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StatusContact NameContact EmailLooking for...?Anything else?
Be specific with your ask (e.g. anyone with Python or JS experience) -- OR -- I'm looking for a team and I'm a beginner programmer.
Looking for Backend DevZach Daviszdavis@gainsight.comLooking for backend developer with python or PHP experience. Possibly dreamfactory experiencecontact us at 636-222-2666
Do you want to win?Sam M.sam.mostafa@gmail.comHey, I'm a designer with 7+ exp, looking for front and backend developers who want to win the professional's grand prize and/or want to build something that has to the power to really change lives...I have a solid Idea that will do alot of good. Email me if interested, let me know your skillset.
Experienced Developer
Looking for a Team
Bill Maintzbill@maintz.comI'm an experienced web developer looking to join a kick-ass team. I can do front-end or back-end development, SQL development, or just general programming. I'm stronger in JavaScript, C# and VB, but can also work in Java. I've developed HTML5 / CSS3 AngularJS websites, like and feel that I could be a worthwhile and contributing team member. I'm looking for a team with other experienced developers.Found a team! Thanks for any consideration given.
found a TeamBen Walleybenwalleyorigami@gmail.comThis is my first Hackathon, and I am looking for a team to join. I am mainly a front end Developer, and have experience in HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, bootstrap, etc. As well as a little bit of ruby on rails, and python experience.
Lean team formingAysar Kak@akpro.netSoftware engineer, can do backend or fullstack. Lang doesn't matter to me as long as its sensible. Looking for talented designer and PM- 1 of each. Have acouple interesting ideas to build.Won NVIDIA Neural Network Hacks 2016.
Looking for a progressive teamJason Charney I'm looking to hook up with your vanilla PHP/MySQL setup to do some HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/JQuery/PHP (or Python) stuff. A team that will get started immediately on Friday and not spend it realizing they can't use Visual Studio for a project which rules explicitly state to use open source software. I hope to use a LAMP stack with some JSON style data. (XML is fine too, but JSON or BSON would be better.) I'm hoping to start this project by uploading everything to a Raspberry Pi or other Single-Board Computer (SBC) to act as a server to test our project locally before pusing it to a Github repository. If you know Ruby and how Github Pages work, that would be a plus. I can set up the hardware if you can bring the ideas to life! We mighg even use some geodata if the project needs it. As much as I'm a big fan of Uber, carpooling would be better, especially if you live in North County (Florissant, Ferguson, etc.) that would be great. I don't drive and just recently got hired. Hopefully, no team leaders demanding their subordinates to stay up 48 hours straight. (That was and is highly unnecessary!) Also, LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME! Hire a babysitter or drop them off at grandma's. There is no excusable reason to let your kids be at a hackathon especially if on Friday night, we've all been working late and need to grab a few Zzz's before sunrise. (This is from experience at other hackathons.)
Looking for a TeamSchylar Utleyschylarutley@hotmail.comRuby developer, mostly backend and database programming. Linux server administration. Little exp with ROR. More exp with PHP. A lot of exp with ruby command line scripts.
Looking for a teamSharukh Hasansharukh-hasan@uiowa.eduFreelance mobile application developer with 4+ years experience in developing for the Android and iOS platforms. A semester from graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering. Have prior expeirence with developing in C, C++, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript. Best with Java and Android.Interested in mobile, web, and IoT/embedded device hacks
Looking for a TeamDaniel Tamasidaniel.n.tamasi@wustl.eduHi Guys!
I'm a business guy, with consulting experience at PwC. I proved to be a great in market analysis, presentation preparation, public speaking, critical thinking, and team management. I'm not a programmer, but I'm a great resource to be a complementary person for a CS team, possibly giving the edge to win, and to stand out!
What you can get from me?
- disruptive thinking in ideation phase
- energizer of the team
- business analyses from various point of views
- research, research, research
- market feasibility
- team management (upon request, I don't want take anyone's place in leadership ;) )
- killer presentation preparation
- giving public speech to the jury
I'm an MBA at WashU, hence I'd love join a college team preferably.
Here is my profile, if you want to check me out:
If you have any question, just ask me here, or PM, or Skype, or Facetime, or Hangouts, or whatever! :)
I'd love to hear from you guys!
