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This resource is based on a list by LARP SHACK (by Kate Hill and Jason Morningstar) as well as other sources and tips from the community (thank you! ❤️✨).
Feel free to add more games to this list! 🐳

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Seapunk 2222Sam HotchkissLARP/LAOG24No12YesSeapunk 2222 is a real-time collaborative online text adventure (RiCOTA?) set in the climate dystopia of the not-so-distant future. Play as a group of salvage divers in the flooded remains of Manhattan trying to get their big score: a public statue worth 0.01 Bitcoin! The game uses limits on communication to convey the disorienting nature of scuba diving.Free
Shared Trauma SleepoverEnnis Rook Bashe LARP/LAOGYes13NoFriends who fought a supernatural evil together in their childhoods reunite.Free
Way BackRebecca SlittLARP/LAOG22Yes24Yes
An online freeform larp for two players about resistance, history, and human connection. One character is near the breaking point of a crisis of apocalyptic proportions. In researching its historical origins, they somehow manage to communicate with the other character: a person living in the past, near the beginning of the crisis. The person in the Future must use their knowledge to help the person in the Past take action to stop each stage of the growing disaster. Can they work together across history to stop the crisis before it starts?
So Mom I made
this sex tape (LAOG Version)
Susanne Vejdemo; LAOG adaption by Gerrit ReininghausLARP/LAOG35Yes1,53YesWomen of a family of different generations of feminists come together to discuss how to proceed with the leaked sex tape of the daughter.Free
Long Time Listener,
Last Time Caller
Jeff DieterleLARP/LAOG410Yes1-23Yes
a talk radio show at the end of the world. Players collaboratively create a cataclysm during the course of play, and the conventions of radio are gradually abandoned in favor of moments of genuine human connection. Inspired by spontaneous moments of transcendent radio, the game can be played with minimal prep, and includes rules for both VOIP and in-person play.
Online help template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QLPjxQkY2rndm7EPugiOGfhSIljN2rAJGPRG7ZvweHQ/edit?usp=sharing
Homunculus Anna KreiderLARP/LAOG46Yes24No
Homunculus is a game about death, technology, and saying goodbye to loved ones when they die. It takes place in a near-future setting where technology has been invented to use data scraping of social media profiles to create artificial intelligence duplicates of people who have died in tragic accidents, which are then implanted into human-seeming clones. One person plays the duplicate, and everyone else plays loved ones. The game ends once everyone (excluding the duplicate) has decided whether they think the duplicate should continue to exist.
Heroic MeasuresDaniel Eison, Sam ZeitlinLARP/LAOG26No23-4No
Krondar the Mighty is dying, and this time it looks like it's going to stick. "Heroic Measures" is a freeform scenario about medical decision-making at the end of life for fantasy heroes, based on the actual principles and practice of palliative care. An adventuring party must come together to share memories and help choose the magical care that will best help their companion die with dignity. This scenario lets participants explore the very real challenges of judgment and consensus around the care of someone unable to voice their own choices, couched in the familiar tropes of fantasy adventure, and maybe think more about their own wishes, worries, and plans for their loved ones and themselves.
A Serpent Of AshJ. Tuomas HarviainenLARP/LAOG612No24No
“All of you here today were once members of a religious sect called “The Liberated”, located in Boston. It was a Christianity-based movement led by a man called Timothy Barke. (Always “Timothy”, never “Tim”.)The movement died in winter, 2002, when Timothy slipped on a hillside while jogging and broke his neck. No one from his closest (“inner”) circle was able to take control of the sect. Now, five years later, M_______ has summoned all of you together again, to talk about what actually happened
Hear My CryRik Lloyd, MayaBea SchechnerLARP/LAOG4Yes1-22-3NoWarriors recall their lives before being sent to Vahalla,as Odin's ravens seek to confuse things a bit (best played while drinking or eating).
Last NightHalden Ingwersen, Rik LloydLARP/LAOG35Yes0,5 - 23No
A game about filling in memory gaps and taking control of your narrative. Last Night, HUNGOVER and their FRIENDS had a few drinks. Now it's the next morning, and HUNGOVER is realizing that they can't remember what happened. HUNGOVER seeks to piece together the missing time by talking to their friends, without letting on that they blacked out as much as they did.
