Abolition Centered Care Provider Database - this is a collective resource of abolition-centered, non-carceral care providers (therapists, social workers, peer supporters, healers) that are dedicated to provding care outside of oppressive systems (i.e. law enforcement, forced hospitalization, the psychiatric industrial complex). Please share with anyone who might benefit from these resources. Please note this list is just a starting point to finding care, is non-exhaustive, if you have concerns about or have any questions/concerns about any provider in this database please email Dandelion@PeerSupportSpace.org. To add yourself to the database please visit tinyurl.com/AbolitionCare
Name PronounsType of Care? (ie Peer Support, Therapist)Where are you located?Do you offer care / support in person or virtually? (Or both) Website / Socials Anything about your lived experience and/or area of practice that you'd like to share? (i.e. Queer Peer Specialist, Korean-Identity Focused Therapist) How can you be contacted by someone needing support?Cost Information (rates, sliding scale, insurance etc.)
Addison Tuoheyshe/theyTherapistFor Real Therapy in Wicker Park, ChicagoVirtuallyhttps://www.forrealtherapy.com/ and https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/adie-tuohey-chicago-il/768823?preview=1&return_to=https%3A%2F%2Fmember.psychologytoday.com%2Fus%2Fhome&_ga=2.79597341.804272206.1623593747-33378231.1623593747 and https://www.therapyden.com/therapist/adie-tuohey-chicago-ilQueer Peer Specialist, Sexual Trauma Therapist, Specialty with Sex Workersadie@forrealtherapy.com or via PsychologyToday or TherapyDen!
agnieszka (aga) forfashe/herSomatics (Somatic Experiencing) Toronto, Ontario, Canada Virtually https://www.wherethebodyofwaterchanges.com/somatics/bodywork, trauma specific/informed, queer/trans, Mad/neurodivergence, commitment to anti-racist, anti-colonial & anti-capitalist practice, childhood migrant from soviet-occupied eastern europe aforfasomatics@gmail.com
Aiyanahe/she/theyPeer SupportUKVirtualwww.aiyanagoodfellow.com/121-peer-supportBlack, queer, neurodivergent. Supporting young people/youth in particular in navigating an ageist world. Also available to offer consulting to adults and parents around these topics. My practice of 121 peer support recognises systemic oppression as trauma and knows both the body and mind are affected by this, therefore I gravitate towards somatic support tools that can help us young people manage whilst we don’t have much agency and work towards eventual/continual liberation.See my website: www.aiyanagoodfellow.com/121-peer-support
Aleksa Kayeshe/theyCommunity HerbalistPrince Edward County, Ontario, CanadaBoth!@haleandhart, www.halehart.comTrauma-informed, Anti-ableist & Sex-positive HerbalistVia my IG, website, hi@halehart.com and +16138487552
Alexandra Axelxe/xem/xyrsTherapistNew JerseyVirtually, in the near future in personalexandraaxel.comQueer, agender therapist with focus on somatic therapyaaxel@ipgcounseling.com
Allyson Inez Ford She/herLicensed therapist (LPCC)California Virtual IG: @bodyjustice.therapist website: www.eatingdisorderocdtherapy.comI’m an eating disorder and ocd specialist with lived experience of both. I am also mixed race and have a passion for working with other mixed race folks.Website, psych today, therapy den, IG or email me at: allysonfordcounseling@gmail.com
Amanda FreyShe/theyTherapist NYCBoth Amandafreytherapy.comQueer identified, ENM/poly expertise, TGNC expertise (including providing support letters with one brief session), kink/BDSM expertiseInfo@amandafreytherapy.com
Amy Sigle They/themPeer support & art-based peer support Seattle, WA, USAVirtually (in person may be offered in the future)Website: amysiglepeersupport.com Instagram: @aspeersupportDisabled, autistic, queer, nonbinary, indigenous Latinx Jewish peer specialist. I specialize in art-based peer support. Email: asigle30@gmail.com or through my website
Ana Norellthey/themtherapy intern, energy workerChicagoboth@anew.breath.inqueer, non-binary, art therapist, somatic therapist, energy workeranew.breath.in@gmail.com
Andrea WatkinsShe/herSocial Work/Peer SupportDenver, COVirtualEmotio swells.comSubstance Use, Anger, Suicidal UrgesThrough my website
Angela Callaisshe/herTherapistMinneapolis, MNvirtualwww.thecourageoustruth.comI'm queer and fat. via my website
