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NameLevel 1Level 2LocationDescriptionLink
Disc Golf Courses in Austin TexasCultureSportsAustin, Texas, USAA map of disc golf courses in Austin.
Austin Music MapCultureMusicAustin, Texas, USAThe Austin Music Map is a crowdsourced map of secret, wonderful music to be found in Austin.
Arts Council CultureArtBrazos Valley, Texas, USALocation of public art in the Brazos Valley
World Heritage ListCultureHistoryGlobalExplore 981 natural and cultural world heritage sites.
European Protected SitesCultureConservationEuropeThe map shows an overview of protected sites in Europe, including Natura 2000 sites and nationally designated areas (CDDA).
Freshy Map: Fresh snow fallCultureSportsGlobalFreshy Map aggregates a bucket load of real-time data and presents it in an easy-to-understand interface that will get you out the door and on the snow faster than you can say “powder day!”
Austin AtlasCultureArtAustin, Texas, USAA collection of maps about Austin, TX including street art, urban oddities, and more.
David Rumsey Map CollectionCultureHistoryDigital"The historical map collection has over 47,000 maps and images online. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century North American and South American maps and other cartographic materials. Historic maps of the World, Europe, Asia, and Africa are also represented."
Mapping the Republic of LettersCultureHistoryDigitalBefore email, faculty meetings, international colloquia, and professional associations, the world of scholarship relied on its own networks: networks of correspondence that stretched across countries and continents; the social networks created by scientific academies; and the physical networks brought about by travel. These networks were the lifelines of learning, from the age of Erasmus to the age of Franklin. They facilitated the dissemination and the criticism of ideas, the spread of political news, as well as the circulation of people and objects.
Eat your way around the worldCultureFoodGlobal
Street Art StoriesCultureArtExplore the stories behind street around the world.
Drinking Water Fountain App InfrastructurePublic resourcesGlobalThirsty? Find the nearest drinking water fountain around you using this mobile application. Includes NYC, Zurich, Rome, Paris, Madrid and more.
Red Swing ProjectInfrastructurePublic spacesGlobalThey install red swings all over the world to encourage play
WeTap AppInfrastructurePublic resourcesGlobal“Where have all our drinking water fountains gone? They have been disappearing, one by one, from our public spaces, parks and offices. The WeTap app draws on the world's largest database of drinking water sources, enabling you to find the nearest drinking fountains, map new ones, and to report broken fountains so they can be fixed.”
The Great British Public Toilet MapInfrastructurePublic resourcesGreat BritainPublic toilets where you live: find them with our interactive map. If you're out and about and in need of a loo, where are you least likely to find one? This map was built as part of the TACT3 project whose goal it is to reduce the impact of continence problems for older people. Toilets in cafés, shops, pubs and restaurants are only shown if they're part of a council's Community Toilet Scheme.
NYC Clean Heat InfrastructureEnergyNew York City, NY, USAFind out which buildings in NYC use clean or dirty energy.
New York City mapInfrastructurePublic resourcesNew York City, NY, USALayers and layers of public services, cultural landmarks, public cultural sites, transportation and more.
Street SeatsInfrastructurePublic resourcesNew York City, NY, USAAn open source project documenting the wide variety of creative and informal seats, benches, and urban perches gifted by New York City’s small businesses, advocacy organizations, and everyday neighborhood caretakers.91
South Bend Public Green SpacesInfrastructurePublic spacesSouth Bend, Indiana, USACrowdsourced map of green spaces using public data from South Bend, Indiana.
Public Radio MapInfrastructureCommunicationUnited States & CanadaThis map shows all public radio channels in the US and Canada and their broadcast area.
Amtrak and bus routes (U.S.)InfrastructureTransportationUnited States & CanadaAmtrak and bus routes in the US and Canada
Access Across America: Transit 2014: Accessibility MapsInfrastructureTransportationUnited StatesThe following maps show summary accessibility data and maps for each of the 46 metropolitan areas included in the study. The maps show 30-minute accessibility values at the Census block level. Lighter colors indicate few jobs can be reached within 30 minutes; darker colors indicate more jobs can be reached within 30 minutes.