DisconnectedRei EnglandLARP/LAOG59Yes3Yes
"Yesterday we were a team, hanging out, saving the world from magical threats. Then we... didn't. Now we're trapped inside our own little shards of reality, drawing communication runes in the dust. Can we remember enough to put the pieces back together? Can we fix what we did - this time? Have we tried this before...? Yesterday, we were a team. If we don't become a team again, it might take a very long time to reach tomorrow "
The Great AfterpartyErlend Eidsem Hansen, Frida Sofie Jansen, Elin NilsenLARP/LAOG1010No21No
This is a comedy that plays with the stereotypes of larpers, fantasy larp and post-larp parties. In this larp, the players portray a bunch of excited larpers meeting over a beer just after a classic fantasy larp in the forest. Players will both create the story of the fantasy larp they just finished and play out the consequences it has for relationships at the after-party. Did the princess fall in love with the orc? Why did the general steal the magic feather from the bard, and are they kissing in that corner? The larp belongs to the players, anything can happen, and anything that can happen has already happened in the larp-within-a-larp, Mist over Goblin Peak.
Mom, Dad and SophieStefan von Lægteskov, Kristian Bach PetersenLARP/LAOG33Yes24No
This is a gamemasterless freeform scenario for three players. It is about divorce, egoism and the struggle to keep yourself together. In the game you can win the divorce, but what have you done to win it?
Fancy FeastHalden Ingwersen, Lex Pulice-Farrow, MayaBea SchechnerLARP/LAOG22Yes
15 min - 1 hour
1YesA chatbased puzzle game between a homeowner and a housesitter trying to find stuff around the house.
Big Brother Is Watching YouLizzie Stark Nano-LARP34Yes
15-45 min
No, but easily converted
Players read aloud an actual email that they've sent. In three rounds, we discuss them as Consumer and Marketer, Beloved and the Voices of Jealousy, Suspected Terrorist and National Security Agents.
We, RobotJon ColeLARP/LAOG512No1-22Yes
"An AI is coming to singularity. It is an almost-blank slate as its quantum neurons fire, and what little knowledge it has can only be understood through the physical items in the server rooms where it is being birthed. It has no concept of what it is being built for, or what problem it was designed to solve. The programmer can only guide this development-- if the AI doesn’t come to understand itself, it will never be born."
Last WordsGerrit ReininghausLARP/LAOG33Yes24Yes
An unfortunate death separates two people who still have unresolved business. An angel tries to bring peace to the deceased by entering the living‘s dreams.
Asymmetric communication through separate voice call
End GameDavid HertzLARP/LAOG46No2-3Yes
A team of ambitious young e-sports professionals are faced with losing their house and their careers. Will they stick together, or fall apart?
A one-shot larp about young people struggling with complicated relationships and difficult choices.
Template for online play (make a copy) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11KOdPW4If2qPCUbl38y4soUeiVo11lcbf47rPoum3Ss/edit#gid=175294368
Kill All OthersLutz SchmittLARP/LAOG33No2No
A Mini-Larp scenario about a dystopian paradise of total surveillance and control. In a not so far future: Life is comfortable, and all existential threats have been eliminated. The government takes care of your personal well-being. Everyone enjoys a carefree living. Safety.
You play peers at a factory. You regularly meet for small talk about life, sports, politics, the cantina’s menu or the weather. A new topic comes up, when the president demands: “Kill all others”.
The MustangJohn HarperTabletop33No1-23No
"(The Mustang is a western gothic horror game based on narrative and flipping coins to decide upon fate.) You’re crouched outside the lair of the mustang, near the burned tree. Your friends are with you, exchanging nervous looks. Like you, they’re having second thoughts. Like you, they smell death on the air and wonder if it’s their deaths. Cassie has a big piece of sheet metal with a rope across the back, because the Mustang breathes fire. Jack has a rifle, because the Mustang is far too swift to catch. William has a bible, because the Mustang is the Devil’s steed. You have a knife because, in the end, someone has to cut the Mustang’s throat. It’s the witching hour, the moon is full, and fresh blood is on the ground. The Mustang will surely run tonight."