Angela Rockwell She/Her/They Therapist Portland, Oregon Virtually www.tacocatwellness.com @tacocatwellness @angela_rockwellnessTacocat Wellness is dedicated to providing a space that is inclusive and accessible - the practice and its affiliates are Anti-Racist, LGBTQIA+ affirming, Health at Every Size (HAES), Fat Positive, Sex Positive, and Disability Justice Oriented. This practice also supports harm reduction and safe use practices. This practice acknowledges the trauma associated with social constructs and institutions including but not limited to religion, academics, medical care and social services. In alignment with Tacocat’s mission to provide inclusive and accessible space for mental wellness, we are aligned with the values of abolition - to quote Eric A. Stanley, author of Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment & The Prison Industrial Complex, “abolition is about breaking down things that oppress and building up things that nourish. Abolition is the practice of transformation in the here and now and ever after.”

(I am) Angela Rockwell is the owner and primary practitioner of Tacocat Wellness. Angela is a cis gender, queer woman of color, who now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her partner and their two cats, Fitzgerald and Louise. Angela grew up in Southern California, as the oldest child of two blended families. In her childhood, she experienced interpersonal violence, poverty, and the inequity that exists within the judicial and social service systems. She has also worked through and continues to address her own experiences with disordered eating and anxiety. It is through her lived experiences that she came to understand the importance of and need for trauma-informed care. Angela works through a trauma-informed, relational, and intersectional lens, supporting people who are looking to better understand their mind-body connection as it relates to their lived experiences. During individualized therapeutic sessions, Angela assists clients to come into themselves and their bodies, providing each person with coping strategies, resources, and overtime, a deeper sense of the self. Angela strives to assist those who have had negative experiences with past providers or those who have found therapeutic/intervention services to be inaccessible or ineffective.
email: info@tacocatwellness.com >> Phone: 971-999-1324 (calls/texts) or online @tacocatwellness
Anna Goodhand they/themPsychotherapistNYCvirtually https://mytherapynyc.com/anna-goodhand/queer, trans non-binary, and disabled and anti-ableist therapist
Ariel Shapiroshe/theyTherapistBoston, MAVirtually (optional community-based)rootedwellnessboston.comWhite Queer Therapist, specializing with working with children and families; survived suicidal ideation / depression, sexual trauma, and family chronic illnesscan reach out to connect@rootedwellnessboston.com and request to speak with me <3
Ashley ZayasThey/sheTherapist and CoachingNew York StateVirtuallywww.bipocrestorativetherapylcsw.com IG: @bipocrestorativetherapylcswI'm Puerto Rican (1st and 2nd gen depending on the parent), Spanish speaking, Queer (Pansexual, Genderfluid), specializing in how systems of oppression are impacting us on the daily. Text or call me: 347.281.7841
Augustin Kendallhe/him/histherapyMinneapolisbothaugustinkendalltherapy.comWork with queer, trans, disabled, neurodivergent clients. White therapist with strong anti-racist lens.augustin@augustinkendalltherapy.com
Becca Newman, LLMSWShe/themTherapistMuskegon, MichiganIn personADHD, Trauma, Sexual violence, Overcoming toxic relationships (familial and romantic), radical self-acceptance, queer.3fatescreations@gmail.com
Bethany ThomasShe/herTherapistEagan, MNBothhttps://wildtreewellness.com/providers/bethany-thomas/I’m a queer identified therapistOur website or my email bethany@wildtreewellness.com
Brandon Roigerhe/himchaplaincy / spiritual careNew York, NYVirtually (for now)Instagram: @broigerWhite, agender, queer, agnostic, inter/multi-faith-focused (but have historically been in Christian traditions), lived experience with child abuse and trauma, rural Midwestern upbringingbroiger@gmail.com
Brittany Harlin
She/ Her/ Hers/ They/ Them
Somatic Healing and Mindfulness Facilitation Chicago and Los AngelesBothBrittanyHarlin.com @brittanyharlinQueer, Black, Decolonization of Body, Dance Movement Therapy, Ally Relations, international relationships, Social Emotional Learning, Cultural Competence for AlliesBrittany@EgunArtists.org
