Abolition Centered Care Provider Database - this is a collective resource of abolition-centered, non-carceral care providers (therapists, social workers, peer supporters, healers) that are dedicated to providing care outside of oppressive systems (i.e. law enforcement, forced hospitalization, the psychiatric industrial complex). Please share with anyone who might benefit from these resources. Please note this list is just a starting point to finding care, is non-exhaustive, if you have concerns about or have any questions/concerns about any provider in this database please email ash.parker@thrivelifeline.org or Dandelion@PeerSupportSpace.org. To add yourself to the database please visit tinyurl.com/AbolitionCare
Name PronounsType of Care? (ie Peer Support, Therapist)Where are you located?Do you offer care / support in person or virtually? (Or both) Website / Socials Anything about your lived experience and/or area of practice that you'd like to share? (i.e. Queer Peer Specialist, Korean-Identity Focused Therapist) How can you be contacted by someone needing support?Cost Information (rates, sliding scale, insurance etc.)
Ad Kavalinthey/heTherapistRemote/Union SquareBothComing Soonadk.psychotherapy@gmail.comSliding Scale
Adam ScartozziHe/HimTherapistChicago, IL (I am licensed in WI, IL, IN, and FL)In-person (Chicago) and Virtually in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Floridawww.brightlightcounselingcenter.comI have a physical disability, I am in a power wheelchair. I am also an anarchist and generally cool person! I look forward to helping where I can!info@brightlightcounselingcenter.com or https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/adam-scartozzi-chicago-il/252219Aetna, BCBS, CIGNA/Evernorth, United Healthcare, Humana
Addison Tuoheyshe/theyTherapistFor Real Therapy in Wicker Park, ChicagoVirtuallyhttps://www.forrealtherapy.com/ and https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/adie-tuohey-chicago-il/768823?preview=1&return_to=https%3A%2F%2Fmember.psychologytoday.com%2Fus%2Fhome&_ga=2.79597341.804272206.1623593747-33378231.1623593747 and https://www.therapyden.com/therapist/adie-tuohey-chicago-ilQueer Peer Specialist, Sexual Trauma Therapist, Specialty with Sex Workersadie@forrealtherapy.com or via PsychologyToday or TherapyDen!
agnieszka (aga) forfashe/herSomatics (Somatic Experiencing) Toronto, Ontario, Canada Virtually https://www.wherethebodyofwaterchanges.com/somatics/bodywork, trauma specific/informed, queer/trans, Mad/neurodivergence, commitment to anti-racist, anti-colonial & anti-capitalist practice, childhood migrant from soviet-occupied eastern europe aforfasomatics@gmail.com
Aiyanahe/she/theyPeer SupportUKVirtualhttps://aiyanagoodfellow.com/Black, queer, neurodivergent. Supporting young people/youth in particular in navigating an ageist world. Also available to offer consulting to adults and parents around these topics. My practice of 121 peer support recognises systemic oppression as trauma and knows both the body and mind are affected by this, therefore I gravitate towards somatic support tools that can help us young people manage whilst we don’t have much agency and work towards eventual/continual liberation.See my website: https://aiyanagoodfellow.com/
Aleksa Kayeshe/theyCommunity HerbalistPrince Edward County, Ontario, CanadaBoth!@haleandhart, www.halehart.comTrauma-informed, Anti-ableist & Sex-positive HerbalistVia my IG, website, hi@halehart.com and +16138487552
Aleta ToureShe/her/they/them/mama/comradePeer support/ therapist/ mindfulness circles, etc.Bay Area, CABothhttps://insightla.org/teacher/aleta-toure/Queer, African Diaspora, Interfaith, Re-evaluating Counseling, Meditation Mindfulness, Ecstatic Healing Dance, Tai Chi, Black Trauma Anonymous Circlesaletaa@alum.mit.eduSliding scale and insurance
Alex RagsdaleanyTherapistChicagoBoth
I'm a white, chronically ill, fat, nonbinary lesbian. My practice focuses on supporting queer and trans people individually and in relationships.