EV Charger MapInfrastructureTransportationCalifornia, USA
40 maps that explain the internetInfrastructureInternetDigital
Metamap of software licensesInfrastructureGovernanceDigitalA mindmap of software licenses
European EV Charging StationsInfrastructureTransportationEurope
Frauhofer Energy ChartsInfrastructureEnergyGermanyInteractive graphs displaying electricity production and spot market prices in Germany.
ChargemapInfrastructureTransportationGlobalev charging stations
Go Electric StationsInfrastructureTransportationGlobal
Libre MapInfrastructureInternetGlobal"LibreMap is a scalable, global and decentralized router database and map visualization for community networks, such as guifi, Altermundi, FunkFeuer, ninux, freifunk, Commotion.
Open Charge MapInfrastructureTransportationGlobal
Subway mapsInfrastructureTransportationGlobal
The Internet Mapping ProjectInfrastructureInternetGlobalThe Internet Mapping Project was started at Bell Labs in the summer of 1998. Its goal is to acquire and save Internet topological data over a long period of time. This data has been used in the study of routing problems and changes, DDoS attacks, and graph theory. Gallery of maps. Their database is open. 142
The Opte ProjectInfrastructureInternetGlobal"This project was created to make a visual representation of a space that is very much one-dimensional, a metaphysical universe. The data represented and collected here serves a multitude of purposes: Modeling the Internet, analyzing wasted IP space, IP space distribution, detecting the result of natural disasters, weather, war, and esthetics/art. This project is free and represents a lot of donated time, please enjoy. Maps are Creative Commons licensed."147
Clickable Map of the Blue Route du Grand MontrealInfrastructurePublic resourcesMontreal, CanadaFind access to the Blue Route du Grand Montreal with this map of public services on the water route.
Local PowerInfrastructureEnergyUnited Kingdom"LocalPower connects people with community groups near them. What kind of groups?  Groups offering practical, positive and supportive responses on a local level to the challenges that the climate, energy and environmental clearly present to us now and in the future. LocalPower does this by providing a very simple registration process for groups, and a very clear and easy way for people to find these groups."
National Complete Streets Coalition: Interactive map of regional and local policiesInfrastructureTransportationUnited StatesPolicy atlas showing local and regional Complete Streets initiatives.
Supercharger locationsInfrastructureTransportationUnited StatesTesla Superchargers allow Model S owners to travel for free between cities along well-traveled highways in North America, Europe and Asia.
USDA Department of AgricultureInfrastructureFoodUnited StatesA large variety of maps, charts and data are available about food and agriculture.
Visualizing the U.S. Energy GridInfrastructureEnergyUnited States
Open PV Map GalleryInfrastructureEnergyUnited StatesThis gallery is the visual platform of the Open PV Project. The applications and visualizations below expose the Open PV database in different ways.
EV Trip PlannerInfrastructureTransportationUnited States & Canada
PlugshareInfrastructureTransportationUnited States & Canada
Renewable Energy MapInfrastructureEnergyUnited States
OpenStreetMap Wiki - Mapping ProjectsMap collectionGlobalMapping projects are collaborative efforts by people with a common interests, which may be to map a particular territory or to improve mapping for a particular topic of interest. There are projects for most countries in the world and for many specialist interest areas; there are also projects that relate to the operation and development of the software and services that make the OpenStreetMap possible.
You Are HereMap CollectionLocalUnited StatesA collection of maps of the human experience. Maps include urban forests, bicycle crashes, street greenery, coffee shops, permanent visas, and more.
The Map RoomMap collectionGlobal193
Seed MapNAtura/ is an online portal on seeds, biodiversity and food. The heart of is an interactive map that uses Google technology to let you visit hundreds of case studies around the world where agricultural biodiversity originated, is threatened, and where people are working to safeguard it. Identify food diversity, threats, and solutions.