Cali Keatingshe/herTherapistAustin, TexasBothhttps://www.therapyaustin.com/counselor-list/cali-keatingMindfulness, loss and grief, anti-capitalist burnout recovery cali@therapyaustin.com, 512/201-4501, ext. 260
carly boycethey/themtherapisttoronto, ontario (dish with one spoon) virtually@tiny.lantern www.tinylantern.net genderqueer fat femme carly.boyce@gmail.com
Caroline BurekShe/her/sLicensed creative arts therapistBrooklyn NY Virtually or in public spaces outdoors Psychology today (gross but I have 0 website building ability) Queer dance/movement therapist, specializing in supporting “severe mental illnesses” outside of institutions Carolineburektherapy@gmail.com
Caroline Storer She/her/hers Therapist Philadelphia, PA (I can see any resident of OH or PA virtually) Virtually https://www.phillycouplesandsextherapy.com/carolineI am a fat, queer, leftist sex & relationship therapist. I specialize in helping individuals and couples navigate non-monogamy, kink, identity & sexuality, sexual trauma, anxiety, and depression. caroline@phillycouplesandsextherapy.com
Casey Gallagher She/they Therapist, peer support, provider supportProvidence, RI Virtually https://linktr.ee/CaseyAtLUNA; insta: @lunacommunitycare: https://linktr.ee/LunacommunitycareQueer; NB; Neurodivergent, AuDHD; Disability Justice; C-PTSDBest contact is email: lunacommunitycare@gmail or text: 401-484-1551
Cassie SawyerShe/herArt Therapist Minnesota Virtual www.roottocrownhealing.com @roottocrownhealingRace-based trauma therapist, trauma/EMDR, art therapy, grief & loss, boundaries Website
Catalyst Cooperative HealingTherapyHolyoke, MAvituallywww.catalystcooperativehealing.com info@catalystch.com
Celine Araujothey/themIntuitive HealerToronto, CanadaVirtuallyInsta: @meat.suit.oracleTrans + Queer Support; Spiritually-Based (non-denominational) Careemail: meatsuitoracle@protonmail.com; or instagram: @meat.suit.oracle
Chad Mosher They/them/theirs Therapist/Counseling Psychologist Tucson, AZ Both in person and virtually IG: Zulema_Wellbeing or Chad Mosher therapist; Facebook is Zulema Wellbeing Queer non-binary femme of trans experience, white, living in a mid-fat body Chadmosherphd@protonmail.com
Char CAShe/We Stress & Trauma Resilience, Nervous System Care, Resilience Toolkit, SE, Healing Cycles of Harm (STAR) New York, able to provide anywhere Both https://cominghomehealing.com/Nervous system care, repair, rehabituation. Acute and chronic trauma, intergenerational harm & hurt cycles, chronic illness and pain, high conflict zones, holding the harm-er, intersectional power and oppression, white-body freeze/rigidity, workplace (micro)aggressions, movement-based healing, systems approach, CRT, Whiteness https://cominghomehealing.com/contact-us or Charlotteazad@gmail.com
Cheryl Wolf She/theyEnd of life/grief support, pregnancy loss/abortion supportPortland, OregonBoth@deathandbread Queer, non-binary end of life doulaEmail at seajaywolf@gmail.com or Instagram @deathandbread
CHOOSE 180community support for young people at risk of legal system engagementKing County, WAbothhttps://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/Ivlfx9WAUzPUc-0xo9mR0g for community referrals, choose180.org, @ichoose180 on Facebook/instagram/twitterBIPOC mentors and counselorsfill out our community referral form (above and on our website under diversion workshops)
Chris Fikehe / himClinical Social Work / Therapist Saginaw, MIIn-person & virtual https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/chris-fike-saginaw-mi/785188Email: dcfike@mhacenter.com
Christina HarrisonShe/theyTherapist (LCSW)Unceded Tongva Lands (Los Angeles, CA)Virtuallynokdutherapy.com/christinaharrisonFirst-generation, queer, Filipinx-Jamaican American femme who grew up in a military familychristina@nokdutherapy.com
Christina Warden, LPCshe/herTherapistSt. Louis, MOVirtual onlyhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/christina-warden-brentwood-mo/390520Relational trauma and cult survivor specialistChristina@HeartMindTherapy.org
Christine Rushfeldt She, her, hersTherapist Saint Paul, MNBothQueer and living with a mental health disability christyrushfeldt@mncarepartner.com
Christine Stevraliashe/herPsycho-Spiritual Somatics (Core Energetics)Durham, North Carolina (from land belonging to the Occaneechi family)Both!@energetics.earth, https://energetics.earth Radical self-inquiry for individual and collective evolution.
