishopGnocchiSavoryHalf Baked Harvest
Issue 4Chocolate Mug CakeI know it's been said many times but it feels like we're living in unprecedented times and we're all finding ways to cope. Sometimes that means trying ambitious new recipes, working out in your living room, or cleaning out that one drawer. But sometimes it means leaning into the feeling of despair and TREATING YOURSELF (and that's okay too!!).

Steve has the simple easy mug cake recipe for when you're feeling especially in the dumps. But *warning* you need a microwave. Steve says, "I like to add some chocolate chips to the mug cake. It really helps add some nice variety in the texture and who doesn’t love a tiny melty chocolate surprise. Also, the recipe works better with a run of the mill JIF peanut butter or the like, skip the natural stuff."
Steve SirianniCakeSweetBudget Bytes
Issue 4Dalgona CoffeeAre you looking to connect more with the youth and understand what's TRENDING during quarantine? Are you tired of your same old coffee routine?? Look no further than TikTok coffee (if you don't know what TikTok is, all you need to know is that it's a social media platform and the youth love it). "It is a viral PHENOMENON. It’s two tablespoons instant coffee, two tablespoons sugar, two tablespoons hot water. Mix it with a whisk or electric mixer until thiccc. Pour over milk and ice. It was delicious.""I made the Dalgona Coffee and I LOVED it. It frothed up way faster than I thought it would. Next time I’ll try to use better instant coffee than the stuff that’s been in my camping kit for two years.
Melissa Zentgraf
MIkayla HouganDrinkSweetTikTokThis is a viral drink
Issue 5Best Tomato SauceDakota is 1/2 of cooking duo/instagram darling "Dak and Ju" and when they aren't cooking their favorite recipes, they're creating their own (should this be their tagline??). This is the perfect recipe for all those canned tomatoes you panic bought. Its straightforward and meant for anyone. "The carrot and celery add a dimension to the otherwise tomato-y flavor that is present but subtle. You basically throw everything together, let it cook and then blend it smooth. Don't forget that knob of butter (you can sub for dairy free butter if that's your thing)!" TIP: Only eat half the batch and freeze the other half as a lil gift to yourself.Dakota MackeySauceSavoryDak and JuDakota created this recipe
Issue 5Pinto Bean Chili with Corn and Winter Squash"This healthy chili packs a punch! We didn’t have any pinto beans so we used kidney beans. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of chili powder, but I only put in 1 ½ tablespoons and it’s still really spicy. Great with feta cheese or even a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and a perfect comfort food for a cold, rainy, self-isolated day!"Elaine PorterStewSavoryMy Recipes
Issue 5Chicken Braised With Potatoes and Pine Nuts"this is the best thing I’ve made from NYT Cooking. Mike and I were both astounded, it was so delicious and lasted us several meals. It’s pretty easy (though takes some time), and sooooo good, especially for our rainy days to come!!"Katie RaynoldsChickenSavoryNYT
Issue 5Oven Polenta with Roasted Mushrooms and ThymeThis dish is so simple, so flavorful, and so comforting. Its warm and smooth but crispy mushrooms add so much flavor and texture. Its got everything I love, cheese, crispy vegetables, grains, cheese, more cheese, and thyme. I've made this twice now and added other vegetables i had on hand like onion and broccoli. Definitely recommend getting the fancy mushrooms (the exact type doesn't matter) and getting them extra crispy."I was dubious - polenta in the oven? It was DELICIOUS and so easy. Never going back to stir, stir, stir polenta!"-Laura DeFloraAlicia CohnPolentaSavoryBon Apetit