Looking for a teamJaylon A. Wallerjlun96@gmail.comHello, Fellow Hackers! I am new to this community and this particular Globalhack will be my first. I am fairly new to programming, however my passion for learning has always been the same. I am great at brainstorming and recording information. I am also proficient at following directions and building sutff. I have two years of experience in Tech (building sets for theater). Recently I have been immersing myself in programming and my goal is to become a world-class hacker. For this Globalhack my goal is to learn as much as I can and help as much as I can. Also, if possible, make long lasting connections!Recently switched my major to computer science, looking for a job in programming/ learning opportunities. Can lift heavy objects. Interested in Robotics, Hacking, Gaming, and Fine Art. I live in the area, (and I've done so for a while now). Built an Aquaponics system in 12th grade. I've worked as a Busser for 3 years so I have the same level of patience as The Pope. Always looking for opportunities.
looking for a teamLexie Mantlolnmantlo@gmail.comI have been developing websites for many years. I have expereince coding HTML, CSS, JAVA, Action Script. I Worked at a startup designing financial software years ago using Java. It has been a while since I have coded/built websites though but I'm going to study up before the hack. I'm a very quick learner when it comes to coding though, I just need to power through a book and I'm pretty good to go. My day job is as a data scientist so I code in SQL and SAS more on a daily basis. I have an MBA and have competed in case competitions before (the business equivalent of hackathons). My team won using my idea and progressed to the SEC competition just a few years ago. I'm very much an idea person, especially when it comes to apps/websites/technology. I also have a minor in graphic design so I can pump out some illustrator/photoshop front-end website designs like a boss. I think I'd be a good fit for a team with tech skills that needs design skills/ideas/experience presenting and winning. Though I'm kinda a jack of all trades so I do what I need to do. If there's a need I can read up and code whatever. I'm usually a leader in a group but I think a team developing something like this needs to really work together since we'll all have a big part to play. Everybody has to be on board. I think comradery is essential for taking the prize home on this one. Ready for some late nights if you are but from my expereince if you have a solid plan and everybody works hard then its better to get some sleep and kill the presentation.
looking for a teamJeanna Andersonjanderson2@stlouisco.comthis will be my first hackathon and I'm looking for a team to join! I have been in government for 15 years which gives me an edge with customer experience, support and service. I'm also a Mosaic Ambassador for the International Institute, an artist and a photographer. I'm creative, I love learning, meeting new people and digging in to a project. I have met the Japanese Ambassador to the United States on the tipping of international trade, the Canadian Ambassador on the topic of international relations and the French Royal Family to discuss the importance of languages in schools. I look forward to being a part of an innovative team!
looking for a teamAnna Gallagall@stlouisco.comI am looking for a dynamic team to join to bring a winning product to assist the homeless. My strengths are passion, creativity, communications, critical thinking, and problem solving. I have 8 years experience as the Employee Wellness Coordinator for over 4,000 employees. I assist in employee communications, the implementation of online programs and dashboards for employee use. As a hobby, I author a blog on organic gardening and life issues. I would love to join your team!I need some sleep both nights. I promise I awake in the morning refreshed and ready to go!
Looking for a teamMaggie
Looking for a teamLuis Bosquezluisdbosquez@gmail.comLooking for a web designer or mobile apps designer with previous experience with UI/UX. I am a professional software developer with previous experience in Full-stack development and project/program management. Currently attending with a graphic designer for visual assets. Looking to bounce ideas, implement new technologies and create top quality prototypes with a competitive mindset. Thanks!hello
m Renee Racetterenee.racette@slps.orgsomeone who wants to support a team made of eager, young,ambitious high school students from a high school in St Louis Pulbic Schools. I'm the principal and will also be on hand all weekend to help manage/motivate/assist in all ways possible. I want to enter at least one team from our school, Carnahan High School of the Future, to build upon momentum we already have around our own coding programs. Students have 3 weeks to do any bootcamp CS skill development you see fit. they have started some Code Red work after school. serious applicants only. Some student participants have been homeless themselves and others may have homeless friends. My students have a unique place to know this problem intimately from the youth perspective. Help us bring that experience to the forefront of solving this problem!
Looking for team membersAlex Andreialexandrei1998@hotmail.itLooking for a web developer who has experience in html,css, angularJS
Hey guys and girls, I am Alex I am originally from Italy but I am now a Computer Science/Business Major at Lindenwood University. I have been to 2 startup weekends getting respectively 2nd and 3rd place in Rome. I also took part in the European StartupBus competition getting 3rd place on the Italian Bus. I was originally a UI/UX designer but about a couple of years ago I switched to becoming a developer. This is my very first Hackathon and I am looking for awesome people to make a team with :
Looking for team membersJennifer Looking for a product designer or web designer. Preferably someone with experience using open source image software (GIMP, etc.)
Looking for UI/UX team membersSantosh Dassantosh.das@outlook.comLooking for additional team members especially with UI/UX skills (Angular and Ionic preferred).