Body-based psychotherapeutic practice.
Spiritual and emotional fitness to feel more alive, conscious and empowered. Trauma-informed: unblock defensive patterns adopted in childhood. Move the body to move the emotions, centering consciousness in the heart and the gut.
Specialty in Climate Grief and Climate Anxiety. Specialty in supporting artists and activists - mobilizing fear & outrage fatigue.
Queer, poly, former sex worker in a cis-gendered, white/jewish body.
christine@energetics.earth and text or call (484) 274-3726
Colin Takahashihe/theyTherapist (AMFT)Los Angeles, CAVirtually only for now, but generally also provide in-person support as wellwww.colintakahashi.comqueer, Korean-Japanese American therapist providing individual and partnership therapyvisit my website!
colleen kellyshe/hertherapistParis, Francebothwww.colleenkellymft.comsubstance usewebsite
Colleen LaddShe/theyTherapistDenver, ColoradoBothHomeagaintherapy.comQueer/gender queer therapistColleen@homeagaintherapy.com
Cristen BrossokShe/herTherapist (LCSW) providing individual, couples, group, and family therapy. I accept BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO, USHIP, and offer sliding scale. Chicago, ILBothhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/cristen-brossok-chicago-il/719930Queer woman, trauma survivor, sex positivecbrossokpivotco@gmail.com
Cristien Stormshe/herTherapistMy office is located on occupied Duwamish Territory, Coast Salish Territory otherwise known as Seattle, WashingtonBothhttps://www.cristienstorm.com www.ifyoudonttheywill.com www.teachhomealive.orgI inhabit a white cis gender mixed class female identified body

Things that inform my approach/framework: a lifelong dedication to being anti-capitalist and anti-fascist, my own history of trauma and abuse, community organizing and anti-violence work with artists and musicians, growing up as a punk rocker fighting racism and racists, decades of cultural organizing supporting communities fighting white nationalism and white nationalists social movement, writing, learning and engaging in somatic and embodied work, training and mentorship in somatic abolition, nature, all kinds of animals, the ocean, and fungi.
Cristina Farahshe~hertherapistWest Palm Beach FL USA on Seminole landBoth@glimmerwell on InstaSubstance users and recovery; psychedelics assisted therapies cfarah.msw@gmail.com
Danielle Levanas, LCAT, RDT/BCTShe, Her, HersRelationship Coach; Drama TherapistLos Angeles, CA; Licensed (LCAT) in NY Statevirtually at this timewww.daniellelevanas.comTrauma-informed, Queer-Allied Relationship Coachingdanielle.levanas.therapy@gmail.com
Deangie Davis, Psy.D She/her Therapist, psychologist Philadelphia Virtually (currently)@deangied , @bodyliberationpsychologistFat Black femme, caregiver, child of immigrantsDrdeangiedpsychology@gmail.com
Devan AdkinsShe/herTherapist(MSW)Roanoke, VABothPhoenixllc.org for employer info Trauma informed, LBGTQ+ and BIPOC validating, specializing in serious mental illness. Experience with ID/DD, personality disorders, LGBTQ+ issues, and trauma history.Visit agency website and call the Roanoke or Rocky Mount office to request my services.