Danger PatrolJohn HarperTabletop25No3-42No
The Earth was destroyed 50 years ago in the atomic wars. Just before the end, hundreds of rocket-ships escaped Earth. Most of them went to Mars, where the richest man in the Solar System, millionaire Hamilton Hawks, had built a giant utopian “city of the future”—called Rocket City. Player characters are members of the elite Danger Patrol, heroic agents who protect Rocket City from various threats.
Rockerboys &
Vending Machines
Phil VecchioneTabletop36No2-42NoRockerboys & Vending Machines is a cyberpunk hack of John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings. Create a team of operatives and get involved in crazy cyberpunk adventures.Free
Magic & MischiefKevin "Chroma " PetkerTabletop36No2-42No
"You are students at the Young Wizards’ School for Arcane Excellence, learning to harness and hone your Gift. A Dark Curse has fallen upon the Headmistress, leaving the staff and faculty in an uproar; classes are still in session, but all the distraction makes a great opportunity for magic and mischief! A game about magical kids at a magical school solving magical problems. "
Lasers & FeelingsJohn HarperTabletop36No2-42No
Lasers & Feelings is a quick-play roleplaying game. You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor. Your mission is to explore uncharted regions of space, deal with aliens both friendly and deadly, and defend the Consortium worlds against space dangers. Captain Darcy has been overcome by the strange psychic entity known as Something Else, leaving you to fend for yourselves while he recovers in a medical pod. What happens next? Play to find out!
Play Sheet: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1g9VGRYvbnK3b5IWG29oRzJnBMD-9jtj_
Love & JusticeSenda Linaugh, Phil VecchioneTabletop36No2-42No
Love & Justice is a magical girls hack of John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings. Create a group of magical girls and get ready to save the day with, love, friendship, and magic. You save the world by defeating bad guys—and hate—with love and justice. You are still learning how to use all of your powers. Lady Fuzz Fur, your hedgehog companion and instructor in the ways of world-saving, was captured by your nemesis and is unable to help you just as the world falls into peril once again!
Dungeons With DragonsJacob RandolphTabletop36No2-42No
"You are in a dungeon. There is a dragon. Grab all the loot you can and get out. Dungeons With Dragons is a hack of Lasers & Feelings by John Harper, a brilliant one page game that is easy to pick up and play in a couple hours with your friends. Dungeons With Dragons shares that ease of play and design focus, but transferred from a Star Trek setting to dungeon crawling. Can you survive the dungeon?"
Ghost/EchoJohn HarperTabletop36No2-42No
GHOST/ECHO is a quick-play adventure module for 2-6 players. While looting in the ghost world, your crew was sold out. You walk right into an ambush, with hungry wraiths on your heels.
Cheat Your Own AdventureShane McleanStorytelling Game26Yes1No
A good-natured Game Poem parodying the Adventure Books of old. Relax, no actual poetry involved!
You eagerly open the book at page 1 and begin your journey of page-flips and hard choices. Ahead of you lies an adventure in which you decide your destiny! Maybe this is the book you will get through without dying? If not, there's always a do-over.

What are you waiting for? Go and cheat your own adventure!
Various threads with inspiration & additional genres: https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/170658/cheat-your-own-adventure
The Secret RoomOle Peder GiæverRitual45No0,5-12NoA ritual to build a secret room in our mind’s eye.Free
It wasn't me!Lasse LundinLARP/LAOG35Yes1-22-3No
In this game, every player is a murder suspect. The murder happened last night and each of you had an appointment with the deceased. You are all in for questioning with the police.
Three encounters with yourself by means of guided and alert meditations in a natural settingMatthijs HolterNano LARP33Yes12NoThree people go on a walk and have supernatural encounters. (This could be played in a group call instead of actually walking alongside each other)Free
Identity PoemsMatthijs HolterNano LARP35Yes1,55NoA small set of role-playing poems, which are tiny games made to be played in about 15 minutes, often to explore a specific concept, emotion or atmosphere. Free
The Bechdel Test: A roleplaying poemMatthijs HolterNano LARP23Yes15 min2NoThis game takes its name from the Bechdel Test. It’s a fun exercise in fleshing out characters, and – hopefully – in creating believable female characters in any medium.Free
The Orc in the WellMatthijs HolterNano LARP26Yes15 min2No
There’s an orc sitting in a well. It can’t get out. The orc looks up at the sky. A bird flies past.