Issue 5Slow Cooker Pot RoastThere is nothing more comforting than pot roast, its the gateway drug to sleep. Whitney and Jeremy have "made this stew for years, and while it won't win any beauty contests it sure is delicious! (Note: We improvised and used beef broth instead of water and seasoned to taste with garlic powder, salt, and pepper instead of the onion soup mix). I recommend pouring it over some rice and pairing it with a glass (or four) of red" Whitney KirkPot RoastSavoryMy Recipes
Issue 5Nutella Brownie CookiesAnyone who knows Bailey knows that while she might not like to cook, she loves baking these cookies. They've become her go-to recipe. She makes it her own by adding 1/4 tsp of nutmeg and and cinny (what she calls cinnmaon) TIP "Cook for less time for a fudgier center, more time for a cakier one."Bailey RobertsCookieSweetFood52
Issue 5Chicken Tikka MasalaJackie is on an Instant Pot kick and this is the one she was excited to share with us. Jackie suggests doubling the chicken to make more meals since recipe makes plenty of sauce.Jackie ChuaChickenSavorySavory ToothThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for instant pot recipes
Issue 5Burrito Bowls"If you are using large chicken breasts, I recommend butterflying so they are sure to cook all the way through. I typically omit the corn and just ignore the saute section but do pull out the chicken once its complete and shred it with two forks, throw it back in, and voila! I typically top it with romaine lettuce, avocado, and sour cream!Danielle SchultzBowlSweetThe KitchnThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for instant pot recipes
Issue 6Bao BunsDanica put her her ambitious cooking skills to the test and didn't fail, she took them to the next level with this homemade bao buns. There's even a link to on how to make roll the buns! Don't stress, Danica is here to reassure us that "It was easier than I thought it would be, but I ended up with way more filling than dough (I’m ready for round 2, I suppose!)" "These were incredible! Huge kudos to Danica for finding this recipe on the 'gram! I chopped up the mushrooms a little more fine before sauteing so that it would be easier to stuff the dumplings. For the sauce, I used 2 stalks of scallions (chopped), about 1/3 cup of soy sauce, 1/6 cup of rice vinegar (I prefer a 2:1 ratio of soy sauce to rice vinegar), and some chili garlic oil (you could probably make this by hand by throwing some veggie oil/garlic/chili flakes together in a pan for 1-2 mins). " Chloe LeComteDanica ReinickeBaoSavoryInstagram
Issue 6Chicken Lettuce WrapsWith so many restaurants closed or only open for take out I'm sure all of you are going through withdrawals from P.F. Changs lettuce wraps. Well you're in luck, Becca's got the recipe for you! " this meal is healthy and delicious and easily made in big batches. Also, this makes you feel as if you and Chrissy have ANYTHING IN COMMON. and you should hope so! have you seen those damn kids? precious. eat this and maybe one day have your own line at target and a beautiful ethnically ambiguous family!"Becca ReedChickenSavoryChrissy Teigen
Issue 6Lemony Tumeric Tea CakeI'm sure you've seen this all of the internet and wondered, "wow what is that cake, where can I find the recipe, and does it taste as good as it looks?!". You're in luck! Dawn made "the delicious Alison Roman Lemon Turmeric pound cake early one morning a few days ago." it and is here to tell you all about it. " I had previously made this once before with sour cream, but this time I used low-fat plain greek yogurt. I thought the recipe tasted great both times"Dawn AndrophyLoaf cakeSweetAlison Roman
Issue 6Chocolate Soufflé