Roanoke office: 540-685-4298
Diana Geronimo, LMFTShe/HerTherapistEugene, OregonBothWww.dianageronimo.comI provide SAFE EMDRTherapy@dianageronimo.com
Edin Denisonthey/themTherapistWashington State - VirtualVirtuallyhttps://foundationsfamilysupport.com/edindenisonhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/edin-a-denison/834519
El TarverThey/sheMidwifeOakland, CABoth Www.emunahmidwifery.comContact through website
Elena SledgeShe/herMental health therapist Winter Park, FLBoth!@awakentherapyco www.awakentherapyco.comPhone or email!
Eli MutinoThey/ThemMSW and peerMiami, FL and VermontBothIG @bemypeony and @generositygriddleTrauma informed. Psychiatric survivor. Trans and queer care. Phone or email 802-793-8984 oliverotic@riseup.net
Elim Proffitt-Alleethey/themTherapistPortland, ORVirtuallywww.beechtreecounseling.comQueer and trans therapistelim@beechtreecounseling.com
Elyse Vesser LCSWShe/they TherapistSt. Louis MOBoth elysevesser.com / thewildsocialworkerQueer therapist Elysevesserpsychotherapy@gmail.com
Emily Kindschyshe/theypeer support/radical embodiment coach (former trauma therapist)Rhode IslandVirtually for now, in person when it is safe.radicallyembodied.com, @radicallyembodied on Instagram, @bendyqueer on twitterQueer, neurodivergent and chronically ill former trauma therapist that had to leave the MH field due to blocks to providing abolitionist and social justice oriented care, often at the expense of my clients and also myself due to that system not accommodating my disability and neurodivergence.Via Instagram DM or email at em@radicallyembodied.com
Emily Martinshe/her/hersArt TherapistMontreal - PlateauBothemily-martin.caMy practice is LGBTQIA2+ affirmative, pro sex-worker, and grounded in cultural humility processart.therapy.em@gmail.com
Emily Weinrebe She/herpsychotherapist/LMSWBrooklyn Virtually for now https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/emily-julia-weinrebe-new-york-ny/701667I am queer and disability justice oriented. I aim for my practice to be anti-authoritarian and collaborative. Emily.weinrebe@resiliencelab.us
Emine Barkusthey/shetherapist/relationship counselorCambridge, MAzoom for nowemibarkus.comqueer, mixed, fat, disabled/chronically illemibarkus@gmail.com
Emma MattsonShe/theyPeer support Maryland, USA Virtual for now with some options for outdoor sessionsInstagram: emmancipationxSA survivor/ abusive relationship survivor, anti-capitalist Instagram or email: emmamattsonphoto@gmail.com
Erika NelsonShe/herTherapistWA & ORVirtual Portalismentalhealth.com @portalismentalhealthNeurodivergent/ chronic illness Email hello@portalismentalhealth.com
Ezra Pfeiferthey/themTherapistChicagoboth@friendscallmeezI am neurodivergent and disabled, sex work and kink connected, polyamory, monogamy and non-monogamy confident, harm reduction focused, active in decarceration in the field of social work and the nonprofit industrial complex and use varied levels of self disclosure of this depending on the clients I work with. I am currently employed at an LGBTQ+ community center's anti-violence project, and we provide no cost services for survivors of violence. avp@centeronhalsted.org epfeifer@centeronhalsted.org
Faith Ferbershe/her/hersTherapist (specializing in trauma and sex therapy)DC and MarylandBoth (office is in Bethesda, MD)https://weareharmonyholistic.com/meet-our-team/meet-faith-ferber/I specialize in working with people who have experienced trauma (especially sexual/domestic violence) and with queer, kinky, and ethically non-monogamous clients.Through the Harmony Holistic website or by emailing hello@weareharmonyholistic.com
Felix SimpsonThey/ThemTherapistAlbany, NYBothQueer, Trans, Mixed Race Filipino Therapist. I am queer/trans and anti racist focused. I believe in radical and liberation focused therapy. fsimpson@easterndoor.org