Forest Atlas of the Central African RepublicNature/environmentLandCentral African RepublicWRI partners with the Ministry of Waters, Forests, Hunting and Fishing (MEFCP) to develop the Interactive Forest Atlas of Central African Republic and to build the capacity of forest stakeholders in remote sensing, GIS, and forest information management. This partnership aims to strengthen forest management and land use planning by bringing all major land use categories onto the same platform.
European Protected SitesNature/EnvironmentConservationEuropeThe map shows an overview of protected sites in Europe, including Natura 2000 sites and nationally designated areas (CDDA).
Aquaduct’s Map Collection about WaterNature/environmentWaterGlobalAquaduct country and river basin rankings. Average exposure to Aqueduct water risk indicators.
Census of Marine Life: Ocean Life: Diversity, Distribution, AbundanceNature/environmentBiodiversityGlobal"Sort through the overlapping footprints left by the Census of Marine Life during the ten-year survey of what lives in the ocean, including the census on google earth"
Freshy Map: Fresh snow fallNature/environmentWaterGlobalFreshy Map aggregates a bucket load of real-time data and presents it in an easy-to-understand interface that will get you out the door and on the snow faster than you can say “powder day!”
Global Forest ChangeNature/environmentBiodiversityGlobalResults from time-series analysis of 654,178 Landsat images in characterizing forest extent and change, 2000–2012.
Waterkeeper Swim GuideNature/environmentWaterGlobalThe Swim Guide features reports of water quality around the world. Open-sourced content from smart phones. Rate a beach or other swim spot & report pollution.
WildfinderNature/environmentBiodiversityGlobalWorld Wildlife Foundation’s interactive map and directory of wildlife.
Winds on EarthNature/environmentAtmosphereGlobalLive global map of current winds,0.00,371
World Heritage ListNature/EnvironmentConservationGlobalExplore 981 natural and cultural world heritage sites.
World of the Census - census of marine life & visualizationNature/environmentBiodiversityGlobalThe Census of Marine Life was a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations engaged in a 10-year scientific initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans. Huge gallery of maps and visualizations.
World Resources InstituteNature/environmentConservationGlobalLarge collection of maps, data visualizations, charts and graphs, and data related to the worlds resources
World Water Monitoring ChallengeNature/environmentWaterGlobalWorld Water Monitoring Challenge™ is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local water bodies. In 2012, approximately 250,000 visits were made by participants to monitoring sites in 66 countries. We challenge you to test the quality of your waterways, share your findings, and protect our most precious resource!
National Soil Resources InstituteNature/environmentLandGreat BritainExplore a map of Great Britain through soil
The Great Lakes Commons MapNature/environmentWaterGreat LakesThe purpose of this participatory map is to give people a shared space to mark, explore, and dialogue about a Great Lakes Commons. This map is one of many tools being used for this larger mission and is indebted to the many individuals and groups in the Great Lakes Commons movement.245
James River maps (water trails and access, rec areas, wildlife trails, geostories)Nature/environmentWaterJames River, Virginia, USAEnvision the James is a collaborative initiative that invites communities and individuals to create a common vision for the James River to benefit present and future generations.
England’s Community ForestsNature/environmentLandUnited KingdomTo discover more about your local Community Forest, click on its name on the map.
Landscope America MapsNature/environmentConservationUnited StatesLandScope America—a collaborative project of NatureServe and the National Geographic Society—is a new online resource for the land-protection community and the public. By bringing together maps, data, photos, and stories about America’s natural places and open spaces, our goal is to inform and inspire conservation of our lands and waters.
Map of the 7000 rivers that feed into the MississippiNature/environmentWaterUnited StatesA static map showing the Mississippi River watershed.
National Atlas StreamerNature/environmentWaterUnited StatesStreamer is a new way to visualize and understand water flow across America.
Squirrel highwaysNature/environmentLandNorth Carolina, USA265
Protect Your Watershed: An interactive guide to taking actionNature/environmentWaterCanadaExplore Canadian watersheds with this interactive tool.