You, the players, will take turns telling this orc’s story, from different points of view. The game lasts 15 minutes. It covers approximately the same amount of time in the orc’s life.
Tuk Fast Tuk FuriousGerrit ReininghausNarration Game35Yes11YesGo for a race as legendary tuk tuk drivers in a town of your choice. Use Google Street Maps as a randomizer for obstacles. Free
After DarkMo HolkarLARP/LAOG48Yes1,5–25Yes
After Dark takes place in a slightly-alternative present day. Humanity has been devastated by the Grey Plague, a roiling miasma that seems to almost knowingly seek people out and extinguish them. Those who still survive are holed up individually, knowing that they probably don’t have long to live.
The Grey Plague leaves its victims lifeless but apparently unmarked. Its advance has been so swift and so terrible that it’s not been possible to establish whether it’s a poison, a bacterium, or what. There has been wild speculation about its source/cause, but no sound knowledge exists.
It’s thought [by the characters – the players know that this is not accurate] to be attracted by light and by noise. Individuals are physically separated and enclosed, still connected together by what remains of the internet. But they know that they are almost certainly doomed – eventually the Grey Plague will find them, and snuff them out, one by one.
In the meantime, they chat online – remembering better times, saying the things that they wish that they’d said before.
A Squadron StoryCorinne SennLARP/LAOG55Kind of1,52YesA Larp in space about a squadron of space fighter pilots on a mission that went wrongFree
OutscoredGerrit ReininghausLARP/LAOG45Yes25Yes
Golden Cobra Award winner 2019: In a dystopian near-future friends with a shared passion want to go to university. But a high social credit score is obligatory. Needs to be played in a dark room as it uses the screenlight mirrored on your face.
Makeup MomentsGerrit ReininghausLARP/LAOG16Yes1,53YesCelebrating the moments of putting on makeup together before an important event. A gam about actually putting makeup on. Free
Zoom SpotJosh Carlson, Zach CarlsonCasual (Not a RPG)38Yes0,51Yes
In Zoom Spot, players take turns secretly altering their rooms while everyone else tries to spot the difference. Guess right, and you get a point. If the time runs out, the alterer gets a point. Highest score wins!
Class PresidentPeter Kelly, Caroline BrewerFreeform RPG49Yes2-4Yes
In Class President, players role-play as high school students competing in their school election for the title of Class President. Over the course of several rounds led by a moderator, players use their identity prompts to build out their characters and dodge rumors as they attempt to prove why they are the best candidate to lead their school (or maybe just why everyone else running is tacky and fake). At the end of the game, the players all vote for one candidate (other than themselves), the player who recieves the most votes claims the title of Class President.
MUTE-inyAubrey Isaacman, Francesca Palamara, Joanna Shen, Xi LuoCasual (Not a RPG)210Yes0,51Yes
Are you tired of zooming out on Zoom? Tired of thinking “What the heck are they saying?” Don’t know how to lip read but wanna do it anyway? If you wish everyone could be silent for a second but still have fun, come play MUTE-iny!
ZoombaOlivia Moriarty, Brooke Loye, Thi Le (Lee)Casual (Not a RPG)210Yes15minYesZoomba is a full body improvised workout/dance experience that can be played in the comfort of your own home using Zoom.Free
Kitty, You’re a Star!Dan LarkNarration Game210Yes0,51Yes
During a call, if a player’s pet enters the frame, they must immediately move and give their pet center stage. The pet is now the protagonist of a story that the other players will narrate. Other players then take turns, telling the story about the pet one sentence at a time. The story continues until the pet exits the frame. If multiple pets enter or leave the frame of any player, they also become characters in the story. Humans may only take supporting roles.
The Space Between UsWibora WildfeuerLARP/LAOG55No4-5Yes
You are: The Mangatas, the most famous family in Spacefleet. Your Mission: to find a habitable planet. Because motherplanet Earth isn't gonna do it for much longer. After 100 years of cryo sleep you woke up in this remote part of the universe. Now you have to be strong as a family and stick together, if you don't want to lose your mind in the vast emptiness of space. Inspired in TV shows like Lost in Space and The Expanse and Nordic Style Larps like Odysseus.