Our current team includes
- Product Manager,
- Business Analyst and
- Technical Architect.
Looking to Join a TeamAmy Last year, St. Louis County was the first local government to send a team to a GlobalHack hackathon. Our team had such a good time, that this year, we made it possible to send 15 County staff to GlobalHack VI. This year, our 15 participants are advertising themselves as “free agents” available to join individual teams and bring their unique, public service experience to the hackathon.

STLCO representatives from the following departments (Administration, Human Services, Justice Services, Police, Public Health, Parks, Public Works, and Revenue) are available to provide creative thinking, problem solving, customer service expertise, user experience testing, and passion about their community.

If you are interested in having a highly motivated, passionate, civic perspective to add to your team, please contact us! This is a very talented and impressive group of residents/government employees who genuinely want to make a difference in this community.
If you are interested in having a County staff member join your team, let me know what you are looking for and I will get you in touch with one of our remarkable staff!
Looking to Join a Team
Fredrick Echols, M.D.
FEchols@stlouisco.comAs a successful medical and public health professional, I believe I have the talents and expertise that will benefit your GlobalHack VI team. I offer over 10 years of progressive experience in health sciences and public health. I earned my B.S. in Biology from Clark Atlanta University, and completed medical training at Boston University School of Medicine. After completing my medical training in 2008, I served as a physician in the United States Navy. Presently, I am serving as the Director of Communicable Disease COntrol Services for the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health and am completing a Population Health Fellowship with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some of the capabilities that I can bring to your agency include
• The ability direct and coordinate financial or budget activities to fund operations, leverage resources and increase efficiency,
• Expertise in analyzing and developing solutions for public health problems
• The ability to implement policies and objectives, to ensure continuing operations and increase productivity
• Medical expertise and the ability to provide and prepare medical guidance
• Community outreach and partnership building
• Program Implementation and Evaluation
I am a highly motivated, relatable, professional, conscientious team player.
Looking to Join a TeamTyler Youngtyoung12290@gmail.comI am an Aerospace Engineering Graduate from SLU looking to change careers to software development. Taking courses in JAVA and C# ( At the time of the event I will be in JAVA III and C# II) Hoping to also be in launchcode summer of code this summer.Highly motivated and would love to be a part of a team!
Looking to Join a TeamJoe Tieujosephtieu@gmail.comMy background is product development, product marketing and product managment. Looking for a team to help out.Motivated to help build successful products and user experience. Have launched services in IT and Telco globally.
Looking to Join a Team
Olatunde Owokoniran
hurlatunde@gmail.comI am Full Backend Development work with PHP&SQL, HTML and CSS, JQuery and also develop Android development and am looking for a team. Thanks
Looking to Join a TeamLiz RolfLizrolf323@gmail.comI'm a fairly new programmer (Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript; just started learning Ruby). More importantly, I would bring some valuable skills and experience to a team. I used to work for the St. Patrick Center (Women's Night program assistant), and I currently work as a case manager at the Peter and Paul emergency shelter (homeless men's 90 day shelter), so I know the population that this hackathon is focused on helping. I know how to connect with this population, how to effectively communicate, and how we can best design and build a viable solution for whatever specific target need the hackathon decides to focus on.
Looking to Join a TeamAnne Pennickanne.pennick@gmail.comI am a new programmer with experience in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby so far. I am in the web development program at Bloc so will have more experience and projects under my belt when this rolls around. I have lots of experience in management, project management, and process redesign as I've worked for a large education company for 11+ years. I am also an experienced teacher and public speaker. I'm passionate and work well in teams. I'm excited to attend and work on a project and see what others come up with. I live in St. Louis so have strong connections in the area and look forward to working with others to contribute to alleviating homelessness.
Update: Found TeamJossi Wolfjossiwolf@gmx.netYoung Android (Java, learning Kotlin) & Backend developer from Germany. 2 years experience in Android Development and Backend (Mostly NodeJS). Can do Frontend as well. Experienced with Angular 1, modern Android Development (MVP, Testing, Retrofit, RxJava), NodeJS. Other languages: PHP, MySQL, Python.Won in various categories/challenges of Jugend Hackt Nord 2016 & Smart Transportation / Energy Hackathon 2016. My current app:
Looking to Join a TeamKaren Yangkyang272@yahoo.comScalaPython, R, scikit Learn ML, regular expressions
Looking to Join a TeamYvette Summyysummy@stlouisco.comThis is my first hackathon. I've been with St. Louis County 6 years and bring a community perspective to the team. I'm a great problem solver, and I work well with everyone.  I'm proficient with MS Office products, organization and planning, oral communication, and investigations. I'll provide my own laptop. I'm willing to assist the team in any way to produce an innovative product.