Another example of testing your skills and taking them to the next level is a chocolate souffle! "I really like to bake and I’ve always wanted to make chocolate soufflé. I was a little bit scared because I’d always heard they were hard to make, but this recipe is foolproof! And sooo good too! It’s one I make again and again"
Mary BrehoveSouffleSweetBaker Bettie
Issue 6Gougeres" Gougeres are delish little cheesy balls that Danielle should try "Michael JohnsonPastryCheeseNYTThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for Gruyere cheese
Issue 6Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread"I've been on a sourdough kick lately, and have had really good luck with this recipe"Michael JohnsonBreadSavoryThe Perfect LoafThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for easy bread recipes
Issue 7One Pan Baked Teriyaki Salmon and VegetablesOur first salmon recipe! Danielle made this one-pan teriyaki salmon and liked it so much she forgot to take a picture," I had every intention to take a picture and then I immediately started eating it - all that’s left is an empty bowl". This recipe is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to clean more than one dish. "I halved the teriyaki sauce recipe and it was still more than enough when cooking for two! The salmon was cooked well for 15 minutes (we had a big. slab and like it more on the rare side) but the veggies could have [cooked] a little longer, so you may need a little more time".Danielle SchultzSalmonSavoryCreme de la Crumb
Issue 7Coconut Cod ChowderLooking for an excuse to whip out your dutch oven?? "This is a great, weeknight, one-pot creation that's tasty and healthy(ish?). I've been in love with Asian inspired fish curries lately so this "chowder" was right up my alley. I cut russet potatoes into small chunks, but I'd opt for those baby Yukons especially if you're partial to thinner skin! And one final note, don't sleep on the celery like I almost did, it adds a nice crunch and a surprising amount of flavor. "Sophia Asing-YuenChowderSavoryBon Apetit
Issue 7Latkes - Philly Cheesecake Style
Hannah decided to take latkes to the next level by using them as a vehicle for a philly cheeseteak! Innovation that makes my ancestors proud! Here's how to re-create it! "Make the latkes sandwich bread size. Then grill your steak how you like, sauté onions and peppers, and combine the steak, veg, and cheese together until it’s melty and good. Best eaten with a fork and a knife. Best thing I’ve eaten in awhile. Paleo friendly sans cheese."
Hannah RobinsonPotatoSavoryNYT
Issue 7Carrot Cake (but w/Cardamom & Pistachios)Laura planned on making the the Bon Appetit pistachio cardamom carrot cake but after reading the comments decided against it. So what did she do? She pivoted and took a classic carrot cake and dressed it up! "Unless you’re looking to eat a metric shit-ton of cake this week, you might want to half (halve?) the recipe- I did and I still baked a full 9-in round pan. The other modifications that I made were to add about 1 tsp of cardamom and nutmeg, and I subbed the pecans for pistachios! They are mixed into the cake and then crushed on top. I didn’t measure how many I put. Like a handful?

The frosting that Bon Appetit used was a really cool carrot glaze, but again, after reading the reviews I didn’t trust myself to do it properly. Lots of people had a lot of trouble with it and I didn’t want to spend $8 on carrot juice. I don’t looooooooove cream cheese frosting, but it definitely goes well with carrot cake. I just made the first recipe I found on google:

8oz cream cheese
1/2c softened butter (1 stick)
4c powdered sugar
2 tsp vanilla.

I also think you can mess with the amount of sugar you put in- I don’t think I used all four?
I added about 1.5T of orange zest to mine because I thought it would be good. It was. I don’t know that I would add that much again though, maybe closer to 1T? Kind of up to you. I winged it and it was fine!!