D.I.Y. SPY Remote PlayChristy DenaNarration Game29Yes1-2Yes
You’re all spies who have chosen to come together to do a mission. You all decide to do this one differently than before. Instead of taking lots of new cool spy tech, you’ll go into the mission as you are and work with whatever objects are around you…
FINAL GIRLSAlex FlaniganNarration Game210Yes0,5-14
No, but easily converted
VARIATION for playing online: Everyone has a candle that they blow out once their character dies. // You are the Final Girls, last bastion of your fractured group left standing against a relentless killer. The killer will not rest until they, or all of you, are dead. But they don't win this time.
The Election Of The Wine QueenSilvia Ochlast, Björn Butzen, LAOG conversion by Gerrit ReininghausLARP/LAOG46Yes42YesA village celebrates its annual wine queen election tradition and reveals some uncanny truths about the villagers.Free
Play Aids: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10B6ZuDlNP_-ZEVOhLvdt4s6aFOnF9T7m/view
ViewScreamRafael ChandlerLARP/LAOG35Yes1-1,5Yes
Three to five players assume the roles of desperate people trapped in a world of high-tech horror: crew members going insane aboard a damaged starship; scientists in research labs, hunted by their own creations; or futuristic data-thieves on the run from soulless security drones.

The characters are separated by quantum anomalies, hostile xenomorphs, or tentacled horrors beyond human comprehension -- and they need to work as a team in order to survive. Since they can't reach one another in person, these characters must communicate by using viewscreens throughout the ship (just as the players communicate via video-chat software).
The Society for Vegan SorcerersWendy GormanLARP/LAOG35Yes2Yes
A recently turned vegan group of expert sorcerers come together to find vegan substitutes for their bloody rituals. What’s a socially conscious guild to do?
Enter the Society for Vegan Sorcerers! They are a group dedicated to finding vegan alternatives for effective sacrificial rites. This group of sorcerers meets every month to tackle the ritualistic needs of their community. They meet in groups of 3-5, and are dedicated to serious business meetings about solving complex problems, such as banishing evil spirits, binding mindless horrors, and getting the mold out of the well.
Good SocietyVee Hendro, Hayley GordonLARP/LAOG8124YesRomance. Scandal. Manners. Welcome to Good Society, the Jane Austen Tabletop Roleplaying Game.
Project: MemoryTara M. ClapperLARP/LAOG26Yes24-5Yes
In this live action experience, characters live in a society of integrated technology, not unlike our own. Often against the advice of mental health professionals and neurologists, individuals and groups decide to delete all memories of specific people or incidents as an alternative to dealing with trauma or pain.
As we know itAlex CarlsonLARP/LAOG44No1Yes
Aliens are real. Real enough to have conquered the world in less than a week. You have survived by hiding. You have enough supplies to last... for a time. You have a phone that hasn’t worked since they showed up. Text-only.
RedemptionOwls&Whales LarpLARP/LAOGYes
It’s the year 2121. After several waves of epidemic outbreaks in prisons and to set an end to the uncontrollable violence, the drug problems and gang structures, it has been decided that prisoners should no longer be able to have contact. Solidary confinement is mandatory. Convicts have to take part in the physical education program, where they are together with other convicts, but other than that they are confined to their cells. In order to keep them busy, they have access to arts (no movies or games), books and education. And then there’s the third option: The Redemption Program.
Fake NewsMo HolkarLARP/LAOG26Yes1,5No
The setting of Fake News is a fantasy realm that is under the rule of a tyrannical despot. The characters are the ruler’s spin team, working hard to make their reign acceptable to the subjects by putting a regime-favourable take on a succession of current events.
Panel: the LARPMark “Justin du Coeur” WaksLARP/LAOG720Yes1No
Panel: the LARP is a 50-minute LARP in the form of a panel discussion, which satirizes both LARPs and panel discussions. It is a lightweight, easy to run filler game for a large number of players, which has run several times at LARP and science fiction conventions.
Geiger CounterJ. WaltonTabletop28NoNoYou are on a journey to somewhere extremely dangerous. You may have some hint of the danger, but have no idea that it will destroy most of you.