alex@empoweredconnectionscounseling.comIn network with BCBS and United PPO, sliding scale as low as $25/session
Alexandra Axelxe/xem/xyrsTherapistNew JerseyVirtually, in the near future in personalexandraaxel.comQueer, agender therapist with focus on somatic therapyaaxel@ipgcounseling.com
Allyson Inez Ford She/herLicensed therapist (LPCC)California Virtual IG: @bodyjustice.therapist website: www.eatingdisorderocdtherapy.comI’m an eating disorder and ocd specialist with lived experience of both. I am also mixed race and have a passion for working with other mixed race folks.Website, psych today, therapy den, IG or email me at: allysonfordcounseling@gmail.com
Amanda FreyShe/theyTherapist NYCBoth Amandafreytherapy.comQueer identified, ENM/poly expertise, TGNC expertise (including providing support letters with one brief session), kink/BDSM expertiseInfo@amandafreytherapy.com
Amanda Tranthey/shePsychotherapistCaliforniaVirtualhttp://sunandspirittherapy.com, IG @sunandspirittherapyMultiply neurodivergent, queer (ace/panromantic), disabled, + non-binary Vietnamese therapistamanda@sunandspirittherapy.comPrivate pay, full rate $180/60 min, sliding scale available for QTBIPOC and self-pay students
Amar Husain She/Her/Hers Therapist New York City Virtually Muslim, Palestinian and Queer amarhusain@gmail.com
Amy Sigle They/themPeer support & art-based peer support Seattle, WA, USAVirtually (in person may be offered in the future)Website: amysiglepeersupport.com Instagram: @aspeersupportDisabled, autistic, queer, nonbinary, indigenous Latinx Jewish peer specialist. I specialize in art-based peer support. Email: asigle30@gmail.com or through my website
Ana Norellthey/themtherapy intern, energy workerChicagoboth@anew.breath.inqueer, non-binary, art therapist, somatic therapist, energy workeranew.breath.in@gmail.com
Andrea WatkinsShe/herSocial Work/Peer SupportDenver, COVirtualEmotionswells.comSubstance Use, Anger, Suicidal UrgesThrough my website
Angela Callaisshe/herTherapistMinneapolis, MNvirtualwww.thecourageoustruth.comI'm queer and fat. via my website
Angela Rockwell They/sheIntegrated somatic trauma therapist - divested from licensure/therapeutic coaching model Vancouver, WA - provide internationally Virtual only www.tacocatwellness.com (@Tacocatwellness)Tacocat wellness is dedicated to providing an anti-racist, LGBTQIA2S+ affirming, Fat Positive, Sex Positive, Disability & Neurodivergent affirming space for those seeking mental health support. This practice also supports harm reduction and safe-use methods.

Further, we acknowledge the trauma associated with social constructs and institutions including but not limited to religion, academics, medical care, and social services.

Primary practitioner (Angela Rockwell) is a BIPOC, queer, and neurodiverse person who has personal lived experience with childhood trauma, sexual trauma, as well as institutional/carceral trauma.
Email is preferred or through our scheduling links on our website/socials. Groups - sliding scale $10 to $50 *limited scholarships available*
1:1 - sliding scale $90 to $180 *limited partial and full scholarships available*

No insurance
FSA okay in some circumstances
Anna Goodhand they/themPsychotherapistNYCvirtually https://mytherapynyc.com/anna-goodhand/queer, trans non-binary, and disabled and anti-ableist therapist
Anna Nathansonshe/hertherapistNew York City/Washington DCvirtually/occasionally in-personwww.annanathanson.comwhite, sex-positive, pleasure-centered, anti-capitalist trauma therapist. interested in systems and processing all the shame and guilt that comes with them. connect well with ruminators and intellectualizers. anna@annanathanson.com/https://calendly.com/annanathanson/15minaccept United, Aetna insurance. full fee: $150; sliding scale available.
Annie Singthey/themSomatic CoachingSeattle, but meet virtually most often.Bothhttps://baobaosomatics.com/
they/them, child of Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants, gender fluid, occupying Duwamish and Coast Salish land (otherwise known as Seattle), neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, CPTSD), queer, disabled, body positive, sex positive, kink-friendly, ethically non-monogamous, sister, dog ma, friend
3 ways:

1.) schedule a free discovery call at https://baobaosomatics.com/book-appointment
2.) contact form on my website https://baobaosomatics.com
3.) email at baobaosomatics@gmail.com
Sliding scale for BIPOC people. $200 per session sponsorship rate for fully white-bodied clients. I do not work with insurance.