Issue 7NY BagelYou might remember my bagel failure from last week when I tried a bagel recipe but my dough ended up being too dry. I said I would try the King Arthur Flour bagel recipe and report back. I have tried it, TWICE, and can say it is a winner! my bagels were were doughy and delicious and the recipe was easy to follow. Please note that it uses instant yeast or rapid rise yeast. Abby Mattson fellow reader and friend of the newsletter also tried it and liked her bagels so much she ate two in one day! She doesn't have a stand mixer and kneaded the dough by hand but cautions not to overwork the dough.Alicia CohnBagelSavoryKing Arthur FlourThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for bagels
Issue 8Portuguese Kale Soup You might remember that last week Ann was looking to use up 2lbs of collard greens! She found a home for them in this soup. " We made Portuguese Soup using collard greens instead of kale and sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. For the white beans (ready in a box) and chicken broth instead of water.Ann RitzmaSoupSavoryThe Big Garden
Issue 8Skillet Chicken Pot Pieit was the cozy meal my soul needed. A few quick mods: Sub 1/2 cup of the broth for white wine and salt the top of the biscuits before baking. You'll be glad you did. I recommend reheating in the oven (350 for 15 minutes) to keep them biscuits crispy. It's all in one oven-safe skillet and comes together in about an hour (including cooking time). Simple and delicious!"Emily BishopChicken Pot PieSavoryCooking Tv Channel
Issue 8Beet Gnocchi"It was a bit messy, but a LOT of fun. I topped it off with a brown butter sage sauce. Despite taking a long time, the process was pretty straightforward. I added an egg to the recipe (at the same time as mixing in the flour) and extra flour to help the dough hold form better. Last addition, I think a squeeze of lemon juice would have added a nice extra pop of flavor. Ignore the fact that they look like small pieces of red meat. I can confirm, the whole fam loved it."Amanda CobbGnnochiSavoryNYT
Issue 8Scones"I made them pink by adding died strawberries and pink food coloring. (I contemplated adding beet juice for a more natural dye, but then said F it!) I didn’t have butter milk, so I used whole milk and added lemon juice. Then I added 2 more table spoons of butter because 4 just didn’t seem like enough for a scone."Molly MamiyaSconesSweetWild Wild Whisk
Issue 8Tart Tea1 1/2 oz Vodka
Simple syrup
Hibiscus tea
Garnish w/ orange wedge
Melissa ZentgrafAlcoholic DrinkSweetThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for Spring Vodka Recipes
Issue 8Blueberry Beach1 1/2 oz Blueberry vodka (or vodka and smashed blueberries)
Cranberry juice
Pineapple juice
Garnish w/ lemon wedge
Melissa ZentgrafAlcoholic DrinkSweetThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for Spring Vodka Recipes
Issue 8Cucumber Basil Smash-Cucumber, diced (about 2"...who the hell weights cucumber?)
-Basil, 8-10 large leaves
-2oz lemon juice
-1oz Simple Syrup
-4oz Vodka (Gin works well here too)
-Lemon Seltzer
Steve CentrellaAlcoholic DrinkSweetThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for Spring Vodka Recipes
Issue 9Rustic Zucchini Crust PizzaI typically use 3-4 large zucchinis, much more flour than called for to ensure it gets that sticky oatmeal consistency the recipe writers suggest (I also use GF flour). We only had kalmata olives on hand at the time of the initial 'za, and we use this moving forward. Probably wouldn't hurt to drizzle some balsamic vinegar at the end. We also go whole sheet pan versus circular 'za.Kate SchrinerPizzaSavorySeed Savors
Tomato Soup"Are you sad? Then make this chunky tomato soup that’s so extra because it starts with BACON. (You can easily make without though)."Leah KennebeckSoupSavoryPinch of Yum
Sheet Pan Greek Chicken"So easy and healthy. It's delicious and I don't think anyone could mess up."Bailey ChaunerChicken SavoryThe Girl on Bloor
Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon"I made this with a 'treat yourself' mentality on Friday night and it definitely delivered. I enjoyed it because it used whole baby potatoes so I didn't need to peel or cut them. Combined with red wine, the recipe also called for bacon and fresh thyme, which contributed to a wonderful depth of flavor. The recipe was easy and straightforward to follow given that it was cooked in the instant pot but it also made me feel like I accomplished a lot because of how flavorful and satisfying it turned out. I felt like it was something characters in Game of Thrones would indulge on at a tavern."Amber Lee
Beef Bourguignon
SavoryCreme de la Crumb
BA Chocolate Chip Cookie"These have been a staple in our house during quarantine! They are great as-is but we've also experimented with adding some coffee and potato chips (separate times). If you like them chewy, cook them for a few minutes less. "Alicia CohnCookieSweetBon ApetitThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for great chocolate chip cookies.