European Environmental Agency Map CollectionNature/environmentLandEuropeHuge collection of maps related to the European environment including concentrations of pollutants, toxic chemicals, land cover, protected sites. Some maps for the full continent, others are for specific cities.
Eye On Earth GalleryNature/environmentLandGlobalExplore environmental maps and apps. Contribute your observations. Create and share. Eye on Earth is a window to discovering new ways of seeing the environment. Data is transformed into a powerful visual format which everyone can interact with. What on Earth can you explore? From air quality in your city to water quality at your favourite beach, the maps of Eye on Earth can show you all sorts of things about your environment. Have a look at the featured maps and map applications at the Explore Gallery. More than 100 maps in this Network Featured Content section
UrthecastNature/environmentLandGlobalLive broadcast of the earth from space.
Water Risk Atlas Nature/environmentWaterGlobalInteractive map showing water risk. Can sort by many variables. Data is also available.
Landsat-liveNature/EnvironmentLivestream“Landsat-live reveals the planet's surface in real time and in stunning resolution, fed by a constant stream of public-domain imagery from NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite.”
Sharing City- Amsterdam NetherlandsNew economySharing communitiesAmsterdam, NetherlandsSharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Ann Arbor Sharing Economy MapNew economySharing communitiesAn Arbor, MichiganAnn Arbor sharing economy map299
Sharing City- Asheville North Carolina USANew economySharing communitiesAsheville, NC, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Mapping the Commons of AthensNew economySharing communitiesAthens, GreeceMaps of the commons in Athens, created by Hackitektura. 308
Sharing City- Athens GreeceNew economySharing communitiesAthens, GreeceSharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Sharing City- Atlanta, Georgia, USANew economySharing communitiesAtlanta, Georgia, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Sharing City- Austin, Texas USANew economySharing communitiesAustin, Texas, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Foraging CommonsNew economyFoodAustralia, New ZealandA crowdsourceed map of forgeable food.
Vivir BienNew economySharing communitiesAustriaSolidarity Economy enterprises and initiatives at the in Austria325
Sharing City- Barcelona SpainNew economySharing communitiesBarcelona, SpainSharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Sharing City- Berkeley, California, USANew economySharing communitiesBerkeley, California, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Forage BerkleyNew economyFoodBerkley, CA, USA“Connecting people to local food systems” 335
Fair LeihenNew economySharing platformBerlin, GermanyBartering platform in Berlin, Germany
Sharing City- Berlin GermanyNew economySharing communitiesBerlin, GermanySharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Bloomington Urban Harvest: fruit tree mapNew economyFoodBloomington, IN, USAFruiting trees and other opportunities for grown food in public spaces in Bloomington, IN. 346
Boston Area Solidarity Economy MapNew economySharing communitiesBoston, MA, USAThese maps are designed to encourage socially responsible consumption by providing Boston residents with information about businesses that embody some aspect of the solidarity economy.350
Sharing City- Boston, Massachusetts, USANew economySharing communitiesBoston, MA, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Sharing City- Brussels, BelgiumNew economySharing communitiesBrussels, BelgiumSharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Sharing City- Charlottesville, Virginia, USANew economySharing communitiesCharlottesville, Virginia, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Chicago Solidarity Economy MapNew economySharing communitiesChicago, Ill, USAThis map includes entities in the sharing and solidarity economy of Chicago, IL.362
Sharing City- Corvallis Oregon USANew economySharing communitiesCorvallis, Oregon, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Sharing City- Denver Colorado, USANew economySharing communitiesDenver, Colorado, USASharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam
Digital Commons NetworkNew economyOpen knowledgeDigitalOpen knowledge published by universities. Explore 877,238 works from 319 institutions. The Digital Commons Network brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide. Curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, the Network includes a growing collection of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, and other original scholarly work.
Sharing City - Elora, Ontario, CanadaNew economySharing communitiesElora, Ontario, CanadaSharing City map created during Shareable’s #mapjam