Antoinette Eldemireshe, her, hersTherapist, Executive Functioning CoachChicago, ILBothwww.onelovestudio.org
As a Queer, Black, First-generation Jamaican- American, cis-gendered, psychotherapist, my work is strongly informed by relational-cultural, feminist, narrative theories with a embodied trauma-informed approach to provide care from a harm reduction and social justice lens. Using art therapy as a way to externalize oppression, call out injustice, and promote the healing process. Being equally versed in talk, art, and psychedelic- assisted therapy, my approach is collaborative and multifaceted. I incorporate these methods, as appropriate, working with you to provide a positive outlet for creative expression.
https://onelovestudio.clientsecure.me$135 - $185, and out of network reimbursement options
Anushah Jiwanishe/theyCoach Albuquerque Virtualmorningangelcoaching.org Queer South Asian Somatic Coachjiwanianushah@gmail.comSliding scale and low cost available
Ariel Shapiroshe/theyTherapistBoston, MAVirtually (optional community-based)rootedwellnessboston.comWhite Queer Therapist, specializing with working with children and families; survived suicidal ideation / depression, sexual trauma, and family chronic illnesscan reach out to connect@rootedwellnessboston.com and request to speak with me <3
Arrowhe / theytherapist in training / peer supportvirtual / chicagobothwhite, neurodivergent, mad, trans, poly, witchy, wingnut, against the nightmarefairiesneverdie@protonmail.comfree or barter
ash lunathey/themTherapist (Social Worker, Coach, Consultant) Evanston, ILBothashluna.comQueer, AuDHD, Trans/Non-binary human, therapist, and parent. Specialties in working with queer/trans youth and adolescents + their families, disabled and neurodivergent adults, trauma, LGBTQ+ perinatal, and somatic healing. helloashluna@gmail.comEquitable pricing model. BCBS PPO, Sliding scale, pro-bono
Asha Gozzelinze/zirPeer Support, Somatic Therapist in training (MSW)Rochester, NYvirtuallyInsta: Sacred_Sadhana_I'm a White Trans* Nonbinary person with a chronic illness and some neurodiversity. I have lived experience of suicidality, substance abuse, homelessness and sexual violence. I focus my practice on working with White allistic folks, especially within the Queer community, with life transitions, identity exploration and unpacking dominant culture norms. I enjoy offering ritual and somatic practices. 585-698-6257sliding scale with $70 per hour as a reference point
Ashley ZayasThey/sheTherapist and CoachingNew York StateVirtuallywww.bipocrestorativetherapylcsw.com IG: @bipocrestorativetherapylcswI'm Puerto Rican (1st and 2nd gen depending on the parent), Spanish speaking, Queer (Pansexual, Genderfluid), specializing in how systems of oppression are impacting us on the daily. Text or call me: 347.281.7841
Augustin Kendallhe/him/histherapyMinneapolisbothaugustinkendalltherapy.comWork with queer, trans, disabled, neurodivergent clients. White therapist with strong anti-racist lens.augustin@augustinkendalltherapy.com
Ayesha KhanAnyAbolitionist Trauma & Mental Health Care Provider, Clinician, Decolonized Medicine Practitioner, Nashville, TN, USABothwww.Ayesha-khan.com // IG: @wokescientist // wokescientist.substack.com• Addressing trauma, physical health, mental health & relationship problems thru a political/ decolonized/ collectivist lens
• Unlearning and coping with capitalism/ colonialism with a Macro to Micro approach (trace the political/ systemic roots of your distress, health issues, pain & devise community-care based solutions)
• Understand relational patterns & microdose on change to create sustainable long-term solutions
• Praxis: apply abolitionist values to your daily life and relationships
• Transformative Justice Practitioner
• Relationship Anarchy Guide

Email: ayeshakhan0993@gmail.comSliding scale (more info: www.ayesha-khan.com)