Geiger Counter was designed to do two things: 1) emulate movies in which most of the main characters eventually die and 2) perform really well in single-session play, such as a pick-up or convention game. I originally aimed to replicate the fun of watching movies like Alien and Scream, but Geiger Counter can also create play that feels like Jurassic Park, Dawn of the Dead, Twister, Nightmare on Elm Street, Vertical Limit, Jaws, or even sobering fare such as Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan.
A Second Chance for WingsJeff Diewald, Sarah Judd, Josh Kronengold, Alon Levy, Michael McAfee, Lisa Padol, Gaylord TangLARP/LAOG552-33-4NoIt is 4392 on the Modern Calendar, in the country of Emera, and the Blue Phoenix corporation has turned its vision to space. It’s been almost sixty years since the Tursans put six people on the largest of the three moons in the sky, and no one’s been back, not even to orbit, since then. The charismatic CEO of Blue Phoenix has vowed to put the first Emerans into space, and to bring back fame, glory, and profits that will raise poor Emera into the ranks of leading nations. A Second Chance for Wings is a two to three hour tale-telling LARP that plays out the arc of the Emeran push for space. Set on a world far away from our own, but still similar in many ways, A Second Chance for Wings is a character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no combat five player LARP. Players will play the same characters throughout the game, provided they survive each tale. Will Blue Phoenix and Emera reach space and the moons, or will space be empty for the foreseeable future?
The Astrovision Song ContestRei EnglandLARP/LAOG9203-3.5Yes
Welcome to another year of the Astrovision Song Contest! In the galaxy’s biggest event of the solar standard year, the planets of the Astro Confederation of Allied Planets will come together in a display of peace, hope, unity, and song.
Pockets full of StarsSpeak The SkyStorytelling Game22Yes2No
Pockets full of Stars is a cozy duo role-playing and world-building game about tiny people living on tiny planets, and humble giants living on cozy stars. You play as the Astronomer and the Storyteller, taking inspiration from around themselves and working together to tell a story about a giant jumping from planet to planet, meeting people, changing worlds, and learning things along the way.
Are You There God? It’s the Quarterly Earnings ReportMargo GrayLARP/LAOG58No22Yes
You are an angel convening with your coworkers for your quarterly meeting, where you'll be electing the angel who will lead this division for the next thousand years. It could get ugly.
The BathhouseRei EnglandLARP/LAOG46Yes3Yes
This is a game about gods, queerness, the power of shared myths, and the intimacy of bathing together.
A group of old friends take a trip to a bathhouse together, to reminisce and share stories. In the intimate sanctuary of the bathhouse, as protective layers and long held feelings are stripped and encrusted dirt is washed away, who will they become? Will the gods awaken?
HemophiliacademicsJacqueline BrykLARP/LAOG916Yes33
No, but easily converted
It is present day. Vampires are real. Vampires have been exposed publicly in the last year. Vampires now flock to academia for safety, a food supply, careers, and friends. Any vampire who does not get accepted into academia is fair game for hunters, priests, and mobs alike. You are a vampire, or a human, or a dhampir. You are either an interviewer on a panel for a private university, interviewing applicants for a brand new special vampiric graduate student program -- or else you are being interviewed. All of you know this is a matter of life and death, as well as academic enrichment.
Julia's Lost TreasuresTim DevineStorytelling Game26Yes1-2YesThis game is about piecing together the life of a person who helped shape yours. You will be playing as Julia’s “Lost Ones”. Though grown up now, you were all runaways as children, who drifted into her care. You’ve all lived in and out of Julia’s home during different times of your life and she played an integral role in your becoming who you are today. In this game you will play as adults exploring Julia’s treasures which may provide some clue as to what her life was like and who she really was.Free
Forever and NeverRon T BlechnerLARP/LAOG48No1,5-24NoForever and Never​ is a reasonably serious free-form roleplaying game that explores the topicsof divorce, death, and loss. Players will be confronted with the question of whether peopleshould divorce from a terrible marriage even as the world is imminently ending. While humorcan and ought to enter play, ​Forever and Never​ is unlikely to be a silly or lighthearted game.Free
Questing to Build a New HomeRandy LubinStorytelling Game220Yes1-21NoThis is a game about fantasy heroes who are exploring a world by going on quests. You were a guild of adventurers who were teleported to the far side of the world. You’ve established a base but know little of the surrounding region. You are determined to create a new home here, and improve the world.Free