Issue 9Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe"-Mix 1 c packed brown sugar with ½ c melted butter
-add in 1 tsp vanilla and 1 room temperature egg
-in a separate bowl, sift together 1.5 c of AP flour, ¼ tsp baking soda, and ½ tsp salt
-slowly incorporate dry into wet
-mix in 1 c chocolate chips
-bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes
These definitely skew chewy, but aren’t completely soft. You also don’t have to let the dough hydrate, just mix and bake."
Steve SirianniCookieSweetThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for great chocolate chip cookies.
Issue 9Giant Crinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies"These are comforting AF. I used two 88% dark chocolate bars (chopped into shards of mixed sizes) because I liked the bitterness of the dark chocolate balancing out the sweetness of the dough. The baking instructions are interesting because you have to keep dropping the pan in the oven to get that crinkle effect (give your roommates a fair warning lol)"Chloe LeComteCookieSweetNYTThis was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for great chocolate chip cookies.
Issue 10Hot and Sour Soup"I couldn’t find any green onions so I added chopped garlic in the first simmer stage. I wish I had gone to another couple stores to look for them though because the soup could have used the color.
I used fresh chopped ginger instead of ground. I used more of it but I think ground would have better.
I used packaged veggie broth and added 2 tbsp of butter to bring more depth to the flavor because the broth by itself was a bit lacking (packaged veggie broth always is).
I doubled the tofu and am really happy that I did if I had used the recipe amount there would have been barely any."
Melissa ZentgrafSoupSavoryGimme Some Oven
Issue 10Chicken Khao Soi"This is the most flavorful thing I’ve cooked in under an hour in a long time! The ingredients are simple and most cooks should have them in their house already - minus the chilies. We didn’t have any toppings, but so good anyway."David ScotlandSoupSavoryBon Apetit
Issue 10Southwestern Sweetpotato Quinoa Bowl"I love this recipe because it includes a lot of "pantry" staples that you most likely have on hand like beans, quinoa, frozen corn. It's vegetarian but so versatile and you could easily add an animal protein of choice but it is very filling and satisfying without as well! The dressing is what makes it but you could also use a pre-made avocado cilantro dressing or chipotle flavored dressing. I used shredded cabbage instead of kale that the recipe calls for. Any leafy green will do! "Tess HanBowlSavoryWhat's Gaby Cooking
Issue 10Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies"the perfect easy dessert for when you’ve had 2 glasses of wine and want a sweet treat but don’t want to have to work too hard for it! Also, they’re flourless which is great for any GF people and convenient because flour is such a hot grocery store commodity right now!"Julia GassCookieSweetSnixy Kitchen
Issue 10Momofuku's Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Fish Sauce Vinaigrette"This one is the bomb. My go-to sprout recipe. Always a hit. I roast the sprouts in the oven instead of pan-frying. Then toss them with the vinaigrette. Finally, top with the Rice Krispies that have been toasted in a small skillet in a bit of oil and furikake. Yum!"Ginger BrudosBrussel SproutsSavoryFood52This was submitted as a response to an "In Search Of" for great Brussels sprout recipes.
Issue 11Instant Pot Pot RoastSteve took comfort food to the next level with this instant pot, pot roast blending my two favorite things, good food, and convenience. He made a few subs based on what he had but loved it. He said, " Woah, this turned out so good! It was super easy and so delicious. I don't normally cook meat and I've never cooked this dish before, but I was so pleased. It really reminds me of home. I substituted the "seasoning salt" for regular salt, balsamic for red wine vinegar, and omitted parsley because I didn't have it. Still turned out great! "Steve SirianniMeatSavoryThe Recipe Rebel
Issue 11Instant Pot Red Lentil Daal
Katherine's giving us another great instant pot recipe (it's okay if you don't have an instant pot you don't need one!) and this one is vegan/vegetarian! She says, "I make it in the Instant Pot usually, but did it on the stovetop this week and had great results! My tip: I usually use two 14oz cans of diced tomatoes if I don't have fresh ones on hand, and I use a full can of full-fat coconut milk. I also use a full cup of red lentils plus a half cup of brown or green lentils (and use a total of 5 or so cups of water to accommodate the extra lentils)."