B SnoglesThey/themSex therapist-individual and couplesMichiganVirtuallyWww.rootedinchangetherapy.comI'm queer non binary kinky and neurodivergant and work with a lot of lgbtq+, non monogamous, sex workers, in relationships and as individuals
B@rootedinchangetherapy.com100-275 and offer sliding scale
Becca Newman, LLMSWShe/themTherapistMuskegon, MichiganIn personADHD, Trauma, Sexual violence, Overcoming toxic relationships (familial and romantic), radical self-acceptance, queer.3fatescreations@gmail.com
Bethany ThomasThey/themTherapist and CoachingEagan, MNBothhttps://therebeltherapist.com/I’m a queer identified therapistWebsite or email bethany@therebeltherapist.com
Body RebornPeer SupportUSA, Canada, and MexicoVirtualwww.bodyreborn.orgOur founding community /advisors consist of BIPOC queer, disabled, fat, and neurodivergent folks. This group consists of licensed therapists, body liberation advocates, and community healers.Instagram: @bodyreborn Free
Brandon Roigerhe/theychaplaincy / spiritual careNew York, NYVirtually (for now)Instagram: @brandonroigerWhite, agender, queer, agnostic, inter/multi-faith-focused (but have historically been in Christian traditions), lived experience with child abuse and trauma, rural Midwestern upbringingbroiger@gmail.com
Brianne BrathwaiteShe/HerEating Disorder Dietitian NY and CTVirtually www.eatforsuccess.com @e.a.tforsuccess -insta BIPOC/Neurodivergent provider who uses a gender affirming model for care. Email: brianne@eatforsuccess.com or call/text: 475-441-6086regular rate $200, sliding scale $60, insurance OON benefits 60-100% reimbursement
Brittany HarlinShe/ Her/ Hers/ They/ ThemSomatic Healing and Mindfulness Facilitation Chicago and Los AngelesBothBrittanyHarlin.com @brittanyharlinQueer, Black, Decolonization of Body, Dance Movement Therapy, Ally Relations, international relationships, Social Emotional Learning, Cultural Competence for AlliesBrittany@EgunArtists.org
Brooke Blankenshipthey/themTherapistChicago, IL (can see anyone in Illinois virtually)Both!https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/brooke-blankenship-chicago-il/1053625Native-Identity Focused Therapist, Psychotic spectrum focused, focus on Cluster B personality disorders and symptoms that the system largely deems as “acute” i.e. chronic suicidality, self-harm, psychosis, etc. with heavy focus on anti-cop and safety planning/community supportemail, phone/text: bblankenship@balanced-awakening.com / 630-277-9210BCBS, Aetna, sliding scale
Cait SarazinShe/Her Trauma Informed Coach, Somatic Trauma Therapist Williamsburg, MAVirtually soloandkicking.com @soloandkicking on all platforms Queer, cis-gender woman. Trauma-informed coaching, somatic trauma therapy including parts work and somatic experiencing. soloandkicking@gmail.com$130-$180, sliding scale $50-$100
Cali Keatingshe/herTherapistAustin, TexasBothhttps://www.callisonkeatinglcsw.com/contactMindfulness, loss and grief, anti-capitalist burnout recoverywebsite, https://www.callisonkeatinglcsw.com/
carly boycethey/themtherapisttoronto, ontario (dish with one spoon) virtually@tiny.lantern www.tinylantern.net genderqueer fat femme carly.boyce@gmail.com
Caroline BurekShe/her/sLicensed creative arts therapistBrooklyn NY Virtually or in public spaces outdoors Psychology today (gross but I have 0 website building ability) Queer dance/movement therapist, specializing in supporting “severe mental illnesses” outside of institutions Carolineburektherapy@gmail.com
Caroline PegramShe/theySomatic TherapistUtah + North CarolinaBothwww.topazhealing.com / IG @topaz.healingQueer, healing from complex trauma, history with chaotic substance use, restrictive relationship with body and nourishment, raised southern Appalachian, survivor of DVemail info@topazhealing.com or visit my websiteSliding scale, out of network.