Freedomthey/themPeer SupportSo-called Oakland, CA; Unceded land of Ohlone peoples)Virtually@blackaudhd No cost support centering: queer, trans, nonbinary, mad, neurodivergent, and disabled folks who are Black, indigenous, or a part of the global majorityblackaudhd.com
Gabrielle Ishkanian Greenbergshe/herpeer support counselor, herbalistSebastopol, CA Both@gbrllgrnbrg, @northbaysolidariteaI am a queer + neurodivergent practitioner with lived experience of mental illness.Gabrielle.greenberg@gmail.com, or IG @gbrllgrnbrg
Gaby Librettishe/theyHarm Reduction, peer supportAustin, TexasIn-person & over the phoneharmreductiontx.org/@harmreductiontx on FB and InstagramHarm reduction for PWUD, queer and trans-affirming, anti-racistIn-person @ drop-in center or email at: glibretti@harmreductiontx.org
Gia Starkshe/herTherapist (LMFT, LPCC)San FranciscoI offer both in-person and virtual session. For in-person sessions, I am only invited folks into the office who are fully vaccinated.https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/gia-stark-san-francisco-ca/489140Social justice and trauma informed, former sex worker, grew up with an incarcerated parent Email: gia@giastarktherapy.com
Grace Frutos She/theySpeech therapist, early childhood education specialists NYCBothIg: @gracef7Focused on Neurodiverse black and brown children in under resourced communities Email: speech.with.grace7@gmail.com
grace stallingsthey/shetherapistolympia, wabothqueer therapistphone or email 6154281395
Grecya Vidal Zavalashe/her/hers/ellaTherapistCaliforniaprimarily through telehealth; limited in persongrecyavz.com (personal site); https://www.sankofatherapy.com/index.html (group practice site)I am a daca/peruvian/latinx/pansexual identified therapist contact info is on my personal website
Hailey Rae Ferguson She/herHarm reduction organization Direct/direct care provider for people who use drugs, unsheltered folks, people living with HIV, Hep C, and co-occurring disorders Tulsa OklahomaBoth Www.okhra.org , www.nextDistro.org/Oklahoma , IG: Oklahomahra Facebook: OKHRA , Tik Tok: weareokhra I am a person in recovery from substance use disorder who had Hep C. I’ve experienced couch homelessness, sexual assault, being institutionalized starting at age 13, and the loss of most of my family. I am queer, asexual, and I specialize in medical case management. I also specialize in Hep C and HIV care, health insurance coverage, and helping undocumented folks, poor folks, and unshelterd folks getting health insurance. Please contact me at okhra.haileyf@outlook.com
Han KoehleIt/TheyTherapist, Peer SupportCalifornia (can do peer support outside CA)VirtualHankoehle.comI’m nonbinary, trans, queer, Jewish, disabled and nonmonogamously partnered to some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known. I have lived experience in sex work, psych hospitalization, homelessness, and living with chronic suicidality. I am nonmonogamy, kink, and sex work affirming. I particularly love working with folks during gender transition, folks who are learning to more fully embody their values in relationships with others, folks navigating end of life needs for themselves and loved ones, and students. Han.Koehle@gmail.com
Hannah Jonesshe/herTherapist & Social WorkerChicago Bothhttps://pivotcollaborative.com/Areas of focus: trauma informed therapy with children, Lived experiences/identities: queer, multi-cultural upbringing, ex-fundamentalist, abolitionist hjonespivotco@gmail.com
Hannah Jonesshe/herTherapist Chicago, IL (I can virtually meet with anyone in Illinois)Bothhttps://pivotcollaborative.com/our-team/hannah-jones-msw/I am a queer woman who has lived experience navigating extreme religious/purity culture, growing up abroad, having a bi-cultural identity (Russian & American). I focus on intergenerational parent-child trauma. I have professional experience as a school social worker and teacher. I uphold the values of prison abolition and strive to practice anti-carceral mental health.Please email me hjonespivotco@gmail.com