Looking to Join a TeamDave Winklerdwinkler@stlouisco.comI'm new to hackathons and I'm looking for a team to join!
I have been with St Louis County for 14 years which has given me a wide range
of customer service experience. While property valuation is the outcome of our
office I have extensive experience in project management and process flow
analysis both at county and with my former employer, Proudfoot Consulting.
The bulk of my software experience is end user interface integration.
Throughout my career I have worked with several companies where the end result
was increased efficiency or interaction with both internal and/or third party
I also have the ability to bring the power of speach to the right team. I'm
comfortable presenting and really look to connect with my audience. I'm often
called upon to interact with small and large groups and feel right at home
talking about those subjects which I have personally helped develop. I was
recently part of a team who took first place in a team building exercise where
we were raising awareness and donations for a food bank in Phoenix, AZ. I took
a lot of pride in the fact that my team felt my presentation was a major factor
in our team placing first. I found out after the competition that we received
the maximum points allowed for the presentation portion. If needed I would look
to bring that skill set to a team.
I can't wait contribute to your innovative team
Looking to Join a TeamRick Hampelrhampel@stlouisco.comHello everyone, I am a public servant working for the local public health department/Waste Management Program. I would like to join an enthusiatic group of individuals that desire to combine their abilities and help create a tool for assisting the homeless. I have no experience with programming, but have an engineering background and worked in the private sector in various environmental, health and safety roles prior to coming to St. Louis County Department of Public Health 3 years ago. I have a passion for helping others and would love to be a contributor on your team. I bring a perspective of public service and our inate responsibility to help our fellow man. I would be useful as a "sounding board" for ideas and how they are integrated into a useful tool by the target group. I hope I could share my own ideas as well. I work well with a team concept and hope to be part of your team and a winning solution. Thanks for considering me!I've been told that I am a hard worker and relate well with others. I am detail-oriented and strive for ease of implementation in the projects I've been associated with.
Looking to Join a TeamAhmad Rajehrajeha@slu.eduHello, I'm a junior CS student at SLU. I have good experience with Java, C/C++, Perl, R, Python, and Unix.
Looking to Join a TeamKathleen Kellystlcityisbest@gmail.comSystems Analyst with 20 years experience, also NABCEP certified in Solar PV - looking to join forces with some coders
Looking to join or form a teamAndrew Nylanderandrew.nylander@gmail.comHi all, this is my first hackathon and I am looking to form or join a group of passionate and creative people. I did my undergrad in biology at WashU, worked in medical research and completed my Masters in Public Health also through WashU. I have decided to switch gears from academia and am now working on creating my own startup.

From working on startup projects I am learning hands on about product development/management and I am looking to fill the role the of product architect/manager on a team.

What can I do and bring to the team?
Ideas, ideas, and more ideas
An ability to assess the feasibility and potential impact of an idea
A public health perspective and understanding of vulnerable populations
An ability to research and analyze a problem to better understand its root causes and design solutions to effectively address those causes
Wireframing and UX design (basic level understanding) - As part of my startup work I have been learning via online courses and books the fundamentals of UX design and have basic level experience with wireframing software
Energy and drive- Those are pretty important at 3 am!
Other random skills include experience with ArcGIS and social network analysis. Also I am currently taking CS50 via edX so I can better understand coding and be able to communicate more effectively with developers.
Looking to join or form a teamJoseph Kurtzjoemie92@gmail.com3 Years Experience as a Java developer at a software company. I've also written quite a bit of python. I have mostly backend experience, but i've been looking at angular in my freetime for about a month. I've participated in a couple AI tournaments at Missouri S&T.
Looking to join or form a team
Breenae Washington
bmwr69@mst.eduHi Everyone! I am a 2012 Engineering Grad from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Currently I'm a Sr. Systems Analyst at Mastercard with 4+ years experience in the financial services industry. I have experience managing large cross functional projects, analysis and requirements gathering, and program management. I am a team player with excellent communication and presentation skills. This will be my first time participating in GlobalHack and I am looking for a team.