Casey GallagherThey/themTherapist, peer support, provider supportProvidence, RIVirtuallyinsta: @lunacommunitycare: https://linktr.ee/LunacommunitycareQueer; NB; Neurodivergent, AuDHD; Disability Justice; C-PTSDlunacommunitycare@gmail
Casey Kaiserthey/sheTherapistSpring, TexasBoth in person and virtual throughout Texashttps://www.mtspringcounseling.com/mindfultransformationsQueer affirming, sex positive, trauma informed practice. Lived experience experience as a queer non-binary person. Using an eclectic approach that focuses on the holistic picture of the individual, family, and larger community. Text/call 936-304-1018 (my work phone) to discuss availability for appointments. Or email casey@mtspringcounseling.comself pay - $140, sliding scale available
Cassie SawyerShe/herArt Therapist Minnesota Virtual www.roottocrownhealing.com @roottocrownhealingRace-based trauma therapist, trauma/EMDR, art therapy, grief & loss, boundaries Website
Catalyst Cooperative HealingTherapyHolyoke, MAvituallywww.catalystcooperativehealing.com info@catalystch.com
Celine Araujothey/themIntuitive HealerToronto, CanadaVirtuallyInsta: @meat.suit.oracleTrans + Queer Support; Spiritually-Based (non-denominational) Careemail: meatsuitoracle@protonmail.com; or instagram: @meat.suit.oracle
Char CAShe/We Stress & Trauma Resilience, Nervous System Care, Resilience Toolkit, SE, Healing Cycles of Harm (STAR) New York, able to provide anywhere Both https://cominghomehealing.com/Nervous system care, repair, rehabituation. Acute and chronic trauma, intergenerational harm & hurt cycles, chronic illness and pain, high conflict zones, holding the harm-er, intersectional power and oppression, white-body freeze/rigidity, workplace (micro)aggressions, movement-based healing, systems approach, CRT, Whiteness https://cominghomehealing.com/contact-us or Charlotteazad@gmail.com
Chelsea Dalton Pederson, LMSWSheTherapistMontgomery County, or North Houston, TexasBothwww.chelsea-dalton.meChaotic Drug User: Psychedelics now, but chaotically used Stimulants and Heroin. Depression; Neurodivergent; Anxiety; Physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse;www.chelsea-dalton.meWorking on establishing sliding scales (business is not my own), $100/hr, Blue Cross Blue Shield & Beacon insurance coverage
Chelsea Deklotzshe/herTherapistMinneapolis, MinnesotaVirtuallywww.chelsead.comSocial justice, multicultural, and trauma informed psychodynamic therapist with a focus on queer and interracial individuals, couples, and families.chelseadtherapy@gmail.com$175/session, sliding scale available, out-of-network with insurance
Cheryl Wolf She/theyEnd of life/grief support, pregnancy loss/abortion supportPortland, OregonBoth@deathandbread Queer, non-binary end of life doulaEmail at seajaywolf@gmail.com or Instagram @deathandbread
CHOOSE 180 peer support, counseling, art therapy, gun violence prevention group programmingKing County, WAbothchoose180.orgour team is largely impacted by incarceration and over policinginfo@choose180.orgfree
Chris Fikehe / himClinical Social Work / TherapistSaginaw, MIIn-person & virtualhttps://mhacenter.com/chris-fike-infoEmail: dcfike@mhacenter.com
Christina Warden, LPCshe/herTherapistSt. Louis, MOVirtual onlyhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/christina-warden-brentwood-mo/390520Relational trauma and cult survivor specialistChristina@HeartMindTherapy.org
Christine Stevraliashe/herPsycho-Spiritual Somatics (Core Energetics)Durham, North Carolina (from land belonging to the Occaneechi family)Both!https://www.sacredenergysomatics.com/, @sacredenergysomaticsRadical self-inquiry for individual and collective evolution.
Body-based psychotherapeutic practice.
Spiritual and emotional fitness to feel more alive, conscious and empowered. Trauma-informed: unblock defensive patterns adopted in childhood. Move the body to move the emotions, centering consciousness in the heart and the gut.
Specialty in Climate Grief and Climate Anxiety. Specialty in supporting artists and activists - mobilizing fear & outrage fatigue.
Queer, poly, former sex worker in a cis-gendered, white/jewish body.
Email: christine@sacredenergysomatics.com, text or call (484) 274-3726
Christy RushfeldtShe, her, hersTherapistSaint Paul, MNBothhttps://rainbowhealth.org/mental-health-services/therapy/our-therapists/christy-rushfeldt/Queer and living with a mental health disabilitychristy.rushfeldt@rainbowhealth.org
Colin Takahashihe/theyTherapist (AMFT)Los Angeles, CAVirtually only for now, but generally also provide in-person support as wellwww.colintakahashi.comqueer, Korean-Japanese American therapist providing individual and partnership therapyvisit my website!