Katherine PeinhardtStewSavoryHoly Cow VeganAlso great Instant Pot recipe
Issue 11Healthy-ish GranolaOur first granola recipe! Now everyone can stop spending all of their money on artisanal granola. You can be the one to make artisanal granola. Sam is sharing her favorite granola recipe with us! She says,
" Maybe I’m biased, but homemade granola tastes so much better than what you pick up in the grocery aisle! I’ve made this recipe countless times and like how you can customize it each time with the nuts and dried fruit you have on hand or like most. I make a batch and store it in my pantry to eat with yogurt+fruit, top on cereal, etc. Also no granulated sugars, just maple syrup (doesn’t that make it slightly healthier? :)) One tip: make sure the salt and cinnamon are mixed in really thoroughly with the nuts and oats before adding in the liquids and measure the salt carefully. You want the oats to be evenly coated so the salt isn’t concentrated in a few extremely salty bites."
Sam OlsonGranolaSweetCookie and Kate
Issue 11Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Are you looking to step up your breakfast/brunch game, or just wanna pretend you've just waited an hour at the hippest brunch place in town? Nikki's got your back! She says, "
Fluffy Lemon Ricotta Waffles! So easy to make, and SO DELICIOUS! The lemon adds a fresh twist and the ricotta makes these waffles feel like your favorite down pillow, without all the extra work of folding in stiff egg whites! We topped our with a homemade triple berry compote"
Nikki HouserBreakfastSweetOlive and Mango
Issue 11Double Chocolate Brownies
We have another recipe straight for the creator herself! Jennifer wrote a cookbook on comfort foods that taste good but are still healthy. Today she's bringing us a healthier version of chocolate brownies, truly what more could we want. Now we can finally feel good (or better) about all those sweets we are eating. Jennifer says,
"It's been one of the most popular recipes in the book. The brownies are 2/3 less sugar than a boxed mix, thanks to sweet potato. They come together easily in a food processor. They're gluten-free (and can be made vegan). And they're ridiculously fudgy and delicious. Pro tip: If you don't have a food processor I'd recommend using canned sweet potato so it's easier to achieve a smooth batter with no chunks of sweet potato."
Jennifer Tyler LeeBrowniesSweet52 New Foods
Issue 12Bolognese SauceAre you looking for a weekend project? Something you can focus on that will make the hours go by? Something you can put all of yourself into so you don't realize that time is slipping away? Well if you do, then boy does Kelly have a recipe for you. She took this recipe and made her own. Here's what she did

-- "Used fresh San Marzano tomatoes and a handful of romas that I had laying around. Pureed them in the food processor, then added to the sauce.
-- Added 1 small package of pancetta to the meat medley - purchased from Trader Joe's pre-diced.
--I didn't have Chianti wine (does anyone really drink that?), but had a couple of cups of a cheap Merlot leftover.
--Switched beef broth for chicken broth.
--Skipped the truffle oil, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese rind, and sugar.
--Was generous with the red pepper flakes - about 3 large pinches.

In total, the recipe took about 5 hours, but it came out great!! I heated some up today with some gnocchi and it hit the spot - very savory. Prep work was only about 20-30 mins, then the rest was stirring and reducing the liquids in the sauce."
Kelly KoenigSauceSavoryTravel Alphas
Issue 12Vegetarian Chili
Kapriann made this veggie chili and it was a game-changer. She says, "This recipe is packed with protein and SO easy. It says to blend 1.5 cups of the finished chili then stir it back in... completely changes the texture — I’ll never go back to not blending!"