Needing to Join a TeamMax Derevenchamax@practicaltech.netLooking to join a team - I am 19 so a college team. I have been a network egineer for the past 4 years. Coding in C# mainly. Let me know if anyone needs someone like me :)
NoNarayana Swamykswamy15@hotmail.comLooking to join a team. have experience with backend and frontend web development (web app frameworks, PHP, SQL, JQuery, Bootstrap, REST API etc), machine learning coding with Python, 1 Android App with more than 1000 downloads on the google playstore. Co-founder of a local startup funded by Capital Innovators (
Nophilip.prouhet@gmail.comExperienced graphic and web designer with 5+ years experience in B2C, B2B and nonprofit companies. Also, extensive philanthropic involvement (dealing with urban poverty in NYC) and former Peace Corps volunteer (2 years in Micronesia) UX/UI/QA experience from an eComm perspective.
No - Looking for a TeamTam Nguyengenterist@live.comSystem administrator (IT) turned Computer Science. Currently in my final year at UMSL (BS Comp Sci). Code in C in the past 2 years. Familiar with objective-C for iOS programming. Comfortable with algorithm designs (trees). Coded with PHP in the past. Can do CSS design, graphic design, concept drawing also.
+My online resume is at
+My GitHub is at
Looking for a team and opportunities to learn. I am also an endurance athlete so I can rock the whole even with you !!
Can talk English, Vietnamese
Know the area (lived in downtown St. Louis for 4 years)
Know how to navigate the public transportation
No, Looking to JoinSteven Landow
Software developer (located in STL, not far from the venue), can do back, front or full. Java/Spring Boot on the back and Javascript (React.js) on the front are my comfortablility zones but I am very adaptable. Can join a team in the youth (I'm 17 going on 18 in a week) or the pro division. I am young but NOT a beginner. Other languages: C#, VB, PHP
Seeking team membersSrinivas
We are currently 2 member team experieced in Backend (Java, J2EE, Restful) , databases: MySQL, DB2, Hadoop ecosystem and NOSQL.
1) Seeking 2 team members with UI/UX experiecne in mobile app development, BootStrap, Jquery, AngularJS, AJAX or other web frame works.
2) seeking 2 business professionals with experiece in non-profit and government organizations.
Update: Found TeamAllie Eskelsenallienothum@gmail.comI'm an experienced digital designer & front-end developer looking to join a Pro team! HTML, CSS, Javascript with strong background in design &
I'm highly motivated and a HARD WORKER. I am very comfortable with public speaking and passionate about social causes. I enjoy collaboration and can definitely bring ideas to the table.
Join our team!mimmim3dot@gmail.comWe are a team of 4 (so far), all developers (Front-End /Back-End/UI/UX), we are very excited and looking forward to have a greate project at the end! Please join our team if you think you can help us (We think we can grow our team to 8)..
Seeking fellow Collegiate Programmers & TeamatesHameed Abdul (Ham)
I am 19 and majority of my knowledge is in C-based languages such as C# and C++. Also Familar in (JavaScript and Visual Basic)

I spend nearly all of time programming using Unity 5, Visual Studios, and Github.

My knowledge with app and web development is limited but I am eager to learn!

Let me know if you're still looking for team mates.
Looking for Team matesDheeraj
We are team of 3 members and looking for 2 more who are good in Python, UI, javascript, html, css.
LFM or combine forcesRossross.ragsdale@gmail.comWe are a team of 2- Architect (Deloitte Digital) & Sr. Full-Stack Dev (Discover)
Looking for experienced UI/UX dev with Bootstrap, D3 experience, and presenter/speaker.
You can find us near the base of the section 102 stairway.
Looking for a team!Mikem@quantimo.doSome humans (or really smart monkeys).I've got a few years of experience with data science, PHP, AngularJS, MySQL, Ubuntu, AWS, Heroku, Cordova, and Ionic mobile development.Found a team!
Found a teamDig Vijay dy5kc@umkc.eduResearcher with front end, machine learning, data science programming skills. Python, Scala programmer. Won few hackathons before.
Join Our Team!Sean Hallssean.halls@gmail.comSeeking out those passionate about helping the homeless LGBTQ youth community. (Pro Division)I write code but could use a few others, especially in Python... looking for Angular2/Typescript or Angular1 is fine also... React also okay. Looking for coders or other business people, project managers, graphic designers, etc.. Please call at 801-971-7017
Looking to join a teamSidsstantia@gmail.comI'm an experienced Rails/JS/CSS full-stack dev looking for team
Looking for a Team!Juan
Looking for a team that needs User Experience designer for their project. Interested in working with Underdogs. Useablity is critical when it comes to a successful product. I am here to help. I love developing prototype mobile apps on at this moment. I've been taught and mentored by Dr. Nicholas Hayward from Loyola University working on my Masters of Science in Computer Science. Forgot to mention I like presenting.
This is my first hackathon ever my team backed out at the last minute. Just here to make the best of it. Hope to rub some prize money in their face.