colleen kellyshe/hertherapistParis, Francebothwww.colleenkellymft.comsubstance usewebsite
Cristen BrossokShe/herTherapist (LCSW) providing individual, couples, group, and family therapy. I accept BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO, USHIP, and offer sliding scale. Chicago, ILvirtualhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/cristen-brossok-chicago-il/1070107Queer woman, trauma survivor, sex positivecristenbrossok.lcsw@gmail.com
Cristien Stormshe/herTherapistMy office is located on occupied Duwamish Territory, Coast Salish Territory otherwise known as Seattle, WashingtonBothhttps://www.cristienstorm.com www.ifyoudonttheywill.com www.teachhomealive.orgI inhabit a white cis gender mixed class female identified body

Things that inform my approach/framework: a lifelong dedication to being anti-capitalist and anti-fascist, my own history of trauma and abuse, community organizing and anti-violence work with artists and musicians, growing up as a punk rocker fighting racism and racists, decades of cultural organizing supporting communities fighting white nationalism and white nationalists social movement, writing, learning and engaging in somatic and embodied work, training and mentorship in somatic abolition, nature, all kinds of animals, the ocean, and fungi.
Cristina Farahshe~hertherapistWest Palm Beach FL USA on Seminole landBoth@kiwizzieel on InstaSubstance users and recovery; psychedelics assisted therapiesCfarah.lcsw@gmail.com
Danielle Aubin, LCSWShe/her/hersTherapistaccepting clients in AR, CA, FL, and MNVirtual onlymyautistictherapist.com/ (@myautistictherapist)Neurodivergent therapist, Ace (LGBTQ)Via my website or email (danielle@danielleaubin.com) or phone 415-706-4235
Danielle Levanas, LCAT, RDT/BCTShe, Her, HersRelationship Coach; Drama TherapistLos Angeles, CA; Licensed (LCAT) in NY Statevirtually at this timewww.daniellelevanas.comTrauma-informed, Queer-Allied Relationship Coachingdanielle.levanas.therapy@gmail.com
Deangie Davis, Psy.D She/her Therapist, psychologist Philadelphia Virtually (currently)@deangied , @bodyliberationpsychologistFat Black femme, caregiver, child of immigrantsDrdeangiedpsychology@gmail.com
Dese’Rae Stageshe/her/hersTherapistPhiladelphia, PABothhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/deserae-l-stage-philadelphia-pa/979790Queer therapist with lived experience of suicidality and self-injurydes@deseraestage.com$125/hr private pay, sliding scale, insurance
Desirée Israel, PhD(c)she/her/hersTherapist, Social Worker, Doula, Lactation, HerbalistMilwaukee, WI (licensed in DC, MD, VA) Virtualwww.motherlandco.com; instagram.com/becomingdrisrael; instagram.com/motherlandcoBlack-Queer-Femme-Cis Liberation Focused Therapist; Reproductive Justice Advocatedesiree@motherlandco.com; motherlandco.comSliding scale and most insurances
Devan AdkinsShe/herTherapist(MSW)Roanoke, VABothPhoenixllc.org for employer info Trauma informed, LBGTQ+ and BIPOC validating, specializing in serious mental illness. Experience with ID/DD, personality disorders, LGBTQ+ issues, and trauma history.Visit agency website and call the Roanoke or Rocky Mount office to request my services.
Roanoke office: 540-685-4298
Diana Geronimo, LMFTShe/HerTherapistEugene, OregonBothWww.dianageronimo.comI provide SAFE EMDRTherapy@dianageronimo.com
Dina Bdaiwishe/her/hers
AMFT & APCC Therapist in CA and Coach (outside of CA)
Irvine, CA
virtually or walking therapy in Irvine
hellagoodtherapy.com/dina , https://www.copehousecollective.com/clinicians , @helpsendtherapy
Queer Neurodivergent Woman of Color, I am mixed Arab (Syrian) and Latine (Mexican); I support Queer and Trans , BIPOC , mixed, neurodivergent, and teens/young adults. I mostly work with disordered eating, body image, EMDR T/trauma, and identity concerns.
dina@hellagoodtherapy.com , dina@copehousecollective.com , text me: 619-631-5549 and 949-385-3734
$125-175, some insurance: Aetna, Anthem, Cencal, Oscar Health, United Healthcare, Oxford, Optum
Dominic MicalizziHe/himLMSW/Psychotherapist under supervision of LCSWRBinghamton, NYBothI’ve spent years organizing for social, racial, queer and drug-user justice in the Southern Tier of NY area alongside both grassroots radical and nonprofit orgs. I currently sit on the regional Board of Citizen Action of NY. Harm reduction, anti-oppressive, and LGBTQIA+ affirmative care are a cornerstone and priority of my practice as a therapist. 607.444.2807$40-50 Per session. Currently I cannot accept any insurances.