Kapriann Kavanaugh ChiliSavoryCookie and Kate
Issue 12Lemon Poppyseed Yogurt CakeAnother recipe that falls into our category of "saying yes to sweets and no to sugar". This week Angie is bringing us a recipe for lemon poppyseed yogurt bread. She put a twist on the recipe to take it to the next level. Angie says, " I love this cake because it allows me to savor my “vacation” without sacrificing my nutrition. Thanks to @forktofuel for keeping me on track! The triple lemon Siggi’s yogurt makes for a light alternative to traditional grain-free recipes. I topped it off with slivered almonds and a lemon glaze for added texture."Angie BersinLoaf cakeSweetGathered NutritionGluten free
Issue 12Cookies and Cream Cookies
For every sweet and nutritious recipe, we have to include an indulgent cookie for those nights or days or mornings (no judgment in quarantine) where you just want to treat yourself. Emma's coming through with that munchy. Originally submitted in honor of 4/20 (blaze it!) but they are timeless. Here's what she says "
**pro tip: substitute chocolate chips for a Hershey's Cookies & Cream Bar!
These cookies are sooooooooooo good - tried and a true crowd-pleaser. They are extremely unhealthy, but worth it!"
Emma ParkerCookiesSweetButter with a Dash of BreadIndulgent
Issue 12Lemon Almond Pudding Cake Danielle knows you've been looking for that perfect after-dinner meal. She says, "This is perfect after a big quarantine meal - it’s light, flavorful, and tart! We didn’t have sliced almonds but topped with powder sugar and fresh blueberries and it was delicious!""I got a box of meyer lemons from my aunt in CA and have been making anything lemon I can think of. This was really good--not as sweet as lemon bars and not as incomplete as cake (as in, no frosting needed). It was really easy to put together, especially using an immersion blender with whisk and it's own vessel to beat the egg whites. Everyone loved it! The recipe does not mention toasting the almonds or dusting with powdered sugar, but, you know...of course!"-Edie MorganDanielle SchultzPuddingSweetHow Sweet Eats
Hangzhou Aubergines
Our first recipe for eggplant! Dave submitted this household staple for us all to try. He says, "We make similar variations of this recipe a lot. This time we substituted bacon for ground pork and a mix of mirin and cooking sake for the shaoxing cooking wine and it came out great! We also didn’t have any fermented sauce so we used hot pot soup base, but you could probably experiment and find some other good replacements. This is by far my favorite way to prepare eggplants!"
Dave HoustonVeggieSavoryFeeding Fen
Vegan Oven Risotto
If you've been craving a risotto that requires less work and is vegan friendly, Melissa has the recipe for you! She says, "This risotto is to die for! Not only is it delicious but it is vegan so caters for a whole range of dietary requirements meaning that the whole family can enjoy. I love the fresh basil smells and quirky lemon tang.."
Melissa WoodleyRisottoSavoryRabbit WolvesVegan
Tahini Blondies
I'm sure you've gotten into your sweet treat groove so now is the perfect time to mix it up! Tess brings us a vegan tahini blondies and you know that tahini is hot right now. She says, "These blondies were so delicious and the recipe is so easy to follow! Great for people with food allergies (gluten, dairy) and paleo approved. Tips: make sure coconut oil is melted as the dough will get pretty thick once the dry ingredients are added. At the end I used my hands to mix in the chocolate chips because my hand was cramping using a spatula lol. "
Tess HanBlondieSweetAmbitious KitchenPaleo
Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf
Dan's giving us another lemon poppyseed recipe and another vegan recipe, in case you're out of milk! Dan says, "One of the first recipes I made when I started to vegetarian/vegan, and you'd never know there are no eggs. It's in constant rotation here because it's so simple and yummy and makes my entire apartment smell amazing from all the lemon! Three lemons total should get you enough zest/juice for the bread and icing - and don't skimp on the icing for that extra lemony zest! If you cut the milk down to 1/4 cup (as my sister and I did once by accident), it makes for a delicious scone."
DanLoaf cakeSweetIt Doesn't Taste Like ChickenVegan