Heather HoltShe/HerTherapistSaint Paul, MNBothwww.bravechoicesmn.comTrauma Therapist612.889.7517
Heather Holt, MSW, LICSWshe/herMental Health TherapistSaint Paul, MNBothwww.bravechoicesmn.comI work with a wide range of individuals and specifically help folks who have experienced trauma. I identify as a white cis-gender fat disabled woman. 612.889.7517, heather@bravechoicesmn.com
Heather Jacksonshe/her is fine - doesn't matter to meLicensed Mental Health CounselorProvidence, RIbothhttps://www.radicalacceptancecounselingri.com/ and I'm in insta: radicalmhcollectiverimental health issues (trauma, eating disorder, depression, anxiety), ASD. I have been arrested (baby daddy was in jail when my child was a baby - visited him twice a week) and has found that being a teen mom, single mom, queer, and poor - all of these impact my work!heather.jackson@radicalacceptancecounselingri.com 401-533-3966 - text my cell
Hector Andujar He/him Therapist Brooklyn Both Email
Jason Bowenthey/hePeer SupportNew York, NYVirtuallyI am a white queer nonbinary peer specialist with specific insight into healing from childhood trauma as well as moving with chronic suicidal ideation. The peer support work can involve conversations and listening, as well as safety planning (crisis planning, pod-mapping), or even somatic practices and breath work depending on a person's comfort level and needs.jasonbowen51@gmail.com
Jay LundyThey/themPeer support, trauma narrative writing support, tarotPortland OregonVirtually Risingunstuck.com and IG: risingunstuckQueer, nonbinary, autistic, CPTSD, sibling abuserisingunstuck@gmail.com
Jenn VigueThey/themSocial WorkerNew Orleans, LABothhttps://jennifer-vigue.clientsecure.me/Queer, nonbinary, trauma informed care therapistThrough my website
Jennie Wang-HallShe/herTherapist San Diego, California Both @dr.jenniewhAnti-carceral eating disorder therapistPhone- 573-356-6904 or email- jwhpsychotherapy@gmail.com
Jennifer León SalinasShe/Her/EllaTherapist (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist)Tongva Land - LABoth Counselingandtraumatherapy.com (website) / @mujeresxpsych (socials)Undocumented first generation Latina / focuses exploring trauma through a liberation and social justice lens You can visit the website and socials listed above. Thank you!
Jennifer Soutarshe/herPeer Support CounsellorToronto, Ontario, CanadaVirtual for now, in person to comeWebsite: www.crazylike.me, Instagram: @crazy.like.jenn I am a White settler on Turtle Island, lesbian cis-woman with able bodied privilege. I am a neurodivergent person who lives with traits of BPD, ADHD and have survived familial trauma, sexual trauma, and addiction. I work from an intersectional feminist approach and continue to be a lifelong learner in anti-racism and anti-oppression. Folks can book an intake through my website or reach out via email at crazylikejenn@gmail.com
Jessica She/herSchool Social worker, mindfulness meditation teacher and special educatorManhattan Virtual@blindjustice1 Abolitionist, legally blind, cancer survivor Email jess1189@aol.com
Jessica Lin SheLife, health, & business coach for BIWOC, particularly those who are artists and/or chronically ill like I am • Services: art therapy, talking & listening, journaling, yoga (includes meditation, breathwork, yoga poses, spirituality and more), peer support, guidance around mental health, body acceptance, intergenerational trauma, money mindset, imposter syndrome, children of immigrants, and more SoCal, USAVirtually & distanced, in-person if local (near Hermosa Beach)Www.Jessbeyondthebody.com • IG: jessbeyondthebody • Twitter: @jessbeyondbodyQueer, pansexual, polyamorous, child of immigrants (first to be born in the US), disabled/chronically ill, larger body (US sizes 12-14), Taiwanese Chinese American, 15+ years experience in holistic health (over 15 years in therapy as a client— DBT, CBT, & EMDR, over 15 years in yoga), licensed and certified yoga teachers specializing in decolonized, body inclusive yoga that goes beyond the physical body Jessbeyondthebody@gmail.com and/or website/Instagram DM