Eden Katzthey/them/EdenTherapistNYCVirtuallywww.edenkatz.comLGBTQ+ and TGNCNB Centered TherapistEmail me at edenkatz.therapy@gmail.com or via my websiteSliding scale based on social location and income, range is from $50-$150.
Edin Denisonthey/themTherapistWashington State - VirtualVirtuallyhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/edin-a-denison/834519
El TarverThey/sheMidwifeOakland, CABoth Www.emunahmidwifery.comContact through website
ElizaThey/ShePeer Support/Healing (Movement/Meditation)San Diego, CABothwebsite: mariposxhealing.com Instagram:mariposxhealing TikTok:mariposxhealingQueer, Non-binary, Reconnecting Native, First-Gen Immigrant, Mexican, Peer Support, Movement and Meditation Facilitatoremail: mariposxhealing@gmail.com or submit a session request through my website: https://www.mariposxhealing.com/services-1$44-$111 per session (no one is turned away due to lack of funds)
Elizabeth SeitelShe/herTherapistPhiladelphiaVirtuallyhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/lizzy-seitel-philadelphia-pa/974335I work mostly with queer folks who have experienced trauma.Through psychology today or 267-277-2621Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Sliding scale
Elyse Vesser LCSWShe/they TherapistSt. Louis MOBoth elysevesser.comQueer therapist Elysevesserpsychotherapy@gmail.com
Em Harschshe/theyTherapistIowaTelehealth onlyhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/emily-harsch-cedar-rapids-ia/1141027Queer with 7+ years working in community settings, trans-affirming, white, atheistSend email or call to number listed on: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/emily-harsch-cedar-rapids-ia/1141027Amerigroup
BlueCross and BlueShield
Iowa Total Care
Molina Healthcare
Private Pay
UnitedHealthcare UHC | UBH
Emily “Max” LammThey/she/heTherapistVirginia/MarylandBoth@counselormax on Instagram, https://www.wbma.cc/max-lammI am queer (gender and sexuality) and autistic@counselormax on Instagram or mlamm@wbma.cc$250 at Washington Behavioral Medicine Associates
Emily Lorinthey/themtrauma & gender therapistSoutheast CTMostly virtually / offer groups & communal care virtually & in person@thesensualtherapist, www.rosepsychotherapy.org, @rosepsychotherapy (on IG and FaceBook)Trauma & EMDR therapist, Queer Peer Specialist, Christianity/Religious Recovery www.rosepsychotherapy.orgAccept, CT medicare/Husky, Aetna, BCBS, Magellan, Cigna, and offer sliding scale
Emily Martinshe/her/hersArt TherapistMontreal - PlateauBothemily-martin.caMy practice is LGBTQIA2+ affirmative, pro sex-worker, and grounded in cultural humility processart.therapy.em@gmail.com
Emily Nashshe/theyLicensed Social Worker & TherapistAustin, TXBoth
IG and TikTok @invisible_steel https://www.movingpartspsychotherapy.com/emily-nash-lmsw
I’m a non-binary Honduran-American social worker and therapist. My niche is chronic childhood trauma, often diagnosed as C-PTSD. My passion population is women/ non-men of color navigating childhood trauma, intergenerational trauma, and the trauma of surviving systemic oppression as a marginalized person.
emily@movingpartspsychotherapy.com$130 for 50-minutes; full on sliding scale at this time
Emine Barkusthey/shetherapist/relationship counselorCambridge, MAzoom for nowemibarkus.comqueer, mixed, fat, disabled/chronically illemibarkus@gmail.com
Emma MattsonShe/theyPeer support Maryland, USA Virtual for now with some options for outdoor sessionsInstagram: emmancipationxSA survivor/ abusive relationship survivor, anti-capitalist Instagram or email: emmamattsonphoto@gmail.com
Erika NelsonShe/herTherapistWA & ORVirtualwww.portalwellnesscollective.com @portalwellnesscollectiveNeurodivergent/ chronic illnessEmail hello@portalismentalhealth.com
Erin CressyShe/theyTherapist (LCSWA)
North Carolina (telehealth or in-person in Durham)
BothFocus on queer relationships, grief and loss
Booking portal at www.radicalhealing.us; my name can be specifically requested if desired, but other abolitionist providers and peer groups are also available.
Sliding scale available, insurance through BCBS and Aetna
Ezra Pfeiferthey/themTherapistChicagoboth@friendscallmeezI am neurodivergent and disabled, sex work and kink connected, polyamory, monogamy and non-monogamy confident, harm reduction focused, active in decarceration in the field of social work and the nonprofit industrial complex and use varied levels of self disclosure of this depending on the clients I work with. I am currently employed at an LGBTQ+ community center's anti-violence project, and we provide no cost services for survivors of violence. avp@centeronhalsted.org epfeifer@centeronhalsted.org
Faith Ferbershe/her/hersTherapist (specializing in trauma and sex therapy)DC and MarylandBoth (office is in Bethesda, MD)https://www.vivapartnership.com/our-clinicians/faith-ferber-lmsw-lgsw-msw/I specialize in working with people who have experienced trauma (especially sexual/domestic violence) and with queer, kinky, and ethically non-monogamous clients.Through the Viva Partnership website or by emailing marygrace@vivapartnership.com
Felix SimpsonThey/ThemTherapistAlbany, NYBothhttps://maverickpsychotherapygroup.com/felix-simpsonQueer, Trans, Mixed Race Filipino Therapist. I am queer/trans and anti racist focused. I believe in radical and liberation focused therapy.through website
Finnthey/themTherapist (M.Ed in Counseling)Pennsylvania and ConnecticutVirtuallyhttps://radicalandrooted.com/I am a trans nonbinary, queer, fat, autistic, disabled, Jewish-ish, Quaker-ish therapist. I work extra well with nerdy, goofy, and/or quirky humans (and especially artists).https://radicalandrooted.com/contact130/session (some sliding scale spots)
Gabrielle Ishkanian Greenbergshe/herpeer support counselor, herbalistSebastopol, CA Both@gbrllgrnbrg, @northbaysolidariteaI am a queer + neurodivergent practitioner with lived experience of mental illness.Gabrielle.greenberg@gmail.com, or IG @gbrllgrnbrg
Gaby Librettishe/theyHarm Reduction, peer supportAustin, TexasIn-person & over the phoneharmreductiontx.org/@harmreductiontx on FB and InstagramHarm reduction for PWUD, queer and trans-affirming, anti-racistIn-person @ drop-in center or email at: glibretti@harmreductiontx.org
Galina Woodthey/themMental Health TherapistOmaha, NEBothqueer & trans teens and adultsg.wood@omahaic.cominsurance, sliding scale
Gia Starkshe/herTherapist (LMFT, LPCC)San FranciscoI offer both in-person and virtual session. For in-person sessions, I am only invited folks into the office who are fully boosted.https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/gia-stark-san-francisco-ca/489140Social justice and trauma informed, former sex worker, grew up with an incarcerated parent Email: gia@giastarktherapy.com
Grace Frutos She/theySpeech therapist, early childhood education specialists NYCBothIg: @gracef7Focused on Neurodiverse black and brown children in under resourced communities Email: speech.with.grace7@gmail.com
grace stallingsthey/shetherapistolympia, wabothqueer therapistphone or email 6154281395
Grecya Vidal Zavalashe/her/hers/ellaTherapistCaliforniaprimarily through telehealth; limited in persongrecyavz.com (personal site); https://www.sankofatherapy.com/index.html (group practice site)I am a daca/peruvian/latinx/pansexual identified therapist contact info is on my personal website
Hailey Rae Ferguson She/herHarm reduction organization Direct/direct care provider for people who use drugs, unsheltered folks, people living with HIV, Hep C, and co-occurring disorders Tulsa OklahomaBoth Www.okhra.org , www.nextDistro.org/Oklahoma , IG: Oklahomahra Facebook: OKHRA , Tik Tok: weareokhra I am a person in recovery from substance use disorder who had Hep C. I’ve experienced couch homelessness, sexual assault, being institutionalized starting at age 13, and the loss of most of my family. I am queer, asexual, and I specialize in medical case management. I also specialize in Hep C and HIV care, health insurance coverage, and helping undocumented folks, poor folks, and unshelterd folks getting health insurance. Please contact me at okhra.haileyf@outlook.com