Jocelyn Andersonshe/theyTherapistFredericton, NB, Canada (Wolastoqiyik territory)Both@keenonbirds Queer, Abolitionist, Settler @keenonbirds on Instagram, Jocelyn@FamilyEnrichement.Ca
Jordan Lindsay They/them Coach Anishinaabe ancestral lands (Lansing, MI)Virtually IG: @twinofyourself Web: https://beyondwhitesupremacysupport.carrd.co/ White, queer, polyamorous, non binary, demisexual with chronic pain & illness - focused on supporting folks dismantling white supremacy culture & queer creatives making a social impact IG: @twinofyourself, email: jbrookecoaching@gmail.com
Josh KivlovitzHe/HimTherapistSalt Lake City, UTVirtual (in person options available again in August)wisemindbt.comQueer identifiedWebsite or josh@wisemindbt.com
K Barattini (Your Queer Peer)They/shePeer Counselor723 Hillary Street, New Orleans LABothInstagram— @yrqueerpeer Acuity— yrqueerpeer.as.meMy areas of passion are helping folks build their resources, identify their strengths, and collaborating on action plans. My practice is focused on providing spacious and affirming support for my LGBTQ peers.yrqueerpeer@gmail.com
Kai Werderthey/themSex Education Coach / Transformative Justice Practitioner and Support Coach / Safety and Care Planning Bulbancha lands also known as New Orleans, LA Virtually https://kaiwerder.com/ + https://www.instagram.com/kai.werder/Queer Peer Specialist / SA Survivor / Trans Non-binary Peer Specialistckaiwerder@gmail.com
Kaj BensonThey/themLicensed marriage and family therapist Boston, but I practice and am licensed in MNlicensed in MN and practice virtuallyEdgeswellness.comQueer and trans therapist specializing in working with queer and trans people/developmental/complex trauma/disabilities/neurodivergence/eating disordersKaj@edgeswellness.com
Kasie Holmesshe/theyLicensed Mental Health Counselor, HypnosisTampa, Florida Virtual-based only.www.radicalandrestorative.com Instagram: @radicalandrestorativetherapy Twitter: @radicaltherapyQueer person (gender & sexuality), Disabled person. Trauma-informed, humanistic, and integrative approach.Email at kasieholmes@radicalandrestorative.com; Via website contact form.
Kat Lopezthey/sheTucson, AZBoth (in person with covid safety precautions)www.katlopez.com / @princesa_kataSurvivor Centered, Polyamorous, First generation Queer Xicanx via my website or Instagram!
Kate O'Brien She/HerTherapistNew YorkVirtualKateOBrienlcat.com Insta: kateobrienlcatKateobrienlcat@gmail.com, 646-535-2350, through website
Katherine Santana She her hers Marriage and Family Therapy (currently in grad school) Los Angeles/ Long Beach Not yet N/a 7144068130 ksantana1992@gmail.com
Katherine ScholleShe/herTherapistPhiladelphia, PAVirtualwww.katherinescholle.comTrauma-informed, Harm Reductionist, specializing in substance use concerns and supporting survivors of trauma. Seek to operate from an anti-oppressive and anti-carceral lens. Individual and couples therapy. my website, or emailing katherine.scholle.lcsw@gmail.com
Katherine W. SmithShe/her/hersPsychotherapistBeverly Hills CAVirtual and in-person. TherapySmith.comFat & Disabled, LGBTQ+ affirmative, poly & kink aware. 323-943-1978 or therapysmithk@gmail.com
Kathryn Wildeshe/herTherapistAdelaide, South AustraliaBothkathrynwilde.com / @kathrynwildetherapyQueer, women and non-binary focused, trauma-focusedThrough my instagram or website